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  • crowfrombackdoor
    27.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Is it possible for others to be normal about people of color at least once

    #like i saw discourse over the fact that bts is speaking about asian hate. huh. #discourse. over asians. speaking about asian hate.
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  • min-yunki-agustd
    27.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    Lost On A Road Trip - Part: 4

    Part: 1

    Part: 2

    Part :3

    TW: Nausea , V*** etc

    LET'S GO!

    Sickie: yoongi

    Caretaker: Seokjin and Namjoon


    Namjoon woke up. He sat up in the shared bed. him yg and Jin all had to sleep in one bed it was the only room available in the hotel. They were lucky to find somewhere to sleep at all. He got up and put his phone on the charger. Jin began to wake up as well. Watching namjoon as he put all the boy's phones on chargers. He sat back down on the bed once he was done. Jin speaks with a groggy voice. what are we gonna do now? Namjoon huffs. "We should call the manager once one of the phones comes back on and uhh..." he looks over to yoongi. Yoongi was still sleeping laying on his side. " get some breakfast for yoongi" I really don't think he was just car sick, he also passed out" " he threw up a lot namjoon looked back at Jin. " well, Jin's eyes look back to namjoons direction. Jin takes a deep breath before speaking. " He's said before that when he's carsick or airsick that his nausea lingers for a bit. jin sits up from his previous laying position.

    "I suppose so." Namjoon answers. Namjoons eyes shift to yoongi. Jin follows his eyes as well curious to see what's going on. Yoongi was sitting up from bed. he had woken up from all the talking. He was a little grumpy that they woke him. but Yoongi had a more concerning problem on his hands. He was gonna puke.

    Yoongi calmly gets up from the bed and walks straight to the bathroom. Namjoon and Jin could see that Yoongi eyes were quenched as tho the light was too bright. The boys could tell he was annoyed and that something was bothering him. There was something namjoon almost missed yoongi do while he briskly walked to the bathroom. Yoongi put his hand on his stomach just as he was out of their line of sight. Well, almost, namjoon caught him holding his stomach. Jin gets up from the bed and walks to his phone. He hears yoongi close and looks at the bathroom door.

    JIn and namjoon both look at each other. Jin goes back to turning on his phone leaving it on the charger. It lit up and he was able to check his messages. he had at least 50 plus calls from the members and the manager. The other members were all worried.

    "I'm gonna call the manager," he says to namjoon. He does so quickly. Joon is watching jin as he does so but hears the sink turn on in the bathroom.

    _______ yoongi's pov__________

    Yoongi felt an ache in his stomach and nausea hit him like a bus. He couldn't really lay down any longer and try to sleep he had to get to the bathroom he was gonna puke. Plus Namjoon and Jin were talking so loudly it was hard to. He sat up, eyes still closed. He wanted so desperately to keep them shut but he had to know where he was going while he walked.

    He kept his eyes squinched the light feeling like it was attacking his head. The walk to the bathroom felt so long. He was focusing on a gag that was stuck in his throat. His stomach cramped. It was sore but it was just as nauseous as it was in the care. his head began to pound from the force of his swallowing. He began to walk briskly. He waited up till he was just about inside the bathroom to hold his stomach not wanting the others to see or worry.

    He sat in front of the toilet and waited. His mouth watered and he could feel it coming. He gaged. nothing. He was a bit disappointed. He hoped to get it over with so he could let the nausea go away. he gagged again still nothing. nausea only worsens with every passing moment. He held on tightly to his stomach. Yoongi pressed down hoping to get something up.

    His stomach ceased and clenched still nothing. He was still nasiou. He was left with an ache in his skull from the focus of gagging. He had a migraine. That explained why he woke up feeling so bad and why the lights are killing him.

    ____________ end of pov___________________

    Jin speaks with the manager. the manager expresses his concerns and tells them what they need to do now. The manager also sends extra money they had to convert it since Korean won wouldn't be accepted anywhere in this country. The manager said that once they find their location he'd send people to come and get them. He told them, for now, to take care of themselves and to stay safe. The manager says that he will call them again with more information.

    Jin was relieved to know that manager had things under control. The only thing they need to do is to be safe and give them their location. but for now, they'd start with breakfast. Jin was absolutely starving.

    Jin hangs up the phone and relays the message to namjoon. He wants to do the same to yoongi to let him know what was going on but he was still in the bathroom. Jin decides to knock on the bathroom door. He just wanted to make sure yoongi was alright.

    "Yoongi! You alright in there?" Jin asked knocking on the door repeatedly. " There was only the sound of running water. And then a weak-sounding reply. " Yeah hung I'm alright!" Jin wasn't so sure about that.

    Yoongi was now hovering over the sink throwing cold water on his face. He raised his mouth a few times as well nausea still resonated in his stomach. He hadn't thrown up but he still had a gross taste in his mouth. His stomach was achy and sore. Just like before.

    Jin and namjoon prepared themselves to go find breakfast. They decided they would go to the hotel's free breakfast downstairs. They put on the shoes and grabbed the only things they had on them which were wallets and the jackets they had on.

    They waited patiently for yoongi to get out of the bathroom. yoongi was a bit sluggish but he was finally out. Jin " jokingly asked what took him so long. My stomach was hurting. yoongi says bluntly not really lying but avoiding the truth. JIn left him alone after that and they headed stairs via the elevator. the elevator's lights were far too bright for yoongi's eyes he held on to his temples. the movement also jostled his stomach. Namjoon saw everything. Namjoon asked. " Do you have a migraine hyung?" look down at yoongi. " Yeah" yoongi answered but that's all he says.

    they got to the kitchen buffet area of the hotel. It was quite nice. They had lots of options. yoongi was not interested in eating he only wanted sleep. He told Namjoon and Jin that he was gonna sit down for a moment. Yoongi went and found a table for three. He sat down and rested his head on the table.

    JIn and Namjoon grabbed everything in sight. They also grabbed something light and easy to eat for yoongi. They knew he wasn't feeling great but he had to eat to get better.

    They came and sat at the table yoongi picked out. Yoongi lifts his aching head. Namjoon and Jin covered the table with plates of food. Jin takes the plate they put together for yoongi in front of him.

    "We can pick up some medication from the store after you eat. namjoon had already started eating. JIn dug in too. Yoongi sat there with his hands in his lap staring down at the plate that contained toast, grits, and yogurt along with a plastic cup of fruit. Yoongi knew he wasn't going to be able to eat all that. He didn't even eat breakfast on a regular morning back at home.

    Jin notices that yoongi has had a single bite of his food. "yoongi eat some." " so you can have something on your stomach I know you're hungry." Yoongi wasn't the slightest bit hungry but he picked up his spoon. he knew JIn would be upset if he didn't try. Yoongi picks up the spoon.

    Namjoon finishes his food. Joon sits and waits for the others to finish. " Come on yoons just a little more. " Yoongi was absolutely stuffed he couldn't have one more bight or it comes straight back up. He can already feel the food swirl in his stomach. " Hyung I really can't have anymore." Jin didn't want him feeling worse so he dropped it. Namjoon stands. "Alright then if everyone is ready! let's go get yoongi some meds. " " ok but let's ask the front desk person for the location and name of the hotel so I can text it to the manager.

    Alright, then they all got up and left the table. Yoongi's stomach dropped when he stood up. that wasn't a very good sign. a strong wave of nausea surged threw him. He held on to his stomach. His head pounds once again. The migraine made everything ten times worse.

    Once they made it to the desk Namjoon asked the front desk lady what the name of the hotel was and what was the place called. The front desk person spoke broken English. but they managed to give the information needed. Yoongi began to feel extremely sick while they were talking. like SUPER sick. yoongi pulls on Jin's coat like a little kid to get his hyungs attention. "namjoon? ask where the bathroom " Namjoons mind went blank he was a bit confused. " Just ask joon!" Jin had figured out why yoongi needed the bathroom

    namjoon asked the lady, "Uhh where's your bathro- " Yoongi gagged into the palm of his hand. he could barely keep control of his stomach. what more could go wrong Yoongi though.


    this got way too long lol. part 5 is already planned out don't worry *wink* I hope you enjoy it!

    #sickie!yoongi #bts sickfic#sick bts#bts emeto#tw nausea#tw vomit #tw emeto ment #btssickfic request#tw emetophobia#namjoon caretaker#sickieyoongi #sickie!suga #sicksuga #Caretaker!Namji #Caretakernamjoon #caretaker!seokjin #caretaker!namjoon
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  • serendipitlix
    27.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    one of the many ways in which I relate to Yoongi is that I too am in fact willing to do a lot of silly stuff if accompanied by my emotional support extrovert

    #was at a dance last night and my friend left for a bit and when she came back i SPRINTED across the dancefloor to meet her #going ''i'm so glad you're back i can't dance without my extrovert'' #bts#sope #(in a strictly platonic sense) #suga#jhope
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  • jaeyunsim
    27.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    the way this edit is gonna be real next week lmao

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  • min-yunki-agustd
    27.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    of course, I'd love to! may I add that I look up to you! 😁 you're amazing!

    Sickie Jimin

    25. "No, I'm starving."

    30. "Yup! I'm right as rain."

    Tw: nausea, mentions of emeto and V********


    BTS had just finished dance practice. They were waiting for the ride to dinner. They were being taken to a restaurant just outside of town. They were extremely tired and ready to just go home and sleep but the reservation was already made ahead of time by the staff.

    Jimin was starving. Working on the dance and new songs really took all his energy today. He was sure the members felt the same. If they didn't get to this place soon his stomach would eat its self. It was dark outside they'd finished practice quite late at night. They shouldn't even be eating this late it always messed with his stomach when he did.

    They eventually made it. To the restaurant. Most of the members were knocked out. even namjoon could be heard snoring lying against yoongi. All the members woke up and got out of the car. once they were all out they headed to the restaurant.

    Jimin's stomach growled loudly as he walked. Jungkook who was walking beside him heard it and giggled " Yoy hungry Jiminie hyung" Jungkook giggled loudly. " No, I'm starving !" Jimin elaborates putting his hand on his talkative stomach. They got a table and waited for the waiter to come back. They ordered their drinks. Most of them geting beers and sprite.

    Bts sit and wait to order. talking, laughing, and messing around. All accept Jimin. They had waited so long to heat that hunger and nausea began to set in. to his luck the waiter came. They almost didn't notice when the waiter had come back. They ordered their food. They were so loud and playful despite being tired. Jimin Hadn't felt like joining. He was too hungry and becoming nauseous because of it.

    They ordered their food. One by one. They all planned to share but each member wanted something specific. Jimin order off the menu but didn't really care what he ate he just needed it to come fast. Jimin now held his stomach in his hands trying to wait for the best he could. Jungkook noticed how sick his hyung was starting to look.

    "Uhhh, Jimin? " Jimin turned to look at jungkook who was tapping Jimin's shoulder trying to get his attention. "are you alright?" Jungkook looked Jimin up and down. Jimin says trying to put enthusiasm in his voice "Yup! I'm right as rain." Jungkook was about to say something but he was interrupted by the waiter with food. Jimin was glad Jungkook didn't get the chance to ask any more questions cause then he'd find out that Jimin lied. Jimin didn't want them to worry and plus the food was here now he was gonna be fine after he ate.

    Jimin was ravenous he like the other members ate everything. They all ate quickly and fiercely though the meals were steaming. They ate threw the heat blowing on their food and scoffing it down. Jimin and Taehyung almost fought over the last piece of meat but the fight ended when Rm asked the waiter the bring more.

    after eating everyone was extremely stuffed. Jimin's stomach was extremely bloated and he rubbed at it every time his tummy would speak. His stomach jostled as he walked out of the restaurant with the other members.

    they all sat where they were before. Jungkook fell asleep on Jimin's shoulder before the car even start moving. He slowly began to fall asleep himself to the rhythm of the car. Then it hit him with a series of potholes in the road. He was immediately awoken. Jimin felt groggy and nausous. His stomach painfully dropped. Jostling with the movement of the car. He tried settling back down. figuring that it was only a little bit of carsickness. Though he'd be fine if he just slept till they were there. Not even 3 mins late did he wake up again. He started to panic. He was gonna puke.

    He's gotta tell someone to get the driver to stop. But it was too late. He could barely talk. "Uhhh guys I-" Jimin lurked forward. He gaged. Jungkook was still knocked out beside him. J-hope was in front of them and turned around quickly once he heard a sickening slat. " UHHH NAMJOON" Jhope panicked. "JIMIN'S THROWING UP! " Jhope yells waking up every sleeping person in the car.

    Jimin retched. spattering sick all over the seat in front of him. Jhope held on to his both and gagged in his hand. Namjoon looked back at the members. " this is gonna be a long night..." he murmured.

    ___________________________ ___________________________

    Thanks for requesting I hope you enjoy it!

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  • a-hoe-in-human-form
    27.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    i hope joon isn’t too nervous about the white house speech

    #he got this #bts white house #bts#rm#namjoon#joon#kim namjoon #bts kim namjoon #bts joon#bts namjoon#bts rm
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  • chuleame
    26.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    Consejos para el cuidado de la piel de BTS en India | Cuidado de la piel coreano para hombres | Consejos de belleza coreanos | Piel de vidrio coreana, hindi

    Consejos para el cuidado de la piel de BTS en India | Cuidado de la piel coreano para hombres | Consejos de belleza coreanos | Piel de vidrio coreana, hindi

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  • yourlieinbangtan
    26.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    *phantom of the opera overture plays

    thin fingers skim across the raised black keys

    one click, the power button

    a screen lighting up

    a slight smirk

    an idea

    how dangerous


    stay tuned bangtan smut lovers~

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  • kumarecs
    26.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    Rec List

    (m) - mature themes | (s) - series | (a) - angst | (f) - fluff


    ☆ honey (m)(a) - jungkook likes to think he’s not scared of dying. (okayymochi)

    ☆ bitchin’ (m)(s)(a) - The 80s were a time of choices. Which perm was right for you? What color neon would you wear next? None of these choices, however, were more questionable than a certain deal you made with Jeon Jungkook. (kinktae)

    ☆ like stars in a constellation (m)(f)(a) - meeting in reverse au (taegills)

    ☆ SPF 50 (m)(f) - “If you have to spend your summer home from college working a job you hate, it might as well include sitting by the pool with Jungkook. Now if only kids could stop vomiting in it.”  (gimmeyoon)

    ☆ sex education (m)(s)(f) - "You want me to... what?" Jungkook chokes on his croissant, and how could he fucking not, with you looking at him with those pleading eyes, asking for something that he knows would get him into jail. Well, maybe not like actual jail. But definitely the Bro Code Jail. The jail where only bros who broke the Bro code went to. (extravaguk)

    ☆ not yet. (m)(s)(f)(a) - jungkook feels the pang of guilt in his gut when you spot your recent ex out with his new girl, and what better way to make the jerk hurt than to have him believe you were now dating him, the neighbor he had been insecure about your whole relationship. (bratkook)

    ☆ wanted (m)(s)(a)(f) - You were a deserter, a renegade, a wanted “criminal”. It was never in your plans to crash land on that planet, and it most certainly wasn’t in your plans to fall in love with it’s handsome ruler. (jincherie)

    ☆ bad influence (m)(s)(a)(f) - in which you know Jungkook is a bad influence on you, but you can’t avoid falling for him every time. (noteguk)

    ☆ idealizations concerning real life relations (m)(a)(f) - jungkook loves to be loved, but he doesn’t love in return. (venusiangguk)

    ☆ incoming: elite chat boy (m)(s)(f) - welcome to Elite Chatroom, a sex chat company with a wide variety of services such as text messaging, phone call, and video chat. you signed up online for the most basic text service plan not knowing what to expect, but you certainly didn’t think you’d end up actually liking the man behind the screen. (kookingtae)

    ☆ airplane, pt.2 (m)(s)(a)(f) - jungkook jeon stole six million dollars. it’s your job to bring him home.  but finding him – and keeping him in one place is not that simple. then shit gets weird. (xjoonchildx)

    ☆ EXPLORER (m)(f) - Jungkook does not want to impress the frankly tyrannical ways of his planet on you. He just wants to stay here and keep your couch warm for you, hold your hair back when you wash your face in the morning. (1kook)

    ☆ acatalepsy (m)(s)(a) - Jungkook didn’t understand, and the longer he ponders it, he realizes maybe he never will. Some things are just better left unknown, he supposes. But that didn’t mean one had to face them alone.  (1kook)

    ☆ to build a home (m)(s)(a)(f) - ceo!jk + dilf!jk x nanny!oc (soft4gguk)

    ☆ moonlight melody (m)(s)(a)(f) - when your loving best friend playfully pranks you one too many times, you decide that revenge is best served hot, over a period of thirty days, and with a little extra help from the best violinist you know (sorry jimin). (gukyi)

    ☆ A Holiday Snowdown (m)(a)(f) - The Inn on the Hill is in trouble. Or that’s what your boss, Namjoon, says during the last-minute All Staff holiday meeting he calls. You need money, and you need money fast, or his parents are planning to sell the resort. When no one can think of an easy solution, Namjoon proposes his parents’ idea: a weeklong social media blitz with a celebrity guest. The celebrity? None other than Jungkook Jeon himself: two-time Olympic gold medalist, world-class snowboarder and the nation’s sweetheart. What’s the problem? You happen to have met Jungkook Jeon before, and sincerely hoped you’d never see him again. (kpopfanfictrash)

    ☆ The Art of War More (m)(a)(f) - Jeon Jungkook had messed with you for the last time. That was what you thought when the hockey team – led by the insufferable Jungkook – kicked your dance team out again from your reserved room at the gym. In retaliation, you planned a prank of epic proportions and were caught in the act by none other than Jungkook himself. Before the rift between you could grow any deeper, you accidentally overheard something you were not meant to hear. Something which overshadowed even your heated rivalry. Faced with the choice between obvious wrong and teaming up with your worst enemy – you reluctantly chose the latter. But what will you do when feelings you once thought of as hatred become something decidedly… not? (kpopfanfictrash)

    ☆ Ruin the Friendship (m)(a)(f) - your drunk ass best friend keeps calling you to take care of him and it wouldn’t be so awful, if it weren’t for The Feelings. (kpopfanfictrash)

    ☆ Paralian (m)(s)(a)(f) - Far away, under the sea exists the merfolk Kingdom of Venetus. Y/N is a warrior princess, sworn to protect the nation she loves. Each night she and her unit are tasked with patrolling the ocean, until one night they come across an unmarked ship. The ship carries a dangerous secret which tears Y/N’s ideals apart. In the midst of escaping said danger, Y/N is forced to rely upon a Prince. The Prince of Pirates, whose fate and Y/N’s seem inexplicably entwined. Whether their meeting will end in joy or heartbreak remains to be seen. (A -very- loose retelling of The Little Mermaid). (kpopfanfictrash)

    ☆ Love to Hate (m)(s)(a)(f) - Born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you've done your best to rid yourself of the taste since you were old enough to walk. Occasionally though, your mother manages to rope you into an obligatory function – or a blind date with playboy billionaire, Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook stands for everything you loathe about the world you left behind, but you can’t deny the spark of attraction between you. Intrigued by the promise of mutual satisfaction, you agree to one night in bed… and quickly realize you’re in far, far deeper than you ever intended.  (kpopfanfictrash)

    #bts#jungkook#kpop#fanfiction#fanfiction reccomendations #still figuring out tumblr lmaoo #pls be patient ;0;
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  • sugagenderenvy
    26.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    Sometimes I write an essay abt a photoset in the tags being like "this is a lifechanging series of pictures" and then check the notes and people are talking abt the boys makeup being bad. God sometimes I wish I wasn't as unhinged as I am abt these men.

    #I have an illness it's called treating everything bts do as high art. Aka. Good taste
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  • blu-joons
    26.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    When They Call You During Run BTS Filming ~ BTS Reaction


    As you picked up the phone, you heard Jin tell everyone to be quiet. “Y/N, what’s your favourite song of ours?” Jin asked you, without even saying hello.

    “I quite like Boy with Luv,” you replied to Jin, hearing plenty of commotion in the background, “why are you asking me that so suddenly, what’s going on?”

    Jin stepped aside so that he could talk to you quietly, “for the episode, we have to guess people’s favourite things.”

    “I’m sure that there are plenty of other songs of yours that your fans like though,” you quickly told Jin, not wanting him to use your answer to represent everyone.

    The boys had already gone for it though, “Boy with Luv is a popular song, we’re going to trust you and pick that as the fan’s favourite too.”

    “Don’t do that because you’ll blame me if you guys lose.”

    “We’re trusting in you Y/N,” Jin laughed in reply.

    A groan came from you, “keep me on the phone until you find out the answer, so I know whether to run or not.”

    “Yeah, you might not be welcome at the dorm tonight.”


    You quickly paused your programme as you noticed your phone ringing. “Y/N, tell Jungkook to go and pick on someone else?” Yoongi yelled down the phone.

    “What are you on about?” You laughed, with no idea what was going on as you heard Jungkook ‘s laughter in the background as Yoongi told him to go away.

    He was pushed and pulled in two different directions as he tried to talk to you, “can you tell Jungkook to get another member?”

    “Why?” You asked him, wanting to know what it was that you were supposed to be doing. “If you’re playing a game, then isn’t Jungkook doing what he’s supposed to be doing?”

    A groan came from Yoongi as you failed to do what he asked. “Y/N, you’re supposed to be on my side, help me get Jungkook to bugger off.”

    “Who’s he going to go after if he can’t go after you in the game?”

    “I don’t care who he gets,” Yoongi cried out to you.

    A chuckle escaped from you as you heard how desperate he was. “Sorry, but I think you might have to fight this one yourself.”

    “I can’t believe that you’ve let me down like this.”


    Your heart stopped when you looked down at your phone and noticed Hobi’s name on the screen. “Y/N?” A voice called out, not recognising it as Hobi’s.

    “Hello?” You quizzed, taking a moment to work out that the voice that you actually heard was Namjoon’s, wondering why you hadn’t heard Hobi’s voice.

    A sigh came from Namjoon before speaking to you, “I don’t suppose you’re able to get yourself to the hospital, are you?”

    “W-why?” You nervously quizzed, fearing the worst as you remembered what it was that the boys were filming, knowing just how physical the episode was.

    Namjoon knew that you knew too before saying a word. “There’s been a bit of an incident, Hobi might have had a bit too much confidence.”

    “What’s he done Joon? Or would I rather just not know for now?”

    “It’s easier to show you Y/N,” he told you in response.

    Your head nodded, grabbing your coat. “I’ll drive to the hospital now; I can be there in about half an hour I reckon.”

    “I’ll meet you outside to show you where.”


    You didn’t know what was going on as you answered Namjoon’s call, hearing plenty of noise down the line. “Y/N, can you hear me?” Namjoon shouted to you.

    “I can hear you,” you yelled back to him, “what on earth are you doing? I thought that you were filming for run?” You asked him, recalling Namjoon’s schedule.

    A laugh came from him in reply to your question, “we are, but there’s a couple of things that we left at the dorm.”

    “Let me guess, you want me to go to the dorm and bring them to you?” You asked, reading Namjoon like a book, knowing exactly what he wanted from you.

    Another laugh came from him, “I wouldn’t ask if we weren’t desperate, but I promise that I’ll make it up to you for helping us out to get this done.”

    “I can get to the dorm in twenty minutes if you tell me what I need.”

    “I’ll send a text with a list on it,” Namjoon replied.

    Your eyes widened slightly, “a list? How much have you left at the dorm? Did you not check before you left the dorm?”

    “You know what we’re like, just a tad forgetful.”


    As soon as you saw Jimin’s name pop up on your phone, you were worried, quickly accepting his call. “I’m exhausted,” was all that he said to you answered him.

    “Is that all that you rang me for?” You asked him, shaking your head as you sat yourself down on the sofa, “why are you ringing me during the middle of filming run?”

    Jimin could hear the panic that was in your voice, “I just thought I’d call and see how you are, what’s wrong with you?”

    “I thought something bad had happened, you never ring me during filming,” you scolded him, taking several deep breaths to calm yourself back down.

    A soft sigh came from Jimin as he listened to you. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you, I only rang because I’m tired and I want to hear your voice.”

    “It’s fine, it’s my fault for probably assuming the worst straight away.”

    “It’s nice that you worry about me though,” Jimin smiled.

    Your eyes rolled at how excited he sounded, “of course, I worry about you, especially when I’ve seen some episodes of run too.”

    “This one’s easy, even we can’t mess it up.”


    A sigh of relief came from Taehyung as you picked up his call, speaking straight away. “Y/N, we’re relying on you to get the answer right so that we can win a snack?”

    “Answer right for what?” You quizzed, with no idea what was happening as you heard the boys in the background, their voices all muffling together as they all spoke.

    Taehyung quickly shushed them before speaking again, “do you have any idea what the capital of Samoa is Y/N?”

    “Isn’t it Apia?” You asked Taehyung, not even having to think as the boys all cheered on the end of the phone in reply to the answer that you gave.

    Taehyung didn’t respond as he watched the production team, as their heads quickly nodded. “Y/N, thank you! I knew that you wouldn’t let us down.”

    “I hope you plan on sharing some of those snacks with me for helping.”

    “I’ll bring some home with me,” Taehyung promised you.

    A chuckle came from you as the boys all thanked you. “I’m glad I could help, but you guys all owe me a favour at some point now.”

    “We’ll help you out whenever you need us.”


    Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you glanced down to see Jungkook calling you, quickly picking up his call. “Y/N, guess what, I got to come home early?”

    “Did you win again?” You laughed, hearing in the background of the call that Jungkook was already on the road. “Shall I start getting ready to go out to dinner in that case?”

    The smile on Jungkook’s face quickly turned up, “I reckon that I’ll be home within about half an hour at this rate Y/N.”

    “Wow, you really did finish early,” you smirked, shaking your head as you realised that Jungkook was over two hours early to leave the set.

    He couldn’t help but laugh knowing that the boys were still on set. “You should have seen their faces when PD told me that I was able to go home.”

    “I can imagine that none of them were probably impressed with you.”

    “I think they might have hated me,” Jungkook chuckled.

    Your eyes rolled at how delighted he sounded on the other end of the line, “you’ll be in trouble when you see them at the dorm.”

    “I’m the winner, I don’t care what they do.”



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    📷 May 2012

    #band of brothers #GUYS WHAT IS THIS #found this bts pic randomly on twitter and immediately obsessing over this #need the entire world to see this #they’re all so gorgeous #send help
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    Idol Euphoria, Discord 18+ K-Pop Omegaverse Roleplay!

    When heat suppressants, rut nullifiers, scent blockers, presentation suppressants, and other subgender altering medications are banned in South Korea after various research studies show nasty long-term effects, South Korea is thrown into a frenzy. When idols, and other entertainers, sign their trainee contracts they consent to taking to taking a drug cocktail that will stop presentation and suppress their scents (or, in the rare case of already being presented when signing the contract: suppress rut/heats/scents and forbid them from talking about their subgender). This makes them more desirable and easier to market to the public by playing into their fantasies of molding their idols into whatever they want. Taking medication also allowed for entertainment companies to easily control their roster because they won’t be influenced by their subgender wants and needs.

    Now that the medication has been banned, entertainers are forced to present and have to endure the trouble, trauma, and social construct that comes along with their new found subgenders. Join BTS, Stray Kids, Got7, Blackpink, and Aespa as they navigate heats, ruts, pack dynamics, and true mates all the while trying to maintain normalcy and order in their already chaotic and extremely public lives.

    - 18+ server with age verification - All types of writing styles welcomed - Limit 3 Characters per person. - Immersive Plot - And so much more - Click here to join.

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    your monthly dose of bts : kim seokjin

    day 26 / 31
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