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  • kottkrig
    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    zalatra is so gender omg

    Thank you c:

    Here's an unfinished thing of her testing out how fast she can make her brother cast [Dispersion]

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  • hybistrophile
    10.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    On the to part 6 (so excited!) Cletus seems like he’d be the type of some strict and serious dad in the bases he’s serious about any tomfoolery him and his kids can get up to. A very tired reader: Omg why? Cletus covered in bubble wrap, stickers, using a blanket as a cap and wearing a bucket on his head: first off this is my ass kicking outfits and we’re off to fight the silver dragon, let’s go buga!( a nickname I feel like he’d call em) Their kid(s) wear the exact same mess: YEAH!

    I'd normally match your excitement, but here's why I can't do that this time around: nothing in either Part 6 or the other four (or five) other parts will be as wholesome as this headcanon.

    Though I can match your excitement for a Cletus Kasady that got the help he needed and gave up taking lives in exchange for nurturing it.

    Yes, he would be the 'cool parent' that encourages his kid(s) chaotic behavior and win their affection by participating in the mess-making. He'd always have stuff either drawn, spilled or stuck to his face his buga put it there. You'd go in for a kiss and get a mouthful of glitter glue. Or, you'd get attacked by a storm of stickers as Cletus - with the buga perched on his shoulders - cached you off-guard and cover your face in them.

    #Ask#Anonymous #Cletus Kasady x You #Cletus Kasady x Reader #I'd love to read more of these headcanons #because they will help us during the publication of the other parts #that focus on the relationship #and not the fruits of it #but it's not going to be non-stop misery either #though Carnage does leave misery wherever he goes
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  • lordsireno
    31.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    It's moooore of my favourite boi and his doppelgangers!

    #Deponia#Rufus#Cletus#Argus#monkeydraws #I love these three Idiots so much #Help I have Argus brainrot
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  • supersquiddy
    23.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Get Shriek.

    #GOSH I HOPE I CAN POST THESE IN ORDER HELP #frances barrison#shriek#cletus kassidy#cletus cassidy#shriekingcarnage#venom#venom 2 #venom let there be carnage #venom let the be carnage spoilers #ltbc#venom ltbc#v:ltbc #i got so many gifs to post omg
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  • cletuscortlandkasady
    08.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Another thing I noticed was the "C" tattoo on Frances' neck. While I've seen pleantly point it out in the second scene pictured here, did anybody post about it already being there during the Ravencroft rescue scene?

    When did my girl even have time to get a tattoo or learn how to drive?

    Weren't both her and Cletus preteens (or younger) when they were sent to St. Estes? Did they break out one night and manage to convince someone to ink two juvenile delinquents before they were dragged back? Did one of them build their own tattoo gun while locked up? Cletus loves sketching and scribbling, so did he ink her?

    Did anybody on set think this through?

    #frances barrison#shriek #venom 2: let there be carnage #venom: let there be carnage #I love it #but I can't help nitpicking #and I'm now convinced of the existence of Cletus' chest tattoo
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  • supersquiddy
    28.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Cletus is a poet but he's about as good at it as eddie is at investigative journaling. still when he made him publish that myspace 9th grader level emo kid haiku that he wrote for his long lost love I almost screamed in the theater.

    Wait I'm hollering at "Cletus is a poet but he's about as good at it as Eddie is at investigative journaling" Anon.... you're not Wrong....😭😭😭

    But I feel you anon, the fact that it was only meant for Frances had me weak. I think I did at least quietly squeal when I saw Frances read it.

    "Distant cathedral is all I see. Fractured Angel, the other part of me." OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT I ONLY SEEN THIS MOVIE 3 TIMES 🤣 But even though its was 8 grade level of poetry, you best believe that it had me falling in love with their love so haaaard.

    #cringe #who said love is dead? #frances barrison#cletus kassidy#shriek#venom 2#venom#venon spoilers #gosh i love them and all their #cletus' I WAS ROLLING #they are but they are free and i love that i honestly do #TUMBLR MESSED UP MY TAGS HELP??'!_?$??$?$?$
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  • systemofthehorde
    08.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Thinking about how funny it would've been if Cletus came out of prison like:

    #HELP #ITS BEEN IN MY HEAD ALL DAY #caps tw#cletus kasady #venom let there be carnage #Carnage
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  • dilfdarling
    13.09.2021 - 8 monts ago

    From the enemies to lovers list, the prompt "do you want death?""I want to screw you""same thing" with Carnage ahsbsbsbs

    This was.... fun writing sdbfhsdkf I hope you like it!!!


    [Carnage x Fem!Reader]

    Warnings: Restraining, oral (female receiving), monster fucker vibes, 18+ MINORS DO NOT INTERACT.

    When you had first spotted Carnage you froze dead in your tracks. Your jaw had dropped and your breath caught in your throat. You were afraid, yes, but also exceptionally horny. You had needed to put that to the side though. You had to.

    But, you did not want your feelings on the sideline any longer.

    You found yourself standing in front of Cletus’ hideout. You wandered in and quietly made your way towards Cletus. You spotted him and noticed Carnage was not present. You narrowed your eyes and slowly walked towards the steps. As soon as your foot hit the metal you cringed. Your eyes shut tight and you heard a loud roar.


    You turned around. Carnage. You almost fell down the steps, but you caught yourself. You stared up at them and blinked.

    “-you’re walking willingly into my den?”

    You nodded. Your own fingers laced together, your arms hanging in front of you. Watching them with wide, curious eyes, you waited for their next move.

    “What did you come here for? You’re alone?”

    “Completely,” You whispered, hoping that was the right answer. “I came to see you.”

    You rocked up onto your tiptoes before falling back onto your heels. They was watching you as closely as you watched them. You were not prepared for what would come if they did decide to devour you. You really had shown up alone, Eddie and Venom were not there to save you. No one was.

    Carnage peeked over their shoulder, checking for anyone. They realized no one was behind you and lowered themselves to your level. You stopped breathing once they were right in front of you, touching your nose.

    “Do you want death?”

    “I want to fuck you.”

    “Same thing.”

    They snarled, without missing a beat. With wide eyes, your face started to heat up. ‘Oh no, that’s hot.’ You internally screamed at yourself. You were stuck right where you were. Frozen. Once you were able to actually breathe and swallow you tried to step around them.

    “I’ll just go-” You nervously laughed, “You can pretend I didn’t come-”

    “No, no,” You were snatched back, facing Carnage, “little pet, we’re gonna make sure you cum.”

    Your jaw dropped. You were picked up and Carnage jumped off the ledge, completely ignoring the stairs in front of you. Your stomach flipped as soon as their feet hit the ground, and they tan, fast as fuck, deeper into the hideout.

    “Where are we going?” You almost screamed in fear.

    “We don’t need your friends finding us. As much fun as that would be, we need to deal with you first.”

    “Deal with me?!”

    You were pressed against the cool, hard wall. And just like that, you could feel a heat pool between your legs. Their hand found your throat and it settled there. They looked down at you, taking all of you in.

    They gave you a large toothy smile, their shark-like teeth looking even more frightening. They applied slight pressure to your throat and you gasped, placing your smaller hands on their large forearm. You could only stare at them with wide eyes.

    “Don’t worry,” they beside your ear, their teeth barely touching the shell of it. “Yet.”

    They took advantage of your surprise. Their tongue easily slid into your mouth and warmth covered the space. You let out a low moan and closed your eyes. You relaxed under their touch, you kept your hands on their forearm though. Holding it loosely.

    Their hand moved ever so slightly and, before you knew it, you were on your tiptoes, gasping for air as their tongue was shoved down your throat. Your eyes rolled back and your grip on their arm tightened. You were quickly dropped back down to your feet and they pulled back from you, their hand slightly relaxing.

    “So vulnerable, so weak…” They cocked their head at you and their fingers tensed as they felt you swallow hard. “So fucking excited just to have us near you. We could easily snap your neck, pet.”

    You nodded as best you could, hair falling in your face. The fact you were so small underneath them, so fucking delicate compared to them, was really turning you on.

    “Have they been this close?”

    Your brows knit together. Then you remembered. Eddie and Venom. “No.” Your voice was soft, quiet. It was true, you needed them to believe you though, “I don’t think about them this way.”

    “Good.” Carnage ripped at your shirt, and threw it to the ground. You looked down in horror. You could not leave that place shirtless. You could not go home to your roommate shirtless without being questioned.

    “We’re going to make you ours.”

    Their voice rumbled, echoing through the empty room. Something told you to not worry about leaving.

    Carnage’s teeth raked across your exposed skin and a low rumble pushed up from their chest. You let out a whimper and your eyes shut tight. Many thoughts started to circle your brain. ‘What if Eddie finds out?’ ‘What if Eddie kills me?’ ‘What if Carnage-’

    Your thoughts were interrupted. Your arms were held above your head, something holding your wrists. A hand on your waist and another on your throat told you something else was holding you. You opened your eyes to find Carnage having grown another appendage. It had formed from their back, and it was holding your wrists tightly.

    Your fingers wiggled and you watched Carnage closely. You couldn’t read a single damned emotion on their face. They looked like they wanted to devour you, and hopefully it wasn’t in a bad way.

    “By time we’re through with you,” Their teeth hit your collarbone, and they slowly moved down, “you’ll never want to see Eddie again.”

    Your bra ripped easily across the front and it fell to the side. You were almost completely exposed now, you still wore pants. But you weren’t sure how much longer those would be on you. Carnage’s tongue ran up your stomach, and reached your breasts. They was quick to circle around one of your nipples and your hips bucked, a whine escaping your mouth.

    “So needy, little pet.” They spoke without looking at you.

    He began to rip at your jeans, peeling them away and easily getting rid of your panties. ‘No way I’m leaving this place now.’ You accepted the fact you were exposed, completely vulnerable. Laid out like a feast in front of them.

    Carnage began to shift, their body moving, contorting. You started to move up the wall. They held you tightly, and your wrists were still restrained. You were slightly above them now, your hips at their level. Both of their hands moved to your waist and they latched onto you, holding you like a lifeline.

    Their grip was harsh and rough, and definitely bruising. They moved your legs over their shoulders and you were spread in front of them, theirs for the taking. Claws dug into your skin and you wriggled slightly, a whine falling past your lips.

    “We’ve only just begun,” Carnage growled out at you. “There is no leaving now, unless you truly crave death.”

    “No,” you shook your head, “no, trust me. I want this.”

    Your eyes were wide with fear and lust, mostly lust, and Carnage seemed to be enjoying every second of that. You could tell Cletus and Carnage both were getting off to that. Teeth grazed your inner thigh and Carnage watched for your reaction, obviously testing the waters before jumping in head first.

    And jump in, they did.

    Their tongue slid up your thigh and quickly found your folds. Your hands jolted forward, but all the wiggling was in vain. You did not want to get away, you needed to hold something. And there was nothing to grab on to.

    As their tongue pushed inside of you, your hips bucked off the wall and towards their mouth. Their teeth touched your pussy and you pulled back, fast. Their tongue was quick to move with you, easily keeping up with whatever you were doing.

    Carnage’s tongue pushed further inside of you and quickly pulled out. A loud cry fell from your lips and you bucked forward again. Their teeth did not touch you this time, letting you know they had completely pulled away. Your eyes shot open at this and you stared at them.

    “You taste divine, pet-” They lowered themselves to your cunt once more, “so good-”

    Their tongue circled your clit and moved back to the entrance, before quickly pushing inside of you. You writhed against them and mewled under their touch. The way they effortlessly reached every part of you that you desperately needed to be touched, was intoxicating. Your hips rolled into their tongue and the warmth of it was sending chills down your spine.

    “Carnage-” You whined, hands struggling against their grasp. “-fuck! Please, faster.”

    Carnage laughed. And, for once in their life, they listened to someone else. Their tongue began to lap at your pussy, licking and sucking. You were almost in tears. Your stomach in knots and your brain foggy. You almost completely forgot your friend, Eddie, was at home waiting for you. Almost.

    Your hips rubbed against their tongue and their hands held your hips more tightly, if that had even been possible.

    “I’m gonna- Please, let me cum!”

    Carnage’s tongue moved quicker. Easily pushing in and pulling out at a pace you were sure you had never felt before. Tears pricked your eyes and a loud cry ripped from your throat as you bucked into him one more time. Your orgasm hit hard and fast, but Carnage wasn’t stopping any time soon.

    You were still restrained and Carnage was devouring you alive. You were unable to come down from your high. You were writhing against him, crying and moaning out for him. Pleading for him to never let go.

    You felt your whole body tense again, and you were skyrocketing back to cloud nine. Your entire body was shaking and you were screaming for Carnage. He smiled against you and felt him growl, causing waves to crash into. Your voice was hoarse, and suddenly, much quieter.

    “Carnage,” your eyes shut tight, “please-”

    You were spent and tired, breathing hard and fast. You wanted nothing more than to be properly fucked.

    “Oh, little pet,” you were dropped from the wall, falling into Carnage’s grasp, “I don’t think you could handle anymore from us at the moment.”

    You looked at them through half lidded eyes, “What?”

    “As much as we would love to devour you completely,” Carnage thought for a moment, “you are different. We don’t want you dead, you’re more fun alive.”

    “You aren’t done with me?”

    “No where close, pet.”

    #carnage#cletus kasady#carnage imagine #carnage x reader #venom#venom 2 #uh im drawing blanks #its late #what else should i tag this as??? #girl help im getting worse with my tags #tagging systems are 🥴 #pocketsizedolive#ask#request#answered#there #maybe? #hope you enjoy this!!!
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  • fabuloustrash05
    14.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    To those who have't read the comics Venom and carnage are alot more similar. I don't want give any spoilers

    If you’re talking about just the symbiotes themselves being similar then yes, I agree with you.

    If you talking about the symbiotes when with their hosts then no, they’re not. Venom and Carnage are two different symbiotes when with their hosts, with Venom being the lesser of two evils. They both have similar powers and they need a host to survive, but their host are not similar which leads to them being different because of who their host are as people.

    Venom’s host is Eddy Brock, a regular man who wanted to be better at what he does. He was consumed by anger and jealousy towards Peter Parker which led to the Venom symbiote to take control of him (btw this is from the comics and 1994 cartoon show, not the movie). Venom is more stable and in more control because Eddy is mentally stable, he’s just got anger issues. Venom is basically an antihero at times.

    Carnage’s host is Cletus Kassady who, if you don’t know, is a f*cking psychotic serial killer. This leads to Carnage being more mentally unstable compared to Venom. He’s more violent, more willing to kill and eat people, and he’s know to be more powerful than Venom because of that.

    Venom kills for either for vengeance, for justice, or for food (depending on the version).

    Carnage (any version) kills for fun. 

    #shout out to my big brother for helping me refresh my spider man knowledge <3 #it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about spider man lore #asks#answered#darkcat8#marvel#marvel comics#Spider-Man 1994#venom#Eddie Brock#carnage#cletus kasady#spider man#peter parker #venom let there be carnage #venom 2 #it’s my opinion
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  • dr-greenthumb
    04.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Hi monsterfuckers, it's me yet again, I just thought that I'd share w/ everyone else the fact that my dad pronounces "Carnage" like with the g in "balayage", cause I can't suffer alone.

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  • runtosleepdreamer
    02.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Eddie: *goes through a fever and brief bout of borderline insanity to bond with venom*

    Cletus: *has his fucking skin melt open like someone poured acid on him*

    In conclusion: the more painful the (successful) symbiosis, the bigger the baddie?

    #Carlton: unknown#venom#venom 2 #we are venom #venom let there be carnage #venom movie#venom symbiote#symbiosis#symbiote#carnage#carnage symbiote #let there be carnage #venom 2: let there be carnage #v:ltbc#carlton drake#cletus cassidy#eddie brock#Tom hardy #help I’m losing track of my tags at this point #there needs to be a copy and paste for all the individual ones in one go #tech part of tumblr where you at
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  • macgargan
    06.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    Sometimes fics can be so self-indulgent.

    #scorpion.txt #liam writes fic #forget cletus #bill bentine is my favorite character #and he absolutely would tell clete to his face that he was inspired to help troubled kids thanks to him #fuck ur chaos
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  • countyourdays
    25.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Ok so recap:

    Issac, Benjamin, Cleadis, and Charles are 4 fishermen who discover the lost city of mizu from a book that appeared in front of their house (how did it get there?)

    They enter the lost city underwater and find Ranbob, a descendant of one of the idols - ranboo on his mother’s side - who is the only living resident of the city and gives them a tour of the facilities (which is filled with a disturbing amount of blood)

    Ranbob seems to have memory issues due to being alone in the giant underwater city. He eventually turns on the four fishermen, killing them off, saying that no one who enters the city ever leaves. (Why is that? What significance does his worship of the idol Dream tell? Does Ranbob not want to leave?)

    #guys I spelled cletus wrong help #tales from the smp #lost city of mizu #recap
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  • cranberry086
    25.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Here's one of those Hazbin Hotel: Madoka AU I promised;

    I explained this further in a another post, but one of major factors for this AU is that no one other the magical girls themselves, can know about existence of the titans. Let's be honest, we can't existential thought of the universe being destroyed at anytime. And I mean no one, no angel, nor demon or human that isn't a magical girls can know. This comes when the main C.H.E.R.U.B group joins the fray; its may sound like cheating and the title is suggesting it to be a "Hazbin" AU, but it's my AU and helluva is the same universe as hazbin so. .

    Anyways, no spoilers for that post in case you wanna check that out; our group of cherubs find themselves accidentally wandering into titan domain;especially since these dimensions are to enter, leading to them bumping into the main cast; Laura, Honey, and Quin; about to defeat it, then memory wiped once the battle was over. These interactions between the 6 are awkward, especially for Laura, which again, no spoilers

    Knowing the cherubs, the interactions are going become more passive, the cherubs beginning catch on what's going; while Collin is terrified of the potential faith of the world, Cletus and Keenie begin to envy our to two gals and nonbinary pals. They're whole schick is helping people, and these guys are doing that x100; not just helping heaven itself, but the universe itself

    There's the idea, obviously there's a lot not stuff I wanna share, and this will get a part 2. Overwise, thank you for listening me talk about an AU, sorry if it's a little long, feel free to check out that orginal post:]

    It’s sounding amazing! Good luck with the rest of it! :)

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  • grazhir
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Pfft. Fanfiction Formatting

    It's incredible the sheer number of stories I open and immediately close, simply because of the formatting. (And yes, I know that whatever percentage out there hate my CSS at AO3, because apparently Georgia, font size, and smart quotes are the devil's work, and not a response to getting older and wanting shit to be a bit bigger.)

    But let's face it. Standard on a webpage is for paragraphs to be separated by a pseudo-blank line, even though it's just the base, built in CSS for the paragraph tags. (You know, like any post here at Tumblr? Where hitting Enter [instead of Shift+Enter] creates that "blank" line?)

    But no. These people are writing their chapters in heaven knows what editor, and it all comes out in a sickening jumble, and often with people not getting their own paragraphs anyway (such as for speech).

    Either way, I can't deal with that shit, so I close the tab immediately. It might be the best story ever, but with formatting that lousy? Nah, I'll pass. (And I'll keep my own custom CSS, with additional spacing between lines to make it easier for my eyes to properly track.)

    [And apparently people are incapable of seeing this shit when they post a chapter and immediately fixing it. Getting a real editor would help, to start.]

    So, this:

    "What the hell?" John asked, staring at them suspiciously. Sally demurred, looking shiftily off the side as she edged away. Cletus's gaze kept flicking between them, not understanding.


    “What the hell?” John asked, staring at them suspiciously.

    Sally demurred, looking shiftily off the side as she edged away.

    Cletus's gaze kept flicking between them, not understanding.

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  • guessimabasicnerdgirlnow
    12.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    So, the Alternate Verse timeline so far

    Eddie dies

    Anne meets the symbiote and goes through a short “kill Spider-Man” phase. Peter is overall less symbiotephobic in here, Anne is more reasonable than Eddie, things just work out

    Anne decide to use her newfound power to good, you know the drill. Tries to balance this new career with her old one, hero life with normal life, with mixed results

    Meets Cletus as she somehow becomes his lawyer, knows he is not innocent but believes his intentions to change and wants to help him with it. The symbiote spawns Red

    Anne and the symbiote, very romantically involved, decide to have a baby. Dylan is born.

    Anne and the symbiote separate, not sure if voluntarily or not. The symbiote bonds with Trish. Dylan is old enough to later remember this period

    After some adventures with Trish, the symbiote goes back to Anne. Mania is born (not sure if naturally or not) and bonds with Trish

    Mania spawns Scream, who bonds with Trish’s apprentice Andi

    Dylan starts transitioning

    As a teen, Dylan starts hearing Knull in his dreams, just as he also starts to have fights with his Mom

    Dylan snaps and runs away with a piece of the symbiote. He uses the piece to make a mind-controlled symbiote to bond with but finds out he can’t, decides to make more and use them to control other people instead. Starting with supers so they can’t stop him

    Anne knows it is him behind the unusual symbiote activity, but keeps the secret as long as she can

    President Thompson and Rex recruit current symbiote and hosts (Anne, Cletus, Trish, Andi) to form a special team

    Peter and Wade escape Dylan’s mind control, freeing their symbiotes, and join the team

    Codex’s identity becomes known (not sure if from Anne or not). His influence is growing. He reached adulthood (in age number, as in looks that happened long ago)

    Codex kills the president

    Then he also kills Rex and Trish in battle, not sure if the same battle

    Eddie’s visit, Codex’s defeat, the world is slowly rebuilt. Eddie leaves

    Do Peter and Wade keep their symbiotes?

    Dylan wakes from his coma

    Dylan is a fugitive, and goes after the symbiotes he created, who were left hostless and hated by most humans, to protect them

    Actual Knull arrives, you know the drill. The team reunites

    Anne dies in battle, meets Rex, Trish and the president in the hive. Brings all three back

    Anne defeats Knull but Dylan lands the killing blow, becoming King In Black (in addition to his natural powers)

    After a while, Anne and Trish and both their symbiotes get into a relationship

    Dylan remains a fugitive, but uses his status to try and help symbiotes in all the Universe. He lives in a sewer with some of his symbiote siblings. Many of the symbiotes he created decided to leave for space instead

    #shut up brock #alternate verse
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  • rogesims
    11.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    I debated with myself for a long time if I let Jeb Harris with or without paper bag, and in the end I opted to retire it! This is his preteen madeover version! 

    This is Francine Spencer! She used to be a gardener but now she stays home to take care of the chickens and help with the grandchildren. 

    This is Francine's son, Cletus. His job is clearing all the dumpsters of Evergreen Harbor and finding something useful to make some money! 

    Being the only one with a job in the house, Faye Harris works her ass off to make some extra money in her Culinary career and get another promotion! 

    Little Gideon Harris is just a kid who likes to be a Social Butterfly at school. 

    This is Frankie, a stray who decided he would live with the family! 

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  • abbyandhanako
    07.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago


    Wesker was a frequent witness to Donna, Cletus, T.K. and Abby’s bathroom brawls, N would notice he would watch with an evil smirk while repeating “Kick her fucking ass….Kick her fucking ass….” and refusing to move until the fight’s over.

    These fights could start for any reason such as something that happened such as Abby punching Donna for trying to steal her brother’s Lillipup or acting condescending to her because she owns a Sneasel and Vulpix at the time, or her mocking Abby while she is vomiting due to her endometriosis.

    T.K usually steps in to protect Abby and fight alongside her, usually to back her up, he fights with his own Frillish and Glameow against Donna’s Frillish and Cletus’ Deino.

    This usually ends in all four grunts and their Pokemon having bruises since they also use physical violence against eachother, Abby being helped out by T.K and 400,000 Poké Dollars in damages.

    #headcanons #abby kadozawa headcanons #t.k. xiong headcanons
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  • nuravity
    01.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    After being tied up by the wire, Carnage let out a loud roar... Right up until he got knocked out could by the lamppost. The red symbiote retreated inside the unconscious Cletus Kasady. "Good job, kid." Venom said, before letting Eddie Brock take over, "You were a big help. Not even Spider-Man helped me take down Carnage that quick. But we can't calm down just yet. We need to contain him in a prison that negates the powers of the Carnage Symbiote. Is there a place like that nearby?"

    She was lucky that the lamppost knocked the symbiote unconscious before being praised by the creature called Venom. "Whoa! That Venom...lives inside you?" she asked the now human who stood before her before registering his question.

    "I think we can keep him in a place called Tartarus. That's where all villains are kept so we'll be sure he can't escape." Aizawa could also help but only as long as he keeps eye-contact so the prison was a more ideal option. She already called up police so he'd be transported there.

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  • thewaveblaster
    18.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Quick Carnage story

    It starts at the Vault, with Cletus Kasady sitting in a cell. It’s kept heated up (about 25° C) and there’s ultrasound and infrasound broadcast in tandem 24/7 to keep the Carnage symbiote dulled out. Plus, a constant sedation through Cletus’ drinks and food to kepp him dulled out.

    Enter Doctor Tyler, who’s in charge of reviewing the human conditions of the vault, as well as attending the inmates as a psychologist. After reviewing the cell’s containment measures, he concludes they’re on the edge of a human rights violation due to the perpetual confinement.

    Thus, he takes a different approach. He starts talking to Cletus, asking him how does he feels and trying to make small talk through the intercom. At first, he shows no more regard for him than for the other guards, often threatening to kill everyone the moment he’s out, but he notices how half-hearted it sounds. After enough weeks, he starts to reply to the small talk, asking about sports news and other stuff.

    After assuring Cletus that he’s alone on the other end of the intercom, Dr. Tyler asks him about himself. Why does he do the things he’s done as Carnage, as well as his previous crimes before having the symbiote. Though Cletus immediately answers the old “because it’s fun/I wanted” he’s given others, the doctor keeps pressing the point once in a while.

    Over the days, Cletus starts to open up. He admits he doesn’t like hurting people that much, but he can’t help it sometimes. That he just feels this need to do harm, and can’t think about anything else. Then, the symbiote came in, and the need became constant. He’s never been sure if it’s something the symbiote did, or if it was the feeling of power, but now he constantly has the need to hurt people.

    That, except now he’s constantly drugged and the symbiote dulled out by the cell’s containments. In a rare moment of vulnerability, Cletus admits he’s glad Venom and Spider-Man put them in the Vault. Since he’s been there, it’s the first time in years he feels like he can be Cletus Kasady by himself.

    Dr. Tyler  doesn’t trust Cletus at first. His early diagnosis before becoming Carnage never showed this level of disassociation. But then again, he also knew how the criminal psychology system worked, so there was a possibility that Cletus’ antisocial conduct was instead a case of undiagnosed schizophrenia.

    After talking with his superiors, and even contracting Oscorp for technical consult, Dr. Tyler oversees that Cletus’ sedative to be replaced by anti-psychotics.

    The results are nothing short of miraculous. Cletus Kasady acts like a completely different man. There aren’t more death threats, and he even shows signs of remorse over his past acts as Carnage. Dr. Tyler keeps the psychological treatment, even starting to enter the cell to talk with Cletus instead of using the intercom. After a month of no incidents and no examples of anti-social behavior, giving credit to Dr. Tyler’s theory, the Vault’s warden agrees to the next step; letting Cletus Kasady out of his cell. Just a twenty minutes session at the prison’s gym, alone and heavily guarded.

    When Dr. Tyler gives Cletus the good news, he shows fear. Not for himself, fur for the others. Though the medications have worked, he fears that being around any amount of people will bring back his previous urges, and release Carnage again. He assures him, even doing a show of trust by turning off the heat and sound generators in the cell.

    Cletus embraces for the worst, keeping his eyes shut and his arms around his shoulders. But nothing happens. With tears in his eyes, he looks up at the doctor. He thanks him, but still insists the heat and sound to be turned on again, if only to be sure. The doctor agrees and prepares to leave, but Cletus stops him.

    “You know, I’ve been immune to that sound and heat thing for years.” The Dr. Tyler felt a coldness in his stomach. “And those meds you all kept giving me? Didn’t do a thing.” There was a sound behind him, like flesh moving. “I mean, I have enough things in my bloodstream.” Some... thing cackled, calmly stepping closer to the doctor, who was paralyzed in fear.

    “But that blast door was a good idea, I have to admit.” Dr. Tyler saw a claw coming from behind him pointing at the door he opened in order to leave. “I could never get out without someone leaving it open.”

    Then Carnage began to laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

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