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  • detransdamnation
    25.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    Do u have a hobby you'd really like to do but don't for some reason (economic or otherwise)?

    I used to do coding with a special focus in graphic and web design, which I really wish I would have kept at. However, I have a learning disability that made it very difficult for me to process (more so than the average person), so I lost all of that knowledge and skill within weeks of breaking (and I had been doing it consistently for years) and I don't have the time nor the patience to relearn all that I did, especially since my disability has gotten worse in this regard. I would need to keep at it regularly in order to retain anything, which my schedule just doesn't allow for anymore.

    I still hope to get back into it again someday, just maybe not doing the exact same things.

    #i just wish i was more consistent in the things i like tbh #when i'm interested in something i hyperfocus on it and i can't be interested in more than one thing at a time #so i'm out here saying things like yeah i'm a reader i'm an artist i like video games #even though i play video games maybe once or twice a year #i haven't read in about two years #and i haven't done anything artsy for even longer #because the interest just hasn't been there #and what's worse i temporarily discard pretty much all of my knowledge respectively until that interest returns #so i'll literally have next to no idea what someone else is talking about interest-wise unless i'm actively interested in it at that time #it gets a bit awkward in conversation lol #sorry if this was a late response anon #submission#answered#text#my post
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  • detransdamnation
    25.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    If u could have a creepy animal as a loyal pet what would u pick?

    Hmm, interesting question. My first thought was a vampire bat or a snake but I don't consider those animals to be "creepy." I do like tarantulas, the super fluffy ones in particular, and I know that spiders don't tend to be particularly popular. I'll go with that.

    #ofc this is all theoretical because a tarantula would starve in my hands #i refuse to have any of the insects that they eat anywhere near me lmao #sorry for the late response anon. i don't get alerts when people send me things and i don't always think to check my inbox #submission#answered#text#my post
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  • una-depresiva-enamoradaa
    25.05.2022 - 38 minutes ago

    I want to have breakfast with u!!!

    Yes fríend but it has to be something delicious ☺️, what would you do for breakfast?

    I don't know who you are & I hope your proposal is not double meaning 🙌🏼
    #ask me stuff #ask me things #askme#ask #ask me questions #ask me anons
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  • ghostdrinkssoup
    25.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    HMMM WHEN LISTENING TO ICARUS (crane wives icarus it'll only ever be crane wives atp

    (also can u tell that whenever I have a Thought™ I come straight to ur inbox now it's a problem) – z.

    the hannigram to crane wives pipeline is Real and also incurable (I am giggling maniacally in the corner YOU’RE JUST LIKE ME FRRRR)

    okay but I actually love how you can interpret the fall in a million different ways, but I’m particularly fond of the metaphorical “fall from grace” take (which can also be taken to mean “falling in love” and “drowning” in the depths of their passion or whatever the hell) so yeah I think about that line a lot 👀

    #me and u just chat and share our thoughts here and I think it’s beautiful #I’m actually listening to crane wives now like I’m so obsessed #lowkey this is the second version of this ask bc tumblr deleted my FIRST DRAFT #but I said basically the same things #anon ask#ghost speaks
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  • ofhope
    25.05.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    That's why I think it's important to cast aside whatever is holding you back in lieu of sending somebody something. I know it's easy to feel annoying; but I promise, promise, promise, that's not what the other person thinks.

    Little things like that can make someone really happy - like sending an anon asking about the thread they replied to recently, or questions about their muse and their relationships, or asking via comment about their headcanon, or something, anything.

    I know putting your foot in the door can be anxiety inducing; but it's so, so rewarding. If you have any questions, ask them, if you have any ideas, speak them.

    #Hell I feel annoying all the time whenever I send asks or anons; but that's just my mind. And our minds can - and are - wrong sometimes. #So please do that! Or consider! #I don't want to make it sound like what I do is the ''right'' thing to do or what everyone should do; Teddy brought up a good point awhile #back that not enough people send asks / ask questions like they used to - and that should change sometime. Everyone likes answering #questions. #ooc. #tbd.
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  • grey-sides
    25.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    do you think you could write a fic where either billy or steve genuinely doesn’t feel romantic attraction for the other, but they’re not mean about it or anything, because sometimes things just don’t work out the way we want it to! but maybe they stay friends or deal with it in their own ways

    Anon! You're challenging me! 😳 I'm going to tag this as harringrove but it's one-sided, of course. I hope you enjoy! I feel sad after having written this but maybe it's also a bit cathartic. As always, feel free to prompt me or just slide into my inbox to say hello!

    Billy knows that Steve knows about Robin and is apparently cool with it. But he doesn’t know if Steve is only cool with Robin because Robin’s a girl and won’t hit on him. Cause that’s something that gets to straight guys, the idea that another guy might flirt with them. 

    No one wants to flirt with you anyway, Tommy H, you’re gross and annoying. But Steve isn’t. Not anymore. Not when he’s started to figure himself out and his shoulders don’t slump so much and his smile comes a little easier. 

    And it’s late one night, the embers of a summer fire faintly glowing out by Steve’s pool. When Billy turns to him, he could blame it on the alcohol even though he hasn’t had a drink in four hours. Or maybe it’s exhaustion because they’ve all been up since like six. Or maybe it’s just because he’s started to hope. 

    But Steve is. Steve is straight. Very heterosexual. Into girls and girls alone. Won’t call you a slur anymore, but he won’t flirt back. Is the thing. His smile is kind and gentle and his eyes are warm and he touches Billy’s shoulder and he says “I’m sorry.”

    And Billy tells him “It’s okay” because it is. Because Steve is his best friend. His only friend. The first friend who willingly talks on the phone with him. Or drives out to the middle of nowhere to walk across an abandoned bridge. Steve who has driven out to Indy to pick Billy up when he’s gotten too drunk and his car is half a state away.

    Steve is his best friend and it hurts, but it’s okay. 

    It’s just as okay as when Nancy sorta-kinda ended things with Steve even though the words have never been spoken. It’s just as okay as when Robin came out and broke Steve’s heart. So it’s okay now because Billy’s gotten used to heartbreak and heartache and Robin always buys the top shelf ice cream when he goes over to hers. 

    And Billy loves Steve so he doesn’t want to lose him. Can’t imagine going more than a couple days without telling Steve some dumb story that makes him laugh. Seeing him smile and insist that this time, this girl, will be the one. 

    Billy loves Steve and he wants Steve to be loved. He wants someone to see all the wonderful parts of Steve and decide that she will work for it too. For his all-encompassing, desperately hopeful love. 

    Billy thinks it should be a testament to how much he loves Steve that he would rather see Steve happy with someone else if just to see him happy. The ache in his chest lessens every time Steve smiles. Every time he bumps their shoulders together. Steve doesn’t shy away from him. 

    Billy knows Steve has watched the news, has heard about the disease afflicting gay men, but it doesn’t scare him. He tells Billy there are worse things to be scared of and he doesn’t care if he gets sick from Billy. From touching him, sitting by him, talking to him. 

    Steve is brave and Billy is desperately trying to be brave. Was brave when he told Steve. Was brave when he bucked up the courage to say the words that have been rattling around in his mind since the moment Steve decided to actually give him the time of day. Was brave when he decided to go back to Steve’s house to watch a movie with him and Robin and know it wouldn’t turn into cuddling. 

    Billy is trying to be braver for Steve. To show that he knows how to move on, to let it heal, to let the love fade into something more manageable. More friendly. More appropriate. He knows it will, it’s why he keeps pushing on. Because one day Steve will smile at him and his heart won’t shatter in his chest. 

    Robin sits next to him at the park where Max is trying to teach the boys to skate. Steve isn’t here, he’s on a date and he claims that this one will be serious. 

    Robin puts her head on Billy’s shoulder and she sighs. “It sucks that they’re always straight,” she murmurs.

    Billy takes her hand and gives it a tight squeeze. “Yeah but he let me down easy.”

    “He’s good like that,” Robin tells him and she laces their fingers together. 

    Steve is good like that. Billy thinks that’s part of the reason he loves him so fiercely. Because maybe if Steve loved him back, it would mean that Billy is good too. 

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  • imjustwritingg
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    You saying “ Trust the process” about nbtlyg

    Me : 🥲 ok

    Ya know what, that’s totally fair…

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  • ridiculously-over-obsessed
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Calling it now. Army faked Chicago’s death. #LHBH

    Interesting theory anon 👀 we'll just have to see won't we??? 👀

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  • maybege
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    Now this makes me curious: Why?

    #my daddy issues beg to differ and also this is like the most random thing I’ve seen #do tell anon and enlighten me #did I miss fandom drama? what is this about? I’m curiousssss
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  • katia-dreamer
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    <3 * a million

    How did I get such awesome people in my life? You are fantastically fabulous, my friend! 

    Thank you for being you, and for sending this. <3 <3

    #katie answers things #anon
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  • katia-dreamer
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    <3 <3 <3

    I know that I can't see myself clearly and that the things my mind says about me aren't true. But it's hard to remember that when the insecurities are so loud.

    My awesome friends certainly help a lot though.


    #katie answers things #anon
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  • tanktop-lou
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    #anon i'm not ready all that💀 #unlike you i'm busy with my life doing things for my future #and i'm not wasting it defending AGAIN i tell you a rich man you don't care about me and you <3 #and i payed 57€ to see twenty one pilots and billie eilish together one with in a huge festival in milan #so you can shut up now✨ #also i would like to keep this blog drama free because i don't have time so go away thank you #discourse#sungly #*READING i hate not being able to edit tags
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  • heeasinheedeungie
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Bless that anon for her Sunghoon breakup ask> But why does sunghoon peg me as someone that would start crying and get on his knees and hug you like that while begging you not to leave him and start apologizing *reason for you wanting to break up is because you give all of you to sunghoon but he you gives very little to almost nothing, but poor boy does really love and would kill or you. But is just too shy to express himself 😣*

    (Also I think he would start crying cause remember when you said Sunghoons biggest fear is losing you)

    The delulu in me really going wild 😂

    It could really play out differently considering what type of break up it is, I do see him crying but not necessarily getting on his knees and begging. I do think he will try to win you over trying to prove to you that he will be better and he will fix everything.

    Bruh not only are my anons amazing writers themselves I awake something in y’all clearly because the amount of the most juciest creative asks have made themselves present in my inbox and I gotta say I am proud that you guys get inspiration from me. 💕💕💕💕💕

    But yea. He does seem like it

    #also I don’t remember half the things I wrote about the boys like a month go #how y’all remember everything #vuw you anon
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  • cryin-funkz
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    i was wondering are yall Communication: External only, Communication: Internal only or mixed? also can yall like see each other when fronting or in the headspace? is the headspace active all the time??

    If I am reading this right, we're a mix of both. While communication tends to be easier when people are in front together, we can also communicate in the headspace. We can usually see each other when we front, but seeing the headspace tends to fluctuate, it depends on the fronter. And yes, most of the time people are doing something in the headspace. - Mark

    #•◦❥ asks! #anon #[ system things! ✌ ]
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  • distort-opia
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    thor 1 & 2 use to b my favorite marvel movies, and the cliff hanger at the end of thor 2 was so insane to me, i was looking forward to the next movie so hard and then it was just. like so bad :/


    Those movies were so interesting to me, too. Loki used to be one of my main favorite characters. I was also excited for a continuation of Thor: The Dark World -- seeing what Loki did with the throne, what he did with Odin, how Thor would respond to him being alive... The fandom had so many cool theories and ideas. But then Thor: Ragnarok happened, and not only did he do nothing with it, but he was also turned into an underpowered joke.

    Silliness and humor are all nice and fun, if that's what you started out with. But the first two Thor movies (and the first Avengers one) were much more serious and dark in tonality, which Thor: Ragnarok fully ignored. And tbh, this is one of the main reasons why I've been off the Marvel train for a while. They used to take themselves a bit more seriously, once upon a time. I'll die on a hill screaming about how good Captain America: The Winter Soldier is, as a movie. But then they started to make their films according to a formula that we're all tired of by now: quirky one liners and funny goofs, colorful and flashy aesthetics, cool action scenes and one-dimensional characterization that's easy to digest. It all feels like a product. The choices behind the movies for the past... 7 years? feel entirely motivated by money, and it's turned Marvel so deeply soulless it's depressing.

    Same with Thor and Loki. Fun, colorful and goofy sells. Nevermind who they were before, and nevermind that they've become caricatures of themselves.

    #the only good Marvel thing to come out recently was Moon Knight #and that's because the Marvel executives didn't even think it'd be a hit so #they left the writers to actually WRITE and do their job #I don't even know if I want s2 because they'll clearly fuck it up #WandaVision was good too riiiight up until that finale #which when I found out got changed because Marvel higher-ups found out that people on Twitter #had come up with theories predicting it... oh there was rage #if people can pick up on clues in your story. and reach a correct conclusion about it. THAT MEANS IT'S GOOD WRITING #why are we so obsessed with nonsensical plot twists?? #ugh. anyway. I am commiserating anon #asks#marvel negativity#anti marvel
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  • castlemayfield
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Mike is gay lol. The Duffers (two straight men) won’t even confirm Will being gay FOUR seasons later but Mike is gay lol. I don’t understand why people especially queer people beg for representation from straight men who could never understand us. It’s like begging for scraps.

    damn you confirmed it yourself first sentence! i love making straight characters gay its so fun you dont understand. also do not call me queer. lmao

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  • imjustwritingg
    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    NBTLYG…nope, nope will not accept this.

    Don’t worry pal, everything will be fine in the end, I promise. PB&B will get through this and there will be the happiest ending. Trust the process. 💕

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  • untitled-swapau
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Poor thing. I wish i could help you...


    *It..made more garbled noises at critz, and the entire rest of its body remained limp as it tried to gesture at the door.*

    #ooc; might name this thing #mini event - ''the aftermath..'' #anon - ''how did you even get in here?'' #ic ''just don't touch anything and you'll be fine.''
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  • softbajis
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I doubt it's anything bad, meetings are pretty standard. Though it feels like years have passed since I was last complaining about the others not paying attention to my PowerPoints.

    We have a strictly professional relationship, it's not too bad. I'm currently waiting outside of Naoto's room as the doctors work on him. Izana has gone straight to his office and the cat's followed him.


    It's strange actually...i don't think I ever had the chance to actually go to a bonten meeting. I always wanted to. Before I joined, Mikey used to complain about me distracting the others during meetings, it's funny to think of the fact that they might have been presentations you had put on.

    It must be strange for you. Sometimes I forget that majority of you have known izana and each other much longer than I have. To see things change this drastically over the last few months must be... weird for you.

    Oh and thank you for looking after rindou's cat too. He'll be happy to know it was kept safe this whole time.

    #hals character anons #ah back in the days when koko complained about people not turning up #and omi was like at least I even listened #it was funny back then #things have changed so much. #kokonoi i would have gone to your presentations okay?
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  • cryin-funkz
    25.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    IVE BEEN WONDERING... can you like change your apperance/how you look like in the headspace?

    Mhm, you definitely can. A lot of us look close to our sources, however we will probably adjust our look to fit our tastes better. - Mark

    #•◦❥ asks! #anon #[ system things! ✌ ]
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