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  • smilingperformer
    28.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    Ok look look look look look, I want to really hear everyone's thoughts on this because I am so fricking terrified of now being able to see future clearly and it's why JN currently feels like the end of everything, so I want to ask everyone:

    What could Satoshi/Ash do next?

    Just give me ANYTHING!

    One rule thou:

    No gyms.

    He has no reason to do them anymore. He's a Champion. Will most likely be crowned World Champion after PWC ends.

    So what will he do next?

    Feel free to drop your ideas, because I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    #pokemon#pokeani#anipoke#pokemon jn#pokeani spoilers#anipoke spoilers#discussions #like the main reason I feel like JN is the end of it all is because I cannot picture any goal for him after PWC #and while I assumed for a long time that JN is multi generational series #it's getting increasingly hard for me to think that #esp when they keep saying climax this climax that with every special preview now #so like what #what am I supposed to think #also yes this is to distract myself from talking about latest ep because I cried SO much and I lost it completely #i love alola too much and I am such a big mess once again AND I DON'T THINK I CAN MOVE ON DESPITE PERFECT FINALE BEING HERE HELP #fuck i'm crying again bye
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  • birf
    28.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    it’s so weird how when it comes to baby clothes, most companies are very strict on being sure all the clothes are made from 100% organic cotton, and all natural dyes so they’re safe for the babies

    but as a adult? fuck you

    #we had a whole project in class once working with factories and all making a baby clothing line #and that was the first time I made that connection #it’s something I almost nevER see being discussed when people talk about fast fashion #it’s not just the cheap price and sweat shops bro synthetic clothes can be so dangerous
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  • snowinabottle
    28.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago
    #╰ ☆ just a mess of stars and tiny snowflakes ╱ reflection #╰ ☆ thunderclouds ╱ my edits ( mutuals may reblog ) #╰ ☆  moon eclipsed the sun  ╱  verse  ╱  star wars : second trilogy #LISTEN   THIS #is   a   huge   what   if #and   happens   when   i   discuss #things   with   krissy   for   too   long #but#UHM#kinda #WHAT   IF   ?
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  • thetasteofsunshineonyourtongue
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hm okay okay okay I think I figured out why I didn't like season three compared to the rest of the seasons. The way that stranger things works is that for each season, it is mostly creating a story that starts and ends in a season, with some setup for the next season. Season three, however, is the opposite of that, with most of it being setup for the next season and a story that felt a bit lackluster due to that. In order for season four to work, there needed to be five established things: Robin is here, El no longer has her powers, Billy is dead, the Byers have moved, and Hopper is in Russia. In order for the wider story to work, those things needed to be established, which, looking through the lense of having seen season four, was what season three was all about, and I think that's why season three fell flat for me in a way that none of the other seasons have

    #stranger things #stranger things 4 #st#st4 #Idk I really didn't like season three and we can see how little it affected the story when the events that occurred then #are either the four mentioned above or the fact that there was a mall fire #and a tangential discussion of Nancy having worked at the newspaper #Each season (even part one of 4) has left me speechless for like the whole two minutes of credits while I try and parse what I just saw #And season three never did that for me #BUT I'm excited to re-watch the whole thing through and consume season three in the way it was meant to: as a tie-in to season 4
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  • lgbtunis
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    im gonna be honest i don't think that never-ending almost inescapable consumption of 15-second videos or 280 characters within algorithms that prioritize controversy and clicks over actual substance is benefiting any type of discussion in online (and by extension real-life) spaces.

    #like regarding that 'historical accuracy' post you cant have any meaningful or educational discussion about when ''historical accuracy'' is- #-important and when it isnt. you cant have any discussions about pre-modern racial ethnic or cultural identities or representation within- #-a 280 character hashtag epic clapback on twitter dot com #anyway#mine* #*biting metal* grrrr i love learning about racial and ethnic and cultural identities throughout history im soooo normal about it too
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  • rlchels
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    sorry, need to remember to read pinned posts before following 😅. unfollowed, but just to say you should absolutely post whatever you like during the formula one weekend, no matter what other people say, as long as you enjoy it, you're a true fan!

    it’s okay, thank you!! i will post eventually because i don’t have to prove myself to anyone especially on that matter and on tumblr out of all places, but it’s just hilarious how people jump to conclusions over two/three posts and suddenly think they are superior or know stuff about you and say that with such ease. i know exactly what type of fan i am and that’s just about enough :)

    #nor to be discussed on posts about what i think of a footballer based on only yesterday #while i have been very clear as to what kind of fan i am #i don’t yell about the 8 years i have been following f1 to anyone bc i don’t have to but I won’t let some tumblr posts #diminish that on both parties #idc football fans that are joining and liking the sport no matter what their motive is bc many of them had the same reason to join #as long as they like it it’s okay but don’t have such fan behavior when your reasons weren’t any different
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  • justaboringcat
    28.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    can i say how much i hate how the depp-heard trial has played out on social media platforms. like first of all, this isn't even a criminal trial, it is a a libel case, and the bar for libel is really high in the US. second of all, it feels so much like a pile on, and i know some people will say that amber heard deserves it, but there is plenty of evidence that they both sucked as partners to each other. did he hit her? i don't know. neither of them come out of this looking good though. that relationship was toxic all around. also, her lawyer being incompetent is not a good thing even if she is in the wrong? trials should not be decided on the fact that the other lawyer ran circles around yours because yours was incompetent. and some questions brought up against her are really run on awful assumptions about abuse survivors. i don't know if she is one, and it's really not my place to judge. like i wish people would just stop deciding the damn trial on like oh she paused with a tissue up to her face you know? like this is such an awful backlash to someone who, as far as i can tell from the evidence, was, at best, in a mutually abusive relationship. That term is from a witness that depp's team called. and i know that if the case gets decided for heard, which i really do think it will be, social media will hate it. here's the thing tho, like as long as heard was hit at some point in the relationship, i don't think she loses this case because that's how libel law works in the US. if we go purely off of evidence put forth, (which i really think we should do 'cause both these people are good actors and/or going through heavy emotions, which makes guessing at their testimonies really not a useful exercise) these two people sucked as a relationship. and there is all this backlash against heard and none against depp. i don't know, it just feels very icky. the way that social media has made everything into memes and irreverent comments discomforts me, and i'm not even an abuse survivor. there is so much testimony online about how much this trial sucks for abuse survivors. like regardless of who is right or wrong in the case, there are people being negatively impacted by the social media surrounding this case already. have some empathy.

    TLDR: it's a fucking libel case, and social media has made this whole thing super uncomfortable and toxic. do better people.

    #cat.talking #i'm going to try to put a bunch of buffer tags so that this post doesn't come up in the tag when searching but is blockable #i think i can do that if i understand how tags work on tumblr #i really don't want to deal with any depp fans going after me #i don't really care about this case. i just thought that the stuff randomly popping up in my insta feed was really irritating and biased #its such a media circus and honestly i wish it was quiet until the verdict #it feels so ick that people are making these judgements on these weird small quirks #and like its really kinda scary how one sided the social media verdict is when the actual evidence is very different #like reading the actual evidence from an unbiased source makes the social media stuff scary #especially when you consider that abusers can appear like upstanding nice citizens to others despite the fact they are abusers #like idk if depp did abuse heard or whatever but the reaction on social media is fucking terrifying bc heard has money and fans and stuff #and its still like this #and so much of the discourse feels so toxic to anyone who survived abuse because of the assumptions that people make in them #like i cannot imagine what it is like for abuse survivors now bc you literally cannot escape it and its treated so callously #tw: abuse #depp heard trial #tw: swearing #and like i know there's the whole thing about how depp might be autistic and that plays into the whole discussion as well #but like some of the things that he admitted to texting are awful and i don't see those going around social media is my point #discourse #one day this will play out with a famous person and a not famous person where they are both accusing each other of abuse #and it will be a bloodbath
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  • spiribia
    28.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    ive gushed about it since months ago (darkon’s saga from free to play mmo ‘adventure quest worlds’) but i really cant get enough of how distinct the aesthetics and music and symbolism of the arc are .. i love that its so full of incomprehensible grotesque eldritch entities and for several installations this is what is set up to be the disturbing part, but the real horror as far as the tragic backstory stemmed not from that cosmic horror as you might expect -- the divines given dialogue turn out to actually be pretty sympathetic toward the plight of the leading characters, it seems -- but from mortal human people and their intolerance and their hatred for people who are not like them or are ‘outsiders’ to what they understand...

    #talks #like the main guy was formerly the crown prince of this kingdom oblivious to the true nature of the divine power he was inheriting #until the day he like the long line of ascending kings before him climbed up the observatory to meet their god #for the first time and it was this terrifying fleshy being alprecha. and alprecha was like i made a pact with those past kings #tiny particles of my body are in your farmers fields. those little bits of debris cause your unnaturally abundant harvests but when the #people of the kingdom ingest what grows from that soil they also take a little bit of that debris into their own bodies and become #an extension of me and thereby fuel for my greater scheme. #& you the player read this and think oh how horrifying #surely our protagonist will run into some of his misfortune here (you know he'll run into misfortune at some point because this is his #backstory and this is a tragedy) and you know he wants to disband the monarchy and he wants to marry an outsider. and youre like #oh alprecha wont like this surely. but she actually is amenable to discussing it. its the princes brother who barges in having #trashed everything with the help of many of the common people who could not tolerate the changes the prince wanted to make. #because they didnt approve of the outsider. #and that princes guards who are still significant characters in the 'present day' storyline but now warped and distorted and undead #when you first met them. or when i did. i was like this dark magic they dabble in clearly did numbers on them. #but it was actually the PEOPLE of the kingdom that TORE THEM TO PIECES and the 'dark magic' is what saved them
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  • gothteddies
    28.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    genderfluid, 25, 5’2, hazel eyes, red hair. rn im super interested in stranger things and this dating sim otome i’ve been playing i swear it’s less lame than it sounds. ideal date would probably be a museum or an aquarium, or maybe going to a really cool pub/interesting location, or like a theme park is super fun as well. what’s your ideal date?

    I’m pretty sure I know exactly who this is 🥰 come date me cutie ily 😘

    #send me an anon describing yourself and i’ll say if i’d date you or not! #gothteddy asks#anon#😘😘😘 #i adore you and am always so happy when you like my posts #🥰🥰🥰 #aquarium for sure btw #i havent started the new season yet! #i need to watch it though my little sisters already started it and she lives discussing it with me #we have matching Robin and Steve netflix peofile avatars from s3 still
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  • thenerdcommander
    28.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    How unhappy does a mf have to be before life stops dishing out shit

    #I literally just EXIST here and out of nowhere my family starts spouting LGBT phobic rhetoric AGAIN #and they picked a fight with me because I'm notoriously bad at debate (I shut down and can't make points) #so I dismissed them and they went "That's what they all do.  When you back them into a corner they just say 'You're uneducated' and run away #like bitches???  I'm ending the discussion here because you won't hear what I'm telling you #you think you know it all so you won't listen and then when people give up you tally it as a victory for your argument #I'm exhausted and hurt and I just want to be out of here right tf now #but I feel trapped #it doesn't matter how much research I do I don't know HOW to get out #and no one will help me learn #and with everything the way it is I don't think I'll be able to move anywhere #even if I figure it out #and I'll be living in poverty no matter where I go unless I sacrifice my already piss-poor mental health to work 2-3 jobs #I know that's standard and I don't have a right to complain about that but I'm scared
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  • hotniatheron
    28.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    every day i think about how my 61 year old dad has seen all 15 season of the cw’s supernatural 

    #not once have i ever heard him discuss cas #when he was like i'm so glad their dad died because their family drama was boring as hell. #i was like i am truly your daughter. like say that
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  • rainbow-arrow
    28.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    in chat blanc, rose says it’s st athanasius day, which means chat blanc takes place on may 2nd

    #let's go#mlb#ml#miraculous ladybug#chat blanc #this was likely discussed when it came out and i may have known it at some point but #i would like to blame it on my subconscious knowing #bc in reprise #i had hawkmoth's defeat be on may 2nd
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  • kkoraki
    28.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    someone just tried the “well nothing I read/watch has trans characters in it so it’s not realistic to expect it anywhere” line on me

    #this line shows your ass so bad when the work being discussed is a SF/F book #you know there was this little book that not many people have heard of #that won some of the same awards the series we’re currently discussing has been nominated for #in 1970 #just a littel book. a smol little book. it was called The Left Hand of Darkness #anyway #that's without even bringing the ancillary series into the conversation #self#discourse / #wow this Super Adult Not A YA Book with Adult Butch Lesbian Rep for Adults Only has fewer trans characters than an actual childrens cartoon #i think it's totally within creators' rights not to put [whatever the fuck identity] characters in their works #but if that's the case the fans need to own it
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  • solomonsolstarbuck
    27.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    throwback to the time i realized i was gay because i had a dnd campaign where my character was a lesbian with a guy friend who was in love with her despite that

    and i gave him sleep issues like my boyfriends at the time and i killed this character off for her tragic backstory after he confessed to her

    and she completely cold-shouldered him up until his death as punishment for having feelings for her and she went on to romantically pursue the queen of her homeland. and then i didnt break up with my bf for another 2 years somehow

    #digi discusses #posts from the drafts #i wish this wasnt true and i wish i wasnt an adult when this happened #also jic you dont know i identify as bi ace btw. actually maybe this experience was more of an asexual thing now that i think about it
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  • kindahoping4forever
    27.05.2022 - 23 hours ago


    #ignore me this post is a figment of your imagination stop that why are u lying I didn't gasp when I saw him standing there in that red top #5sos #5 seconds of summer #luke hemmings#luke#lashton #take my hand tour #tmht diary #ryan fleming 2022 #kh4f post #crys coming to terms with her luke hemmings thirst 2022 #i have zero comment and you can't make me discuss this 🏃🏻‍♀️
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  • cassiusapologist
    27.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    every now and then I’m like, huh. maybe I should follow some people on classics twitter. some academics. you know, for inspiration or whatever, like how I follow artists I admire to get the gears in my art brain turning over on my main twt account. but then I remember what remember what classics/academia twitter is like, and it’s like. oh no. no I’m good following filipino historians exclusively. 

    #that combination of 'y'all act insufferable' and 'the language your using to discuss your dead favorites #parallels almost word for word imperialism and dictatorship apologism and im no longer willing to read your joke posts in good faith' #<< this is almost entirely because white people. regardless of age. have the main voice in these spaces. #and i dont actually care to see white people keep discussing how to make classics inclusive when they keep missing the mark #but more importantly i am first and foremost creating bullshit for fun so following academics will not actually get the gears in my head #(re history inspiration) turning in any meaningful manner bc what academics are doing and the clown stuff im doing are different #you know what WILL get the gears in my brain turning? following back those antony/octavian accounts that are making funky AUs
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  • dankovskaya
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    The funniest part is that as much as I advocate for his murdering it's like. I am not at all against Jason stopping that shit altogether and actually Getting Help and shelving Red Hood forever if it's done right it's just that. It's not going to be done right. Someone can try sure by all means I'd still read the comic it's just not something I'm rooting for right now.

    Cause well at this point murderer or otherwise he is owed some apologies LMAO and if reforming looks like how it already kinda looks i.e. pretending he's basically over everything so he can seamlessly join the Batfamily lineup as the "still kind of edgy one" that no one will ever fully trust again without any serious acknowledgement of how horribly catastrophically hurt he is. Well I don't want that at all that sucks. Especially if it doesn't feel like he came to the decision on his own. So in that case I'd rather he be more of an antagonist and see if anyone can do something interesting with that. Reforming for him in theory should NOT be turning Red Hood into a hero imo it should be separating Red Hood from Jason entirely bc the "Red Hood" identity is in itself representative of his grief + hurt + anger + so on and I don't really believe he can move past any of that so long as he keeps putting the helmet on. Or the hood. Or whatever he's wearing these days. But literally no one is ever going to let him put it down because Everybody Loves The Red Hood soooo... Yeah. Net 0 information here.

    #Like I always say I prefer him when hes Murdery but its like. Well the red hood character is fun to watch first of all obviously or else #he wouldnt be popular BUT its more like... #The difference between Hyperviolence Jason and Thin-ice Batfam Jason is that neither of them are getting their traumas addressed in #a serious way but at least one of them gets to maintain some dignity and self respect. LMAO. #Im being too hard on batfam Jason I'm sure I know he stands up for himself but as previously discussed he also just keeps crawling back #every time he gets kicked so. Yeah. #dc
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  • pathstheychoose
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    if any of my fab 5 followers can shoot me some recs of blogs to follow while I stalk and make my blog, that'd be fantastic

    ps you're all amazing

    #temp ooc tag #I always read through blogs when I see them #just to make sure we're on similar pages #or we can be on similar pages with plotting and discussion #but I do like recs from people especially with how dead the tags seem to be lately
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  • shacchou
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    “ my worth is not defined by a man and neither is yours ”

         It was dreadful— being here; standing mutely at Kaiba Gozaburo’s side like a shadow, listening to conversations that fluctuated between business and personal narratives of the wealthy individuals that his adoptive father chose to associate with that night. Only the richest personalities that Japan had to offer were in attendance at this ball; one that, to him, was swiftly proving a tiring endeavor. Perhaps he should be grateful to at least be granted this opportunity to take some semblance of rest from his studies. It was a rare occurrence for him to even be allowed to leave the mansion, usually having only his own company or that of his many tutors. And of his brother, sometimes, though the frequency of said visits had decreased of late; by Gozaburo’s order as far as he had heard.   

         ❛  Did you hear me, boy ?  ❜  The razor-sharp edge to the man’s tone and the way in which the elder Kaiba’s hand came to grasp his shoulder instilled a wave of panic within him, that he managed to swallow at the last moment, well-aware of the consequences that could follow were he to embarrass his adoptive father in any way.

         ❛  Yes, Father.  ❜  He had been paying enough attention to know that Aoi Group’s President  ( Imamura Takahiro, from what he had gathered )  had spoken of his daughter and mentioned her being almost the same age as Kaiba Corporation’s heir. The comment had led to a brief conversation where his father agreed for the first time that night to let Seto wander away from his side, to interact with Imamura’s daughter. It was a most unusual turn of events— no doubt a result of the carefully constructed reputation that had to be maintained in this world of hypocritical appearances. Indeed, he was smarter than to think his stepfather was actually compelling him to develop any sort of interpersonal relationship outside his textbooks. Even so, Seto couldn’t find it in him to conjure even the slightest speck of excitement at the rare prospect of conversation with someone who matched him in age. It seemed as though the extended periods of isolation had wrecked havoc on his will to so much as exchange words with another human being. Or perhaps he would rather be back home, using this time to rest properly instead of mingling with strangers; even though he knew such a likelihood wasn’t even feasible, to begin with. There already was a pile of assignments waiting for him at the Kaiba mansion.

         His gaze went from focusing on an undetermined point ahead to the young girl he was now to entertain. Much like him, she stood next to her own father, but her posture and the gentle way in which her father’s hand rested on her shoulder in a genuinely encouraging manner, spoke of a story very unlike Seto’s own. She was eyeing him curiously through wide, blue eyes. She was pretty, he supposed, with soft features and long hair of the lightest color falling about her dainty form and dress.

         Moments later, they had withdrawn from the boisterous ambience in exchange for the quietude of the gardens; a fact he inwardly appreciated. Truth be told, he also happened to appreciate the way she seemingly ignored his short responses to whatever she said. Though he tried to appear engaged ( knowing that, were he to displease her, he was bound to receive —at the very least and if he was lucky— an endless lecture ), not only was he at a loss of what to say, but the moment he was able to sit down on one of the stone benches, his aching back almost cried in relief and his eyelids grew heavy.

        ❛  My worth is not defined by a man and neither is yours. ❜  He paused when he heard those words, his mind suddenly on alert. He had a feeling the words were more about him than they were about her.

         In an instinctual fashion, his hands reached for each other, before they suddenly stopped and retracted like two magnets repelled by the same polarity. The last time his hands had so much as come near each other, his tutor had smacked him rather harshly with his pointer, leaving a nasty red mark on his fingers, which throbbed painfully for the entire day. Fidgeting is a sign of weakness, the man had said.

         Silence befell him for what felt like an endless moment, his mind rushing to decide whether he should reply in a ‘safe’ way, or if he should just be himself.

         In the end, he opted for the latter.

         ❛  Is that how you usually speak to someone you’ve just met ?  ❜      // @aoiinome

    #aoiinome #❛ ♔// ic; [ 海馬 瀬人 ] #i remember we discussed ages ago about them meeting when they were younger #so i ran with that #❛ ♔// q; [ 読み込み中 ]
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  • lacerise
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Actually I think Instagram should have a feature to disable people from replying to your comments. Yes I said what I said, no I don't want a discussion about it in my comment thread

    #sometimes the discussion is not even about the original comment #it spirals and ends up being about smt totally different #and i hate being notified every 5 minutes about every dumb comment when im not even participating in the discussion #id rather just be chilling with the likes and follows I'm getting from the comment popularity 😳
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