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  • thegoodmorningman
    28.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    I’m a simple man; folksy

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  • msbeatles
    28.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    Lake Compounce Festival Park June 13-September 1, 1989

    #hank williams jr #hank jr#bocephus#country music#music#alabama #the beach boys #chicago #ricky van shelton #george strait#randy travis#the monkees #frankie valli and the four seasons #gallagher#steve miller #oak ridge boys #amy grant #peter paul and mary #reba mcentire#sergio franchi#jom stafford#smothers brothers#tiffany #new kids on the block #bill cosby #the everly brothers #anne murray#statler brothers #lake compounce festival park #1989
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  • maqsoodyamani
    28.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    ملک کی سب سے فعال دہلی اردو اکادمی منظم سازش کے تحت تباہ کی گئی :کلیم الحفیظ ن

    ملک کی سب سے فعال دہلی اردو اکادمی منظم سازش کے تحت تباہ کی گئی :کلیم الحفیظ ن

    ملک کی سب سے فعال دہلی اردو اکادمی منظم سازش کے تحت تباہ کی گئی کل ہند مجلس اتحاد المسلمین دہلی کے صدر کلیم الحفیظ نے کہا کجریوال حکومت مسلمان اور اردو زبان دونوں کی دشمن ہے ، ریاستی سطح پر تحفظ زبان اردو کے لیے تحریک چلانے کا اعلان     نئی دہلی :۲۸؍ مئی (پریس ریلیز )     ’قومی راجدھانی دہلی میں اردو دوسری سرکاری زبان ہے لیکن جب سے صوبہ میں اروند کجریوال کی قیادت میں عام آدمی پارٹی کی حکومت بنی…

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    #The country&039;s most active Delhi Urdu Academy was destroyed under an organized conspiracy
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  • maqsoodyamani
    28.05.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    بھاجپا سرکار کے آٹھ سال, ملک نے کیا کھویا کیا پایا۔

    بھاجپا سرکار کے آٹھ سال, ملک نے کیا کھویا کیا پایا۔

    بھاجپاسرکار کےآٹھ سال,ملک نے کیا کھویا کیاپایا۔   شیخ سلیم۔ سابق صدر مہاراشٹرا ویلفئیر پارٹی آف انڈیا۔   30 مئی کو بھاجپا سرکار کے آٹھ سال پورے ہو رہے ہیں، شاید آپکو تعجب لگے ہم مودی سرکار کی بجائے بھاجپا سرکار کا لفظ استعمال کر رہے ہیں وجہ صاف ہے سرکار کسی ایک آدمی کا نام نہیں ہوسکتا ملک سبھی ادارے ملکر چلاتے ہیں، وہ ریاستیں جہاں جہاں بھاجپا کی حکومتیں قائم ہیں وہاں اب کھل کر سنگھ پریوار کی…

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    #Eight years of BJP government #what did the country lose or gain?
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  • delicious-dream-before-the-storm
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Bluegrass simple and easy from Canada by The Dead South "Broken cowboy"

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  • lorei-writes
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hideyoshi: *scolds Ieyasu*

    *one eternity later*

    Hideyoshi: *still scolds Ieyasu*

    Ieyasu: Eat some berries.

    Hideyoshi: Why?

    Ieyasu: Because you're clearly constipated.

    // Note: Some kinds of berries, when eaten raw, help with constipation.

    #ikemen sengoku#ikesen#ikemen series#ikesen ieyasu#ikesen hideyoshi#toyotomi hideyoshi #ikemen sengoku hideyoshi #ikemen sengoku ieyasu #ieyasu tokugawa #this randomly popped up into my head #do people in other countries also say that somebody's constipated or suffering from butt pain when they're nagging and being annoying?
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  • nniiqs
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #dont reblog #ykno i really wish there was anything just one thing for me to be hopeful about regarding my future #but there isnt #and time is rly running out #i need to make plans about moving out and getting a job n shit like that soon #and i want to leave this country too #but i keep thinking its not gonna fucking happen #theres no way i can gave a stable enough income to ginance that #and i cant expect help from my family because i want to cut them off when i leave #and like even if i pull it off #what is there to look forward to #i'll just be alone #and i feel like as all my friends also finish school and start a carrier we're just gonna drift apart #i'll have no one #and because of thoughts like this its already difficult to maintain friendships #and its just getting harder and harder to keep going #i have been suicidal since i was like 13 #and i feel like i should have done it years ago now #and i feel like im just delaying it at this point #i let myself be talked out of it for now but when we eventually end up drifting apart because of one reason or the other #im still gonna feel the same way #and there will be no one to stop me #and no one to even notice or care that i had died #and maybe its better that way #because it will be less heavy on the people i care about #but at the same time #i dont know why i bother to keep going #when i already know its pretty much impossible for me to ever have a happy life #and with how mediocre my art is i dont think i should even entertain the thought of getting hired for it #im just gonna remain a disappointment
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  • fairmaidnelly
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Got up and had the energy to make croissants for breakfast 🥐🍓🫖

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  • etinarcadiabayego
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Writer's block hitting hard. So is depression.

    #for some context #on top of personal things #the shit in texas has not helped #i am heartbroken and tired of the bullshit in this fucking country anymore #feels like waking up constantly in a hopeless dystopia #mentally exhausted
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  • sinovenatorchangii
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Yall my decision letter from my uni about my semester at the university of glasgow should have been emailed a week ago. I still don't have it. I mean I'm sure I got in to the program because almost every student here gets into their preferred study abroad, but it would be a lot more comforting to have the confirmation already. :/

    #6 months out of this godforsaken country #its all i ask #im ready to mcloose it if i don't hear back b4 i leave 4 guatemala
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  • pkgupta
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Do Indian medical degrees like MBBS, MD, and MS have value in other countries

    Do Indian medical degrees like MBBS, MD, and MS have value in other countries? Are people who have them accepted as doctors? Which countries accept them?Indian MBBS degree is at par with any other Primary Medical qualification awarded by other countries in West or the Eastern world. The thing is, a primary medical qualification, only makes you eligible for the licensing exam of the country…

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    #and MS have value in other countries #Do Indian medical degrees like MBBS #MD
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  • pfa120
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    I gaze out into the desert horizon,

    A beautiful summers day,

    To watch the Sun a’ risin,

    Under its beam I wish I coulda layed;

    If I was a rested man,

    Who didn’t take kindly,

    To the steel in his hand,

    But my eager temper did me no favors finely.

    “Keep walking, don’t make a wrong move, if your toe so much as leaves that sand, you’d soon be a dead man.”

    He kept walking neat to my surprise,

    With the last of his fluids wellin there, right in his eye.

    When he fell he crawled,

    Then the crawl turned to a ball of a man bawling,

    Goddamnit is he hollering,

    To ever creature man women and child has his story been scrawled.

    “Please Duke let me leave,

    I only wish to see my family’s tree,

    Out by our farm,

    And down that dirt road,

    Do you really thing for one bad deed my souls been

    Bought and sold?”

    “What’s a soul to be sold?

    Do I think you’ve made a deal not worth taking? No

    Do I believe that the devil came and went from your

    doorstep, his bloodied boots leaving prints through

    your momma’s front porch? No I damn well don’t.

    But I believe you’re wrong for what you’ve done. You

    robbed a man a chance at life.”

    “Who’ve I robbed?

    Who’ve I cheated?

    What poor soul have I bloodied and beaten

    To deserve this wayward act of treating?”

    “You robbed me, of all that I love, of every star in the

    sky and heaven above. You cheated me of glory or

    fame, it is you who disgraced my name.”

    “Who am I then, who have done these deeds, to a

    man who a man who has little need-“

    The sentence abrupted, it’s tale fucked neat, as I sit staring at hole while the man’s soul depletes.

    “You were me, at a younger age, a man who found himself more useful than sage. A man filled with hate and anger, that fueled his rage. What is hate but a monstrosity to the living, an emotion that promises so much, but ain’t in the mood for givin’? Can this restless soul be forgiven?”

    The body like ash lies cold, and is taken by the sand as I reach down and move earth to give him a hand.

    “I forgive you, though it does pain me, I do. You were young and dumb, tried and true, I just wish we coulda spoken many moments ago, at least just a few.”

    I take in the desert,

    I take in the rising Sun,

    As I sit down finally starin, at my polished gun.

    One shot rangs out in the distance, followed by four more, as I bury this metal in the sand, to see what I a man have in store.

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  • shiftindiac
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    कौन होगा देश का अगला चीफ ऑफ डिफेंस स्टाफ, कयासों का गर्म हुआ बाजार, जल्दी में नजर नही आ रही सरकार......

    कौन होगा देश का अगला चीफ ऑफ डिफेंस स्टाफ, कयासों का गर्म हुआ बाजार, जल्दी में नजर नही आ रही सरकार……

    देश के सैन्य मुख्यालय के गलियारों में इस बात की अटकलों का दौर चल रहा है कि अगला चीफ ऑफ डिफेंस स्टाफ (CDS) कौन होगा। हालांकि, रक्षा मंत्रालय जल्दबाजी में नहीं दिखाई देता है। यह वजह है कि दूसरे सीडीएस की नियुक्ति के लिए उम्मीदवार के चयन को प्राथमिकता दी जा रही है।रक्षा मंत्रालय ने पिछले सप्ताह 1 जनवरी, 2020 से तीनों सेनाओं के सभी सैन्य प्रमुखों और कमांडर-इन-चीफ के पर्सनल प्रोफाइल की मांग की। दरअसल,…

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    #the government is not seen in a hurry...... #the market of speculation has become hot #Who will be the next Chief of Defense Staff of the country
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  • jastrups
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #Jean Simmons #The Big Country
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  • girlsnoutenthusiast
    28.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Hay mutuals last time I existed I liek didn't kno we had a tumblr n it certainly didn't hav puppies on it lol

    How r u all doin this fine night I wnna see if u cn actually talk 2 ppl on ths site

    #I'm roxy n I got back from a 5 month hiatus 2 discover I live in a twink apartment now #the other side a the country #u all like puppies a lot huh
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