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  • everyryusui
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    these as tarot card tattoos

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  • cosplayprincess21
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Got any Yuzuriha headcanons?

    Yuzuriha doesnt get enough love so im excited for this

    Theatre kid in the sense of the costumes. Anything intriguing about any kind of theatre costume is loved by her

    Shes on the Autism Spectrum. As someone whose on the spectrum I've been headcanoning this for her for a while but looking on it in rewatchs she's definitely on the spectrum.

    Learned to sew from her parents. Its one of the ways they bonded

    We already know she's extremely loyal, but she will literally go to the ends of the world for her friends and comrades

    She designed and made her own wedding dress

    She's the mom friend along with Kohaku

    She's also the one the girls go to when they want to vent about stuff

    Gets some basic self defense leasons from Kohaku

    She gets along with Kohaku and Ruri the most out of the post petrifaction humans

    She's an awful cook. She can do many things but cooking is not one of them. Though she has gotten slightly better now that cooking is even more important in the stone world.

    Hope you like it. Yuzuriha deserves more love tbh and this was fun to do. If anyone wants any more character head canons feel free to send them in.

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  • waugh-bao
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    What I like about that ‘Charles and Keith’ picture is that I bet someone asked Charlie to do it. I can’t imagine him even noticing but I bet Charlotte (or someone but I’m thinking Charlotte) saw it and told him she wanted a photo.

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if that were the case. I was reading somewhere about how Charlotte had been streaming backstage during a few of the concerts they did in Latin America in 2016, and Charlie wandered in at some point in Mexico City and asked if she was "doing the social medias?" Probably the origin of that selfie too.

    That said Charlie may have played dumber than he was about that sort of stuff. He and Keith already had a solid selfie technique down by the '70s.

    And according to Bernard Fowler, he knew maybe best of all of them what was going on in contemporary music:

    "Charlie had his ear to the ground. He tried to stay current even though he wasn’t a fan of the new popular genres. I remember about two tours ago, we were in rehearsal and we were talking about hip-hop. Charlie said to me, ‘Bernard, Dr. Dre — “Keep Their Heads Ringin.” ‘ I said ‘Yeah man, I’m grooving on that track, Charlie.’ He said, ‘It’s not my favorite genre of music but, Bernard, I quite like that song.’ Charlie dug that track. He was aware.”

    So perhaps someone had introduced him to the concept of memes. I'll spare us all the thought that anyone might have showed him this place, and the general pandemonium which happens in the (very lovely) Stones fandom.

    #I'm sorry but the idea of Charlie in his perfect little suits with his London accent and his gray hair commenting on Dr. Dre and Ludacris #it's just too much #Charlie was secretly the hippest person in the band #the rolling stones #keith richards#charlie watts #old married band #ask response#anonymous
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  • sumofrog
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
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  • schrunklie
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    We all agreed their red-blue coded thats cool

    #ill change stones drip sometime lol #sonic the hedgehog #sonic#sonic fanart#sth#dr robotnik #dr ivo robotnik #dr eggman#agent stone#stobotnik#sonic movie
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  • junosmindpalace
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    hii!! not sure if ur requests are still open since i just saw ur post saying that requests are open 😅😅😅 but if u can u do ryusui and senku (or just one of them) with an s/o that tends to overwork themselves so they pass out and they take care of s/o ?? TY!!!! sorry if this is triggering too

    thank you so much for your request! some of my longer works are a bit delayed because my brain is mush rn so i went with getting something shorter out in the meantime :) this is the first time i'm writing for two characters and for ryusui-- i hope my characterization is okay! 


    warnings: passing out :,)

    words: 1,347 im kinda iffy about this

    Constructive feedback is always welcome! I’m always looking to improve!

    Requests are open! (check my pinned post!)



    You and Senku are both really dedicated to your work. 

    Senku works hard to recreate modern day science inventions, takes the time to research and experiment and is even a teacher to the citizens of Ishigami Village! He’s accumulated a vast knowledge of all sorts of science and mathematics over the years and has practiced applying his knowledge through the technology he’s recreated in the stone world. Senku is one of the most driven and passionate people amongst a group of hard-working, intelligent others. You were another.

    Two brilliant people enamored with their work- the only difference between them? One knew when to take a breather. 

    Senku was only human and knew--for the most part--to listen to his body. Prioritizing health was a given; the logical thing to do. He understood the value of rest and was aware that even he needs his downtime, so he’s rarely caught pulling all-nighters and denying food. 

    You, on the other hand, took every chance you got to work. 

    You seemingly never stopped moving and reflecting on new material after new material. When you weren’t focusing on your work, you were helping others with tasks of their own. Though Senku admires your endurance and determination, he starts questioning your means of getting so much done when you begin refusing food and sleep.

    Senku has snapped you out of your work trance a couple of nights to remind you that it’d be no good if you’re tired throughout the day, and you’d tell him you would settle down for the night just as soon as you finish this one thing. He had no reason not to believe you, so he’d retreat to his sleeping bag. 

    The “just this one thing” line soon got old though, and he started observing how the bags under your eyes were growing darker and your cheeks were more sunken in. It was harder for you to get as much work done and your mind constantly drifted. Honestly? He was a little scared of the state you were in. 

    One morning, Senku was in the midst of finishing a conversation with Gen when the mentalist asked him, “Say, is everything alright with dear Y/N? They don’t look like they’ve been doing very well,” his eyes flickering nervously to you, watching you barely keep yours open before returning his attention back to the scientist. Senku sighed and was about to reply when a loud “thud!” was heard from behind him. Both Gen and Senku whipped their heads toward the noise and saw you had collapsed on your side. “Y/N!”

    Your friends immediately rushed over and Senku started checking your pulse, your breathing, just to make sure you hadn’t died from overload! But no, you were still very much alive, though you probably felt like you were on the verge of death. 

    With the help of Kohaku and Gen, Senku was able to lay you down on a makeshift bed in Chrome’s shed. They all stared at your unconscious figure in concern, but Senku reassured them (and himself) that you just needed some sleep, food and water and in two weeks, you’d be good as new. 

    He was surprised at how relieved he felt when you woke up, but was also a bit irritated with your stubbornness. Didn’t you know that your health should be a priority?

    Nevertheless, Senku refused to leave you alone while you were bedridden, all instruction given to the other members of the village coming from your side. He left it to Kohaku and Chrome to bring you food and water throughout the day and had Kinro and Ginro take on your work while he monitored your recovery. He didn’t let you return to your tasks until color had returned to your face and the light in your eyes came back.

    He was a lot more doting after that incident, making sure you were eating and drinking enough throughout the day and that you weren’t overexerting yourself. Senku’s checkups were a little annoying overwhelming, but your heart swelled at the effort your boyfriend put in to make sure you were taking care of yourself.

    Senku felt a bit guilty for letting you stay awake so many nights, and afraid you’d accidentally get caught up in your work again, he’d stay up and drag you to bed if he needed to. He couldn’t fall asleep himself without his mind at ease knowing that you were getting your rest.

    “It’s really nice you’re looking after me.” “Well, I don’t want you dying on the job one day.” “You ruined it.” 



    Ryusui is a man who desires all, and that means good health too. Getting sick is something that would hold him back from accomplishing his goals and bringing his other desires into fruition after all. 

    He’s very dedicated to his studies and is passionate about what he wants. He takes the time to learn how to attain his desires, putting in a lot of time, effort and money patience into his work. 

    Sure, Ryusui may have encouraged your bad habits a couple of times-- if you desire to work, then to work you shall!-- but he knows the importance of maintaining a balance between eating, sleeping, working and having fun.  

    He trusts that you too know to prioritize your physical and mental health, and you do know! But sometimes you can’t help yourself from pushing back your sleep and eating time to finish ooonnnne more project. However, one project quickly turns into two and then three. 

    Ryusui is no idiot, though. He knows you better than you know yourself and can easily tell when there's a shift in your personality. He notices how you seem to be more irritated with others and yourself more often, and along with that, takes notice of your slouched posture and the loss of color in your face. 

    One day, Ryusui just couldn’t help himself. You were working away on yet another task, moving slowly and shakily as if you were about to topple over any second. He grabbed you by the shoulders and examined you, concern and a hint of anger laced in his tone as he asked you “when was the last time you ate a proper meal?” 

    You collapsed in his arms before you could answer him, and he fell to his knees to settle your head into his lap. After yelling for help, he and Senku were able to move you into a tent with a cot and assess you properly. The Kingdom of Science leader tells him that you were sleep deprived and malnourished, and that you should be fine after a couple of weeks of catching up on rest and eating three meals a day. Ryusui could come to these conclusions on his own, but it was reassuring to have confirmation from the scientist. 

    Ryusui refuses to set sail on the group’s voyage until you’re completely healed, and the minute you wake up, he’s scrambling to be at your side. He tries not to bombard you, but question after question and reprimand after reprimand sort of just tumble out. He’s worried, okay? How could you act so foolish? 

    The captain is completely dedicated to nursing you back to health. He makes sure to remind you that if you ever struggle taking care of yourself or managing your workload, he’s always there to help out and firmly tells you to be more mindful of your wellbeing. Once you’re fully recovered, he’s hauling your ass to bed if you’re up doing something (as in he’ll literally carry you over his shoulder) and orders Francois to make you a bunch of healthy meals and snacks for the both of you throughout the day. He’ll even give you massages to soothe your aching muscles on days you do accidentally take on more than you think you’re capable of in order to help you sleep better. 

    “Ryusui, you really don’t have to go through all the trouble…” “Nonsense, Y/N! I desire the very best for my s/o! You need to take good care of yourself in order to attain your desires!"

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  • portfolio-of-dreams
    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    but i wanted you… | asagiri gen x gn! afab! reader

    warnings: some plot, explicit smut, dom! gen, jealousy, slight possessiveness, oral (f! receiving), cunnilingus, slight choking, marking, dacryphilia, kinda exhibitionism, unprotected sex, creampie, breeding kink (if you squint).

    w/c: 2.8k

    Asagiri Gen was capable of being a patient man. After all, it took time to persuade others to do his bidding. He was cunning and could use his quick wit to get what he wanted. That was the fun of being a ‘mentalist’. He’d tricked Chrome a few times into doing tasks for him and always messes around with sleight of hand magic tricks to distract Kinro and Ginro. He doesn’t like to brag but he’s a pretty skilled manipulator- uh persuader. His three step plan has always worked.

    One: Stand by them and create a sense of comradery. Standing opposite of your target person makes the conversation feel adversarial or conflicting.

    Two: Give inaccurate information relevant to the conversation. This forces them to correct you and tell you the correct information, which could be useful in the long run.

    Three: Order them to do the opposite of what you want them to do. This is the use of reverse-psychology. Humans naturally want to refuse an order so they end up doing the opposite of the given demand, which is what you actually wanted them to do.

    But you- you were different. Always saw right through his attempts of manipulation, shrugged off his tricks and ignored him to a default. He tried to insert himself into your conversations in hopes you would acknowledge him. He saw the way you looked at Senku, the way you laughed with him. The soft curve of your lips and the tightness of your cheeks when he agreed to your ideas. That was something he couldn’t stand to see. Today, he would make sure you knew his feelings towards you- no matter what.

    It was an overcast day in the Ishigami Village, the sun shielded by dark clouds that enveloped all light. A chilled breeze blew through the trees and waved the flag above Chrome’s hut. Right below it was where Gen found you, with Senku. It irritated him that you were always with him, always around him. He should be the one to make you smile like that, to make you laugh, to touch you. That was the advantage he had over Senku- there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that he could make you feel better than Senku ever could.

    “Y/n. Come here for a moment, indulge me just this once, won't you?” He spoke with false innocence dripping over his lips. His lowered eyes speaking of the lies he would tell you just to have you close to him. He knew his normal techniques wouldn’t work on you.

    You exchanged glances with Senku before looking back at him. “Fine, Gen. But be quick, we’re so close to finishing the calculations. And no funny business!” 

    “I’m wounded you would think such a thing, darling y/n.” The words flowed so effortlessly as he batted his dark lashes at you.

    You took carefully calculated steps towards him but he quickly grabbed your wrist to drag you away from the scientist. His actions startled you but curiosity killed the cat so to speak, so you followed him blindly to his small makeshift house on the outskirts of the village.

    “Welcome to Chez Gen!” He extended out his arms on either side, proud of his small achievement of a hut. He’d obviously had some of the villagers “help” him out because it wasn’t falling apart.

    You casually rolled your eyes and followed him past the makeshift door. You looked around but didn’t take your eyes off the slender man, whose face was contorted into a smirk as he moved closer to you. You narrowed your eyes and looked at him- waiting for him to say something about why he brought you here. He knew you were busy with Senku and the calculations for creating the proper metal mix with black clay to create the katana for the counterattack against Tsukasa. Didn’t he know how important that was?

    You took a step back in tandem with his steps forward, until your back was almost against the stone clad walls. He held two clenched fists in front of you, the tops of his hands visible and his thumbs tucked underneath. Lowered stormy gray eyes and raised eyebrows stared at you as he waited for you to pick a hand. An exasperated breath fell from your lips as you tapped the top of his left hand. He turned it over and opened the palm to reveal there was nothing in his hand. Confused, you picked the other hand which also had nothing in it. As you stared at the newly opened right hand, his left hand flew up to cover your mouth as he roughly pushed you against the wall. His right hand trailed soft fingertips up your thigh and lingered just below your growing heat. 

    He leaned in close, hot breath fanning against the shell of your ear, smelling of Senku’s cola, “You know how I don’t like to share, and I think you’ve been spending too much time with the dear old scientist. It’s not fair.”

    You huffed and grabbed at his wrist, able to pull it down enough to speak “Gen- if you’re jealous just say so. This little act is embarrassing.”

    He roughly pressed his hand against your cunt and slid the other down to your throat “But I wanted you.”

    “We’re still in the vicinity of the village…” You barely choked out between moans.

    “Then I guess you better keep quiet then.” He growled lowly as his teeth worked the sensitive spot on your neck.

    The heat of his lips caused your head to roll back, hitting the wall behind you. He smirked as he continued to kiss and suck at that sweet spot that made you moan his name. He would no doubt leave a mark, the two of you weren't exactly together but he was possessive over the things he wanted- including you. Your hands moved up to run them through his hair but he quickly grabbed them, slamming them above you with one hand wrapped around your wrists. You inhaled sharply as he rubbed his hand harsher against your clothed cunt. Your moans became more apparent, echoing in the space. The hand he had on your throat, moves to cover your mouth as you hear villagers pass through on the forest path. He stands there, staring into your eyes, continuing to grind his hand on you. He slides a finger into the tied cloth you created as underwear. A gentle touch moving just over your clit.

    “Shh, little thing. We don't want to be found” A smug look crosses his face. 

    He picks you up easily, and walks you over to the quilted blanket Rumi sewed as a thanks to him for helping Senku and the village. His lips are rough against yours- needy and desperate to taste you. He slowly lays you down, open mouthed kisses litter your collarbone as he sucks at the skin creating harsh reminders that you should be his. He quickly slides the sleeves over your shoulders and pulls down your top, exposing your already perked nipples. He breaks apart from your neck- a trail of saliva connecting still. His eyes travel down as he kisses down your chest. He looks back up at you, your face so beautifully contorted in pleasure- pleasure he’s giving you. Not that overly confident scientist. He rolls your nipple between his fingers before taking it into his mouth. His tongue swirls around the hardened bud as the hand that's snaked around your waist, grabs at the plush of your skin. Your moans become louder, only slightly muffled by your desire to be quiet. Your hands, finally free- run through his hair, pushing his mouth further onto your chest. He continues to nip at the bud as pulls down the rest of your outfit. His hands move down your curves. One grabs at the plush of your thighs as the other rubs harsh circles onto your clit.

    “More. Need more.” You groan and you move slightly in his grip. 

    “Aw, look at you. A mewling mess in my touch. Tell me who’s making you feel good...” He speaks against your skin, licking down your stomach to your hips.

    You gasped and bucked your hips up, digging your nails into the skin of Gen’s shoulders. He hissed and stopped his finger’s movements, pressing down harshly onto the little bud of nerves. You whimpered and swiveled your hips, seeking release. A soft chuckle resounded from his lips as he danced his tongue lower. He stopped at your hips where he kissed along the spanse of your waistline before continuing on to tongue at the soft area where your hips met your thighs. You withered below him, gasping and pulling at his two-toned hair, whimpers and begs falling from your lips at high speed in an unintelligible manner.

    He grabbed the bends of your knees in his hands and pushed your legs open, spreading them as far as they could go. Finally he dragged his tongue between your wet folds, using just the tip to tease you for a while. He moaned against your sweet slick, before plunging his tongue in at the bottom and ran it up, letting it dip into your entrance and all the way up to your clit. He wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked lightly, pulling a low sugar-coated moan from your throat.

    “You taste even better than cola.” He mumbled against your clit, flicking it with the tip of his wet muscle. Slowly, he spread your lips apart, and leaned back to take a good look. You squirmed and grabbed his head, urging him to continue, but he just smirked and blew on your clit, laughing out loud at your gasp. 

    “Look at you. So wet, you're dripping from your cunny. Who’s making you this wet? That arrogant scientist? Is he on your mind right now?” He said, incredulously, dipping his finger in before pulling it back and licking at it as he turned his attention to your eyes.

    Gen bit down on the soft skin of your thigh. You gasped and shoved at his head, trying to push him off, but he pinned your hand to the side. “I’ve asked you quite a simple question. You know I don’t like to repeat myself, it’s too much work.”

    You moaned and tried to pull your hand out of his grip, but it was no use. You huffed and wiggled your hips under his grasp “I- I’m only thinking about you! I promise!” Your eyes became slightly wet as you begged him to continue. 

    Within moments his mouth was upon you again, licking at your slit sloppily and sucking crudely at your growing arousal. You gasped and bucked your hips up wildly, needing more and more of his mouth, but he pinned down your hips, only responding to your whine with a flick of his tongue. You couldn’t be subtle about the feelings he was eliciting from you, screaming out obscenities. His tongue was like a drug and for the first time in your life you were proud to say you were an addict. He was slamming into you with his tongue and you could feel yourself getting closer to your nirvana as the seconds ticked by. You reached down and grabbed at his hair, trying to get him to release your clit from his harsh movements as you began to succumb to the overstimulation. Gen could be a patient man, but he certainly didn’t like being ordered around. He grabbed your hands and pinned them to your hips, holding you down effectively. You gasped and arched up at a particular deep stroke of his tongue and tightened your thighs around his head, yelling out as felt a wave of pleasure wash over you. Your walls tightened and clamped down on his tongue and you screamed out, nearly sobbing at the intensity.

    He finally pulled back and grinned at you, his lips swollen and a deep red. His thumb circled around your sensitive clit, and you jerked back, groaning. He stared at you for a moment- admiring his work. Your face so turned in pleasure, the curve of your lips shining with drool, your body covered in his marks and your pussy oozing out your cum. He moaned out loud at just the sight and threw off his clothing. You gasped at the sight of his slightly toned stomach and down to his hardened cock. You quickly scrambled up to reach over and grab at his dick, running your fingers along the thick vein along the underside of his cock. His jaw dropped open and he threw his head back as you pumped his length, quickening your speed. Once his tip blushed a red and his arousal seeped from the slit, you pulled away and looked up at him- waiting for a reaction. He growled and pushed you back so you were laying against the blanket again. He climbed above you and lined himself up with your entrance.

    “I’ll fuck you so good you’ll forget all about Senku. Your only thoughts will be me, and how good I make you feel.” And he plunged into you, quickly bottoming out. “Look at that, a perfect fit.”

    He smirked as he began to thrust into you. You gasped and squinched your eyes, tilting your head back in a silent moan. He pulled out and rocked back into you, dropping his face low so the tip of his nose was just touching yours. He started slow, looking into your eyes but the minute he tried to turn your face away, he grabbed your chin and growled “Look at me.”

    He looked at you with a fire in his eyes, an almost possessive glare. He attached his lips to yours and dug his teeth into your bottom lip, suddenly slamming into you faster than you thought possible. You choked, breathing in heavily and yelling out his name. He could almost laugh at how fucked out you were starting to look, his pretty thing, moaning and clenching on his cock as he fucked you senseless. You rolled your hips up, trying to keep up with the speed he was going at, but ultimately failing. He swirled his hips down harshly against yours as your pussy throbbed and gummy walls clenched down, coating him in your juices. He snaked his hand up around your throat and pulled upwards, so you looked into his eyes again and he slowed his movements.

    “Come on, use your words. Let’s hear you say it…” 

    You cried, hot tears running over the apples of your cheeks “Please let me cum, Gen. You’re the only one who can!”

    A smug shit-eating grin showed on his face as he quickened his pace once again. He pulled almost all the way out before quickly circling his hips down into you. His grunts became louder and his pace and thrusts started to get sloppy. The grip he had on your throat loosened and his hand slipped off to move between your sweaty bodies and rub circles against your clit. You felt your orgasm approaching as he continued to chase his high. Twinkling lights flooded your vision as you felt the knot in your stomach again. A sound of approval escaped his parted lips as you contracted down on his length, so tightly he could almost not move. Your back arched up and your head lolled to the side as you came around him. Blinding lights blurring your vision as you felt him release his heat into you- thick white ropes coating your insides as he continued to thrust into you, making sure you don’t let a drop escape. You winced when he finally pulled out and collapsed beside you. He pressed a lazy kiss to your temple and watched you attempt to stand on wobbling legs. 

    “Now if you’re done being jealous- I have work to get back to.” You spoke in breathy tones, trying to catch your balance enough to get dressed. 

    He grinned as he watched you struggle. Throwing your outfit back on and smoothing out the wrinkles in your hair. He stood up to get dressed as well, just watch you saunter back over to the table with Senku. Your legs shaking, top hanging loosely off of your shoulders and covered in him, smelling like him. The thought of it made him giddy. Senku leaned over the table with his back to you, only turning once he heard your footsteps approaching.

    “Finally, y/n. Where have you been?”- he looked at your messied state before shaking his head- “Nevermind, don’t tell me. Just finish this equation while I work on the mixture.”

    You silently nodded your head and stole a glance at Gen who just shrugged and offered you a thumbs up. Useless as ever, that cocky mentalist.

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    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    I developed a linocut addiction and I’m using it for evil.

    Design is available on my RedBubble:

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  • ayjaydraws
    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    might be my most important work ngl

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    27.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Yuzuriha Ogawa (Dr Stone)


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  • agent-stoner
    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    My sonic bracelets I've made :D so far I've got: Amy, Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Sticks, Knuckles, Eggman and Stone!!

    Idk if I'll make any more but I love the ones I've made so far!! ^_^

    #kandi bracelet #sonic the hedgehog #amy rose #tails miles prower #rouge the bat #sticks the badger #knuckles the echidna #dr eggman#agent stone #the eggman and stone ones aren't perfect so i might remake them #idk #if i get more red beads I'll def redo the eggman one #he deserves better than that
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  • deafeningfartdragon
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Haters gonna hate 🙄

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    at momocon!

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  • mysonicsideblog
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Mushroom coffee is a real world thing.

    A thing that Stone probably has an undying hatred for, but has become Robotics second drink of choice.

    #steamed mushroom latte with Austrian goat milk #binging with banish #please#robotnik #jim carry robotnik #agent stone#dr robotnik #jim carey robotnik #sonic movie #sonic movie 2 #sonic the hedgehog movie 2 #sonic the hedgehog movie #sonic#sonic wachowski #sonic the hedgehog #sonic the hedgehog 2 #sonic the movie 2
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    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    aren’t you tired of being nice?

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  • f3v3rdreams
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Genderbend for the second movie  💚

    #stobotnik#agent stone#dr robotnik #sonic movie 2 #Ivo Robotnik#genderbend #I had so much fun w this
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  • stonestan
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    i find it pretty humorous that it seems to be before sonic 2 there were ppl imagining stone being like a nice dad to knuckles, and how people still seem to envision that for any other space creature from the sonic universe when that is so far from what we actually got lmaooo. instead we have a guy who barely keeps the visible disgust off his face when knuckles shows up😭 we did not get good dad™️ like some ppl predicted, stone would leave knuckles in a grocery store “accidentally” if the opportunity presented itself. and well. i just think that’s hilarious

    #i love stone so much he’s so funny bro was fr beefing with a teenager #agent stone #sonic the hedgehog movie #sonic the hedgehog 2 #sonic movie #sonic movie 2 #dr robotnik #sonic the hedgehog #i’ve seen posts dated pre-sonic 2 that predicted that and well they Were Wrong which tickles my funny bone
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