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  • ikkaku-of-heart
    20.05.2022 - 3 days ago
    @distopea​ asked: There was a festival in town, and everyone was pretty drunk for the occasion. Mika, of course, was glad to fool around with his mates and also the citizens, quite at ease in these events. He was coming from North Blue after all - he was genuinely good at drinking, and while his subordinates were falling like flies under the sun, he was still standing and in good shape to keep going. Only after a few hours after the beginning of the event did he notice the presence of familiar faces, the pirates of the Heart also partying with the rest of the people.
    Mika had never been their enemy, and tipsy, he thought that it wouldn't bother them too much if he was enjoying the evening with them. He eventually came closer, a bottle in his hand, and two empty glasses in the other one. "Iku! I thought it was you!" He chuckled and clumsily sat in front of her, abandoning his marine coat on the bench next to him. "Care to have lil' drinking game?" He dared with a big goofy smile.

    The Hearts had stopped on the island to resupply and wait for the log pose to reset, hoping to avoid too much attention or cause any trouble. Law had no interest in the island, as there was no treasure they’d heard of or Marine base to wreck, meaning the crew was able to relax a little bit. There was apparently even a festival going on, so their captain reluctantly gave them all shore leave so long as they didn’t do anything stupid.

    Ikkaku had been enjoying the energy of the crowd, even joining a few of the dances before breaking off from Uni and Clione to stop into the tavern for something to drink. It was tricky, stepping over several passed-out bodies of men who’d enjoyed the revelries too hard, but it meant finding a free table was fairly easy. For a second she spotted a familiar white uniform and her heart sank, figuring the fun was over and a fight would break out, before she realized said uniform was on a man she considered one of her dearest friends.

    “Mika!” she exclaimed, quickly getting up and embracing him in a tight hug. It seemed her mini-vacation was not in danger, and in fact looked like it would be even more fun than she’d anticipated. Beaming at him, she returned to her seat and gladly accepted the drink the waitress brought over. “I see you’re having fun. And you’re pretty brave, challenging me to a drinking game,” she teased.

    Taking a big swig of her rum, she flashed Mika a wink. “Ever played ‘Never Have I Ever’? It’s the one game you might stand a chance against me. Or at the very least, you can claim you’re gathering intel on a dangerous pirate instead of getting shitfaced with one.”

    #distopea #The Engine is the Heart of the Ship (canon) #Like Oil and Water - Marines #You Are My Sunshine (Mika) #(sorry this took so long to answer Miho!) #(Ikkaku is very happy to hang out with her sunny bestie)
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  • dubmiho
    11.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    @bad-decision-central cont. from X

    Mimi’s a soft touch, and his allusion to his accomplishments sent her mind in a direction--orphanage, evil stepfather, yada yada--that he definitely didn’t intend. And he did call her pretty, after all! Sort of. Kind of. Basically. Well, she’ll take it. She pats his arm gently. 

    “You like, totally got me there. You should feel sooo so so proud of everything you’ve done. Which like, you are I guess! Obviously!” Although her laugh is cut short as a memory occurs to her.  “Okay maybe not everything you’ve done. Death-T sucked. Not your best theme park by a long shot, bucko.” But she gives him another gentle pat, to show she’s not holding too much of a grudge. 

    #if there's one thing i know from s0 it's that miho has no concept of personal space #the only character other than mokuba to have canonically hugged kaiba #>:)c#ic#bad-decision-central
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  • aodamo
    23.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    [ If you’re human, speaking to Miho can be tricky. She speaks telepathically because her true voice is so loud that it would cause eardrums to rupture, it has the volume of a volcano erupting. If you have telepathic abilities, then conversing with her is easy, if not, Miho needs to be in physical contact with you, OR you would have to make a soul bond with her. ]

    #[Miho canon] #[ MWAH!!!! ]
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  • aodamo
    30.11.2021 - 5 monts ago

    [ Miho is the type of goddess who sees a terrifying/powerful creature and goes “ Let me pet you. “ ]

    #[Miho canon] #[ Miho: hush i'm your mother lemme love you ]
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  • aodamo
    18.09.2021 - 8 monts ago

    [ i love that this tiny lil goddess can just turn into a giant tiger/bear and maul someone to death, i think it’s neat ]

    #[ooc. ash tree] #[Miho canon] #[ like x2 the animal's natural size ]
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  • aodamo
    17.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    [ Miho’s favorite animal form to take is an all white deer with tree branches for antlers, and the branches flower or bear fruit depending on the season. ]

    [ if the small village on her mountain is under attack, she’ll either take the form of a white tiger/wolf/bear, and she can change between them at will ]

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  • chrissyslittleartwork
    29.05.2021 - 11 monts ago

    So...I might as well post all my Yu-Gi-Oh! OTPs. Not to mention it's to hopefully clear up like who I ship with who. I have had people think that just because Atem and Bast are together, that must mean Yugi and Catzi will be too. And let me just say, no. That's not the case. While Yugi and Catzi are the renicarnation of Atem and Bast, it doesn't mean they will end up together again. Yugi and Catzi are just good friends.

    DestinyLoveshipping (Pharaoh Atem/Queen Bast) – This kinda speaks for itself. I always felt Atem deserved to have a good strong Queen by his side. (Not to mention I never shipped him with Tea…or Yugi for that matter. Seriously…why do people love Puzzle shipping so much? -_-; ) So, when making Bast, I tried to picture of what would be the girl he would fall for. And thus, Bast was born. She’s mature, quiet, strong-willed, and kind. She is also not afraid when facing off anyone she duels. Like her husband, she shows no mercy. I do feel like Atem would love her strong good heart. Her being beautiful is just a plus. Their relationship seriously makes me smile because omg the angst and feels. Ah! I love these two so much. CX


    Loneshipping (Marik Ishtar/Catzi Kaioh) – I’m going to say this, over the years of me coming back to YGO every now and then, I feel like Catzi has gone through a few guys. First time I made her; she was with Yugi. Second time, with Ryou. And now coming back a third time, I loved Marik so much that I loved the idea of him and Catzi being together. I mean, I already did kinda ship them back then too. The thought of Marik falling for Catzi due to her feisty ways as well as the fact she is willing to forgive him despite what he did. This relationship just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. CX


    Guardianshipping (Yugi Muto/Carrie Francess) – I have said it before but, this ship was kinda a crack ship. And this was before I decided to make Carrie a flexible character. Yup, she was still a DP character when I thought of this ship. But now, she is no longer tied to DP and now I am free to have her be any character I see fit. This relationship between the two has developed and thanks to my friend, she got me to love them very much. Just picturing Yugi being such a sweet boyfriend to Carrie just makes me heart melt.


    Drawnshipping (Joey Wheeler/Yuki Fumiya) – As I have mentioned before, I am not the biggest fan of other people’s OCs. If they are well written and great characters, I am willing to make an exception. Luckily, someone I became friends with who helped me love ships like Guardianshipping created her own characters and she made some really good ones. Yuki is a nice character and I do like her relationship with Joey. Plus, it’s hilarious that she has a crush on him and he’s downright freaking clueless about it. XD Ah, Joey, I love you but man you are dense. I also like this pair way more than Polarshipping. I have never cared for Joey/Mai especially with their age gap.


    Blissfulshipping (Ryou Bakura/Chrissy Major) – I don’t do a lot of self inserts. XD I have only done it once before and that was with SWAT Kats. But the fact I had loved Marik/Catzi, I felt so bad for Ryou. The poor boy is forgotten so much, I feel he deserves some love and attention. And by goodness, Chrissy would be sure to give him that love and attention. But she is respectful of his boundaries too due to his fangirls never leaving him alone.


    Warmshipping (Chase Fumiya/Tea Gardner) Again, like with Yuki, Chase is an interesting character. Plus, the fact Tea being the only one to stand up to him besides his sister Yuki would make him start to crush on her. I like to think Tea would come to care for Chase and wishing to change him for the better. Not to mention, I never really shipped Tea with anyone (except with Kaiba honestly) like I certainly never liked her being with Yugi or Atem for that matter. With Chase, I can see this working out. ^-^ Not to mention she would keep him from getting in trouble.


    Raidershipping (Thief King Bakura/Carmen Sandiego) – When I saw the Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego, I really loved the concept of it as well as Carmen herself. She is downright gorgeous, and I couldn’t help but like the idea of her being with Bakura. Her calm sassiness would go great with his sarcastic ego. Plus, she would probably be the only one to put up with him. XD I can picture the two going on missions and using their thieving skills to keep artifacts safe. Also, this would be after he has been redeemed.


    Sideshipping (Tristan Taylor/Miho Nosaka) – Let me just say this…I don’t really care for Miho. So why is she in this? Because this Miho is different to what we saw in the season 0 anime. I never liked the fact she is just some gold-digging dense girl. She never seemed like the type to even hang out with Yugi and the others. I know they wanted to have it so that Tea is not the only girl, but seriously. There were barely any good things about her. So, for this, Miho is more like her manga self. She’s shy but caring and quiet. I feel like, if she wasn’t embarrassed by that mean teacher, I think Tristan would have had a shot with her. Plus, I don’t ship Tristan with Serenity. Why? The duel he, Serenity, and Duke had in the Noah’s Ark. Duke didn’t baby Serenity while Tristan did. He acted like she couldn’t do a thing for herself. True it was her first duel, but she could learn and I’m sure Duke could trust her to do that. Tristan didn’t and I feel like their relationship just wouldn’t last even if Joey were to let it happen. Plus, Serenity seems to like Tristan as another brother anyway. Like I said, I know Tristan can have a girl, and I rather be it Miho.


    Honorable mentions since I didn’t include them here because I haven’t drawn them…yet:


    Cheershipping (Duke Devlin/Serenity Wheeler) – As I said above, I ship Duke/Serenity way more than Tristan/Serenity. I just like how he is willing to believe in Serenity and the fact he says in the manga of how she helps him be stronger. I just…awe!


    Empathyshipping (Seto Kaiba/Ayano Shibata) – Another friend of mine came up with this character after seeing DSOD. Like Kaiba needs some serious help, so she came up with a therapist for him and even ended up shipping her with him. It’s freaking hilarious XD and Ayano is great.

    YGO characters (c) Kazuki Takahashi

    Yuki and Chase (c) @shiroi-majo

    Chris, Carrie, Catzi, Bast, and art (c) me

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  • aodamo
    22.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    🍦🍦🍦 (Camille, Nadeshiko, Miho)

    Send 🍦to learn one way to completely melt my muse.

    Kissing is the easiest way to Camille’s heart. She could be rambling on about who knows what; take her chin and steal a kiss, and her eyes will light up.

    Nadeshiko is quite guarded emotionally, so be genuine and honest with her. Even if your intent isn’t the most pure, she’ll appreciate the honesty and let down her walls.

    Soft intimate touches make Miho’s heart race. Tucking a stray hair behind her ear being one of her favorites, the brush of fingers against her face and neck do her in.

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  • yukothekiddo
    06.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    hey hey trans miho iranami time !!!

    (this character from nextgenronpa on Instagram!)

    #nextgenronpa#danganronpa#fanganronpa#miho iranami#edit#trans #she canonical trans !!!! #so i respect for her ! #yuko blog
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  • pussyandpetrichor
    04.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I have a version of yugioh canon in my head that is not what happened in the manga or either anime, but it did fish all three of those for parts

    Joey and Yugi are both trans, and Joey used to bully Yugi because Yugi didn't pass as well and Joey was redirecting some secondhand/internalized transphobia back at him. But then when Yugi stood up to Ushio even though he knew he was about to get his ass kicked, Joey realized that that protecting what you care about was manlier than the toxic masculinity/kick anyone's ass that looks at you funny, that he was trying to live up to.

    Yugi's black tanktop he strips down to when the dueling gets serious is his binder.

    Honda was clueless and didn't know either of them were trans until one of them mentioned it during the Duelist Kingdom arc because they had to go to the bathroom in the woods.

    Anzu is not trans and was Yugi's friend before he transitioned. She was an ally, but didn't quite actually see Yugi as a man. It wasn't until she encountered Atem while blindfolded that she really started her path to seeing him as he really was. Yugi has had a crush on Anzu since before he transitioned.

    Mai is a trans woman and that's why she was so helpful to the dweebs during Duelist Kingdom.

    Miho is another friend of Anzu's, but she didn't realize the two Yugi's (pre and post transition) were the same person and thought that when Anzu talked about being attracted to the "other Yugi" (because even though we didn't see it, people talk about their crushes) that Anzu was telling her she was a lesbian and was into "girl Yugi"

    I use Joey instead of Jounuchi because Joey is an immigrant to Japan from Brooklyn (where his mom still lives with his younger sister after the parents divorced). Joey's dad is a business man who doesn't pay much attention to his children or family, but he didn't want to keep custody of the sick child, and yet didn't want to give up the status of being a father. Mr. Wheeler is a negligent parent.

    Serenity is still waiting on an operation through Battle City, but it isn't to save her vision necessarily -- it's to save her life. She has intraocular melanoma. If it goes untreated she could die, but it has already progressed to a point where she has los le her vision. And even though their father could probably afford to save her, he doesn't want to waste his money on a girl who's been sick her whole life anyway, so Joey feels like it is his duty to save his younger sister, since his mom can't and his dad won't.

    Joey and Yugi are both Jewish. Yugi's grandfather is (in English) named Solomon and he lives with his mother and grandfather implying that this grandfather is on the mother's side. Also, that bandana Solomon wears is a kippah now.

    Also, we don't know where Yugi's father is, but we do know Yugi didn't freak out super hard about suddenly losing time, especially in situations where himself and his friends were in danger, and having people tell him he did stuff that seemed super out of character. So I think he already had DID and the thing was it took him a long time to figure out that Atem wasn't just a protector alter. But also, it's probably for the best that Yugi's dad is not in the picture.

    Also, Malik Ishtar canonically has DID (not a headcanon) and Yami Malik is an introject of the unnamed Pharaoh from his years of being raised in a cult devoted to the Pharaoh. This is why he thinks it is his birthright to control the Egyptian Gods.

    Ishizu is re-named Isis.

    Shadi and the Ishtars are cousins. Their families within the Tombkeeper Clan split specifically because of the Ishtar's father being a vile piece of shit.

    Also Slifer is called Osiris again because that executive producer can get fucked.

    #child abuse and neglect m #transphobia m#yugioh#headcanons
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  • ephxmerall
    22.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    @anonymous ...

    2 and 3 plz? : : source — accepting
    2. Who was your first muse?

    My first muse was my OC, Isabelle. I put a lot of work into her prior to even coming into the RPC, and she's my unwilling child. Canon-wise, it was Nami. I got bullied (only slightly joking) into taking her on, but I'm so glad that I was. She's a lot easier to write than I initially anticipated, probably because we're quite similar.

    3. Who are your longest rp friends?

    @ikkaku-of-heart, @shambledsurgeon, @distopea, and @regensia. Anubis was the first person I reached out to to get into the RPC, as I followed Ikkaku on my personal. I saw her interacting with Rogue, Miho and Ame, so of course they were the first few people I felt comfortable enough following and soon started interacting with. I love them all so very much, and I cherish their friendships deeply.

    #anonymous #** i n q u i r y [ ASK. ] #** t h e c o n n e c t o r [ OOC. ] #|| i hope you guys don't mind that i tagged you #if you do lemme know and i'll remove the tag dfkjnsdfgk ||
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  • penguinkiwi
    19.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    OC Personality Sheet / Tag Game

    Rules: Copy and paste these questions and make your own post, please do not add onto this one, it’ll get too long too fast. Mahalo. Then tag some of your friends to let them know you’d like to hear more about their ocs! (original by @/queen-breha-organa)

    ——— Cheeri Said I could so I am ———

    Name: Bene McCallum Drallig

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Nickname: Bean, Beanie, Little Bean, eeny Beanie, Sunshine Child, Sweet Summer Baby, Ben, Baby Drallig

    One Word To Sum Them Up: Miracle

    Noun to Describe Them: Optimistic

    Temperament: Sweet, Kind, always tries to see the best in people, very friendly until prevoked, very hard working

    MBTI Type: ESFJ

    Enneagram Type: The Free Spirit

    Other’s First Impression of Them: A sweethearted child, seemingly the opposite of her Master, a literal ray of sunshine

    General Likes: Spending time with her Master (Cin Drallig) or lineage sister (Serra Keto), spending time with other people, getting to learn from others, reading, listening to the stories from the Temple Guard, watching her friends

    General Dislikes: Thoughtless chaos, violence for the sake of violence, people looking down on others, bullying, the war in general, stressful situations

    Romantic Status: A teenager with some big ol gay crushes <3

    Love Interest (s): Miho Fukuhara / F, Ina Bala, Gura Same

    Good Friend (s): Miho Fukuhara / F, Scout, Whie Malreaux, Baylis Archan, Tan Yuster, Ahsoka Tano, Barriss Offee (the big sister energy is real with this one),  Knox, Farren Barr, Jay (Canon), Gura Same, Ina Bala, Andsia Nosa, Zeyil Sume, Persica sacae ( @certified-anakinfucker​ ), and Eira Holly (OC)

    Enemy (s): Sheev Palpatine / Darth Sidious, Ventress, Grievous, anyone who breaks into the Temple, the Seperatists, Pong Krell, Noliod Val ( @certified-anakinfucker ), Ki-Adi Mundi

    Hobbies: Reading, Studying to be an Instructor, Training with her friends, baking/cooking, training with her Master and Serra

    Songs They Relate To: Someone to You (Banners), Brand New (Ben Rector), Sing (Noristry)

    Fictional Characters Similar To Their Personality: ... >.> considering how I built up Bene from zero information because she just got a name and then got killed by (cough) Anakin... a little bit of Wendy Marvel (Fairy Tail), New Morganite (Houseki no Kuni), Baby Leonardo Da Vinci (Fate), May/Brandon (Pokemon RSE), a little bit of Momo Yaoyorozu (BNHA), Alphonse Elric (FMA:B), Toru Honda (Fruits Basket)

    Fun Fact: Serra Keto and Bene are related by blood through Cin Drallig (in my work at least), though Bene’s circumstances of conception arent exactly great in the most basic terms. Still, if she knows or not is unknown, as Cin doesn’t like talking about it all that much, but she’s definitely figured out that Cin is her parent biologically.

    Free Space/Ramble: Bene figured out a loophole in the Temple Guard’s Oaths that allowed her to know who each of them were individually on a personal level as the Oath state that the Head of the Guard is allowed to know their identities if not a part of the Guard already, among other proxies of that Head— and so Bene considers herself a proxy under that oath. No one’s really sure if its technically correct but the Oaths havent broken, so they assume its fine.

    Since everyone was tagged already i think and also this one was a haha funni (ily cheeri), anyone who hasnt done one of these but ants to is free to do it!

    #Bene (Star Wars) #Star Wars the Clone Wars #Cin Drallig#Serra Keto #I think im hilarious imo #ily cheeri <3 #yk how everyone has those characters that are basically their OCs #yeah this is one of em #fhdkfhdfkjdf
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  • astronomiaa
    22.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Here's a difficult one: Kuon


    favorite thing about them

    I love just how absolutely bizarre she is, and how the survivors understandably react oddly to her mannerisms - while nobody else questions the utterly weird shit she does (except Aiko, but even she's more exasperated than anything else). For example, Kuon cares a lot about her student (Satoshi) so she invites herself over to his house and turns it into an onsen with his mother's permission. Naomi and Satoshi are completely clueless and wondering what the fuck is going on, while his family is completely fine with what's going on here.

    She also specifically asked her bodyguards/secret agent employees/whatever the hell they are to bring her katsudon on the roof of a school with a helicopter. She exists on a totally different plane of existence and had I not known better I would've wanted her to be my glucose guardian.

    Kuon is a comedy of errors and insanity.

    least favorite thing about them

    As you all probably already know, I'm not exactly a fan of Kuon for multiple reasons. There's so many things wrong with her as a character, that in order to list them all off I'd have to end up making a whole ass google doc.

    My biggest problem with Kuon is that ultimately, she's pretty much a unnecessary character whose only real function in the plot was to serve as a creepier version of Yui with magic powers and prevent Satoshi and Naomi from meeting up with Yoshiki and Ayumi. Blood Drive introduced too many new major characters and too many wild plot points that her own subplot, which would've been a lot more interesting in different circumstances, was easily buried underneath everything else.

    I still would've enjoyed her far more if they hadn't included predatory undertones in her character, and instead focused on something else (maybe a want for family, since it's established that Aiko despises her and their parents have been on vacation for possibly years) + addressed the fatal flaw in her character that she's an extremely controlling person.

    favorite line

    "I wonder if you'll find another teacher in my place once you return to the real world. I'll be kind of jealous, but... do say hi for me, to the me who isn't me... won't you?"

    Listen, no matter how much I dislike Kuon or find her creepy, this line in particular pulls at my heartstrings a bit.


    Aiko & Kuon because nothing is funnier than a sibling rivalry where one of them is completely unaware that there's a competition in the first place. Also, I would like to think that were Kuon a better written character, she'd eventually come to realize that no, her sister isn't just being a teenager and acting out hormonal feelings and whatnot - Aiko actually fucking despises her. I want to see Kuon struggle and desperately try to fix their relationship while trying to figure out how it became damaged in the first place, but failing epically because she's just that bad at understanding how her actions can affect other people.


    I jokingly ship her with Satoshi's mom because personally, I think that's the better alternative to whatever the hell is going on in canon. The sheer amount of comedy that comes from Kuon making herself part of this already sort of nuts family, where Miho and Yuka would definitely enable some of her insanity, is unrivaled. Satoshi is traumatized.


    Kuon/Satoshi. There is nothing more to be said.

    random headcanon

    Corpse Party canonically takes place in 2008, and she's an English teacher whose assumed to have done some traveling prior to becoming a teacher due to her status as a CEO. She definitely picked up on some cringe worthy fads and tries to use them to feel closer to her students/younger, which just further establishes her as that one really weird but well meaning teacher and makes people assume that she's older than she is.

    unpopular opinion

    As unnecessary as I think she was, there was still multiple directions they could've taken with her character that would've made her better established and far more interesting. One such direction they could've taken, was that they could have made her a much more antagonistic foil to Miss Yui - where while her cheerful personality is definitely genuine, there's something pretty twisted there as well. Which results in both Naomi and Satoshi regretting that they'd assumed the best of her due to the fact that she's seemingly so similar to Yui.

    I'm not sure how that would play out, but I'd find that perspective much more intriguing than brushing off her weird crush on Satoshi as harmless and her role in the plot basically just being Yui 2.0

    TBH I flicker a lot between "she'd make a good minor antagonist had they done that instead" or "they should've taken her flaws a lot more seriously and also gotten rid of that weird romance subplot".

    song I associate with them

    I hope you know I searched for hours and couldn't find a single song that fit this crazy woman

    favorite picture of them

    #in summary: my feelings about Kuon are complicated #I enjoy that she's insane but also I do not like that she's a creep #and for some reason the narrative keeps on trying to make her perfect and can do no wrong #kuon niwa#corpse party#astra's asks
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  • viciousbite
    30.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Sweet Val! I wouldn't know where to start, but honestly, you're one of my best encounters this year! I was eyeing your writing for a while - aka the failed approach two years ago lmao - but I'm more than thrilled we found a way to start writing together! I adore your OC and your canon characters, but I have to say that your originals have a special place in my heart! From the toxic bond we have created between Michi and Mika, to the teasing ones with Noir and Mads, I'm more than delighted to see you around whenever you're in the mood to write! I miss our little shenanigans together, and I hope to have the privilege to write with you again ❤ You're also someone I consider a friend, and I will always be there for you if you ever need me (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ You're some sweet, caring and adorable, and I love you dearly 🧡 I'm happy to start this new year with you in my life!

    Before 2021 ends tell me something you always wanted to tell me. @distopea

    Thank you so much. I am glad you tried again though when you did, because I am horrible at starting new interactions if they aren't random memes thrown my way. Also awkward at talking to new people, but oh gosh, Miho I love talking to you whenever I can.~ And I'm happy that you enjoy my muses, and the ships we have cause I love them back a lot. and I miss their shenanigans, I'm probably gonna cry in a good way once I finally start going through my drafts and seeing all the good stuff we have started in the past. aaaa. Thank you for being so patient with me and not given up on my slow ass. <3 I love you too Mihoo. All these sweet words means a lot to me <3

    #distopea#Ooc~ #//big luvs and happy noises
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  • commissionedtodance
    06.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Welcome All...

    My name is CL43, and I am a growing writer. I have a few years of experience, and with my abilities growing ever steady, I want to share them all with you.

    From random fics to actual free style prompts, I will be doing it all. I also plan to do commissions for those interested.

    Here are my prices: There will also be examples of my work so that you can understand what it is you’ll be paying for.


    Going Rate is $0.01USD per 1 word.

    In more specfic terms:

    1000 words-----> $10USD
    2000 words----> $20USD
    3000 words------>$30USD
    4000 words------> $40USD
    10000 words------> $100USD
    NSFW works are $10 extra, so the running total for a 1000+ smut would be $20USD

    NSFW Rules:

    1. I do not do fanfictions with Not safe for Work aspects for underage characters. All characters within a smut are depicted as 18+. There are no exceptions.

    2. For commissions, certain kinks may be extra due to a lack of knowledge an a need to research, OR due to my level of comfort while doing so. (i.e. Gore, Blood play, knife play, Furry, Foot Fetishes, Tentacles, Non-Con.)

    Things you can commission for (This is a general list, there are far more things I can right for):

    Jujutsu Kaisen Fairy Tail Boku No Hero Academia RWBY Soul Eater Demon Slayer Dr. Stone Tokyo Revengers Destruction Flag Otome Kekkai Sensen Tower of God The God of High School In/Spectre Rising of the Shield Hero Hunter x Hunter Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Overlord The Disastrous Life of Saiki K Miss Kobayashi That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Mob Psycho 100 She-Ra: Princess of Power Freebie/Oc Fics

    AU’s I’ll do!:

    Coffee Shop



    Future Space

    Fairy Tale





    Canon Divergence

    Mirrored Fic

    There are more, I also take prompts

    Payment Options:

    Currently, the only ones I am able to accept are

    Google Pay, Cashapp, and Paypal.

    No, I do not accept exposure as a form of payment.

    Artwork by: Miho Hirano

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  • ghoste-catte
    04.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    3, 4, 7, 19, 20! if that's too much then any of those are fine lol

    Thanks for the asks!!

    3. What is that one scene that you’ve always wanted to write but can’t be arsed to write all of the set-up and context it would need? (consider this permission to write it and/or share it anyway)

    I have a couple of canon-divergence fic ideas that would require, not so much setup as ... a lot of research into canon and re-reading? This is probably obvious but I have but the faintest grasp of Naruto canon beyond the stuff my faves did. Often I'll be talking to someone and they'll bring up some point of Lore (TM) and I'm like "Oh, I genuinely never knew that." Like I don't know shit about dick about Konoha's founding, because I straight up didn't care and didn't read/watch a bunch of canon.

    Anyway, one of the ideas that I've had on my ideas list for a long time is a fic where the chuunin exams go quite differently and basically neither Gaara or Lee are able to continue on as ninjas. Lee because he never attempts the surgery and Gaara because he sustains internal injuries that heal imprecisely due to the nature of Shukaku's healing factor and basically physically limit him beyond the point where he can function as a shinobi (I sort of played around with this idea a bit in 'A Personal Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows' but this case is a bit more fleshed out and plot-essential). Basically the concept is that while jinchuuriki have a healing factor, the Beast chakra doesn't 'care' that much about anything other than having a functional vessel, so it sort of patches all of his organs from where Lee beat his ass (and where he throws himself out of the hospital window) but without much thought to adequate healing beyond 'he needs to stay alive'. And then the Council gets involved and tries to extract Shukaku and place him in someone else and ~additional plot stuff I would need to reread the manga to figure out~.

    The scene that I actually want to write from this is the one where Gaara and Lee reunite after having been on these very divergent paths for years but still having corresponded by letters, and Gaara hasn't really reformed or gotten over his feral nature, and he's living out in basically a hut in the desert, and then he eats a live lizard in front of Lee's horrified face but Lee falls in love with him anyway.

    4. Share a sentence or paragraph from your writing that you’re really proud of (explain why, if you like)

    Haaaahaha, I've gotten this question several times in this meme and I genuinely never know what to point to? I forget a lot of things as soon as I've written them. So it's less what writing am I proud of, and more what writing did I really enjoy doing?

    One thing I did have a lot of fun with recently was coming up with everyone's dragon mounts in 'Dragonhearted', so here's a little snippet from that, about Team 8:

    The square-headed one with the long, furry tail gamboling out front had to be Akamaru, with Kiba riding atop. Kiba’s family had been dragon tamers since before there was even a word for it. The first woman to raise her hand to a dragon’s snout, bond with it, and bring it to heel was said to be an Inuzuka matriarch. Lee could believe it; Inuzuka women were even more ferocious than their mounts.
    Behind them came a creature with two flat-faced, whiskered heads on snaking necks, a single rider straddling the broad back. Hinata must have left Neji at home—he hated getting up early in the morning—and commandeered Shisa and Komainu for herself. Their twin mounts were elegant in the style of all Hyuuga mounts, but terribly impetuous. Even now the two heads were snapping at one another mid-air, snarling.
    And finally came the clicking and snapping of hundreds of sets of wings, shiny black and translucent; and the snorting of air through snouts that looked like the forks of a rhinoceros beetle’s proboscis. The dangling feet borne aloft by the swarm of tiny dragons could be no one other than Shino. His mounts couldn’t even be properly called mounts—none of them was large enough to carry a human on their own—but they worked like a hive of insects with just one mind to keep him aloft.

    7. What do you think are the characteristics of your personal writing style? Would others agree?

    I genuinely don't know if others would agree, but I think my stuff tends to be quite plot-light and quite emotion-heavy. I like a lot of physical descriptions and a little bit of purple prose. I tend to lean on the little details of people - microexpressions, the motions of hair, what their fingers and eyes are doing. I don't think I'm especially strong at developing a plot with actual beats and following it to a conclusion; even stories that have some 'adventure' to them tend to be less about the Things the characters are doing and more about Who they're doing it with. There's a lot of times I feel I've set something up and don't have the chops to pay it off, or that I simply don't want to write a climactic battle or bit of ninja intrigue because what I'm really here for is the relationships. I hate writing fight scenes, and I'm not really intelligent enough to do the political machinations and inference stuff that Naruto as a canon relies on, so there's a lot of times where I write 'the characters go on a mission but nothing very important happens, because I want them to smooch'. I lean heavily on dialogue as a hook, but I don't actually have the characters speak much or say much of consequence; much of what's 'happening' is internal narration, memory, and scene description.

    19. Is there something you always find yourself repeating in your writing? (favourite verb, something you describe ‘too often’, trope you can’t get enough of?

    Answered here!

    20. Tell us the meta about your writing that you really want to ramble to people about (symbolism you’ve included, character or relationship development that you love, hidden references, callbacks or clues for future scenes?)

    This is more trivia than anything, but Lee's genin team in Chapter 6 of 'On My Way Home' are named after some of my favorite Japanese sportclimbers: Tomoa Narasaki, Akiyo Noguchi, and Miho Nonaka. Ai Mori is actually my top fave but it's beyond cliche to have an anime OC named 'Ai', so unfortunately she got left out. I think I've talked about this a bit before, but I'm like really into semi-obscure sports, and I love watching climbing competitions.

    Fun Meta Asks for Writers

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  • distopea
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    tagged by: @umbrx
    tagging: @regensia - @thcscrpent - @sagnaevi and whoever wants to do it?

    » I like to be called: Miho

    » One  thing you should know about me

    I’m someone overly enthusiastic on many topics but I’m also someone who needs some space, so it happens that I’m not responding right away, especially if it engages me on an emotional level. I’m approachable for sure, but I have been hurt in the past (deeply) and I’m not as patient and kind as I used to be, so I apologize if I can be... scary sometimes. I’m always friendly, welcoming and warm, but I’m also fairly severe if you cross my boundaries. It’s easy to talk with me, but it’s not easy to know me. I’m a very secretive person. 

    » Things you should know about rping with my character(s):

    I play a range a very different personalities, from the most genuine one (Mika), to the most sadistic one (Vex), and I love to explore every single side of them through my writing. Unless it’s something from my blacklist, I love to push my muses to their limits and see how they would react in various situations, because character development is the key for my happiness whenever I write something. I always try to turn my muses into the most relatable individualities ever, so you’re never talking with a pure villain or a pure angel either. I guess that everyone is different depending on the person they are interacting with, so even if my muses have their basic personalities, there is always a wide room for them to change, it only depends on our stories together! 

    » Age range: under 13  |  14–17 | 18–22 | 23–25 | 26–29 | 30+ | 40+ | 70+ 

    » Okay with nsfw?

    Yes, NSFW is welcomed, under a lot of label. I used to be reluctant writing smut on tumblr, but I don’t really mind anymore. The only topics I’m not RPing about are listed in my rules, otherwise, it’s open-bar baby. 

    » my favorite/most common thing to rp is: 

    angst | fluff | smut | crack | action | plots | AUs | violence | darker themes | canon character | original characters | humor

    My weaknesses are definitely crack and humor, but sometimes they need to show their goofy side.

    » rp friendly? 

    Absolutely! I love interacting, and I love to plot, so my door is always open if we are mutuals! Though, as always, I’m sorry I can be very long sometimes, it really depends on my inspiration for the thread. 

    #⌇the jester leading the show ( 𝙊𝙊𝘾 ) #⌇playing all the aces on the table ( 𝙈𝙚𝙢𝙚 ) #; lmao not so likable me I guess? 🙃 #; I promise I don't bite though XD
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    Ao3 Stats Meme

    tagged by @witchfall​ 

    girl u know i should be working instead rn sdjkfhsh


    How many works do you have on AO3? 9!

    What’s your total AO3 word count? 302302. We love that symmetry in this house 

    How many fandoms have you written for and what are they?

    Naruto (3)

    Final Fantasy XIV (3)

    Detroit: Become Human (Video Game) (2)

    Final Fantasy XV (1)

    What are your top five fics by kudos?

    fatespinner — this was my first published fic and how I found a lot of the writing friends I have now. love y’all. naruto is eternal, dattebayo 

    vanishing point — my dbh longfic! and also the most fun I had writing a slowburn romance drama mystery in a while.

    in spades — the rewrite of fatespinner that I write on and off for. I have a soft spot for the fic and for Miho bc she’s the first OC I ever really fleshed out.

    para bellum — the WoL/Ardbert monster of a oneshot I wrote last year. friends to lovers (speedrun), the fic. 

    morality chain — my other dbh fic that I never finished. this was more of an exercise and an outlet for me for an idea that was never fully fleshed out but was still fun to consider. this also was the precursor to me planning and writing out VP.

    Do you respond to comments, why or why not? I try to but I’ve been lagging behind a lot recently. Still, I read each and every one. 

    What’s the fic you’ve written with the angstiest ending? All of the fics I had an angsty ending planned for aren’t finished. The closest is probably VP, but the planned ending isn’t really angsty. It’d be more on the unresolved side. 

    Do you write crossovers? If so, what’s the craziest one you’ve ever written? no but girl I got so many rattling around in my head, lemme tell u 

    Have you ever received hate on a fic? If I did I don’t remember it, but any hate/criticism I’ve received has always been to my Naruto fics. 

    Do you write smut? If so, what kind? Yes but I haven’t written as much as I’d like to jhsdkjf

    Have you ever had a fic stolen? Not that I know of

    Have you ever had a fic translated? Also not that I know of

    What’s your all-time favorite ship? 99% of my brain is devoted to OC/NPC and OC/Canon Characters. 

    What are your writing strengths? I feel like they’ve shifted quite a bit since I’ve started writing, but I think it’s also because I’ve switched tenses and POV. When I started writing, I wrote in first person past tense. Nowadays I write in third person present tense. 

    Dialogue is probably one of my strengths and keeping the pace of a story. 

    What are your writing weaknesses? Scene setting and descriptions. Grounding characters in a place that the reader can see. All the shit I write happens in the void

    What are your thoughts on writing dialogue in other languages in fic? I think it’s easier to write the dialogue in English and italicize it with an action tag that tells the reader it was said in another language. I hate scrolling down to the AN’s to find what was said. I think it interrupts the flow.  (So basically: “That’s annoying,” Masq grumbled in Russian.) 

    What’s your favorite fic that you’ve written? It’s a tossup between Vanishing Point and para bellum. VP was really fun to outline and write because it’s so plot-heavy. I really enjoyed writing dramatic mystery scenes and dropping bombshells and details that became relevant later. 

    para bellum was also really fun but for different reasons. I know it has a bit of a slow start, but I was exploring a different style of story telling that I enjoyed in a The Man From UNCLE fic (found here!). Essentially, rather than numbered chapters and written transitions, I made use of space and the passage of time to imply the transitions. It also placed less emphasis on location and more on the relationship between Mihr and Ardbert. 

    Mihr is probably my least serious character and she’s a joy to write. It’s refreshing to write someone who doesn’t take a lot of things seriously and rolls with whatever life throws at her. She’s flirty, light-hearted, and as cheery as I wish I could be! 


    tagging @rinzukodas , @stormsandsea , @fheythfully​ 

    #misc #under cut cause it's a wall of text
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    I ship Cora and Enel, Cora and Doffy, Junpei and Mads, Koby and Mads

    ⇀ Anonymously send me what characters you ship my muse with!

    I'm on board for almost all of these!
    For Cora and Enel, Miho and I found a way to mesh their stories in their youth together that would make sense and still allow for canon events to occur without interrupting any of that, and truly there's a deep connection between those two idiots, it's honestly astounding. We didn't aim for shipping when writing together, it was a serious case of chemistry for them. Sorry not sorry Law but he's your stepdad now.
    Secondly, include any oc and I'M GAME!!! Koby is such a sweet bean and Mads is so patient and calm about it all haha, they're honestly a decent pair imo. As for Junpei, it's all just the long game to him but he's a hopeless romantic too.
    I respect your wish to ship Cora and Doffy even if I disagree... you just won't see it around on my blog ever. The fact that they're brothers and Doffy, you know, killed his bro who was spying against him just... I guess I don't see it. However, you do you, dear anon!
    #⇀ ( 𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐜 ┊ooc ) #I just... nah I can't get behind incest........
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    Binge-Watching: Odd Taxi, Episodes 3-4

    In which I praise this show’s ability to show-don’t-tell, a one-episode dive into gacha hell brings forth the theme of toxic dreams, and the mysteries grow ever murkier and more dangerous.

    Unspoken Insight

    The phrase “show don’t tell” gets overused a lot in media criticism. There are plenty of situations where it makes sense to be clear and obvious about what’s going on in a story and what your audience is supposed to take away from it. As a wise man once said, “I know writers who use subtext, and they’re all cowards.” But that doesn’t mean show-don’t-tell is a bad maxim at all. You just need to understand where, when and why to use it. As I mentioned in my last Odd Taxi post, it can be very rewarding to let an audience figure out things for themselves. And that doesn’t just apply to story and mystery; it’s important for characters and their emotions as well. Seeing a character act a certain way will have a much bigger impact than simply telling your audience how they are. You can still have other characters talk explicitly about that character, but generally speaking, actions need to back those words up. Reinhard von Lohengramm would still be an overly ambitious glory-seeker with good intentions but dark underlying impulses even without everyone else in Legend of the Galactic Heroes commenting on that fact. All that commentary does is drive that point home (and let us know that the other characters understand Reinhard as well because they’re all fairly smart). And sometimes, you don’t need that extra clarification for an audience to understand what makes a character tick.

    Case in point? Odokawa. This is a guy who rarely talks about himself and is rarely talking about by other people, at least not in objective terms. If you’re relying on explicit descriptions to understand him, you’ll be out in the cold. But once you start looking at his actions, you start to form a very good picture of him. He barely flinches with a gun in his face, and he even needles Dobu to rile him up and distract him (”More importantly, that toy is really distracting.”) Any ordinary taxi driver would be a panicked mess if they were held hostage at gunpoint, but Odokawa doesn’t just keep his cool, he freaking outsmarts Dobu and brings the cops crashing down on them before Dobu realizes what’s going on, all without breaking a sweat. He’s almost eerily calm throughout the whole encounter, like he barely factors his own life into the risk equation of defeating a dangerous armed criminal. He’s not suicidal, but  he’d rather risk death than be forced to deal with something like helping a yakuza. Just from this one scene, we can tell that Odokawa’s seen some shit, and very little fazes him anymore. And he’s also got a strong sense of justice that he’s not afraid to flex when faced with situations he feels are somehow wrong. Whether it’s staring down a gunman or telling off his friend for lying to score a hot date online, Odokawa takes no shit and gives no shit. Which only makes it all the more notable that Miho, of all people, is able to shake his composure, even just a bit. He’s self-aware enough to be reasonably suspicious who an attractive young woman would be interested in a nobody like him, but he’s also willing to risk being vulnerable around her in a way we don’t see him be with anyone else. It’s all subtle stuff, but it’s obvious to anyone paying even a little attention, and it makes Odokawa an incredibly rich character despite how little direct explanation he’s given.

    Gacha Hell

    Now, on the other hand, sometimes you do need direct explanation to make a story work. And luckily, Odd Taxi is just as good on that front. Episode 4 puts us right in the head of a new character, Tanaka, as he narrates his life story to us explaining how he got hooked on gacha and how that messed with his life. This is a case where a character is explicitly talking to the audience and telling us about himself, but that story is also colored by his current perspective on events, which gives us double insight into who he is. One one level, he’s telling us the literal events that happened to him and his mindset during them. On another level, his current feelings about what happened are also critical character information that aren’t directly explained to us, but we can pick up on all the same. Those kinds of little character-refocusing touches are what keep this episode from being just a weird exposition dump. We’re not just being told some guy’s story, we’re given a personal perspective on his life and the decisions that led him to this point. And by the time it’s over, one of Odd Taxi’s main themes has finally started to manifest: the tragedy of being trapped by a destructive dream.

    See, Tanaka isn’t just some random schlub who got addicted to the latest gambling simulator and spent all his money for a jpeg of anime tiddies or whatever. He’s a guy who puts incredible weight on the idea of fate and destiny. Oh, sure, he’s self-aware about how dumb it is to read deeper signs into his bird dying the same day he lost his lucky gacha pull, but deep down, he can’t help but assign meaning to it. As a child, he fully bought into the idea of using erasers as social status in class, even nobody else treated it all that seriously. His desire to win a game no one else was even playing let him to spend 1,000 dollars of his dad’s money on an eraser that never even showed up, and by then his class had already moved on to other interests (Although we have seen that particular eraser before... how did Miho get her hands on it, I wonder?). He was waging a whole-ass war in his head, a war with real life-or-death stakes, but he was too self-centered to realize that he was the only one who even really cared. Or maybe he did notice, but his desire to assign meaning to it was too hard to resist. Either way, now that he’s an adult, playing Not-Farmville isn’t just a time sink, it’s a mission. A mission to redeem his childhood self by spending way too much money on an ultimately meaningless trinket- in other words, the exact same thing he did as a child, except this time he’ll actually get it! So you see, it’s completely different! This time it actually matters!

    But it doesn’t matter. And even if he hadn’t lost that lucky pull, it still wouldn’t matter. He’s have his brief moment of elation, his catharsis at finding meaning in the world, and then... life would go on, and he’d still be miserable, short on cash, and self-obsessed to a dangerous degree. His mistake as a child wasn’t spending too much money on something small, it was not realizing how meaningless it was before it was too late. His life felt adrift, so he tried to assign it meaning from an external source, but that was doomed to failure even if that dodo ended up in his virtual farm. After the rush of victory had passed, he’d be just the same bitter, myopic guy who sacrifices meaningful human connection for meaningless symbolic victories that only mattered in his chaotic swirl of a mental state. He styled himself a rebel, a warrior, a man on a divine mission fighting a destined fight, but at the end of the day, he’s just a dude driving himself deeper into the muck by chasing an impossible dream for cheap validation. And even if he recognizes that fact, he can’t stoop himself from sinking down, down, down. Especially now that he’s found the perfect scapegoat to pin his hopes and dreams upon, the perfect arch enemy to devote the meaning of his life to stopping. The man who ruined his pull, who destroy his quest in failure, and who now carries around that same dumb eraser Tanaka tried and failed to get all those years ago. How perfectly, terribly fated it all seems.

    The Plot Thickens

    Alright, damn. That’s a hell of a lot of words for a character we basically just met. Consider it a testament to Odd Taxi’s quality that it wrung such a compelling mini drama in the space of 23 minutes before connecting it to the larger plot. That larger plot, meanwhile, is still developing in the background. Some new information: the missing girl is the runaway daughter of some guy who’s friends with a yakuza boss, and she ran away because she discovered that connection. Dobu is working for that boss, hence his interest in Odokawa, and he’s got the older of those two police brothers in his pocket. On the bright side, it seems like the girl might be in safe hands, assuming that’s really her talking through a third party. On the downside, Odokawa is now being threatened by even more people, and not even his friends are likely to be safe. His doctor’s already vanished, and as much as I love Miho’s dorky capoeria, I doubt it’ll be enough to defend against armed assailants. Unless she also knows more than she’s letting on, which is still a very strong possibility. Still so many questions, still way too few answers. Either way, Odokawa better watch his back, because at this rate, the entire city is gonna end up gunning for him.

    Odds and Ends

    -Sir, you are 41, please step away from the 18-year-old.

    -”He was on the phone?!” dkfgjhsfjhdsf oh my god I’m dying that was such a perfect misdirect

    -...do taxis usually have an SOS button? I guess they must.

    -okay but what kind of tragic backstory would give these guys a grudge against taxi drivers

    -Did they watch the sunrise together? Aaaaaw.

    -”Why not enjoy a sherry and a fudge brownie while strolling up the west coast?” lol whut

    -”You got upset when you didn’t know what it meant?” “I could understand the nuance.” will you two just kiss already oh my god

    -”We’re shooting all four at once.” “Oh yeah. No wonder I’m not hungry.” skdjfhskdfh you absolute disaster

    -”They’re never concepts that applied to me.” ... asexual Odokawa canon?

    -”No. That’s an exaggeration. Actually, a lie.” Pfft. Yeah, classroom hierarchies are never sorted fairly, whatever metric you use.


    Aaaah, good to be back to this show. See you next time!

    #anime #the anime binge-watcher #tabw#odd taxi#oddtaxi
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