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  • vogueships
    18.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Congrats on your Marriage you two from myself, Sam, and Zemo! You two are wonderful and were made for each other! Now go you crazy kids! -soulnottainted

    !!!!! thank you SO MUCH, @soulnottainted !!!!!

    nothing makes me happier than having you guys at the wedding, we are so grateful for your friendship and the things that you've done for us!!! it would not have been the same without you celebrating with us!!!!!

    #love that ze/mo went from bucky's like. arch enemy. to being invited to his wedding LMAO #just how fast the night changes<3 #lucky wedding#soulnottainted
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  • equinoxum
    16.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Aether is the dad friend we all need. He is your actual dad and he is my dad friend. He is dad shaped! Will call us kiddo. Gives huge bear hugs. The best! -soulnottainted

    he is! i imagined him calling me kiddo and i think that is my new motivator for the next three months, probably. then i thought about him saying he's proud of me and now i need a moment <33

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  • squips-ship
    12.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA! -soulnottainted

    BRBRBRB THANKYOU KELS MY DEAR!!! sorry for the delay on this one! tumblr notifs not good MDHDH but ily!! 🥺💖💕

    #*pats you and gently wraps you in a blanket* #laura’s birthday asks #friend anons#answered anons#(soulnottainted)
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  • squips-ship
    01.12.2021 - 5 monts ago


    Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s ‘Out There’ from the soundtrack to Disneys Hunchback of Notre Dame!

    #CURSE YOU VICCY HUGO PROPERTIES YOU LINGER EVEN HERE SKDHDH #really though hunchback is a gorgeous movie 💖 #i blame the bun man doing a cover of this #spotify wrapped asks #friend asks#answered asks#(soulnottainted)
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  • anthonyshope
    01.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Mummy and pumpkin! -soulnottainted


    Mummy: do you believe in curses?


    Pumpkin: do you prefer sweet or savoury foods?

    ahh I really like both tbh

    halloween asks

    #soulnottainted #⌜ ✒ ⌟
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  • sketchy-galaxy
    01.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    🎥 When and how did you get into your f/o’s source? w Alucard! -soulnottainted


    Oooo!! Uhhh I got into Castlevania like.... 3 years ago! I think I saw all the memes about Season 2 floating around and I was like," I have to watch it." (Plus the animation was so pretty!!!)

    #thank youuu!!!! #soulnottainted #self ship: disaster vampire #i want to rewatch it ehen i get the chance sudjfjfk
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  • squips-ship
    29.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    EYOOOOO!! HWPPY ENGAGEMENT!-soulnottainted

    @soulnottainted ~ THANKS KELS!!! MY DARLING!!! 🥺💖💞💕 MUCH LOVE!!!

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  • frecklydork
    28.07.2021 - 9 monts ago

    You got through today and I'm SO proud of you! People are awful and you are so bright and a joy to the world! You're doing your job great and those people who made you cry will pay via Starscream teaching them a lesson! Sending you a virtual hug my friend, and rest like you deserve. -soulnottainted

    @soulnottainted Thank you for sending me this sweet message yesterday!! 🥰🥰 This made me smile! I'm doing a lot better today ;w; Sending you virtual hugs and good vibes too, friendo!! 💘💝💕💟💗💝💕💖💕

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  • vogueships
    12.06.2021 - 11 monts ago

    !!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH @soulnottainted !!!!! 💗💗💗 💗 that means!!! the absolute WORLD to me, thank you!!!!! 💗

    #YOU ARE SO SWEET THANK YOU!!!!! I CANT TELL U HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE IT!!! #replies#soulnottainted
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  • conjunxed
    27.05.2021 - 11 monts ago

    I know this is random but I finished season one of tfp the other day and all I can think about is being there when Optimus reverts back to being Orion mentally and having you all just having to keep me back because I'm just so upset about him losing his memories. He's my Guardian, and it hit me HARD -soulnottainted

    @soulnottainted god the finale hit me like a brick when I first watched tfp, lmao.

    And my my guardian I always had was Cliff, so I totally would understand and there’s no way the kids wouldn’t comfort you.

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  • squips-ship
    23.05.2021 - 11 monts ago

    Congratulations to the both of you! Took you two long enough! All jokes aside, Copia and I are so happy for you and hope you have an amazing life together! -soulnottainted

    AKCHSMDHDH Kelsey my darling you gave me Squipbun War flashbacks for a minute there /lh 😂

    But AUGH glad you and Copia dropped in! I always love hearing from you both!!! I hope you're both having a lovely day my dear!!! 🥺💕💖

    #*blows u a kiss* FRIEND!!!!! #kelsey my beloved!!! #squipbunwedding#friend asks#answered asks #ghost friendo aka kelsey #(soulnottainted)
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  • junkratsloverat
    13.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    monster seeking monster - free gush pass! for any for your fixating on rn! -soulnottainted

    oooooh let’s see~ (/^▽^)/

    so i’ve been playing a lot of bl2 again and it’s been super fun!! i almost have all the achievements now, just missing a couple I can get on my own, and the ones you need other people for. bc i’m too shy to ask people to help sdfgsfjsgs

    with my f/o’s,,, i wanna play more love unholyc and get more of hi’s unlockable stuff! i got his best ending already bc i used a guide (i couldn’t be good at a dating sim if i tried lmao) but i’m still missing some of his calls. idk if i could handle going back and getting all the other endings to unlock everything, tho. i don’t wanna get the bad ends! (;´∩`;) lol

    [ jackbox party games! ]

    #answered #tysm for the ask!! :3 #anon#soulnottainted
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  • yunaalescaa
    05.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    6 for Wanda! -soulnottainted

    Media Ask Game!


    6. Give us a favorite clip of your f/o!

    I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to find it online just due to like...copyright issues. But it’s when Wanda finally realizes she is the Scarlet Witch and she’s accepted who she is.

    #ask#soulnottainted #stay hexy ;; wanda maximoff #Anonymous
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  • barnables
    17.03.2021 - 1 year ago

    Constantine, are you protective of my friend, your s/o, or are you REALLY protective? There is no in-between, sir. -soulnottainted

    He is. Very.

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  • oscalesoffeeling
    03.03.2021 - 1 year ago

    7. Do either of you fall asleep often when cuddling? Who does it more? - w hallowishes! (soulnottainted)

    When we're in bed, we definitely fall asleep in each other's arms, but otherwise I don't think either of us would fall asleep when cuddling super often.

    When one of us does, it's probably me lol.

    #wilhuff gives good hugs. ahhh #i love him. #soulnottainted#asks
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  • moved-to-void-kissed
    22.02.2021 - 1 year ago


    Hi @soulnottainted, thank you for the star! ^-^

    send me a ⭐️ and I’ll use a random selector to choose one of my F/Os, then I’ll reply to the ask with a small overview about my selfship with them! - since I’ve done one of these for a romantic selfship and a familial selfship so far, I decided to choose from my platonic F/Os this time, which ended up giving me Noel! To be honest, I don’t really know whether to classify him as a familial or platonic F/O, but he’s currently on the platonic list so there

    Despite only being ten years old, Noel already holds the position of Normal-type Gym Leader for the Reborn Pokémon League, although he is unique in that his signature Pokémon Clefable is not of the Normal type. Alongside the other children from the Lapis Orphanage - most notably his twin sister Anna, but also Charlotte and briefly Heather - Noel escapes to Tanzan and then Calcenon thanks to Nami’s help, and the two of them bond a lot over having many similarities as the quiet one who often gets underestimated. Since it was recently revealed that Noel is the son of Radomus, he has gone back to live with his father in Vanhanen Castle, where Nami is also staying for the time being - so the two of them get to hang out a lot now too!

    I hope this was okay! Thank you very much for sending in a star!~

    #nami says a thing #selfship#selfshipping #forgotten prodigy (noel) #children of the beyond #platonic F/Os #can you call characters familial F/Os if they're siblings of your romantic F/O? #'cause nami has kind of a big sister-like role towards anna and noel given that they're luna's younger siblings #especially since she met them before she met luna or found out they were also radomus' children #selfship asks#soulnottainted#star overviews #sorry this took so long haha #spoilers for reborn
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  • iyamifucker
    18.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    Iyami what is the first thing that intrigued you about Telly? -soulnottainted

    (Thank you thank you!!!!)

    Intrigued moi? Zat’s a good question!

    When we first met, I admit, I was too taken by their looks to pay too much attention to anything else... I mean, you sure don’t see a lot of people zat look like Tеlly-chan around here! It was the first time I had ever seen anyone with red hair outside of a movie! An image out of a painting from ze Louvre... I wanted to ask them out on a date, but I couldn’t find ze words...

    Literally! I had crashed an English class they were teaching and I didn’t know how to ask zat in English! Uhyohyohyo!

    But then, on ze second time we’ve seen each other... I walked on them being harassed by a second rate con man! Really, a sorry type. Trying out a scam so obvious, even a toddler wouldn’t fall for it! And -get this- they were totally going to give him their money anyway just to make him leave! Obviously I had to step up and do something...

    What?! Just because I am a con man myself it doesn’t mean I’ll let some ham-and-egger come into my turf and make a move on someone I already have my eye on! To ask out, I mean. Not to scam. Ze terminology is a bit similar...

    But then! When I sent ze guy packing... I noticed Tеlly-chan was so shy, they couldn’t even look moi in the eye! They spoke so quietly, I could barely hear them... zat struck me as odd, because you kind of expect foreigners to be outgoing and prideful, right? But there they were... ze same person zat was being so friendly in a teacher / student setting, was actually so bashful they’d rather let themselves fall for an obvious scam than raise a fuss! It was kinda endearing...

    ...and concerning! How ze hell were they going to survive in a foreign country if they’re this much of a doormat?!

    I couldn’t just sit and watch in a situation like this! I had to offer to help them with their assertiveness problem! Which was completely out of ze goodness of my heart and not an excuse to spend more time with them.

    🌿🌸 Valentine’s Day F/O Questions! 🌸🌿

    #and I’m finished! thank you so much for anyone that send these 💜💜💜 #(f/o tag: c’est magnifique être sympathique) #ask games#f/o takeover #Valentine’s day f/o takeover #answers#soulnottainted
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  • shipping-tree
    11.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    🥺 -soulnottainted


    (Credit to @irageneveart) this drawing of Michael always makes me Feel. The cheesy-ness yet beauty of the cherry blossoms, the look on his face, his hair. Just. Everything

    #ask#soulnottainted #he is so fine and for WHAT? #🔪fuck you my husband is completely fine🔪 [michael]
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  • shipping-tree
    04.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    👀 -soulnottainted


    (Credit for the image is @spidertams!)

    Okay so he may be a new f/o but!!! I have way too much love for him!!! He's so kind and caring and!!! He has such a strong sense of family!!! He just seems like he would do anything for the people he loves or considers family!! And just- I live him so much fnsjs he's just- !!! I feel like when he loves someone he loves them with his whole heart and self!!

    #ask#soulnottainted #i love him so much fndjs #i started watching it Tuesday and im already almost done with part 1 djsjsj #🏐have you....ever met a child?🏐 [keishin]
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  • jocelynships
    26.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    💬 w Kurt!!-soulnottainted


    Hey gamers send me 💬 and a character and I'll give you a line my si would say if in a canon interaction with them.

    “Oh Kurt, I could never be scared of you! In fact, I think it’s kinda cool you’re a superhero. And you did save my life... nothing’s going to change the fact you’re my best friend. After all, blue suits you well!”

    (Jocelyn to Kurt once she finds out his true identity after he rescues her, also this takes place long before they start dating!)

    #ship: night roses #asks#soulnottainted
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