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  • sanriosratz
    27.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    nji-tin pecked sadie’s hand (how nji-tin shows affection)

    and Sadie loved it!

    #creepypasta#suicide sadie #sadie marie bennette #sadie #nji tin the chicken #others headcanons #letting anons speak
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  • spearxwind
    27.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    heyo if you ever feel like watching prehistoric planet I've been watching it all on soap2day without any problems

    That's actually where I was trying to watch it, for some reason on my end it keeps stuttering and buffering even though its always worked well and youtube works perfectly

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  • nnatsume
    27.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    :tosses sprinkles for you: i am still very much down bad for himeru and i have zero regrets. ~🌹rosie

    took me a bit to get to cough cough stuff is happening. anyway! handshake handshake. there has never been anything to regret. congrats on your. your.. himerupness! himerupship.. himeru.. himeru. congrats on himeru.

    #💌.mail #🌹rose anon #brilliant taste btw
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  • nctsplug02
    27.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    hii can i request an imagine for the jen the babysitter series?

    where jen says some things to mrs jeong that make mrs jeong feel insecure and then she tells mr jeong and he comforts her? like a little angsty but then fluffy smut 🤗

    only if you’re okay with that tho! love you ash!


    genre: fluff, angst and smut
    warnings: unprotected sex, creampie, short sex scene, kissing, body shaming, talking about weight and body sizes, nipple sucking

    you tried comforting jen as she weeped into the pillows. she was ghosted by a guy who she’d been talking to for two weeks.

    “ugh! i just know why he stopped talking to me.” she stood up with anger and stomped towards the body mirror. “because of my fat body.” she lifted her shirt and pinched at her skin.

    “a—and my, my floppy skin. just look at it sag!” she cries out loudly and runs a hand over her flat stomach. “and my disgusting stretch marks! ugh, if only i could just cut my dirty skin off.” she digs her nails into her skin.

    you felt.. hurt? it wasn’t even about you but, the things she listed, applied to you.

    “and my floppy arms?! my saggy fucking tits?! ugh!” her cheeks turned red as she lifted her arms and slapped her arms. “do you see this, mrs jeong?! i’m so fucking hideous! no one wants a fat useless bitch like me— i need to just, just,” she inhales and exhales deeply and sharply.

    “jen, jen,” you stand up and you grab her shoulders, turning her to you. “take deep breathes.” she does and she squeezes her fists.

    “i think you might need to go to bed, jen. spend the night here. i’ll grab you some ibuprofen or some advil. you’ll have a headache if you don’t take some.” you say, leading her to the guest room where she usually slept.

    “just stay put.” you left the room and grabbed some medicine for her. you placed the two tablets on the nightstand and a glass of water for her while she washed her face in the bathroom attached to the bedroom.

    hannie started to fuss and began to cry so you went into her room and rocked her back to bed. just as you laid hannie in her crib, jaehyun was already in the room changing himself into a pair of sweats.

    “hey, baby.” he ties the strings of his sweats and stalks over to you, grabbing your waist and pulling you onto his chest. “hm.” you hum in response and he pulls away.

    “now, what’s wrong, gorgeous?” you shake your head, sighing and pushing yourself away from him. “hey,” he calls for you as you climb onto the bed. “talk to me, baby. what’s on your mind?” he follows you and sits in front of you.

    “why did you ever stay with me?” the question shocks him— confuses him. “pardon? why did i ever stay with you?” he repeats.

    “yes. you heard me correctly. why. why stay with me after i gave birth to hannie and became a fat.. a fat bitch?” his eyes widen by the sudden name calling.

    “with, with stretch marks and, floppy arms, and disgusting fat thighs—? why?! just why?!” he grins a little which makes you confused. “i’m being serious.” your eyebrows pinch together.

    “because i love you.” he tilts his head and rests his hand on your knee. “that’s not enough— i love you too but i need an actual reason. why?” he crossed his legs.

    “because you’re the love of my life. the mother of my daughter— the mother of my future other kids. i don’t care if you have stretch marks or “floppy fat” arms or, or your “fat” thighs. i love you no matter what. your weight and size does not determine my love for you. you, are my soulmate.”

    you grin a little.

    “and what the hell made you think so much about your size and weight tonight, hm?” he tilts his head again. and you sigh.

    “jen.” he fixes his posture.

    “what did she say.” his voice has gone firm. “she didn’t say anything— to me, at least. but, she did.. she stuff about herself.” he sighs and pulls you onto his lap. “what did she say about herself, now?”

    “she was just listing things on why the guy she was talking to decided to ghost her out of no where. and.. it hurt to hear all the things she listed because even though it wasn’t even about me, the things just applied to me.”

    “i mean, jen.. she’s, she’s perfect. i’d kill to be at that age again. i was one sexy person.” you and him chuckle. “indeed you were, baby. one of the most sexiest.” you bite your lip at his husky tone.

    “but, in all seriousness. i understand that jen has her own insecurities and i shouldn’t make it about me so, in the morning. i’ll talk to her— maybe take her out to the mall.” you finish with a sigh.

    “finally,” jaehyun huffs. “are we done talking about jen? i literally can’t wait any longer— my dick is so hard for you right now.” you laugh along with him.

    teasingly grinding your hips which causes an awful groan from him. “i’m gonna prove that i love every inch of you.” he flips the two of you over and grins down at you.

    “every time i thrust my dick inside you— i’m gonna tell you why i love each part of your body.” he pushes his sweats down to his knees and pumps himself.

    “brace yourself, baby.” he yanks your sweats to your ankles and runs his thumb on your clit. “jae,” you whimper quietly, staring down at his thumb that played with your clit.

    “feels good.” you bite your bottom lip and you look up at him. “mhm.” he giggles and runs his tip onto your slit. you moan, loudly.


    “i love your eyes because of how you give me those sexy eyes when you want something. or when you give me those puppy eyes when something feels good or when you’re subby.”


    “and these sexy arms that clang onto me as we dance together or as i pounded the fuck out of your pussy in missionary.”


    “these amazing hands— jerking me off while i just lay back and watch with a face of pleasure. or rubbing me up to get me turned on. or massaging my sore spots after i’ve had a long day of work. and running your fingers through my hair in the sexiest way possible.”


    “these sexy stretch marks that remind me that you got them from giving birth to our beautiful baby girl. i’ll kiss each and every one of them.”


    “and your thighs—“ he grips your thighs. “oh, baby. these thighs. squeezing around my head whenever we have a wrestling competition just so i’d tap out. oh, how i love digging my nails into them just to keep them in place whenever i eat you out.”

    you almost giggle— it sounded like a poem or a rhyme.


    “these knees— god, i hate these knees. the amount of times you’ve kicked me in the balls on accident— sometimes not even on accident.”

    you burst into laughter and so does jaehyun.


    “these ankles, oh boy, do i love them. i love the way you lock them together to keep me in place while we’re in missionary.”

    he pulls out which makes you near protest until he flips you on your belly.

    “babe—?” you gasp until he thrusts into you.


    “and this sexy ass,” he smacks your ass making you yelp. “the way it jiggles to every thrust i give and every smack i give. fucking sexy.”

    he yanks your hips up and pulls you up so your shoulders touch his.


    “and this belly that you hate— i love it. you carried my baby girl in this belly and you will carry more of my children. got that?” you nod, holding your breath until he drops you.

    he pulls out once again and flips you onto your back.

    “these breasts,” he cups your breasts from underneath. “the way they hang and bounce in front of my face whenever you ride me— the way your nipples fit perfectly in my mouth,” he leans down and attaches his mouth around one of your nipple.

    “and the way they just fit perfectly in my hands.” you gasp as he pinches your nipples.

    “and your sexy pouty lips— i love the way they wrap around my cock, fuck.” he hisses. “give me a kiss, baby.” he leans down and presses his lips on yours.

    “now, fucking cum.” he sends a powerful thrust which makes you cry out. his thumb pressing and circling your clit as he gave more and more thrusts into you. “oh, jae— oh, jae!” you hug his neck and chest against your chest. “cum,” he whispers into your neck. “cum.”

    and you do.

    shaking violently as he continues to thrust into you as you powerfully cum all over him.

    it doesn’t take too long until he finally gives in and cums inside you. “perfectly.” he sighs, pulling out and admiring the cum that dripped out of you.

    “say, ah.” he holds a finger to you lips and you open slightly. “mmm, isn’t that yummy?” you moan around his finger.

    “i love you. remember that.” he whispers watching you suck his finger.

    a/n: thank you, anon for requesting this. a few part of this little writing had actually happened between me and sneaky link. i was once body shamed by an old friend of his at a party— mind you, im near a plus size. i have some curves and some rolls while sneaky link is a skinny buff white boy. i left the party and went home— his apartment. i cried so hard that night and when sneaky link came home he instantly comforted me. he asked why i left because he couldn’t find me for an hour. i told him what happened and then we had sex and each time he pushed himself into me, he listed things a part of my body and told me why he loved them. i woke up feeling so confident.

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  • journey-to-the-attic
    27.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Can Astaroth send one of those chalk constellations? I wanna see how stars look like from DD!

    -you've got an mail!-

    here is your express astaroth-drawn fake devildom constellation! he calls it 'the cupcake', and for the low low price of buying him some ice cream, this (not)nft is now yours!

    #answering asks#anon asks #i think i've mentioned before what stars are like in the devildom in jtta #in the lore notes on the seven circles maybe?? #you can go back and find them if you like since it's not really spoilers #but if you'd rather have them explained to you in realtime by the expert himself jsut wait for the next chapter!
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  • asmos-pet
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    to the protective anon who just sent in an ask, the answer is yes, could you please dm me?

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  • nctsplug02
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    in ur opinion, does mark prefer ass or tits LMAO n reason(s) why 😁😁😁

    anon… dude… please don’t ask me this.. i seriously can’t choose

    it’s literally both.

    mark loves squeezing the members asses so he obviously loves ass.

    BUT. there’s a but.

    he also has a habit of sucking/pulling the skin on his finger with his lips.. so…

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  • spidervee
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    okay soooo it was graduation week this week and i was trying to find my friend/crush to tell him how I feel aodhewjdhj and I couldn’t find him so I just texted him saying I like him and now the anxiety is kicking in, what if he doesn’t like me or thinks that was weird and I just shot myself in the foot and also did I just lose him as a friend? i’m so nervous ahhh

    Hey hon! Good on you for mustering the courage to put your feelings out there and be vulnerable! Whatever happens, it’s going to be okay. Either he reciprocates or he doesn’t. And if your friendship changes (which I very likely might) that’s also okay. Proud of you! 🌻💛

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  • vulcannic
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    this is how it looks after i hand washed it. tbh i don’t think it looks as weird when there’s stuff actually in it

    #delete later #also sick review anon: sorry i deleted all the previous posts because i decided to just add the design to my shop lol #thank you though! #like idk i think it still looks cute after looking at it again
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  • hoediaz
    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    how abt “action” for the wip word! (is it gonna be out soon? 👀)

    hi! thank u and the HOPEFUL PLAN is that yes, it will be out Very Soon!

    So, there’s no choreography, no real blocking at all. And no time for Buck to panic about it, either, because the scene opens with the bathroom door swinging open, Buck and Eddie spilling through already mid-kiss.

    He only has enough time for Eddie to grip his face between his hands, to lean in close and say, quietly enough that maybe the various audio equipment wont pick it up, “Kiss me like you mean it, Trouble.”

    And then Hen’s calling action, and Eddie’s mouth is sliding over his for the first time in over two years.

    send me a word for a wip snippet 💞
    #asks#anon#actors au #for the RECORD i watched a 20 minute video about filming sex scenes and read like 4 articles #and then i threw it all away and decided to do whatever i wanted so! i know this isn’t accurate and i don’t care #i THINK i will be posting chapter by chapter bc each chapter is like. 20-25k #so if like. god is on my side i'd post the first chapter....sunday? and then a chapter every other day until it's done? maybe? #idk maybe i'll just black out and decide on the spot
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  • tteokdoroki
    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Can heavily relate to the college anon. I'm on academic dismissal from my college and am also discovering new things about myself. It sucks but it's not all bad, we can always go back when we're ready and have a better experience!

    -clay shroomies anon

    and that’s okay!! im glad you guys get to focus on yourselves :( take care of yourself !! health comes before education !! kissing your head so sweetly, you’re absolutely right

    #and i love u #glasses anon #📧. user anonymous #💌. you’ve got mail
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  • ivyprism
    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Tiengo: I’m heading out.


    Cyrus: Huh. So that’s what the pull was.

    Lunaria: Bye.


    Nemesis: The fact Acheron was accused didn't see that it was corrupted angel magic and not demonic power.

    #anon asks #my precious mutuals #magical girl au #the outcode skeleton sisters' diner au #my old au #angels fall au #angel's fall au #half angel ocs
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  • add1ss0n
    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    what if we pay you like.

    alot of money :]

    "I have to be here in case of-"

    * A loud beeping interrupts his sentence and he rushes off. Seems this is why he has to stay here.

    #anon#add1ss0n #lore relevant side characters #significant lore posts
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  • pixiegrl
    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago


    (Thank you)

    👀👀👀(you're welcome)

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  • macybeckham7
    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Do you need to pack?❄️

    I did it before I napped

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  • yourfaveisamorbhead
    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    The Undertaker from WWE is a morbhead

    the undertaker from wwe is a morbhead!

    #the undertaker#wwe #this one’s really funny thanks anon #morbius#morbius pride#morbius sweep
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  • emlos
    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Hypothetically speaking, how much would you need for a new phone?

    oh, uh, i dont wanna buy a new phone cause i just bought it like a month ago, and it still works!! so i called a repair place and they told me its gonna be about 80eur in my model :/// but also i would feel awful for accepting money like that, so ill manage to scrape it together dont worry!! to replace the display

    #no forreal ill be fine i always somehow am #ill just.. idk.. sell someof my stuff on ebay #like i dont really need an oven or a microwave to cook so ill manage #but thank you for the interest anon? #man im sorry idk how to respond genuinely #but that means a lot #ask #hmm come to think of it i also have some boardgames i could get rid of #like this is more of an inconveniece than anywthing especially considering that its my own damn fault #and the phone is tec hnically usable #if i plug it into my laptop #and i dont leave the house anyway that much so i should be fine #ughhh this is so annoying im sorry #i also took a look at repairing it myself #but ordering the right display is even more expensive so :shrug
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  • grapejuicebluess
    27.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    you're incredibly annoying (in a cute way), you like taylor swift, and you have terrible taste because you like change your ticket <33

    wow okay🧍‍♀️

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  • slightly-gay-pogohammer
    27.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Hear me out

    Sly Cooper is absolutely touch starved, and gives the best hugs after Murray since he's warm and friend shaped.

    fam listen i know you want to share your headcanons and that's great but either you're trying to fish art (commission me <3) or you're trying to make me go "aw yes your headcanon is canon for me too now :)" and

    it happened so many times with me? like people fishing compliments or validations for their hcs by posting them on anon here?

    just post them on your blog!!!! people will like and reblog it anyway without having to send stuff to me, come on

    #gio replies #im sorry if i sound rude its NOT my intentions but ive seen this done SO many times #and once again im asking anons to stop putting me on a pedestal just because i have followers on tumblr #i dont even get money out of it!!!!!!cmon
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  • girlblocker
    27.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Ooo, Bhaag D.K. Bose?

    yeah!! i reblogged an amv of it earlier & was curious abt why the title was funny

    #im guessing u saw the wikipedia article open on my laptop screen aksdhakd #answers#anon
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