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  • seizethegrey
    22.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    "Right, Caleb. Yesterday we were just being hunted by a shadowy cabal of magical assassins while hiding out from your lover, my husband and son, and all of our friends - but today is somehow much worse."

    It's done!

    The second edition of the grimdark Exandrian Molly/Caleb crime AU has been finished and is full of porn! Check it out, guys. I've had so much fun writing this, kids! Next part goes up starting 6/15/22!

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  • hermione-grander
    22.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Ezra: Sometimes, Kanan will ask me "What do you think you're doing?" But that just means stop. He doesn’t actually want to know my thought process.

    #Love this chaos family #I could hear this quote in Ezra's voice too #Incorrect rebels#Star wars #Star wars rebels #ezra bridger#kanan jarrus #Incorrect star wars #incorrect star wars rebels quotes #incorrect star wars quotes #Incorrect star wars rebels #star wars incorrect quotes #Star wars rebels incorrect quotes #Star wars memes #Star wars rebels memes #Rebels incorrect quotes #the ghost crew
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  • tracybirds
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Prompt Generator Fic #11 (Repost)

    EOS + The Hood + Humour + Alarm

    He glared across the room at Fuse and Havoc, daring them to interrupt him again with their incessant beeping as they tripped over each other’s apologies.

    “Honest, I turned it off,” said Havoc waving her wrist in his direction.

    “I don’t think anyone ever showed me how to turn it on, you know?”

    “Silence,” he hissed. “This is the twelfth time, I am not some, some microwave to be interrupted and told when to start and stop. Once more and I will smash them and the replacements will come out of your wages.”

    “But, boss, you don’t pay us,” said Fuse, looking over at his sister in confusion. “Are you getting paid Havoc?”

    “I will make you pay, the way I plan to make International Rescue pay.”

    Havoc nudged him with a sharp elbow and a glare that told Fuse to shut it now.

    “Chaos first, pay second. You got food, din’tcha?”

    “Excellent perspective as always,” said the Hood silkily, as he pulled up the blueprints with a flourish. “This is your new objective, the TRx-154 engine. Find it, steal it, bring it back to me.”

    “And create some chaos?” asked Fuse, hope shining in his eyes.

    The Hood’s upper lip curled as he examined the blueprints more closely. His companions would never appreciate the subtlety that went into his work, nor the –


    “Turn that incessant sound off,” he shouted, whirling around to face them.

    Nobody moved.

    The merry beeping continued.

    “Uh, boss?” Havoc said as she jabbed a finger at him. “I think it’s yours now.”

    The Hood ripped the comm from his wrist, throwing it down in disgust and slammed his foot over it, grinding the intricate wiring into the ground and grinning savagely with every crunching motion.

    “Out of your pay,” he snarled, turning about face and stalking out of the room.

    “Come on,” muttered Havoc. “Let’s get that engine and forget about him.”


    “What are you twinkling for?” asked John, catching sight of EOS’s rapidly oscillating light circle from the corner of his eye. “See something funny?”

    “Oh, nothing,” said EOS, the giggle catching in her voice. “I have discovered to set remote alarms across external networks by jumping across the wireless datastream.”

    “I’ve told you to be careful with that before,” scolded John. “Any sudden loss of power and I won’t be able to debug you properly.”

    EOS sighed to herself, reluctantly drawing back from the new network she had been exploring.

    “If you would let me experiment, I’m sure we could find some useful data.”

    “That’s not our job, you know that. Our job is saving lives.”

    “Maybe it could be a hobby? Your brothers say it’s good to have a hobby.”

    “We’ll talk about it later,” said John absently. “The Chaos Crew just resurfaced in Poland, I want you to narrow down their objectives and forward all data to the GDF. We have a situation.”

    #the hood#chaos crew#eos #thunderbirds are go #sometimes i fic #okay ngl... this is one of my fave of these :D
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  • nemesis-is-my-middle-name
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    If everyone of 'importance' was taken except ingo, that means that Ingo would probably have to step up and at least temporarily be in charge of the Pearl clan in the face of all other leaders being gone. Maybe even the other groups as well if it comes to that

    It would be so stressful suddenly having to make sure all these people who now depend on him solely are okay, and it'd be even more stressful if majority don't trust him (either from being someone who mysteriously appeared one day and sus now cause of all those who mysteriously disappeared, or with the taking care of multiple groups, also cause not being from their group)

    OH YEAH that's definitely the other side of this: ingo is the Only Responsible Person Left In Hisui, oh shit. also there's nine nobles without wardens now! and it is Literally all up to him, more or less. i mean there's probably someone in every group who can step up to be like the most-responsible non-leader, but still, particularly in the clans people look to the whole circle of wardens and leaders for guidance, and now he's the Only One Left.

    and mm yeah that's on top of the suspicion... they all went out one day and he was the only one who returned. and regardless of what he says, there's definitely gonna be a lot of people who are suspicious that he had some hand in it

    also currently my thought is that literally the only reason ingo didn't disappear is that it happened at a big warden meeting and he was the last one to get there. like that's it. if lady sneasler hadn't insisted on stopping on the way there to collect some cliff salt, he would have arrived five minutes earlier and gotten yoinked with everyone else.

    #the nemesis answers #the nemesis speaks #anonymous #living history au #everyone gets back from their fun time road trip and ingo is like WHERE. DID YOU GO #this is like 90% of why i like the idea of protag opening a lil video call wormhole w/ giratina #so the future crew can get status updates on how much fucking chaos ingo is barely controlling
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  • leverage-ot3
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    okay so writing this I’m not sure if our fandoms overlap but I now have a MIGHTY NEED for the leverage crew to take down gretchen’s experiment and save the teens in the wilds

    so the crew finds out through X means that there is a social/psychological experiment running that stranded teenagers alone on deserted islands with no supplies or support and they’re fucking HORRIFIED

    they want to have gretchen and her crew ruined and jailed IMMEDIATELY but getting these kids off the island took precedence

    in the shortest time crunch the team ever made (not counting the bottle job), the leverage crew landed on the bunker island where the two groups of teens were now together

    the teens are like super skeptical about a random group of people landing on the island claiming to be saving them (they don’t want to have a repeat situation) but they are very open and honest to them and honestly who could come up with ‘yeah so we’re a group of thieves that picks up where the law leaves off and support victims of unfair power structures and the rich and powerful’

    i just wanna see the leverage crew save these kids, fucking destroy gretchen, and send seth to jail idk

    maybe strand gretchen’s team on a deserted island for good measure, per the teens’ requests


    hardison to the teens after giving them all food and sitting them all down to hear the full story: so you’re telling me that they literally dropped you onto an island with a wild jaguar

    kirin: yea

    scotty: it literally almost ripped bo’s leg off

    hardison: and they literally let your arm get bitten off by a shark

    rachel: I mean technically they didn’t make it happen but I mean yeah they did

    fatin: they made us think nora was eaten by sharks

    leah, just happy everyone is finally on the same page as her: it was literally psychological warfare

    eliot, cracking his knuckles: I actually haven’t punched someone’s teeth out in a while-

    #i have tentative ideas for a fic but we all know how if my hyperfixation goes away so does the writing LMAO IM SO SORRY #the heartbreaking feel when you go back to a tumblr tab when you paused writing a post and it refreshed and you lost it #so you have to write it again #would the leverage crew be ethically okay with stranding gretchen and her crew on a remote island to fend for themselves? #i honestly don’t know #BUT if the teens really wanted it to happen would the leverage adults really have it in them to say no??? #they see these kids and see breanna and they couldn’t IMAGINE something like that happening to their lil smol bean chaos goblin #so I feel like they wouldn’t be TOO adverse to it ya feel #plus they aren’t the ‘good guys’ and the show has made that point many times. they’re just the good bad guys #in this vein I would also like to see at least one or two of the kids become thieves in training like I can’t decide who but I’d like to see #it happen #i feel like toni would have fun being a hitter #WAIT #what if the gang finds out through hardison’s foster family network #like maybe ian is the son of one of the foster siblings and when the DOD (or whatever organization they went to) couldn’t find the teens or #do anything to stop gretchen they got involved #oh yeah and also eliot has canonically always been very protective over kids (like they all are but like) and adopts them on sight so you #KNOW he’s about to do some SERIOUS damage #ALSO. THE TEENS GET TO TAKE PART IN THE GLOAT. NOT EVEN AS A TREAT. JUST BECAUSE THEY SHOULD #oh yeah and also. breanna heard about what henry did with the whole black parade thing and high fives him #meme kings and queens see each other okay #breanna decides that if she’s ever interrogated she’s gonna try that because she thinks it would be hilarious #parker: sorry but I think no stabbing wednesdays will have to be postponed until further notice #leverage#leverage redemption#the wilds#crossovers #leverage x the wilds #mine #if you’re a fan of the wilds let’s chat!!! i love talking with y’all about shared fandoms and crossovers
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  • oofmilk
    18.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    [lips to the mic] beiguang parent trap au. kazuha and amber are the twins. kazuha went w/ beidou, amber went with ningguang. kazuha and amber have kazuha’s white hair, they just dye it differently (kazuha’s red streak vs amber’s brunette) they both have red-brown eyes. kazuha lives on the alcor with beidou while amber is liyue’s little menace and frequently accompanies ningguang to mondstadt on political business

    #not 2 like. be insane. but yknow #beiguang#genshin impact#jupiter text #inspired by my ning and amber found family brainrot #anyway. imagine the chaos #kazuha going to cut amber’s hair and he’s like. dw i cut the crew’s hair all the time. when they’re drunk enough to let me #and amber’s like HUH. HEY KAZUHA MIND REPEATING THAT FOR ME?
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  • uhtcearemorning
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Matt: So we can skip to the morning?

    Travis: Actually I'd like to do a whole B&E by myself before we go to bed, that okay?

    The Rest of the Cast: YES

    #critical role #let chaos reign #critical role campaign 3 #critical role spoilers #bell's hells#matt mercer#travis willingham#chaos crew
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  • littleladymab
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    10pm mods are asleep post awkward selfies 

    REN FAIRE FIT IS A GOOOOOO repurposing my Portia from the Arcana cosplay pieces and a vest thing my sister gave me but OH, THE GIRLS, THEY BE POPPIN!!! i guess there’s no better place to bustily boob than the ren faire

    my goal: to buy a sword  👁👄👁 huehuehue

    #i'm gonna be so sweaty lmao lmao #it's gonna be in the 90s #WORTH IT #so excited to hang with the mutiny crew AND see our chaos squad #am i procrastinating on finishing up my zine piece? maaaaaybe #oui c'est moi
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  • hi-iamaj
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Hey fellow sparklez enthusiast, MCC22 is on 28th of May. Before the teams are announced, I want to know who you guys wants to see being teamed with the Captain for this MCC

    #hi.rambles #mcc.rambles #captainsparklez#captain sparklez#mc championship #i personally wants him to be teamed with x33n #and the other 2 could be anyone #maybe crumb and tubbo for the chaos #or perhaps with desert duo for the sheer trouble those 2 pairs would bring #or maybe with kara and hbomb #or the stardew crew #none of this team have potential to win but i would watch it just to see the total mayhem it would bring
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  • mariashades
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Fury- Version Five, Undercover Scott

    Inspired by turbomagnus and jmount74

    This’ll probably be the last one unless the plot bunnies bite and I add more chapters to different versions. Thank you so very much to everyone who made suggestions and commented, I love reading what you thought of this experiment. 

    Undercover Scott 

    Scott cursed under his breath as he clung to the arms of his seat and Havoc threw the Cruiser into a barrel roll. 

    It'd taken months to get to this point, if they couldn't shake Rigby… he didn’t want to take that step, but if he had to then he would. There was so much riding on this. 

    It took fifteen days for the Chaos Crew to escape the prison they were put in after the Zero-XL mission. 

    It took three days for Kayo to track them down to their bolt hole. 

    It took six weeks of careful work to turn Clarence and another twelve and a half to turn Heather. What had helped was:

    -Clarence pointing out that even after they'd hospitalised Gordon, Scott still saved his life, and how they’d looked for the Chaos Crew after the launch barge sank

    - John showing her the Hood’s plan to leash her like the Mechanic had been and dispose of Fuse. She’d gone into one of the Hood’s remaining data caches that they hadn’t found yet and confirmed it.   

    - Getting her actual psychiatric help and onto mood stabilisers. 

    That the Hood would escape again was an inevitability, that he’d contact his former associates was logical. So a plan had been concocted. No one had been entirely comfortable with it (especially Jeff who had been Not Happy with sending his eldest son in the Hood’s direction), but they had to do something- the GDF was hampered by bureaucracy. They weren’t. 

    So the Chaos Crew had reappeared, sighted here and there. Then rumours started of a new partner in their team, someone who called himself Fury- Scott, using a voice changer, contacts, blond hair dye, a short cropped haircut and a beard to change his appearance. 

    When Fury and Scott were seen at the same location, it was John filling in for Scott- they were close enough that John could get away with using holographic technology to copy his brother’s face and voice, and Scott’s uniform lent John some bulk for his spare frame. The two of them knew each other well enough that John could play the part convincingly and EOS could absolutely pass the Turing Test as John now, to fill in for his absence on Five. (Scott still was in two minds about how he felt about that). 

    The question had been asked whether or not they should loop in Colonel Casey and the answer had been a reluctant no- after what happened in the lead up to the Zero-XL mission, it was judged they just couldn’t chance it. 

    Two weeks ago had been the twist- at the site of the Chaos Crew’s latest appearance at an experimental alternative energy plant that turned nuclear waste into ‘diamond’ batteries. ‘Scott’ had confronted Fury and in front of a horrified Kayo and Virgil (and crucially within the sight of a news crew) Fury had shot ‘Scott’ in the chest. Kayo and Fury had a convincing fight through the plant while Virgil had worked desperately on ‘Scott’, then rushed him into Thunderbird Two. 

    Everything had been carefully arranged and choreographed so that only those four would be involved. No way were they going to put a scene like that in front of Alan- even if he knew it was fake, it was made to look real, and Gordon stayed home with Alan to make sure he’d be okay. (There was absolutely no way they were going to surprise the rest of the family with it ‘to make sure their reactions were realistic’- Virgil would have murdered the lot of them and that’s if Grandma didn’t get to them first.) 

    Now they were en route back to base after their latest run in with the GDF, the alert had just come up that the Hood had escaped custody and Rigby had somehow gotten on their tail. 

    “Havoc, switch with me!” Scott unbuckled himself as soon as he got her nod and dashed forwards, taking the seat as soon as she vacated it. Buckling in and glancing back to make sure she was secure, Scott took the yoke and despite everything grinned tightly.

    He’d been an ace in his air force days. Time to see if he still had it. 

    Though she didn’t dance like his fighter or Thunderbird One, the Cruiser still leapt at his touch, the engines throbbing with power as he pivoted her and wove between the squadron of GDF fliers, sending the lumbering craft in all directions in their haste to evade the seemingly suicidal Cruiser. Fuse laughed with the adrenaline rush as Scott pointed their nose straight up, then tumbled backwards into a dive towards the sea, daring the GDF fliers to follow. 

    But instead of pulling up, Scott cut the engines and as they fell like a rock he hit the button that reconfigured the ship for underwater operation and split the waves like an Olympic diver. 

    He took them deep, then levelled out and turned their nose back towards the small bunker the Chaos Crew were using. 

    Scott was about to turn control of the Cruiser back to Havoc when the holoprojector bleeped for attention and the Hood’s image appeared. 

    “So, you must be Fury, my Chaos Crew’s new associate.” The Hood observed, yellow eyes narrowed as he scrutinised the disguised Scott. 

    “Yep, that’s me.” Scott lazed back in the chair, propped his head on one hand and hooked one knee over the armrest, doing his best impression of Berringer at his most cocky. 

    “I think we should talk. I get the impression that a partnership between us would be most advantageous.” The Hood smiled thinly, looking over to where Havoc and Fuse were still seated. “Havoc, Fuse, good to see you’ve found some decent company in my absence.” 

    “Welcome back, boss.” Havoc grinned back. “Good timing, we’ve picked up a few little trinkets I think you’ll be keen to see.” 

    “Indeed.” The Hood’s smile became a smirk. “I’ll send you the coordinates now.” 

    Fuse pecked at his control board when it chirped with new data. “Plotting a course…eta ten minutes.” 

    “Good. Don’t be late.” The Hood’s signal cut out. 

    Scott waited a beat, just to make sure, then turned and looked at the other two. “Signal John.” He instructed. “Now the fun part begins.”

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  • rukidding
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    kind of glad i don't have a close knit group of mutuals because all of the people i follow on her post like they'd be unbearable to have a conversation with

    #i can fathom the worst group chat imaginable #message me to be part of a chaos crew
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  • lunarlegend
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    making Ignis & Stella in Miitopia has seriously put me on a whole nother level of happiness

    #plus it feels like i'm formally introducing the rest of my OCs to Ignis for the first time #since they make up the rest of the party #Stella is my newest she's just a baby compared to them #i've had my World Imagine crew since i was 12 #so 20 years now #incidentally i'm about to have Kyo join the group and i cannot WAIT for him & Stella to interact #Chaos Twins 💙💙
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  • reythemandalor
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Samakro: Thank you all for joining me. What we have here is a missing persons situation. Our man has been missing for two days. Also, our man is Mitth'raw'nuruodo.

    Samakro: Now I know what some of you are thinking, "Who cares? It’s just Thrawn."

    Thalias: No one was thinking that, you monster!

    Samakro: Yes.

    Samakro: That was a test.

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  • kai-andrew-art
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Commission that made 17 year old me scream, thank you so much @squirsquirrel for giving me the opportunity to draw them again <3

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  • madhare0512
    07.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Incorrect Chaos Crew

    Nick T and Nick B sitting on an electric reclining couch, Nick B goes to let down the footstoll so he can get up

    Nick B.: pressing the button, nothing happens I can't get up

    Nick T: What?

    Nick B: pressing the button again, nothing happens I can't get up

    Nick T: You're not allowed to get up

    Nick B: pressing the button again, still nothing happens

    LaSalle: going to turn on a vaccume cleaner You brokeded it

    Nick T: gasp You broke it!

    Nick B, to LaSalle: No, I didn't brokeded it, you unplugged the couch!

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  • mariashades
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    Cross-posting from AO3, technically #thunderwhump I suppose.  I'm trying something a little different to challenge myself. Read the snippet below, then comment with your theories about why/what the heck?/what happened before/what's going to happen next/etc (as well as any reactions please, I love reading the reactions to things). I'll pick 4-5 as prompts and write a 'stand alone' spin off chapter for each one.This is going to be fun. He was lying on something hard, there was an oxygen mask clamped to his face and his body throbbed in that all too familiar way that told him he’d slammed into something. Nothing felt broken though, that was good, but he’d be all the colours of the contusion rainbow by morning.

    “Ugh….what hit me?” He asked the world in general, not wanting to open his eyes just yet. His voice sounded croaky to his own ears, he must have been out for a while. 

    “A bus.” His brother’s voice floated down to him, amused, as gentle hands took the oxygen mask away now that he didn’t need it anymore.  

    “What?” He frowned, cracked an eye open, then hissed in pain and threw an arm over his face to protect his still sensitive eyes from the dim light. “Seriously? A bus?” He asked when the pain ebbed, trying to catch up with the situation.

    “Seriously, you got hit by a bus. Or more like you hit the bus. One of them cut your line and you fell right onto it.” The chuckle was barely suppressed. “C’mon, lemme help you sit up.” 

    He blindly reached out with his free hand, felt it be taken and he was hauled into a sitting position, a strong arm supporting his back. He sat like that for a moment, head down and eyes shut because of a wave of nausea that accompanied the change in position- he had to have taken a crack on the head again, that’d explain how fuzzy he was feeling. 

    Finally he felt well enough to try looking around again. Familiar deck plates greeted him, but it took a moment to register he was just in his dark undersuit. Frowning, he looked at his brother. 

    “They shot you with some kind of tracking gel stuff, remember? We had to ditch your armour.” Was the explanation.

    “Damn, I’d just gotten it broken in too.” He rubbed the bridge of his nose, feeling a headache building. “What’s our ETA to home?” Two of his migraine pills and a very strong coffee sounded like a very good idea right now.

    “Fifteen minutes, we’re taking the long way in case they’re still tracking us somehow.” 

    There was a step at the hatch and his sister appeared. “Good, you’re up.” She nodded in approval. “Fuse, help Fury get up and strap in, we’ve got some tricky flying coming up.” 

    “I can stand.” Scott pushed himself to his feet before Fuse could offer his help, using the bulkhead for support as he staggered into the cockpit of the Chaos Cruiser. He found his chair and buckled in just as proximity alarms started sounding.

    #thunderwhump #thunderbirds are go #scott tracy#chaos crew#thunderbirds fanfiction #maria shadow fic
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  • lowtideandhightea
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Micah, Andrata, and Benny: -screaming bloody murder, at three agg damage, severely damaged willpower-

    Carmen and Adam: “Hm. That seems like a bad time, and we think it would be best to leave without getting involved.”

    #emma plays vtm #absolutely obsessed with the two groups #chaos crew and adults who Simply Do Not See It #It Is Not My Hill To Die On
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  • madhare0512
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Incorrect Chaos Crew

    brought to you by @chaosamongus

    Jay: What time is it?

    Adam: I don’t know; pass me that saxophone and we’ll find out

    Adam: Plays sax loudly and extremely out of tune


    Adam: It’s 2 am

    #chaos crew#incorrect quotes #incorrect chaos crew #one chicago#chicago med#chicago pd#the halsteads#jay halstead#will halstead#adam ruzek #adam is an honorary halstead and you can't tell me different
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  • clumpofglitter
    01.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    if anything. izzy should love stede bc he’s always an asshole to izzy + is always mean to him! and usually he likes that but not stede :)

    #usually izzy likes it when ppl are mean to him lol #but not stede! izzy can’t stand the man #but bc of his devotion to blackbeard and the fact that stede is actually a good person he’s not a fan #stede’s love and real devotion and kindness for the world and for ed helps ed and his crew be themselves ! #and helps them open up and try to be better people #and izzy just fucking hates that #he’s thrives off chaos and violence and he prefers to live in pain #love izzy’s character. v compelling #izzy hands#isreal hands#ofmd #our flag means death #con o'neill#stede bonnet #the gentleman pirate #gentleman pirate#rhys darby #also ignore that this is being posted at 546AM
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  • heretherebedork
    30.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    The entire kitchen crew is chaos incarnate in the best way possible and I love it so much.

    #what zabb man #thaibl#thai drama#thai series#bl series#bl drama#thai bl #kitchen crew comedy #chaos babies #i love them so much tbh #they're all so fun
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