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    slashers with a taller s/o

    heavily based off the 'tol and smol' prompts list. this is a birthday gift to myself, have some slasherfuckery 💛

    ~ ♡ ~

    includes: thomas hewitt, brahms heelshire, the sinclairs, billy & stu

    word count: ~300 words per section

    contains: gender neutral reader. reader is 6'0+. first time writing for billy loomis. dismemberment is discussed idk LMAO.

    ~ ♡ ~

    Thomas Hewitt

    "Alright, I think I'm done for the night," You said, stretching your arms above your head with a slight groan, "Hoyt's been busting my ass all day, I'd like to see him mop the floors for a change."

    Thomas, in the midst of changing out of his shirt for a clean one, gave you a small chuckle. He was more than happy to finally crash after a long day of chores, specifically him insisting on helping you tidy up the basement. You weren't exactly able to scrub the place clean of blood stains, but hey, A for effort.

    As you looked through your drawers for pajamas, Thomas admired you from across the room. Even when he was exhausted, dragging his feet across the floor, eyes threatening to shut, harsh words and screams ringing in his ears -- you never failed to make him brighten up. You always provided a soft landing at the end of a busy day.

    He approached from behind, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder to get your attention. You turned, looking down at him with such a loving smile. That was another thing he found so peculiar about you; how he was the one being looked down to for a change. Being 6'5, it wasn't common to come across people who were taller than him.

    "Yeah, Tommy?" You asked.

    He raised his hands and cupped your face, pulling you down to place a soft kiss on your forehead. Though you preferred Thomas' real lips on your skin, masked kisses were just as comforting. It was like all the tension in your tired body was washed away at that moment.

    "What are you being so sweet for?"

    He withdrew his hands from your face to sign, "You deserve it." You noticed his mask shift up ever so slightly, indicating a hidden smile.

    Your grin only grew wider, "No more than you do."


    ~ ♡ ~

    Brahms Heelshire

    "I'm just saying, you can't be eating PB&J all the time."

    It was the fifth time that week you chewed your boyfriend out for his unhealthy diet. You were in the middle of cooking supper, when he just had to make a snarky comment about the steamed broccoli and roasted carrots you added.

    "But I'm fine?" Brahms said like you were the stupidest person alive, "Look." He gave you a spin, arms out, serving Vitamin Deficient White Boy Realness.

    "The hell you are!" You scoffed, "All you've had for the past three days are sweets and sandwiches--" Brahms groaned, "-- what are you groaning at!?" Despite your annoyance, you still kept your tone playful.

    You couldn't see his face with the mask on, but judging by his sullen eyes and slumped posture, he was pouting. You made a point of looking down at him, even if he was only a couple inches shorter, but it got your point across.

    He hoisted himself up on the kitchen counter, effectively making him slightly above eye level with you. You raised an eyebrow at that, "What point are you trying to make with this?"



    You stopped at the sudden shift to his higher-pitched, childlike voice. Ah, the classic "act cute to avoid trouble" tactic, annoying but admittedly effective.

    You sighed, "Brahms..."

    "Kiss?" He repeated, leaning forward until your faces were inches apart. It was certainly odd to be looking up at him for once. The way he loomed over you made your heart skip a beat, and those gorgeous emerald eyes were certainly working against you as well.

    You cracked, "... Alright, but only if you stop complaining."

    You leaned forward, your lips meeting with the cool, polished porcelain mask he donned. An odd sensation that you quickly learned to love. With a purr, he pressed his forehead against yours, adoration swimming in his gaze.

    It was hard to stay mad at him when he was so damn cute. You just shook your head, cheeks heating up, "Yeah, I love you too, now quit being a brat."

    You needed to teach him how to cook real food.

    ~ ♡ ~

    Bo Sinclair

    You headed down the street to the garage. The sun beat down on Ambrose that afternoon, but the glasses of ice cold sweet tea in your hands were enough to make the heat a bit more tolerable.

    As you approached the station, you could see Bo fixing up the newest stolen car. He had unzipped the upper half of his coveralls and tied the sleeves around his hips, clearly you weren't the only one affected by the heat.

    As much as you enjoyed the view of Bo in a tight black t-shirt, his heavy eyes and sweat-drenched temples were hard to ignore. Hopefully a cold drink would help you both out.

    "Tea's done!" You chirped, a sense of bliss washing over you when you entered the cool shade, "I made your favourite kind too."

    "Thanks, sugar," He said, gladly accepting the cold beverage, "I saw Vincent wearin' a sweater earlier, can ya believe that? A sweater." He shook his head with a scoff, "The hell's that fucker made of?"

    You weren't sure what came over you, but once Bo placed his drink down, you enveloped him in your arms, only to tighten your grip and lift him up off the ground. This prompted a choked "aGH" from your sweet darling, who began squirming in your grasp, feet kicking in the air.

    "Put me down, (y/n), would'ja!?" He scolded, "Ain't a damn toy." You only smiled, noting the lack of venom in his tone and the fact that he made no real attempt to break free, despite his capability of doing so easily.

    You placed him back down, but not before you planted a big fat kiss on his jawline. He turned and shot a glare up at you, cheeks and ears glowing red.

    You snickered, "I love youuu~"

    He just waved you off with a "Yeah, sure..." but you didn't fail to notice the smile creeping across his flushed face as he turned away.

    ~ ♡ ~

    Vincent Sinclair

    You were bored.

    Your chores were done, none of the books on the shelf captured your interest, you weren't tired enough to nap, and you had been hit with a new case of art/writer's block. Fantastic.

    Not to mention all three Sinclair brothers were busy, with Lester being out of town and both the twins going about their usual business. You took to keeping Vincent company while he created his latest sculpture but, bless his heart, it wasn't nearly enough to entertain you. You wanted attention.

    "Vinceeeent," You groaned, coming up behind him to place your hands on his hips, "when's your next break? It's been, like, hours." Vincent only gave you shrug, far too caught up in his work to even look at you. Wooow.

    Being the perfect height to place your chin on his shoulder, you did so with a cheeky little grin on your face. Annoying your boyfriend was fun, but it was also a perfect distraction for him. You knew how much he deserved a break, and to have some fun in his monotonous day-to-day life.

    You began nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck, attacking his exposed skin with kisses. He responded with an airy huff, which quickly turned into a quiet chuckle. Ha, he was never really good at ignoring you, was he?

    "Oh, sorry, am I distracting you?" You smirked, not an ounce of remorse in your voice, "What a shame..." He tried tossing you a glare over his left shoulder, but you could clearly see the way his eye softened when he looked at you. He never had to say "I love you" for you to know it, his warm gaze spoke a thousand words.

    You held his gaze, your smirk fading into a gentle smile, "Come take a walk with me?" complete with your hands running up and down his sides.

    How could he say no to that?

    ~ ♡ ~

    Lester Sinclair

    Being only 5'7 and sharing a house with three other people over 6'0 could get mildly irritating sometimes. Besides the obvious physical power imbalance, there were also situations like these.

    Lester stood beneath the highest shelf in the kitchen, staring helplessly up at the raccoon skull perching on top of it. Bo or Vincent must have placed it there without a second thought, easy access for them, but way out of Lester's reach.

    He let out an annoyed huff but it was no big deal. He could just borrow one of the chairs nearby and use it as a stepladder.

    That was until his eyes landed on you, sitting nearby at the breakfast bar, your nose buried in a book with your favourite beverage by your side. He got an idea...

    "Hey, uh, sweetheart?" He piped up, grabbing your attention, "Could'ja help me out? I, uh," He shrank inward on himself ever so slightly and let out an awkward giggle, "can't quite reach somethin'."

    It was a common occurrence in your relationship with Lester, being much taller than him and helping him out from time to time. You never minded though, it always gave you an excuse to hold him. You got up and rounded the corner into the kitchen, following his gaze to the highest shelf.

    "That skull up there?" You asked. He responded with an affirmative grunt, which was your cue to hold him by the waist and lift him up. He snatched the raccoon skull with an "'ere we go!", and you placed him back down on the ground.

    "Ah, thanks sweetpea, 'ppreciate it." He placed a kiss on your jawline, and left the kitchen with a brand new addition to his home decor. All the skulls and bones that lined his shelves were certainly an impressive collection.

    Once he was gone, you notice a chair beside the nearby table, clearly pulled out but quickly forgotten about. One that Lester could've easily used to help himself up.

    You chuckled to yourself. Clearly he had a favourite method.

    ~ ♡ ~

    Billy Loomis & Stu Macher




    Hm... like.

    What the hell is that? ... Reblog.

    Sitting at the kitchen table, you mindlessly scrolled through social media as your boyfriends chatted amongst themselves at the counter. Stu, being the conversationalist, was going on and on about some encounter he had with someone, with Billy adding his two cents every so often.

    ("'nd then he's all 'but Stu! You can't make jokes about that! It's distasteful!' Blah, blah, blah. Like, how was I supposed to know this dude got in a fight with a giant bird and lost his leg?"

    "... Did you not notice he was missing a limb?")

    You were so caught up in your web-surfing that you didn't even notice Billy standing in front of you.

    "What about you, (y/n)?" he piped up, startling you slightly, "What's going on in that little head of yours?" Billy spoke like he was toying with you, mockery thinly veiled by a monotone. You couldn't help but find it weirdly cute.

    "Uh, heh, what?" You chuckled, "Wasn't paying attention, sorry."

    You picked up on the way Billy's head cocked to the side, looking down at you with an admittedly adorable look on his face, a look of boyish curiosity that you didn't see often enough. "Huh," He smirked, "Never seen you at this angle before."

    You blinked, but quickly caught on to the unfamiliar sight of him towering over you. Billy was the shortest out of the three of you, so it was no secret that it made him feel salty. Clearly he was enjoying being the taller one for a change.

    "I could get used to this view," He spoke, head turning over towards your other boyfriend, "right, Stu?"

    Stu leaned over the kitchen table, head tilted at the both of you. He quickly caught on, that beloved bright grin plastered onto his face yet again, "Ha, ya sure could!"

    "Nuh uh uh," Their amusement was short-lived when you got to your feet and stood up at your full height, reminding them that you are, in fact, the alpha partner.

    Billy's face dropped into a sneer, and Stu shot you down with a "Booooo!". Damn, okay. Disrespectful.

    #thomas hewitt #thomas hewitt x reader #brahms heelshire #brahms heelsire x reader #slashers #slashers x reader #bo sinclair #bo sinclair x reader #vincent sinclair #vincent sinclair x reader #lester sinclair #lester sinclair x reader #billy loomis#stu macher #billy and stu #ghostface x reader #ugughh tagging things is hard #ayo where's the writing
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    dancing with the sinclairs.

    + general dancing headcanons

    ~ ♡ ~

    sinclair brothers (separate) x gn!reader | headcanons

    word count: 1,258 (~400 per section)

    contains: some suggestive scenarios. crackfic elements, especially lester's section, it's a mess. white boy dancing. if you're looking for actual serious headcanons, proceed with caution lmao

    ~ ♡ ~


    He's not the best at it, but whatever Bo lacks in skill, he makes up for in confidence and charm.

    If anyone knows that vine of the guy dancing and singing in his dorm room "bop it tchchch twist it, nYEHH, pull it doOO" (here), that's exactly what I imagine Bo looks like.

    Like sure, he looks like a white suburban dad after a couple too many gin and tonics, but you can't deny that dancing with him is pretty fun.

    I can totally see Bo being a complete boomer when it comes to modern pop music, but I also love the idea of him secretly jamming out to Top 40 Hits.

    Like sometimes late at night in the garage, when he's certain that neither you or his brothers are around, he just does the Intense Neck Jerk dance to hips don't lie

    He's like "ugh pop music these days smh" aight, tell me why you know all these lyrics off by heart then, hm? Do tell.

    I can't tell if Bo would've loved or despised hotel room service by pitbull

    Back on topic, Bo is a busy man who also likes to desperately cling onto his one and only scrap of dignity, so getting him to dance can be a bit of a challenge.

    You could definitely persuade him into a romantic, late night slow dancing session, though.

    When you and him have the house to yourselves for the night, he'd be happy to pass the time by swaying in each other's arms, soft music playing on the radio or the old record player, all while he's whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

    He can be a prick at times, but oh man, he certainly knows how to make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world.

    On a less innocent note, dirty dancing with Bo would be so much fun, holy shit (if you're comfortable with that). He'd totally egg you on as you start dancing on him.

    "Ya know exactly what y're doin' to me, don't you, darlin'?" He purrs, eyes darkening as he grabs your hips. Yes tf I do bbyyy 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

    I'm desperately suppressing the Bo Liker tendencies right now. Get me outta this shit, I have a reputation to uphold.

    Maybe you can convince him to take you to a bar the next town over and show everyone who the hottest (and most fun) couple is.

    ~ ♡ ~


    I love him with all my heart, but I'm so sorry, Vincent cannot dance.

    He absolutely has the potential to be great, but until you teach him and help him loosen up, he just can't. Even if you get a couple drinks in him, he's still rigid as hell.

    I'm sure he can do a backflip torpedo kick combo while he's out on the hunt, but if you're ever like "ayy hottie give me a little twirl"... lol no, prepare to witness the most stiff twirl you'll ever see in your life.

    Not even a proper twirl, it's just Vince slowly rotating on the spot. You swore to god you could hear like, his bones creaking like old machinery. Tin Man headass.

    However, Vincent is also a quick learner. I've seen someone mention here before that Vincent would make a great ballet dancer, and you know what, I agree (once you get him to relax for once in his life, poor guy).

    I say start off with slowdancing. It's easy to learn, perform, and you both have an excuse to hold each other close and sway back n' forth. Ugh, especially when everything's candlelit and there's soft opera crackling in the background, while you two are just lost in your own world.

    I also just like the thought of Vincent listening to his sad classical music while working on his art, and just moving to the rhythm a little bit. Maybe quietly humming to himself too? That'd be really sweet. I refuse to believe that Vincent is stoic and serious.

    Bo and Vincent are similar in a lot of ways, but when it comes to dirty dancing with their partners? COMPLETELY different reactions.

    Feel up on Bo and he'll happily return the favour, but with Vincent? Nah he's like:

    He'll be fine, just ease him into it first lol

    I think Vincent would be more into observing you than joining you, when it comes to dancing. He'd be more than happy to just stand back and watch you beam and dance around the room. You could literally be throwing your back out to brutal death metal and he'd still have the heart eyes for you.

    Please get him into metal (if he isn't already) and watch him headbang the house down. Especially with all that hair of his.

    But if you held out a hand to him, his heart would melt. Even if he feels a little awkward, he'll always appreciate being included.

    ~ ♡ ~

    LESTERRRRR(imagine me rolling the r)RRRRRR

    Maybe a hot take, but Lester is the best dancer of the trio.

    He doesn't quite have the confidence at first, but once he feels comfortable around you (or has had a lot to drink), it's like you unlocked a whole new side of him.

    Lester loves having fun and goofing off with you, so dancing together is always welcome.

    Twirling you around, performing some impressive footwork, all with a bright grin sprawled across his face -- man, now he's just showing off (I say lovingly).

    You know what, I'm gonna go all the way and say Lester can do a backflip. Who's gonna stop me? He has never seen a flower. He burnt down a hospital. He doesn't believe in gravity.

    Behold, the power of fictional character headcanons.

    Normal/No-Murder AU where the brothers go clubbing together and Lester puts the others to shame by shredding on the dancefloor.

    Imagine it: he's spinning on his head, Bo's throwing his hat down on the ground in defeat, Vincent's lying face down on the ground, motionless, the crowd's going nuts, the president is there.

    Alright but, I can see him bopping his head and singing along to whatever's on the radio while driving about. I get the sense that he's pretty openminded about music genres, so as long as it has a good rhythm to follow, he'll be happy to groove to it.

    Maybe this is just me projecting, but Lester could possibly use dancing (and music, in general) to help him stim. Drumming his fingers on the wheel, humming, etc. Silence is a common, but reluctant guest of his, and he'll hop on any opportunity to fill it.

    Oh, and of course Lester would make an excellent slow dance partner. As much as he loves swinging himself around with you, calm intimate moments like these make him swoon. Gazing into your eyes, pupils dilated, with that adorable smile of his. Gah, what a cutie.

    If you try to dance on him, he'll just "aEUGH"

    His soul left his body for a split second when you began getting all up on him, before his face went beet red and he started giggling.

    He would not be turned off by it, but it's certainly unfamiliar territory for him. I doubt he's ever danced with someone like that before... I can be the first *fuckboy emoji face*

    All in all, please, please, please hold his hand and swing him around, let him have fun, hold him close and move to the sound of your favourite song, show him lots of love, he deserves it.

    omg could you imagine these guys playing Just Dance together? vincent is suffocating bo with a pillow because bo was like "man you suck at this game", meanwhile lester's tearing up, trying so hard to get 5 stars on istanbul (not constantinople) goddammit

    #lester is shithead and he walks like this /ref #crank that soulja boy came on while writing vince's section and i damn near choked thinking about him dancing to it #i have to listen to early 2010s pop while writing more often. this was fun LOL #bo sinclair#vincent sinclair#lester sinclair #bo sinclair x reader #vincent sinclair x reader #lester sinclair x reader #slashers #slashers x reader #slasher fandom #house of wax #house of wax 2005 #ayo wheres the writing
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    asking the sinclair brothers to sit on your lap

    + them falling asleep on you

    ~ ♡ ~

    sinclair brothers (separate) x gn!reader | headcanons

    word count: 1,265 (~400 words per section)

    contains: no warnings! but listen, look at me, i do not care how physically strong or weak, tall or short, you are irl, im gifting you with the strength to bench-press these three men, i believe in you

    ~ ♡ ~


    At first he's like "lol good one (y/n)". Responding with a condescending scoff, and that dumbass sarcastic Bo Smile™ like "Nah, I ain't doin' that, sweetheart."

    How dare you suggest such a ridiculous idea? Him? A big strong mean murder man, sitting in YOUR lap? Aha, no.

    Oh but, watch this, then he turns around and expects you to sit on HIS lap and gets all pissy when you say no.

    Worst part is, he's not even uncomfortable with the idea (that would be a different story, respect people's boundaries). He just believes that he's too good to sit in someone else's lap. Like, bitch--

    Get him while he's drunk, that's the key.

    If he's had a good night and has had a lot to drink, he gets pretty mushy with you. Slurring his words, his hair askew, face flushed, with a glazed look in his eyes and a dumb grin plastered to his face (i want him so bad).

    Just talk all sweet and gentle with him, open your arms, and give him the puppy eyes. "You want me tha' bad?" He slurs, dragging his feet across the floor in an exaggerated saunter with a dramatic eyeroll, "Alrigh', fiiiiine..."

    He plops himself down on you and just kinda stares at you like the two-eyed mike wazowski meme.

    There you go, you got Bo Sinclair, drunk off his tits, sitting in your lap. Congratulations, what do you do now?

    You let him drift off to sleep on top of you, that's what you do.

    Let him bury his face into the crook of your neck while you run your hands up and down his arms/back. He lets out a sigh like, ah, this ain't so bad.

    Physical affection is Bo's weakness and you know that better than anybody else (besides his brothers). You can almost always ground him by circling your arms around his waist, pressing your forehead against his, letting him lean on you, and of course, placing kisses all over his face.

    So this? Holding each other close and allowing him to be vulnerable? He'll never admit it, but it makes him melt. As much as Bo loves control, he can't deny how safe you make him feel when he's gathered up in your arms.

    He won't ask to sit on your lap again, but he won't exactly resist the next time you offer. Just make sure you two are alone, he would never hear the end of it if his brothers found out.

    Tell Vincent and Lester about it afterwards, let 'em roast his ass.

    ~ ♡ ~


    He's iffy about it at first. Not because he dislikes the idea, or believes he's "too good for it" like somebody (bo bitchass), he's just extremely unfamiliar with physical affection like this.

    I love Vincent because he's this powerful, graceful, dangerous guy who KNOWS that he's the shit and walks around like the sheer size of his nuts are all that weigh him down. But the second you compliment him, or act kind towards him? He completely glitches.

    you: ugh vince i love your hair, it's really pretty him: *nods* him, internally: EHHEHEHEHEE

    This man has killed countless people with no remorse and yet he goes hf9eoypf;,'/,;'89rhef at the idea of sitting on your lap.

    He's very mindful of his size too, knowing that he's tall and fairly muscular. Doesn't matter how tall or strong you are, he's still gonna worry about your comfort.

    You could literally have the exact same build as him, and he'd still be a bit nervous.

    When he first agrees, it's a mix of wanting to push his boundaries and also humouring you. You want to hold him that badly? You know what, fuck it, why not. He's flattered.

    He carefully (and very stiffly) places himself on your lap so that he's straddling you and you got your arms around his waist.

    He feels really awkward for the first couple of minutes, not in an uncomfortable way but in a "wtf do i do" way. He's just trying so hard not to put all his weight on you, and his eye is darting around, and where in god's name does he put his hands?

    Especially if you're a lot shorter than him, he's 10x more mindful and tense.

    But this man is absolutely weak for you. All you gotta do is rub his back and play with his hair, then he'll let himself rest his head on your shoulder. Ah, now he's getting comfortable.

    Bonus points if he pulled an all-nighter the evening before and starts to drift off.

    vincent i'll give you $5 if you fall asleep in my lap pls man i'll play with your hair too

    Great! Now you're stuck there until he wakes up, but at least you got this hottie in your lap. You could get up and put him down, but why the hell would you do that? Look at how comfortable he is.

    Vincent prefers to have you in his lap, but damn that nap was good as hell... he might just have to use you as a bed again.

    And lucky for you, he just can't say no to his beloved.

    ~ ♡ ~


    "Whuh? Aw, sweetpea, ya sure?" Yes, Lester. A hundred times, yes.

    Sort of awkward about it like Vincent, but more of the giggly, "haha woah there babe" kind of awkward.

    He's certainly not gonna say no, though. How could he say no when you asked so kindly? Ugh, especially when your arms are outstretched with that welcoming smile.

    Lester absolutely adores you to the sun and back. If you need a hug or a kiss, he's gonna give it to ya. At the slightest mention that you're cold, he's already dashing to the nearest spare blanket. If you want to hold him in such a way, well, he's definitely not gonna turn down such an offer.

    Lester's like "woah omg youre so crazy" *crawling into your lap with zero hesitation* "ughh can't believe you're making me do this lololol" *literally straddling you*

    After some more awkward giggling, he places himself down on your lap with a "Like this?" or "Hope I ain't too heavy.". He's a bit stiff, but it's a lot easier to help him relax than Vincent or Bo.

    If it had been a long day, maybe if he'd just gotten home from work or helping his brothers in Ambrose, he'll begin to doze off once he gets comfortable. He's absolutely weak for the way you treat him so lovingly and carefully, how you hold him against your body and play with his hair -- you must be an angel.

    Fuck, he's so cute.

    This will absolutely become a Thing in your relationship.

    I'm just imagining him, sitting on one of your thighs with his legs resting across you, arms thrown around your neck, kicking his legs a little bit like " Ya comfortable? :D "

    It takes him a bit of time to warm up to this new position, but hey, there's nothing he loves more than being held by his most favourite person in the world.

    A typical evening for the two of you: he'll come home from work, help himself to your cooking, shower, then just throw himself on top of you. Home is found in your embrace, and being allowed to rest on your lap only makes him feel safer.

    If it hasn't been brought up already, this will lead Lester to wanting you to sit on HIS lap. It's only fair! You deserve to be comfortable too (and he just wants to hold you because he loves you).

    #his full name is lester the bester sinclair. he told me himself. #bo sinclair #bo sinclair x reader #vincent sinclair #vincent sinclair x reader #lester sinclair #lester sinclair x reader #slashers #slashers x reader #slasher fandom #house of wax #house of wax 2005 #ayo wheres the writing
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    sinclair bros x actor! s/o ; you play a hot villain in a movie

    sinclair bros (separate) x gn! reader | headcanon format

    word count: 1,644 (~500 words per section) 

    warnings: mentions of violence. sexual themes throughout, but nothing explicit. i made the reader ace-friendly. the role you play in the film is treated like eye candy at certain points, just in case that makes anyone uncomfy.

    ~ ♡ ~


    Aw man, he’s absolutely thrilled. His little darlin’ is in a movie? Well then what are you waiting for? You better put it on! He’s even more curious when you warn him about your, uh... flirtatious character. 

    Evil AND hot, you say? Now you got him doing that wicked lil smirk we all know and love.

    You can get creative with how you would go about the situation, but I really like the idea of Bo (or any of the brothers) absentmindedly flipping through the T.V channels, only to freeze when he sees your face on screen and he does the Squint and Point(tm)

    From the minute you appeared on screen -- hands on your hips, smokey eye makeup, and glaring straight at the camera -- he knew he was gonna fall in love with your character. Expect a low whistle and a comment like “Well shit, look atcha...”

    The movie was geeky as hell, but it was admittedly entertaining, and Bo seemed to actually enjoy it, sparing a few genuine chuckles at the film’s self-aware jokes and its physical comedy. The fast-paced storyline held his attention too.

    But of course, he enjoyed the movie because of your character.

    The way your dialogue consisted mostly of sexual innuendoes, your voice dripping with an overexaggerated yet soothing sultry tone made him feel some type of way… he was constantly sending wolfish grins your way, along with flirty comments that made your face heat up.

    For example:

    The lead girl’s eyes widened as she took in your appearance when you seemingly materialized out of thin air, “You’re here?” she sputtered, “You came?”
    You let out a dark chuckle, your voice dripping with that buttery, smooth tone that could make even a porn star blush (honestly, you were quite satisfied with your performance), “I sure did, princess.” 
    From beside you, just under his breath, you hear Bo mutter, “I will too when this movie ends.” smirking to himself when you let out a choked shriek.

    Your character was a MASSIVE prick too, which only made Bo amp up the comments. “Quite a mouth ya got there, sugar.” He says with that husky drawl, to which you respond by chucking a pillow at his head.

    He would find it especially entertaining if you were more shy and sweet in real life. He found his gentle lover taking on the role of a smooth-talking, flirty badass to be absolutely hilarious (and hot).

    Or, if you’re more on the bold, confident side: seeing you get a chance to show off your charisma and beauty with nothing holding you back was attractive as fuck to him.

    Expect him to be a bit handsy with you afterwards. Wrapping his arms around your waist, whispering praises and dirty comments into your ears. “You looked real [pretty/handsome] like that, darlin’,” He purrs, “didn’t know you had it in ya, what else are you hidin’ from me?” If you’re looking to have some fun that night, you most certainly will get it.

    But if not, Bo will lay off. No matter how much you rile him up, he still prioritizes your comfort. He’s definitely gonna need some alone time to work something out though…

    ~ ♡ ~


    Oh, this? This definitely piqued his interest.

    You’re saying his lover, his muse (is it a really vincent x reader fic without the word ‘muse’ mentioned at least once?) was in a movie? Your beauty captured on film for many to see? He must see it.

    You’ve seen all his artpieces, from the wax statues to the impressive drawings in his sketchbook, it would only be fair for him to see your work, right? Even when you shyly warned him about your role, he was insistent on watching you act.

    (offtopic, but just imagine vincent trying to eat popcorn but doing the “michael myers eating chips” face)

    Besides his artwork, you’ve never seen Vincent this engrossed in something before. Leaning forward, elbows on his knees, supporting his hands that cupped his face. Even with his deadpan mask on, you could see his unblinking eye remain glued to the screen. Vincent is not known for being talkative, and yet somehow he managed to be even quieter than usual.

    He was already enjoying the film long before you even showed up -- the eerie visuals in the opening sequence impressed him and captured his attention right away -- along with the themes of demons, possession, and dark religious imagery. It was right up his alley.

    And hey, the soundtrack was good too. The suspenseful score mixed with some lively tunes to contrast against the unsettling visuals. Vincent was happy. 

    Then along came your character… a sweet, unassuming person at first, but quickly reveals themself to the audience as deliciously sinister. 

    You noticed Vincent’s head tilting at all your suggestive dialogue, along with the way you seemed to sway as you went about. You even caught him giving you a look with a peculiar glint in his eye that reminded you of Bo.

    One scene in particular caught his attention...

    Soft vintage music crackled in the background, lit candles littering the room as you danced to the rhythm. You swayed your hips, moving around like you weighed no more than a feather. The lighting and the camerawork did you wonders, making you look so ethereal, yet so sinister. You twirled about, lost in your own world as if the chaos all around you brought you a sick sense of pleasure. 
    It didn’t help that you were clad in light, sexy sleepwear.
    Vincent turned to give you a knowing look... only to find you hiding your face in the pillow, groaning a muffled, agonized “Oh Goddddd”.

    Unlike his twin, Vincent appreciates the artistic side of your performance more than the flirtatious nature of your role.

    Though he undoubtedly had some less-than-innocent thoughts about you, he was mostly in awe. Why wouldn’t he be? He was watching you in your element. Performing clearly came naturally to you, how dare you hide this talent from him?

    Was this how you felt watching him work on his art?

    Watching you act would be insanely inspiring to him, whether you played a seductive villain or even just an extra in the background, it was fascinating to watch you perform.

    He just thinks you’re brilliant, and thanks to you, he’s got some brand new ideas of what to draw. Drawings that will reside in his, uh, secret sketchbook.

    ~ ♡ ~


    Well, hell yeah. You might as well have just told him you went to the moon.

    He immediately lit up like all the stars in the night sky found their way into his eyes. “My sweetpea’s a star!?” He exclaimed with that toothy grin you adored. You did not consider yourself a famous actor, not in the slightest, but in Lester’s eyes, you belonged in Hollywood.

    A good ol’ campy slasher film… with his beloved as one of the antagonists!? Did Christmas arrive early?

    Even with the warnings of sexual humour and an overall messy storyline, he could only focus on being able to see his partner on the T.V, and of course, when you told him about your more provocative role, it only fueled his excitement.

    I headcanon Lester as the type of person to make constant commentary on the film he’s watching, which can either be extremely endearing or annoying (let him TALK, dammit). He’ll watch the group of protagonists explore the abandoned building the killers resided in, saying something like “Aw nah, see, ya can’t be doing somethin’ like that.” and “Oh, y’gonna kill these guys, aintcha (y/n)?”

    He starts beaming when you show up on screen, and your character’s bubbly personality only makes him fall in love twice as hard… along with the shirt you were wearing, which was only buttoned up halfway, exposing a generous amount of your chest.

    The camera even makes a point of panning up and down your body, earning a giggle from your boyfriend.

    It only gets worse when your character proceeds to use seduction as a way to lure their victims, that along with their cheeriness lures the protagonists into a false sense of security.

    To no one’s surprise, it’s quickly revealed that you were a part of a large group of serial killers, and thus, the massacre begins. Lester is NOT paying attention to the story whatsoever. He does not care about these damn kids getting murdered -- they shouldn’t have explored the creepy abandoned building in the first place -- he is looking at YOU and YOU ONLY.

    He’s totally cheering for your character too. Fuck them kids, he’s got a hot slasher s/o to support.

    You burst into a giggling mess, plunging the blade multiple times into the heart of one of the lead characters, scarlet bathing your face and clothing. The young man beneath you stopped struggling and screaming after the fourth stab, but the fun wasn’t over yet. Not for you.
    Raising the blade to your lips, you licked the blood off with a satisfied but very suggestive moan. A pretty noise that undoubtedly made your boyfriend’s ears perk up. 
    Oh great, now he was giving you that perverted grin.
    In a pitiful attempt to divert his attention, you just muttered, “Fun fact, the, uh, the blood? It was corn syrup... cool, right?...
    ... right?”

    Lester’s got a good mix of his older brothers’ reactions; he channels Bo’s flirty advances and Vincent’s admiration.

    He rests his head on your chest, eyes glimmering up at you, “Y’re quite the little [actor/actress], sweetpea. I’m mighty proud o’ you.” meanwhile, he’s just... not-so-subtly trying to slide his hands under your shirt.

    If you’re not looking for sex, then you’ve earned yourself a cuddly makeout session with your boyfriend! Full of praise too, going on and on about how good you were and how you were his “lil’ star”.

    Congratulations, you turned Lester Sinclair into a slasherfucker.

    #slashers #slashers x reader #bo sinclair#vincent sinclair#lester sinclair #bo sinclair x reader #vincent sinclair x reader #lester sinclair x reader #house of wax #house of wax 2005 #slasher fandom #ayo wheres the writing
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    Chris Shalom - At Work In Me ft. Ayo Vincent

    Gospel music minister Chris Shalom releases “At Work In Me ft. Ayo Vincent” off his new album titled “I Delight“ It’s been close to 4 years since the release of Chris Shalom’s last album release titled “My Beautifier.” We have seen several other releases during the interval, including the worship series with his group WordBreed. The series gave spiritual relief, especially during the lockdown as…

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  • ayo-wheres-the-pxprika
    14.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    lester sinclair with a werewolf s/o

    lester x gn!reader | headcanons

    word count: 2,007... i got carried away

    warnings: nudity (non-sexual), graphic depiction of transformation, mention of reader eating dead animals (i wrote this as an optional headcanon, so you can choose the vegetarian werewolf route if you wish) 

    reader portrayal: unnatural eye colour; a bit secretive; outdoorsy; you’re kind of a mess (what lycanthropy does to a mf); but besides those traits, this can be applied to most readers

    ~ ♡ ~

    Lester would be over the moon omg

    Not only does he have a partner who he loves with all his heart, but they’re a WEREWOLF, too!? What more could he possibly ask for?

    Before I continue, lemme give you some backstory

    You had always been an enigma to Lester.

    The first time he ever met you, he found you unconscious outside his cabin, your nude body littered with bruises and dirt. He immediately rushed to your aid, assuming the worst had happened to you, or perhaps you had escaped from Ambrose.

    Only for you to wake up and seem... completely fine? No matter how much he pried and insisted on helping, you acted like this was a normal occurrence for you. 

    “at least let me call someone for ya?” “nah, nah it’s fine, i’m okay” “are... are ya sure??” “oh yeah, it’s cool, this happens all the time lol” “wh-”

    You had been wandering these woods for a while now and suddenly some kind stranger with a cute southern accent was offering to give you shelter? Well, you certainly weren’t gonna turn down such an offer. Even if he was a bit sketchy, you knew damn well that if anything, you would be the bigger threat.

    Not to mention his dog, Jonesy, took an instant special liking to you, so how could he turn you away?

    Over the next couple of months, you and Lester had grown a lot closer. Going from unexpected housemates, to best friends, and eventually to lovers.

    He finally had someone who would listen to his late night rambling, who would remind him to take care of himself, who would be there to help his heart feel full. Lester was used to the feeling of loneliness, but that didn’t mean he liked it.

    He hasn’t shared a home with anyone in a while, so coming home to you every night was truly a gift.

    Oh, not to mention he found you absolutely stunning.

    One of his favourite parts about you were your eyes, which were an unnatural, but beautifully rich shade of gold. He had never seen eyes like yours before, you always chalked them up to a “condition” he had never heard of before. It was always a shame when you hid them behind (e/c) contact lenses.

    That was just one of your many… quirks.

    For example, the fact that a number of your clothes were in rough shape, ripped and hastily stitched together. That one was easy to explain. You were the outdoorsy type, and was often a bit reckless during your daily adventures into the woods. Judging by your first impression, you weren’t exactly the most careful person in the world, and it showed through your wardrobe. It made sense.

    Another thing. Jonesy adored you, almost admired you, in a way that Lester has never seen from her. The way she looked up to you like you were more than a parental figure or friend, but a leader -- constantly at your beck and call, cozying up to you, even the smallest scold from you had her whining for your forgiveness.

    Call Lester crazy, but he felt like she had some sort of connection to you.

    But of course, Lester and his brothers were all she had for years. You were new. You were kind to her. You gave her attention. Obviously she liked you, and wanted you to like her back. It made sense.

    It just made sense.

    And the last example… the one that Lester couldn’t quite wrap his head around.

    At least once a month, you would hastily leave the cabin and disappear into the night.

    “Just heading to the lake.”, you would say. 

    Or “I’m taking a midnight stroll, don’t wait up for me.”

    “Just gonna check in on Bo and Vincent, haven’t seen ‘em in a while, I’ll be back soon.” 

    Always a harmless, yet rushed explanation. Before he could even protest or ask questions, you were already out the door.

    You wouldn’t come back until the early hours of the morning, when the sun was barely peeking over the horizon; eyes foggy, shoulders slumped, dragging yourself through the door, and smelling of blood, dirt, and…something he couldn’t quite place his finger on (dog fur, maybe?). 

    It always worried him. No matter how many times he asked, you always waved him off with an excuse.

    “Oh, I’m so sorry, honey… guess I lost track of time.”

    “Got caught up with shit in Ambrose, you know how that goes...”

    “Fell asleep in the woods... again.” accompanied with a chuckle.

    But! But… as mentioned before, you were adventurous, and you were far too reckless for his own liking... yeah, that had to be it. You’ve always been a night owl anyway. That made sense, right?


    He always had an excuse or explanation for your behaviour.

    I mean... what the hell was he supposed to think?

    Sure, you were odd, but god did he love you. If anything, your weirdness was what made you so special.

    It all led up to one night, however.

    Nightfall was quickly approaching, and you were preparing for another one of your “midnight walks”, or whatever innocent excuse you made up that month.

    He was tired of staying up late, worried sick about you, just hoping and praying that you’d come home safe; only for you to arrive at the cabin in rough shape, shutting him down with a half-assed excuse.

    Lester has always been wary of rocking the boat, growing up in the Sinclair household made its mark on him that way. He never liked conflict and often shied away from confrontation, but he just couldn’t stand to see you get yourself hurt.

    He couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more to you... more to these secret late night endeavours 

    He had to know the truth.

    He followed you into a clearing in the woods where the full moon shone upon you, bathing your skin in a light glow.

    Oh, how you wished you could bask in its comfort like you used to.

    It wasn’t until you stripped yourself down, body jolting uncontrollably and writhing in pain, when he finally revealed himself.

    You couldn’t even properly warn him before you could feel everything start to warp together, and your much more inhuman persona taking over. 

    Your desperate cries for him to run away were drowned out by animalistic grunts and howls.

    He watched with a pale face as your face twisted and elongated into a snout, your bones shifted and grew until they were threatening to protrude from your skin.

    (h/c) hair sprouted from your skin until you were completely covered.

    Holy shit, were those claws?

    Time dragged on. 

    He couldn’t move.

    You finally straightened up to your full height, head touching the tree branches above. Drool dribbled from your snout as you bared your elongated sharp teeth, face twisted in pure bestial rage, glaring down at him with those all-too familiar gold eyes.

    All Lester could do was stare up at you, eyes watery and his face devoid of colour.

    After what felt like an hour of silence, you let out a huff and retreated into the surrounding woods, leaving Lester in his stupor.




    so, his partner can transform into a 9-foot tall, feral, terrifying beast that could easily kill him if they pleased...?

    That would certainly explain, well, everything. Your odd first encounter, your eyes, your unexplained trips into the woods...

    Also, what the fuck, werewolves actually exist?


    It was a lot for both of you to take in; he was completely stunned, and you were debating whether or not you should even come home that night. He probably didn’t even want to see you, right? He’d probably chase you off. It would be the smart thing to do. 

    Who the hell wants a violent monster in their life anyway?

    (literally the entire slasher/monster fucker community, but whatever)

    The morning after, he found you passed out on his doorstep, almost identical to how you looked when he first met you.

    Everything clicked in that moment, and he finally snapped out of his night-long stupor.

    He had so many questions.

    But first, your well-being was his top priority, and just like how he did many months ago, he didn’t hesitate to rush to your side and bring you to safety.


    In the present:

    You and Lester are literally that meme of the cute happy dog sitting beside the Kessler werewolf statue (this one).

    He LOVES to cuddle up to your wolf form; you’re at least twice his size, fluffy, and radiate lots of body heat. You are the best all-natural bed ever (once he gets you to stop growling at him).

    If you’re not opposed to it, you’re able to eat raw meat. It’s certainly a pro for him, since you can hunt for yourself, he has one less mouth to feed. He does insist on snagging some fresh roadkill for you whenever he can, because he loves you :)

    Will be more than happy to give you head/back scratches.

    Jonesy’s behaviour made so much sense to him. Of course she admired you, she was aware of how powerful you really were. She saw you as the leader of the pack (and of course you loved her just as much).

    Oh, and he ADORES how protective you are of him. No matter how tall or short your human form is, you always step in and guard him from whatever poses a threat.

    Whether it’s a rude tourist or Bo being a dick, you always step in and defend Lester.

    You growled at Bo once. Like, a full-on guttural wolf growl.

    “Christ, what the fuck was that, (y/n)!?” meanwhile Lester was cackling like a witch from behind you.

    If you ever become comfortable with showing him, Vincent would be fascinated by your unique eyes, and perhaps try to draw or paint them. Thankfully he never pried too much about your, uh, “condition”.

    Lester makes sure you have a soft landing on full moon nights. Those nights were always the hardest for you, when your body and mind completely betray you and you’re forced to succumb to your own power. The emotional and physical exhaustion wore you down badly.

    He greets you with a comforting hug, whispering sweet words in your ear as he guides you to the bathroom to help you get cleaned up. He caters to your every whim; fetching water or food from the kitchen, tending to your wounds, or even just letting you pass out on top of him.

    Eager to help in any way he can (he just wants an excuse to hang out with a giant werewolf, could you blame him?)

    He talks you down. Even when you’re towering over him, claws outstretched, and baring your large teeth, he tries his best to calm you. Hands reaching out to your hulking frame, speaking to you with that gentle, kind tone you loved so much.

    “(y/n)? ... hey, hey, hey, it’s alright, darlin’. it’s just me... it’s time to come home now.”

    INCREDIBLY patient with you.

    I like to think that you’ve helped him become more confident and assertive. I mean, if he can tame a seething beast, surely he can do anything.

    Talking back to Bo, for example:

    Bo: you can be such a dumbass sometimes

    Lester: uh... no u

    (cue you going “OOHHHHH” in the background)

    To conclude, he wouldn’t let your powers get in the way of your relationship. If anything he just thought you were the coolest, most badass person he had ever met.

    Besides, after everything you’ve done for him, do you really think he’d let you go so easily?

    It would’ve been real stupid of him to chase his light, his joy, out of his life for no real reason. It didn’t matter if you had supernatural powers, he loved you dearly, and he certainly won’t be letting you struggle with them alone.

    In his words, “you can get used to anything if you’re around it long enough”. Including, but not limited to, coexisting with a monster.

    ~ ♡ ~


    i really wanted to write this in a scenario/short story format, but bruh my brain was NOT cooperating. the headcanon format kinda allows you to be more informal and messy, so i just went with that. however, i do have two more scenarios i wanna make about this topic:

    1.) bo and vincent finding out about your powers

    2.) lester calming you down in your wolf form

    #house of wax #house of wax 2005 #lester sinclair #lester sinclair x reader #slashers #lester is a slasher in spirit. not in practice #slashers x reader #slasher fandom#slasher headcanons#slasher imagines#sinclair brothers#bo sinclair#vincent sinclair #ayo where's the writing
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  • ayo-wheres-the-pxprika
    08.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    vincent sinclair’s s/o doing his eyeliner

    summary: vincent gets the rodrick heffley treatment (with your help)

    vincent x gn! reader | scenario

    word count: 1,517

    warnings: none, really. reader is gender neutral but wears makeup, and your eyeshadow palette got some questionable names lmao

    ~ ♡ ~

    “Gah... shit.” You cursed under your breath, glaring at yourself in the small vanity mirror. You took a look at your makeup job, comparing the two wings drawn on your eyes: the left one at the perfect angle, but much too thin, and the other drawn with a perfect fluid stroke, but angled much too low.

    Maybe if you just... went over the line again...?

    Maybe that would fix it...

    Careful, careful...

    Oop, look at that, now it’s too thick.

    You let out a groan loud enough to catch Vincent’s attention, who was tending to his latest wax figure close by. Noticing him shift at the corner of your eye, you turned to see him looking at you over his shoulder, clearly interrupted by your sudden (and amusing) groan of defeat.

    “Ah, sorry Vin,” You spoke, raising a hand at him, “just... can’t get this wing right for my life.” Your attention was back on the mirror, eyes glaring back into your own as you mentally criticized your own work. It was usually much easier than this... maybe it was the lighting in the workshop? Or perhaps you were just not cooperating with yourself that day? Whatever the reason was, you were annoyed.

    Your little self-chastising session was interrupted by Vincent appearing at your side, staring curiously at you and your makeup splayed out on the bed, even going as far as to inspect the labels on your stuff. He had abandoned his project and was now more curious to find out whatever the fuck “Better Than Sex” mascara was supposed to be.

    “Please tell me you have some makeup experience?” You ask half-jokingly, “Maybe you could do it for me.” He responds with a small chuckle and a head shake.

    Vincent was an absolute chad when it came to art -- I mean, look at his wax exhibit. Look at his sketchbook, look at those “WIPS” that look like they belong in museums. You will never forget the time when he was fussing and moaning over a so-called “horrible sketch”, only to show you the most photorealistic drawing of a pineapple you had ever seen -- but with makeup, he’d be the first to admit that he knew next to nothing about it.

    However, that didn’t mean that it never peaked his interest. He had seen many women, and even some men, pass through town with impressive makeup looks. Eyes decorated with various shades, lips smeared with red or pink, skin carefully painted to appear clean and unblemished -- makeup was an art of itself, and Vincent was curious to learn more.

    While cleaning off your unsuccessful eyeliner attempt, you watched Vincent look through your pile of cosmetics with gentle hands, giggling as he took in an interest in your large eyeshadow palette consisting of various vibrant colours (hey y/n, why is this shade called “sloppy toppy”?).

    An idea suddenly came to mind... “Vincent, have you ever worn makeup before?”

    You were met with a head shake.

    “... do you maybe wanna change that?”

    His head perked up. You couldn’t read his expression with the mask on, but you could see his one eye blinking at you.

    “I’m just not cooperating with myself right now, I was thinking maybe I’d do a better job on someone else’ face...?” 

    No response just yet.

    “I could really use the practice anyway...” 


    “... I can make you look cool...”

    You could’ve sworn you saw his eyebrow raise.

    “... it would make me really happy?”

    Alright, now he’s nodding.

    You cleared the bed with a happy squeal, dumping your supplies in an unflattering pile by your side. Vincent sat crisscross-applesauce on the bed before staring at you, a noticeable glint in his eye. What a cutie.

    There was a few moments of awkward silence as you both just stared expectantly at each other before you finally spoke, “Uh, Vinnie, I’m gonna need you to remove the mask.”

    Luckily, you and Vincent have already crossed that bridge and he complies without too much hesitance. Though, that doesn’t stop him from tilting his head down when he places the mask beside him, allowing a couple strands of dark hair to obscure the scarred half of his face.

    You place a hand on his chin and lift his face, giving him a reassuring warm smile, “Aw, there he is.” You coo, lightly ‘booping’ his nose with your finger, to which he responds with a scrunched nose, a sheepish smile and flushed cheeks.

    Well, here you are. You got Vincent Sinclair, unmasked, sitting in front of you, allowing you to do his makeup... what do you do?

    The options are endless, my friend...

    For now though, you were focused on perfecting your eyeliner skills. The colorful drag makeup and SFX were gonna have to wait. Vincent in eyeliner sounded like a dream. His long dark hair, handsome face, and looming figure, paired with dark eye makeup would certainly be an appealing sight. 

    “What are you gonna do?” He signed.

    Oh, Vincent... you knew exactly what to do.

    Since this was his first time wearing eye makeup, you wanted to keep it fairly simple, but still eye-catching. All you needed was a black pencil liner, black eyeshadow, and some mascara. 

    You went to work, finding it much easier than you had anticipated; you managed to draw the perfect wing on his eye and dragged it down about halfway across his bottom lash line. Once that was finished, you carefully went over it with eyeshadow to prevent smudging and blended them together to create the perfect fade into his skin. 

    Vincent had been very patient throughout the process, appreciating how gently you treated him. He loved how you held his face with careful hands and made an effort to be soft with him. Even when you were almost stabbing his eye with the mascara wand, he tried not to twitch too much or complain.

    You finished with a smile and a breathy “alright”, and leaned back to get a good look at your final product...

    … you paused.

    Now, you had been so caught up in the process that you didn’t exactly pay attention to Vincent himself. Sure, you had focused on drawing the perfect lines to compliment his eyes, but you never actually stepped back and took a good look at him at any point. Too busy fussing over the details to take in the bigger picture.

    You stared.

    Oh man.

    He looked good.

    Heat rushed to your face.

    Oh no...

    ... he’s HOT.

    You sat, eyes gazing into his, with your mouth slightly ajar, “Oh...” was all you could say.

    Yeah, “oh...” is right. Sweet merciful heavens.

    Vincent shifted under your dumbfounded stare, immediately assuming the worse. Did he look bad? Oh shit, maybe makeup just wasn’t for him?

    “Vincent, you look...” you finally spoke, “...babe, you’re hot.”

    That made him freeze up. “Hot”? Him? Wow... has he ever been called “hot” before? Usually Bo’s the one that gets compliments like that. Did you really find him that attractive?

    “You look so good, Vinnie!!” You beamed, raising the mirror to let him have a look, “Look at you, oh my god?”

    (y/n), bro, please, the man’s about to have a short circuit-- oh wait. 

    He did a double take at his reflection. 

    Huh... oh damn... shit, okay, maybe you were right. 

    Sure, it wasn’t much, just a smoky border around his eye with a little wing; but it made one hell of a difference to him. 

    He adjusted his long black hair, noticing how well it complimented his look. He bore a resemblance to those handsome goth guys he sees every once in a while; their dark hair, audacious style, and daring looks in their eyes. Or maybe like those mysterious vampiric men in horror films, with long capes and smiles flashing razor sharp teeth.

    He felt an unfamiliar sense of satisfaction with himself begin to blossom. Was it confidence? Maybe he should start walking around like this? Wait no, no, that would mean going out without his mask... maybe he could do both? Oh, but he also wanted to show off the fantastic job you did.

    Your giggling snapped him out of his stupor, he didn’t realize he was practically checking himself out right in front of you. Not only was it amusing, it was also incredibly endearing; you knew how critical Vincent was of his looks, specifically his face. To see him like this was a step in the right direction, even if it was only for a short amount of time.

    “I’ll take that as a good sign?” You smiled, not only at finally conquering your cosmetics and doing a damn good job, but also at your stunning boyfriend. Confidence was a good look on him. He deserved to feel positively about himself for once, “Maybe when you’re ready, we can show you off to Bo and Lester.”

    “Don’t even think about it.” He signed, but his frequent glances back at the mirror told a different story.

    Never underestimate the power of a couple black lines drawn on your eyes.

    ~ ♡ ~

    (a/n) me writing vincent like “i’m going to create a man that is so queercoded and worthy of happiness”

    #house of wax #house of wax 2005 #vincent sinclair#slashers#slasher fandom #slashers x reader #vincent sinclair x reader #slasher imagines#slasher scenarios#sinclair brothers #ayo where's the writing
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  • ayo-wheres-the-pxprika
    04.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    the sinclairs as cats (and how to deal with them)

    sorry if the formatting here is absolute garbage lol

    - personally, i like to picture them as a trio of Norwegian Forest cats (the big long haired, majestic mfs)

    - Bo and Vincent are obviously identical, both sharing the same dark chocolate fur with black stripes here and there. Bo has a scar on the back of his head from their separation, but his fur makes it easy to cover up. Vincent, much like his human counterpart, has facial scars covering half of his face, leaving him with only one eye.

    - Lester shares the same fur pattern as the other two, but with different shades: like a gingerbread brown with sandy stripes. He was the runt of the litter, so he’s noticeably shorter than his brothers.

    - they love each other!! there is no tension, no murder (of humans, at least), and no trauma -- they are CATS. ALL THEY KNOW IS MEOW.

    - trudy and victor don’t exist lol sucks for them

    alright, onto the three amigos:


    A. Massive. Bitch.

    this mf is LOUD. and TALKATIVE. he’s got this raspy meow so all you ever hear all day is “mreEEOWW MREOOWWWWW” 24/7 just “MREEEEOOWWW”

    he sounds like the “imma put my cat on the mic” meme video thing

    100% the kind of cat that wakes you up at ass o’clock in the morning for food. everyday you wake up to little slaps and “MREEOWW” in your ear.

    can be a bit of a bully. to his brothers, to random critters passing by, to your neighbours’ pets, even to YOU.

    nothing he loves more than challenging the giant human that provides for him.

    oddly enough, he’s an absolute angel around strangers.

    anytime you bring guests over, he does a complete 180 and cuddles up to them; giving them a warm welcome, rubbing against their legs, and purring up a storm. you gotta hand it to him, he’s great at first impressions.

    but once your guests leave, or they become a frequent visitor, he goes back to being angry ol’ Bo (affectionate).


    he is a not-so secret softie

    he actually likes to help look after Vincent and Lester. grooming them, watching over them as they eat, hissing at anyone/anything that poses a threat. hell, he even likes to look after YOU.

    at least once a day, he’ll attempt to lick your skin clean.

    he’ll glare at you and his brothers, trying to convince you guys that he’s just doing y’all a favour. don’t let his narrow eyes fool you though, he adores his family.

    he also loves cuddling with you, but only when there’s no one else present. 

    sometimes you’ll awake in the middle of the night to this furball curled up at your side, snuggled against you and quietly purring.

    whenever you pet him, he tries acting like he doesn’t notice or like it, but like... he’s clearly kneading the blanket.

    scratch the back of his ear, he loves it

    despite him being a prick sometimes, he’s a very good cat :)


    SUCH a handsome and sweet cat omg

    very shy and introverted. takes him a few weeks to warm up to any new presences. while Lester and Bo welcome your guests, he usually runs off, hides, and observes from afar.

    he often hid from you the first few weeks after adopting them.

    but once you get on his good side, this bitch is CLINGY.

    accompanying you as you go about, curling up beside you when you’re chilling out (yooo that rhymed, i’m dr seuss up in this bitch), and his personal favourite: falling asleep with you.

    you wake up to go use the restroom in the middle of the night, but Vincent’s all nice and comfy on your chest... what do you do? do you piss yourself or disturb your little baby’s slumber... what do you do?

    it always pisses Bo off, that’s HIS human. HE should be the one cuddling you.

    loves physical affection, but also enjoys just. idk staring at you.

    you’ll be chilling on your laptop/phone, look up, and he’s just “👁️”

    quite an elegant little guy too. he hops from furniture to furniture as if he weighs nothing. he seems to walk with grace too.

    has a weird obsession with candles that you’ll never be able to figure out. kinda likes to rub himself against them when they’re unlit. does he like the feeling of wax? does he like the smell? who knows

    rarely talks, but has the loudest purrs of the bunch. once you start petting him, it’s like you have a small motorbike in your lap :)

    likes to bring home “gifts” for you (dead animals)

    listen, no matter how gross you might think it is, just give him head pats anyway. please. he deserves it. it’s just his way of showing you he cares. he loves you bruh.

    despite his thick fur, he gets cold pretty easily, hence why his favourite spots are your heater, your computer, and eventually your lap.

    he also enjoys sitting by the window and observing the world outside. if you can, set up a little bed with a heating pad close by, this little man will be over the moon.

    (especially if you sat nearby)


    absolute ray of sunshine, holy shit

    due to his smaller stature, he’s not as intimidating to other animals as his brothers. he’s also a primary target for Bo’s headassery (just brotherly love, don’t worry).

    Vincent is his go-to nap buddy. As much as Vinnie enjoys alone time, he also loves his little bro.

    Lester is a very talkative cat, much like Bo. however, he speaks in trills and “mrrps”. he likes having little conversations with you.

    usually the one who greets you when you come home. he’ll try jumping into your arms and expects you to catch him (istg you better catch him...)

    easily the favourite amongst your guests. Vincent is shy and Bo is an attention whore, but Lester genuinely wants to hang out and make new friends.

    just an extroverted and friendly little guy. if you didn’t know any better, you would’ve assumed he was raised by puppies.

    much more outdoorsy than his brothers; if it’s possible, try keeping a window open so he can come and go as he pleases, keep an ear out for his meows at the door, or just take him for frequent walks.

    imagine kitty!lester sleeping amongst a flower bed :((

    NOT a hunter, would much rather observe and befriend the little critters that pass through his property, even if they don’t always like him back.

    one time he (somehow) successfully befriended an opossum and strutted back home, eager to show you his new friend.

    you just sat there like “wtf aren’t cats supposed to be territorial? this mf acting like this is a disney movie”

    but his welcoming nature is what makes him... well, Lester.

    since he enjoys going outside, he gets dirty pretty often. usually a quick brush should be enough (along with self-grooming, and Bo’s help), but you definitely have to bathe him more often than the other two.

    thankfully, he’s doesn’t have a huge aversion to water and is quite tolerable when it comes to baths.

    he LOVES getting brushed, so he ends up having the fluffiest fur of the trio. fluffiest little gingerbread cookie you’ve ever seen.


    i just want you to imagine Jonesy with these three cats who absolutely adore her.

    Bo attempting to groom her fur as she sits like “:DD”

    Vincent napping with her on the couch.

    Her tagging along with Lester on his walks.

    Just :((( <3

    (this was fun! i might just have to write about these three losers more often)

    #house of wax #house of wax 2005 #bo sinclair#vincent sinclair#lester sinclair#slashers#slasher fandom #this is technically a reader insert right?? #bo sinclair x reader #vincent sinclair x reader #lester sinclair x reader #??? i think #slasher headcanons #ayo where's the writing
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  • aweirdartist
    01.12.2021 - 5 monts ago


    holy shit i didn’t think y’all would like that drawing so much sheesh-

    #art#digital art#slashers#horror movies#movies#horror fandom #house of wax #house of wax 2005 #house of wax vincent #slasher art #vincent sinclair x michael myers #ayo what the fuck #rz michael myers #michael myres#holy sh*t#ilysm#ily all
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  • naijaoxford
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    DOWNLOAD: Neon Adejo Ft. Ayo Vincent – Glory Maker

    DOWNLOAD: Neon Adejo Ft. Ayo Vincent – Glory Maker

    Neon Adejo Ft. Ayo Vincent – Glory Maker, mp3 Download, Audio, song, music DOWNLOAD: Neon Adejo Ft. Ayo Vincent – Glory Maker (Video Lyrics) Nigeria Award Gospel Singer Neon Adejo Collaborate With Ayo Vincent on the Release of the Gospel song Tagged Glory Maker Download Glory Maker by Neon Adejo Worship Leader who Team up with Ayo Vincent, Download Audio song below and leave a Comment…

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    AUDIO: Neon Adejo Ft. Ayo Vincent – Glory Maker

    AUDIO: Neon Adejo Ft. Ayo Vincent – Glory Maker

    Neon Adejo Ft. Ayo Vincent – Glory Maker, mp3 Download, Audio, song, music DOWNLOAD: Neon Adejo Ft. Ayo Vincent – Glory Maker (Video Lyrics) Nigeria Award Gospel Singer Neon Adejo Collaborate With Ayo Vincent on the Release of the Gospel song Tagged Glory Maker Download Glory Maker by Neon Adejo Worship Leader who Team up with Ayo Vincent, Download Audio song below and leave a Comment…

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    #Ayo Vincent #Gospel music Download #Gospel Songs Download #Gospelhome#Naija Gospel #naija gospel songs #Neon Adejo
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    Ayo Vincent – You Are Great (Mp3 Download)

    Ayo Vincent – You Are Great (Mp3 Download)

    Ayo Vincent – You Are Great Ft. Joe Praize, mp3 Download, Audio, song, music DOWNLOAD MP3: Ayo Vincent – You Are Great Talented Nigeria singer Ayo Vincent come through with another worship Single Tagged You Are Great Featured Joe Praize Download Audio song below and drop Your Comment. Ayo Vincent – You Are…

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    Ayo Vincent – You Are Great (Mp3 Download)

    Ayo Vincent – You Are Great (Mp3 Download)

    Ayo Vincent – You Are Great Ft. Joe Praize, mp3 Download, Audio, song, music DOWNLOAD MP3: Ayo Vincent – You Are Great Talented Nigeria singer Ayo Vincent come through with another worship Single Tagged You Are Great Featured Joe Praize Download Audio song below and drop Your Comment. Ayo Vincent – You Are…

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    #Ayo Vincent #Gospel music Download #Gospel Songs Download #Gospelhome#Joe Praize #Joe Praize Songs
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    Ayo Vincent - Your Presence is Here Lyrics

    Ayo Vincent – Your Presence is Here Lyrics

    Ayo Vincent – Your Presence is Here Lyrics [Verse 1] You’ve never changed Forever You’re the same Alpha and Omega Miracle worker Sunshine in the rain Your word within our veins with our lives we proclaim You’re the wonder working father [Verse 2] Beginning and the end Our faith reaching out Receiving every answer From the wonder working father Creator of the universe Light in the dark Your…

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    Ayo Vincent ft. Joe Praize - You are Great Lyircs

    Ayo Vincent ft. Joe Praize – You are Great Lyircs

    Ayo Vincent ft. Joe Praize – You are Great Lyircs [Verse 1] For You are great, And my heart is full of praise For you are glorious, There is no one else like You For you are great, You are the Ancient of Days I lift my hands in praises To Your Name You’re the One Who makes my heart sing today [Verse 2] For You are great, You’re greatly to be praised In all the earth There is none like you For you…

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    Ayo Vincent - It’s You Lord Lyrics

    Ayo Vincent – It’s You Lord Lyrics

    Ayo Vincent – It’s You Lord Lyrics [Verse 1] God of increase The one who lifts the lifter It is you Lord, It is you Lord Source to the Giver The one the mighty runs to It is you Lord It’s you Lord It is you… God of wonders The one who lifts the lifter It is you Lord, It is you Lord Source to the Giver The one the mighty runs to It is you Lord, It is you Lord [Chorus] It is you, It is you No one…

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  • offbranddrpepsi
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    ayo can i get some yoru and chamber jealous nsfw hcs/scenarios!!!💆🏻

    You guys really like to fucking suffer don't you? Here we go, onto the freak shit! also bonus points to anyone who can dm me a good fucking Yoru gif to crop for these so i can stop using a static image. Also i apologize if they are short, i didn't want to have to do two parts and have tumblr yell at me for the character limit so if you want a full HC list or longer scenarios for either feel free to shoot me another ask or two.

    Yoru is the type of jealous that gets incredibly upset easily, he's a possessive lover (for good reason given fade's dossier on him struggling to keep loved ones around) so its not surprising when he gets a bit...hostile after someone flirts at you a bit too much It happened over time, building but eventually bursting. Ryo didn't voice his displeasure with how close you were to your ex, if it was out of respect or anger was up in the air but you very quickly learned just how much he was holding back one evening. The two of you kept your relationship on the down low due to Valorant's strict rules as well as not wanting the other to be targeted. Few knew you were dating and no one in your public life were the wiser, assuming the man was your roommate you had picked up some where. It's because of this your ex had felt so comfortable flirting with you in the open, obviously trying to win you back despite you turning him down again and again. All it took was one off hand crude comment to set your boyfriend off into a rage. "Come on, we could go back to your place and hook up like we used to. I'm sure your roommate wont mind how loud you are." Your rift walking partner snapped his head up at that, placing himself protectively between the two of you. Your ex seemed to feel the anger radiating off of the other man and booked it out of the bar you all were in. Ryo dragged you home not long after, absolutely fuming and popping off about how much of a prick that guy was. You weren't surprised when his mouth aggressively found yours, pinning you to a wall. What you didn't know was that your ex actually lived in the apartment next to your own, however Ryo had known that for a while now. The apartments were mirror images of each other meaning your bedroom shared the same wall as his, giving your boyfriend the perfect option at revenge. You were kept up late the night as Ryo fucked you hard and relentlessly. You tried your best to keep quiet but your partner knew exactly what to do to push your buttons, bringing crashing orgasm after orgasm as he went into the early hours of the morning. The next time you saw your ex he awkwardly apologized for his behavior much to your shock all the while Ryo was smirking behind you, incredibly proud that he proved exactly who you belonged to. You were covered in hickies and marks for days after which you did not mind at all.
    Chamber handles jealously with poise and elegance. He is confident to no end that he is the best partner you could have, the best person for you. But even a man full of confidence needs something to resolve his jealously and that is what has brought you here. It was just some meeting with other Kingdom officials that you were dragged along for due to convenience, not really having any interest in the business Vincent did outside of Valorant. An older man, much older than both you and your partner, had started chatting you up. All was well, Vincent even leaving to go speak to a coworker while you chatted. The older man quickly changed to much more...non HR compliant comments while you waited for the return of your boyfriend. By the time Vincent had returned the man was practically trying to drag you off to some vacant meeting room, causing the younger man to interject himself much more aggressively than he normally did. "Oh what was it you wanted my partner for?" The question sounded kind but you knew that tone of voice, it was laced with venom and a silent threat. "Mr. Fabron oh i must apologize, i thought they were an intern and was um offering to show them around." The older man was sheepish as your partner placed an arm around your waist, excusing the two of you for the night. "I'm going to kill that man later," your partner said nonchalantly as you two entered the hotel you were sharing for the time. "Men like him simply do not deserve to breath." This behavior wasn't really surprising, he held being a gentleman above most things so of course it irritated him when others stooped so low. As you and Vincent undressed a pair of arms found your waist, pulling you into a toned chest. "Now, will you indulge me tonight? Allow me to reinforce to you what a real man is like?" With a simple nod the back of your neck was showered in kisses, mumbled words lost against your skin as you were made dizzy by the affection. Well versed hands found their places and guided you to bed. The sex was utterly passionate as you had expected, Vincent worshipping your body and rewarding you with endless praise as he worked you ragged. This seemingly little act helped the man reassure to himself that he was the only one that could make you feel this way, the only one allowed to make you this way. As the night dragged on you were exhausted, Vincent settling himself inside you as the two of you dozed off.
    #chamber x reader #valorant x reader #valorant#chamber valorant #yoru x reader #yoru valorant#naughty
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  • qhasideas
    30.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Vincent and Agner totally not flirting

    lordel walking in: ayo 📸😳

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  • lovelii-toshii
    02.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I associate you with that song ‘teeth’ by 5seconds of summer

    And the color pink, and Vincent

    listened to it and omg it sucha good song !!! def going to my playlist ayo what if vincent in pink 👀 itll look good on him

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  • ackermanbitch
    27.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Ayo redacted headcannon dump?(you don’t have to if you don’t want to obviously but if you do we can start a thread!)

    YESSS i love seeing everyone's headcanons so here are some of mine :) remember these are all just my personal idea, COMPLETELY FANON.

    - david wears those silicone ring things

    - asher has no sense of style, someone pls help that poor boy dress

    - milo isnt actually THAT short, hes just considered short cus everyone in the pack is like unbelievably tall

    - david used to love max's rustic pizza but hasnt been there since the accident

    - vincent is utterly terrified of spiders, i mean fucking horrified, hes called SAM before to come kill them for him

    - sam loves breakfast tacos. thats all i have to say. he fuckin loves em.

    - i think aggro is orange, he gives off orange cat energy im sorry (i have an orange cat i can say that)

    - angel has asked david if they could get a pet, it didnt go well.

    - david's a fucking nerd

    thats just some of em, id love to hear yours!

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