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    17.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    How to tell he loves you

    Trowa: I told Wufei his ears flush when he lies.

    Heero: Why?

    Trowa: Look.

    Trowa: Hey Wufei! Do you love us?

    Wufei, covering his ears: No. 


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    12.09.2021 - 8 monts ago

    This Week in Gundam Wing (Aug 29 - Sept 11, 2021)

    That’s right folks!  Because of the long weekend last weekend, you all get a two-for-one this round-up!  Lots of excellent stuff from the fandom the last two weeks, so take a look and show your fellow fans some love!

    --Mod LAM


    Dirty Computer (CH 11/?) by @doctormegalomania​ 

    Pairings: Heero x Duo, Wufei x OFC

    Characters: 5 pilots

    Rating: MATURE

    Tags / Warnings: minor violence, espionage, unreliable narrator, post-war, reference to past injury, implied/referenced self-harm

    Summary:  Years after the war, nothing is what anyone hoped for. Peace reigns supreme.

    Man Lion Thing Dude (CH 14-16/?) by @anaranesindanarie​

    Pairings: Trowa x Duo, Triton Bloom x Duo

    Characters: full cast, original Trowa Barton, OCs

    Rating: EXPLICIT

    Tags / Warnings: graphic depictions of violence, whump, blood, alternate universe, supernatural, were-creatures, family problems, arranged marriage, mentions of torture, smut, magic

    Summary:  Duo Maxwell is estranged from the last of his remaining family who are demanding that he return home for an important announcement. Meanwhile, Duo has been having strange encounters with 'wild' animals, all of whom seem to be hunting him.

    The Life of the Immortal Jellyfish (CH 15-16/35) by @lemontrash​

    Pairings: Duo x Wufei

    Characters: 5 pilots + Relena, Hilde, Noin, Une

    Rating: MATURE

    Tags / Warnings: post-canon, post-Endless Waltz, UST, roommates, Preventers, slow burn, insomnia, friendship

    Summary: Is it chance that lands Duo and Wufei in the same university dorm room? They’re not stupid enough to believe that but too tired to fight it. Duo’s dragged himself back from the brink of going too far and remains teetering on the edge while Wufei’s doggedly trying to prove himself to the ‘good guys’ in the aftermath of the Eve Wars. Sleep and normalcy eludes them both. As they become increasingly aware how damaged they are, they start to edge towards friendship, or something more, but all too soon the peace seems jeopardised by a new and manipulative threat.

    Prompt Fic by @gemstonecircles​ for @bryony-rebb​ 

    Pairings: Wufei x Sally

    Characters: Wufei and Sally

    Rating: PG

    Tags / Warnings: flashbacks, future fic, tropical diseases, best partners evar

    Summary:  “I’d come for you”, he said. “No matter what, when you need me, I will be there.”

    Prompt Fic by @gemstonecircles​ for @boxofhatebrains​

    Pairings: Duo x Quatre

    Characters: Duo and Quatre

    Rating: PG

    Tags / Warnings:  music, friendships, concerts, foul language, complicated relationships with faith, cherry-picking manga

    Summary: “You free Saturday night?”

    Prompt Fic by @gemstonecircles​ for @heartensoul​

    Pairings: Duo x Relena, Heero x Trowa

    Characters: Heero, Duo, Trowa, Relena

    Rating: MATURE

    Tags / Warnings: REO Speedwagon, future fic, receptions, reunions, getting together, smoking, shotgun kisses, first kisses, cherry-picking manga, FT what FT, look at my life look at my choices

    Summary:  The reception, at least, was a welcome reprieve from most of the events that she’d been forced to attend in the last half-dozen years.

    Prompt Fic by @gemstonecircles​ for @noirangetrois​

    Pairings: Duo x Relena

    Characters: Duo and Relena

    Rating: Teen and Up

    Tags / Warnings: stargazing, criminal trespass, future fic, FT what FT, discussion of panic attacks and mentioned ptsd

    Summary:  “Well, guess we’re here until the solar storm clears,” Relena sighed...

    Prompt Fic by @gemstonecircles for @seitou

    Pairings: Heero x Trowa

    Characters: Heero, Trowa, Relena

    Rating: MATURE

    Tags / Warnings:  1+R friendship, dates, home cooking, future fic, beers, fade-to-black sex, sweet dumb men in love, everyone ships it

    Summary:  “I have good MREs that I was saving for a special occasion.”

    Katahimikan by @ktsskb / katopiyoon AO3

    Pairings: Duo x Quatre

    Characters: Duo and Quatre

    Rating: General

    Tags / Warnings: post-Blind Target, Pre-Endless Waltz, non-confessions, pre-relationship

    Summary:  “I’m just taking a little rest,” Quatre smiles. He lets himself get slightly more comfortable, loosening his posture.

    Orgel by @ktsskb / katopiyoon AO3

    Pairings: Duo x Quatre

    Characters: Duo and Quatre

    Rating: General

    Tags / Warnings:  alternate universe, fantasy elements, established relationship, injured character

    Summary:  Duo comes home late with a gift.


    Doodle Prompts (1x3x5) by @seitou

    Heero x Relena (elf AU) by @lokineko 

    OZ Military Ball (13x11) by @keiko1183

    Zechs and Duo Hairbraiding by @keiko1183

    Several by @gundayum

    Wedding Bells (3x4)

    Snuggles (1x2) 

    Trowa’s a Pathetic Clown

    Duo as the Little Mermaid 

    King of the Hill (Heero, Relena and Bobby/Mariemaia, and Trowa)

    Kinbaku WIP (3x5) by @2pcbart

    Relena as John Cena by @farshootingstar

    Quatre learning to knit by @farshootingstar

    On the Wing by @theboringbluecrayon

    Snuggles (3x4) by @circusoftrash

    GW Crack by @circusoftrash

    Heero EW Redraw by @mei-jimenez-art

    Relena FT Redraw by @mei-jimenez-art

    GW Kiddo Doodles by @lemontrash

    Jellyfish Fic Art (2x5) by @sparkchemy for @lemontrash

    Summer (1xR) by @alphaikaros

    Zechs and Relena by @alphaikaros

    Belated MerMay Relena by @serenestorm

    Sexy Trowas (Part I, Part II, Part III) by @serenestorm 

    Summer Duo by @owlinpajamas

    Relena and Heero by @darksharinganz

    Other Fanwork

    Gunpla and Cosplay

    Duo Maxwell Cosplay (Part I and Part II) by @itsjesskage​

    HGAC Wing Zero by @macks-mechas​

    Headcanons and Discussion

    The Accidental (?) Seduction of Trowa Barton (3x4) by @a-river-of-stars

    GoL Thoughts with @kittykatz​

    Dorothy and Treize, Cathy and Trowa

    Treize and Zechs

    Treize, Dorothy, Heero, and Epyon

    Lieutenant Trant Clark

    Other Fun Stuff

    GW Sims 4 Portraits by @eslanes​

    Power Stances, with Zechs and Treize by @the-reanimated-bhg​

    Quick: look pensive with gloves by @the-reanimated-bhg​​

    @incorrectgundamwingquotes​ still making us laugh (example)

    Memes and Macros

    This is my boyfriend’s boyfriend (Rx1x2 and Hx1x2) by @portrayalmuse​

    Dad Jokes Zechs (Part I and Part II) by @bonmotfic

    Heero’s Romance Novel by @the-reanimated-bhg​

    Coffee Puns with Cathy by @the-reanimated-bhg​

    Requesting Leave with HR by @the-reanimated-bhg​

    Zechs, the master of pick-up lines by @the-reanimated-bhg​

    Spaghetti Westerns by @the-reanimated-bhg

    Calendar Events

    @gwcocktailfriday​ is back with this week’s prompt!  Be sure to post your responses on Friday (September 17) between 3-5PM EST!

    @gundamzine has opened up the mailing list, so be sure to register to get your FREE PDF on October 1!  In the mean time, be sure to follow the account so that you can learn about the stellar 2021 Zine Crew members. Also consider donating to the team’s chosen charity, World Literacy Foundation (donations are optional, but encouraged).  In the meantime, check out some of the previews, with more to follow.

    September is National Prostate Awareness Month and @expewrites​ and @boxofhatebrains​ are hosting a GW Prostate Health Event at @prostatehealth-gundamwing​ beginning September 1.  More info is available on the Event AO3 Page but in brief, options are to (1) create something or (2) donate to your prostate health organization of choice.

    Sign-ups are officially open for the 2021 Holiday Gift Exchange with @thisweekingundamevents​!  Sign-ups close September 30, and participants will get their assignments in October, followed by the creation period November-December and finally posting in early January 2022.

    @/ficwip (Twitter) is hosting a “Rise of the Dead Fandoms” event. Contributor sign-ups end on September 30, so be sure to register soon! Creation period runs September-October; posting will be in November. More info at their FAQ.

    The @weedgrandpacookbook is an homage to the fanon of Mike Howard as the Gundam Wing’s chillest Weed Grandpa. Check out the Zine Calendar and  FAQ for more info and be sure to complete the interest check before September 30.

    Spooky prompt idea generation for the GW Hallows Event will kick off mid-September, and posting period will happen in October.  Stay tuned to @thisweekingundamevents!

    Keep an eye on @gwoc-october​​ while you’re at it for news on the GW Original Character (OC) October Event.  You can expect a prompt calendar to go live in September with posting in October…but you can also just use the month to showcase works with your original GW characters!

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  • claraxbarton
    29.11.2016 - 5 years ago

    And here on ff.net

    A continuation of @laurathia‘s birthday present. I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to write, but I AM writing it. It’s also going to be longer than 3 chapters, because the damn thing got away from me and decided to become a LOT more complicated.

    Hope you continue to enjoy it!

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  • claraxbarton
    31.10.2016 - 5 years ago

    And here on ff.net

    For @laurathia. 

    I’m afraid that I won’t be able to finish/post Part 3 until the weekend at the earliest because of my very hectic work schedule, but it WILL be posted soon. I hope you continue to have a wonderful birthday!

    Snippet below the cut:

    Wufei was halfway across the room when he realized he wasn’t alone.

    Sitting on the small couch, his back to the door and the streetlights just barely illuminating the fall of his auburn hair over his cheek, was Trowa Barton.

    “How the hell did you get into my apartment?”

    Trowa turned slightly, looking at Wufei over his shoulder.

    “The super let me in.”

    The answer, so simple and matter-of-fact, gave Wufei pause.

    He looked Trowa over. It had been three years since he had seen him, and even now, despite the darkness, the solid strength of his broad shoulders and the almost fragile line of his long, exposed neck were achingly familiar.


    Trowa’s lips twitched.

    “Because I asked nicely. Or maybe because I gave him fifty creds. I also helped him fix the heating unit in 5B.”

    “No,” Wufei growled, “why are you here?”

    Trowa’s throat worked as he swallowed, and he turned away from Wufei’s fierce, accusing stare.

    “I need you,” Trowa finally whispered, his words low and raw.

    Wufei stared at his profile.

    Years of anger and loneliness - of questions and fear, of doubt and self-recrimination, of hatred and desire. All of it weighed down on Wufei.

    He was frozen in place, unable to move towards Trowa, unable to walk away. Unable to vocalize all of his conflicting emotions.

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  • claraxbarton
    29.10.2016 - 5 years ago

    And here on ff.net

    This is part one of a three part fic for @laurathia as a birthday present.

    I wanted to get it completely finished before Sunday, but I’ve only finished part one and I’ve gotten a few hundred words into part 2 but I wanted you to have something to start out your birthday weekend.

    It’s super dark and angsty, and for that I’m sorry but I also hope you enjoy it.

    There’s a snippet below the cut!

    Trowa held the other man’s gaze.

    “Yer a needy lil’ thing, ain’t ya?” The words were growled in the slurring drawl peculiar to the L2 colonies, and Trowa shivered at the words, and the hot, wet breath puffing against his cheek as the spacer leaned closer.

    Trowa held his ground, standing tall and using his Terran genes, his height and broad shoulders, to his advantage. He was a full head taller than the grizzled spacer - but the spacer easily had thirty or more pounds on him. In addition to the paunch, the spacer had rage, had decades of being worn down by wars and famine.

    “Do you have it or not?” Trowa asked, dropping his voice low, narrowing his eyes and doing his best to project the air of a man who could not be intimidated.

    The spacer took a step back, putting a hand’s breadth of space between them, but as he moved, he reached up and ran the rough, calloused pads of his fingers over Trowa’s cheek and neck.

    “Ya wouldn’ have ta pay me, if ya’d give me ten minutes with that ass o’ yers.”

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  • gwcx2
    24.12.2015 - 6 years ago

    to @laurathia from @greeneyes-softsighs

    Joy Ride

    Christmas Eve night was slow.  Officers Yuy and Chang sat in their car on a beat that basically assured them no action, no interest, no nothing – which is something they didn’t mind.  Wufei split his attention between staring at the quiet streets of the warehouse district and checking an app his boyfriend had downloaded onto his phone.

    “What do you even do in that game?”  Heero asked.

    “It’s not really a game,” Wufei muttered.  “It’s like a collecting thing.  You just have a yard and you attract cats with food and toys. It’s cute.”

    “Did your boyfriend download that for you?”  Heero asked, tapping the steering wheel rhythmically with his thumbs.  Wufei knew he wasn’t actually smirking, but the slight lilt in Heero’s tone gave away the supreme smugness he usually radiated when bringing up Trowa.  Wufei looked up at his partner with a scowl.  

    He was very aware that Trowa and Heero used to have a Thing, and that after that Thing ended Heero had tried to hook Wufei up with Trowa. And it had worked.  Had been working for about two years now.

    “Not that it’s your business,” Wufei replied while locking his phone.  “But, yeah.  He did.”

    “That’s pretty cute of him,” Heero said slowly, leering at Wufei while facing the street.  Wufei grumbled something and sat back, gazing out of the passenger side window.  The night was so still, but hardly cold thanks to the unusually mild winter weather.  Just a few bits of trash swirled by their squad car on an errant gust of humid air.  The forecast called for rain the next day, but heavy grey clouds had already blanketed the sky overhead.

    As the next few minutes of mind-numbing boredom ticked by, Heero stared out the window and Wufei checked his cats for the billionth time that night.  They were totally unaware of the matte black Maserati cruising through the alleys between the warehouses heading in their direction.  Without any lights, the car was nearly invisible until it rolled under a street lamp that would illuminate the sleek lines of its luxurious exterior.

    The patrolmen were caught unaware when the Maserati inched up behind their squad car and flashed its brights.  Heero squinted into the rearview, clearly surprised, and Wufei just huffed in annoyance.  He was about to step out of the car until a low rumble stopped him.  

    “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Wufei groaned.  The rumble crescendoed then fell to a soft purr in the distance as the Maserati screamed past their vehicle.  Heero’s eyes zeroed in on the red glow of taillights in the distance.  He threw their car into gear and peeled out onto the cracked asphalt.

    “Hold on,” he growled to Wufei.

    It was immediately apparent that their squad car – a newly instated Dodge Charger Hellcat – could overtake the pretty black speedwagon without a problem.  Their engine gulped air and roared when Heero punched the accelerator, and those red tail lights became a not-so-distant glint ahead.  Wufei reached over to flip on the red and blues just as Heero jerked the wheel into a hard left turn.  The squad car barely made it into the alley behind the Maserati with the blaring squeal of sirens and red and blue lights reverberated off brick and sheet metal.

    “This guy’s crazy,” Wufei scoffed, gripping the dashboard as the black sports car swerved right once it cleared the mouth of the alleyway.  Heero was hot on its tail, giving up very little space between the vehicles.  He strangled the gear shift in his fist impatiently.  Wufei could tell he was itching to pull some crazy moves, but the warehouses on either side of their narrow thoroughfare afforded little space for any maneuvering.  They were stuck.

    Suddenly, the road opened up to a fork with asphalt veering off to the right and a gravel drive continuing straight ahead under a network of city overpasses overshadowing the warehouses beneath.  The Maserati shot forward like a dart and crashed through the flimsy chain-link fence cordoning off the area under the knot of cement bridges and drifted into a wide turn.  Heero only had so much time to slam on the brakes and kick into reverse as the sleek black machine maneuvered, doubling back and accelerating into a very abrupt game of chicken.  

    “Shit, what the fuck!”  Wufei shouted, as both men recoiled in the light of the Maserati’s brights.  The wheels of the Hellcat spun hard against the slick gravel, kicking up grit before they catapulted backwards just in time to avoid getting tin canned by the maniac in the pretty little Gran Turismo.  Wufei caught a glint of the iconic trident hood ornament before they were – yet again – staring at twin red taillights.

    Breathing hard, pumped full of adrenaline, Heero glanced over at Wufei with a somewhat manic grin.  And Wufei found his teeth bared and heart pounding in return.  Heero jerked the Hellcat back into drive and sped off after their quarry.  It didn’t take long to realize that they’d perhaps underestimated the other driver.  While the police squad car might be faster, the driver of the Maserati was a whole different brand of crazy with more than enough skills to back him up.  Even with a significant head start the black coupe was no match for the raw power of the Hellcat, but as they swerved in and out of alleyways around the district even Heero had a hard time matching the precision of the Maserati’s maneuvering.

    “This is ridiculous,” Wufei ground out finally as Heero slowed to a crawl.  They’d lost the Maserati in a dark corridor lined on either side with warehouses.  With their prey nowhere in sight, a creeping paranoia inched up the policemen’s spines.

    “Don’t worry, I’ve got this handled,” Heero said way more calmly than he should have.  Wufei gripped the handle of the door with white knuckles.  They finally came to the end of the rows of warehouses and –

    “Dead end,” Wufei muttered.  It was impossible.  They sat and stared out at the placid, sparkling water of the bay, and beyond that the shipyards and the twinkling lights of the city skyline on Christmas Eve.  The Maserati was gone.  “A wild goose chase.  Merry fucking Christmas.”

    “Hm…” Heero was looking into the rearview again, he cursed softly under his breath.  Wufei craned his neck to look out the back window and there is was, creeping up out of the shadows of the warehouses, camouflaged by the night.  It growled once, twice, and then fell quiet as the driver voluntarily killed the engine.  Heero and Wufei took action immediately, descending on the vehicle with their sidearms drawn and pointed at the ground.  

    “Get out of your vehicle now!”

    “Get out of the fucking car!”

    “Hands visible.”

    “Keep them where we can see them!”

    There was no visibility into the coupe through the tinted black glass.  Another surge of adrenaline had Wufei practically shaking.  He carefully cradled his gun, eyes trained on the GranTurismo’s driver side door.  It popped open.  

    “Stay calm, Chang,” Heero reminded him as the door slowly swung open.  Wufei took a bracing breath and widened his stance as the Maserati’s driver planted one boot onto the oil-slicked asphalt.  His hands appeared above the edge of the car door next, encased in soft black leather driving gloves, followed by his head and broad shoulders.  A red velvet santa hat sat, perched precariously, on the driver’s auburn head, flopped over the fall of hair that covered half his beautiful face.

    “Merry Christmas,” he purred.

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  • maevemauvaise
    10.04.2015 - 7 years ago

    Just in case you were wondering . . .

    I am alive.

    I’m working on some asks. 

    I’ve just been busy/tired from work. 

    So yeah. 


    PS - Those asks include the 1x3x5 thing laurathia asked ages ago. And look, I kept getting distracted because I was all like omg what if Wufei was asexual?! And now that thought is kind of destroying everything. 

    PPS - I’m guessing I missed an update?  Things are different. . . . I didn’t think everything would change in a couple weeks! -_-

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    12.03.2015 - 7 years ago

    ahsimwithsake replied to your post “Also. look at you laurathia!  Asking for the all important, beautiful,...”



    Don’t get too excited XD

    #ahsimwithsake#gundam wing#1x3x5 #because i've never thought about polyships so this is going to be . . . . interesting
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    10.02.2015 - 7 years ago

    greeneyes-softsighs reblogged your post and added:

    I NEED MORE 1X3!!!!!

    . . . . I mean, I'd be good with 1x3x5 too XD

    #because trowa is the glue for everything #that way we can both have what we want #1x3x5#gundam wing#greeneyes-softsighs
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