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    29.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    part 5

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    29.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Damn Lil sharty (the witness) did you just blow a discharge bubble with your queef that's impressive

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  • namjoon-is-hot
    29.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    that's the second time if she asked me if I'm okay,,,I'm touched really, but she's not supposed to notice.

    #But it's funny #Cuz she's the teacher who supervises us #We stay together for 2 hours and leave immediately after #So how #If my friends and parents didn't notice #Then how #Plus it's not like I hid it from them #It's annoying really
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    29.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Happy 15th anniversary yume 2kki!!! :D

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    29.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    gonna be real interesting hm

    #spilled juice #hm. #its been 2 years and theyre def gonna expect me to act the same #i dont think i do hm #also the jobs over there are paying a lot more than here.. but ofc they are renting a fucking apartment is almost 2k for ONE bed there :/ #love my life <3
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  • skytsunrose
    29.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Day 29 of my kh rarepair month is a Vanitas/Selphie (Free Day)! Vanitas decided to visit Destiny Islands, and met Selphie who at first wacked him with her whip for being rude, but then after a bit realized hes not so bad and hung out with eachother, and started to have a fun time! Vanitas liked her spunkyness 😆

    #kingdom hearts#sky's edits#multishipper #kingdom hearts 3 #kingdom hearts 2 #shippers gonna ship #vanitas#selphie #vanitas x selphie #mayskyslightkhrarepairs#rarepairs
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    29.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    @me judging and rejecting my tinder date matches :

    #probably one of the reasons I haven't had a date in 2 years 🗿 #but it's not my fault that people are trash 🗑️ #i am too practical #kinnporsche the series #kinnporsche#porsche kittisawasd#apo nattawin
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    29.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    David Krejčí and David Pastrňák arriving for their last game of the IIHF Worlds 2022.

    #i guess today we'll see the last moments of these 2 playing together #one more reason why they definitely should win the game for bronze #david krejčí#david krejci#david pastrňák#david pastrnak#pasta#team czechia#🇨🇿 #iihf worlds 2022 #boston bruins
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  • mimida21
    29.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    part 4

    #my works#screenshot #age of history 2 #AGE OF CIVILIZATION 2
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    29.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Imagine two Zoraxis agents investigating an area that Agent Phoenix went to, and the conversation goes like this

    Agent 1: “Agent Phoenix has been here recently”

    Agent 2: “wh- how can you tell?”

    Agent 1: “all the bottles containing alcohol are either empty or broken, the only cigars that are left are on the ground, and the lighters have been taken.. not to mention the lack of food here.”

    Agent 2: “..oh”

    Agent 2: “..ok- I guess??”

    #i expect you to die #i expect you to die 2 #made this at 3 am #some Zoraxis agents have caught onto phoenixs bullshit #other agents assume that Phoenix wouldn’t be THAT stupid #they are that stupid btw
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  • junoswrites
    29.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago
    love island the game season 2 Kassam fic
    Prompt: ‘Are you scared?’ ‘Of course I’m scared!’

    Casa Amor was a near duplicate of the Villa. Huge pool, communal bedroom and cameras. Cameras everywhere. Sanghee had begun to suspect that even the slightest twitch would be caught on camera so that the producers could catch their nights with the Casa Amor boys in excruciatingly edited detail.

    They were having their first night as Casa Amor, enjoying their well fought for cocktail party. Sanghee tightly grasps the brightly coloured cocktail. Her second drink of the night and she already regretted the two drink limit after watching Graham and Marisol make out across the pool. Felix had erupted into a terrible kissing expression that naturally only Priya was interested in. Suddenly she wasn’t so sure that the cocktail party was that worth it. Amidst the neon lighting and elongated shadows, Sanghee’s mind was hit with an intense need to get a breath of fresh air.

    Stumbling out of the deck chair she was reclining on with Hope, Sanghee grabbed the extra cocktail that Marisol had left behind. Marisol wasn’t going to miss the cocktail anytime soon, and the producers had already seen Chelsea down four flutes of bubbly without a peep. The swing presented itself as a divine haven of solitude. Until she realised that it was already occupied.

    “Did Lottie ask you to fetch me,” Kassam’s dry tone carried over in the cool shade of the evening. Dressed in a loose jacket and dark shirt, he leant back against the pillows with ease. For a guy who supposedly needed to charm at least one of the girls to keep his place in the show, he was deceptively calm.

    Sanghee shrugs, “People have begun the preview of future bits. Unfortunately since I’m not Felix or a producer, I haven’t been fully appreciating the view.” Sanghee carefully settles onto the various pillows, sipping the precious drink. Kassam’s lip curled, “you’re still here?” Sanghee takes a bigger swig, closing her eyes as the alcohol entered her system with a jolt, “You didn’t stop me.” Peaceful silence descended. As the evening breeze blew, the swing’s gentle sway led to Sanghee leaning to feel how the scenery melted the pounding of her headache to a dull throb. Listening to the faint sounds of splashing in the pool from the other Islanders jumping in and Arjun’s loud laughter, a faint smile formed. The brightening stars burst on her upturned face like spray.

    “Rough night,” Kassam notes as Sanghee’s eyes flit open to see him staring at her glass. How he noticed was beyond Sanghee, but she sighed, “You could say that.”

    “Why?”, Kassam raises a brow, turning towards her with crossed arms. Sanghee laughs, “It’s nothing.” At first, he didn’t respond, only glaring at the violet sky with a frown. Then he sighed, turning back to her, “Are you scared?” Sanghee throws her hands up after setting her drink down, “Of course I’m scared! I’m scared I’m going to get dumped when I return from Casa Amor. After the ‘Disaster Recoupling’ when Lucas picked me, both of us were sure we were going to switch.” Kassam mused on the admission of vulnerability, tugging on his earlobe. He glanced at Sanghee before gingerly placing a hand on her shoulder.

    “I might not be the best at comforting a girl,” his voice is a murmur above the ambience sounds of the party a distance away, “but you should take it slow.” His large hand is soft, but slightly clammy despite the cool evening.

    Sanghee gives a weak smile, “That’s all the advice you got for me?” Kassam’s hand drops as he shrugs, moving to his earlobe again, “Whatever.” “What about you then, are you scared?” Sanghee leans toward him, eyeing his unreadable expression.

    “Sure…I am,” came the slow reply, “Lottie’s been…intense.” “I thought you’d like intense. The other Islanders seemed to assume you were into that from what Lottie tells us,” Sanghee grins. Kassam tugs on his earlobe, glaring at the general direction of the pool, “Whatever it is, I’m not tied down or anything.”

    “That’s a relief,” Sanghee laughs, “I might be violating her ‘Girl Code’ if she found me talking to you here.” Kassam frowns, “I guess it’s good that you’re feeling better enough to take the piss at me.”

    “Thanks,” Sanghee grins, a bigger smile this time. “You know, You’re actually not so bad,” Sanghee laughs, running a hand through her hair absentmindedly. “I was scared of you since I first arrived at Casa Amor.”

    The day bed squeaks as Kassam shifts, edging closer. In the dark shadow of the nearby shrubbery, Sanghee can barely make out the slight grin on his face as he replies. “Let’s change that then. You’re not too bad yourself.”

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  • odysseys-blood
    29.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    pain of not finding a book pdf online for free in this day and age

    #wanted to read qds vol 2..... #no offense to anyone but id rather not read anyones summary of it i want to. read. it. #id even consider paying for the ebook/pdf if i could FIND ONE #WHYS EVERYBODY GOT IT FOR SALE FOR HARDBACK AND NO SCANS #PLEASE. #cliffnotes/.txt
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  • kainissoable
    29.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    In Defence of Umah

    I’m not here to argue that Blood Omen 2 is a good game, but I am of the firm belief that it has genuine value if given the same degree of analysis that the rest of the games get, and Umah is a perfect example of this. Once you get past the bad writing and weird costume design, you don’t have to scratch that far beneath the surface to find a fantastic character.

    As soon as we meet Umah, we learn that she isn’t going to take any of Kain’s shit. She’s survived however many years having to survive the rule of the Neo-Sarafan and clearly doesn’t share Vorador’s faith in this long dead warlord. But her duty is always to her people, so she guides him, protects him. They could have made her a lifeless love interest, but in these early scenes we get a lot of characterisation for her and absolutely no hint of interest in Kain, and for all BO2’s writing flaws I really appreciate that.

    We get a sense of Umah’s morality very early on. The meal she caught for Kain was “[a] thug, from a local gang of criminals. He sought to murder yet another helpless victim, but he met me instead.” She’s a vampire supremacist who wants to see the Sarafan dead and vampires in power, but that really is the only way her moral compass aligns with Kain’s. It’s clear that Umah still cares, on some level, about the humans who suffer under the current system, not just the vampires. She understands that the vampire traitors turned on their own out of self preservation, not spite (which the traitors themselves later prove wrong, but her optimism is a fatal flaw) and is overall probably the most empathetic vampire in the series.

    The seeds of her downfall are also planted and foreshadowed early on. When Umah is first attacked by a Sarafan, she later dismisses them as “only human,” despite the fact that they are part of the group responsible for almost wiping out her species. We can also easily extrapolate from this that it was her over-confidence and sense of superiority that got her captured in the Sarafan Keep later on.

    This, combined with her aforementioned protectiveness towards her people and strong sense of morality, together caused her undoing. Umah was right about Kain being a tyrant, no better than the Sarafan to many. With the context of Soul Reaver, we know she was right to stab him in the back for the sake of the world, or at least would have been without the complication of the Elder God’s machinations. And then after besting Kain, she was brought low by a group of Sarafan, the very humans she’s been dismissing and underestimating the whole time.

    Of course she betrayed Kain and of course Kain killed her. On a purely narrative level, it’s perfect. They’re excellent narrative foils for each other, with Kain being an amoral braggart with the strength to back up his own arrogance, and Umah understated arrogance hidden beneath her concern for others. Their surface similarities only highlight their deeper differences, and with better writing, I really think their dynamic would be amongst the best in the series.

    #legacy of kain #umah #umah deserved better #blood omen 2
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  • edens
    29.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    klopp is literally one of the most unlikeable coaches it blows my mind how hard the media suck his dick he’s always lashing out at interviewers and being petty about oppositions when he loses…

    #hes such a SORE loser #how u gonna shamelessly try to aim digs at ‘goalkeeper motm something is wrong’ #WHEN UR GK WAS MOTM IN 2 FINALS U PLAYEDJDJSJDJDNNDNDHSJSJS
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  • ocearnawrites
    29.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    saw something about magic users felt it when billy became shazam. because my brain is obsessed with dp x dc rn, it then jumped to "what if every feels it when danny is crowned". hence this.

    this is very much a draft and is definitely not my best writing and it will definitely get some heavy editing before it goes up on ao3, if it does. and would likely have a part 2. but, wanted to post it here anyway because I am DONE with this part and it's almost THREE THOUSAND WORDS and I think I wrote it in about two HOURS and my brain hurts



    John was bored as hell. He had been up on the Watchtower for almost two hours with the JLA, everyone sharing news from their various corners of the universe and discussing some procedural changes. So far, only one of the items on the agenda had actually required his input, and that had taken all of five minutes to resolve after Zatanna and Shazam agreed with him. 

    He hated it.

    They still had over half the list of topics to discuss, and John could only see two that might need his input. He was tempted to just walk out for while, have a smoke, and come back in half an hour when they were hopefully up to the first of the two. Of course, then the League would be pissed at him but really, when were they not.

    He stood up, mouth open to fire a witty remark, and then things went to hell.

    It felt like nails up his spine - or boney fingertips, perhaps. A gust of cold over his neck, and a sound like an iceberg cracking apart in his ears. His throat went cold, his tongue suddenly feeling numb. And for a second - just a second - he could have sworn he smelled the stench of death.

    John recoiled, tripped over his chair, and fell backwards onto his ass. 

    It took a second for his senses to come back online, slowly registering the usual sounds and smells of the Watchtower. Once they did, he started trying to take stock. But nothing hurt, nothing felt weird, and he couldn't feel anything different in his surroundings. Except...

    A groan caught his attention. He looked up, and then back down, when he realised Shazam had also somehow managed to knock his chair over, and was lying sprawled on the ground on the other side of the meeting table. 

    Zatanna was still seated, but she didn't look any calmer. Her shoulders were up near her ears, her fists were clenched on her armrests, and her eyes were screwed shut. She looked like she was bracing for a hit. 

    "What happened?" 

    John cursed as the voice stabbed into his brain like an icepick. He scrubbed a hand over his face, then glanced up to where Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman had stood from their seats to stare at the three magic users. All three looked worried, but it was Batman that had asked the question.

    "No fuckin' idea," John muttered. He kept his voice low, but even that sent a spike of pain through his head. "Something big happened, though."

    "Are you alright?" Diana asked, mercifully quiet. She looked like she wanted to check on him, but thankfully everyone here knew John wouldn't appreciate it.

    "Do I bloody well look ok?" John growled back. Remembering the wall behind him, he chose to scoot back until he could rest against it. Also immediately, the cold metal wall against the back of his head started soothing the headache he was fighting.

    "Something changed," came a mutter from Shazam's side of the table. The big guy had chosen to do something similar - instead of trying to right his chair, he'd propped himself up against Green Lantern's. The Champion of Magic didn't look quite as awful as John felt, but he was definitely feeling some of the same effects.

    "Something big," Zatanna added, her hands slowly, carefully unfurling from around the armrests. She glanced up at the JLA, squinted against the overhead lights, then closed her eyes and dropped her head into her hands. "I feel like I've gone a round with a god," she groaned.

    Someone must have realised just how bad they were feeling, because the lights suddenly dimmed, the projection in the middle of the table disappearing. 

    "Anything we could do to help?" Supes asked, sounding all concerned and kind. 

    John just scoffed, but Zatanna muttered a weak, "Water?"

    It took a good few minutes before any of the magic user felt up to moving, the JLA thankfully staying mostly quiet and letting them recover in peace. Batman was definitely researching, probably searching the news for any clues, but everyone else seemed content to wait in tense silence.

    Shazam was the first to attempt to stand, leaning heavily on Hal's chair as he wobbled to his feet. A flash of red and his chair was upright, and Shazam collapsed back into it with a nod of thanks to Barry.

    Zatanna sat up next, slowly raising her head from where she had buried it in her crossed arms. She slumped back into her chair instead, massaging her temple with two fingers. Half the glass of cold water Superman had fetched disappeared down her throat, the other half left in the glass so she could press the cool glass to the other side of her head.

    Eventually, not wanting to appear too much weaker than the others, John groaned and levered himself up too. He didn't know why his legs were so shaky, but somehow the two steps from the wall to his chair were about all he could manage, his knees collapsing under his weight as soon as he was within range of the seat.

    "Fucking hell," he muttered as he reclined back, one arm over his eyes. "This is like a hangover times a fuckin' million."

    "Much as I'd like to give you time to recover," came Supe's voice, sounding apologetic, "anything that can knock you three around that much seems like a threat. Is there anything you can tell us?"

    "Death," John answered. His voice and face were grim. "Pretty bloody sure it had something to do with death."

    "Felt like ice to me," Shazam added. "I don't think I got it as strong as you two," he said with a glance at John and Zatanna, "but for a second I felt like I was covered in ice."

    "There was a surge in... something," Zatanna muttered. "And some kind of emotion. Joy? It sort of felt like something was... celebrating."

    Batman was frowning down at his computer. "I'm not finding anything that matches."

    "Could it be a purely magical thing?" Flash asked. "Or could it have happened... somewhere else? Another dimension or something?"

    John scowled at the ceiling, turning that over in his mind. "It's possible. That'll make it even harder to bloody find, though."

    "It would have to be somewhere connected to Earth, though," Zatanna mused. "With how we all felt it..."

    "A parallel dimension?" Shazam asked. "That's not my area of expertise, but..."

    "Yeah, maybe," John mused, already hating the thought of it. "I hope it's not Hell or something."

    Zatanna groaned. "Did you have to say that?"

    John paused, thought over his words, then swore. "Oh, for fuck's sake..."


    Half an hour later, John finally feels like his brain isn't going to explode if he moves too fast. 

    Half the JLA have disappeared to check on various hotspots and magic users who might have been involved, just in case. Batman is still pouring over news reports and who knows what else. Superman and Wonder Woman are calling various heroes they know, trying to find anyone who might have any idea what happened. 

    The only thing they've learned is that every person with even the slightest connection to death or magic apparently felt whatever happened. They're not the only ones who got knocked on their ass by it (thankfully), and even those with a tenuous connection felt something. 

    It's not much, but it says a lot about the scale of whatever happened. This wasn't something localised to one area - the whole world felt it, and felt it evenly. That's making the parallel dimension theory more likely, unfortunately, which John is not enthused about. He's already hating whatever little adventure is going to come from this.

    John is just considering placing a few calls of his own, despite hating the idea of using his phone with this bad of a headache, when a head suddenly pops through the wall.

    "Zatanna!" Deadman shouts, the rest of his body appearing as he zooms over to hover above the table. "John! Did you feel it?"

    "How the fuck did you find us here?" John asks, shaking his head to try to rid it of the ringing from Deadman's volume. "And tone it down, will you."

    "The House told me," Deadman answers, swooping around John's head.

    "Fucking House..." John mutters.

    "But that doesn't matter," Deadman continues excitedly. "Did you feel it!?"

    Zatanna perks up at that, sitting straight finally to stare at the ghost. "Wait, you felt it?"

    Deadman twists in the air to float in front of her instead, mouth opening to reply, when—

    "Who's there?" Batman interrupts. Supes and Wonder Woman are looking around too, Diana with her hand over her phone's microphone.

    John groaned, swore, the muttered a quick spell to make Deadman visible to the rest of the crew. "Spit it out, Boston," 

    "I would if you'd all stop interrupting me," Deadman grumbled petulantly. A second later his excitement was back though, as was his swooping around the room. "There's a new king!" he exclaimed. "An ice core, by the feel of it, and the Realms seemed pretty happy about it, so I reckon they'll be a good king, and—"

    "A king?" John interrupts. "A king of what?"

    Boston paused in the air, turning an incredulous gaze on John. "A ghost king?" he answered, sounding perplexed by the question. "Y'know, High King of the Infinite Realms?"

    Ice formed in John's stomach. He heard a gasp from Zatanna that probably meant she was feeling similarly sick. 


    Deadman just stared at him, then Zatanna, for a good few seconds. "You mean... you didn't know? You didn't feel it?"

    "We felt something," Zatanna answered. "We couldn't tell what it meant though."

    "Huh," Deadman breathed. Then he shrugged. "I guess 'cause you're not ghosts, you didn't get the full effect. Makes sense."

    "Deadman," Bats spoke up, his full focus on the ghost, "explain this ghost king."

    Deadman looked like a deer in headlights. "Uhh...."

    "The Infinite Realms are the parallel dimension that holds, or at least connects, all the realms of the dead," John started, taking over the explanation. He grabbed a cigarette, too done with recent events to not fall back on his habit, but didn't light it after a look from Supes. He rolled it between his fingers instead, trying to distract himself from the panic that was rising in his mind. "It's the other side of the coin to our universe, in one way - the living on this side, the dead on the other."

    "Wait, all realms of the dead?" Superman asked, disbelieving. "You mean..."

    "Yep. Hell, Niflheim, the Greek Underworld, etcetera, etcetera - they're all part of it."

    Superman shared a worried look with Wonder Woman. 

    "Then, this king is the king of all the dead?" Diana prodded.

    "Yeeep," John drawled, glad they were starting to share his horror. "Every thing that has ever died, through all of time and space, and possibly multiple dimensions too - they all answer to the High King of the Infinite Realms."

    Supes collapsed into the chair behind him. Wonder Woman's knuckles went white where she was gripping the back of another.

    "How likely is it that this king is hostile?" Batman asked, always the pragmatist. 

    "Unknown," John started. "I have no idea who—"

    "Hey, no!" Deadman cried from the ceiling, bobbing down to float in front of John and glare at him. "You might not have felt it properly, but I did, and I'm pretty sure this king, whoever he is, is a good guy!"

    "You mean like the last king?" John asked, one eyebrow raised. "Who started good, then went crazy and went on a murder spree and had to be locked up by several powerful ancients?"

    "When was this?" Batman asked. 

    John glanced at Zatanna for help, not knowing himself, but she only shrugged. "No idea," John replied with a sigh. "But ghosts can exist forever, especially if they stick to the Infinite Realms, so it could have been centuries ago."

    Batman just frowned at that and went back to his research. 

    "So, the realms of the dead have a new king, who we don't know anything about, and who may or may not be friendly," Superman summarised, glancing at each person in the room. "What do we do next?"

    "We need more information," Zatanna said, looking down at the meeting table as she thought. "I have a few people I could ask, but really, we're probably only going to get useful answers from a ghost."

    John sighed. "I know some spells," he offered. "I could try to make contact."

    "Is there a diplomatic way to approach this?" Diana asked. "If this is a king we are dealing with, would there not be proper channels for asking about them?"

    John scowled. She was right, but... "I have no bloody idea what those channels would be."

    Silence reigned for a moment while everyone thought. Then:

    "I could go ask around in Amity Park?" Deadman offered.

    "No!" came John's immediate, instinctive reaction. 

    "Amity Park?" Batman and Superman asked in unison. 

    Zatanna was looking thoughtful though. "That's not a terrible idea," she murmured.

    John glared at her. "What do you mean, 'not terrible'. That is the worst bloody idea I've heard in weeks!"

    Zatanna just stared back, unimpressed. "It's better than your idea of contacting random ghosts, and hoping we get something useful. We know the Amity ghosts are chatty, and if anyone is likely to know something, it's Phantom."

    "That's—" John spluttered, trying to think of a rebuttal. Unfortunately, he couldn't. Amity was hell on earth, and he avoided it like the plague, but Zatanna was right - in this case, hell on earth was kind of what they needed.

    Suddenly, the projector on the table came back to life, news articles and video clips flashing into view. John squinted at the images, his headache not liking the light.

    "Amity Park is flagged 'do not approach, do not enter, do not interfere' in the JLA database," Batman commented. "There is a further note: 'Stay the fuck away from the hellhole and its freaky ecosystem. I do not want to deal with a possessed Kryptonian.' Signed, John Constantine."

    John sighed and nodded. "A couple of years ago, Amity Park went from 'weird mystical hotspot' to 'actual hellhole'," he explained. "It's haunted by this one ghost - Phantom - who's constantly defending it from attacks by a fuckton of other ghosts. They're not just run-of-the-mill ghosts either - almost every one of them is really bloody powerful."

    Superman frowned. "Why aren't we helping, then?"

    John scowled at him. "Remember the 'possessed Kryptonian' part? Any of these ghosts could possess any of you lot and make you do anything they want. Personally, I don't want to have to deal with powerful ghosts using powerful metas as fuckin' meat sacks, alright?"

    "Phantom has also been doing a pretty good job," Zatanna added. "Nobody has died, and as far as we know, he hasn't lost a fight yet. So we decided we'd just monitor it for now, and only step in if we had to."

    "You think this Phantom will have information about the new king?" Batman asked. 

    Zatanna nodded. "He's powerful, and from what I've seen of his fights, he seems pretty well connected. He's our best lead."

    "And Deadman can visit without risking being possessed," Constantine added. "Plus, Phantom is probably more likely to talk to another ghost, than to a human."

    "You're okay with this?" Superman asked Deadman, who had been watching each speaker from the ceiling like he was at a tennis match.

    Deadman grinned and did a flip, returning to upright right in front of Supes. "I was born for this!" he cried. Then, "Well, more like died for this, but you get the picture."

    Superman glanced at Batman then Wonder Woman, getting a nod from each after a moment. Then he glanced at John, Zatanna, Shazam, and finally Deadman. "Alright," he said. "Let's do it."

    #danny phantom#dc#jla #dp x dc #fic #this was fun #but also writing when my brain was already fried was maybe a bad idea #my brain also has MANY ideas for this #but I have too many other WIPs #and somehow characterisation in this was just NOT working #but I may write the part 2 someday stil #we'll see #or maybe just rewrite this entirely #who knows #please tell me if you like this idea #my brain will be more likely to let me continue it if so
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    oh my GOD i completely forgot about the homoerotic pissing contest between buck and eddie in 2x01

    the sideways glares, the trying to look tough, the sweaty-in-the-gym “i’m not threatened by you” face-to-face confrontation. 

    ooooooh yes i LIVE for this shit

    like, sir that is the man who is gonna put you in his will as the guardian of his son. sort your shit out

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    Cultural and Creative Arts Jss 2 Third Term Scheme of work With Lesson Notes

    Cultural and Creative Arts Jss 2 Third Term Scheme of work With Lesson Notes

      THIRD TERM E-LEARNING NOTE   SUBJECT: CULTURAL AND CREATIVE ART CLASS: JSS 2 SCHEME OF WORK WEEK TOPIC Pattern Key Signature Dance as a Career Beadwork Time Signature Crocheting Papier Mache Intervals Tie- Dye Singing and Recorder Playing Revision / Examination Examination Continues REFERENCE TEXTBOOK A Proper Approach to Cultural and Creative Art by Peter Akinyemi and other co-authors. Book…

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    #Cultural and Creative Arts #JSS 2#Third Term
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    the scar had not pained harry for 19 months. all was well

    ten, nine, eight. it’s been nineteen months since the war was won. seven, six five. they say time heals but how much can it? four, three, two. a new millennium. a new age. one. happy new year
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    i can’t believe season 4 is breaking up the straight byler and canonising the gay one. i guess there can only be one 😔

    #stranger things spoilers #stranger things 4 #st4 speculation #vol 2 i am ready #byler#jancy #jonathan x nancy #mike x will
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