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  • inkyquince
    29.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    Lol vent about shit

    My brother is 6 years older than me and I cannot stand this man. Born super premature so my parents babied him but I also have to look after him. Cant cook and he's nearly 30, can't brush his teeth, can't find deodorant. He can, but he's lazy. Have to do backflips to even compare to him standing still. He's made me miserable for years but since I'm finally "interesting to talk to" he's trying to be my friend, like the cunt didn't cause most of my problems. One upside to living in England all by myself was him not being in the same country. He makes me revert to an upset 12 year old who he locked into a freezer room for fun.

    #hate this man #i want him happy and satisifed but never talk to me again #i brought him food when i was 19 #food i made #and after i left he told his discord friends on call that i hadnt changed since i was 11 #this man has been negligent and ignoring me since i was 9 how the fuck would he know what im like #none of my friends like him even my lad friends #urh #just hear his voice and my mood is ruined #sorry lads #to be deleted #vent
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  • cooloddball
    29.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    Jensen calls Toni Starr, Ant? Adorable.

    I know.

    It's so cute, I wonder what he calls his other cast mates.

    #asks#anon #i'm so happy he's making more friends as time goes #i feel likebeing on spn for 15 years and spending 9 months out of the year with one person on set kinda confined him #now he's a free bird living his best life #we love to see it
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  • ask-vice-admiral-raelynn
    29.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    Who are actually Raelynn and Jim for each other??

    #ask-vice-admiral-raelynn#moreau raelynn#one piece #one piece oc #one piece ask blog #one piece oc ask blog #commodore jim #i had several strokes trying to process that ask-❄ #so-anon- i hope you meant what's their relationship because my reading comprehension is no better than my 9 year old sister-❄ #side note- please request like smth more?? the less i draw raelynn the more inconsistent she is-❄
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  • faarkas
    29.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago


    #uhhh maybe just keep scrolling for this one lads genuinely #i’m having a. Bad time. and it’s not rly something anybody but me can probably fix if i could muster the strength of fucking character #anyway. ————————————————————————————- #genuinely don’t know how many weekend long sewercidal breakdowns i’ve got in me boys #Like is it just because I’m tired. Maybe. #idk i am so miserable and i don’t know why i just feel so like. dead. running on fumes. and i keep making everybody around me miserable and #i’m trying soo hard not to but i’m just. like. : ) u know. Society if i could sleep and not disappoint my friends and family all the time ❤ #I want to go underground. and become a mole person. or something idk I just want to feel fucking normal #hil.txt #not to mention the urges keep getting stronger like. i should probably keep my meds with mom or something just to be safe #Like I’ve debated going to see a doctor but like. I know the system here I’ve watched one of my siblings go through it. i don’t have access #to any kind of real help 😜 but i doubt i’m going to do something. i hope i’m not bc i don’t really want to i just want some fucking peace #and the energy to do all the stuff i want to do but also everybody being just like. short and annoyed with me and i keep embarrassing myself #endlessly anyway it’s just like ……….. grave me boys. #also my mom saying ‘i’ve been sewercidal for 9 years I don’t know how to help you’ in a Tone when i finally crack and ask someone for help #mid sobbing freak out the other week was uh. Damaging to say the least #and it rly made me feel sooo alone and i haven’t rly been able to shake the feeling #that was probably the Closest i’ve been to doing something bad in a very long time so. Mid sobbing breakdown no less. I don’t sob . #I don’t even cry if I can help it so…… 😳 Anyway whatever I’m just trying to figure out how to make myself feel normal instead of whatever #the fuck is going on with me right now. #and it’s becoming more often. sometimes i can just push through the Weekend Breakdowns™️ but sometimes i just get too tired and like… #Like oh my god just shut up girl #negative#tbd #I’ll be fine I’m just. Suffering right now and further embarrassing myself by doing it publicly
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  • carrotscake
    29.05.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    had a physics practice test earlier and I took my bubble sheet up to the front to get scanned just as the other physics teacher came in and the kid before me (super smart kid) got quite a few wrong and the other physics teacher goes "woah that's pretty low" and my teacher says the highest we've gotten so far is 9/15 skfjskgjskfand then I got a 9/15 on my practice test lmao uhm

    #why is the highest 9/15 maam 🤔🤔 somethings not right #also my gum has lost its flavor ig this is just an updates onmy life blog now skfjskfjs #.txt
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  • beikonsims
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Smiths celebrating Jenny's promotion with a little BBQ. Thankfully it's a warm autumn afternoon.

    They're arguably the least problematic family in the whole town. Maybe it's all the green calming them down.

    #beikon plays the sims #the sims 2 #Beikon Uberhood 2.0 #smith round #pollination technician 9 #jenny smith#johnny smith#jill smith
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  • misstoodlesgalore
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    those neopets comic series with the side quests and special events were on a different level

    #i remember being like 9 i think and eagerly awaiting the next update for the faeries’ ruin #and the tale of woe… whew
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  • thetalee
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    This season of Stranger Things has reminded me why I absolutely adore Robin Buckley.

    #*casually adds 'stranger things/9-1-1 crossover to fic idea list*
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  • hopeamarsu
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Thank you for the tags @littlemisspascal and @princessxkenobi ❤️

    Here are my picks:

    No pressure tags (and I apologize for the doubles!) @clydesducktape @just-here-for-the-moment @mylifeisactuallyamess @green-socks @kesskirata @paper-n-ashes @mariesackler @jynzandtonic @musings-of-a-rose and anyone who wants to join in!

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  • ironmanfridgemagnet
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    One Doodle That Can't Be Undid Homeskillet

    Jonah Simms x Reader ,, Garrett McNeill x Reader (Platonic)

    "I was thinking like jonah and garrets bestie reader gets heavy baby fever after Cheyenne gives birth and she just tells them both "i want a baby too" and they brush it off thinking she isnt serious but then she keeps mentioning it and then one of them sits her down and asks if that's what she really wants and then reader gets pregnant and she is so happy!"

    Word count: 1.9k

    Requested by Anon <3


    "I want a baby." You whined, stacking toilet paper with Jonah into a large pyramid shape. Though it wasn't the way Cloud 9 policy recommended, you had found it to be far more stable and efficient.

    "You what? Why are you telling me this?" Jonah asked, looking up at you from where he was crouched down, reaching into the box of toilet paper and passing them up to you one at a time.

    "It's just, Harmonica is so cute. I want a cute, little baby. Not any time soon at least; just seeing Cheyenne with such a precious baby in her arms, made me want one." You explained, carefully placing the toilet rolls Jonah passed to you onto the pyramid, making sure the display didn't topple over as you stacked it high.

    "Hmm. Sounds like baby fever." Garrett suggested, suddenly appearing behind you, startling you so that you pushed too hard against the toilet paper pyramid and sending it crashing to the ground. With a deep sigh, you bent down, picking up as many rolls as you could and beginning to rebuild the display.

    "It's a real thing." Jonah added, helping you to rebuild the structure so that you could move on sooner rather than later to something else you needed to do within the store. "I read an article about it. Typically, when men and women come into contact with babies the influx of emotions from being around a it can spark their instincts to reproduce."

    "When you say it like that J, all science-y, it sounds less appealing." You and Garret let out short laughs, unsurprised by Jonah's all-knowing ability to come in useful on even the most mundane of topics.

    "Where'd you even read that? Twitter?" Garrett teased, knowing that Jonah had a tendency to regurgitate everything and anything he read online into one conversation or another. "The times?"

    "Actually, discover magazine." Jonah quipped, happy that Garrett hadn't been able to call out the super he had got his information from this time. Stacking the final tier of toilet paper, you took a step back, taking in your hard-worked display in all its glory.

    "Well, whatever it is, I'm sure it'll pass." You hummed idly to yourself, adjusting one of the parts of toilet roll, before stepping back and finally being happy with how the display looked. "Anyone want to split a pizza for lunch?"

    "I'm down."


    Oh how wrong you were. The 'baby fever' as your boys had dubbed it, didn't pass. In fact, it seemed to grow stronger and stronger with every day that passed.

    "I don't get why you want a crying, screaming, pooping baby y/n. Babies are hard work." Amy slouched down into her seat, her eyes fighting to stay open as she blew on her cup of coffee, hoping to cool it slightly.

    "Ames." You whined, stirring your sweetener into your morning coffee absentmindedly. "I was hoping you'd understand. Have you never sat there and though 'I really want a baby'?"

    "Well, of course!" She cheered, encouraging your dwindling thoughts once more, sparking a whirlwind that consumed your mind. "But then I had them - and as much as I love them, some days, you find it so hard you question if it was all worth it. And it is - It's just hard."

    "Very insightful Ames." You chided, taking a long sip of you still-warm drink, looking at Amy across the brim of your mug. "But I'm still not convinced."

    "Well, I can't say I tried." Amy laughed, rolling her eyes at your antics - of course once you'd set your mind on something, you'd not back down. You were stubborn yet determined, sometimes to a fault, but it's something she often admired in you; you didn't back down from what you wanted.


    "You think she's still serious about this? The whole baby thing?" Garrett asked, leaning closer to Jonah so he could hear him as they watched you stocking childcare; every bottle and blanket you picked up being handled with the upmost care.

    It had been weeks since your conversation with Amy and months since Harmonica had been born, and the 'baby fever' you had claimed would pass, seemed more prevalent then ever. Jonah had since deemed that you were serious about having a baby - whether you had come to terms with it or not yourself - but Garrett wasn't quite convinced.

    "I'm telling you, if she's not pregnant yet, she will be. She's not stopped fawning over babies and everything about them since Harmonica was born." Jonah explained, though Garrett just scoffed at the thought, he couldn't imagine you still being hung up on something so small. Not for this long anyway. "Look watch this. Hey y/n!"

    Jonah walked over to you, picking up a pale yellow pair of soft, cotton dungarees - covered in tiny embroidered daisies and with white, heart shaped buttons. "Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?"

    "It's beautiful J." You replied, reaching out to feel the material of the tiny outfit between your fingertips. "Soft too."

    "It would look so cute on a little one. One with your eyes as well; it would really make them pop." Jonah complimented, his eyes flickering between you and Garrett - as though to tell him that he was right.

    "You really think so?" you fawned over Jonah's words, gently pulling the material from his hands and running your fingers along the stitching. After realising that you'd spent just a moment too long looking at the clothes, you shoved it back onto the rack, becoming slightly flustered. "I've got to go."

    Leaving Jonah and Garrett behind to finish what you should've stocked, you rushed off into the store, slightly embarrassed by your infatuation with the outfit and how clearly you'd shown that to Jonah and Garrett.

    You would get over your 'baby fever' you were sure of it.


    "This feels like an interrogation." You muttered, sipping on the milkshake Jonah had bought for you at you and Garrett's insistence.

    "Pretty much is." Garrett confirmed, taking a bite into his grilled cheese that he had bought from the stores deli, against the idea of using his lunch break to ask you about your 'baby fever.'

    "Well, we just want you to know that we love you and want what's best for you." Jonah began, your face palling slightly at the seriousness of his words; had something happened? Did they know something you didn't? Of all the things running through your mind, you hadn't thought of what they'd decided was important enough to bring up. "And if that's you wanting a baby, we'll be their to support it."

    "He will. I said nothing about supporting a baby." At Jonah's sharp look, Garrett held up his hands defensively. "I'm joking, I will support you doll."

    "Just not financially."

    "What he means," Jonah continued harshly, unamused by Garrett's usually charming, comedic tone - though you and Garrett stifled quite giggles at his words. "Is that no matter what you decide, we will support that. If the 'baby fever' passes or if it doesn't. We'll be there."

    It was sweet - the sentiment of it and all - but even you weren't clear on if you wanted a baby or not. Sure, you thought they were cute and whenever you saw one, you wished you had one to call your own, but, there was so much more to having a baby then just that.

    "Thank you." You replied, though it sounded more of a question then a genuine thanks: Garret sending Jonah an 'I knew I was right' look at the uncertainty in your words.

    Silence settled among the three of you, no one knowing where to begin at the odd tension that had formed after Jonah's very serious declaration of support.

    "This is a good milkshake." You mused, swirling the pink liquid around with your straw that was beginning to become soggy at how long it had remained in the drink. "Thanks J."

    It was more then just a thanks for the milkshake though, and deep down you both knew it.


    When the two pink lines glared back at you, the colour was far too vibrant then it should've been.

    You hadn't been expecting that.

    Having downed three cartons of 'Sunny D,' and having peed on 4 pregnancy tests, you knew this was one doodle that couldn't be undone - no matter how much you shook the plastic stick, the lines never faded or went away.

    Though you didn't feel sad, or scared, you felt rather happy at the discovery. Perhaps your 'baby fever' would never fade away; but you were beginning to think you were actually okay with that.

    And three months later, a small bump beginning to form, you were certain you couldn't hide it any longer.

    Looking into the mirror, a ghost of a smile settled on your face - one that had permanently seemed to remain there since your discovery, and one that made you glow with radiance wherever you went. Your hand rested on the bump lovingly, admiring how different and yet the same you looked with it. You could get used to this.

    Finally feeling as though you were far enough along to start sharing your secret, you decided today would be the day you'd tell Jonah and Garrett - knowing, as they'd previously made it clear, you would have their unconditional support.

    You couldn't wait to tell them.


    "So." You began, shifting about in your seat, your usual coffee switched out for its decaf version instead, you prepared yourself to share the news. "I've got something to tell you. Or rather, show you."

    "Is it another one of those cat memes? 'Cause I don't think I can take another." Garrett groaned, Jonah rolling his eyes and declaring he liked them and wanted more if it were possible.

    "No, no. It's a big bigger then cat memes. In fact it's probably as big as a plum." Pulling out the small, black and white photo from your pocket, you unfolded it, sliding it across the table in front of the two boys. Your two boys.

    Without words, Jonah stood from his seat, walking around the table and pulling you up into his embrace and rocking the two of you from side to side. "Holy shit y/n! I'm so happy for you!"

    Pulling back to look at Jonah, you saw a wide and bright smile consuming his face, much like the one you imagined was on your own face, and his eyes crinkled half-shut. A laugh bubbles from your throat, relishing in the happy moment shared between the three of you: they knew this was what you wanted, and you knew that they'd be there for you no matter what.

    "That things inside of you?" Garrett groaned, focused solely on the ultrasound you had placed in front of you.

    "Yep." You replied, smile not leaving your face despite Garrett's disgust of babies, not specifically the one inside of you, just all of them. "And in about 6 months, that thing will come out of me."

    "Gross." Garrett scoffed, though a smile soon settled on his face. "It's got your nose"


    Hey Anon!! Thank you so much for the request, I had a lot of fun writing this concept.

    Any more requests, just let me know!!

    As always, have a lovely week!!<33

    #superstore x reader #cloud 9#superstore imagine #jonah simms x reader #jonah simms imagine #superstore garret imagine #superstore garret x reader #garret mcneill x reader #garret mcneill#garrett mcneill #superstore jonah x reader #superstore jonah imagine
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  • aposwomg-blog
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
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  • lostgreekgod
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    my brother and his friends were playing cops and robbers or some shit and someone yelled "call the police" and my brother said "ill do it" then proceeded to hide behind the park stool and in a very squeaky voice went "quack"

    #judith's hellspawn sibling #he's 9 #if u didnt know
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  • whatlightdoes
    29.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Orchid Sony a7rii, Volna 9 50mm 2.8

    Photo: T. Hall

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  • queen-emma-frost
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Tag this post with how many times you've wanted to kill yourself today

    #depression memes#depression #between 9 and 16 #small inconveniences make me want to die
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  • louposts
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Don’t ignore me???? 🌻

    I-I f-feel sick just l-leave m-me a-alone

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  • whatlightdoes
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Green onion blossoms. Sony a7rii, Volna 9 50mm 2.8. Aerochrome Simulation.

    Photo: T. Hall

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  • catboy-von-seckendorff
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Because all the quintet are together in the AU, I kind of think it is really sweet to imagine various pairs from the group taking time off to spend some time together just the two of them for a 'date night' or something. Like, imagine Homura and Mami going to a movie, or Sayaka and Madoka just chilling like they always used to. I know this is stuff that is obviously implied by their relationship, but with the focus on the main trio, and the MadoHomu pair being closer to each other than the rest, I feel that pairs outside of that need some more love sometimes, and thus I am taking it onto myself to write a short story for one of these pairs, and I was wondering if you had a preference between HomuSaya, HomuKyo, HomuMami, MadoSaya, MadoKyo, or MadoMami for me to write first. I hope to get to all of them in due time, but as the one who made the AU that finally got my creative juices flowing again, I wanted to see if you had a preference before I started.

    True the friendships (and lowkey queerplatonic relationships lol) need love too,,,,

    And I personally love homusaya the most after kyosaya (though theres a BIG gap between the two fkshewk), whether thats as friendship, queerplatonic or in the romantic sense (although thats only for post Rebellion.... tho technically it could work in this AU too but that's a different story that future Felix can deal with LMAO) so I'd go with that

    #felix answers #this is the second time now someone mentioned this au got their creative muscles working again #and like oh my god??? #this thing i made as a joke to cope with episode 9 really escalted that much???? #holy shit. #holy fucking shit.
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  • alisome-123
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I swear to god Colleen Hoover ruined love for me :[

    #with all these amazing relationships that work out fine after only knowing each other for six mont #how dare she smh #I just finished ugly love and I’m about to puke #I’ve read four of her six books since graduation #if I read any more I’m not gonna make it I swear to god #Colleen Hoover#ugly love #all your perfects #November 9 #it ends with us
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  • scarletv0id
    29.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    So, I started ds9 properly today. 

    I already love all the characters and Odo is very dear to me now.

    I’m on episode six currently, and will be watching more tomorrow. 

    #ds9 #deep space nine #deep space 9
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