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    “A Prairie Home Companion” Set to Perform at Red Rocks

    - May 2 show not slated for broadcast

    Garrison Keillor is getting the Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band back together.

    Keillor, the band, the Royal Academy of Radio Actors and others are due to recreate their long-running radio program - sans broadcast - May 2 when “A Prairie Home Companion American Revival” takes the Red Rocks stage in Colorado.

    “It’s been over two years since the full cast has been on stage together, so it’s time to reunite and celebrate our show and create some new memories,” Keillor said in a statement.

    The long-running public-radio program signed off in 2016 after a 42-year run. It was succeeded by Chris Thile’s “Live from Here,” which went silent in 2020, a victim of the pandemic.

    Brad Paisley and Elvin Bishop are among the musical guests slated for the forthcoming “A Prairie Home Companion” reunion.

    “We would love to see our ‘Prairie Home’ friends come from across the country to join us for this event because it has been far too long,” Keillor said.


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    If you saw the prievous part on the girl's story, she had no idea that it's about to get worse.

    Thank @sampoststuff for making another piece of her work for this chapter, and this conculdes Chapter 20, sucked what happened to Brad though.

    Stay safe, enjoy reading and I will talk to you all latro!

    [Drawn by Meaghan “Icefir” Halter]

    What was even better, they said that they are going on a camping trip!

    She jumped at the chance that this trip will make her family get to know her fully now as they drove far, and far away from the town she lived in and into a remote forest, they stopped at a cave and she was told to wait there.

    They had stated that they forgot to bring their camping equipment with them so the clueless girl agreed to wait while her new mother, father and older brother returned to the car and drove away.

    Leaving her at the cave.

    She waited... Waiting.... Waiting....

    [Drawn by Meaghan “Icefir” Halter]

    She continued to wait when a whole week had passed by, waiting for them to come back.

    They didn't forget about her, did they?

    [Drawn by Meaghan “Icefir” Halter]

    Eventually, it was two months since they left, a necklace her new friend had given her had started to turn black as she began to believe that they had accidently forgotten about her and must be worried sick.

    With no options left, she made her walk back home.

    [Drawn by Meaghan “Icefir” Halter]

    She walked miles upon miles to town as her necklace had become darker still, she pressed onward as she recognized the street names as she knew her way around town.

    [Drawn by Meaghan “Icefir” Halter]

    Eventually, she had found her new family, she wanted to run up to scream that she was back until...

    [Drawn by Meaghan “Icefir” Halter]

    Her heart was violently snapped in half when she noticed another girl with her family, seeing them laughing and having fun, not once mentioned or even missed the girl they adopted a few months ago.

    She finally opened her eyes to see that her so-called "New family" had abandoned her so they could have a daughter that lives in their nation and is much better than the girl in every way shape and form.

    “Oh damn…” Frank said under his breath.

    She was in a sea of tears when her parents and older sibling had said that they loved the new and better daughter with all their hearts.

    They were utterly and horribly selfish and cruel that they had done such a deed to an orphan.

    Heartbroken, angry and disillusioned, she left the town and back to the forest with the thoughts of no one wants someone different like her as her necklace had nearly turned pitch black.

    The last paper had gave off an unsettling feeling, it was nearly pitch black except the girl who now has hair covered her eyes as she’s crying and her heart-shape gem had turned black and white cracks are forming, ready to break a while the pair of white-outline hands ready to grab her and eyes crimson red.

    [Drawn by Meaghan “Icefir” Halter]

    It was the last time she was seen though people had said that the cries of a child were heard in the cave she was waiting in…

    “This poor girl…” Freddy muttered as slightly raised his hand as if he was going to cover his mouth to not let any words slip out of it. Anna’s gaze dropped a little at the end of the horrible story, Engineer sighed heavily as he thought about his own flesh and blood and the trouble with the wife on the divorce.

    Frank snarled at the family’s actions in that story, “Some family she had.” as he turned around and folded his arms as he glared at the distance while Nikolai had spoken up.

    “I wonder why no one had suspected that her family had left her like this, Frank, why did anyone not help her before-” Nikolai felt a hand urged his shoulder, making him turn around to Frank that did it.

    “Frank, what is it?”

    “Someone is here.” Frank whispered and pointed at the dark figure in the distance as the fog had covered where they came entirely. He felt a bit disturbed by this as he raised an eyebrow at this.

    The person was wearing clothing that came from the 80’s but the clothes never seemed to age as well with their shoes and a round hat covering their face as it was looking down at the ground.

    “Hello?” Engineer had found the courage to speak up, “We’re lost, we are looking for a way out of here and we are wondering if you know where…?” he hesitated to speak more as the figure was approaching them as leaves under their feet had crushed on their way.

    They watched the figure going close so they noticed something on the chest, it was a hole, it seem like someone had to a cookie cutter and cut through it, taking away the heart in the progress but lungs are still breathing in and out as the disgusting noise of a accordion after it was rid of its musical splendor and working like a ventilator as the heart valves was leaking black substance a little.

    If things didn’t get more severely spine-chilling enough, thanks to Glamrock Freddy’s eyes had been providing light and they shined on the seemingly walking zombie that was not groaning and moaning as with the being lifted its head up to face them. It had no face, a mirror on it’s head had been given as a face and Nikolai’s face was reflecting on it.

    Visibly disturbed by this, Primis Nikolai, Frank West, Engineer, and Huntress had their weapons in their hands and stood ready with them close to them, whatever it was going to do. The mirror-faced being stood still, nothing else but standing still as it continued to look at them.

    The Huntress knew fully well that this is not an animal or a human, did the Entity find another killer to do its bidding? As she looked closer onto the strange object it was holding not too tightly but lightly as if it was fragile and then it clicked that it was holding rope and a yard of it going into the fog.

    Anna had used her ax to block the three men and the animatronic bear from advancing forward as they looked at her with startled confusion. “Anna, what the hell?” Frank whispered to her as she kept her eye on the being as well as the rope as Nikolai had noticed it as well.

    “What is… Rope?” Engineer muttered as he raised an eyebrow because Anna’s intensity had increased when she heard a sound from the woods consumed in the fog.

    It started in low but then it started to grow into loud thumping from the forest, there a shadow of a creature, much larger than the mirror-face and the group combined had come into view as the giant beast had emerged from the fog on four legs.

    It’s face was covered in hair black as ebony, skin blue but rockin and hard saved from a several slashs and scars on its sides and legs, the trees and moss had grown out on the back of the monster along with a house that was a size of a dollhouse with boarded up windows including a entrance to it as well as the other two trees acted as antlers. Vines on its hair, trees and back had grown out nearly past its fore front legs as it was letting out a soft growl but strangely, it sounded like a demonic child had stifled in tears as if it was hurt.

    Something around the beast’s neck was a bit alarming to them, the rope acted as a leash for the monster behind the mirror-wearing being, but the “collar” it was wearing was a noose acting as one.

    The mirror-clad being’s hand then lets the rope slip from its fingers slowly and it fell onto the ground while the beast that had now walked beside it. It then slowly raised its hand and pointed a finger at them. The monster whined but the mirror-faced being just violently punched it on the snout, making it bleed, making it whine in agony despite it being bigger than their owner but as it was their master with the mirror, they had made it clear: It wasn’t a question, it was an order.

    The beast snarled as it revealed jagged, grained rocked teeth that was sharp with blood covered them from the violent outburst of their master as the hair and vine parted, revealing the eyes that shined with the moon before it lets out a broken roar that compared to a child wailing in sorrow and anger.

    It then charged at the group with the speed of a gorilla, Frank cried out “Get out of the way!”

    Everyone jumped to different directions with a thud just as the beast’s claw clashed onto a tree, breaking it out of the ground with a violent swipe as it fell onto the ground, dust rose and covered Freddy and Nikolai as the latter shielded the other.

    Nikolai looked at the monster as Freddy looked at the man below him, “Are you alright, Nikolai?” Freddy quickly became anxious, making Nikolai mutter “Yes,” as he grabbed his Back-Pit and put away his ax, it is clear that a melee weapon couldn’t stop it as Fazbear watched him.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Comrade, can you do me a favor?” Nikolai asked as he got out what he was looking for from his storage, Freddy was a bit confused but nodded and said “Yes, do tell me?”

    “Move.” Nikolai orders as he points the weapon at him, making Freddy go out of harm's way just as the monster lounges at them and shooting it in the eye with a bang. The beast howled in pain, falling down onto the floor with its claw covering the injury as it whimpered.

    Nikolai got onto his feet in a frenzy with gritted teeth and looked at the beast before him, the way it whimpered had made him feel a bit sorry for it. It sounded like a child he had injured but he then yelled at it.

    “Is that all you would do!? I have fought beasts stronger than you!” He was aiming his shotgun at it but he felt a claw pressed onto his chest and he was pinned onto a tree by it. “AGHK-!!?”

    Nikolai struggled to pull out his arms free as the beast growled softly before opening its mouth and then going for his head before it felt a spark and it was stunned by electricity, letting go of the Russian.

    Nikolai landed on the ground with a grunt before he collected himself to see Glamrock Freddy holding onto its hind leg with electricity coming from his hands as he yelled at Nikolai “Go, run!”

    Nikolai did so without question with the gun in hand as the beast back kicked Freddy to get him to let go and he crashed onto a tree ahead of Nikolai. “Freddy!” Nikolai ran for his teammate as smoke filled the air.

    The trees on the beast were lit on fire and smoke rising into the air as it roared at the two fighters as they looked at it. Nikolai had struggled to get Freddy Fazbear back on his feet as it was about to charge at them before it felt a buck shot onto its shoulder, making it turn around to see Frank West, Engineer and Anna, all of them armed as it growled.

    Frank gripped onto the bat as he shouted at the monster “Why won’t you pick on someone your own size, Beauty-and-The-Beast reject!” as the Huntress is holding three tomahawks in hand before she tossed one each at her newfound prey before them.

    Monster roared before rising and then swiping its arm at the flying axes, perfectly defecting back to them.


    Frank dodged the first one, Huntress did the same with the second and Engineer ducked the last one as they had lodged onto the ground and/or trees behind them as they heard a thumping footsteps coming towards them.

    “Move!” Anna said as she grabbed Frank and then tossed him over her shoulder with a yelp and then ran away but the Engineer wasn’t so lucky. He tried moving out of the way but he yelled when felt two large teeth catching him by the right leg, crushing the bone between them as the sting of pain had rushed in.

    He was then tossed around like a ragdoll as the beast swinged its head around before several tomahawks were thrown at its head, it lifted its head to the left as it roared, making Dell send flying towards a boulder as it slid and then crashed into the rock with the sound of glass breaking filled his ears.

    In pain, he could hardly hear what is going on but he knew in agony it was his teammates calling his name and the monster roaring to attack again, “My leg….” the first thought has rushed though his head as he sat upright to see his mangled right leg and bit blood covered his pants leg.

    “God damn…!” He hissed as he lightly touched it, he quickly checked his Back-Pit and much to his horror and realization, he had used it on Nikolai earlier and he is regretting not getting extra as he fell back downyard back onto the ground and his eyes turned to the fight ahead of him.

    His thought returned to the jar Freddy had given him, using his gloved hand to check what had broken and judging from broken pieces and a cort in his pouch, he is now sure that the jar is broken but the crystal had survived the impact so he grabbed it and then held it to his face a little.

    It was glowing softly before his eyes then it shook in his hand as his eyes grew wide in shock.

    “What the hell…!?” he muttered before it vibrated violently, making him let it go and then watched the gem fly into and across the starless sky above him like a shooting star before it descended back towards him at a rapid speed. Engineer cursed in shock before he had his arm to shield himself, bracing for impact.

    But he didn’t feel it crashing onto him, he moved his arms away before they raised his hand to block out the light as his eyes adjusted to it before he looked at it. He looked at the gem in shock as it now took the form of a humanoid being of a white galaxy plasma with pitch white eyes looking at him as its whole body was feet up and head down, facing the startled human before it as two gently quills similar to a jester cowl flowed in the air.

    It’s head tilted to the left slightly as it exscamed the human, to the mangled leg and then back to facing Engineer who was speechless on what he was seeing before the creature’s hand had lifted slightly before it placed it onto Dell Cougher’s chest, making him jump at this.

    “Hey-Hey… Take it easy there…” He said awkwardly as his heart was beating under its hand as its eyes grew wide for a moment before removing its hand from Engineer’s chest as if it was hot.

    The Engineer looked at it as it changed color, the galaxy of this being had changed from white to yellow yet it’s eyes remained white as it continued to look at the Engineer.

    The creature then shapeshifted into its previous form but it was different from what he remembered as it was now a pentagon-shaped jewel before it shot onto the right side of his chest as he yelled in surprise before feeling it.

    It is similar to an Übercharge but something much more than that as he can feel all over his body, he had never felt so alive than ever. He was too busy into this feeling to notice he had elevated off the ground as his uniform had been covered in this strange forien magic consuming him.

    I'm American made, apple pie, Chevrolet

    My momma taught me wrong from right.

    His mangled leg was fitted- Or replaced by a mechanical one that seemed similar to his robotic arm but for a leg as his overalls and shirt had changed to a yellow color and had become one as a jumpsuit of some kind with the kneepads becoming a part of it as if they were sewn into it with a quiver had blueprints in it with a strap across his chest.

    I was born in the South

    Sometimes I have a big mouth

    When I see something that I don't like

    He was then fitted with a button-up vest that is for a local sheriff as his arm was fitted with one of those cosmetics Mann. Co had given to him and his teammates, a voodoo doll resembling Pyro in his pouch, and a Pip-Boy, a wrist-mounted computer device with a glowing monochrome screen, and several buttons and knob but the screen itself, instead of green but yellow as its base color.

    I gotta say it.

    Goggles and helmet he has remained the same but his glove had changed as well, the palm part of the glove now is colored yellow and light yellow shaded on the fingers as the orange and gray colors stayed.

    Well, we've been driving this road for a mighty long time

    Paying no mind to the signs

    Engineer had reveled this newfound power as the gem is now pinned to his vest, a smile curled on his lips before getting out his Frontier Justice and watched it change as well by the gem’s magic. The barrel of the gun is now fitted with a wrench-esque blade as the cylindrical capacitor has changed its color as well.

    [Digitally traced and drawn by Meaghan “Icefir” Halter]

    Well, this neighborhood's changed

    It's all been rearranged

    Others, The monster and the Mirror Face, as he dubbed it mentally, had watched this go down as he landed on his knee down and another one out and then lifted his head at the beast, he still hasn’t forgotten about what it did to him as he pumped the shotgun with his one hand before grabbing it by the handle and pointed at the monster, not caring about what had happened to him without a second thought.

    We left that dream somewhere behind.

    He had his finger on the trigger as he growled, “Ya’ll have incurred my wrath, son!” before pulling it.

    A kickback was one heck of a punch but Engineer had planted his feet firmly from the blast from the golden yellow buckshot launching out of the barrel and hitting the beast directly on the side, sending falling onto the ground in front of them as Nikolai had muttered “God damn….!”

    Engineer had found himself amazed by this change of a weapons’ damage on its intended target, “Not bad…” Engineer commented, “Not bad at all.” with wonder and curiosity. He turned his rifle in a twirl and then rested it on his shoulder.

    Slow down, you're gonna crash,

    Baby you're a-screaming it's a blast, blast, blast

    [Drawn by SamPostStuff]

    Plucking a wheat from the ground and putting it in his mouth as the pendant on his vest lets out a small trail of mist that goes around to his back and then recharged the weapon he had as he glared at the beast.

    “Ya’ll are about to have a REAL bad night, boy.” he said as the wheat swayed slightly on his lips, as the beast growled at him with the Mirror Face walked over to it’s side and stood there with it’s arms on their sides.

    Look out babe, you've got your blinders on

    Everybody's looking for a way to get real gone

    Engineer looked at the Mirror Face and he felt a slight shock in his chest as he saw a different vision before his eyes. The Mirror Face and the beast were pitch black silhouettes but his attention was grabbed when he noticed the Mirror Face.

    Real gone.

    Real gone.

    A black sphere surrounded by a white line as its inside was swirling into it, like a black hole, Engineer then heard a voice saying “It was the one you want, destroy the Dark Hole!”


    Engineer had no idea why but he knew it was an order as he took the Frontier Justice in his two hands before he ran towards the Mirror-faced enemy.

    Real gone.

    Glamrock Freddy had to get everyone behind him from the fight that will not be pleasant as they witnessed the Mirror Face punch the beast out of instinct and point the finger at the Engineer, the beast runs towards the Texan with a wail.

    Real gone.

    The beast jumped upward and came towards Engineer who then had to run backwards for a little bit as it landed with a mighty slam onto the ground. He tucked and rolled across the battleground before standing on one knee and firing a couple of more rounds towards the monster.

    Couple missed but several had managed to hit their target as it roared, before it charged at Dell, Engineer had got on his feet again in shock before two yellow lights flashed, he had to held his hand in front of his face once again before the lights died down, revealing two of his recreations: Santries.

    Engineer then noticed the Frontier Justice turned into a rather golden wrench, a smile formed on his face, he knew exactly what to do next as he said “Santries, going up!”

    He smacked the first one first until it turned into a flying machine of turret and rocket launcher before his eyes as he yelled out “Yeeyaaw!” and then watching it open fire on the monster as it was trying to use its arm to shield the attack while the Engineer got to work on the second one.

    After the second santry was upgraded, Engie then flicked the wrench into the way and with a flash of golden yellow light, it formed back into a shotgun rifle as it spun downwards and he caught it by the handle as he said to his flying turrets “Go on, hit it! Pow!”

    Rockets were fired right away on command towards the creature, it let out a wail of agony as it took on several impacts of the rockets shot at it while fast-paced footsteps were coming its direction.

    Engineer had jumped and then grabbed onto the turret flying as its repealers spins rapidly before he landed on it’s back, the monster shook under him as he grabbed onto one of the trees on its back with a yell.

    “Hold on!” Voice said it again, “Hold on tight before letting go!” Engineer looked a bit bewildered on that last sentence, “Ah am gonna let go!?” he said as he looked at the sky, hoping to find where the voice was coming from.

    “Just trust me!”

    Engineer grabbed on tightly as he took a deep breath as the monster brought its body down to get him off as he let go before running towards the end of the creature’s back before he jumped off of it as others watched on as Frank took pictures.

    “Frank!” Nikolai said as he looked at him, “Don’t you think that right now is not the best time?!”

    “What? And miss out on the biggest scoop ever?” Frank asked as he took another picture of the Engineer landing on the ground, “Fat chance!” he said.

    Dell is 5 inches away from the Mirror Face as a scowl forms on his face, “Ah think that’s your days of hurting the poor fella are finished, partner.” as his face is reflecting on the mirror while the figure had got its hand into its pocket before it pulled out a whip, whip with thorns as Engineer looked at it before he dashed towards him.

    Mirror Face twirls the whip around before whipping it at Engineer, hitting him on the shoulder with a painful smack, it had gone through the clothing and he felt blood coming out of it.

    Engineer groaned in pain before stopping to press his hand on the cut but felt the whip coiled itself around his good leg like a fast snake and he was lifted up from the ground with a scream as he had dropped his shotgun.

    Monster looked up at the Engineer with a growl as it was lowered towards it before its mouth had opened up to swallow him whole.

    Engineer tried to untie the whip but the thorns on it were sharp to the point that his fingers were cut from grabbing them.

    Mirror Face seemed a bit joyful but a few axes were thrown at the arm and the hip, making it drop Dell onto the ground as the monster strangely yowled in pain.

    Mirror Face turned to look where the throwing tomahawks came from and saw the Huntress holding a few more axes as she said “You are supposed to kill the game before eating it.”

    Mirror Face cracked the whip once more as the monster roared at the group and then it charged towards them as Frank had yelled “Oh shit!”

    A pump action of the shotgun was heard, making the person turn around and before it could see what it was; its head was blown off in a shotgun blast of the Frontier Justice upon Engineer pulling the trigger.

    Shards of glass and chunks of bone flew everywhere after the head had exploded like a watermelon before something inside of it had bursted into a ray of light as Engineer shielded himself from.

    The Monster had roared in agony before it lost its footing and falling down and sliding towards the group, Freddy had yelled “Look out!” Before he, Nikolai, Anna and Frank had run to get out of the way of the monster that crashed into a boulder, trees on its back had snapped, the small house in pieces and the body looked like it was severely cracked.

    The beast growled softly as it was trying to get back up but struggled to get on its feet so it fell down onto the boulder.

    Engineer panted after breath upon seeing this happened before him, then they all saw the creature being consumed by purple wisps of light as its body turned into a selekical remains as vines had pierced the ground and then spouts spewed north from the soil and then bloomed into flowers, the type of flowers are forget-me-nots.

    Around them the forest had begun to transform, dead trees were brought back to life, wildlife were coming out of the holes as if winter had finally come to an end as the moon shined brightly before it was accompanied by several stars fading in.

    “Woah...” Frank commented, “Now I have seen everything.” as they looked around their surroundings as Engineer noticed something coming out of the skeleton as they flowed into the opening as wisps of light formed around it.

    The light cleared the way and revealed a few items. The Engineer felt like he- no, everyone had gotten a reward. He walked over to the floating items in question.


    You’ve won:

    HP Increase, revolver, light polygon crystal, and 150 gold.

    LOVE LV Increased!

    “Don’t Ah be all..” He muttered as he reached out to take the three physical items when his pendent glowed all of sudden and a same being came out of it as it returned to form its body but differently. It had a yellow hardhat like his but facing frontwards, a gray blue working janitorial jumpsuit that has grease on parts of it with a pair of wielder goggles around its neck and a same pendant hanging around it as well, the pants legs are tucked into the boots, gloves that are quite like Engineer’s only original, light blue eyes are its color as it is now white and blue skin pattern.

    As others had held their weapons out, Dell noticed that there’s something on its cheeks, a gray spot in the shape of a wrench on each cheek as it looked at the Engineer who was standing there in shock.

    “Not bad on your first killing of a Grief, huh?” The being talked for the first time, southern male tone in its voice as others looked on. “Hold on there, partner, a Grief?”

    “Yes, a Grief.” Being replied, “A being born from the darkness of humanity due the corrupted side of my race, Grieves such as the one you, Frank, Nikolai, Anna, and Freddy had fought, Dell.”

    Others are surprised at what the being of light has said, how did he know their names, they didn’t even say it out loud.

    “How did you know who we are?” Frank West clamored, “We didn’t even introduce ourselves to you, weirdo.”

    “We had known everything about you, and everyone else in each dimension whenever we had gone into.” Being answered, “I know a lot of you, Frank West, a photojournalist who has covered wars, looking for a scoop and finding the biggest one of your career: A zombie outback and what is happening behind it.”

    Frank was speechless to say.

    “You could say that.” he said that, that’s what he could have thought of to say.

    “Now, onto the Grief thing…” Frank said his thought out, “You said you were born from the darkness of mankind? Exactly how they were born from that?”

    “Grieves themselves, were once human like you before they found the Corrupted Crystallines.”

    “They were human?” Freddy looked at the being, shocked to hear that.

    “Of course, and sadly…” He turned to the Engineer, “Do you still have the pages with you?”

    Engineer looked puzzled but then remembered the drawings, he got them out of his Back-Pit for the being to look at as he said “You mean these?”

    “Victims of such things had ways of telling their story, in hopes of warning future victims. The Grief you killed was that victim.”

    “Ya mean Ah killed a child?!” Engineer said with horror, Being looked a bit guilty about it and solemnly nodded.

    “Yes indeed but it had to be done, she needed to be free from such a horrible fate she endured.”

    “...All thanks to her foster family.” Frank muttered, looked at the ground and then at the creature. “Were the corrupted things like to do?”

    “They liked to feed off something negative from humans, they thrived on that but they will do anything they can to make you sell your souls to them. A deal with a bunch of devils, so to speak.”

    Anna, as of now, placed her hand on her chest as she realized how close she had gotten to becoming one of the victims herself, tricked into being the creature’s pawn.

    “And the worst part, once the victim has given up their essence of life, they are considered a juvenile form of a Grief that will soon hatch into an adult one once their souls are too long gone into darkness. But before that, their bodies are nothing more than meat puppets for Corrupted Crystallines to use whenever they are asleep ”

    Engineer was still shocked but then looked at the being of light, “But what will happen to the soul once you kill it?”

    Being looked at the Engineer with a bit of hope in his eyes, “Dark Hole you destroyed will changed back into a normal soul and it should show right about-”

    They heard a quiet sob from ahead of them, turning to see a rather surprising sight before them; a ghost of a little girl, crying on a bed of flowers.Everyone was cautious but Engineer halts everyone before they could raise their firearms as he walked towards the spirit as he puts his Frontier Justice away.

    “Howdy there, little gal?” He spoke in a gentle voice, the ghost gasped as she turned around and ran to hide behind a boulder making him stop in his tracks as he realized this. Kneeling down on one kneel as his eyes are trained on her.

    “Listen here, kiddo,” Engineer said as the ghost picked her head to see him, and got her attention. “We’d know what your… folks did and…” He started to say something, it’s awkward for a soft mannered man to be talking to a ghost but he had seen the worse before all of this.

    “It is quite a yellowbellying thing they ever done.” He continued as the ghost had started to walk from behind the walk, she is what the pictures had looked like, an over big sweater with long sleeves that covered her whole body but her head.

    “Wish like yours could use another change, ya would have wished to have a better family instead of that.” Engineer continued as he took his hard hat off and set it on the ground. “In all honesty, Ah’m just sorry that all of that happened to you. But Ah am sure where you are going now, ya’ll be happy if a new family accepts you, for what and who ya are.”

    Ghost said nothing as she rubbed her eyes and a yawn left her mouth, She sat down as she stretched, something in her, chest especially, has sparked and a small light has form as he and his allies watched with worry and curiosity before ghost herself had been consumed by the light as she gently closed her eyes as she disappears.

    The light itself then launched into the nighttime sky as they watched.


    “What in the world..?” Frank West muttered, he hardly believed what he was seeing besides the walking dead and the “Grief” monster as he looked up.

    The being floated over to the Engineer and rested his feet beside as he looked up at the sky, Being looked at the Engineer and said “She is at peace now,” as the Engineer looked at the creature, “She is resting, along with this place.”

    Everything glitched as everyone began to notice, forest distorts and glitching as if it was bad game programming before it was developed. Everything around them had dissipated and the world that replaced it was maintenance tunnels and the door that led them into that dimension in the first place.

    They looked at the area in surprise and noticed the Engineer had changed as well, he is back in his original clothing and the being had disappeared but something else did stay, a same pendent he had but now a small necklace and a brace for his right leg kinda like Shaw’s but it was made in the late 60’s.

    “Engie,” Frank started to say, “Don’t get angry, but look at yourself.” he finished as Engineer finally noticed himself, he is kinda relieved that he is back to his original getup but noticed the same pendent he had, he hold onto it before hiding it into his undershirt.

    Frank looked around the area for the wolf statues with a bat raised as others did as Anna had noticed that they were disrupted as she backed up from the group and then heading the opposite direction, running quickly but quietly away as others turned to look at each other.

    “Hey,” Freddy said upon noticing someone was absent in their group. “The woman in the rabbit mask, she’s gone.” he said they realized as Frank looked around. “She got away.” Frank West said as he raised his hand on his forehead, “She must’ve ran off while we’re not looking.”

    “She will pop out again.” Nikolai said as he let the shotgun fall to his side, “She always will.” as he looked at Frank.

    Frank West looked like he was going to say something then he remembered what Jessie had told him, the look he had was surprised and then in utter worry as he said “Oh shit…!” before he looked at the others, “Jessie said that she has something worth checking out, we need to find Brad!”

    “Brad?” Freddy Fazbear asked, “Where is he then?” as Frank walked over to the door and was a bit more careful this time, turning to see who was going to bump into him and then opening the door.

    Frank is relieved to see that the way to the void below was replaced with a darkened storage area as he wiped the sweat off his head in relief, “Do you need light?” Freddy walked up beside Frank who nodded, Glamrock Freddy blinked and light shined from his eyes like a flashlight.

    They walked inside the area with Freddy looking around as if his eyes are spotlights, a groan echoed through the area, even though they had lifted up their weapons upward, they knew it was human and it sounded hurt.

    Familiar voice that groaned, they knew who it was and feared that he was injured, they headed over to where he was.

    “Brad?” Nikolai calls out his name as he is trying to get a good look of the area drowning in shadows, “Brad, where are you?!” Frank called out into the darkness, a familiar voice responded in a cry.


    They turned to where the voice had come from, Freddy had looked at the floor and noticed something red staining the concrete floor; blood from what his programing is saying, he feared, is hurt.

    “Brad, where are you?!” Nikolai called out, “If you are injured, we will treat your wounds!”

    Freddy got a glimpse of a pair of feet and a bloodstained yellow dress shirt piece as Frank had realized the blood trail was leading towards a person on the ground, back against the wall and looking very injured.

    “Brad, are you-” Frank was about to head over but Brad hissed at him. “Don’t come any closer!”

    Freddy had steadied his light onto Brad and what happened to him was very clear; Brad was gutted open in the stomach as it was ripped open and testines laying by his side, scratches and bite marks on the chest and neck and veins visible yet nearly.

    Programming in Fazbear was quick to declare the state: Injuries Fatal. Customer death is imminent.

    Frank had placed his hands on the side of his head in disbelief before he slowly got onto his knees as he broke silently upon the scene before them, Nikolai held his mouth with his hand, unsure what to say. Engineer looked like he was going to help but Freddy had placed his paw on his shoulder.

    Engineer looked on as he wanted to help but he does remember what Medic had said: Medicine can heal the wounds of a man but not the sickness he has. He shook his head in sorrow as Brad was able to mutter out the words he had left.

    “I’m screwed…”

    Nikolai stared at Brad and analyzed his expression. He knew what that face was when he got to the dig site to retrieve Richtofen and the same state as the Germans; the face of a man who knew that he would turn at any moment.

    “I am not even going to argue about the robot…” Brad groaned in pain, seeming to acknowledge that there is an Animatronic with them. “But… I know that….” He looked at the group now, “We were close… But when they got me…” he groaned in pain a little as he stood still to ease the pain.

    “It didn’t hurt…” He said as if someone had asked him a question about what the feeling of pain was, “Not even a little… I am already dead.”

    Nikolai helped Frank get back on his feet but then they heard Brad speaking again, “Guys…”

    They looked at Brad once more, Brad looked at them and said “Don’t… Tell Jesse about any of this…” before he slid the pistol towards Frank as he gasped painfully.

    Frank kneeled down and took the gun from the ground, he didn't want to do it but he knew that he needed to kill him, so he didn't have to suffer.

    With the decision quietly made, the barrel of the gun was pointed at him and then opened fire, gun fire echoed in the darkness.

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    I am going post the rest of the chapter one at a time, I learn that each pic is 10 each. Be excepting more soon

    -Over an hour later…-

    David Tapp couldn’t give up an opportunity on an interrogation, Frank West doesn’t leave this opportunity to get the scoop but only if he could keep his mouth shut and pay attention to this.

    As much to David’s knowledge, Amanda is with the other survivors that made him a bit more comfortable, others in the room were Brad, Frank West, Miss Pauling, U!Takeo, U!Dempsey and Scarlett Rhodes as Isabella now standing upright after recovering. Jessie had been tasked to watch Dr. Barnaby as his health seemed to be iiling, if there’s something serious then they had to know what it is before they treat it.

    Brad adjusts the chair a little and starts with the first question. “What is your name?”

    She remained silent for a moment before she answered

    “Isabella… Isabella Keyes.”

    “Well, Isabella…” Brad said as he walked from behind the chair and then sitting down while he continued “This is an emergency, so we have to skip the formalities and cut to the chase.”

    Brad cleared his throat and spoke again “Consider this an official interrogation. Tell me everything that you know.” as Isabella looked at him. U!Dempsey somewhat had doubts that the terrorist’s sister would speak up about this but he is amazed that she is now started talking.

    “Fine… I will tell you how all of this is your fault.” she said as the marine was interested in what lie she was going to spell out but Takeo knew whatever she would say will be the truth of America's folly in science of nature. As he now thought about it; Americans are not the only ones either.

    “There was no drug trade in Santa Cabeza…” She explained to him, “Just an American research facility. They were doing research on some sort of parasitic insect; a wasp.” they continued to listen in as Miss Pauling wrote this down on a small notebook with Scarlett peering in on the written statement.

    “A wasp that turns all living things into zombies.” She finished as Brad pulled back to sit into the chair, while U!Dempsey raised an eyebrow and Frank West sat against the desk with one leg up.

    “What if we called it bullsh!t?” U!Dempsey pipped, earning an annoyed “Mind shutting up?” from Brad, Isabella replied “If you believed it is what you think it is, then mind asking the man who was in charge of that fateful research?”

    Marine felt intimidating but remained quiet for her to continue.

    “The head of the Santa Cabeza Livestock Research Facility: Dr. Barnaby!” she demanded but not too soon, there was a thud from the room Jessie was in.

    Everyone turned their heads to look, David Tapp muttered “What is…?” as Frank stood from the table and confusion began to build up but Ultimis Takeo knew something is wrong as noises front he room continued until the door was suddenly jerked opened by Jessie backing up, screaming in terror while Dr. Barnaby lunged out towards her as he let out a hungry groan.

    “Jessie!” Brad got up from the chair, Jessie was thankfully missed when Dr.Barnaby had fallen down beside and he looked at Isabella as she looked back and fear was shot through as she shouted “It’s starting! He’s turning!”

    Dr.Barnaby jumped back unto Jessie as she fought back to keep him away from her neck as she was screaming. Everyone had got out their guns and aimed at him but Frank held his hand out to stop him.

    “Hey…!” he gestured as he ran towards the professor and then in one swift kick, he grunted “Oh no you don’t!” and his foot connected to Barnaby’s chest, making him fly onto a wall and grunted upon impact.

    Tank and Takeo were shocked and impressed, shocked that Frank had done that and impressed that he was able to think of a way to do what he did to ensure Jessie can’t get hurt as well as Brad and David dragged Jessie away by the arms towards them.

    Professor slid onto the ground as Primis Richtofen, Engineer, and Shaw had entered the room with the latter saying “What in Sam Hill’s happened?”

    “The professor just attacked-” U!Takeo was starting to explain when a cough and gargle came from the floor, they all turned to look at Dr.Barnaby coughing and rolled onto the floor. Everyone had turned their weapons on him again as Frank walked over to him cautiously.

    Frank had his hand out to them to hold their fire, letting the professor say something that is worth listening to.

    “I… I’m a….” Confusion and fear had painted on his face as he realized what was happening to him, pulling himself off the floor on his hand as he finished his sentence. “A-A zombie?”

    Frank slowly yet surely got on his knees with U!Dempsey walked over slowly with U!Takeo looking over the scene before them. The captain noticed that the corporal hadn’t started shooting him right away, maybe he was interested in what the old man’s last words were.

    “Tell me the truth, Doc…” Frank asked, “Were you doing experiments with zombies?” making Dr.Barnaby look at him.

    Smile he had was devious, “Zombies?” Barnaby moaned as he looked him in the eyes, soft cackles mixed in labored breaths and coughing but he was able to answer that question with an “Yes.”

    Frank turned to the others with Isabella looking away as they listened to what he had to say next, “We were….” Dr.Barnaby began to say his answer between breaths, “Conducting… Experiments in… Reducing the cost of breeding… We… a-a-accidentally… made zombie livestock…”

    Shock of this revelation had thrown in the room as Professor Barnaby had another coughing fit, Scarlett had spoken up on this new piece of information “So the U.S Government is now into the zombie making business. Is that what we are hearing from you?”

    “She has a point,” Frank added, “So, what you are saying is that the drug trade story was a coverup?”

    “What do you know!?” he angrily shouted at Frank as he recovered from the coughing, he panted from the pain his body was having to speak up more on the matter. “We were trying to mass produce cattle.” He groaned as his breathing was labored, “Do you… have any… idea… how much meat… Americans consume… in a single day?!” he explained further as everyone looked at him in his trying time to make an excuse, a single excuse for this unforgivable story he released on them.

    “That research…” he grunted the words out of his mouth, “...was absolutely necessary!”” as he let out a painful moan as others watched him in his final moments alive as he fell back onto the floor and had another coughing fit. It wouldn’t be long now until his turn to share the same fate as the town.

    “I…” He said in his last dying breath, “I had done… nothing… wrong….!” He cried before his body suddenly sprang out on the floor, violently shaking as he was moaning and grunting, then like that, he was gone.

    Frank didn’t know what to do but to get his camera out and view the doctor through the lens as his face was pale and eyes faded into white but bloodshot, blood leaked out of his nose and mouth as Jessie’s whimpering was heard.

    Frank turned to see the scene behind him, “Holy sh!t….” David muttered as he looked at the dead body while Brad and Miss Pauling had looked over Jessie.

    “One day… In my village…” Isabella had spoken up to make the silence, Frank turned over to her, “The people turned into zombies…” she said as her voice was near cracking from the painful memory in her head as she turned to rest her head on her hand, “Those damned wasps… They’ve escaped from the lab. It wasn’t long before they got to work…”

    Everyone was watching her as she continued to tell her story, “The zombies spread… The army was called in…” She whimpered.

    “They killed everyone…” She finished before she started to cry softly, the photojournalist looked at the group, Brad turned to look at him but then he took out his pistol. Just before Frank could get the first word out, Brad said “Move!”

    Frank West turned to see Dr.Barnaby had gotten up and had begun to stumble toward them but a bang was heard and next second later; Professor was dead again on the ground with a bullet hole on his forehead.

    Silence once again reigned on them all, everyone was processing the events that had transpired. Brad puts away the pistol and then spoke up “So, this act of terrorisim is a retaliation of a cruel government coverup.”

    Brad looked at Jessie who was looking at the floor and her hand on her shoulder as he continued.

    “Sounds plausible… That or could be a bunch of bullshit, in either case. But we need to get out of town alive if we want to find out for sure.” before he turned to Jessie when Isabella had gotten up from the bed.

    “We need to check if she is infected, let me help!” she said as David Tapp and Brad had her in a halt, mistrust still in place as she, well, the sibling of a man who caused an outbreak of zombies.

    Isabella sighed, “I am a medical technician, I could be useful if you let me do my job.” she explained.

    David and Brad still looked at her, unable to believe her for a moment. Isabella lowered her shoulders a little and then said “I have no right to ask but… Please, let me help.”

    Scarlett looked at her as Isabella looked at the rest of the room, “If you don’t get out of here, the truth will die with you.”

    Frank cleared his throat to get others' attention, Brad groaned as he placed his hand half-way covering chin before he sighed in defeat. “Alright. If allowing you to atone for you and your brother’s scheme makes things go more smoothly for us, I’m all in for it.”

    David wanted to protest but he had forced himself to step away from Jessie with Brad so Isabella went over to her to check for any signs.

    Miss Pauling had remained silent for the whole ordeal when she looked over the body, she looked over to Medic and by knowing him, he could do research for this. “I’ll get rid of the body.” She said as she walked over to Dr. Barnaby’s body and, with Scarlett’s help, had helped carry him out of the room and one their way to the helipad.

    -A little time later-

    “Isabella!” Cartilo’s voice had echoed through the speakers as another announcement had been called forth. “I don’t know if you are listening to this or not; I have made up my mind.”

    Shaw, Engineer, and Medic had to stop what they were doing, they were checking the blood samples when the speakers had once again come to life.

    U!Dempsey and everyone in their group were at the fire barrels as Miss Pauling had finished taking care of the professor’s body in the barrel when they heard the announcement inside, they stopped what they were doing as well to listen. Miss Pauling had to part from the handiwork she done and goes into the office right away to hear more.

    “This is my last resort, I am going to end it all. I am sorry that I had to get you involved in all of this… I love you, Isabella.” he ended as the speakers died.

    “The hell was that about?” U!Dempsey muttered as U!Jin had looked at him with a raised eyebrow. P!Nikolai looked over to Isabella and then walked over to her. “Isabella.” He asked as she was looking at the floor. “You know what he had planned but not this one,” “Nikolai, I know what he had planned.”

    David Tapp looked at Amanda and then said “Stay here.” before walking over to them. “Then what is this “last resort” he was talking about?” he asked, Isabella looked at him, fear and sorrow in her eyes as she said this shocking detail.

    “He said… He will blow up the mall if he were cornered.”

    “He’ll what?!” Miss Pauling said as Frank laughed in despair while he turned his chair away from this sudden turn of events and grabbed his head, “Damn!” Brad groaned, “We have a regular suicide bomber on our hands!”

    Isabella looked at Brad and she said “It’s worse than what you are thinking…” Everyone looked at her in confusion as she said next was appalling; “The explosion would send parasitic larvae into the atmosphere.”


    “He plans to spread zombies outside of the city?!” Brad said, “Is he insane?!”

    Frank got up from the chair and said “If that bomb goes off, there will be nowhere left to run. The zombies will be everywhere!”

    As Isabella shuffled, everyone looked among each other, “What should we do?” Shaw muttered, “What in god’s name should we do?”

    Shaw then looks at her, “Is there a way to stop him?”

    Isabella looked at them and then answered “He is planning on flooding flammable gas underneath the mall and then set it off,” then she turned over to Brad, “If you can take care of the bombs while the gas concenteration is still low…”

    “Then there’s a chance we can stop an explosion.” Brad concluded as he turned to walk out the door, “Let’s do it.” then leaves the room.

    Frank was about to as well when Nikolai held his arm, “If you are going as well, we are as well.” as the Engineer was beside him. “And Pyro,” Nikolai then turned to the Pyro, “You can’t come, we can’t risk an explosion early.”

    Pyro moaned in disappointment as they walked out with Frank to the air ducts.

    “As much as how big the mall was, can you lead the way to the underground parking garage?” Nikolai asked. “Yeah, I know the way, Nikolai, keep an eye out for the crazy hunter Rabbit lady.”

    Nikolai cringed when he mentioned it as Frank looked at him strangely as he let Engineer go first. Then he entered the air ducts as Nikolai was close behind him.

    -Much later in the parking garage…-

    An ambulance had crashed, Carito wasn’t paying any attention to the road and this is their chance. Nikolai, Frank, and Engineer lineup on the side of the vehicle and are ready to capture him but then they curse when bullets are fired in their way.

    Carito had gotten out via window and armed with a gun, firing bullets at them to prevent them from getting close but bullets flew towards him as he grunted in annoyance. They turned to see Brad coming towards them just as Carito got out and then ran into the darkness ahead of them as Brad continued to open fire.

    “That yellowbelly coward is getting away!”

    “I’ll get him,” Brad panted, “Just help Frank get the bombs out of here!” he said as he ran into the dark tunnel as well in pursuit.

    Nikolai got from the vehicle and then turned to the group, “We have to get the bombs, come now!” as he waved his hand to them to follow when he felt something sharp hit his arm. He gasped as he gripped tightly on it and felt a warm wet feeling on his gloved hand and then checked it. Frank cried “Nik!”

    Nikolai looked ahead of him and saw a tomahawk and then he slowly turned his gaze to what caused it. Fear and anger flowed through his veins and saw her; the Huntress.

    [Digitally drawn by Meaghan “icefir” Halter]

    “I thought you were dead…” he gritted through his teeth as he saw the smile on her face, she giggled as the gem on her mask glowed. Nikolai turned to his teammates and yelled “Engineer, Frank, go get the bombs, I’ll deal with her!”

    “Nikolai-” Engineer started to say but Nikolai yelled at them, “Go!”

    Frank tugged the Engineer's arm and said “Come on! We got an explosion to stop!” and then ran off as the Engineer in tow, leaving Nikolai alone with her.

    Psycho Encounter! Anna the Huntress

    NIkolai had to focus now, he could treat a flesh wound later and talk things over to the others if he had time, “I just do not understand how you are alive even now.” He muttered as he had an ax out, grabbing it by the handle as he glared at her.

    Nikolai stood his ground as the gem’s shadow under it had grown long, slithering down from it to her neck and then right leg, the shadow formed the Huntress as the Segerent watched on in appalling confusion.

    The most unbelievable thing had happened, the shadow of Anna had risen up from the ground, from a 2D to a 3D imprint of her as it grew smaller as its shape and appearance had changed and former disappeared and the darkness of the shadow had faded away as well.

    [Digitally drawn by Meaghan “Iceifr” Halter]

    Shadow had formed into a creature, it wore a mask that appears to have blood stained sharp teeth and a jester cowl attached to it or the mask and cowl themselves are a part of them as their skin was a color of a dark sienna as the croak appears to be made from animal fur pelts and human skins sewn together as the skirt as well has one patch of skin sewn onto it as well as the rest of it remained normal.

    Creature cracked a bone or two they had before opening up their eyes to reveal the red pupils in dark black eyes as the cowl itself flowed through the air as itself was floating in suspension.

    Anna remained still as if she was waiting for Nikolai to move as he stood still from what he was witnessing and yet, Frank West and the universe’s inhabitants wouldn’t believe him of the things he saw but this one was new to him.

    “Good to meet you, Nikolai.” the shadow being spoken towards the Russian that shocked him, how did this being know his name?

    “You can talk..?!”

    “Ah, yes, I am.” it purred as it turned around in a twirl as its voice sounded like it was smiling, “We know many versions as well as many names yet one of them remained real in the mirror.”

    “You are an Apothcian then?” Nikolai asked as he raised a brow yet the creature laughed at this as if he had asked the most ridiculous question in the world. “I can’t say that but us, yet even with those that had grown up into adulthood, I will say that I blamed the man who said that humanity aren’t this greedy with wishes.”

    “I do not get what you mean by that.” Nikolai shouted in confusion. A distorted laugh was it’s reply.

    “Well, then… Looks like I need to show you the error: The error of Man.”

    With no hesitation, it threw itself into Huntress’ shadow and then soon, as if on cue. Her movements were reanimated and she dashed towards the Sergeant.

    He reacted as he stepped to the side and missed the ax coming down onto him, slash and dashed, he yelled as he felt the blade collided with his chest plate as thankful as he would thank the person who invited the chest plate that can deflect attacks.

    Yet, he can comprehend what happened next. Nikolai had picked up the tomahawk she threw at him and tried to fight her with it. Huntress stood still with a wicked smile and a red pupil glowing in her eye as shadows came from the darkness of the parking lot tunnel and then formed into several axes.

    He gasped in shock as floating axes spinning then flew towards him, he had deflected a few of them but some of them had managed to hit him in the arm, left thigh and right shoulder as he hissed in pain.

    Anna hums a lullaby as she laughs in the middle of it, she disappears into darkness as Nikolai was trying to find her. His head turned to where she was as he kept his hearing trained on his surroundings as he heard footsteps coming from behind.

    He turned around on the spot to see but he felt his chin connected with a fist and he was sent flying towards a wall with a yelp. He bounced off the wall and then landed onto the asflet ground as he moaned while holding his swollen jaw.

    Anna laughed in her humming voice again, :Has a bear lost its teeth?” Huntress taunted in a singing tone in their native language, “Or his teeth had broken off?”

    Nikolai had stumbled back on his feet with a tomahawk in his fist, bleeding from the cuts she caused as he looked at her before he ran towards her, weapon raised but she quickly grabbed it and then used his fist to punch him in the face before she kicked him.

    He groaned from the attack as his nose bled from the Huntress’s attack, as he was wiping the blood, he heard the Huntress coming closer towards as he had dropped a tomahawk when he was thrown, he got the Back-Pit out and began to look around in it.

    “Cowering for mercy? I wonder what slabs of meat from you will taste like!~” The Huntress grisly said as she made a flaying knife appear from the wisps of shadows, a morbid desire to skin the scrawling man before her.

    He had put away the Back-Pit then grunted when he felt the collar of his shirt was grabbed and then was pulled upward before he was slammed against the wall as he gasped when he felt a hand going against his throat.

    Anna was getting ready to stab when a hard object had hit her head from behind, she hissed in pain as she unwittingly dropped Nikolai before turning to see who hit her. Frank West had come in with a baseball bat as he yelled “You let go of him you killer rabbit!”

    She giggled as she readied the knife while she was facing the photojournalist. Frank is frightened a little by the woman towering over him as his grip tightly on the baseball bat.

    She walked towards him when she heard a weapon being cocked back, she turned and she was faced by a barrel of a shotgun after it was taken out of Nikolai’s Back-Pit. There was a yell before a bang.

    *The lights went out for a moment…

    Parking lot’s tunnel lights turned back on to reveal a scene before the two men, the Huntress is lying on the ground, gem that was on her mask was shattered into pieces and the pieces themselves that were crimson red is now turning pitch black as shadows had leaked from them and then traveled into the darkness of the tunnels.

    “The hell is that?” Frank mumbled as he and Nikolai watched the shadows retreating into the tunnel ahead of them. Nikolai shook his head gently as his eyes still trained on the Huntress as her clothing had changed, from the current clothing to their original state, rabbit mask that bare teeth had reverted back to its original form as well.

    As they watched this happening, they heard the Engineer cried out for help and making them turned and see that he is carrying the bombs that was still slowly counting down to zero thankfully.

    “Do Ah have to take care of them mahself while ya’ll mope around!?” Engineer yelled angrily as he was trying to avoid one zombie after another. By this point, the vehicle crashing had attracted the undead and there were more of them by the minute.

    Frank, without a moment of thinking, ran over to his aid and then took the bombs from him as he said “I’ll take of them, you take care of these folks!” with the Engineer had the look of shock and terror on his face.

    “Those suckers will explode in two minutes! Think of something soon, Reporter!” he said as he finally was able to get out his rifle. Frank West took this moment to run but stopped when he noticed a lone shopping cart at the tunnel exit to the surface, he looked at the cart and then at the exit with an idea forming in his head while Nikolai caught up to him since Frank is carrying the bombs in a stack.

    Frank then places the bombs into the cart like a shopper in a hurry to check the items out as Nikolai asked “Frank, what are you doing…?!” while he was panting while holding a cut on his right shoulder. “Just checking out.” Frank answered in a grunt while he began pushing the cart into the exit tunnel.

    Bombs beeping together in unison as Frank’s feet carried him fastly out of the tunnel, he was panting as he ran out of the tunnel and into the outside with the sun setting in time for the evening to start. He yelled “Fire in the hole!” before he pushed the cart away from him as far as possible determined on how hard he pushed it. He then turned and then ran away from where the cart was to brace himself from the eventual detonation and he was right.

    5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

    Frank cleared the as the cart had exploded and he was thrown onto the ground from the strong wind upon impact, Carlto’s suicide plan had failed thanks to the crew’s thwarting him and Frank’s crazy yet effective thinking.

    Bombs desposed off, Frank got off the pavement and dusted himself off when he heard a walkie gone off, he took it out of his pocket and then answered it.


    “Frank!? Frank!” Jessie cried in relief, “Sounds like you guys took care of the bombs!”

    “Y-Yeah, we did.” Frank sighed as he was walking back into the tunnel, “Good, I want you guys to come back here now. There’s something I need you to see.” she explained as Frank listened on with interest as he mumbled “Yeah.” before ending the call to jog to find Nikolai and Dell.

    “So, ya’ll saying that you and the Huntress-”

    “She tried to kill me back in the first world war, Engineer.”

    “Then how did you survive that long-?”

    “I didn’t,” Nikolai interrupted him again, as the Engineer had gotten out a medikit from the Back-Pit, “An unnatural fog had claimed her, and for the longest time, I-”

    “Ya thought she was long gone?” Engineer interrupted Nikolai as he unscrewed the cap and then got out a pill for his friend, “Here, it’ll make it better.” Engineer said as he handed him a pill just as Frank got to them.

    “Hey guys,” Frank panted as he rested his hands on his knees, “We need to find Brad.” he said before he looked at Nikolai who had the pill in his hand, seeing the injuries on the man before he looked at the Engineer with a raised eyebrow.

    “How is a pill going to fix him up?” Frank asked, “Isn’t there a medkit in your-” and just as he was about to finish that sentence, Nikolai had eaten it and quickly, the familiar red beam swarmed over Nikolai for just a moment and healed his injuries as well as repaired the damages on his upper clothing.

    Frank looked at the Engineer afterwards, impressed, he said “And please, how does that medicine work?”

    “The Medic had his secrets, Frank.” Engineer answered softly, “Ah would rather not tell you how it was made for your sake, Frank.”

    “I will find out one day, Engie.” Frank added as he folded his arms before he went over to Nikolai and helped him onto his feet. “Thank you, Mr. West.” Nikolai muttered as he felt all better from the pill.

    “Ya said we need to find Brad?” Engineer asked as he placed his hand on his shoulder, “Has something else come up?”

    “Yeah.” Frank answered as he nodded but Nikolai turned his head towards the direction as he recalled that they left the Huntress there. “Hold on, we need to check something first…” He mumbled before he cocked the rifle back and then headed back to the crash.

    Two men followed him into the tunnel and Nikolai stopped dead in his tracks suddenly, alerting and worrying Engineer as Frank West stood idly confused on his actions.

    Frank then walked up beside the Russian and he was going to ask him what was the hold up but the look on Nikolai’s face was the look of fear and horror painted as he was staring at where the Huntress was laying. He turned to look at whatever Nikolai was looking at and he was in shock to see the body was gone, vanished.

    “She’s gone..!?” Frank mumbled as the Engineer had come to look what was going on but they heard an all too familiar voice… humming a lullaby.

    They all turned and saw the Huntress, on her feet as she hums a lullaby, Nikolai had to push the two to get behind him while he had to deal with her. “Are you even still alive!?”

    Anna tilted her head to the side, as she still held onto the ax she had tried to chop him to pieces earlier. She walked over to them but then heard a groan, turning on the spot and then was face to face with a wolf but strangely, it felt like it was made from stone and covered with moss. She yelled as she was on the ground with it on top of her.

    “What the!? What’s that?” Frank as he got the camera working and then took a few pictures that told a tale of a wolf noticing him and then lunging out towards and to be stopped by Engineer who had hit it with the butt end of the shotgun all of might he had.

    “Damnit!” Engineer yelled as he looked at the wolf on the ground, “It felt like hitting a statue!” he said as the Huntress got off the ground, picking up her ax as howls from the tunnel had cried out.

    “Hold on…” Nikolai halted everyone as he looked at the wolf, the “wolf” itself was a statue of it with moss and cracks on it from Engineer’s attack as it was getting back up and he turned to the tunnel and pouring from it was more of the “wolves” as the growling sound hungry, sharp stone teeth showing as black, dripping mass forming as their tonuges licked their mouths as Nikolai and the Huntress backed up as the pack made from stone slowly approaches him.

    Frank looked at the statue wolves in disbelief, first it was zombies and now this!?

    “Everyone…” Nikolai backed up with his hand gripping tightly on shotgun as he gestured for the two behind him to run, “Run!” He then turned and ran with Anna going with them as the wolf statues began their relentless pursuit for the group.

    “Go go go!”

    Nikolai turned around and while he was going backwards, he fired one buck after another into the heads of each “wolf” who was ganging up on them.

    “Where the hell did they come?!” Frank demanded loudly as he had a flashlight on him to shine a way through the tunnels under the mall as Engineer was reloading ammunition into his weapon. “Ah don’t know but Ah'd rather not find out!”

    Anna was tossing one hatchet after another at the pack but one after another, the throwable axes had bounced and defected off of the skins made from rock.

    Frank was watching where they were going, and noticed a door at the end of the tunnel trapped in darkness upon shining light on it. Without a thought, Frank shouted “Through there! Come on!”

    Frank ran over towards the door with others on his tail, with a little trouble fidgeting at the door handle as Engineer and Nikolai were shooting the pack of “wolves” as one of them shouted at him to hurry.

    Frank had to shoulder ram the door and the door opened up as Frank West fell into the opening and falling down with a scream, Engineer stood by the edge of the door as he looked down to where Frank was going.

    “Frank-!!” Dell yelled but he was pushed inside by Nikolai and the Huntress as “wolves” stopped to bark at them while they fell down into the abyss. Flashlight flickering until the battery gave out.

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    Hello, everyone!

    Sorry for being late of not posting chapters but I had been trying to get my focus on it as things had happened in my family a while ago. I will save what had happened later but for now, give the artists the credit and I will post the second one when I do.

    Artists for the chapters




    Icefir [Yours truly]

    Jin Huang belongs to @mortal-kombattore-115

    -Chapter 20-

    It doesn’t surprise the Doctor, in all honesty, he had gotten used to it for the past two days and soon to be Day 3 in Willamette, their escape from the zombie outbreak but he is not finished with this wonderland dream just yet.

    As he was gently falling down from the cold night sky sprinkled with snowflakes, Richtofen watched his clothes change again into the Dead Wonderer attire as the mental realm was getting more corrupted and chaotic now.

    Purple crystals are sprouting out everywhere, from the snowy mountains to the remaining floating islands that were parts of Alice’s wonderland. As it was said before; he wasn’t surprised that he had to go back into wonderland or Londerland in Alice’s mind or… it could be both.

    His boots dug into the snow as it went nearly to his knees as he stopped his descent, Edward looked around the area he was in as the frost formed on his warm breath. He turned around and saw the head of same mech giant from the site.

    “Funny,” he started to say, “I am in one of mein memories, zhis vas how ve had found und-”

    “Captured his soul”

    Cheshire Cat popped his head out into the Doctor’s view from the cockpit of the titanic robot’s head inside and then crawled out of it to approach him. “Such a stroll through the memory lane in a mind that had been fractured.”

    “Cheshire Cat,” Richtofen greeted sarcastically, “Vhy am I not surprised.” as he crossed his arms while he looked at the cat approaching him before sitting down. “You had taken your time to return to your wonderland, the hunter had his thrill as it spread more across.”

    “I had noticed zhat, Chechire Cat,” the Doctor interjected, “I had noticed it is spreading, I just need to find her now, I know zhat and believed to be the case of an powerful entity at vork here. Mentally und physically.”

    “Such perseverance you had carried in your heart throughout the quest, Alice, however, is rather struggling to keep the Hallows at bay. Day to day, the corruption is all-too discussion turning into an eruption waiting to happen.”

    “Mind telling me where she is now, I am getting tired of being in my own mind too much.” Edward snarled with impatience of this cat talking in rhymes and this cat knows it.

    “Do not expect me to be a good wallow cat, yet, the path you took should be familiar as this realm is leaving the shallow end.”

    The trees moved away as the doctor turned around to see what was happening as four sets of footprints came from the giant robot’s head and into the forest itself, making a trail.

    “Dankeschön.” Dr. Richtofen said as he looked back to see the Cheshire Cat was no longer there as usual, he shook his head from the encounter as he turned back and then traveled down the path opened before him.

    The breath exhaled from his mouth and frost formed in the air as the moon shined down on him as it helped him see ahead of him but it’s not helpful that the Hallows, a pack consisting of normal and Alphas, had appeared from the treeline.

    The lights of the ray gun blasting across the area and balls of blue light hitting their targets as they tried to hop on him. Some of the normals are shattered into pieces as others had become Omegas laying down on the ground blanketed with snow.

    As the snowflakes are falling down from the partly cloudy skies and landing onto the German as he continues to soldier on through the weather as he can see a familiar village ahead of them yet it is different from what he remembered as well. As he entered the village, it was a wonderland version of it as a few roofs are tea pots and books on top of them, few trees replaced with gigantic mushrooms, even the most houses themselves are made from playing cards.

    As he carefully tread lightly in the village with ease as the lanterns provided a way for him to walk, he had approached to a big mushroom on where the water fountain was in the center of the village and on it was a caterpillar, smoking hookah and holding a fan as it uses it to keep itself cool even though it’s a cold night already.


    The caterpillar didn’t respond but kept smoking.

    “You must be zhe caterpillar.”

    “Well, hello Richtofen.” the caterpillar then answered as he turned to look at the Doctor, annoyed look on his face as smoke exhaled from his lips. This is something that he is too familiar with when he smokes.

    He shrugged it off and said “Do you know vhere Alice Liddell is? Zhe one vith a blue dress und white apron vith zhe omega necklace? Has she come through here?”

    “Aaah,” the caterpillar said as he nodded, “Alice, yes I do see her and your white rabbit.”

    “Rabbit Shaw?” P!Richtofen asked as he was a little surprised to hear that, let alone coming from a bug, “He vas here too, vhere are zhey?”

    “In the castle now, I believe.” the caterpillar said as he nodded, “They both left for the castle, the castle of the wolves on the mountains, you will need a lift to get there.” he closed then pointed the fan towards the fog for Richtofen to look as he turned his head.

    The fog cleared away and revealed a gondola, exactly how it looked like the last time he and his allies had taken it. “But I must warn you, Doctor Edward Richtofen, you can not go to where she was last seen or the cruel entity will steal you away for eternal slumber as well.”

    “Seal me away?” he asked with an raised eyebrow, “Vhat do you mean by stealing me away?”

    “It may be too late for her and it will happen the same to you if you go down to where she was now- a dream within a casket.” with that said, the caterpillar does some peculiar before the doctor’s eyes; butterfly wings had unfurled, on them was a predatory face of cat’s eyes and opened teeth that made Primis Edward Richtofem trembled for a moment and then it flew away into the snowflake-sprinkled skies.

    Richtofen looked down at the snow on the ground and pondered for at least a moment, what did that smoking caterpillar mean by “too late for her?”

    He then shook his head, no time to waste on something that crazy, crazy, that’s what people who knew his Ultimis self would say about him and himself. Two sides of the same coin yet different.

    “I haven’t said zhat I am crazy but being like her.” he thought to himself as he turned without a word and then headed for the gongola as snow crushed under his feet. As he reached the lift, a crowd with orange glowing eyes appeared before him; their faces and bodies were blackened with dark ash yet their eyes were still visible for them as they glowed to look and gaze at the German as the door of the gongola had opened up for him to enter.

    With little moment he had, he entered the gongola and then the door closed behind him, he looked at the window and saw a man, no… it was a zombie wearing overalls and a conductor hat as the lightbulb above him was shining down on it with flickers and flashes for a moment.

    The zombie was facing the control panel when he lifted his hand, covered in blood as fingers had cuts and half-way ripped off from the stumps with bone exposing but with little effort, he pressed the button and a jolt was the feeling the Doctor felt as he watched the zombie looked up from the panel and stare as Richtofen as he slowly yet gaining little speed going up towards the castle from his memories;

    Griffin Castle.

    Edward looked at the castle and like the village, it was a wonderland version of it as well yet it looked like a twisted version of the wonderland version of the Griffin Castle itself. The stained glass of the ancients are red hearts as bone and red flesh had replaced a few structures to keep the castle up standing with no fail.

    It felt like a nightmare to him but he knew that he is in one as he stepped out of the gongola, slow steps echoed the landing area as he remained cautious as he recalled what happened the last time he was here with Takeo, Dempsey, and Nikolai- well, his Takeo, Dempsey, and Nikolai in correction of his thoughts.

    What greeted him there was Rabbit Shaw, popping his head out of the pot he was hiding in, a pot that is big enough to fit a large rabbit inside as he jumped out of it and then walked over to the Doctor.

    “Hallo Shaw,” Edward Richtofen greeted as he walked over to meet him as well, “Yes, I do recall zhat I am late.” he responded for the white rabbit as he stopped in his tracks. “Well, actually, Edward, you are on time with all honesty and I see you have gotten a bit of an attitude.”

    “I am tired physically und mentally, but I need to know on vhy you had said zhat.” Richtofen replied as he turned to look at the gongola then back to Shaw, “Although, I had met the caterpillar.”

    “The wise old Caterpillar that smokes hookah?” the rabbit tilted his head to the side, removed the top hat to stretch his head, “How much did that blue insect tell you?”

    “Not to go to vhere Alice vas last seen,” P!Richtofen answered as he crossed his arms with pressing irritation. Rabbit Shaw lowered his head from the Doctor’s gase as he muttered “I fear you would say that…”

    “Vhat do you mean?”

    “Alice is held captive.” Rabbit Shaw managed to responded as he placed his top hat back on as Edward Richtofen was struck by the revelation, “Vhat? I am sure zhat she can-”

    “I said she was held captive, mentally in a glass casket.”

    “By vho?”

    “Possibility the one behind all of this.”

    “The Broken?” P!Richtofen yap as his brows furrowed and teeth snarled. “I believe so.” the rabbit’s ears folded downward from the uneasiness the conversation. “I had to go und find her, vhere vas she?”

    Rabbit Shaw seemed wanted to talk him out of the situation, but he wasn’t willing to anger him any further, “In the courtyard,” he spoke the truth, “But the-”

    Primis Richtofen then quickly walked past his white rabbit while he was talking, the ray gun ready for use as Shaw realized where he was going and alarmed to know this, “Doctor Richtofen, where are you going!?”

    “Going to get Alice,” he explained, “Vhatever had her, it can’t stop me from doing so.”

    “You have realized that the caterpillar told you to run into a trap.”

    “I do.”

    “Then why are you going to the courtyard?!”

    “Trust me, zhis vas from my own mind und memories here are my own. I can find veapons here.”

    Rabbit Shaw was unsure but said nothing but walked with him to the courtyard as there is no way to talk him out of the situation he is putting himself in.

    The puzzles are the same as he recalled them to be yet few new puzzles are a bit complex as he had realized. The Hallows weren’t troubling enough when he and Rabbit Shaw had fought them but the Card guards, however, proved to be a challenge.

    Spears had hurt them with a slash and hack but they are able to fight them back, yet with a new weapon is a wonder weapon in this realm of mental material, both foreign and reconizible, a game of knucklebone was weaponized with a child’s rubber ball with real sharp jacks, the umbrella turned into a gun whenever it was spun by hand, the gravity dagger was wonderlandized into a normal dagger with orb yet if it is two, they can be yield by to hands, even the same case for the Wunderwaffe DG-2, the plans of it, same markings of the vorpal blade on it yet it requires the basic pieces but one piece to complete it, a special one: eye of the jabberwock that Rabbit Shaw had called it.

    With an hour of troubles and chaos, Richtofen and Shaw managed to succeed in finding the last piece of the puzzle, a heart piece fitting perfectly in the hole and hearing the gears cogging and spinned from the wall within.

    Soon, before the Doctor’s and Rabbit Shaw’s eyes, the wall itself had split apart as the two duo backed up for a little moment as it revealed itself on the courtyard on the other side, the courtyard that felt nogasic to the doctor as well with the sense of dread.

    Edward Richtofan had begun to enter the courtyard without distress yet Rabbit Shaw remained behind as he noticed. “Shaw,” he began to say, “Vhat is-”

    “Watch out! It’s the Jabberwock-!” he yelled as a roar had sounded off from the skies, the Doctor looked up and saw what looked like a mechanical dragon soaring through the skies as the shadow of the creature was glowed by the moon yet strangely a glowing yellow dot was following it.

    From the creature’s mouth, it spewed fire and cut off the entrance Richtofen came out of, blocking off the escape route as Edward yelled before he jumped out of the way.

    He panted with unease as he had got on his hands and turned his head to look at the fire before he heard something landing ahead of him, he turned to see a creature before him, the feature of it was reconizible yet differently.

    The “dragon” had mechanical parts similar to his own creation of a Panzer Soldat, wings are bars and fabric as the chest itself was a power core as it glows yellow. The muzzle has a pair of four teeth and the scales are green and covered in blood, presumably whoever it had ate as a few of its scales are missing and skin had tears and bites coming out of its wounds all over the body.

    The eyes are gold but bloodshot as it looked like it hadn't slept for so long.

    “So, you are the Doctor that she had spoke about?” it spoke in a deep threatening voice, Richtofen scrambled to his feet, this creature was capable of speech?

    “Who, Alice?”

    “Yes, her,” it responded as he prawled around him with its long neck, making the Doctor get back on his feet in a hurry and taking steps backwards from the Jabberwock. “She had spoken of you, frightened of your world, your mind in pieces.”

    “I am vell avare of zhat,” Richtofen found enough courage to speak back, “Und I zhink you und zhe other marine I know vill have somezhing in common; Being loud, annoying dummkopfs.”

    “Shame on the pathetic creature like yourself to keep avoiding the task at hand,” Jabberwock jabbed back as it marched back and forth, the voice was filled with such malice and vile, “Keeping talking like you are doing at this very moment was misguided, condemning, inflamed and above all else; all errors in everything you could do and about to do.”

    “Oh, is zhat it?” Edward cilchized, “People I know vould often say zhat to me.”

    “He wanted to know what you have planned,” Jabberwock interrupted, “Nikolai always wanted to know what you had planned with the souls once collected, is it because what happened at the dig site within one of the bunkers themselves?”

    Richtofen was taken aback by this but it continued,

    “Just what were you doing with his brain most of all, was it going to be another one of your experiments while the world will have a castphotic plague spread like a wildfire after carelessly tossing a match, unknowingly it will spark an unstoppable inferno!”

    “Ve didn’t know vhat ve unearthed in zhe tombs!” Richtofen tried to explain as his body twitching with unchangeable anguish and violet vex.

    “Call it an “accident” when I call it “reckless abandon” on your part of unleashing an outbreak of the walking dead, craving for the flesh of the living and the blood water of life in their lust. With no regard of how it will end or what could’ve been, Maxis himself, isn’t he?”

    He felt himself fervid with hot blooded sizzling in his veins, he started to retorte the Jabberwocky, “Do not bring mein friend into-”

    “He expected you to come to him, didn't he? Maybe he hoped you would warn him about the infection as soon as hell broke loose on that day but you made him wait, waiting until he was infected too. He nearly died as a result but the further insult to injury; you tied him up and took his brain just moments during his turning into the rank of the undead.” Jabberwock marched back and forth as Primis Richtofen’s skin was turning pale again.

    “Moments after you cut him open, they came to take you for their nations and saw the aftermath. Do you think that you will do the same to them or kill them in self-defense? No, what you are and what you have done was beyond trust and redemption, not wrothly for forgiveness for a wasted life you have. Your parents will despise you if they were still alive but you were worse than your Ultimis self. You are the one that zombies had existed and killed everyone, you are a demon, not a monster!”

    “NOOOO!!” His voice yelled throughout the night as he broke through the breaking point at what this vile creature had said, he knew it’s true but the Jabberwock had pushed his limits now it’s going to get real ugly.

    The blood was streaming from his eyes once more as he felt his heart beating within his chest, threatening to rip itself out as he charged aggressively at the monster with the desire of ripping it apart, piece by piece. Rabbit Shaw had overheard it all with morbid rasp but he managed to yell at the Doctor “No Richtofen! That’s what it wants!”

    But it was too late, Edward was too far gone into his burning rage as his feet were beaten against the stone ground with the raygun in hand as he aimed it and opened fire.

    Blue balls of radiation launched towards the Jabberwock as a few managed to hit it directly on the face, neck, chest and right arm as it screeched in pain. The creature growled and then spouts out fire from its mouth at the mad doctor but he dodged it as he had put away the ray gun and then got out the jacks with the ball resting on top.

    Jabberwocky spewed fire again and this time, the Doctor seemingly was burned in the inferno as Shaw cried out “Richtofen!”

    But the white rabbit version of Stanton had watched on and noticed something astounding, butterflies, but they are not butterflies themselves but moths, blue-purple Gab-Split Moths spewed forth and then they formed a shape of a man running before soon Richtofen was formed once again.

    Bleeding from the hand after he is holding the jacks too tightly in his palm but he doesn’t take note or acknowledge the pain he could feel yet he is enduring it as long as he is holding it in his clutches as he tossed the ball at the Jabberwock.

    Jacks did little damage to the dragon of wonderland but it was too distracted to notice the Doctor charging in with the knife he had in its hoist and then began to slash around its legs. It roared painfully and then turned its tail around and then managed to hit the insane man before him.

    He was thrown across the courtyard and hit the wall as he yelled in agony upon impact. He was still angry but he can now feel the large amount of pain affecting him, he holds his side with a moan with blood trailing down from the corner of his mouth with his eyes shut.

    He heard a roar that caused him to look up to see the Jabberwock flying towards him, he tried to shuffle away but the pain was preventing him from getting away from the monster. But what happened next was a miracle yet tragedy on both sides of the coin.

    Footsteps came towards the fight happening and then standing between the Doctor and the Jabberwock was Rabbit Shaw who threw what looked like to be another potion at the Jabberwock before he was smacked out of the way by it on full force and he crashes onto a wall as Richtofen saw it before his eyes.

    The potion made contact and then it exploded on the right side of the Jabberwock’s face, it roared in a nasty wail of anguish. It held the side of its face as it was melting from the fire and then the eye fell out of its socket. Shaking from the stinging pain, it was forced to fly away, retreating as the Doctor slowly returned to normal and the injuries healed as steam flew off of his body as he turned to the injured white rabbit and cried “Shaw!”

    His broken body was lying on a pile of snow, his top hat inches away from him and his brace snapped in two, he was coughing up blood from his mouth when the Doctor came over to his side, kneeled down to access the scene before him.

    “Vhat happened?” Richtofen quickly said he could hardly remember what had happened earlier or recall the little details. The rabbit weakly looked at him and answered as he coughed “Well, you had gone mad, if I do say so myself, after what it had said. You just began to attack it.”

    “Ah… Ah…” Richtofen said as he rubs his neck, “I do admit, vhat he said is true but-”

    “But you let it get into your head.” he interrupted the doctor, holding his side as he looked at the ground. “Still, I had managed to get you the last piece to the DG-2. Jabberwock’s eye is yours to have. My time is almost up.”

    “Shaw, don’t, I could use zhe key und-”

    Rabbit only looked at him with annoyance, making Primis Edward Richtofen realize that even though he has the Summoning Key itself, he isn't in this state of a mental realm. “Ah… Right…”

    “But Edward… Jabberwock is gonna try again but this time, it will kill you both.” He explained further as he coughed again, “Broken is going to be sasfacted if this happens, driving you both insane in reality and I can’t bear the thoughts of it alone.”

    Richtofen looked away from his white rabbit for a moment, “You're going to have to kill it to save her, save yourself and… Just… Don’t let me die in vain.” with the last breath leaving him, he collapsed onto the soft snow below him.

    The Doctor looked at the dead rabbit for a moment in disbelief and shaking his head, he hung his head low and full of regret.

    Before them, was the grin from thin air itself and then with it were eyes of a familiar cat, soon, Cheshire Cat manifested before the scene before him as he walked over to Edward in sorrow.

    German doesn’t seem to know the cat is here as he muttered “Everything I do, I can’t feel when someone dies but it felt like I had lost a piece of mein self.”

    “No time for self pity, Edward, you must find her and admit mistakes for your flaws later.” he then dissipates into the air, vanishing from existence before his eyes. The Doctor took for a moment to process the demise of the white rabbit, his white rabbit version of Stanton.

    He had to sacrifice himself to get the eye and he died as a result, part of him believed it was his fault as the other that Rabbit Shaw had done it for the cause, his cause, for Alice.

    P!Richtofen shook his head and put his doubts aside, he knew that he had to build it, avenge the rabbit’s death and not let him die in vain. Revenge? Yes please but he calls it “justice” for Rabbit Shaw.

    But he can’t leave his corpse on the snow as he looked at him and then the snow before turning to his hands, “I shall give you a proper burial, White Rabbit.” he said as he uses his hands to dig through the snow as his cloves hands go through effortlessly into and pulling the soft sands of snow and chunks of almost formed ice made from snow.

    Rabbit Shaw was placed inside the hole with his paws on his chest as he was buried under the snow by the German. After a while, he found a stick to mark the grave and placed his top hat on it as the wind blew softly on the grave marker.

    P!Richtofen looked at the grave for a few more moments before he turned and then walked away from the grave itself and picked up the eye of the Jabberwocky itself. He walked towards a part of the Griffin Castle that he knew so little of yet it is useful to his benefits: his room, his Ultimis self’s room.

    He had what he needed and required the parts to build the Vorpal Wunderwaffe DG-2, once he has it completed, he is going to kill the Jabberwock for killing Rabbit Shaw and try to pray answers from it yet he wanted to make sure that he… it will die a slow, painful death.

    He wanted to make sure that promise wanted to come into fluinition as he pieced the pieces together bolt by bolt, his fingers danced upon the tools he had at his building as he is much more familiar to this design of his other self’s making which it’s crazy to admit but he does know how to make a weapon from the element 115 itself.

    He then placed one last piece into the rifle; the Jabberwock’s Eye, it was placed perfectly inside the circle slot and it glowed a golden yellow as it shines in his eyes. “Now,” he said under his breath as he held the Wunderwaffle in his hands, “Time to go find Alice.”

    He then looked out the window and seemed to notice his reflection on the mirror of the looking glass and saw his other self, his Ultimis, zombified self on the other side of the mirror itself. Skin and flesh were scratched or bitten off here and there on his forearm, right side of his face, his left side of his neck to nearly his throat and on his thigh.

    His eyes are red from the horrific bloodshot yet pupils are golden yellow and seemed to pierce his own when he rose his chin up to greet his Primis counterpart and between his eyes was a bullet hole that Edward knew too well since he recalled the time he had killed him for the plan to set in motion to save the universe he and his crew lived in.

    “You often knew you are this insane yet it was very lively that is beyond the grave.” he heard Cheshire’s voice spoke from behind just as Zombie Ultimis Richtofen smiled an insidious grin and revealed bloodstained teeth and bits of flesh in between above and below bloody bony enamel-coated structures.

    P!Richtofen shook his head and then began to leave the bedroom he called his own as his reflection stayed in place of the looking glass as he watched him go out the door and then closed on the way out.

    Boots echoed into the stone halls and pulsating veins of the castle as the Doctor was holding his Delta necklace for examination as he felt the presence beside him as he let go of the necklace and then said “Do you mind telling me?” as he walked through the halls that seemed to be twisting around him and his companion, “Is zhere a reason vhy I had to come here? Just to know vhat kind of entity ve are facing soon? I don’t vant it to be a bloody end.”

    “The Broken?” Cheshire Cat asked, “Things are said and done but oftentimes, they are better left unspoken and spared a few dimes for thought is worth the torment.” as he walked with him as the halls had spiriled and twisted into the void behind them both as thunder was heard from outside.

    They both walked in the castle’s hallways that seemed to go on forever and never-ending as they kept going until they noticed a clearing ahead of them so Richtofen finally stopped on the floors with the patterns of checker-board game. Then cards began to fall gently from the light above then as he looked up at the spot of light from the middle of the endless void.

    He had gotten a hand full of cards in his hands as he had missed one and watched simply land perfectly on the floor with the ace of spades face up then suddenly, the knife, the Vorpal Blade, fell in front of him and stabbed the card, pinning it to the floor.

    “Zhe Vorpal Blade?” He kneeled down to inspect bitas the Cheshire Cat walked over to face the German Doctor, “From Alice without the doubt, yet it is troubling to know the Queen of Hearts has her locked away.” he said.

    “Vhat do you mean by zhat?”

    “The last place she went to, this is what the Caterpillar had foretold this and yet the bloodlust queen had her trapped in the same case when the Knight hasn’t had a chance to embrace his fate in his frozen slumber.”

    “Knight?” he questioned, “You mean Dempsey?”

    “The same and name mattered in mind, shattered as hopes of the people of Willamette are getting , you must pick up the pace yet I fear Alice will not survive.”


    “You will see as you will erase the Red Queen from the living by a dozen ropes, I suggest you take the blade as you will need it.”

    Richtofen waved his head and placed it on his head, “Are you sure zhis vill help me as it did before und vith Alice…?”

    Cheshire Cat grinned and answered “No time to elope with such worry as the Vorpal Blade itself is swift and keen to cut through anything smooth as butter and knife such as this is always ready for service .”

    Richtofen nodded as he grabbed onto the handle and then wedged out of the floor with little effort. He examined the blade once again as he held the blade before he looked up and noticed that the door wasn’t there before the blade had fallen from the sky above them. He walked over to them and then pushed them open with a little force and feat.

    He then entered to what the room is beyond the door, he found himself in a courtyard of the castle where they had defeated the corrupted keeper who was keeping the other marine in the case.

    He looked around for a moment until he heard a roar and he turned just in time to see the Jabberwocky flying down and then breathed fire at him but it only got the door when he had managed to jump out of the way of the attack.

    “So you came back to me then?” it spoke once it landed in front of the Doctor. “To avenge your friend? Such shame that you can’t even escape your fate from the burning home or the walking dead!”

    P!Richtofen only sneered at the dragon before him, “You could be right about zhat,” as he put the vorpal blade away in a hoister shared with another knife, “Revenge? could be, but vith you here:” he then got out the Wunderwaffe DG-2 with the barrel glowing a golden aura, “I am going to use zhe eye against you.” he growled as his teeth are bared from the anger boiling within but can’t let it overcome him again.

    This will anger Jabberwocky and he knows it yet he is going to use it to his advantage however, as it lets out a battlecry and flew towards the Doctor who was standing there seemed uninterested, he pulled out the pocket watch and his thumb pulled the button on top of the watch and as the hands on the clock had stopped, time itself had stopped; Jabberwocky had stopped, snow stopped falling, everything around Edward had stopped but himself.

    Yet, he is immune to it as he muttered “He had said that timing is everything, zhen I can use zhis to mein advantage.” he then puts it away the pocket watch and opened fire at the Jabberwock with the rifle, he then puts it away and then getting out the game set of sharp knucklebone and threw just as the beam had stopped as well.

    As the jacks and a ball stopped, he then pulled out the ray gun and then fired a few plasma ray balls of blue light at the Jabberwock before he got out the pocket watch again and then pressed the button with a click.

    Time resumes as if someone had hit the play button and all of the projectiles are flying towards the charging dragon and then the hits are direct success as they had caused damage on the Jabberwock as it crashed and slid across the courtyard as Richtofen managed to get out of the way.

    The wings are damaged from the attack as it turned to growl at him as it can still stand on his legs with the chest burning as a normal ferunce. Jabberwocky ran at him on its four legs towards P!Richtofen responded by opening fire on it with the Ray Gun with a dead stare.

    It roared in agony as it felt the organic limbs it had been put in a pit of red hot burning spikes but it endured and then got close enough to breath fire at him but he antipecaplated this and dissipated into moths and flew around him.

    Jabberwock had smashed and dashed its claws at the Gab-Spit moths around him until they all disappeared when they all floated up into the mist of the fog around it. It was looked around the fog to finding him until it noticed cyan light from above it and then looked up to see P!Richtofen came down with two daggers as he yelled “I afraid zhat you have a severe case of gravity!”

    He smashed two daggers onto the ground and several items, the Jabberwocky and debris floated upward in the air upon impact. P!Richtofen had taken this chance and got out the Wunderwaffe once again and then opened fire at the dragon. One plasma fired onto the cyberized winged creature after another as it roared in pain.

    The anti-gravity roared off and Jabberwock fell onto the ground as a jack in a box was in front of it and the handle was moving while music was playing until it slowly came to a stop and then it popped out a puppet Primis Richtofen before it exploded.

    He watched the inferno from where he stood as fire flowed freely in the wind as wisps danced around and then he saw it, the Jabberwock jumping out of the flames and towards Richtofen whom had tried to jump out of the way as well but he was hit by its claw and he was send flying backwards as it roared in anger.

    The Doctor was thrown into the wall and he yelled upon impact and fell onto his knees to hold his side in pain before he got on his right knee as he stumbled to get back on his feet. He then noticed the colors of a flaming fireball coming at him. He cursed and then rolled out of the way from the attack and watched as the wall he hit was charred.

    “Und I hoped it could kill it…” he muttered in disbelief as he looked up to see what is in the skies and he felt his blood ran cold when he saw the Jabberwocky in the air, claws unfurled and teeth gnashing, ready to rip a human apart, limb by limb so to speak.

    He ran away from the spot as he felt a body had impacted the ground behind him that made him trip for a moment and bits of pebble flew from behind him. He ran around to a pillar as it was chasing him and it was looking behind each pillar to search him. “Come out, come out, wherever you are~” it sung that made the Doctor feel he was being stalked as he looked around his pouch to find the weapon.

    With the creature humming a melody of the same song as he got out the Vorpal blade once again as he peeked from behind the pillar with weariness in his step and saw nothing from the several other pillars ahead of him.

    Confused, he walked from the pillar he was hiding and looked around the area as it got eerily quiet when he walked around. Quickly, his gut is telling that it wasn’t a good idea and he wasn’t sure why but that is until he felt something thin wrapped around his neck and forearms.

    Whatever it was had tighten and then choking the Doctor as he grunted in shock, something was holding his arms back by force as he felt the life leaving his being but his mind was flipped into survival mode as the hand that held the knife had let go and both arms were ordered to force go towards the neck and while it was happening, Edward had gotten a look what was wrapped his arms and around his throat; red threads, a dark shade of blood red on them as he was kneeled onto his knees as blood was started to pour out of his mouth as he croak “Nein… Nein…!”

    Song was sung by voices, children’s voices, as if on cue with the music was growing louder, shadows of small people, presumably children yet they were far from it as their eyes are red and empty of life as their smiles are sharp and pointed that is also red.

    As strings wrapped themselves around you,

    Fate is taking hold of you, waiting for the grim reaper

    to take you away to a peaceful paradise.

    As they sing this haunted lullaby while the Doctor watched and struggled, the “children” are playing in the snow that is now stained in blood from his fight of the Jabberwock and throwing crimson and white checkered snowballs at each other as they giggled and laughed in their snowfight, others are lending their mouths on their ears and whispering something as if they are sharing a secret.

    In other words (Other words)

    There is no escaping from it.

    Nein, Changing history had done nothing but chaos.

    Nein, Doing something can't rewrite the future.

    Nein, Mistrust coming from those around is comforting.

    Nein, Betrayal and hatred are long time friends since the dawn of time.

    Edward is really worked up, he had his hands on the threads and tried to tear them from his neck so he can feel the air getting to his lungs and desperately trying to shut out their onslaught taunting song as the “children” are remorseless and unpitying as they continue.

    Hear them laugh, hear them cry

    Hear the screams of the damned echoed out to you

    Most of the shadows are dancing stunningly with no fail as the cruel strings of fate continued to tighten mercilessly on the helpless German who was pleading to whatever god is out there to save him.

    Each choice will make the lives break away

    Each consequences will shatter worlds

    Each mistake will be your blood

    “Mein gott…” he choked out as he could see the darkness begin to cloud his vision in the corners of his eyes, “Just let me breathe!” then, he thought of something and, feeling unbeliebely stupid, he began to search for the blade he had dropped fraumently until he felt the handle of that too familiar blade and before he is ready to cut the thread, a roar was heard and the Jabberwocky’s prescene was known before the Doctor.

    The Cycle continues on…

    It ran for the immobilized Doctor with mouth opened wide with teeth stained purple matter and claws reaching out for him to grab and ready to tear him apart. Edward, growing weak from the suffocation, had made one move that would end the insidious song and possibly… The Jabberwock itself.

    His arm thrust towards the dragon with strength he had left of him and he felt the blade sinking deep through something hard yet soft as blood spurred out and drenching his face in a spray of it.

    Soon, a roar screech of anguish was heard afterwards as he felt the threads were snapped away and allowing his lungs to reel in the precious oxygen as he writhed on the ground before he looked up to see the handiwork he’d done; the Jabberwocky’s head had the Vorpal Knife in its skull and blood was spraying from the inflicted wound as it held its head with its own claws while it was howling in pain.

    The chest of the furnace is burning more than usual as the Doctor held his bruised neck as purple, red and blue formed from where the threads had left their marks and from the sounds of the sputtering and fire cracking from within are not mistakenable to know. He scrambled onto his feet and then ran back towards the pillars and then got behind one of them and then covered his ears.

    A pop and then soon a loud bang and a heavy gust of wind was blown from where the Jabberwock once shown as Edward grunted as he felt the force of the impacting explosion as debris flew past the doctor as he sprinted his eyes shut and hands covered his ears.

    The way it sounded like a car engine finally giving up and soon combusted itself after being damaged too much as Edward opened his eyes as soon as it ceased what smells afterwards was cooked lizard, smoke and ash.

    He peeked out from behind the pillar and soon walked out of the pillar towards where the Jabborwock now lay, in a matter of factly, in pieces rather than just one.

    Meat and scales had decorated the stone ground as metal pieces and organs covered in blood are on the floors, debris and the walls as the Doctor looked around and then soon kneeled down in exhaustion, bringing a hand to his neck, he could still feel the marks as he muttered “Zhis…” as tears began to form in his eyes, “Zhis is just a coincidence… Hopefully…”

    He then gasped in pain as he then had his hand to hold onto his side as it was lacerated with burning pang, “I-it just started to feel like it’s agonizingly sore all of sudden…” he choked out, but he then said “It c-could be zhe adrenaline slowing down after a vhile.” he then stumbled onto his two feet again and then goes over to a nearby large rib bone of the castle. “Don’t zhink on it, Edvard, not too much, you just need to lay down and rest for a bit.” he didn’t care if the bone’s too hard and uncomfortable for him to lay on but he has to save up his energy for now as he is rubbing his raw bruise on his side.

    He then softly chuckled to himself with a weak smile on his face, “Zhat cyberized creature had broken a few ribs in you, Edvard.” he looked up at the skies covered in a never-ending snow-giving cloud above him.

    “I now vish I could be Takeo and sense vhenever danger is near unexpectedly…” he sighed as he had gotten somewhat comfortable with his back against the bone and closed his eyes for a moment.

    But then, his moment was interrupted when he felt like he's not the only one in the battlefield right now and he opened his eyes to see who it was and he smiled softly again. “Oh… Hello, mein friend.” as he saw himself in his rage form and familiar bleeding eyes glaring a laser onto him.

    “I can tell zhat you wanted to hurt me, Edvard…” he muttered as he looked back at him politely, “Matter of factly,” he began to explain himself, “It’s been nearly three days since ve had seen each other, is it, Edvard? You are truly zhat persistent as hell, I do give you credit for zhat.” but he noticed that his other self’s glaze had softened a bit, his arms were shaking for a moment but something about him had changed the demeanor in him.

    Edward tilted his head to the side and asked “Edvard? Vhat is zhat expression for?” but then he realized what his other half was confused about, “Ah… No need to tell me about it; you are more used to toying around vith your prey vhan killing. Zhen, I am sorry for ruining your fun zhen!” he laughed, holding onto his side as he did so but then he frowned.

    “I know… it’s vhy I needed you.”

    The rage counterpart seemed to hesitate for a moment, allowing Primis Richtofen to get back on his feet weakly, adjusting himself to make his appearance more profitable. “I had created you in mein mind, to wreak havoc in my waking nightmare. Created for you to tear me down over situations zhat are beyond mein control.” he continued to talk as he looked at himself, his own eyes are leaking out blood as if he had been crying for a while.

    “In all honesty, zhis ordeal in particular, vas one of zhe situations.'' He lamented as he looked down, his insane counterpart seemed to be a bit angerier more he talked, “Still, you vanted to rip me apart since I came here. I do understand.”

    His rage counterpart stood still as the Doctor had reached the same height as him, just both of them facing each other almost like they were twins of the same coin.

    “So, I can’t fight back or run away.” he hung his head, “Go on, kill me. I am sure it vill be enjoyable for you if it vill be a slow und painful death.”

    Nothing, his counterpart wasn’t doing anything but standing there, clenching the knife in his hand.

    Himself then walked over to the Doctor who was unmoving and soon, he grunted in agony as soon as he felt the blade pierced his gut and warm water coming out of the cut. The doctor could hardly smile from the pain but a part of him is not going to make him for his sanity’s sake.

    “I hope you are happy now…” he croaked as his body was shaking a little but then he was left in confusion again once he heard whimpering, his own whimpering.

    He looked down at the knife and it was still being held by his counterpart but then he heard it was directly to his ears, at first, he believed he was laughing by the way his shoulders are shaking but the more he realized this, he was crying, softly before he placed his head onto his shoulder, sobbing into it and staining Edward’s trench coat.

    “Vhat did I do…?” he heard him using his own voice in a whimper, “Gott… Vhat did I do…!?”

    Richtofen knew this was self pity by this point yet he needed comfort and feeling a little awkward that he had to do this but he had his arms raised up and then delicately wrapped them around his crying self’s torso as he felt him flinching a minute before he accepted this embrace.

    Primis Richtofen felt him hugging back as his shoulders shook a little, he was repeating what he said earlier as thick blood trailed from his eyes. “Edvard,” P!Richtofen managed to say through the pain, “you never wanted to, but you did. You should be proud-”

    “Nein…!” The other whined, “I vanted t-to feel zhat but… I now regret zhis…!”

    P!Richtofen sighed as he looked at him, “I know…” he comforted, “I know vhat it is like… vhen I read zhat book in zhe first place.”

    The world felt so still for himself- well, two of them here as they held onto each other. Then, before Edward’s eyes, he watched his other self start to slowly disintegrate into dust in minutes but it seemed to be forever.

    “I am sorry, Edvard…”

    “Do not vorry,” the orignal answered, holding him close to himself, “Ve both are but yet soon, I vill not regret zhese decisions to keep trying und fighting for not only us but everyone else.” as he made sure that his counterpart didn't feel scared until he was nothing more than dust with serenity and peace.

    Richtofen was on his knees when his other half had been reduced to sand of ash and it was blown away in the wind. He groaned unconsciously as his head was swimming in a sea of haze but he is still aware yet just a thread above both brain and mental fog.

    “I am so tired…” he moaned as he could hardly comprehend what was happening to himself and his body but he knew what he needed to do next. He reached to his chest but his fingers slipped from the handle of the Vorpal Blade, he steadied himself and this time on the sixth time, he had managed to grab the handle.

    “Vhy… Vhy do I feel like I am dying?” he murmured as he began to pull it out of his abdomen but he was surprised that he was barely feeling any pain. He hissed when he did feel a little sharp of it and he knew that he had to be careful. Another tug, he growled yet he was surprised that his voice almost sounded like that familiar sound from the zombies he fraught.

    Another tug, a great pain was introduced to his being and he violently pulled the blade out of his abdomen and he screeched in agony, he was on the ground and writhed as he allowed the wound to heal up slowly and clothing repaired.

    [Drawn by TikTak, also known as @this-person-is-slowly-dying on Tumblr]

    He felt something coming down on his left check, he put his hand to it and realized that it’s his scar, he put it down to see what it was; blood.

    “Forgiveness has been resurrected yet you invented the dawn of the dead.” Cheshire Cat stated as Richtofen had realized what was happening as his delta pendant glowed dark red. He had gained another form; the Untoten.

    He weakly stumbled onto his feet, pushing back the state of pain throbbing all over his body yet he preserved and endured. The pain slowly faded after as the wounds that had reopened and bleeding had started to heal up as smoke rose from the wounds as they closed up and soon the scars were left behind as his pale skin was restored to its color as he lets out a sigh of relief as he closed his glowing yellow eyes as he looked up.

    When he opened them, his eyes were restored as well as he rubbed one of them. He then noticed and took a hold of it while it was still dimming a dark red glow before it disappeared. “Vhat kind of power I have now?” he asked as he turned around to see the Cheshire Cat once again who was sitting down on a stone like it was an ordinary day.

    “Like the dead, you can summon them well, common them well and die in battle they will.”

    “Like Samantha?”

    “Ah, yes,”

    Richtofen looked at the pendent again before he let it go back down as he started to walk again towards the tunnel of Griffin Castle. Cheshire Cat hopped down from the stone piece and then ran over to the Doctor and then like before, he was walking beside him.

    “Please leave me be.” Richtofen said as he walked through the tunnel which is now, technically, a strange windpipe. A spine and rib bones stretching out from where they came in, pulsating mass of flesh and organs under their feet and paws and above them.

    “It is never too late to turn back, Edward, it has gotten quite menacing ahead of us.” Cheshire Cat warned as the red and blue veins lightening the way through the tunnel as water mositions and squished under his feet.

    “I von’t, zhis is vhere Alice vas seen, ja?” he shrugged off his concerns while he continued to walk down the path ahead of them. “Of course, Doctor Richtofen, where she has been and where the Queen sits and waits for one to come to face her.” Cheshire Cat proposed as they could see what is at the end of the tunnel.

    A large double door, a royal type of the large double doors, red hearts on each other and patterns on them was quite gothic for a sight. Cheshire Cat then walked over so he could sit in front of them and still grinning, he spoke.

    “By this point on, where she had gone to, I longer can not contain the truth I kept from you as you suffered quite much to such a tune of reign one’s realm’s horrific torture.” he disappeared before he reappears beside him as he jumped in shock. “You had lost some yet you had little to gain such time to remember the worlds around you, even from memories written in your mind.”

    He once again disappeared and then reappeared in front of the Doctor for the last time as he spoke “But do understand that in times like this, I must speak the truth of the Red Queen and Alice Liddell and why they seemed to be fated to this.”

    “Vhat do you trying to say, Cat?” P!Richtofen asked out of confusion what the Cheshire Cat was trying to say to him.

    “I am trying to say that the Red Queen and Alice Liddell are both sides of the same-” before Cheshire Cat could finish, he was suddenly encased inside a purple crystal with a yowl and froze still as the Doctor watched what happened before his eyes.

    He stood there, in shock at first but then, shock turned to anger then from anger to rage. Richtofen growled as he clenched his hands into fists as he had never felt this level of despair and sorrow like this before.

    His eyes began to well up in bloody tears but he quickly slapped himself back, they went away quickly, no rage, no sorrow, and no blood tears flowing.

    He took a few deep breaths as he had shut his eyes for a moment and regained his composure. He then opened them back up and then released a sigh, patting his chest for a moment as he calmed himself down.

    “It’s now or never…” he said softly under his breath as he approached the doors and then he placed his hands on them and then, with little strength he had left, he pushed them open.

    Doors creaked and moved for the German to walk through and head into the large throne room, red, fleshy and bone royal throne room and on the throne was a woman, a queen, the Red Queen.

    Edward Richtofen glared daggers at her as he fast walked towards the center of the throne room, the face of the queen was red, eyes golden blaze, hair was nothing but tentacles as one of them adjusted the crown on her head, she seemed to be smiling like a demonic killer herself.

    “Red Queen…!” he said as he held the vorpal knife behind his back, “You have her, vhere is she?!”

    Red Queen, Alice’s Queen of Hearts, rested her head onto her tentacled hand as if she was in boredom right now and then she said. “Above you.”

    Primis Richtofen raised an eyebrow in confusion but he looked up and saw what appears to be a device he recognized: the capsule that contained Ultimis Dempsey inside but he knew fully who else was inside.

    “Alice…!” He said, wided eyed before he turned his attention back to the queen, he got the knife from his back to let her know that he was armed. “Vhat did you do to her?” he spoke softly and harshly towards the queen who sat up right with a smile.

    She then ordered “Off with his head.” before her face, a mask made from skin had came off of her head and revealing behind it was a blank, litteral blank empty face was in its place and then she was gone upward with a tentacle attached to her back and hair and lower half tenaculums danced about on their accord as Richtofen stand his ground.

    Holding onto the pendant in his hand tightly, his eyes are trained on her as he prepares to fight. The Red Queen flashes a beam at him as he gasps and then jumps out of the way.

    The blast knocks him ahead from where he stood and landed onto the ground with a thud and a grunt. He ran towards one of the pillars the moment he had stumbled onto his feet again and then took deep breaths while he patted his chest.

    “Zhink, Edvard! Zhink!” He muttered under his breath as sweat goes down from his brow but he felt like he had been elevated off the ground, when he took down to his feet and was in shock that he was floating upward and soon he was thrown towards a pillar closest to him.

    He yelled as he hurled towards the pillar but then remembered the ability and then he focused into it as he held tightly on the delta pendant and his eyes screwed shut.

    Himself was split apart and formed moths as their wings flew open and then they went into two halves, missing the pillar just inches from making contact with it as they flew towards the ground and they all formed a body and Primis Richtofen was then in one piece again.

    Edward shuddered as his body shook from the power as he rubbed his arms with his gloved hands in tiresome disgust. “I hardly got used to it…” He started to say, “Yet, I felt like I was split apart!”

    He lets out a breath of rush and then he notices the Queen is attacking again so he runs for cover once again.

    He is more aware of the queen’s attacks now as he had gotten the Raygun out, breathed in and then he took a careful aim at the Red Queen.

    He opened fire directly at the head as he snarled his teeth and yelled as the Queen cried in return. He watched the queen thrashed right to left, he took the chance right away and continued to fire.

    Blue spheres of light are flying and hitting their target as Richtofen ran to dodge the appendages hurled towards him in an attempt to crush him. Ran out of ammunition and ran for cover to reload as the Red Queen’s attacks began again.

    He clasps the muzzle back on and then soon runs out from the pillar while she continues to attack but he had the opportunity to use that new ability he gained. Remembering from before, he focused hard on the power and already he can feel the scar reopened and a stream of blood flows down his cheek once again.

    He had never thought of this being caused by primal instinct or something that is animalistic but he knew this was what a zombie would do. He screeched an eerie howl and around him, ground broke through and soon, the undead corpse of soldiers of Germany crawled forth and a few screeched the same as they ran towards the Queen of Hearts.

    Fetch me her soul!

    He yelled as his orange glowing eyes blared forth with heat rising in them, it wasn’t a question for his horde, it was an order. As they managed to somehow to grab onto the tentacles and scratched and bite onto them, as others failed and were catapulted into the corridor walls and exploded like bugs on windshields, pieces of bone and flesh shattered about the floor from where the undead had splatted and blood rained down.

    The queen had failed to pay attention to Edward as the balls of ray light returned, striking her in the chest as she screeched in pain. The undead Primis Richtofen glared at her idly as he had aimed the Vorpal Ray Gun at her with glowing eyes filled with malice and determination to free Alice as he reloaded.

    The muzzle was clasped once again with fresh new batteries as the Doctor held on to it and as he ran to open fire once more on her and got behind a pillar again. He put the Ray Gun away and soon got the wunderwaffe out of inventory, he'd double checked to see if he had just enough ammo for this; Only two.

    Sh!t… he thought with a scowl on his face, he then turned his attention back to the capsule high above him and then back to the ammo thoughtfully.

    He looked at the three glowing bulbs on the side of the wonder weapon as they faded to red, worried and frustrated as he became, his attention was caught by the zombies death screeching as fewer and fewer of them were being killed off.

    It won’t be long now.

    “It’s time.” He thought and then released a breath from his mouth, made his decision and soon, he jumped out from behind the pillar and then aimed the weapon at the Red Queen again and then pulled the trigger.

    A bolt of lightning shot forth from the rifle and eletroced the Queen of Hearts on the chest with sparks of electricity spurting from it. Queen was screeching as the appendage she was attached to had frailed around vigorously, hitting her onto pillars and walls, blood splatters across the barriers of the flesh-bound castle.

    This violent defeat had caused the capsule to become untangled and fell downward from above as the Doctor looked up in time to see it swirled towards the ground and then soon, with a mighty bang and crush, the capsule smashed into the ground, leaving a good sized crater around it.

    Richtofen had to drop the Wunderwaffle and shielded himself with his arms from the debris as the queen fell down onto the ground with heavily spat and fleshy bloody body parts scattered across the floor, decorating it with flesh and chunks of meat and paintings of blood spatters.

    Primis Richtofen panted as he recovered from the butterfly effect he caused and his eyes looked inside the capsule and a young woman was inside, her eyes closed as if she was sleeping but he knew she was frozen in a cryogenic sleep as Edward muttered “Alice…!” before running towards the capsule and stopping at the control panel. He reached his hand toward it and-


    He stopped when he heard that familiar voice from behind him, he turned to see a man, he was wearing clothing eerily similar to Rabbit’s… Well, his Rabbit anyway.

    Digitally drawn by Meaghan “Icefir” Halter

    This man has a rabbit mask that is quite like Rabbit Shaw’s face, his ears are bent but the latter is perfectly straight upward, had a goatee like Stanton’s and a full crimson suit with braces on his arm and leg.

    He bowed down, head facing him and a smile under the mask, he then stood upright in a polite manner. He said “Time is running out, free Alice and get ready for the Broken to come.”

    “Vhat do you mean?”

    “I will find you both later, but for now, you have to free Alice.” Those were his last words before he faded into thin air, leaving the doctor alone with his confusion and the capsule containing Alice.

    He turned his head towards it after a while of idling with thoughts in mind, thinking back on what the Cheshire had tried to tell him but was crystalized.

    He let a sigh escape from his lips and closed his eyes tightly, he turned to the control panel of the capsule and then he began to input the codes to release her, looking behind him once in a while as he focused on the task at hand.

    The hiss spuns to life as the Doctor looked at the capsule and then took a couple of steps back from it as he heard the mechanical wiring and clinking was coming from the machine itself as he watched it open and a woman coming out of it.

    He was genuinely surprised that she was wearing a different attire than the original dress she had, her dress is blue but her long sleeves are stitched, suspenders and belt she is now wearing along with a handbag as the dress had a slit as the white apron had the pockets with symbols of yin and yang on them as her boots now had extra belts than usual yet her hair was tied in a messy bun as she was able to get out and planted her feet lazily on the cracked ground below her.

    Alice was disordernated when she got out of the capsule, hand to her forehead as if she was pushing against a headache as she moaned tiredly before her eyes fluttered open gently and looked who her rescuer was.


    “Hallo, Alice Liddell. I assume it is your name.” he answered as he cleared his throat as they stared down at each other.

    “Ah, I figured you knew my name, as that cat told you?” she asked as she was able to stand upright again with her two hands behind her back. Primis Richtofen shook his head and said “An old vhite rabbit told me about you und your Londerland.”

    “Then you know more than I do.” she replied with sarcasm, “Strange… You and I are from different time periods but you used that sphere to get across other lands?” she tilted her head to the side, like she knew what he had been doing.

    Edward knew this to be true, she had been to his “wonderland” and knows about himself, the Summoning Key, his allies, his old friend, Dr. Monty, and even his fate coming his way if he and his crew were to get back on track once this is all over.

    “Ja.” He looked away and then at the ceiling where light seemed to shine down on them in the corridor, “You already know me too well and you know what has to be done if I… I mean ve, vere to return to our respective dimensions.” he explained himself, “Und I can tell what you found vas… Unpleasant.”

    “Unpleasent, I am sure, but what I do not understand that you seemed to be at peace with your fate.”

    “Ja,” Primis Richtofen nodded, “But zhere’s one zhing zhat he doesn’t have a clue, he believed zhat I do not know but in truth, I do.”

    “And the blood you had will insure that you’ll stay alive?” she asked again. Edward nodded and said “Besides the point, I assume zhat you don’t remember how you’d got here as vell?”

    Alice rocked back and forth a little as she continued to look at him, “Very little, in all honesty. But I had, at least, an idea or two. Something called-”

    “Zhe Broken?”

    “Of course.” She answered as she looked at his hoister with a raised brow, Richtofen was confused until he looked at his shalth and realized what she was looking at. “Oh, your knife.” he muttered as he unsheathed it as she came closer step by step.

    “I do believe that I had lost it after I was placed inside a coffin.” She said as Edward held the knife for her to take, “A capsule, Mrs. Liddell.” he corrected her as she took it from his hand and then inspected it.

    “I had found it in another room,” He explained, “Before I fought zhe Queen of Hearts.” as Alice turns from the Vorpal Knife to look at him. “Did you defeat her?” she asked. “I had to but-”

    He was cut off when they felt a rumble and he turned to see what it was and the corpse of the queen had begun to move with the tentacle still attached to it towards the throne and he cringed when the body naturally folded in the middle to make it easy for it to go inside the hole itself where the tentacle had entered.

    Then the ground began to shake violently as if it was a 10.5 earthquake, making the two tople from where they stood, the floor below them had split and grumbled into nothing but a purple crystalized hexagon shaped paneled floor that shined in the light.

    “Vhat is happening?!” he shouted as he and Alice struggled to maintain their balance from falling over. They looked around as the room they were in had split and then broke apart into pieces revealing the outside of the throne room.

    There were islands made from the same crystals as they are from in a shape of the same panels yet in different height and length of them suspended in the air as crystals are formed from them as the platform they are on was floating upwards in the dark purple skies and an orange light glowing from below them.

    They grunted when they felt the platform had stopped and pieces of the flatten pieces of the hexagon-shaped crystals had came together and formed more of an area of sorts as a few pieces raised upward and a couple had shrunken a bit and then rose up again before stopping, forming pillars as the two had prepared to fight if possible.

    A hexagon ahead of them had darkened a little and then stars, then purple waves swirled before a mass of it had risen out of it like a dark shadow of a phantom had been resurrected to haunt those who had awakened it.

    Crystal pillars had shaken before they started to cracked and then shattered like glass and then they launched towards the dark purple galactic mass with stars that shines like diamonds and then as the mass formed a body of a person, pieces of the pillars are flew around and then began to piece by piece from toes to the top head of the body.

    They formed feet and legs that turned to boots that had cracked and purple faded to a purple galactic mass with black lines seemingly keeping it in as a light blue skirt with brown belt that keeps it up, then a light grayish purple cape that goes over it’s chest before white gloves were made on it’s hands.

    Then a face was made from the crystal pieces, it had a jack-o-lantern mouth that smiles and eyes pitch black with eye lanches as yellow pupils within the eyes are formed that look at them in the eye as elf ears are formed. Appearing as bald but its scalp was lit aflame and a same purple galactic mass was formed as its hair that flowed downward and shorted.

    [Drawn digitally by @sampoststuff on Tumblr 1/2]

    “Surprised to see me!?” The familiar voice echoed out the crystalized world around them as she was floating still. The Doctor raised the Raygun towards the entity as Alice down the same with her knife as he asked “Und you must be-?”

    [Drawn digitally by SamPostStuff on Tumblr 2/2]

    “THE BROKEN!” She shouted out before he could finish. Alice, brow raised with confusion then said “I believe this is the source.”

    Broken then floated down gently onto the ground with a clack, hair flowed upward before it fell down slowly behind her. “I am very happy to have you two here, Richtofen and Alice. Ah, yes, I know who you two are, let it stink it” she boosted happily with that smile and arrogance. “To think that learning one universe after another about a thing or two about itself was a very entertaining knowledge.”

    “Und you happen to aduct us for entertainment?” P!Richtofen scowled as he looked at her with Alice as she held onto the knife tightly.

    “You could say that.” Broken answered as she tilted her head to the side, as she has their attention now, “Others for wealth, others looking to better their situation or others for power beyond your wildest thoughts and desires.”

    “Und vhat type of power are you talking about?” he asked as he is training his eyes on this entity, “Well, in this game we play, it’s a battle royale to see who or whose team will be the last one standing is a winner and we all know who: Me.”

    “I would love to play games but yours is inhumane, Broken.” Alice injerrected, Broken tilted her aside again, “Huh, no one wants to play? For the fun of it, fear and competition can be good friends as the ones that don’t want to play are subjects to being good roleplayers, taking roles to being subjects of ones who were ripped piece by piece,” She stated, “Limb by limb, so to speak.” It wasn’t a happy statement she is saying, it sounded more like an idle threat.

    “Vhat are you, Broken, made from polygons?”

    “Well, since you had asked.” Broken answered with a glare soften and a jack-o-lantern smile still present, “The body I have was flesh and bone yet I found a crystal, a special kind of crystal I had discovered in a cave far from where I used to live, what the crystal did to me has done wonders on me and my body, I really loved the other power ups that came with it and what I did next is sweet, sweet .” she purred as her yellow pupils seemed to dilate on her next move as Alice spat at her “Mortal or playing god?”

    “True, the question is that way.” Broken commented as she stopped in front of them, “Still, bringing you all here is a chore with the hope for you to fight each other but working together is a minor setback.” She looked at the crystal short pillar and then graced her fingers gently as a purple wave and white stars floated before disappearing into nothing.

    “Kinda a disadvantage you two have right now; There’s only one god and only two of you unless one of you has to fight to the death then so be it.”

    Silence fell unto the three, nothing but the sounds and feelings of the stile wind blowing in the the place that can be presumed as a crystalized hell landscape islands formed with hexagon platforms.

    Edward and Alice looked at each other, weapons still in hand before they turned back to the Broken who were standing there, expecting something to happen and they knew it.

    Minds made up on their thinking, they stood their ground and then readied themselves to fight her as she watched with an unimpressed expression on her face.

    “Too bad then.” She said as she rolled her eyes and then jumped into the air leaving them in distress and then landed onto a floating pillar closest to her and then in both hands, she threw it at them with the speed of a race car.

    It was hurling towards the duo as their eyes had widened in shock, they turned and then ran out of the way as the pillar had paled itself into the ground as glass shattered into pieces.

    “Damn it!” Richtofen muttered as he took cover behind one of the pillars as Alice stood her ground upon recovering herself, Broken landed on one leg and head facing her as it was upside down and again, Broken smiled as cracks all over her formed and then she shattered into pieces and then they formed a new body.

    P!Richtofen watched the Broken turn into that creature from his recent trip to his wonderland, the dog-like monster with a mouth of a blooming horrific flower as she let out a roar. Showing her needle teeth as she got down on all fours and then she ran towards Alice who took steps backward away from the creature.

    Claws slashing at Alice who was dodging her attacks, growling left from the monster’s mouth as saliva dripped from it. A hiss soon came as it longed for her while Alice was finding a good timing to attack and it was a good timing of it as well.

    She slashed her knife at its chest and dark purple blood spattered onto her face and a painful roar soon came after as a thud came from behind her. Creature laid there as its claw on its chest as Edward was in the mixture of shock and impressed. Wound on her chest was flowing with dark purple blood as its attention was returned to Alice and growled before it’s four-petaled mouth opened to let out a roar before balls of blue light were fired into it and exploded as Alice shielded herself from the blast.

    Footsteps soon came after fast and Primis Richtofen was right back on her side, steamed from the Vorpal Ray Gun from its recent discharge of ammo. “I vas zhinking zhe same as on vhat zhe creature is, mein best guess is a Apocthicon.” he commented on the situation at hand as Alice looked at him, P!Richtofen looked at her back and said “Und your guess on zhe creature vould be?”

    “Unsure, a bogeyman, maybe?” She sarcastically answered as she and Edward saw the creature getting back on its hind legs while the dark purple liquid was still pouring a little bit from the chest where she had inflicted upon and mouth steamed from Edward's attack.

    The beast started to crack all over as it snarled before it roared afterwards upon being split and then broke down again. This time, they were prepared for it as they shield themselves from the flash of light and then recovered to see what it had turned into next.

    P!Richtofen had never said he hated spiders yet he hates this one in peculiar as soon as the Broken had transformed into; the spider was very large for its size as the plastating blisters glowed green and orange on the big abdomen attached to cephalothorax a size of a normal tire.

    It’s eyes are about four as the same as its legs gripping onto the pillars as its mouth unusually had four pedipalps on each corner of the mouth as it rose upward and then let out a roar.

    “Just as copying mein memories…” he muttered to himself as Alice looked at him and then asked “You had taken care of it before, did you now?” as Richtofen looked at her back. “It vas once on an island.” he half-answered as he took a stance as the spider roared again.

    P!Richtofen quickly opened fire on the spider as it charged at them again and as it crawled over them with eight legs supporting its weight.

    The orange blisters were noticeably moving then they suddenly grew eight legs of their own as the spider’s, soon they were able to pull themselves out of the abdomen and then fell down to the glass floor below them. They were oversized up like turtles for a moment until they threw themselves onto their scopulaes and then hurryingly ran towards the duo sickly yet fastly.

    “Don’t let them bite you!” he yelled as he started to shoot at them one at a time as Alice slices the first one that came to her and bits of glowing orange sundance lands on her face. Small borned spiders were coming towards every direction as they were screeching and crawling.

    Those that got close were crushed under their boots and spattered orange-glowing blood from where it was and staining their heels.

    “Disgusting creatures…!” she hissed with hate as she kicked another infant spider as Richtofen shot one after another with a pump of adrenaline coursing through his veins once more with a rhythm of his heart.

    The giant spider was coming closer to them without noise as it descended onto them with an open mouth. P!Richtofen felt a saliva dripped onto the back of his neck as he was busy crushing more of them making him look up to see her on time as she was getting ready to attack but he saw it coming.

    He pointed the ray gun at the opening and fired a few rounds into it, making the creature above them to screech in pain as its head arched upward and then it landed onto it’s back and then its legs curled onto as the small spiders around them began to shake and then soon they began to confused soon eventually exploded as their blood splashed across the area.

    “Vell, zhat vorked…” P!Richtofen muttered under his breath as he and Alice surveyed the surroundings before they turned their attention to the dead mother spider just as cracks were appearing all over it and then it shattered into pieces while they shielded their gaze on the dark purple light.

    On the ground was the Broken back to her original form as she was wiping the corner of her lip, staining her white glove in a dark purple blood as she was looking down at the ground as the duo are coming closer.

    “It’s over…” P!Richtofen panted as he and Alice walked over to her, “It’s over now, Broken…”

    “Oh no…” she muttered as she suddenly jumped onto the next pillar that was floating high above them as they looked in shock and the Broken having that same jack-o-lantern smile as she said “The game’s just begun.” and then leaped off it and into the void below much to their bewilderment.

    They looked at each for a moment before the ground below them began to shake as they looked down at it and saw the patterns of the hexagon had splitted and opened up a way into the void below.

    A violent shake knocked them both from each other and landed onto each part of the platform with a grunt, Primis Richtofen recovered from the violent shock and muttered something to himself when he painfully turned to look and saw that the half was carrying him off and away from her as well.

    “Alice…” He shouted as he stumbled back onto his feet in a flash and then ran over to the edge of the platform, “Alice…!” He called her name and reached his hand out to her and she did the same as soon as they knew it; they were holding onto each other as the platforms were drifting away into different directions.

    “I can’t go right now,” he pleaded as he felt like losing grip on her, “I still do not know vhere you are in zhe mall yet!”

    “Eddie,” Alice said as she is simply looking like she is going to let go of him right away, “You’re gonna have to let go.”

    “Nein, I had just-”

    “Edward” she cut him off, “We’ll meet again shortly after this, things don’t go the way we planned but there are more options than just blood saving you. I know you will do the right thing for real eventually.” she comforted the complexed Doctor, “You don’t have to accept but I know you can do it.”

    Primis Richtofen continued to look at her for a moment as he was processing what she had said to him. She knew a little too much already about him, but he had no choice but to admit that she was right. That moment will come eventually.

    He took a breath deep, then without a moment too soon, he let go and let the platform take him away. Watching her go while everything faded away.


    Primis Edward was woken to Dell’s voice as he looked around and noticed Medic rushing towards the security door that was opened wide, he got onto his feet right away as he heard Brad’s voice in the room.

    “Who is that? Was she hurt?”

    As Richtofen entered the room, he was greeted with a sight; Frank West carrying the woman that U!Takeo had talked about and behind him was a familiar woman, Alice Liddell, who looked at him as a flashback of her in battle with the source of their situation.

    Medic and Jessie had helped Frank to get Isabelle onto the bed to lay down on, allowing Medic to look at the injury on her arm. “She had bled out but she can be treated.” Medic said as his gloves’ fingertips dipped in blood as he examined it. “It looked she was-”

    “She was shot.” Frank West interrupted, “She is our source.” U!Takeo had said as Brad looked at him and asked “Source of what?”

    Frank’s time to speak up the answer, “You’re all looking at the bad guy’s sister.” he replied, earning exchanges from the people around him in the room. “Hai. it is true.”

    “Hold on a bleeding moment.” Shaw interrupted, “You are saying that this is the sister of the one who caused the outbreak to happen?”

    “Sounds like it, Professor Shaw.” Jessie as she handed Medic a medical kit that was used for Brad’s sickness, “Tak’s right about that.” Frank answered as he ushered Alice to join the others in the next room. “Her son-of-a-bitch brother had started a zombie outbreak.” he explained as he rubbed his shoulder to sooth the cramp from carrying the injured.

    P!Richtofen closed the door to give them time to treat the woman as Alice patiently stood there for him before he turned and walked to the helicopter landing with Alice close behind him with U!Dempsey and Diego looked at them rather curiously.

    “Well, things have gotten interesting now, my American friend.” Diego said as the marine had his back on the wall who looked over to him, “Either Frank is going to get his scoop of this outbreak at last or the fact that Doc seemed to know that lady, Diego?”

    Diego tilted his head a little, smile seemed a little faint with a raised eyebrow and said “Eh? The Victorian woman you said?” he then turned to the stairwell, “It is impossible, they are both from different worlds, different times with one ahead of the other, Corporal.” he replied as he looked at him.

    “Still, If him visits la-la land, it is weird enough.” he said as he got off from the wall and then headed to find Ash, leaving him alone with thoughts on the situation. While back in the office, they are discussing what had happened from Frank and U!Takeo with things at a stand still.

    “His sister?” Brad says as he points at her, while Medic is finishing up on wrapping the wound with Jin’s, Jessie’s and Shaw’s help, “What the hell is going on here?”

    “Brad, I would ask the same myself.” Shaw muttered as he got up from the ground to pace around a little bit, “As much as I am confused, does she have something to do with the announcement we heard earlier?” he asked, turning to look at Frank and U!Takeo.

    Frank lifted his hand a little before replying “I don’t know much more than you guys, okay?” He then looked over to a sleeping Isabella, “But he shot her, I can tell you that.” he then looked back to Brad, “And just so you know, it would be the one that shot you.” they then looked back to the sight before them.

    Medic rubbing his gloved hands with a cloth after a job well done with U!Jin by his side with Shaw looking over his shoulder to Jessie sitting close next to the unconscious woman on the bed.

    “Frank.” P!Nikolai perked up, getting the two men’s attention as he closed the door behind him, “I heard what happened from Engie, I wanted to ask you something.”

    Brad and Frank West stood as P!Nikolai walked over, “Has she said what his ultimate goal was? What is Carlito planning?”

    “We don’t know, Mr. Belinski.” Brad said as he shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck, “Yeah, we don’t know what it is but according to her; his plan is not over yet… Not by a long shot.”

    They turned to look at the scene again, “Whatever it is, we need to know more.” Nikolai suggested as he looked at the two men again. Brad finally declares “Fine.” he then points at Isabella as he backs up for a moment “Consider her in DHS custody, we’ll start questioning her when she wakes up.”

    #All-Stars -Story Mode- #Dead Rising#Madness Returns#TF2 #Call of Duty Zombies #Aether Crew#Chaos Crew #Primis Edward Richtofen #Alice Liddell #Ultimis Tank Dempsey #Ultimis Takeo Masaki #Primis Nikolai#Stanton Shaw#Medic#Engineer#Frank West#Brad Garrison#Jessie Mccartney#Isabella Keyes #Jin Huang [OC does not belong to me but a friend of mine.] #Chapters
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    The Confirmation Hearing of Ketanji Brown Jackson

    The Confirmation Hearing of Ketanji Brown Jackson

    Adam Liptak contributed reporting. The Daily is made by Lisa Tobin, Rachel Quester, Lynsea Garrison, Clare Toeniskoetter, Paige Cowett, Michael Simon Johnson, Brad Fisher, Larissa Anderson, Chris Wood, Jessica Cheung, Stella Tan, Alexandra Leigh Young, Lisa Chow, Eric Krupke, Marc Georges, Luke Vander Ploeg, M.J. Davis Lin, Dan Powell, Dave Shaw, Sydney Harper, Robert Jimison, Mike Benoist, Liz…

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    A ‘Zero Covid’ Olympics

    By BY SABRINA TAVERNISE, ROBERT JIMISON, ERIC KRUPKE, LUKE VANDER PLOEG, LYNSEA GARRISON, MIKE BENOIST, DAN POWELL, MARION LOZANO AND BRAD FISHER What it’s like inside China’s Covid superbubble — and whether the nation’s strict approach to the virus can last. Published: February 4, 2022 at 05:00PM Check our Clipping Path Service blog.

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    ‘Who Do You Want Controlling Your Food?’

    By BY MICHAEL BARBARO, DIANA NGUYEN, LYNSEA GARRISON, ROBERT JIMISON, AUSTIN MITCHELL, LISA TOBIN, PAIGE COWETT, MARION LOZANO, DAN POWELL, ELISHEBA ITTOOP, COREY SCHREPPEL AND BRAD FISHER Issues in the beef industry that were exposed by the pandemic reflect decades of economic transformation in the U.S. Published: January 28, 2022 at 05:00PM Check our Clipping Path Service blog.

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    Brad Colbert in his Garrison Cap owns me that is all (sorry not sorry for spamming i'm lonely and genkill do be running my life rn) ALSO RAY CAN SING ALICIA KEYS LIKE NO ONE ELSE AND NO ONE CAN CHANGE MY MIND -🎶


    he definitely complains about all kinds of shit though about dress blues… like hes so dramatic about it

    like he can handle almost being blown up or shot at, but god forbid his shirt is scratchy



    #🎶 anon my beloved <3
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    An Interview With Dr

    An Interview With Dr

    Anthony FauciThe Daily is made by Lisa Tobin, Rachel Quester, Lynsea Garrison, Clare Toeniskoetter, Paige Cowett, Michael Simon Johnson, Brad Fisher, Larissa Anderson, Chris Wood, Jessica Cheung, Stella Tan, Alex…

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    The Life and Career of Colin Powell

    The Life and Career of Colin Powell

    Robert Draper contributed reporting. The Daily is made by Lisa Tobin, Rachel Quester, Lynsea Garrison, Annie Brown, Clare Toeniskoetter, Paige Cowett, Michael Simon Johnson, Brad Fisher, Larissa Anderson, Wendy Dorr, Chris Wood, Jessica Cheung, Stella Tan, Alexandra Leigh Young, Lisa Chow, Eric Krupke, Marc Georges, Luke Vander Ploeg, M.J. Davis Lin, Austin Mitchell, Neena Pathak, Dan Powell,…

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    Brad Garrison, secret agent🤫

    This one was a little rushed so sorry about that

    #art#digital art#fanart #dead rising fanart #dead rising #i know this fandom is dead #but i need friends that like dead rising
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    The United States v. Elizabeth Holmes

    The United States v. Elizabeth Holmes

    Erin Griffith contributed reporting. The Daily is made by Lisa Tobin, Rachel Quester, Lynsea Garrison, Annie Brown, Clare Toeniskoetter, Paige Cowett, Michael Simon Johnson, Brad Fisher, Larissa Anderson, Wendy Dorr, Chris Wood, Jessica Cheung, Stella Tan, Alexandra Leigh Young, Lisa Chow, Eric Krupke, Marc Georges, Luke Vander Ploeg, M.J. Davis Lin, Austin Mitchell, Neena Pathak, Dan Powell,…

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    She was able to help us make the break and move on.

    She was able to help us make the break and move on. Those of us nike air max 102 essential white at W insist that members of our campus community be people of integrity who have both the capacity to meet their responsibilities to the university and the willingness to engage others with civility and respect. One had a wooden tooth as tall as he was. The board would catch and not fall about 25% of the time. Many many mocks had him going in the first, while I maintained that the Niners should draft Buckner, or if he was gone, they should have traded back to stockpile picks in the second and third rounds.. No amount of arguing from you will make me feel any differently.. Currently running for the Republican presidential nomination, Rubio has said leon papucs győr he will not seek a second term Senate. Couldn't imagine anyone else playing Katniss folie samsung j6 2018 pt tot telegonil Everdeen. Manager Brad Ausmus stuck with Lowe in the 8th inning, and it has paid off the second half of May.. I will take your old men, your wounded, and your cripples, even those who can no longer fight. He liked the big black bear on his surcoat even less. The strongest glamors are built of such things. I was in his power.. With a tranquil, self-possessed air, he went up to the bar within which the chairman sat, and, in a tone of deep, tender and subdued feeling, spoke as follows:. Martin Luther King Junior Pkwy. For a long time no one appeared, as though the door had opened of itself. catalog cercei aur turcia In addition to the LTZ features, the High Country includes a unique grille, 20 inch wheels, front and rear parking sensors, cargo box tie downs, a spray on bedliner, a Bose audio system, 10 way power front seats and ventilated front seats. 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We've also made it clear that it's vital that Vauxhall should be doing everything possible to ensure the safety of its customers and their families."Llewellyn also confirmed the DVSA is "working with the Department for Transport to consider further action."Vauxhall's response to Corsa kimono long femme grande taille fire claimsIn response to the claims made in The Sun, the manufacturer said that:"Vauxhall has no confirmed reports of vehicle fires originating in the vehicle heating and ventilation system of the Vauxhall Corsa D/E".The report had casquette ny kaki mère also suggested that theaffected heater biciclete rusesti vechi components in the Corsa appeared similar to those used in the Hummer H3, which was recalled in America last year for similar reasons. Your fear that such memorials glorify suicide is paranoid and silly. He could feel the stone kings staring down at him with their stone eyes, stone fingers curled around the hilts of rusted longswords. He's used to being alone a lot, and having another human in his small apartment was very stressful for a while.. The screaming caves, his men call маратонки puma mercedes amg them. Warn Natalya Nikolaevna that there had better be no idyllic nonsense, no Schillerism, that they had better not oppose me. "this weekend's war of 1812 garrison will be educational for all who come and want to learn something new from history," said robert polo raflorene emerson, executive directors of the fort. The end is the profit of the master, his security and the public safety; the subject, one doomed, in his own person and his posterity, to live without knowledge, and without the capacity to make anything his own, and to toil that another may reap the fruits. The stream was no more than a trickle by the time Toregg emerged from the wood. However, there's nothing particularly cool about broken bones or comfort and help performance by lowering drag. 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It's at this point things can get to the groan inducing points in the film where the love story is frustratingly juxtaposed with the action. Ko Jhaqo named himself Khal Jhaqo and rode off with even more.

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    Voices of the Unvaccinated

    Voices of the Unvaccinated

    Jan Hoffman and Sophie Kasakove contributed reporting. The Daily is made by Lisa Tobin, Rachel Quester, Lynsea Garrison, Annie Brown, Clare Toeniskoetter, Paige Cowett, Michael Simon Johnson, Brad Fisher, Larissa Anderson, Wendy Dorr, Chris Wood, Jessica Cheung, Stella Tan, Alexandra Leigh Young, Lisa Chow, Eric Krupke, Marc Georges, Luke Vander Ploeg, M.J. Davis Lin, Austin Mitchell, Neena…

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