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  • naijagospel
    01.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    [DOWNLOAD] "All Power Belongs To You" - Angie Briggs

    [DOWNLOAD] “All Power Belongs To You” – Angie Briggs

     Angie Briggs a Nigerian talented music minister, singer and songwriter, whose real names are Angela Nye-Briggs was born into a Christian home in Lagos state, Nigeria. Right from her childhood she’s so passionate about singing, her love and passion for gospel music is second to none. She hails from Orlu-East in Imo state, Nigeria, she’s married to Mr. Nye Briggs from Abonnema Rivers State,…

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    #All Power Belongs To You #Angie Briggs#NaijaGospel
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  • amenradio1
    12.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    All Power Belongs To You - Angie Briggs

    All Power Belongs To You - Angie Briggs via [@amenradio1] Cc: @unikempireHQ #AmenRadio #AmenRadio1

    Download: All Power Belongs To You – Angie Briggs Budding Nigerian gospel minister and songwriter Angie Briggs offers up a brand new single titled, “All Power Belongs To You”. According to her, “I believe strongly in the manifestation of God’s glory through gospel music and hope to change the world through this medium.” “My dreams and aspirations are to impact the world with my divinely inspired…

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  • joeifah
    24.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    MP3 Download: "All Power Belongs To You" from Angie Briggs

    MP3 Download: “All Power Belongs To You” from Angie Briggs

    Nigerian gospel music minister Angie Briggs is out with a new single titled ”All Power Belongs To God”, This is a song of worship to God, all power belongs to Him.

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  • solitaryearthperson
    28.06.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Great Artists to listen to (that are not mainstream or not heard on the radio enough) :

    1. Singers



    Deb Never

    Baby Rose


    Charlotte Day Wilson


    Jessie Reyez



    Greentea Peng

    Mariah the Scientist


    Caroline Polachek

    Willow Smith

    Elliot Lee

    King Mala

    Bea Miller

    Melanie Martinez


    Marian Hill


    Jazmin Bean


    Joy Crookes

    Jorja Smith

    Cleo Sol

    Alia Kadir


    Kelsey Lu

    Sudan Archives


    K. Flay

    Alex Newell

    Maggie Lindeman


    St. Vincent

    Nilüfer Yanya


    Arlo Parks





    FKA Twigs







    Nicole Bus




    Bishop Briggs

    Tertia May




    Eryn Allen Kane



    Mac Demarco


    Moses Sumney

    Oliver Tree

    Sub Urban


    Tame Impala

    Jon Baptiste

    Michael Kiwanuka

    Kim Dracula

    Maverick Sabre


    Steve Lacy

    Yellow Days

    Jacob Banks


    The Neighbourhood

    Arctic Monkeys

    Destroy Boys


    Saint Motel

    Tv on the Radio

    St. Beauty

    Snow Ghosts

    2. Rappers


    Rico Nasty


    Flo Milli

    Snow tha Product

    Tay Money

    070 Shake

    Princess Nokia

    Lil Mariko

    Lil Simz

    Yung Baby Tate

    Maliibu Mitch




    - Men

    Denzel Curry


    Jaden Smith


    Suicide Boys

    3. Both (singing & rapping)


    Tkay Maizda

    Tierra Whack

    Audrey Nuna

    Rei Ami


    Tommy Genesis


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  • alaskaramos
    19.06.2021 - 11 monts ago

    Angela Shepard That Was Then This Is Now Headcanons

    •Angela is petite. She’s not a very tall person.

    • She’s around the 5’0”-5’2” range.

    • She has long waist-length hair.

    • Her hair is blue- black and hangs in ringlets and curls to her waist.

    • She has dark-blue smouldering sharp eyes just like Tim and Curly.

    • She has a small button nose, full lips, a symmetrical face, thick eyebrows, and naturally long thick dark eyelashes.

    • She has a slim hourglass figure.

    • Her bra size is 34DD.

    • She hates how guys constantly stare at her tits and ass.

    • She weighs at 95-106 lbs.

    • She wears heavy makeup which consists of foundation, concealer, dark eye makeup, cat-eye eyeliner, purple eyeshadow, false eyelashes, mascara, blush, lip liner, red or maroon lipstick, contouring her face, and perfect thick arched eyebrows.

    • She knows she doesn’t need all that makeup because she knows she’s naturally gorgeous, but she prefers to wear heavy makeup anyways.

    • Her fashion style mostly consists of crop tops, short shorts, mini skirts, dresses, and tight jeans.

    • She wears high heels because of her short height.

    • She smells like alcohol, cigarette smoke, and vanilla.

    • She always has her nails painted or wears long acrylic nails.

    • She braids her hair at night so it doesn’t get poofy in the morning when she wakes up.

    • She takes good care of her hair which is why it’s so beautiful.

    • She has clear skin.

    • She’s never had a cavity before in her life.

    • She even puts hair masks in it too.

    • She has never dyed her hair before.

    • She doesn’t plan on dying her hair at all because she’s afraid it will damage her prized hair.

    • She dated Bryon Douglas for a good six months.

    • To be honest, she regrets dating him.

    • She regrets going after Ponyboy.

    • Mostly, because he showed no interest in her at all and he was still traumatized after Johnny and Dally’s death.

    • He had a crush on M&M Carlson.

    • He liked M&M because he reminded him of Johnny and he was still innocent.

    • She never forgave Bryon and Mark after Mark cut all of her hair off.

    • She ends up growing her hair back to it’s waist length very quickly.

    • She gets very agitated easily.

    • Mostly because of her home life.

    • She also has bipolar disorder.

    • Her family is very dysfunctional.

    • Her step-father is an alcoholic

    • Her step-father abuses her, her mother, Tim and Curly.

    • She somewhat resents her mother for marrying their step-father because it’s her fault that their in the position that their in now and if her mother didn’t marry their step-father, they wouldn’t be getting abused in the first place.

    • Her mother is half Latina, half Irish.

    • Her biological father is of English, German, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, and French Descent.

    • Her biological father walked out in them when she was eight, and moved to Kansas and never came back ever again.

    • She resents him for this.

    • Tim and Curly always fight back and end up losing either way to protect her and their mother.

    • She’s a heavy drinker and smoker.

    • She has a tough-as-nails, mean, bitter, manipulative, gutsy, vindictive, rotten personality.

    • She gets attached easily, hence why she goes after Ponyboy.

    •She’s isn’t naive or gullible. Angela knows better.

    • She’s very brave and outspoken.

    •She’s emotionally closed off most of the time.

    • She’s confident to the point where it gets to her head.

    • She will go to great lengths to get her way.

    • Her zodiac sign is most likely a Scorpio.

    • I could be wrong though. Let me know what you think her zodiac sign is in the comments.

    • I don’t know what her Myers Briggs personality type is. Let me know in the comments.

    • She hates being called Ang or Angie.

    • She’ll beat you up if you call her Ang or Angie.

    • She prefers her nickname to be Angel.

    • She’s a party girl at night.

    • She always sneaks out of her house at night when her parents think she’s asleep.

    • She began on sneaking out when she was either 13 or 14.

    • She comes back home every night from partying.

    • Curly always helps her to sneak back in the house by distracting their step-father.

    • She lost her virginity when she was 13.

    • She lost her virginity to some older guy she met at a party she went to with one of her friends.

    • The guy was either 18 or 20.

    • As soon Tim and Curly found out, they beat up the guy into a bloody pulp.

    • She has her ears pierced, nose pierced, lip pierced. and belly button pierced.

    • She has a black star tattoo by her right hip.

    • She has a purple star tattoo above the black star.

    • Above the purple star tattoo, she has a tattoo of a blue bird soaring.

    • She has a tattoo of flower vines on her foot.

    • She shares a tattoo with one of her ex boyfriends.

    • Her tattoo that she shares with her one of her ex boyfriends.

    • She regrets getting that tattoo.

    • She ends up getting a tattoo of Curly’s name on her arm after he gets shot by the cops to death.

    • She ends up marrying one of Tim’s friends after thinking she was pregnant.

    • She ends up having several children with him.

    • She ends up divorcing him later on in her life.

    • After her kids grow up, she moves out of Tulsa and moves to New York City.

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  • thefantasticfictionals
    30.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    OC Page

    Name: Roxie Clayton

    Alias(es): Roxanne Clayton

    Fandom: Motive

    Face Claim: Madison Lintz

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    Bio: If you were to ask twenty-one year old Roxie Clayton what her life has been like as of late, she would probably say that it’s a mess. Her boyfriend cheated on her and left just a few weeks before  Christmas leaving her to attend her older sister Monique’s holiday wedding to a nearly eighty year old man alone. As if this isn’t weird enough, rather than being grateful for her attendance, Monique won’t shut up about how ungrateful one of the people who didn’t attend is; Roxie’s new nephew who is apparently in his fifties and apparently known for openly cheating on his partners. While trying to hide her disgust with the two new men in her life, one of whom she has never met or even learned the name of, Roxie is also trying to figure out how to put her own life together. She finally has her own apartment and a promising new job as a PI at Vega & Flynn Private Investigators. What will happen when Roxie learns her two worlds are already intimately connected and not everything is exactly what it seems?


    Family: Monique Vega (sister), Franco Vega (brother-in-law), Oscar Vega (nephew)

    Friends: Angie Flynn, Oscar Vega (yes the same Oscar Vega, he’s here twice because she has no idea the man she respects is the nephew she hates)

    Love Interest: Manny Flynn


    Moral Alignment: Lawful Good

    Myers-Briggs:  ISFJ

    NERIS:  Defender


    “Look, my life is just really, really fucked up right now.”    

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