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  • reiners-milkbiddies
    20.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Ran would be the type of fuckboi to always reply with “without me ;)?”

    Ran : Wyd ? (;

    Y/n : .. About to shower..

    Ran : Without me? ;)

    * Seen @ [ time ] *

    * 2 hours later *

    Ran : You in bed?

    Y/n : Yes?

    Ran : Without me? (;

    * BLOCKED * Lmao

    • Reblogs are appreciated 🥹👉🏼👈🏼

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  • violet0203
    20.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    How would the Tokyo revengers characters react to you studying pt2.



    He would know that you have an important test coming up so he will not bother you.

    And when I mean he will not bother you, he won’t see you, not even try to call you or text you.

    That went on for three days.

    You started to get worry and thought that maybe you did something wrong.

    And that ideas didn’t let you keep focus, so you called him.

    “Sorry, I thought you needed space”

    “Yeah, but I still need you”

    “If you want you can come to the shop and study here, I promise all keep it quiet”.

    When you arrived he just gives you a big hug and a lot of kisses.

    You flustered and were so cute.

    Oh how he missed you.

    He decided to not work anymore and just sits with you at his couch.

    So he is available every time that you are overwhelmed to give you some more kisses.


    You probably need to have food around to keep him quiet.

    And as you know every time he eats he gets sleepy, so no big deal.

    The problem is when you tan out of food.

    “Y/n can we please go out and buy some more?”

    “Mickey, you can go on your own, I still need to study”

    He probably gave you his puppy eyes until you decided to go with him.

    He feels bad, so he offers to carry your bag with your textbooks and everything.

    You sit at a booth and he orders for you, so as he said “you can keep your focus in your study”.

    As he has everything he needs (you and food) doesn’t trouble you so much.

    Every now and then he pouts and you have to give him a kiss, but that’s it.


    He saw you have been studying for this test for like two weeks.

    At first he gave you space, silence and everything you needed.

    But he really misses you, even though he won’t tell you that.

    So he just grunts and makes noises to caught your attention.

    As you don’t pay him attention he goes to your desk and starts grabbing random books that you are using to study.

    “Do you know that I read in somewhere that before a test it makes you good to relax and do something different to study?”

    “You can read?”

    He looked you dead in the eyes. He was so offended by it.

    You just laughed it off.

    “Sorry, what was your idea?”

    He didn’t want to tell you anymore. So you had to convinced him by giving him soft kisses in his cheek and in his neck.

    Obviously he surrendered to you.

    “Maybe we can go to the fair”

    You realized that he was right and that you needed and time off, so you went.

    It was an amazing time and really helped you.


    “Do you know that you don’t have to study, right? I can buy you anything you want”

    You laughed.

    “I know, but I have to pass this if I want to make it to college”

    He just doesn’t understand how you prefer to do that instead to cuddle with him.

    You were having troubles to understand something related to finances.

    He noticed you growing anxious and proceed towards you.

    “I know this”

    Due to his large knowledge to manage money and investments and similar stuff.

    “Do you? Can you explain it to me, please?”

    He was happy to be of help.

    To your surprise he was very patient only because it was you.

    Since then he always asks you if you need any help.

    Sometimes you don’t, but you say yes to him anyways, because you love studying with him.

    He also loves it.

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  • shions-wife
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    This thought haunts me and I must share with you.

    So, sometimes I think, I would like to see Hanma and Senju fight, because it would be interesting, in my opinion. In addition, they never met at all and I would be interested in their reaction to each other. And then I thought, will Hanma fight her? Because I think he's the type who wouldn't hit a girl. Seriously!! How can a person who respects the elderly and thanks them for delicious food, fight a girl? I can't imagine it.

    Based on this, I think I came up with a headcanon: Hanma doesn't fight girls, but if he sees, she's able to fight back, then for him she becomes an opponent whom he will not spare.

    It must be weird to want this fight, but I don't give a shit.

    #tokyo revengers#toman gang#hanma shuji#shuji hanma#akashi senju #tokyo revengers senju #senju kawaragi#tokrev hanma #tokyo revengers hanma #headcanon #smart thoughts haunt me
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  • toloveawarlord
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Pairing: Hanma Shuji x Fem!Reader

    Event: Summer Lovin'

    Request: Anon; Smut #94 "Be a good girl/boy and do what I tell you"

    cw: 18+ Smut; Outdoors; consensual non-consent; role play; predator/prey; All characters are 18+

    wc: 1K

    a.n: I do love a good Hanma fic. He's too sexy for his own good.

    This event is still open for requests

    Even after the sun had set, the sweltering heat hadn't dissipated. It radiated from the crowd around you. Beautiful weather brought the tourists out in droves, creating a heatwave purely from the number of bodies in the streets.

    It took a while to push your way through, only wanting to head in the direction of home. You used your hand in a poor attempt to cool your hot face while you waited for the light to cross the street, finally away from the bustling middle of the city.

    Your phone buzzed in your purse. It was almost pitiful how quickly you fumbled around to dig it from the void of your bag. Your excitement paid off as a message from Shuji popped up on the screen.


    One word brought so much adrenaline to your body.

    Your boyfriend was a busy man, but he strived to spend all his free time with you. Neither of you could say your sex life was boring, not when he could use his cock like a god. Hanma lived for thrills, and he continually found new ways to spice up your sex lives.

    A hunt.

    You moved with almost robotic steps, adrenaline pumping through your veins. Every sound causing you to jump, hoping it was him but never sure. Hanma was quite skilled at sneaking around. He'd never let you know he was coming.

    He struck like a predator.

    There was no time to react to his pounce. Your body pushed against the brick wall, caged to it by his body.

    "Be a good girl and do exactly what I tell you." Hanma pawed at your breasts, fondling you without restraint. It was a high he couldn't get enough of. Snatching you off the street and doing whatever he wanted, as if you were just an innocent woman caught by the big bad wolf.

    And you played along oh so well.

    "Please don't hurt me. I'll do anything-" You whimpered at his rough touch. Working yourself up before he'd even touched you had left your body aching for more than what he offered.

    His chuckle made your pussy throb. "Anything? That's a dangerous offer. I can think of a few things that I'll wager you don't want to do." His cock was so damn hard.

    Hanma licked his lips, mind wandering to what lewd positions he could possibly put you in. "But I've had a real shitty day, doll. So, I’m going to go easy on ya. Need you squeezin around me right now."

    The short sundress made it easy for his hands to slip under. It was always satisfying for both of you when he easily ripped your panties.

    You nearly lost your balance when he lifted up one of your legs, making you pitch forward. Palms against the cool brick, you were arched enough to show your cunt.

    "A good bitch is always ready, huh? You wanted a man like me to fuck you out here in this dark alley, didn't you? It makes you wet just to think about becoming someone's little toy."

    Hanma rubbed his tip up and down your folds. He hadn't even put it in and yet you were trembling in his hold. It was enough to almost make him cum on the spot.

    "Yes- I want it-" You admitted with a broken whimper. This new game of his was hot. A new kink you'd discovered. Deep down, it was only because it was Hanma who had you pinned. "Use me."

    He groaned as your walls stretched to accommodate his size. A perfect pussy in his opinion. Especially with how easily you made it for him to ruin you so beautifully. "Oh, fuck yeah-"

    There was no wait.

    His hips snapped with rapid succession. After all the bullshit that he'd endured during his workday, your warm cunt sucking him was all that he needed to unwind. "Fuckin take it-"

    You were quivering around him in mere seconds, cumming around him with a shamelessly loud moan. Anyone walking by could hear your pretty voice as you came undone.

    "Ass shakin, baby-" Hanma slapped his palm against your ass, leaving a red mark. He adored how easily you came. It was child's play to work you up and bring you crumbling down. "Nothing to do but cum again."

    Dizzy. Your whole body tingled, buzzing with pleasure. He relentlessly pounded into you, driving you absolutely mad. It was too much and not enough all at the same time. His cock slammed into your sopping cunt, the sound fueling Hanma to speed up.

    His fingers dug into your hips, nails biting flesh and sure to leave a crescent shaped bruise. Hanma leaned down to nip at your neck, tongue soothing the sting of his teeth. Your salty skin tasted like heaven.

    "You gonna cum again already? Do it. Cream all over my cock again." Hanma mocked against your skin. The sound of your squelching pussy was music to his ears. You were all his and there was nothing he wanted more than to ruin you.

    You were losing awareness of everything except him. Nothing else could break through. Your body succumbed to another orgasm, cunt fluttering around his cock. Hanma's curses barely reached your ears. Mouth falling open, nothing came out.

    "God fucking damn!"

    Out of breath, you barely regained your senses as the pleasure ebbed away but heat in your stomach had already started to build again. None of your breathy words made a bit of sense. A mixture of sounds and babbling nonsense.

    Chasing his own high, Hanma supported your weight as your body gave up on functioning. You were practically pushing him out, milking his cock with your gummy walls. "Shit, doll. I'm there-"

    His moan as he squirted inside you was a heavenly sound. Something only a god like Hanma could make. He slowed his pace, soaking up the feeling of your pussy. Humming to himself, he finally pulled out.

    It took every ounce of energy you had left to turn around, collapsing against his chest. "I-" Your mouth was so fucking dry, making it hard to speak at all.

    Thankfully, you didn't need to. Hanma made quick work of fixing his pants and collected you up in his arms. "I've got ya, doll." His hair tickled your face as he bent to steal a kiss.

    Hanma took you to the car waiting on the main street, instructing the driver to take the two of you to his penthouse. He kept you close, whispering soothing words and massaging your sore thighs.

    "Drink this," he said, bringing a cool bottle of water to your lips. Despite his affinity for thrilling and sometimes illegal sexual deviancy, he took excellent care of you after. You were the most precious thing to him.

    Golden irises turned to take in the city passing them by after you fell soundly asleep, searching for the next place to get his heart racing with you.

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  • 100yencoin
    19.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Young Person's Guide to Cinema (1974) 

    Originally made for the 100 Feet Film Festival hosted by Image Forum. However, to test the limits, Terayama Shuji willfully made use of 3 projectors to project 300 feet of film at the same time.

    #Young Person's Guide to Cinema #shuji terayama #Seishônen no tame no eiga nyûmon
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  • 10jo10ge
    19.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    new brush testin'

    #tokyo revengers#shuji hanma#kisaki tetta #hanma doesnt wear socks with boots because hes gross
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  • softbajis
    19.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    It was a fake I don't carry a real license around, that's a rookie move.

    So you've thought about me being a dad huh? Can't say I've ever thought about it myself.


    I never said it was your license, or at least none of them were under your name. But aren't you impressed with my sleight of hand? where is my praise?


    I didn't- I mean- I don't think you would necessarily make a bad father, not that like I've been thinking about it or that I- never mind. Do you ever think you will...?

    also please stop causing trouble with the doctors <3 kokonoi will shout my head off

    #hals character anons #sighs dreamily dad shuji? #dad shuji #i want his baby #hal stop hal no this isnt rhe time for baby fever
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  • bokuroskitten
    19.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    what does…h-hanma wear….

    Oh hanma— he’s expensive 😵‍💫😵‍💫 actually loves good smelling cologne, typically picks things that are a little more musky cause they blend will with the smell of cigarette smoke— yea, he’s very self aware that the smell suits him 😵‍💫

    Musk Oud— Kilian, oh baby, this lil bottle is almost 400 dollars but it is 🤤🤤, very rich and deep, super masculine smelling with musk, spice, and patchouli. Honestly the scent itself is very sultry and sensual and he knows that hence why he wears its 😩 but upon first application it has a hint of rose, so it gives a nice sweet scent before the heavy hitters come in

    Spice and wood— Creed, his main summer cologne cause it’s very citrusy with lemony smells, while maintaining smells of cedar wood, oak moss, and Tonkin musk. This stuff is very expensive, each one is made by hand rather than by machine so each bottle is unique and Hanma just thinks that makes it all the more worth it.

    #L answers#mutuals💋#shuji <33 #he’s so expensive ugh 😵‍💫😵‍💫
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  • demeto-anima
    19.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐈 𝐀𝐦 𝐄𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐡 || 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐦𝐚 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐣𝐢

    ♡ tokyorev scenario

    warning: contemplation, vague mention of pregnancy

    · · · ♡

    And here comes the sun...

    Something in you whispered as in the remains of shattered mirror you watched your tears gleam gold like wheat grains under his shine.

    Everything's going to be alright.

    Something in you assured. As you felt little less of how much overwhelmed you've been feeling these days.

    "Breath..." in your ears his voice came ringing, and it was only then that you realized there's total darkness slipping like secrets from your head.

    Papers; torn down to the bits. Their edges echoing the anger coursing in your veins.

    You lost it again.

    Something in you derided. But he was quick to shush your thoughts. As taking your hands, bloody not with the blood but with the saturating insecurities for sure, he made you stand. Stand in midst of the wreckage you made out of your room.

    Your legs; weak. Exhausted from carrying the crushing weight of your sadness.

    "I'm going insane."

    Something in you made you choke as his arm came supporting you against him.

    "Smile..." placing a finger under your chin, he showed you a demo. But you knew you could never crack him anything this much pure. 

    He's the sun after all. The center of the universe. A creation that never seizes to burn less even on the days the moon and clouds thinks of obscuring his glow out of jealousy.

    And then there's you on the other hand. Anything if not a barren planet. Dead. Shadowed. Feeding on his warmth like parasite. Trying to make a home around his plasma heart. Trying to flicker a light in your own cold core. 

    "You're so dumb." He snickered. Reading your mind as if it's scribbled on the scales of your face. "I always am burning. This lava never cooled down to iron. All I am is a shallow ball of rage. But you, my dear, is blessed with something even the planets on which it rains diamond do not have."

    Past your neck, past your collar bone, past your chest and down to your stomach— it's where his hand stopped, and you felt yourself crying for something in you squelched—

    "—a life."

    He leaned in to kiss his words on your forehead.

    "Because," he pulled back to pull you closer. His heartbeats now yours. "...there's no other world in this universe that can be alive in chaos as earth. Only she knows how to turn lead into gold. Iron into silver and men into dust."

    He was making so much sense.

    Though what is earth without sun?

    Something in you don't want to know.

    But something in him always has answers to your hurt.

    "Probably nothing." He said, caressing through your tresses. "Isn't it same for the sun too, however?" Pausing, he flopped back down on the mattress and find you a seat in his lap. Your belly sore. As cradling you highly gently, he resumed with his speech. "Without earth, he also has no reason to shine. Just a cold moon to illuminate whose beauty would be unknown if earth has refused to let it cling to her sky."

    "They're incomplete without each other." Resting his forehead against yours, he let you know. "Sun give earth life because everyday she reminds him that his wrath can give rise to something as beautiful like plants, like animals, and like humans too. You are just the same to me, honey."

    He smeared the love he carry for you in his solar nerves on your lips. And you felt ethereal like earth must have felt with every stroke of citrine the sun has to paint her gloom in everytime he dawns.

    "In love that we share, everything is shared equally."

    He's right.

    Because, it's equal amount of fission and fusion. Equal amount of time together and away. For everytime earth sigh "here comes the sun," the sun too chime, "here I came for my reason." 

    Because, in love, it's all half and half. But what born from it is fulfilling. Like children, like smiles, like summers and like life.

    a/n: tried to be Paulo Coelho for like 600+ words only to realize later that I perfectly ruined the happy little song The Beatles composed years ago. *signing off with guttural cries* <3

    #[📚] tokrev literature #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyorev x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers headcanons #hanma x reader #hanma x you #hanma shuji#hanma angst#hanma fluff #19 may 2022
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  • ransbabygirl
    19.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    i drew hanma's hands 😈😈

    #tokyo revengers#ran haitani#rindou haitani#bonten mikey#baji keisuke#chifuyu hcs #chifuyu tokyo revengers #mitsuya takashi#toman mikey#sanzu haruchiyo #hanma shuji icons #hanma icons#tokrev hanma #tokyo revengers hanma #hanma shuji #tokyo revengers shuji #shuji hanma#hanma bios#hanma layouts #tokyo revengers messy #tokyo revengers icon #tokyo revengers layouts #tokyo revengers moodboard #tokyo revengers manga #tokyo revengers fanart #tokyo revengers hanma shuji #tokyo revengers bios #tokyo revengers long locs #anime tokyo revengers #anime layouts
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  • 03shuujis
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ⋆ 東京卍會 ── 𝐓𝐑 𝐎𝐃𝐄 𝐁𝐎𝐎𝐓𝐇 ♡


    ‼️BONTEN ⛓️ ∙ ∙ ∙

    ( ⌗ __ ' bonten, the mad )

    ‼️DRAKEN ⛓️ ∙ ∙ ∙

    ( ⌗ __ ' atleast, we met )

    ( ⌗ __ ' biker thoughts )

    ‼️HAITANIS ⛓️ ∙ ∙ ∙

    ( ⌗ __ ' my other half )

    ‼️MIKEY ⛓️ ∙ ∙ ∙

    ( ⌗ __ ' mr. lonely )

    ‼️MULTI ⛓️ ∙ ∙ ∙

    ( ⌗ __ ' if only i had more

    money ft. akane & koko )

    ( ⌗ __ ' the shinigami & the

    pierrot ft. hanma & kisaki )

    ( ⌗ __ ' in a distant future ft.

    baji & chifuyu )

    ( ⌗ __ ' he didn't die for this

    ft. izana & kakucho )

    #─ ode booth ! 💌 #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo revengers angst #tokyorev#tr#hanma shuji #hanma x reader #hanma fluff#hanma smut#hanma angst#haitani brothers #ran x reader #ran smut #rin x reader #rin smut
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  • hemorrhagia
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Senju’s Name, Sanzu’s Name, What’s Up with the Akashi Family, & Hanma

    ✦ Disclaimer: I do not speak Japanese, nor am I an expert on mythology. Links to definitions and specific sources are in the body of the post and also provided again at the end, so you can check out everything for yourselves.

    ✦ Part 2 will be about Takeomi, Mikey, and Kisaki (and Izana). Specifically why Takeomi gives me a headache, why I think he was Bonten’s boss, and why I kind of think Mikey didn’t kill anybody in the Manila timeline (he probably did, this is a conspiracy theory, and does not absolve him of wrongdoing anyway).

    ✦ THIS post is technically a continuation of Takeomi was Brahman’s Boss and Mikey’s ‘Big Brother’ (probably)

    TLDR: Takeomi was really the boss, Senju is cosplaying Mikey, Takeomi was the Black Dragons’ Boss as a figurehead while Shin was really the leader no one knew about, Takeomi is the ‘big brother’ Mikey has been mentioning since chapter 5. Probably. 
    It’s not that long and I recommend reading it at some point if you haven’t.
    Now that you’re caught up:

    Senju or Senju?

    Senju’s name doesn’t mean 1,000 curses. I mean, it does, but it doesn’t.

    When she goes by ‘Kawaragi Senju’, her first name is spelled like this: 千咒. Spelled like that, ‘Senju’ does use the kanji 咒 ‘ju’ which means ‘curse’. 

    That’s her stage name, the one she made up and went by as Brahman’s boss. It’s pronounced the exact same way, but as a boss, having her first name written as 千咒 probably seems ‘tough’. A name to be feared. 

    Remember, nobody seems to have known she was a girl; the shapeless Brahman uniform purposely and completely hid her very feminine form, letting her gender be ambiguous.

    The thing is, her name isn’t actually 千咒, it’s really spelled like this: 千壽. 

    She even says herself, ‘My real name is Akashi Senju’

    And there’s her real name, written as 千壽 and not 千咒.

    千 ‘sen’ meaning ‘1,000’ and 壽 ‘ju’ can mean ‘longevity’ or ‘long life’ or ‘congratulations’. That second character change makes the meaning nearly the exact opposite of her professional name. Curse versus congratulations.

    One could even say that in the Bonten timeline, she died cursed as 千咒; where in the altered current timeline, where she lived, she gets to be 千壽 again. Living a long life.

    I’ve only seen the 咒 ‘curse’ portion of her name addressed in a post I can no longer find, so forgive me if I’m being redundant here at all. 

    ‘Kawaragi’ 瓦城 means ‘tile’ and ‘castle’. Kind of boring, but fitting for Brahman’s princess, right?

    But now that volume 25 is out, and we know she and Haruchiyo came up with their fake names together, I realized something:

    If they came up with their names together, then Kawaragi Senju is probably in reference to a river as well.

    Senju and Haruchiyo’s Names

    They came up with their stage names together. We don’t know exactly how or when, but they’re both connected to rivers.

    For those who missed it, 三途 Sanzu is in reference to 三途の河 Sanzunokawa, or the Sanzu River (River of 3 Crossings or River Styx). If we break that up it’s Sanzu no Kawa.

    Kawa means ‘river’. So if we ignore the actual kanji 瓦城 Kawaragi is spelled with, and break it up it’s ‘kawa’ ‘ragi’. I looked through a list of real rivers and rivers in Buddhism, but I wasn’t finding anything related to ‘ragi’.

    So I finally just went to the Sanzu River wikipedia page, like I should have done in the first place, scrolled down a bit, and what do you know:

    Similarly to the Sanzu-no-Kawa, there is also the Sai no Kawara (賽の河原, lit. "Riverbed of Death"), a boundary by which the souls of children who died too early cross over to the realm of the Dead, with the help of Jizō, a Kami/Bodhisattva who helps the souls of children who died too early (before they could gain much Karma, good or bad) to avoid the attentions of the Oni, of the Shikome, of the Shozuka-no-Baba and the Datsueba. [wikipedia]

    Sai no Kawara. Riverbed of Death. As in, the first part of ‘Kawaragi Senju’.

    Sai no Kawara is also known as ‘The Children’s Limbo’. 

    Sanzu no Kawa and Sai no Kawara. They came up with their fake names together, because they’re both referencing rivers in the afterlife. 

    Senju was a child that died too early in the Bonten timeline, so ‘Children’s Limbo’ is fitting. The deceased children go there to atone for causing their parents grief. 

    Speaking of parental grief, Takeomi was like the father figure to her, and Senju died in the Bonten timeline. I’m pretty sure, like almost positive, Bonten was formed by Takeomi and/or Sanzu, because of Senju’s death. Not only was it probably formed as a direct result of her death, it’s named after her. 

    梵天 is how Bonten is written. 梵天 also refers to Brahma, while not the same as Brahman, they both stem from the Hindu religion. Brahman was the gang Senju was the face of, the ‘boss’. I think that’s why Takemitchy needed to prevent her death, to prevent Bonten from forming in the first place. 

    Bonten doesn’t form if Senju doesn’t die.

    I’ll get back to that in a part 2 to this, so stay tuned, it’s a whole *thing*.

    But back to Senju in the present. 

    The weird thing about her is: she still isn’t being herself. She’s not hiding behind the shapeless Brahman uniform that left her gender completely ambiguous, she’s wearing an open Toman jacket with a bandaged torso that very much lets you see she’s a girl; feminine, but in a way she’s comfortable with. She isn’t hiding herself or letting herself be held back by Takeomi anymore. 

    But she’s still going by the fake name. I’d understand if she was going by 瓦城 Kawaragi 千壽 Senju, so she could show Haruchiyo that she still goes by the name they made up together, just like him with ‘Sanzu’. 

    But why still go by a different first name?

    Even her eldest brother is still calling her 千咒. It’s said the exact same way no matter the spelling, but he still refers to her NOT using her actual name. 

    When I looked back at chapter 242, at Toman’s meeting, she’s still going by 瓦城 千咒 Kawaragi Senju, instead of 明司 千壽 Akashi Senju. And it just makes me wonder what’s up with that, and if she’s still not being completely truthful. 

    Thematically you’d think she would shed the fake persona she was wearing after admitting what really happened that day. She told the truth and admitted what she’d done wrong, but she’s still going by 千咒.

    And it just raises the question of, do we go by the meaning of their real names or the fake names? 

    Which also raises the question of:

    Which name do we consider their real name? The names they gave to themselves, or the names they were born with? 

    In real life, your name is whatever you choose to be called, and having a name that isn’t the one you were born with is just as valid as what was put on your birth certificate. If you choose to go by something different, for a lot of people that old name is no longer valid. Like deadnames, those are no longer people’s ‘real’ names, it doesn’t matter if they were born with them. Their real name is the one they go by now.

    But what about with fictional stories made up of fictional people? 

    With other characters, we tend to consider the importance of their birth names. 

    For example: Hakkai’s name is 柴 Shiba 八戒 Hakkai. 八 means ‘8’ and 戒 means ‘commandment’. 

    In Buddhism, his name refers to the eight precepts. But if we consider the fact that his brother is Christian, and there’s a good chance the entire family is, there are 10 commandments in Christianity. 

    The 8th commandment is ‘thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor’, or ‘do not lie’. 

    What is Hakkai? He’s a liar.

    A liar whose name is in reference to the commandment that says ‘do not lie’. He’s a liar who finally told the truth he’d been hiding for years.

    So in this case his birth name is what we should go by, it’s very fitting. 

    And the other thing is, Hakkai and Senju are very similar. 

    Senju is the youngest of three siblings. Hakkai is also the youngest of three siblings. 

    Senju and Hakkai were both protected by their older siblings, the middle children, their entire lives. 

    Hakkai is a liar. So is Senju. 

    Hakkai lied about being hit in place of his older sister, when she was the one being hurt to protect him. While Senju’s lie set off a chain reaction that led to her brother getting hurt. 

    Both of them are liars, but Hakkai finally told the truth and in doing so was able to finally be freed from his older brother. Senju told the truth, eventually, but it didn’t seem to matter at all. Nothing changed.

    So it makes me wonder: she’s still going by a fake name, so is she still lying about something? And is her name a part of that, not being true to herself? 

    Like I said before, Senju isn’t like Mikey, she was just cosplaying him as Brahman’s boss. I thought, now that Brahman dissolved and she was honest, that she was finally being herself again. 

    But maybe she isn’t, maybe she’s still hiding something. And maybe her name is something she’s hiding behind.

    And if her name is a part of what she’s still lying about, putting on a fake persona or identity, then is Sanzu’s name also a lie?

    Because Senju’s name is a contradiction, either she’s cursed and still has a massive death flag, or she’s going to live a long life. 

    Same thing with Sanzu.

    His first name has a similar meaning to Senju’s, ‘springtime’ and ‘1,000 nights’. Another reading of ‘chiyo’ with different kanji is ‘a very long time’ or ‘forever’. 

    His name is made up of things that mean life. While ‘Sanzu’, his chosen last name, has to do with death. 

    Haruchiyo’s name also seems to be a contradiction. 

    Guess what? So does Takeomi’s. The kanji for his name reads most commonly, not as ‘Takeomi’, but as ‘bushin’ which means ‘God of military arts’. But there are two ways I’ve found ‘bushin can be written. 

    武神 which means ‘God of military arts’, and 武臣 which means ‘military retainer’. 

    Takeomi’s name is 武臣. The one that means military retainer. Using the kanji 臣 which can mean, attendant, retainer, or servant. Attendant or sevant does not scream ‘God of War’ to me.

    And here’s some more food for thought:

    The Akashi Siblings

    ALL of the Akashi siblings have fake names. 

    Their surname 明司 ‘Akashi’ means ‘bright’ or ‘light’ and ‘director’. All of the Akashi siblings seem to be putting on a show of some sort. 

    Senju put on a performance as Brahman’s boss, she was even lit up on a stage. It was a whole production for no reason. As if she was playing a role here, putting on an act for an invisible camera.

    Sanzu’s scars have always reminded me of clown makeup, but not like the Joker, just a clown. Clowns are entertainers. But modern day clowns don’t usually have sharp or pointed makeup, it’s all about rounded shapes. 

    Sanzu’s scars look more like a diamond pattern of a court jester. A performer for his king, Mikey. 

    He starts performing at Mikey’s cue, heckling Toman2. He’s not unhinged, he can turn it on and off. If anything, Hanma, is like that all the time. 

    Sanzu isn’t. He’s acting.

    And finally Takeomi. I can’t prove this with 100% certainty, but I did write up an entire paper about it already, and I’m pretty sure Takeomi was only playing at being the God of War. 

    His nickname was ‘God of War’ which is written as 軍神 (left box) or ‘gunshin’ in the manga. Like I said above, his name can be read as ‘bushin’ which is similar, but NOT the way his actual name is spelled. 

    Just like Senju isn’t 1,000 curses, Takeomi isn’t God of War.

    I’m pretty sure he was the public leader of the Black Dragons, the face, but only as a placeholder for the real leader, Shinichiro, that nobody knew about. And if so, then he was also just putting on a show. Acting. Performing. 

    Even the first conflict with Rokuhara Tandai felt like he was putting on a show, it was dramatic as hell. It was like watching a play, he cued Senju to come out, Wakasa appeared out of nowhere as dramatically as possible, Benkei too. You add in South’s dramatic over the top self and it was practically theater.

    Three siblings, all who go/went by different names. 

    All of them seem to be pretending to be someone they aren’t. Acting.

    Want to know what else comes up when I use the kanji that don’t make up their names, but have the same sounds? It’s super interesting 👀


    Here are the results for words with the kanji 河原 ‘kawara’ in Sai no Kawara, which Kawaragi Senju comes from:

    Oh look! Actor, player, theatre people. 

    Kawaragi is her stage name, and all the siblings seem to be putting on an act. How convenient. 

    How about their last name?


    If I ignore the actual kanji and just type the romaji ‘akashi’ into romajidesu.com these related words come up:

    Look at that! 

    Deception, make-believe, fake, counterfeit, phony, smoke and mirrors, scarecrow (a fake person), figurehead. 

    Juggling even, like a jester. Like Sanzu.

    Definitely sounds like, at the very least, both Takeomi and Senju. Both were (probably) figureheads, but not the real leader. Senju is cosplaying Mikey. 

    They all go by fake names.

    Also, this is the first result for ‘akashi’:

    This is literally the first result that pops up. You already know what I think went down in the past. It’s just really weird and interesting that ‘akashi’ is a word that means proof, evidence, and testimony.

    Sanzu Haruchiyo

    Haruchiyo’s name 春千夜 is very similar to Senju’s. 春 is ‘spring’ and 千夜 probably means ‘a very long time’ or ‘many nights’

    ‘Sanzu’ just gives me Sanzu no Kawa as a result, but 三途 are the kanji that make up Sanzu. 

    Does 途 look familiar to anybody? Because it looked familiar to me. 

    Guess how 途 is read phonetically when it’s by itself? 


    The 途 in Sanzu’s name means the same exact thing as 道 in Takemichi’s name. What is a river if not a path? 

    What is Takemichi if not a person that loves and cares about Mikey (in any capacity) and wants to save him? Sanzu’s name shares kanji that means the same thing with Takemichi. And it’s not just that. 

    Sanzu Haruchiyo shares a lot in common with Hanagaki Takemitchy and Hanagaki Takemichi. 

    If we look at how ‘Takemitchy’ (Takemicchi) is spelled it’s タケミっち. 

    ミ 三 mean ‘3′, 道 途 both mean ‘path’,ち 千 are both ‘chi’ 

    花 ‘hana’ or ‘flower’ and 春 ‘haru’ or ‘spring’ are similar.

    武 is the same kanji in Takeomi and Takemichi and is pronounced タケ ‘take’.

    All members of the Akashi family share part of their name with Takemichi.

    I don’t think any of them are out to betray Mikey. I think they all care about him. Just like Takemichi.

    So what the hell is up with the entire Akashi family? 

    I think they’re all liars. 

    I think the Akashi siblings are all playing roles that aren’t true to them. I think they’re all pretending.

    I think Senju was cosplaying Mikey in order to get her brother back. 

    Haruchiyo only seems to care about Mikey, so what better way to get your older brother’s attention, than to become the person he’s seemingly devoted himself to? 

    She’s just a kid, who’s been traumatized and thought for over half of her life that she was the one who messed up her brother. She thought for almost a decade that what happened to him was her fault. So she’s got the idea in her head that she can fix things by beating Mikey, and becoming him, so Haru will want to be around her again. 

    Takeomi even encourages her to be more like Mikey. Neither one of them actually know what happened that day (as far as we know) so they’re doing the best they can with the limited information they have. 

    And that information is that Haru only cares about Mikey.

    I think she and Takeomi started Brahman for the sole purpose of bringing Haru and Mikey back down to Earth. 

    I think Senju just wants her brother back, and knows she’s going to lose him for good if he and Mikey don’t stop.

    Takeomi didn’t want to fight Mikey, he wanted to convince him to chill the fuck out using his friends. I think he was so mad when Draken died, because he knew they wouldn’t be able to do that anymore, Mikey’s best friend was killed. It’s possible he set up the situation for Takemitchy to get hurt, and for Brahman to save him so Mikey would owe them, but it went wrong and someone died. And now he doesn’t know what to do. 

    Because he isn’t really the God of War. He’s just some average dude who was putting on an act. 

    It’s possible I’m being too charitable to Takeomi. I think it’s also possible he let the money and gang life get to his head again and if Brahman hadn’t been forced to dissolve, he might have ended up a really bad guy. Because I’m almost positive Bonten was his fault, so he’s got the potential to go down that dark path.

    But so does every other character in the story. Almost every character already HAS in one timeline or another.

    As for Haruchiyo, I think he’s is messed up, don’t get me wrong. He’s very unwell and desperately needs help. But I think that ‘Sanzu’ might also just be him playing a role. Acting.

    Him as a little kid is so wildly different from him as a teenager into adulthood. The only thing that seems to not have changed is his attachment to Mikey.

    In fact, we see him break character when Mikey tries to kill himself. He doesn’t look wild and crazed, or sneaky, or apprehensive, or like he’s mad because he wanted to take him out himself. 

    He looks scared. Like his friend is about to kill himself and he’s absolutely terrified for him.

    So, if all the Akashi siblings are liars, could Sanzu be up to something? Sure. It’s not impossible, there’s so much we don’t know about him. There’s no way to know right now if he is or isn’t.

    However, I really don’t think he’s planning on killing literally everybody. Mikey wanted to protect his friends by pushing them away and making them hate him. He wouldn’t want them dead. 

    And I don’t think Sanzu would do something Mikey wouldn’t want. Especially kill all his friends, the people he gave up in order to protect, right in front of him. If only because he would lose Mikey too if he did that.

    To bring it back to what Hanma and Sanzu are up to (and Senju, can’t leave her out):

    A lot of people think Sanzu and Hanma are up to something together. I haven’t read the theories, but I’d bet it’s because of their names.

    Hanma is very likely related to Enma, or Yama, Lord of Death, whose younger sister is the personification of the Yamuna River. So much about him points to him being a grim reaper like figure. A god of death. 

    His name, the hand tattoos, Moebius and the ouroboros, even Takemichi’s manager brought me back to Hanma and him being a god of death. 

    And guess what? Sanzu no Kawa is related Enma (Hanma). It all connects very neatly.

    But also, Enma is related to Sai no Kawara. SENJU. 

    Enma/Yama is another name for Jizo Bosatsu. 

    Jizo Bosatsu is the Bodhisattva of Deceased Children 

    Jizo Bosatsu is the protector of children, expectant mothers, firemen, and travelers. Most of all, he is the protector of deceased children, including miscarried, aborted, or stillborn infants. In Japanese folklore, Jizo hides the children in his robes to protect them from demons and guide them to salvation.
    According to one folk tale, the dead children go to a kind of purgatory where they must spend eons piling stones into towers to make merit and be released. But demons come to scatter the stones, and the towers are never built. Only Jizo can save them. [learnreligions.com]

    The first search result when you type ‘sanzu symbolism’ is for the wikipedia entry on the Sanzu River.

    That entry leads you to Vaitarna, which leads to Yama, to Enma, which sounds like Hanma, it’s not even 6 degrees of separation. It’s like, 5 minutes of light internet browsing and you’ve cracked the case. It’s not like Wakui was being subtle with Hanma.

    There is definitely a connection there between Sanzu and Hanma. Their names very much point to that.

    But also, that isn’t Haruchiyo’s name. 

    This is where the question of ‘which name do we consider their real name’ comes back into play. 

    If we take Haruchiyo’s chosen name of Sanzu literally, then he’s maybe up to no good with Hanma, doing some sort of *something* on the side. 

    But then you also need to take Senju into account, because her chosen name of Kawaragi is also related to Hanma. 

    Jizo Bosatsu (Hanma) as related to Sai no Kawara (Senju), is a benevolent figure who guards deceased children and helps them across the Sanzu River. There are different tellings, but they all seem to view Jizo Bosatsu favourably.

    If we take Hanma and Sanzu’s names literally, and connect them to each other? Then we must also take Kawaragi Senju literally. 

    And in that case? Hanma’s not up to anything. 

    He may be Enma, Lord of Hell, judge of the afterlife, but that does not make him evil. Hanma is just a force of nature. He hasn’t actually DONE anything yet in the story, he’s just kind of there. 

    As of right now, he has nothing to gain from betrayal, because he has no motivation.  

    Neither does Sanzu. 

    In fact, Sanzu’s name shares kanji with the exact same meaning as ‘michi’ in Takemichi’s name. A person who cares about Mikey so much, he ditched his incredible fiancée, to go and find him. Just to see if he was okay or not. THAT is the person Sanzu’s name is incredibly similar to.

    And if we take their actual surname of Akashi as being their ‘real name’ instead of the ones they gave to themselves?

    Then Sanzu’s just putting on an act, just like Senju, just like Takeomi. And it’s just a red herring. 

    Maybe Sanzu’s name doesn’t actually mean anything, because he and Senju just made up names for themselves together when they were little kids.

    And then what about Hanma?

    What if ‘Hanma Shuuji’ isn’t actually his real name? We don’t know. 

    And if it isn’t his name, do we take his fake name of Hanma, or his real name we don’t yet know? 

    What if he’s just some dude with hand tattoos who’s into mythology and it has nothing to do with anything. 

    Maybe his name is Enma, who knows.

    Is he the grim reaper? YEAH, PROBABLY. But maybe not. Maybe it’s not literal. Maybe he is Just Some Dude™.

    And maybe all of our characters are also just regular people. Flawed, morally grey, not good, not evil, Just Some Dude™, regular people.  

    So have fun with all of that. 

    Yes, this is my roundabout way of saying I don’t think the train vision is real. 

    Fun Facts:

    1. A lot of characters and places have river 川 in their names: 

    Izana Kurokawa, Udagawa church, Udagawa bowling where Mikey shoots Takemitchy and then jumps, Hasegawa (Takemichi’s manager, probably I don’t actually know how it’s spelled in kanji), Kanagawa Prefecture (where Yokohama Tenjiku is based). 

    2. The 千夜 ‘chiyo’ in Haruchiyo’s name means ‘1,000 nights’. It is ALSO part of senyaichiyamonogatari or 千夜一夜物語. Which is 1,001 Night or Arabian Nights. 

    I have NO idea if anything about Senju and Sanzu relates to Arabian Nights and I am not invested enough to read it and see if it does relate in any way to Tokyo Revengers. 
    It just made me think of Aladdin (Disney version) and how Jasmin was a princess (Senju) and Aladdin was a liar who pretended to be someone he isn’t. 


    ❖ Takeomi was Brahman’s Boss and Mikey’s ‘Big Brother’ (probably)

    ❖ Hasegawa and Hanma and the Plane

    ♢ 千 壽 (Senju) [romaji desu]

    ♢ 春千夜  (Haruchiyo) [romaji desu] 春 | 千 | 夜 

    ♢ 明司 (Akashi) 

    ♢ 武臣 (Takeomi)  武 romaji desu | 臣 romaji desu | jisho 

    ◉ 三途の河 Sanzu no Kawa [wikipedia]

    ◉ 賽の河原  Sai no Kawara 

    ◉ Sai no Kawara and Jizo Bosatsu (Hanma)

    ◉ ’God of War’ or ‘gunshin’ [romaji desu]

    ▶︎ Other words with 河原 ‘kawara’ (actor, player, theater people) 

    ▶︎ Other words with ‘akashi’ in romaji (deception, make-believe, fake, smoke and mirrors)

    ♢ 八戒 Hakkai [romaji desu]

    ♢ Eight Precepts in Buddhism [wikipedia]

    ♢ 川 River

    Anyway, please don’t ask me about what Hanma’s up to. He could be up to something, he could not be, I don’t really care I’m just along for the ride with his shenanigans. All I want to know about Hanma is why he has a birthday if he’s a shinigami...

    Part 1 | Part 2 (coming, eventually)

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    "A clean sweep ♡"


    Coloring Commissions are Open. DM if interested.

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    tokyo revengers + tumblr text posts part 3

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    Young Person's Guide to Cinema (1974) 

    Originally made for the 100 Feet Film Festival hosted by Image Forum. However, to test the limits, Terayama Shuji willfully made use of 3 projectors to project 300 feet of film at the same time.

    #Young Person's Guide to Cinema #shuji terayama #Seishônen no tame no eiga nyûmon
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    K and D with hanma 🥹 (or one of them)

    MDNI 18+

    Send me a character and a letter(s)

    Hanma Shuji

    K=Kink: daddy kink, humiliation kink, impact play.

    I already did D=Dirty Secret here

    #tokyo revengers smut #hanma shuji
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    Since I always forget your requests are open😂😂 and I'm cooking dinner so I just thought of this

    How do you think it would go trying to cook dinner with the tokyo rev guys ( can literally be for anyone you wanna write)

    Cooking ft. TR Boys

    Characters - Tetta Kisaki, Shuji Hanma, Manjirou (Mikey) Sano x GN!Reader Fandom - Tokyo Revengers Type - Headcanons Tags - Cooking, Fluff A/n - Heyyy I really wanted to answer this last night lol but was watching Vanitas instead xD So here we go!

    Reblogs much appreciated! ♡

    Tetta Kisaki

    ⤏ Granted he could buy you any kind of food you wanted without a problem, this man is going to teach himself how to cook (if he doesn't already know how) just to impress you
    ⤏ He wants you to see that he's capable of helping out around the house, and if that means cooking dinner- well then he's going to learn and do his best ⤏ I see around here a lot that he comes home late and shit, but I think if he truly cares about you, he's going to come home just to get dinner on the table for when you get home from work. He's going to put what he needs to do on hold or make someone else do it. I mean c'mon what's more Kisaki than that??

    Shuji Hanma

    ⤏ Okay lets start off with....this man tries. But honestly it's really painful to see him in the kitchen bc he's all over the place 😂 ⤏ There are a few dishes that he knows how to make and makes really well without practice...which includes - spaghetti and grilled cheese sandwiches. Living in hiding really did a number on him and he doesn't have the patience to read through a recipe ⤏ However he's there to help you in any way whatsoever when you're making dinner. The sous chef if you will. Cutting anything you need or preparing something for you to put in a pot ⤏ Hanma gets really into Instant Pot meals bc all you have to do is just put what ever it is inside then press start xD

    Manjirou (Mikey) Sano

    ⤏ I headcanon this man most of the time as a "house husband" bc look at him- he can't be out in the world 😂You can always count on Mikey making dinner. Whether it's something simple or a little more involved ⤏ I feel like food is one of Mikey's love languages- not only loving to receive food, but loving to make food for people too. Especially the older he gets ⤏ Mikey is pretty good about the mess too. He might not clean up as he goes, but the kitchen is spotless before the meal is completed. He doesn't like to cook in a messy kitchen ironically
    #raes.headcanons #rae.writes #reye.request #tokyorev headcanons #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyorev x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyorev fluff#mikey#tokyorev mikey#sano manjirou #sano manjirou x reader #mikey x reader #mikey fluff #sano manjirou fluff #hanma shuji#tokyorev hanma#hanma fluff #hanma x reader #hanma shuji x reader #tokyorev kisaki#kisaki tetta #kisaki x reader #kisaki tetta x reader #kisaki fluff
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    It is strange, if we were under better circumstances we would've pulled over or turned back to investigate but Draken isn't our current priority here.

    Not really he just kept changing the subject.


    Hm. Yeah I guess you're right. I have a feeling I know what's going on anyway. Just be vigilant that's all, I know I don't need to tell you that though.

    And about hanma, just keep pestering him, you can even use me as leverage if you want, he'll deny it but I know he has a bit of a soft spot for me. What matters is that we can see why he took such an interest in you. And a threat to you is a threat to all of us.

    #hals character anons #squints hm #shuji r u being sneaky again or is this just typical you behaviour
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    featuring ; hanma shuji, kisaki tetta, chifuyu matsuno
    check out my master list for more!
    summary ; just some steamy shower sex w/ our fav tokyorev men. ts.


    after coming home from a long day at work, fucking you into the glass shower wall was his personal favorite thing to do. pounding into you from the behind as the only thing you could was muster a moan. he loved it. that’s exactly why every time he came home to you showering he jumped right in with you. “takin’ it so well.. you always are such a good girl for me..” he cooed in your ear. you could only roll your eyes at his teasing tone, rutting himself deeper in you as you forced your body back onto him. he could only grope your breasts for his support– pinching your cute ( enter skin color ) nipples, all so perked up for only him. he’d never get tired banging you in the shower.


    the crown of his dick kissing your cervix with every harsh thrust, all you could do was babble out praises. his face was flushed in your shoulder– every now and then nibbling on your sensitive skin. with hands gripping onto your waist for dear life he too let out small moans— not as loud as you though. “baby.. baby, baby!” there it was– even despite water showering over both your bodies he felt you cum all over his fat cock. creaming around him with no mercy, if you weren't in the shower there would surely be a mess. he didn't care that you had just released, fucking you harder into the glass your body shook from overstimulation. “fuckin’ slut..” he barely murmured in your ear. you could only giggle out a moan at his words. “m’your slut..”


    hat sprinkled onto you both. slow and consistent his thrusts never once failed to make you whimper. tongue flushed with one another you couldn't help but sob at the feeling of being so stuffed. glossy tears clouded your vision at the euphoria feeling. “baby.. please..” you choked out. he bit his lip and buried his face in your neck. “pretty pussy.. all mine..” he whimpered out. you shamelessly gripped onto his hair for support, tugging at his locks every time he hit your sweet spot. “i-i think I'm gonna cum–!” you gasped out. he fastened his pace and forced his lips onto your own once again. “cum with me.. let’s make a messy baby..” he slurred into the kiss. your thighs shook before you swiftly pulled away. a loud moan left your lips– louder than any of the past ones. you sheepishly yanked onto his hair which caused his head to be thrown back. he loved when you used his hair as your personal handlebar. it only made him throb harder. he just loved fucking his girl dumb in the shower <3
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    #ur theme is so pretty as qell #purple themes always make me swoon #purple >> #blitz's.customers #shuji's enemy + lvr . . ♡
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