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  • hispolarity
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    he was lying under the shade of a tree , and had almost dozed off if he hadn ' t heard some shuffling before something heavy fell beside him , and he jolted .

    ' chaos ! you scared me ! i get your namesake , but you gotta find a way to warn me . my hearing isn ' t the best . '

    for @diffxrentwxrlds

    #/ ic. #i went along as if whisper sat next to him but do what u want babaCade #diffxrentwxrlds
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  • shipping-and-writing
    24.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Katsuki’s Animal Kingdom

    The last chapter for Katsuki’s Animal Kingdom will be posted anywhere from June 15th to July 5th. This is both the last chapter along with the epilogue, so it’ll take a bit longer to finish and edit both of those. 

    #yuuri katsuki #animal sanctuary owner Yuuri Katsuki #Animal whisperer yuuri katsuki #Viktor Nikirofov #journalist viktor nikiforov #viktuuri #Yuri on ice
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  • unsteals
    24.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    ❝ if i remember correctly,  you were the one who thought a funeral for a dwarf star would be a fascinating taste of intergalactic culture. ❞   now, apparently, she’s bored by the proceedings. layla is amused  ( and genuinely interested in this place, because it’s beautiful )  but cautious. the doctor doesn’t always get restless for no reason. sometimes it heralds something.   ❝ where exactly are you thinking of wandering to? ❞

    #thirtnth #❪  ic  ❫     ⤿     not so innocent anymore. #❪  doctor’s companion  ❫     ⤿     let the stars whisper in your presence. #q.
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  • brothersgrim
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    @excellentexecution​ asked:
    🍺 // For Take from Hitman. <3 

    He’s leaning forward in his seat, resting his chin on his fist. His eyes are closed and his shoulders are slumped. If you didn’t know better, he might be asleep. 

    He’s not. Exhausted though he may be, this place is not safe enough to rest at. Not even for him. 

    No, he’s not sleeping, he’s waiting. Waiting for Paul– No, not Paul. Ted. It’s Ted now. Not Brother Love anymore. Not Paul now. But it’s okay. It’s okay because it was helping the home. They needed the money, Paul said. They were behind on bills, Paul had told him. 

    If he was lucid enough - paying attention enough - to think through it, that might not make sense to him. Hasn’t he been working hard? Hasn’t he been doing well in all of his fights? The orders were still coming in, last time he was home. … But he’s not thinking of that. In his mind, he’s a million miles and ten years away, on the back porch of the home with his mother. He can remember the way the rope creaks when it moves. The peachy-orange colour she used to paint her nails. If he focused enough, he could almost– 


    He looks up, even though he wasn’t told to. He almost expects it to be Ted, even though he didn’t hear the door open. 

    It’s not Ted. 

    It’s Bret Hart. 

    The deadman’s shoulders tense without permission, and he’s about to stand - is Hart here for a fight? - when Bret… Holds out a drink. For a moment that stretches out far longer than it has any right to, the Undertaker studies Hart. Scrutinises the outstretched hand. What is he doing? More importantly, why? The deadman sits back down. He hasn’t been told to drink. He could get in trouble for this. Ted might get angry. Did he want to deal with that? 

    But he was tired. It had been a hard fight. And that drink did look good. 


    He reaches out and accepts the drink. After another moment, he gives a nod of his head, raises the bottle, and downs a mouthful. And he speaks, even though his voice is hoarse and rusty from disuse. 

    “Appreciate it.”

    #excellentexecution #&& rest in peace; deadman ic #&& whispers from the crypt; deadman answers #&& digging holes and taking souls; oldschool undertaker #baby spook for baby canuck uwu
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  • dreamsofalife
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    She’s just...gonna lie down for a few hours. Or a few weeks, whatever happens first.

    #whispers from beyond (dash comm) #a song of endless wonder (ic status)
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  • atangledfate
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sparring Partner [Drabble]

    Her Breath came sharp, as her lungs felt like they were burning. She had always prided herself on being a good fighter, after all she almost made a career out of it! Yet here she was barely keeping up with Whisper. She wasn’t super powered, or had a tail that could lift a car or spring off of and she couldn’t land a  decisive blow. She took a moment to steady herself staring at the Wolf with more focused eyes, yet she had barely moved the whole time they’d fought? what was the deal! Why couldn’t she hit her even once!

    Tangle let herself settle back into her fighting stance, one hand lowered to the floor to brace herself. She just needed to get a couple good hits in and she’d be happy! So She let herself lurch forward, using her tail to increase her forward momentum. Whisper’s body barely moved as she let tangle slide past her only to shove the lemure’s head straight down into the mat below them. Again she barely moved, it was such a subtle moment that the Lemur barely had time to register the movement before she hit the mat. 

    Whisper moving around Tangle to reposition herself on the other side, of her. Tangle though in frustration slammed her fists intot he mat as she stood up! This was ridiculous! she loved Whisper but, this was such a one sided fight! What was the deal!

    Whisper’s hands moved, using sign language to communicate with Tangle

    🤚 Do you Want to Stop? You seem Distracted... 🤚

    “ Not really--- But maybe we should. I dunno, i can’t seem to stop feeling like i’m falling behind. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and you. Your all so skilled and i just feel like i can’t keep up. Everytime we spar i can’t even hit you... and i studied so many hours growing up with master Shu... i don’t get it “

    How did she even approach that? Tangle wasn’t unskilled she was just inexperienced. Sonic Had been fighting Eggman for YEARS before the Phantom war. Knuckles spent his WHOLE life Surviving and fighting on his own, and learning the ways of his people from old texts, and She had been a soldier since she could remember. It wasn’t really fair of tangle to expect to catch up in a day. She was impatient for sure, a trait her and sonic shared. 

    🤚  You are to hard on yourself Tangle, you have such great potential but you can’t catch up in a day. We’ve all got years of experience you don’t. You just need to be confident and have some patience  🤚

    “ I don’t have time, what Eggman attacks again! what if i can’t stop him, what if i lose you and jewel! i couldn’t save anyone during the Zombot attack... i was so useless.”

    “ Accept that.... Which you can not Change, and Have the Courage to Change that which you can. “

    She rubbed Her throat as the pain of speaking burned bright and reminded her of her injury. Yet she continued to Speak, because she had to. She needed Tangle to hear her and so she stepped closer.

    “ Tangle, that Fear is why i keep people so far away, and why i was afraid to let you or anyone close. But i know now i can’t let my fear control me... i have to---”

    She choked and coughed from over use of her Voclas, Tangle rushing forward to help but she stopped her with a raised hand. She had to finish this, before that fear consumed Tangle.

    “ We have to Accept that, We Can not Save everyone and we can’t be everywhere at once. All we can do is prepare, and pray we are strong enough together to face any threat “

    Tangle could only Nod her Head, Whisper was right but it didn’t make the fear go away. She still had nightmares of the Zombot Invasion,and it haunted her some nights. Whisper was so strong--- How did she hold herself up baring so much pain?

    “ Ok--- But let’s get you some water, since you did what your not suppose to...ok? “

    She nodded in affirmation and slid her arm around Tangle and walked with her toward the Locker Room. Well at least she seemed a bit better--- But Whisper wouldn’t tell her the harsh reality.

    Sometimes people Die, And you can’t stop it... That’s the hardest lesson of all.

    #IC#Drabble #Sparring with Whisper #Speaking is painful for her #Whisper the Wolf #Tangle the Lemur #Main Verse#IDW Verse
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  • brothersgrim
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    Anonymous asked:
    INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW. What's the spook-preferred hot sauce brand?

    “Best hot sauce I ever had,” ‘Taker begins, sitting back in his seat, “that stuff the Hernandez-es sell down at the market. Make it themselves.” Kane nods. 

    “Definitely. What do they call it again?” 

    “‘Nathaniel’s Essence’.” Taker leans his head to the side to scratch at his jaw. “After the Archangel. I think it was Rosa’s idea.” Behind his mask, Kane frowns, and shows his confusion with a tilt of his head. 

    “Do you think that’s considered sacrilege?” He asks. ‘Taker shrugs.

    “Enzo and Raph buy it enough, can’t be that bad.” Kane blinks and scrunches his face up under his mask, letting his bewilderment show in his voice.

    “The Fathers?” He scoffs. Taker nods, leaning forward to prop his elbows on his knees. 

    “‘S right.” 

    “And it doesn’t kill them?” Kane’s almost laughing. Taker shakes his head and smirks. 

    “Haven’t gotten the call yet.” He says, and the brothers share a chuckle. A pause, before ‘Taker adds, “Remember the first time you tried it?”

    “Anyway.” Kane cuts him off. “When we can’t get that, another favourite of ours is the Secret Armadillo Habanero. But neither of us are that picky.” 

    He’s choosing to ignore the way his big brother is very clearly restraining more laughter.

    #anonymous #&& rest in peace; deadman ic #&& the world aflame; demon ic #&& whispers from the crypt; deadman answers #&& incendiary remarks; demon answers #&& erase my humanity; demon kane #&& three become one; trinity taker #&& ars goetia; demon headcanons #&& necronimcon; deadman headcanons
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  • mantleoflight
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Echo-17 rubbed her hands along her arms, vigorously trying to warm them up. Was this how reptiles felt not being able to produce their own body heat? Just cold forever?

    “Ohhh I’m so cold,” she jittered and looked around. “Does anyone have any hand warmers? I can’t seem to warm myself up.”

    #destiny 2#echo#echo-17 #|| echoes & whispers || #open#ic #//that moment you dabble in darkness and realize it’s //cold//
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  • brothersgrim
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago


    @teardownheaven​ asked:

    Who is he to say no? Not now. Not ever. Not to Lex. But he’s still going to make it difficult - he has some pride. He leans back on the throne, one brow arching as he studies the man before him. 


    That’s the word that comes to mind. Every feature carved out, rendered starkly by the moonlight that filters through the stained glass of the church. Absolutely beautiful. 

    “Is that what you want?” He drawls. Taking his time, savouring the moment, in spite of the hunger that settled itself in his gaze. A predator watching its prey struggle. A lion admiring a dying gazelle. Ah, but that may be a poor comparison. Lexaeus is graceful, yes, but far from lithe. Solid muscle, forged in combat and labor and covered in scars (some inflicted by the reaper himself, and oh, those were the most beautiful of all, tasted best under his tongue). He lingers there a moment longer, enjoying himself… 

    And then his patience runs out. He stands, pushing off the armrests of his throne and ascending the stairs quickly, intent on closing the distance between them. He snatches Lex's jaw in one hand, steers those blue, blue eyes to lock gazes with him. He pushes Lex’s chin to turn just enough to watch the moonlight glint off his irises, slip along his cheekbones. 

    Just gorgeous.

    All his. 

    “Next time,” the words are low in the reaper’s throat, even as he drags the pad of his thumb along Lex’s lower lip, “you ask properly.” And then, with no time for a response, he pulls his lover into a rough, bruising kiss.

    #teardownheaven #&& rest in peace; deadman ic #&& whispers from the crypt; deadman answers #&& the purity of evil; ministry undertaker #&& tombstone; undertaker and aeleus
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  • starsdiminish
    21.05.2022 - 4 days ago
    @memoirabilias​ said: 👗 for sasha from milla | let my muse dress yours! (x) (still accepting!)

    she would definitely keep it to his general kind of style -- all dark clothes, very simple, but she wouldn’t be able to help herself in making it extremely mod. high waisted paints, turtle necks, very classy look.

    #you saved me when i couldn't save myself {memoirabilias / sasha} #break the ice {prompts} #whispers from beyond {ooc}
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  • ghoulguise
    21.05.2022 - 4 days ago


         With a lot of free time on their hands, Alli had planned another trip east to try and find that illusive ol’ Mothman. They just had questions, nothing more, yet it seemed the fellow giant moth was rather hard to reach nowadays. But that didn’t stop Alli from trying.

         It was a long trip though, and they could only fly at night to avoid being spotted so they had to make frequent stops to rest during the day. But of course sleep evaded them so it became a sort of haunted tour as well when the location allowed. And oh did Louisiana have more than enough haunted places! They’d actually spent a few days there already, since it wasn’t like they were on a time limit or anything. But one night however as they contemplated where to tour next, they felt the all too familiar tense rush of a vision as it flooded their sight.

         “A monster hunter in the bayou..... little does he know... that what he hunts... is hunting him just the same...” And it ended as quick as it began, sending them staggering as they hesitated. This was their job, wasn’t it? Even if this wasn’t their territory, that shouldn’t stop them from doing what they were meant to do. So, with a puff of glittering scales, they took on their much larger moth appearance and headed into the everglades, figuring this hunter might be close by with how strong the vision of his death was-

    #[there ya go!] #[let me know if you want anything changed!] #{Whispers}; ic#x-danse-macabre-x #{The Only One}; main verse
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  • herogardn
    20.05.2022 - 4 days ago

              ...  gross.

    #*   🌠   /   dash commentary. #*   🌠   WHISPER   /   ic.
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  • ghoulguise
    18.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    You're incredibly bad at lying.

    "I di-idn't lie though...! I just didn't sss-say yes or n-no..!"

    #[alli honey......] #{whispers}; ic #{muttering ghosts}; anon
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  • ghoulguise
    18.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Do you have a crush on Millie?

    "U-uh.... Well tha-ats really... none of your b-b-business..!" Yeah be assertive, like Millie would be! "So th-there!" Though the blush on their pale cheeks kinda gave them away-

    #[HELLO WHERE YOU COME FROM] #{whispers}; ic #{muttering ghosts}; anon
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  • ghoulguise
    18.05.2022 - 6 days ago

         Makes moth noises at you and makes moth noises at you and makes moth noises at you and-

    #[bug warning for the video just in case!] #[they are talking...... will you listen?] #[im caffeinated and thinking about moths again] #{*X-files Theme Played on a Recorder*}; crack #{Whispers}; ic #[wait do i not have an open starter tag???]
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  • mantleoflight
    18.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    'I heard an interesting tale little guardian. You're trying to bring her back I hear? Perhaps I can lend some aid." - Xol, purring and looking amused.

    Echo nearly jumped out of her non-existent skin as she leapt to one side of her little cave, banging her head on one side.

    "OUCH! OH, DASH IT! Ohhh..." The exo rubbed the side of her now scuffed head and looked back to where the voice had come from.

    "Careful!" Whisper chided and then spun around, gasping when she saw it. "A worm!"

    "What? No, worms can't live without hosts. We know this." Echo-17 then stopped as her eyes fixed on the slimy, little figure her Ghost was staring at. "Well, holy smokes, it's a worm."

    "I told you so!" Whisper chimed, glancing at her guardian before looking back at the worm.

    "I know you told me so, but I didn't think it would really be there!" She gestured to the worm and rubbed her head with a staticky huff. "Ok, uh, this is unexpected. Um, what kind of aid would a worm be looking to give an exo?" she asked and added with a shrug, "other than, y'know, not ratting me out to be killed your buddies?"

    #ic#echo#echo 17#whisper #|| echoes & whispers || #verse || raising savathun #a traitor's call
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  • mantleoflight
    18.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    IC: A Traitor's Call

    With Fynch's help, hacking the hive network wasn't hard. What was hard was getting a message to the First Ghost without being caught. So, with her voice modified to try and keep her anonymous, Echo-17 gave Whisper a nod and began her broadcast.

    "Hey Glowbug, I know you don't like us neon-nerds listening in on your lines, so I'll make it brief. I've got a bone to pick with the vanguard and something that just might help you out too. A proposition regarding someone real important to ya. If you're interested, there's a scorn outpost that's looking pretty nasty. I'll meet you there when I'm done cleaning it up. 'Til then, ciao."

    With that, she gave a nod and ended the line. Whisper hovered and shivered nervously.

    "Do you think he'll show up?" she asked, her voice soft as wind chimes.

    "Probably not," Echo replied, stretching her shoulders. "Whether he replies or not is up to him. I'm just hoping the other guardians don't take me out before I get there."

    Whisper nodded and drifted over, vanishing into her guardian's transmit space. "Are you sure about this Echo?" she asked, a little more firmly now that they were on private coms. "You know he and Savathun could just as quickly kill us as we did them. And the Vanguard—who knows what they'll do when they find out."

    "I know he and Savathun could kill me," the hunter answered softly. "Which is why I've got to build trust now. We were in the wrong, Whisper, and I'm convinced this is the only way to make things right and for us to be ready when the Witness arrives. But for the Vanguard though? I'm pretty sure they'll kill me as soon as they catch me."

    She grinned and flicked her gun up. "But first they'll have to catch me."

    #Verse || Raising Savathun #destiny 2 #destiny 2 rp #ic update#status update #//Hhhhh! I hope Echo knows what she's doing!!! #Savathun#Immaru#Echo 17#Echo-17#Whisper #|| echoes & whispers || #|| Raising Savathun ||
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  • atangledfate
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Regrets Not Shooting Eggman

    Also Regrets Not Shooting Mimic

    Knows it is bound to come back to bite her in the tail!

    Loves her friends but, thinks there morality gets in the way of efficacy. 

    She throws another knife into the target on the tree in frustraition, hitting the bullseye yet again.

    #IC #Random Whisper Thoughts #The Memoire of a Soldier #Open
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  • ghoulguise
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Foot hops onto Alli's shoulder like a parrot. Millie's not around, but they need to sit!

    "O-Oh, hey..!" they chuckle, giving the funny little critter a pat on the head before offering them a french fry they'd been snacking on.

    #[they are friends!!!] #{whispers}; ic#furbyroom #{the only one}; main verse
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  • drecmsdrcwn
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    @inkspltter​ states ;;

    “And your mother is mistaken, I am god.” from ink bendy NDNDNDND

       ❝ She’s an athiest, actually. ❞

       ❝ For someone who calls ‘emself God, you seem t’confuse the two quite vividly. ❞

    #🖌️ dreams come true;; ic. #🖌️ whispers from the abyss;; asks. #inkspltter #MENACES TO ONE ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!
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