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    ✧・゚:*✧ @animangacreators CHALLENGE #3: Alphabet ✧*:・゚✧

    D : DEVILMAN crybaby
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    Challenge © theoneandonlydman Jojo's chars ©  Hirohiko Araki Tatsumi © Takahiro Saitama © ONE Akira Fudo © Go Nagai Jonny Bold  © Mark Millar Yagami Light © Tsugumi Ohba   Art © Me.

    Tools and Programs:

    Paint Tool Sai.

    Support me, if it's not difficult! <3

    Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/81574578

    VK: https://vk.com/mamokaakiyama

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    #Department of the Damned #Ardere#Leon Renner #I like how I drew Leon in the top two panels #Like imagine you wake up from a meeting and find a Devilman cosplayer sitting across from you
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    #*devilman ova akira voice* WHY GOD #komaedaposting
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    Angel of Mine

    While driving home from work, you encounter a man in the middle of the road. You decide to take him home to restore him to health, only to find out he claims he is a fallen angel.

    Read on AO3 here


    You hated your commute.

    Frowning, you clenched your steering wheeling tightly until your knuckles turned white. It was Friday, and you were stuck on the interstate headed out of the city. Red brake lights were the only thing you saw, with your car creeping slowly through the traffic. Sighing, you reached for the dial of the radio and raised the volume slightly.

    You had spent your entire life living out in the country. The drive to the city never took longer than twenty minutes, but it was the drive back that sometimes took an hour. It was commonplace that everyone in the country had a job in the city, and, eventually, it was your turn to join the workforce. Five days out of the week, you worked a stuffy marketing job in an upscale building smack dab in the middle of the Downtown District. The pay was fantastic and your coworkers were starting to become like family to you.

    It was just the commute that had you pulling your hair out.

    Your coworkers kept insisting that you just buy a place closer to work but the thought had your stomach churning. It was difficult to just leave behind your home, a place full of memories and somewhere you felt safe. So you continued on with the commute, even if it drove you crazy.

    Eventually, you pulled off the interstate and began driving down the familiar, isolated road. Humming along softly to Adele, you absently began to wonder what to watch on Netflix. Your Friday nights consisted of binge watching TV shows on your couch until you fell asleep. The road in front of you seemed to stretch endlessly for miles, your headlights shining brightly in the dark night. Your fingers tapped along to the slow beat of the music as you settled into a quiet haze as you continued driving.

    You were quickly pulled out of your haze by a figure lying on the road.

    Slamming on the brakes, you were slammed against your steering wheel, the impact immediately waking you up. A breath was ripped out of you, forcing a wheeze as you coughed and tried to remember how to breathe. Blinking, you watched the figure to scan for any sign of movement.


    Is this person drunk?

    It was Friday night after all, but you thought it was a little early to already be this sloshed. You sighed and set your car to park before cautiously exiting. Slowly, you approached the figure before calling out a timid hello.

    No response.

    You took another step closer. The headlights shone on the figure and you felt your heart drop. It was apparent that this person was hurt, with large gashes running down their bare back and dried blood smudged on their arms. Your eyes trailed upwards, landing on a tangle of dark hair. Hesitantly, you raised a hand and reached forward to shake the person’s shoulder.

    “Hey, are you okay?” you asked, panic beginning to paint your tone.

    Still no response.

    By now, you were in full on panic mode. You knew you couldn’t just leave this poor helpless person here! Bending down, you grabbed their arm and wrapped it around your shoulder. Since they were passed out, they were basically dead weight. Grunting, you began to stand up, pulling the body with you.

    It was at that moment that you realized two things: 1. That the figure was a man, and 2. That the man was naked.

    Heat rushed to your face as you tried to keep your eyes above his waist.

    It took you about ten minutes to finally get the body in the backseat of your car. You grabbed a blanket from your trunk and placed it on him, hoping to at least give him a shred of dignity. You clambered back into the driver’s seat and continued on with your drive home.

    Dragging the unconscious man into your home and into the guest room took twenty minutes.

    You were starting to regret your decision about saving him.

    Sweat began to trickle down your face as you settled the man onto your bed. You tucked him in, settling the comforter around his bare chest and smoothing his hair back. He was extremely handsome, with tanned skin and sharp features. There was a hint of a frown on his brows, a few scratches around his high cheekbones that showed he had put up a fight.

    “You poor thing,” you whispered to him.

    You decided the best thing to do was to leave a bottle of water and ibuprofen, along with a note explaining that you had found him and that he had nothing to worry about. You paused in the doorway, giving him one last look before quietly closing the door and collapsing onto the couch.


    You had been asleep no more than thirty minutes when you were awakened by a blood curdling scream. At first, you thought it was the TV, but you remembered you had fallen asleep without the TV on. It took you a moment to realize that the scream was coming from your guest room, and the realization had you scrambling towards it. Throwing open the door, you were shocked at the sight in front of you.

    The man had awoken and was standing against the wall drawing strange symbols. Your eyes traced over it, tracing as he drew a vertical line before drawing a downward curve in the middle, finishing by adding two dots underneath. Bile began to rise in your throat as you realized what he was using to draw the symbols.

    Blood. It was his own blood.

    Blood stained your comforter, a fresh puddle seeping at the man’s feet as he continued to draw the same symbol over and over again in a daze. A hand flew to your mouth as you tried to fight the urge to gag, and you took a step back, afraid. Your voice got caught in your throat as you tried to process the situation in front of you.

    “W-who . . . who . . . what are you doing?!”

    Your voice cracked as you shrieked, but it was enough to get the man to stop. He seemed to break out of his daze then, slowly turning around to face you. Holding your breath, you took a step forward.

    “Answer my question. Who are you and what the fuck are you doing?”

    The man turned to face you in his full, naked glory. He began walking towards you slowly, putting one foot in front of the other as if it was a threat. You held your ground, trying to hide the fact that you were terrified as he approached you like a predator stalking his prey. He stopped until he was toe to toe with you. You realized at that moment that he towered over you, his brown eyes boring into yours. He continued to stare at you while you waited for an answer.

    “I’m waiting,” you muttered.

    He studied you for another minute before stepping away and turning around. You were once again face to face with the deep gashes on his back. But, up close now, you realized that something had been ripped off his back, leaving holes where whatever it was used to be. The bile rose in your throat again.

    “My name is Akira. I was once a servant of God.”

    He glanced at you over his shoulder.

    “I was serving in His army but I was cast out.”

    You blinked. And blinked again. And began to blink rapidly.

    Is this man high?

    When you didn’t receive a response, he turned to look at you again over his shoulder.

    “Are you okay? I mean, you were pretty fucked up when I found you.”

    Your family had been religious growing up but it had always been difficult for you to accept their beliefs. By the time you were eight, you realized you didn’t believe in a God or any type of mysterious, unknown figure. You respected peoples’ beliefs but religion just wasn’t your cup of tea.

    “Foolish mortal.”

    He was quick to turn around and face you, anger apparent in his eyes. You shrank down, realizing that you had said the wrong thing. A faint glow seemed to emanate from his body, his eyes seeming to grow wider as he glared down at you. Flinching, you brought your hands up in response and shielded your face.

    There was a moment as you waited for him to strike but it never came. You slowly lowered your hands to find him staring sadly at you.

    “I meant every word that I said. I was once an angel of God who served proudly in His army. My purpose was to protect Him with my life, and I was ready to die for Him.”

    The frown that you recognized from his sleep touched his brow again.

    “I . . . I was foolish. I was tricked and I -”

    He shook his head furiously, indifference coating his features as he peered down at you.

    “I sincerely thank you for saving me. I hope the Lord brings many blessings to you.”

    You fought the urge to snicker and instead gave a stiff nod.

    “In return, I need to ask you for a favor.”

    You gave another stiff nod.

    “Please protect me here in your home. Fallen angels face a very difficult life because we have endured God’s wrath and we are to be punished. Please, protect me with everything you have. I will find a way to repay you.”

    The past hour had already been too much for you, and now the thought of having to shelter him? It was a bit too much, but the poor man had nowhere else to go, if you could believe what he said.

    “Sure. That’s fine. Just clean my walls first.”


    So began your unusual relationship with you and Angel Akira.

    You left him alone the remainder of the weekend, checking on him in the morning and before bed. He apparently didn’t require any sustenance, as when you offered him food he would simply shake his head. Desperate to distract yourself from the situation, you tried to keep yourself busy. You spent Saturday binge watching Netflix, forcing your brain to focus on the screen instead of the guest room door. Sunday was dedicated to cleaning, your body aching and sweating from over exerting yourself.

    After taking a shower, you began your nightly routine and began preparing for work. The thought of leaving Akira alone in your home left you concerned, so you absently thought about calling out. The supposed angel had yet to provide any more information to you, and he instead stayed locked in the guest room. Sighing, you sent a text to your boss saying you had gotten food poisoning before steeling yourself to knock on the guest room door.

    There was only a second before Akira opened the door. He seemed much calmer than the first night, no longer naked and instead wearing old clothes from an old hookup. The wounds on his back had finally stopped bleeding, and he seemed more at ease.

    “Hi. Sorry to bother you.”

    He shook his head, dark eyes studying you intently as you scrambled to find the right words to say.

    “Um, I called out of work. We need to come up with a plan for you.”

    Nodding, he stepped aside, gesturing for you to return. You hesitantly stepped in, your walls clean of his blood and looking brand new. The bed was neat, as if he hadn’t slept in it at all. Confused, you turned around to gaze at him.

    “Akira, have you slept at all?”

    “I do not require sleep,” he sighed. “Or food, since you’ve offered it before.”

    “Well, then,” you frowned.

    You sat carefully at the edge of the bed, crossing your legs awkwardly.

    “Akira, what is going to happen to you?”

    He let out another sigh.

    “I do not know. God never spoke of what happened to fallen angels.”

    A look of despair crossed his face, and he abruptly looked away.

    “Well, he only spoke of one.”

    “Lucifer?” you answered automatically, raising an eyebrow.

    He seemed to flinch at the name, shaking his head furiously before sending you a warning look.

    “You do know that Lucifer was God’s favorite, right?” you asked.

    Akira sighed, sinking onto the bed beside you.

    “Yes, we all knew. I was friends with Lucifer, many centuries ago. He was bright but cunning, which is what led to his downfall. I always recall him sitting by God’s throne, seeming content.”

    He turned to look at you, face seeming to darken.

    “The last thing he told us before God cast us out was that he would return. He warned God that he would take his revenge through another fallen angel. He staked a claim to all fallen angels, and said they would join his army.”

    Akira stood abruptly then, eyes wide as he shook his head.

    "But I refuse! The only one I wish to serve is God!”

    “Hey, Akira,” you tried to calm him down, grabbing his arm gently and shushing him.

    He visibly relaxed, sinking back onto the bed.

    “Will you protect me? If Lucifer comes to seek me out?”

    You nodded, feeling as if your voice would betray you. He seemed relieved, nodding before he turned and whispered a quiet thank you.


    As the weeks passed, you took note that Akira was becoming less angel and more mortal.

    It began nine days after you found him. While at work, you left Akira with books about the modern world, asking him to take notes so he could ask you questions over dinner. Since he didn’t sleep, he worked quickly through the books, soaking up the information and catching on fairly fast.

    However, on that ninth day, you noticed he looked a little . . . tired. When you came home from work, you found him on the couch, head falling forward as his eyes were heavy. Concerned, you bustled over to him, crouching in front of him as you grabbed his face and turned it side to side.

    “Akira? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

    “I’m incredibly exhausted. I think I’m exhausted? I remember that term in the medical textbook you gave me. My body feels incredibly heavy and my mind is hazy.”

    He shook his head in an effort to clear it but failed.

    “I fear that I am becoming mortal. My body is adjusting but it’s draining it.”

    With that, he fell into a deep sleep. Sighing, you adjusted his body so he was laying down and covered him with a blanket. You went on with the rest of your day, busying yourself with cooking dinner before showering and collapsing into bed.

    You awoke after two in the morning to the sound of rustling. Confused and slightly afraid, you crept into the hallway, following the noise. The light of the fridge provided you with a clearer view of the kitchen, and you let out a sigh of relief at noting Akira.

    It quickly shifted to puzzlement.

    “Akira?” you called out, cautiously approaching him.

    His head whipped around, a leftover sandwich from the weekend hanging from his mouth. Embarrassed at getting caught, he slowly removed it from his mouth, chewing quickly before swallowing.

    “Er, hello.”

    “What are you doing?” you asked, crossing your arms.

    “Well, it’s the funniest thing. After sleeping for the first time, I woke up ravenous. That’s another word I learned from your books!”

    He grinned, seemingly proud of himself as he puffed out his chest.

    “My stomach was burning as if it was on fire. I remembered that you keep food in here so I rummaged about to find anything.”

    You walked past him, pushing him aside to check your fridge. Gasping, you were startled to see that it was nearly empty.

    "Akira, what the fuck?!”

    Sheepish, he rubbed the back of his head, giving you a quiet apology.

    “I shall get you more?”

    Pinching the bridge of your nose, you let out an irritated exhale before turning to give him a thin-lipped smile.

    “It’s okay,” you bit out through gritted teeth.

    He finished the sandwich in one bite, giving you another sheepish smile before closing the fridge door.

    “I, uh, shall go back to my room. I shall see you in the morning.”

    Three days after that incident, he began to complain of stomach aches and lower back pain. When you approached him to check him, you caught a whiff of his scent and recoiled.

    “Is something the matter?”

    “Dude, you reek. When’s the last time you took a shower?”

    “Never,” he replied brightly. “I don’t need to.”

    You wrinkled your nose. “Well you do now. Come on, I’ll start a shower for you.”

    Grabbing his wrist, you led him towards the bathroom. You turned on the water, waiting for him to warm up as you rummaged through the cabinet for an extra towel and a fresh bar of soap. Once the water was warm, you adjusted it so it was just right before turning around to Akira.

    “Okay, here you go. Showering should be-”

    Your words trailed off. Akira was standing naked before you, blinking at you as he waited for you to finish your sentence. Mouth going dry, you tried your hardest to keep your eyes fixated above his waist. There was no denying that Akira was attractive, but you reminded yourself you were doing him a favor.

    “Um, take your time. I’ll be in the living room.”

    Akira took a thirty minute shower, and when he stepped out in a plain black T-shirt and sweats, you could smell how different he was now. The smell of the soap was prominent, but there was a hint of something . . . new. You sniffed the air discreetly, and realized he had a pine smell, as if you were walking through a fresh forest.

    “Showering is so refreshing,” he mused. “I can see why you mortals do it so often.”

    Time continued to pass on, and he adjusted to “mortal life” easily. He had finished the books you had and was yearning to get more, but you were afraid to let him leave your house. One night, over a meal of Chinese takeout, he broached an idea with you.

    “I understand this might be asking for too much,” he began. “But what if I accompany you to work but you leave me elsewhere?”

    You froze, chopsticks halfway to your mouth.

    “I was thinking you could leave me at the library. The books there are vast and I yearn to learn more. Plus, I’m sure there are other topics I could learn about that you have yet to teach me.”

    “I don’t know,” you sighed. “What if someone finds you?”

    “It’s been almost a month. If God had been looking for me, He would have by now. Do not fret.”

    A sad look crossed his face.

    “I . . . can only assume He has forgotten about me.”

    Biting your lip, you sighed again.

    “We can try it out tomorrow.”

    The next morning, he climbed into your car, eyes wide as he stared out the window as you began your usual commute. He would ask questions from time to time about the landscape or about something he would hear on the radio. Despite the heavy traffic, you found yourself relaxing and falling into an easy conversation with him.

    Just like you promised, you dropped him off at the library, giving him twenty dollars to get some lunch.

    “I will come here as soon as I can after work,” you said. “Please be careful and try not to be weird please.”

    Smiling, he waved goodbye before turning and rushing into the library. You watched him until he walked in, anxiety building in your throat as you began to drive away. Your entire shift you were distracted, wondering what Akira was doing and if he was okay. You hoped that no one had caught on to what he really was (although you were sure anyone would think he was crazy) and that he was enjoying himself.

    Thankfully, your boss let you go early, and you rushed back to the library. Pulling into a parking spot, you ran in, slowing down as you scanned the rows of books. You found him near the back, reading a book about the history of your town with a neat stack next to him. Upon hearing you approach he lifted his head, flashing you a smile before closing the book shut.

    “How does one get a library card?” he whispered. “The signs say you need one to check out books.”

    “I can help you,” you whispered back, holding out your hand for him to take.

    Akira ended up checking out eight books, much to the librarian’s shock. He promised her he would return them by the end of the week, to which she reluctantly agreed. On the drive home, he chattered on about everything he had read, about the new things he had learned, and how immensely happy he was.

    “I shall stay home tomorrow to read,” he proclaimed.

    Thus began another shift to your daily routines. He would go to the library once he finished his stack, which usually took two or three days. The librarian, apparently, was happy to see him, and the two struck up an unlikely friendship.

    Another month passed. One day, after picking Akira up from the library, he practically threw himself into your car, excitement written all over his face.

    “I found a way to repay you for everything that you’ve done!” he declared.

    Confused, you gestured for him to continue.

    “The librarian offered me a job! She said I’m just the man for it.”

    “Akira, that’s amazing!”

    You leaned across the center console to pull him into a hug. He was startled at your touch before relaxing and wrapping a pair of strong arms around you. His smell immediately flooded your senses, mind going fuzzy at how amazing he smelled. After a moment, he pulled apart, an unfamiliar tender expression touching his features.

    “Words cannot express how thankful I am for you. Thank you, for everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

    Heat rushed to your cheeks and you suddenly couldn’t look at him. You stuttered out a thanks, starting the car and making the familiar drive back home. The ride was quiet, and you suddenly realized you could feel the heat emanating from his body. Once you arrived home, he quietly went to his room, shutting the door and not leaving for the remainder of the night.

    As you lay in bed later, your mind kept replaying the way he hugged you and the affectionate way he had looked at you. Your cheeks kept getting warmer and warmer the more you thought about him, and you reached up to cover your face with your hands.

    “I cannot be falling for him,” you muttered to yourself.


    Akira settled into working life easily.

    The librarian had nothing but wonderful things to say about him, remarking that he worked quickly and was very well informed. He was able to help out anyone who came through the doors with finding books, and many of the patrons continued to return just to see him. His paychecks would go to you, but you always made sure to give him at least half.

    Your relationship had shifted, with the two of you becoming more affectionate and trying to do more activities together. The two of you had developed a nightly routine where you would curl up on the couch, with him reading and you watching TV. You would share a blanket, sitting close to each other, your knees often touching. Sometimes, you would catch him staring longingly at you from the corner of your eye, and the sight would make your heart ache.

    Somewhere along the way, you had fallen for Akira the Angel.


    The storm outside was relentless, the thunder shaking your windows and the lightning flashes brightening up your dark room. You tossed and turned, trying to relax but the stress of the storm kept you awake. Sighing, you decided to get up and drink some water, hoping the action would somehow make you tired.

    Flicking on your nightstand lamp, you swung your legs over the edge of the bed. Just as your feet touched the floor, the bulb flickered before sending your room into darkness. The sound of the electronics in your room shutting down had you panicking as you realized the power went out.

    You stepped out into the doorway, hoping to get a lighter from the kitchen to light the candles in your room. The sound of the guest room door squeaking open caught your attention, and you heard the sound of Akira’s feet shuffling along the floor. There was a pause before he called out your name.

    “Are you okay?” he asked, concern evident in his voice.

    “Yeah, I can’t sleep.”

    There was a pause before he spoke again.

    “Do you . . . need some help?”

    “I wanted to get a lighter from the kitchen,” you replied.

    You heard his feet moving along the floor before you heard him shuffling about in the kitchen. His footsteps got closer until he was standing in front of you. Tilting your head up, you peered at him in the darkness. He handed you the lighter, giving you a small smile.


    You quickly lit the candles before sitting cross legged on your bed. Akira lingered in the doorway, seemingly hesitant to enter. Smiling, you patted the bed, and he slowly made his way towards you. He sank next to you, staring at you before giving you a shy smile.

    A sudden crack of lightning had you jumping, and you instinctively dove towards him. His arms opened immediately and he pulled you towards his chest, one hand stroking your hair while the other rubbed your back. Your heart was pounding from the lightning but was now beating faster due to the close proximity. The feeling of his hand running through your locks had you instantly relaxing and you settled more into his chest.

    After a moment you pulled away, looking up at Akira’s face in the dim light. He was staring down at you with such a tender look you couldn’t help it anymore and leaned in to kiss him. His lips were soft and it took him a moment to respond as it registered in his mind what you had done.

    His lips moved sloppily, and you fought the urge to giggle at the thought that he had never kissed anyone before. However, seeing his past experience with all of the books he had been reading, you knew he was a fast learner and it didn’t take long before his mouth was moving perfectly with yours.

    One of his hands moved from your hair to your waist, the other reaching up to cradle your face. After a moment he pulled away, panting softly as his eyes flickered quickly, studying your features.

    “I . . . I’ve never felt this way before. But I know I can’t stop myself,” he breathed out.

    “Then don’t.”

    He dove in and kissed you again, gently pressing a hand to your shoulder to lay you down on the bed. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pulled him closer to you, legs coming up to encircle his hips. His hands settled on either side of your head, holding him up as your kisses turned urgent. You gently pushed him away to sit up and pulled your pajama shirt over your head, revealing your bare chest. Akira’s eyes went wide, a soft blush tainting his cheeks.

    “I’ve always seen breasts in books, but . . .”

    “Akira,” you scolded him. “Don’t make this weird!”

    Trying to keep the mood going, you grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it off. His toned chest and abdomen glistened in the low light, arousal beginning to pool deep inside of you. You quickly made work of the knot holding his sweats up, helping him slide them down his legs.

    “Good God,” you gasped out, noticing he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

    Maybe it was an angel thing, but you hadn’t expected him to be so well endowed. His cock hung heavy between his legs, slapping against his thigh as the sweats left him bare. Swallowing thickly, you knew the stretch would be uncomfortable but so worth it.

    “Is . . . everything okay?” he asked.

    You could sense he was beginning to feel self-conscious so you focused instead on sliding down your pajama bottoms. When you were left in just your panties, you looked up at him, checking his face for any signs that he wanted to stop.

    “We can stop right here,” you told him. “We don’t have to do this.”

    Some sort of conflict began to play out in his face, eyes going wide as his brows furrowed before he seemed to accept some defeat. Hanging his head, he began to crawl over your body, lips tracing a path from your navel up to your jaw. Shivering, you wrapped your legs around him again.

    “I guess I can only ask for forgiveness now,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to the corner of your mouth.

    It was his shaking hand that ultimately pulled your panties down, sliding them down your legs as his thumb grazed your smooth skin. Once they were gone, he positioned himself between your legs, one hand wrapping around his long, thick cock.

    “I’m sorry,” he muttered. “I don’t quite know what I’m doing.”

    “It’s okay,” you replied. “Take your time.”

    Sucking in a breath, he pumped himself a few times, eyes fluttering closed before he leaned further down and guided himself into you. As you predicted, the initial stretch was uncomfortable, tears quickly springing to your eyes as you felt that you were being ripped apart. It wasn’t like you were a virgin, but it had been a while since you had slept with someone and the first time after a while was always uncomfortable. Akira’s size didn’t quite help either, but you forced yourself to relax as he slowly continued to push in.

    “You feel w-wonderful, love,” he gasped out, hands clenched tight on the pillow below your head.

    When he bottomed out he stopped, panting as he waited for you to adjust. He must have felt the tension in your body because one of his hands moved to rub slow circles on your hip. After a moment you lifted your hips up, causing him to moan before he pulled out completely.

    “Lord have mercy,” he cried out before snapping his hips into yours.

    His thrusts were slow, his hips going all the way back before thrusting back into you sharply. The movement had your body moving up on the bed, your head smacking against the headboard as an especially sharp thrust had your whole body vibrating. You let your legs slide off his hips and instead tried to open them as wide as you could. Crying out, you moved your hands to hold on to his side, nails digging in as he kept on thrusting slowly and sharply into you.

    You felt his lips brush against your cheek, pressing light pecks in between pants.

    “I-I don’t think I’m going to last much longer, love,” he spoke lowly into your ear.

    “M-me either,” you gasped out. “Don’t stop.”

    It took four sharp thrusts for you to come, the tight bundle slowly coming undone as his pelvis brushed against your clit. You called out his name in a mix of gasps and moans, eyes rolling into the back of your head as you rode out your orgasm as he kept on thrusting. He came right after, hips stuttering slowly before coming to a stop. Letting out a guttural moan of your name, he let his head hang down low, hair tickling your neck as he released into you.

    A few minutes later, after he had wobbled to the bathroom in the darkness to get a towel for you, the two of you were entwined in bed. Your head was laid on his chest, listening to the sound of his heart slow down until it beat steadily.

    He was alive. He was yours. He was mortal.


    Your happiness, however, was short lived.

    Another month passed, a month full of endless love making, stolen kisses, and nights spent in the same bed. The two of you had fallen into a relationship, and Akira had finally accepted his fate as a mortal.

    One evening, while curled up on the couch, the power in your house suddenly went out. Confused, you lifted your head from Akira’s shoulder and glanced around you. Before you could speak, a loud popping sound filled the room and it was awash in a gentle green light. Akira’s face had gone deathly pale, eyes going wide as he took in the sight before you. As you registered that something was happening, he quickly sunk into a bow, forehead pressed against the floor.

    “Akira, it is good to see you.”

    You finally turned, hands flying to your mouth at the sight. An angel was standing there, blonde hair falling past its shoulders. It had a pair of wings around it like the traditional art you had seen. However, behind its head, there was an eagle, with a lion and sheep on either side. 

    Weren’t angels supposed to be . . . beautiful?

    Its eyes flickered towards you, the lion baring its teeth to give you a snarl. The eagle let out a screech and the sheep bleated loudly. The angel’s eyes narrowed, a faint glimmer of red light glowing around its body.

    “You fool. You have tasted the flesh and do not wish to relinquish it.”

    “I am no fool,” Akira replied. “I have fallen in love.”

    He stood then, lifting his chin to stare down at the angel.

    “Perhaps I am a fool in love, that may be true. But I am no simple fool.”

    The lion roared then, the angel’s face warping into one of terrifying anger.

    “God will never forgive you for this. You knew that as His servant you needed to avoid all temptation.”

    “Did you forget, dear brother? God was the one who cast me out.”

    “It seems you didn’t learn the first time,” the angel snarled.

    “Was I truly tempted? Satan may have tricked me, but he was correct in his ways.”

    “How dare you.”

    Fear coursed through you as the angel seemed to grow in size, the animals surrounding its head focused on you. Swallowing nervously, you stepped behind Akira.

    “This mortal will be the end of you,” the angel snapped.

    “So it may be,” Akira said. “I love her and there is nothing that God can do to change that.”

    “So is that it?” the angel barked out. “You want to relinquish your holiness and become mortal? To one day die and fade into the ground?”

    “If it means I can be in love, then yes.”

    “Fine, so it will be.”

    The angel snapped its fingers. Akira fell to the floor, clutching his head as he let out a blood curdling scream. You kneeled beside him, yelling his name while the angel merely looked on.

    “Foolish mortal. I hope you realize the gravity of his decision.”

    With that, it was gone. Akira fell silent, lifting his head to peer at you with exhausted eyes. He seemed . . . well normal. His face before had retained an eternal youth, but you could now see the formation of wrinkles around his eyes and mouth. His dark hair now had a few streaks of gray, falling messily onto his forehead. Smiling, you held onto his face before pressing his forehead against yours.  

    He was alive. He was yours. He was mortal.

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    if ryo were appalachian he’d have better aim with his guns

    ryo’s mom is vaguely foreign and it’s unclear where he sources his guns. maybe he’s half-Appalachian and that’s why he’s half-decent at hunting demons


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    Straight from the deepest depths of the You-Know-Where.

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