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    Author’s note: Angsty

    Pairing: Atsumu x gender neutral reader

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    “ We need to stop lying to ourselves”

    Footsteps echoed in the lonely parking lot, each thud bouncing off the hollow bricks. Circles of light were deformed as shadows were cast. The hollow cold wind made it even harder to stay outside without any warm clothes. But at times, when you are high on emotions, you don't feel anything, be it the scorching sun or the shuddering cold.

    Atsumu  paced around, mumbling words incoherent to you. You wanted to say something to him, but there were no words. It was almost like cotton balls were stuffed in your throat, that you couldn't even get a whisper out. 

    Perhaps he was right. Maybe we do need to stop lying to ourselves. We couldn't work this out, something you haven’t come to terms with. Maybe it was not meant to be? Maybe it was just the right person at the wrong time. Or maybe you both  were meant to be lovers once but not throughout your  lifetime.

    You giggle as you slump against the wall, tears running across your cheeks.” Why are you laughing?”. You turn to look at the blonde. All you could see were the same eyes full of happiness when you agreed to become his girlfriend, replaced now with colors of despair. Eyes red from all the tears, drowning the dark brown in a pool of glaze.

    Why couldn't this work out?

    “ yn”. You hummed, letting him know you were listening. “ You never told me why you were giggling?”

    “ oh, I was just thinking about which tragic romance trope we were, you know. Whether we are the wrong time, right person trope or something else.”

     Laughter echoed. No, it wasn't the one where you could sense the person was happy, where they had tears in their eyes from exuding such immense joy. Rather it was the one where  it was filled with uncertainty, tinged with some comedic timing. It was laughter that would soon turn to crying. It was laughter that reminded you of the end of beautiful times.

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    Hey, could you do a Gaara fic where his lover was supposed to go on a mission and he didn’t want to send her on it coz it’s to dangerous and they get into a fight about it until he snaps and tells her “just go, I don’t care what happens to you.”

    Few days later he finds out the mission was completed to successfully but his lover was seriously injured ( on the brink of death) and while he’s waiting for her to recover from her coma and injuries the guilt consumes him so badly he breaks down .

    Have a lovely day / night 😊

    Here you go, nonnie. It's angst hour and I'm here to collect your tears. (With love, of course)

    Word Count: 1.2k Warnings: Serious injuries including stab wounds and broken bones, hospital setting, general angst/sadness, no happy ending. A/N: 😭

    Tag List: @anchy-bananchy @justmyownreality @mrsbakashi (please let me know if you wish to be included in future tags)

    Come Back To Me

    “Gaara, you’re being ridiculous.”

    He glared at you from behind his desk, but you refused to be intimidated. “You and I both know I’m the best person suited for this mission,” you said. “Why are you refusing to put me on it?”

    “It’s too dangerous,” Gaara replied, folding his arms.

    “So what?” you said. “I’m a ninja. Taking on dangerous missions is my job.”

    “Not this one,” Gaara replied. “Intel we’ve already gathered on these rogue ninja says that their main goal at the moment is to get rid of me. As such, they have a great deal of information about me.” His eyes softened a fraction. “Including the person I intend to marry. If I were to send you in there, they would try to capture you to use as bait to lure me in. I don’t want to risk you falling into their hands.”

    “Gaara,” you tried to reason. “The whole world knows who I am and what we are to each other now. I take that same risk when I go on any mission.”

    Gaara’s eyes narrowed. “I’m aware of that.”

    “Then why are you insisting on keeping me here?” you asked. “If you send someone else, it’ll take twice as long and potentially cost more lives. I have to be the one, Gaara. Please, let me do my job. Let me go.”

    Gaara’s lips thinned, and you thought he was going to keep arguing. But he just said, “Fine,” as he picked up a pen and began signing the paperwork he’d been working on when you came in.

    You blinked. “Really?”

    He gave a single sharp nod. “Just go. I don’t care what happens to you if you don’t.”

    Your heart stilled. “You don’t mean that.”

    He glanced up, his lips silent but his hard gaze saying everything.

    Your temper rose. “Fine,” you snapped. “I’ll be sure to report in when I successfully complete this mission, Lord Kazekage.”

    With that, you left his office, slamming the door behind you.


    Gaara’s anger with you had melted away after the first day, replaced with remorse for how he’d spoken to you. He sat in his office day and night, watching the sun cross the sky over and over without a trace of you. By the end of the fourth day, he started to worry. Once a week went by, he started to panic, wondering if his fears had come true. But with you deep in enemy territory, there was no way for him to check.

    Finally, on the ninth day, someone knocked on his door as he struggled to concentrate on the report he was reading. “Enter,” he said.

    Mikoshi, one of the other ninjas assigned to the mission, opened the door. He looked like hell, blood splattered on much of his torn clothing and his hair matted to his head.

    Gaara struggled to maintain his composure. “Welcome back,” he said.

    “Thank you, Lord Kazekage,” Mikoshi said with a bow. “We successfully took out the rogue ninjas and destroyed their base of operations.”

    “Well done,” Gaara said. He looked behind Mikoshi. “But y/n was leading this mission. Why is she not the one giving the report? For that matter, where is the rest of your team?”

    Mikoshi lowered his head. Gaara felt the breath leave his chest.


    He couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough. The mere seconds it took to teleport there with his sand stretched on to infinity.

    The nurse at the front desk looked up as he entered. From the expression on her face, she had been expecting him. “Lord Kazekage,” she said with a short bow. “She’s in Room 298. Turn right when you get out of the elevator on the second floor and go all the way to the end.”

    “Thank you,” he said as he sped past.

    He nearly broke the elevator’s button panel as he impatiently waited for it to ascend. As soon as the doors opened, he hurried down the hallway. He didn’t need to check the room numbers though, as two ANBU were already stationed outside of your room. They silently bowed as Gaara approached.

    When he stepped through the door, he was greeted by the sight of you lying unconscious in the bed. A variety of tubes ran from your body to various machines, so many Gaara couldn’t count. The skin that wasn’t covered by a hospital gown or tubes was horribly discolored, bruises and cuts everywhere. Your hands were covered in splints and bandages. Your beautiful hair that Gaara had spent so many nights running fingers through was ragged and matted.

    The words my fault rang out in his mind.

    A doctor was writing down something on a chart when Gaara walked in. “Lord Kazekage,” she said, bowing to him.

    “How is she?” Gaara asked, cautiously stepping closer to your prone form.

    The doctor sighed. “Not well, I’m afraid,” she said. “We have her stabilized, but she’s not out of the woods yet.”

    “What are her injuries?”

    The doctor glanced at her chart. “Do you want the abridged version or the full list?”

    Gaara fought to keep his composure. “Don’t sugarcoat it. I want to know.”

    The doctor then went through the full list of everything you’d been subjected to, ranging from a stab wound to the abdomen to having your fingers broken. With every item she listed off, Gaara felt more and more of his soul draining from his body. When the doctor finished, she looked him in the eye. “Even if she wakes up, with the injuries she’s sustained, she will most likely have to retire as a ninja. I’ve been a doctor for nearly fifteen years now, and I’ve never seen a case this bad before.”

    My fault…

    Gaara shut her eyes. “If that’s the price, then we can both live with that. Just please…bring her back.”

    The doctor’s eyes grew sad. “We are doing everything we can for her,” she said. “But I can’t promise anything beyond that. We just have to wait and see if she comes back.”

    “I understand,” Gaara said. He took a deep breath. “Am I able to stay with her?”

    The doctor nodded. “Stay as long as you want, Lord Kazekage,” she said. “If you need anything, just let someone at the nurse’s station know.” She stepped to the door, then paused. “There’s a lot of evidence that people in comas can still hear what’s going on around them,” she said. “Try talking to her. She just might hear you.”

    “Thank you,” Gaara said.

    The doctor nodded and vanished.

    Gaara pulled a plastic chair around to your right side and sat down. He carefully picked up your hand, mindful of the IV on the back, and stroked your palm. “Y/n, it’s me,” he said softly. “I’m here, and I’m so sorry. What I said before you left…I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry, y/n.”

    My fault…my fault…my fault…

    “I love you so much,” he continued. “I can’t lose you, y/n. If I did, I don’t know how I’d be able to go on. Please, come back to me.” No longer able to contain his sobs, Gaara laid his head on the sheet by your hand, tears streaming down his face as he continued to plead for you to return.

    But the only response was the beeping of the monitor.

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    Honey, I Shrunk You! - Part 2

    Hi everyone! Hope you enjoy the second part to Honey, I Shrunk You! Thank you for reading :) and thank you again to anon for sending the requests in.

    Severus Snape x wife!Reader [Established Relationship] Warnings: Injury Word Count: 4.1k

    His worries worsened over the rest of the day as you two tried to understand how to do things normally now as your size was now one similar to a doll’s. You two went to sit back down at the kitchen table, and now you sat covered in one of Severus’s handkerchief’s that he kept for the formal balls thrown by Hogwarts. You looked so pretty in the design, but it was so utterly strange to watch you pull it over your shoulders to cover your body.

    You sat on a saucer or a tea plate, shivering still from the cold. Severus sighed at the sight, still feeling very guilty at what he’s done.

    “Are you hungry?” He spoke up, trying to appear normal, but it wasn’t working at all. He looked like he was holding his tears back still and he was shaking as if he saw a ghost. You’ve never seen him in such a manner, but it made you more concerned for his health and yours, since he was so worried. You thought that maybe because he was so worried, that you’d be in this size for a longer period of time than expected.

    “Only a little,” You paused, glancing over to the unlit candle. Instantly he stood up, understanding what your gaze meant but you frowned towards him. You didn’t want to worry him so much about yourself like this, but only worry about how to get you back to normal. You trusted him to know how to fix it as well. You were certain that you could do the things you normally do, and maybe even a few extra things as well.

    You could finally go into the corner cupboard and clean up the dust that speckled to the place you couldn’t reach in your normal state! And you could fix your sunglasses that broke last summer. Neither you or your husband were able to fix it because of shaky hands and the tools too small to use properly.

    “Did you want me to light the candle? Or I can warm you up a bath?” He suggested, clearing his throat as he gazed to you. And then he spoke up again, “I can make some dinner? Or late lunch?” He was normally not very talkative, and it was still clear that he was so nervous about the situation.

    You shrugged and hummed a short noise before looking over to him. He was such a giant now! It was incredible, but so odd. You just wanted to go back to normal, that was the thing you really needed as of now. You couldn’t believe that your wish was to have this perspective… it was fun! But really, you wished you could transform back. You were even trying to think of transformation spells, but none of them really worked out the way you would want them to.

    “I’ll light the candle, don’t worry. You’re hungry too, right?” You answered him how you usually did, and he nodded, trying to slip back into his normal self as well. Ever since you transformed because of his potion and the smoke, he had felt like he was standing on thin ice, just about to fall in from fear.

    He nodded to you, before pressing the chair back into the table and walked over to the fridge. He started to tap his leg nervously, glancing over to you ever other second to see that you were safe and okay. It wasn’t that often that his potions wouldn’t go as planned – and this was some dangerous stuff going on. He hadn’t heard of a person turning miniature like this before.

    The matchbox was harder than it looked like to open. You had jumped off the corner of the dish you sat on, and tucked the handkerchief around you like a towel, but it draped so far down, looking like a long blanket. You huffed out a sigh in annoyance as you kicked through the cloth, before looking to Severus.

    “I’m so sorry Sev, but I think I need something else to… wear or at least cover myself. Or maybe I can cut it shorter.” You had trouble getting the words out, still a bit confused on how to say it or word it.

    “Of course, I’ll go look for something.” He responded before he could think, and then it dawned on him that he didn’t know what to do. He looked over to the napkins on the counter next to the sink and then frowned – no that wouldn’t do. You’d be too cold in something like that. And then he thought about maybe just to cut up something from old clothes.

    He wasn’t much good at sewing, but he at least knew the basics. He had to learn how to fix his own rips and tears in his clothes during childhood. It was hard but it helped him learn how to focus better on the task at hand and it especially helped him during his teens at Hogwarts as a student.

    He grimaced, thinking back to his past. It was hard for him to think he was able to live past it all and now be happy with you. He wished you were there when he was a student at Hogwarts, that was one of the worst times for him throughout his life. He wondered what it would have been like with you back then, if he’d be happier or how you’d feel knowing him back then.

    He’s changed into a different man, he felt like. He became more sensitive and in tune to things he usually blocked out, and instead of keeping himself closed off, he found someone to be by. You were the person he felt most comfortable around, most safe. He felt terrible for potentially harming your life.

    He went back to thinking about ways to help solve the clothing problem (and he was always constantly thinking on how to fix this problem of you being small now). He did send an urgent message to multiple people – including some Hogwarts staff, and even his past students. He hoped to find answers on how to turn you back into your regular self.

    For some clothing, he excused himself quickly to the shared bedroom to grab one of his gloves. He figured that since you hugged his finger earlier, it should fit very loose but better than what you had around your body now. He tore off one of the fingers off the gloves, chuckling when he realized how strange this was to be doing.

    When he came back, he saw how you were pushing hard against the matchbox to open it, to slide out to the other side. He went to help you but hesitated as he felt you might become more irritated about being helpless at the moment. He knew you didn’t like feeling this way, ever since that time you sprained your ankle and snapped when he was elevating it after you struggled to do so.

    He sighed quietly, feeling horrible as you finally managed to open the matchbox, but he spoke up. “Here, this should fit you a bit better than that. I still need to cut some arm holes and the head out.” His voice was tired but kind.

    “Thank you.” You huffed out, grinning slightly. You were trying to stay happy, but the more you were in doll-size, the more scared you felt. You were trying to push yourself into figuring that you should see the happy things in this situation, because it’s not likely someone becomes doll sized.

    He used some scissors, precisely cutting in the holes for you and then helped shrug it over your head and shoulders.

    He paused before letting go of you and narrowed his eyes slightly. “I’m forgetting something.” He mumbled and you looked around the room, confused as well.

    “Yeah… I don’t remember.” You responded, pouting a bit.

    The two of you looked to each other and the first one to laugh was you. You started shaking your head and laughing quietly and Severus stared at you confused, started shaking his head, “What?” When you started to laugh more and gesture to yourself, he grinned.

    And then that grin turned to some small chuckling, and he pulled out a chair and sat and you two laughed a bit more.

    “I’m so stupid for making that wish!” You laughed out, continuing, “That was a really dumb thing to say too.” Snape agreed but he snorted and set his head in his propped hand.

    “Not all your fault.” He didn’t really say it was his fault, but he was still thinking it. “That potion was practically perfect – I mixed a few different ones together, took out the conflicting ingredients.” He explained, eyebrows raising as he remembered it all.

    “It must’ve been the smoke.” He added, gazing at you.

    “Why was it bottled in the first place?” Your question threw him in a loop. It was a complicated answer, and he still was confused as to why it only affected you.

    “Smoke is powerful in magic, it can strengthen a potion if needed, and applied in the direct way. The smoke from the potion was technically a few potions mixed together which can lead to a few different things, unfortunately. I measured each potion out appropriately and took out a few ingredients of course, to make sure it wouldn’t hurt the one affected in any sort of way. The affects wouldn’t be dangerous to you at all, but it can be odd. It might be the reason you’re still this size.” He paused and watched as you leaned against his other hand, resting on the table.

    You nodded for him to continue, “Again, smoke is powerful. I collected it in case the potion wasn’t strong enough or needed to continue with the recipe again. It isn’t meant to be played around with. I used a spell to get rid of the rest of the smoke in the room, and I’m still very muddled over why you were affected by it, but I wasn’t, when I was the one who had the most exposure to it.” He let out a long sigh at the end, tired of it all but he was still scared.

    You kissed part of his finger as a gesture you understood his feelings. “We’ll figure it out soon.” You spoke up and he nodded to you, hopeful that it will resolve. When you felt your stomach grumble, your eyes lit up back to him.

    “I remember what we forgot! It was dinner, or very late lunch!” You laughed and he let out a slight, “Oh,” back, chuckling with you. He gathered you into his hand and rolled his thumb over your stomach and furrowed his eyebrows, confused.

    “What’s wrong?” You questioned, but you didn’t push his touch away, feeling comforted by it.

    “We don’t have utensils small enough for tonight, unfortunately. But how do you feel about sandwiches?” He suggested, treading carefully over the utensils subject. He thought that you’d see it as a more permanent or at least longer time in the smaller size, if you two needed to go searching for such things like small utensils. He did, however, remember one of the nearby neighbors, who had a kid that loved playing pretend tea-parties, and he wondered if it would do some good if he visited them soon if you were still doll sized.

    “A mini sandwich sounds great,” You nodded back, pausing. “With homemade jam?” You finished and he cracked a bigger smile and nodded, agreeing with you.

    As he got up, you glanced back to your previous task. You groaned quietly to yourself, irritated at how difficult it was to light a match. You jumped as high as you could to tip into the box, with the unlit matches. You got a hold of one and threw the top half of it over, and then pushed the rest of the stick out.

    You looked to Severus, grinning when you saw him cutting a small piece of bread for you. He was so delicate with it; you felt the need to hug him so badly. He was being extra sweet throughout this ordeal, and you knew it was because he blamed himself for all of it. You also blamed yourself for it though, knowing it was you who gave him that stupid wish, but you were still trying to see the happier side of it.

    “Ouch!” You yelped out as you fell onto your ankle from jumping back onto the table. Severus instantly dropped the spreading knife onto the floor and rushed over to you, worried.

    “What happened?” He questioned, voice rushing out.

    “My ankle… It’s okay, I think.” You paused, responding to him but then you tried to stand up. Your ankle throbbed horribly, and you groaned in pain, “Stars, this hurts.” You swore as you tried to put a bit more pressure down on it as you stood. You tried to ignore it, but it just felt even worse as you tried to walk and Severus instantly picked you up, ignoring your yells.

    “Hey! Let me down, I’m okay!” You yelped out, making him scowl down at you.

    “You need to be careful.” He criticized, even tutting his tongue at you. You rolled your eyes but kept silent as the pain in your ankle worsened when you tried to roll it.

    “And I’ll light that candle. Are you still cold?” He brought you up to his face, looking at you worriedly. He was examining if you were hurt anywhere else. When he saw you weren’t, he felt relived and glanced over to the fridge, wondering if some ice would help your ankle.

    “Maybe a little bit.” You shrugged, pouting down at your ankle, seeing as it started to bruise already. You were sure that you didn’t break it, but it was extremely sore, and you couldn’t really move your foot much from side to side.

    He nodded and walked over with you in his hand still and lit the candle with ease making you frown. It was so hard to do for you, but you shook it off and spoke up, “Thank you.”

    He set you down close to the candle but hesitated before turning away. “Don’t do anything stupid.” He said nonchalantly and walked off, leaving you with your jaw dropped in amusement. You knew he meant it in all ways kindly and worriedly – but it was too funny and almost harsh in a way, if he meant it any way else.

    Dinner was strange. It felt like you were in a dream, sitting near the candle – which felt like a warm fire to you now. And you were sitting on the plate, instead of sitting on a chair with the plate in front of you. And the food in your hands looked so normal, but to Snape, it was so tiny. He was eating his own sandwich and he volunteered to sit on a plate too, to make things seem a little more normal, but you snorted and told him not to.

    “I was thinking maybe visiting Dylan and his family tomorrow morning.” He brought up, thinking back to the kid, Jamie, who loved to throw tea parties. He was wondering if he could possibly borrow a few of the clothes that Jamie showed him, used for her dolls – which now as he gazed down to you, he realized you and the dolls were the exact same height. It was ridiculous and it made him chuckle slightly.

    “Oh, that sounds lovely, I’d like to join you.” You responded, nodding to him. You haven’t really spoken much to them recently, but they were kind neighbors.

    “Yes, I think that would be best too if you’d come too. I was thinking,” He paused and cleared his throat, glancing away from you as he wondered if this idea was good or not.

    “That maybe Jamie can perhaps give us a few clothes for you to wear in this state.” He wasn’t too sure what to call you at the moment, because you were now like a doll. Maybe he could just say, “doll sized”, but even then, it was odd.

    You stared at him with a blank expression, making him slightly worried that he made you upset. He didn’t mean to say something that would hurt your feelings, and he didn’t intend to make it seem you’ll be stuck in this form for much longer either.

    And then you grinned, and he tilted his head, confused but intrigued to see what you’d do next. And you laughed! You laughed so hard you fell back onto the plate with a small “Ouch!” But you continued to laugh till your insides hurt and he cracked a small smile, holding back the relieved sigh.

    “That’s so funny – but wait, I don’t remember.” You laughed through your words, giggling as you continued, “Were the doll clothes cute? Or at least suitable for a normal and casual day? Or was it all frilly dresses with odd bits of plastic sticking out?” At that, he snickered and held his hand up to his mouth.

    “I recall one of the outfits was quite obnoxious. It was a bumble-bee themed outfit, but I’m sure Jamie would let you pick and choose.” He smiled at the memory when he saw that strange outfit. Jamie had told him that his coat would look better if it were yellow and black stripes, like the shirt and the shorts were.

    “No way,” You shook your head as you snorted. You finished the last bite of your sandwich and wiped the crumbs off your hands.

    He kept a small grin on his face as you sat, waiting for him to finish his sandwich as well. You didn’t question it, but it kept growing the longer you sat there until you couldn’t stand it. He didn’t just smile for nothing! “What?” You mumbled, playfully scrunching your eyes to him.

    “There’s something on your nose.” He shrugged back and then you instantly wiped your nose, but it made him let out a laugh, so you continued to rub your nose.

    “It’s still there.” He said and you pouted, not exactly believing him and continued to wipe your nose. Again, he shook his head but this time he reached over and gently wiped off whatever was on your nose. It was so strange, seeing his hand so close and huge. You remembered being able to grab onto either of his hands and giving them kisses throughout the day.

    And you still wanted to be able to do that, so you held onto his hand as well as you could and set a gentle kiss on top of one of his fingers, making him flush slightly.

    “I want to kiss you properly again.” You spoke up and then continued, “And I want to hold your hand properly, and hug you, and…” You trailed off when you saw his frown.

    “I want to do that too.” He whispered, laying his head down on his arms after pushing his plate aside. You climbed up onto one of his elbows and made your way over to his head and played with his hair softly.

    “We will do that again soon.” He swore and for a second, you felt yourself shiver from how serious he sounded now.

    You sat yourself down on his arm slowly and you two stayed there for a while longer, mostly staying silent. It was when he heard you yawn, that he decided to move. He slowly stretched his arms out, and collected you in his hands, shaped as a cup almost. You rested your back against his fingers and yawned again, closing your eyes this time.

    “Where would you like to sleep, dear?” He mumbled to you, glancing over to the candle and then he blew it out. The room darkened instantly, and your eyes adjusted slightly to gaze at his face again.

    “Do you think it’s okay if I sleep on the pillow next to you?” Your question made him smile, it was sweet. He walked into the room and carefully set you on the pillow where your spot usually was.

    “I’ll be careful. I don’t want to accidentally squish you tonight.” He joked slightly and you rolled your eyes but huffed out a small laugh.

    “Alright, thank you.” You replied, shaking your head at him. He went to go change his clothes as you started to make yourself more comfortable. You used the flap of the pillowcase as a light blanket over your body, and you smashed a small portion of your pillow to use for your head, and then rolled over.

    It was pretty comfortable and that was unexpected to you. You glanced over to the rest of the bed and a surreal feeling hit you hardly as your eyes slowly started to flutter close. Maybe you’ll wake up the next morning with your normal body resting on the bed, instead of the pillow.

    You sure hoped so.

    Severus wished you a goodnight and laid next to you with caution, gazing up at you during random times of the night. He didn’t want to stop looking at you, scared that something terrible might happen. It was his fault you were in this position now, and he felt so protective over what might happen to you, as this was an unexpected side effect of the potion and smoke he made.

    He could only remember one dream that night, after he woke up to the sun rise in the morning. You were still in bed, thankfully, which put him in less worry, but you were still in doll-size. He lifted the makeshift blanket you were using and looked at your ankle for a moment. It looked even worse today, bruised and swollen and he frowned.

    His dream made him question more things, even now in the early morning. His dreamlike form had created a potion just as he did, but the only difference was the words he said – and the times he would take small breaks for tea. The words were wishes to bring you back to normal, and his tea was mixed and spun with his spoon of a little bit of honey, thrown in with his words of intention.

    “May my wife live happily once again, in her own body and mind. Cast away the wish and bring forth the life she lived before.”

    Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think and reblogs are welcome!

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    She was a Stark of Winterfell through and through, and cold ran through her veins like hot water coursed through the walls of her ancestral home, but she couldn't deny that she was relieved to see the inn before her. Arya kicked aside a bit of snow from the door and pushed it open, and tapped her feet against the outer threshold. A few more taps and the caked snow shivered from her boots.

    For a moment, she was greeted with silence, until she spotted a woman pop up from behind the counter.

    "Ah...gotta say, I'm surprised to see a fresh new face 'round these parts, but I'm not rightly the type to turn away a payin' customer." The innkeeper smiled a mostly toothless grin, pushing a lustreless lock of brown-grey hair behind her ear. She had a weak whistle to her words as she spoke. "But I will say it's strange to see you here when grown men three times your size have a hard enough time navigatin' through these snows. How'd you manage, little girl?"

    "I'm not a little girl!" Arya protested, jutting her jaw. "I'm ten-and-three."

    That's woman enough, she thought...until the innkeep's nasally laugh pervaded her ears.

    "Ten-and-three and shorter than a stump." The old woman leaned her willowy frame to the side until she spotted Arya's legs dangling from her stool. Arya angled her feet until they hooked around the rear legs of her seat, and the sight made the innkeep chuckled again. "An ale's a copper if you're here for one. Keeps you out the snow for longer and warms your belly, too. Stay for too long, though, and my friend in the back'll talk your head off 'bout the latest gossip."

    Arya tossed a copper onto the table. The woman slid it to her person and in turn thrust a tankard into her hands, spilling foamy stains upon the table. She carefully brought it to her lips and took a sip, wishing she had a heel of warm and buttered black bread to accompany the bitter-sweet taste that filled her mouth.

    "And what is the latest gossip?" She found herself asking.

    "The only one worth talking about anymore," another woman chimed in from afar. Arya only saw a loose mess of unkempt black hair, shot through with silver. "The new King of the North."

    This was what she had hoped to hear. Leaning forward, Arya took another sip and listened.

    "Are all northerners so...intense, Leya?" The other woman questioned. "If a man can do that for his sister, imagine how he'd behave if his wife was in peril..." She shook her head. "Perhaps I should have wed a northerner after all!"

    "Hah! My brother says the King Jon is not one to trifle with. He's young, but he's as hard as the Kings of Winter before him."

    King Jon.

    King Jon.

    King Jon.

    Her mind whirled as her heart seemed to stop for a moment. No, that can't be. He died in Castle Black, his own men killed him. It was all they could talk about in the taverns and brothels of Ragman's Harbor.

    His name repeated in her head, even as she spoke it aloud. "Jon?" She asked, hope filling her until her heartbeat half-thundered in her ears. She felt the hole in her heart shift until it closed just a little. "Jon Snow?"

    "Mind your tongue, girl! He's King Jon Stark now." The old innkeep grabbed a mug, spat into it, and wiped it out with a cloth until the glass was clear. Arya looked at her mug of beer and screwed up her face. She set it back down and pushed it aside a little. Her fingers nervously drummed upon the table as she listened, chewing her lip, tearing loose skin away. "But yes, that's the one. Was made such by the King Robb's decree, gods rest him."

    "What did he do?"

    The woman from the back was beside the innkeep now, warts pimpling her slender face. Her blue eyes ringed with brown fell on Arya.

    "It's all hearsay, but...they're saying the king was so wroth with his sister being wed that he marched down from the Wall with a bunch of wildlings, and when he found out she wasn't there he savagely beat Lord Ramsay to death with his bare hands! Had that great big wolf o' his tear his ugly head clean off!" She made a fist and mimicked tearing something apart, then leaned in close to Arya. "The Bolton boy and his father's heads are on display in front of the gates. If you're heading up that way for shelter, young one, you might see them. Be sure to shield your eyes."

    The innkeeper nodded at that. "It isn't hearsay, it happened. My brother's a guard up at the castle, he saw it his very self." She inspected the glass and set it aside to dry. "A welcome home gift for the Princess Arya, so he said it were."

    Arya looked down, staring intently at the grooves and swirls in the plain wooden table as she thought. She froze. For me? Technically she was a princess, she supposed. But would Jon do that?

    Of course he would, a more confident whisper told her. He will always want you, even if no one else does.

    "Should she ever come home," the other chimed in. "How did the Boltons get away with passing a fake off as real?" She shook her head. "There's a storm coming from the east, in the direction of the castle. Some say the old gods are as angry about the false girl as the new king."

    "Some said that King Jon hisself caused the blizzard. Now that's hearsay. Men don't change the weather, hadn't anyone ever told you that?" The innkeeper turned, raising an empty tankard. "You want another ale, girl? It'll be another copp—"

    But all Arya left behind to mark her presence was a barely touched mug of ale and a gust of snowy wind.

    #thank you so much for one hundred followers! #arya stark#fanfiction
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    Originally written May 2022

    Ship(s): Lord Diavolo X MC

    (genderless MC)

    (not requested)

    Trigger/content warnings: none!

    Headcanons/notes from the author: the dress Lord Diavolo is using for his drag look is 100% made to look like the one in the sticker. This is written with MC not specified as queer or cishet. The dateables are all canonically queer since MC is gender neutral in game (and frankly they’re all queer coded anyways) so if you’re not a queer reader it can be read as taking the character to pride as an ally❤️

    Brief Blurb: MC takes Lord Diavolo to a human world pride event.

    You couldn’t help the smile that graced your lips as Diavolo spun in his dress for the umpteenth time since you both arrived at pride with the others. “_____! Isn’t it beautiful? Asmodeus made my wig stay on so nicely, too! I could spin forever!” You tried to contain your giggles. Despite pride events being in place in the Devildom, you suggested coming to the human world instead so he could enjoy himself more. This was infinitely better than it would have been. “I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am!”

    Softly grabbing his hands, you told him, “Dia, you’re going to hit other pedestrians with your arms if you keep flailing like that.” His face flushed red, making the blush Asmo put on his face only darker. “If you want to spin around, we should find somewhere less dangerous.”

    “Okay!” he exclaimed, happily squeezing your hands. “Oooh! First we should go find some treats!”

    Gently releasing one of his hands, you began to lead him through the crowd. “Do you have something in mind?”

    Diavolo thought deeply for a moment. “I believe something cold would be good, yes?”

    “I mean, yes, but I’m unsure which cold thing you’d like, my love.”

    He could feel his heart swelling at the pet name. Excitedly, Diavolo told you, “Whatever we can find is alright!”

    The two of you ended up at a small ice cream truck in the food section of the festival, and you were trying to find something that wouldn’t give him a stomachache. “How about the popsicles? Would you want one of those?”

    His eyes lit up, and he nodded rapidly. “Yes!” You chuckled and ordered for the both of you, keeping a strong grasp on Diavolo’s hand to keep him from wandering off. Once you retrieved the food, you pulled him aside and opened the popsicle for him, then carefully handed it over. He couldn’t contain his giddy laughter as he watched you open your own cold treat. Once you threw away the wrappers, he grabbed your spare hand and began to eat his popsicle. “Oh! This is so good, _____!”

    You chuckled and pulled him along. “Be careful of the melting.”

    “I am!” He laughed, staying close to you as you led him to a grassy spot. “I believe Barbatos packed a hand towel in my purse.” You helped him sit down on the grass, then watched him take his hand away from you and pull out the towel he mentioned before putting it on his lap. “There, now Levi and Barbatos’ work won’t be messed up.”

    You chuckled and pushed some of the wig’s bangs out of his face. “You are so adorable.”

    The comment caught him off guard, and he blushed as he sucked on the popsicle. “Mm…” He brought his mouth off with a pop. “It’s nice to have you express your love without any worrying about my image.”

    “That’s why I thought you would like going to a human world event instead.”

    “It’s much livelier,” he stated with a smile, then licked some of the melting treat off of the bottom. “No one knows me here, and people have been complimenting my drag look because they sincerely like it, not just because I’m the crown prince.” He finished his popsicle and hummed to himself as he fiddled with the stick it was on.

    You chuckled and continued eating while you admired the prince. Diavolo couldn’t stop grinning, and the delight he was expelling made your heart warm. This was one of the few days outside the confines of the castle that you had seen him so carefree. You finished your treat and scooted closer to him, then kissed his cheek. “You’re absolutely stunning, Dia.”

    A loud, joyous giggle escaped him, and he gently kissed you on the lips. “Not as stunning as you.”

    #lord diavolo#mc #mc x lord diavolo #lord diavolo x mc #diavolo x mc #mc x diavolo #gn mc #obey me! one master to rule them all #obey me! shall we date? #obey me! #om#fanfiction#darlingficsbycinna#iwannawritelots
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    Grey’s Pack: More Common

    Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy Summary: A lot of things are more common that people tend to think they are. Including falling in love with your ex's best friend, as Callie quickly finds out. Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, mentions of injuries/broken bones, mentions of surgery Word Count: 2,363 Ship(s): Callie Torres/Izzie Stevens

    Archive link!

    Callie stopped when she had finally gotten over to Bailey, who was giving out the instructions that her residents needed to be able to complete their tasks throughout the day. "Hey, I need someone on my service for the day to help out on a case," she said as she peaked over the betas shoulder.

    Upon hearing the request, George grabbed his couple of charts for his patients off of the desk and walked off down the hall. The morning sickness he had was almost completely gone, but the sounds of bones crunching still made him sick to his stomach and the pregnancy prevented him from being able to handle that like he normally would. 

    The chief resident turned and looked over the remaining residents, none of whom were chomping at the bit to be able to go and work with broken bones. "Stevens, you go," she pointed to the blond and then to the alpha behind her. She then picked up her own charts before she went down the hall.

    "Me?" Izzie called after her as she turned to face the beta as she walked away. "A-are you really-? Me? With her?"

    Callie raised a brow and felt her heart sink into her stomach a little bit. "Is there a problem with you being on my service, Stevens?"

    The omega whirled around again. Her cheeks were an adorable, perfect rosey color. She smiled and then cleared her throat as she tried to make herself look more professional. She couldn't keep her eyes in one place for long. "No, no, there's no problem with it!"

    The alpha looked her up and down, letting the dread and nervousness that she had been feeling lighten up a little bit. She motioned for the omega to follow her down the hallway so that they could get to their patient. Izzie took a moment, glancing around to see if anyone would come with her to stop her from embarrassing herself. No one was going to come to her aid, so she just headed down the hall to her doom.

    "Alright, Dr. Stevens," Callie said as she walked into the room with the patient. "This is Mr. Browne. He has a fracture in each of his legs that need to be repaired surgically." The alpha then brought out the x-rays from the pack that was resting underneath the chart on the table at the end of the patient's bed. She showed the other doctor where the breaks were and explained to both her and the patient what they were going to be doing. The patient stayed fairly quiet the entire time, though both residents were able to pick up on the shameful scent that was leaking out despite the beta's attempts to keep it under wraps.

    The alpha sighed when she finally finished. "So I want you to get him prepared for his surgery in the next hour. I don't want to lose our OR to cardio again," she gave the omega a small smile.

    "Don't worry, I won't let anyone steal it from you," Izzie blurted before her cheeks turned bright red. "I mean, um, yeah," she ducked her head out into the hallway but unfortunately the universe didn't seem keen on giving her a break any time soon as Callie tried to leave at the same time.

    "Sorry, sorry," the alpha mumbled as she reached out and placed her hands on the omega's arms to hold her steady for a moment before she moved her back into the room and then darted out.

    Izzie stood there, looking after the older doctor while feeling her heart race in her chest. She swore internally as her eyes shut for a moment as she berated herself for acting so stupid again. She had been able to keep her cool for so long, but then George got pregnant and her hormones went into overdrive to try and force her to act on her feelings for the alpha. She was the only unmated omega in the pack. She forced a smile onto her face as she turned around to help the patient get ready for his surgery.


    They were basically alone in the OR since an emergency had come in so they only had the essential staff. Izzie leaned over the leg that she was closing up after Callie had placed the rods and fixed the bone so it was back where it was supposed to be. She watched the alpha carefully, though her eyes were up on the carefully placed eyeshadow and eyeliner that the alpha was wearing. She was only able to see a little bit of the alpha's face since she was completely scrubbed in. Callie had a mask and scrub cap on, as was procedure, but she also had a pair of safety goggles over her eyes since she was working with bones that could shoot up into her face.

    She was so expressive while she worked. When she had finally finished getting something done and knew that she had chosen the right course of action, her brows raised up and her eyes sparkled with delight. When she was focusing her brows would furrow and knit together in such a way that made the omega long to kiss away her stress and worry. Despite their young age, she had small crows feet pulling at the edges of her eyes from the times that she had spent laughing and smiling.


    Her heart jumped up into her throat as she realized that she had been caught. She turned her attention back to the work that she was supposed to be doing.

    "Everything alright with those sutures?" Callie asked, glancing over at the other woman again.

    "Yeah, yup, everything is fine," she chirped as she finished her work. She did everything as quickly as she could to be able to get out of the OR. She didn't want to make a fool of herself for the millionth time today because her stupid hormones were urging her to let the feelings she had tried to bury down forever ago come to fruition. She finished up and then stripped her gloves off while walking out of the OR to the scrub room.

    Callie let her eyes wander off of the work that she was doing to follow the younger resident as she walked fully out of the room. "Finish up for me, will you?" she asked the intern that had been watching from a few feet away. The only thing left was sutures anyway, which was something that they were supposed to be proficient in doing. She also trusted her scrub nurse to be able to stop the intern if things went wrong. "I'll be just outside," she informed the beta before she hurried after the omega.

    The aforementioned blond was removing her scrub cap and shoving it into the bin that would be taken down to laundry. "Stevens," Callie said a little too loud.

    "Oh, God," she jumped and placed a hand over her heart. "S-sorry, Cal-Dr. Torres, I didn't see you there."

    "Do I make you uncomfortable?" she blurted out. When she had followed after the omega she didn't really have an idea of what she was going to say, so she was flying by the seat of her pants.

    "I'm sorry?" Izzie asked, shifting so that she was completely facing the omega.

    "Do… Do I make you feel uncomfortable?" she repeated, her heart beating up in her throat.

    The omega blinked at her a few times. "No, of course not! What made you think that?"

    "Well, you always act around me versus the way that you act around pretty much everyone else in this hospital makes me think otherwise," she folded her arms over her chest defensively.

    Izzie paused for a moment. She opened and closed her mouth a few times before she cleared her throat. Her eyes flicked down to the floor and stuck there as her cheeks began to light up a brilliant red color. "Well, um, there's… So an omega in my pack is pregnant, and, um," she paused. "My instincts are telling me that I need to get together with you since someone in my pack is expecting a baby and my biological clock is ticking."

    "Oh," Callie said. She felt a blush begin to move up to her cheeks and ears. "So you are uncomfortable around me because your instincts are latching onto the most available and compatible mate."

    She winced and reached forward so that she had grabbed the alpha's hand. "Not exactly," she took a careful step forward as she spoke. "I already liked you before George got pregnant. My instincts are just trying to make me get together with you because you're biologically compatible with me and I already liked you. I know that this is probably going to make a lot of things between us really awkward since we still have to work together and I've been making a fool out of myself for months now-"

    Callie cut her off from talking by pressing her lips to the omega's. All of the muscles in Izzie’s body went completely rigid for a split second before she melted into the kiss. The alpha wrapped her arms tighter around her waist to bring them together so that they were entirely pressed against the each other. The omega reached up and wrapped her arms around Callie's neck and shoulders. 

    They had to break apart so that they were able to breathe. They pressed their foreheads together and the omega felt a dopey smile fall over her lips. "What was that for?" she asked softly.

    "That was my way of telling you that I like you back," Callie replied sheepishly. "I like you a lot. You're really cute, and funny, and you're the most compassionate person that I've ever seen in this hospital. You make the patients you treat feel so at ease and comforted, and that makes me completely wild about you."

    Izzie giggled. "You're not so bad yourself. You're a total badass and you come at the problems you're faced with like it's the most natural thing in the world. I could never be as amazing a surgeon as you. That and my instincts really like the idea that you could provide for me and any pups we would have," she flushed again. "I should know when to stop talking."

    "No, you should keep talking. I know you like to plan out your future and think about things that might happen. So if you wanna do that, then do it," Callie grinned. Her face then dropped, "Wait, I can't court you. I already courted George and now he's together with Alex…"

    Izzie shook her head. "You can still court me if you want. Alex and I were kind of together for a little while before he mated George, so it's not really a big deal if you want to try and date me after dating him. Meredith doesn't have a problem with that kind of thing."

    "Understood, given the state of her own mates and their history," she laughed a little bit. Callie leaned forward and captured her lips in another kiss.


    The duo finished up their patient and got an intern they knew they could trust on his post-op while they moved on to a few of their other patients. They were able to meet back up to talk about their relationship and decide the kind of things that they wanted to do with the blossoming love between the two. They agreed that they would tell her pack that they were interested in pursuing a relationship before they went on any dates to prevent any issues with the pack dynamic.

    "I was going to go and check on Mr. Browne if you'd like to come," Callie said as she peeked over the omega's shoulder to see what she was working on.

    "I'd like that. I want to see if he's doing okay," she nodded. She got up and stuck her pen back into her pocket as she stuck the chart under her arm. She gave the alpha a small peck on the lips before she walked out of the resident lounge and towards the direction of the room where Mr. Browne was recovering.

    Callie stood there for a moment, reeling about the fact that such an adorable omega was paying such intimate attention to her. She then blinked and rushed after the blond to be able to enter the room at the same time. The alpha cleared her throat as she walked in. She opened up the chart and looked it over to see if there were any notes from the nurses or the intern that she would need to know. "How are you feeling, Mr. Browne?"

    "Alright, I suppose," he shrugged a bit. "How did the surgery go, Doc? I know the other one said that everything went well but he didn't seem to know much."

    She chuckled. "Give him a break, he's new and we didn't really leave him with a lot of information to give you. The surgery went really well. We were able to correct the breaks."

    Izzie stepped up to give the alpha the chance to really look over the chart. "You might be in pain for a little while because of the pins that we had to put in the right leg, but you can just tell the nurses and they should get you something for it. The physical therapist should also be up to see you once Dr. Torres gives you the all clear."

    "Oh, great," the patient grumbled as he shifted in the bed. "Another person that gets to see all my shame. This has to be the stupidest injury that you've seen all week. I mean, how often does someone break both of their legs at the same time?"

    Callie looked up and smiled comfortingly at him. "I see multiple breaks from the same accident more often than you would think."

    The omega nodded, and was unable to stop the smile from creeping up onto her face. "There are a lot of things that happen that are more common than you'd think."

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    Dimension Crisis Characters Photos

    Main Antagonist

    Alliance of Evils Members


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    sweetheart but you’re about to tell me that i can’t do something in a condescending way and i’m gonna try to prove you wrong and we’ll end up panting chest to chest

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    The Baby Diaries ➳ Nikki Sixx

    ➳ welcome to my little headcanon series; The Baby Diaries. here is where I'll create headcanons for pregnancy/delivery/raising kids featuring some of the people i write about. if you have any ideas you want to see in this series as headcanons, send me an ask! i'd love to incorporate your ideas into it! :) until then, have fun reading & i hope you enjoy! I'm so excited 💗

    ➳ shout out to @ali-r3n for this one 💗💗💗💗

    ➳ || Baby Diaries [band members] masterlist || main masterlist || who I write for || all prompts ||

    ➳ First Appointment

    ✧─── · 。゚★: *.✦ .* :★. ───✧

    ➳ Nikki’s hand remained wrapped through yours as he stood in front of you. Nestled in between your parted legs, you could feel the intermediate squeezes he offered your fingers as he leaned forward and brushed his lips across yours. This date had been marked on the calendar and Nikki wasn’t emotionally prepared to see it. When you dropped the bombshell on him a few weeks ago that you were indeed pregnant, he was over the moon. Being a father was something he had been dreaming of and now at this point in his life, he needed it. You offered him a gentle smile as you hummed against his mouth, your forehead leaning against his shoulder. “You okay?” You asked him quietly, reaching up to stroke your fingers through his hair. Nikki looked at you, green eyes catching the flicker in yours. “Of course, baby,” He responded, holding your chin. Your lips curved into a grin as you felt his hand drop to rest on your belly. “I’m a little nervous,” He admitted, biting his lip. You chuckled, shaking your head. “Trust me, I am, too,” You answered. 

    ➳ Dr. Howard made her way into the room, greeting you both with tender smiles. “Mr. and Mrs. Sixx… What a pleasure to meet you both,” She grinned. You and Nikki beamed as he reappeared beside your shoulder. A brief history was given of both of your families before she was asking you to lift your shirt. Nikki watched with curious eyes as the jelly was squeezed in a circular pattern over your belly. You jumped at the sudden rush of cold, Dr. Howard laughing. He broke out into a smile, his lips pressing against your temple as you sighed, your body relaxing against the somewhat comfortable padded table. “Let’s see what we’ve got here. From the looks of this, you’re about ten weeks,” She informed you. Nikki’s eyes brightened, remembering what you had told him, that the baby is due on his birthday. He still found that awfully crazy to believe. 

    ➳ “Ready to see your baby?” She asked. You each nodded your head and you could feel Nikki tighten his hand through yours. You gave him a reassuring squeeze as you watched the screen come to life. A fuzzy image turned clear and displayed the baby. Your smile was outstretched as Dr. Howard began pointing out different things on the screen. Nikki’s green orbs were glazing over. He was hardly a man that cried, a fact you knew from very early on in dating him. After all, this man didn’t even cry during your wedding. But when you broke the news you were pregnant, he cried. Since then, he hadn’t cried again… Until today. You looked over and saw as Nikki’s eyes were glistening. “Baby, are you crying?” You asked him, holding his cheek. Immediately, the bassist debunked the theory. “No, I just have something in my eye,” He said, reaching up to wipe his eyes. You giggled, rolling your eyes as you looked back at the screen. 

    ➳ However that all changed drastically when Dr. Howard revealed the baby’s heartbeat. “Now, get a listen at this,” She said with excitement. The room turned silent before it was overwhelmed with a whooshing sound, unlike anything you had ever heard before. It was strong and beautiful, and it was all it took to have Nikki Sixx crumbling. He couldn’t help it at that point. His eyes gave him away as saltwater tears began to cascade down his cheeks without his permission. You looked over, your own tears bubbling as Nikki looked up at him. “That’s our baby, Nikki,” You told him, your voice cracking. Nikki nodded his head, his tears streaming and coating his cheeks. He squeezed your hands and Dr. Howard was overjoyed to see the interaction between you two. Giving you both a moment to let the heartbeat continuously flood the room, Nikki’s head dropped to your shoulder as another cry wracked his frame. You curled your hands around the back of his neck, your mouth pressing a kiss to his head. The doctor printed off the pictures and soon sent the two of you on your way.

    ➳ Nikki couldn’t stop looking at the pictures. His entire body was overcome with emotion, his heart beating faster behind his ribcage as he held your hand tightly from the driver’s side of the car. “Can you believe this, baby?” He asked, staring up at you, then slowly trailed his gaze down to your belly. “We’re actually going to become parents,” He laughed. You nodded your head, tears continuing to build. “It’s so crazy,” You said, wiping at your eyes. Nikki wounded his hand around the back of your head before he pulled you in close, kissing you hard. You lost all the breath in your lungs, your hands flying up to land on his cheeks to hold him in place. Your tears mixed together as laughter consumed both of you. “And I thought Nikki “look how punk I am” Sixx never cried?” You giggled at him, forever etching the view of him sobbing in the room to memory. Nikki rolled his eyes, kissing your tears away. “That was before Nikki “look how punk I am” Sixx’s wife got pregnant and decided to gift him with becoming a father,,” He whispered through a laugh that swelled your heart.









    @peaches1958 @midsummereve1993


    #nikki sixx #nikki sixx smut #nikki sixx fanfic #nikki sixx fanfiction #nikki sixx x reader #the dirt nikki sixx #nikki sixx the dirt #douglas booth #douglas booth fanfic #douglas booth nikki sixx #motley crue #motley crue fanfic #motley crue fanfiction #the dirt #the dirt fanfic #youlightmeupfinn#smut#fluff #nikki sixx fic #nikki sixx imagine #nikki sixx oneshot #douglas booth fic #the dirt imagine #the dirt movie #douglas booth the dirt #band imagines #the dirt netflix
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    Cats of the Shining Sun: Xibo

    Name: Xibo

    Meaning: "Boar" or "Powerful"

    Identity: Cisgender Molly - She/Her

    Orientation: Heterosexual

    Rank: Enforcer Captain

    Homelands: The Shining Sun

    Current Lands: The Shining Sun

    A short furred, muscular brown tabby molly with a white underbelly and yellow eyes. Xibo’s cat is actually somewhat course and thick preventing most claws from penetrating.

    Xibo is a hardworking and intense cat who’s very proud of her job and her position. Xibo’s held the rank of Captain for four seasons and has worked hard to show everyone that she takes the position seriously. She attends to everyone who asks for her help- be that they need her personal help or she needs to assign someone to them -she’s always willing to be of assistance.

    Parents: Asakika (dame/deceased), Akini (sire/deceased)

    Sibling(s): Arasi (brother), Toro (sister)

    Mate(s): N/A

    Kit(s): N/A

    #xibo#warrior cats#fanfiction#erin hunter#fanfic #warrior cats fanfic #erin hunter warriors #the shining sun kingdom #the shining sun #the sky kingdom #guardians#enforcers#captains
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    N4 Bumizumi? (im definitely not flame)

    Using this as a gift for @bumizumii. Happy birthday, my friend. This fic isn't even a tenth as good as you deserve, but I wanted to do at least something for you. (And I have on idea if I got Mizuki right, but I tried.)

    I just hope you enjoy it.


    Modern AU Bingo N4 - Celebrity

    One more wave, one more bow, and a little wink to the cameras - damn those paparazzi and their annoying flash, always blinding him - and he finally, finally ducks back through the door. Bumi falls back against the wall with a deep sigh as soon as the door latch closes. He slides down to the floor, rests his face on his knees.

    This, he thinks, is too much.

    (He’s too old for this, now. Far too old.

    And it’s not like he’s a hero, not really. He hadn’t done anything special. Just…the right thing. That’s all.)

    At least now, he’s home. Finally…home.)


    His daughter’s - son’s, he corrects himself; still a little new, still adjusting, but he’s getting there - voice echoes through the hall, and he smiles through the exhaustion. Oh, how he’d missed that voice.

    “Over here,” he calls weakly. The thud of Mizuki’s boots echoes down the hallway, and he glances up to see his son scowling down at him, arms crossed over his chest.

    “Look at you,” he says,” a washed up old sailor. What would the world think of you?”

    “That I need to see your mother and give her a big kiss,” he retorts as he slowly gets back up to his feet.

    Mizuki stares at him for a long, silent moment, scowling - then chuckles, shakes his head.” Nice to see you, too, dad.”

    “Love you,” Bumi winked. Mizuki pretends to retch for a moment - Bumi just shakes his head at his antics and wraps his arm around his son, letting Mizuki guide him down the halls of the palace. It’s only been three months since Kuvira attacked Republic City, but it might as well have been a lifetime.

    Interview after interview, press conference after press conference, news reports and criticisms and promotions and ceremonies and…and he was just done. Worn out. Tired. Exhausted. He was almost sixty-five, now - he just didn’t have the energy he had as a kid. It was time for him to slow down. Stay home. Annoy his sons with bad jokes and funny stories. (And probably get thrown in one of the ponds in the gardens by said sons. Again.

    Ah, well. It was better than whatever PR mover nonsense Varrick would have wanted him to do.)

    “Go, get out of here. Be gross with mom,” Mizuki says, punching his shoulder.” I’m going to go punch something.”

    Bumi rolls his eyes, and silently opens the door to Izumi’s suite. He pokes his head through, looks around - good. She hasn’t seen him; she’s still lounging on a couch by the balcony - he can see her, her crown cast off to the side, a book in her hand. He smirks as he slips inside, silently closes the door behind him.

    (He might be exhausted, but he wouldn’t be Bumi if he didn’t mess with her at least a little bit.)

    He tiptoes up behind her, almost slipping on a folded rug - and just before he can put his hands over her eyes, she speaks.

    “I can hear you, you know.” Bumi can hear the smile in her voice.

    He groans, throws his hands down.” You didn’t let me finish!”

    Izumi chuckles - a light, rich sound that makes his heart flip - and snaps her book shut. She smoothly stands up from the couch, walks around to take him in her arms. He buries his nose in her hair, kisses her forehead.

    Damn it, he’d missed her so much.

    “Missed you,” Izumi mumbles into his shoulder.

    “Missed you, too,” he says. He pulls away, gives her a light kiss, and tugs her back in again. Izumi is warm and safe and…everything, right now.

    Being a war hero was not the kind of fame for him. Too much…well, everything, really. He could never put up with it for long. Spirits, that’s why he’d retired in the first place.

    (Prince-Consort of the Fire Nation, though…well. He could survive that, for as long as Izumi would have him.)

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    Over 8,000 words later and here you go. 

    Don’t mind me, I’m just hopping onto the ‘Inspired by Religious Duty’  trainwreck with a fic that has nothing to do with the founders, except Monroe, at all.

    #oh it sucks #fic#fanficton#fanfiction #my sucky fanfiction
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    "Orisa's too mean in Overwatch 2!!"

    you're mad because they gave her character development huh

    #orisa#overwatch 2#overwatch #I think it makes sense that the police robot with a giant gun on her arm wouldn't stay bubbly and naive for long #I'm a big fan of this direction they're taking her character #if they don't justify the shift in demeanor in OW2 proper you bet your ASS I'll be on top of writing fanfiction for it #and besides; many things about her interactions in OW2 make it apparent that she's still Orisa #she's still got hero worship; she still wants to make efi proud; she DEFINITELY wants to keep Numbani safe #she's just more mature about it now. character development babey!! #I also think it's a little sus when grown men complain that she's no longer 'cutesy' and 'innocent'. doesn't come off the right way.
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    (She writes good 😍😍)

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    𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: 𝐁𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧 𝐞𝐱 𝐚𝐯𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐊𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐮 -𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐓𝐚𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐭'𝐬 𝐚𝐯𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐫- 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐜𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐉𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐋𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐥𝐞𝐲. 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐡𝐢𝐦 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐱𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬. 𝐁𝐮𝐭, 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐮𝐧𝐫𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐉𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐨𝐞𝐬𝐧'𝐭 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞, 𝐡𝐞 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮. 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐛𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐮𝐧𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐠𝐨𝐝.





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    Note: I had to make another one because it wouldn't let me edit the previous one.

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    oh my god i finally updated Trouble Is My Middle Name

    #sanders sides#fanfiction#fanfic#writing #WOW ok it has been a few months since i've done anything with this fic #speaking of fics i haven't touched in a while i should probably get back to updating lost city huh
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    My Light in a Dark Place — Thirteen (Tamaki Amajiki x OFC)


    A/N: The rest of this story is practically written (I'm finishing up the last part), so I'm hoping that I can post the parts on a better schedule, but we'll see. This part is pretty tame compared to what is coming next chapter. Be ready.

    Chapter Warnings: a cuss word or two; the implication of Seto being a douche of a person even though he doesn't star in this part

    Words: 3.4k

    Let me know if you want to be tagged in future parts!

    “Uraraka wants to know if you want to go out with her and some of our old classmates tonight,” Kirishima tells Yuki a couple of days after the anonymous messages started. “She says it’s a girls’ night. She also says she’s been trying to ask you the last two days but hasn’t heard back from you.”

    Ever since the first text from the unknown number, more and more have come in under different numbers, so Yuki refuses to carry her phone on her. She leaves it with which ever hero she’s around because she can’t bear to see what they say about her. Every text goes to Fat Gum, too, hoping to get a lead on Seto’s whereabouts. Something has yet to come out of it.

    Yuki looks at Kirishima from his kitchen where she and Tamaki are working together to make Sunday lunch. “Will it be safe?”

    “You’ll be with some of the strongest Pro Heroes of our generation,” Tamaki says. “One of us can also stay close by if that will make you feel safer.”

    “Of course, that’ll make me feel safer.”

    “We won’t interrupt girls’ night either,” Kirishima adds. “You’ll just have a guardian angel or two ready to join a fight if there is one.”

    Tamaki nods. “And we can ask one of our female friends to escort you around if you ever need to go somewhere alone… like… like to the bathroom.”

    Kirishima points at Tamaki. “You better not be thinking of Yuki going to the bathroom.”

    The manifest hero turns red and actually exclaims to the redhead that he isn’t. It causes Yuki to chuckle and rub his back when he turns back around to focus on cooking.

    “If we can make it work, I’ll go.”

    “I’ll let her know the situation. She’ll be happy to hang out with you, though. Izuku’s been talking about how much she wants to see you.”

    “I don’t think we’ve seen each other since the wedding. It’ll be good to get together with some women for once..”

    Kirishima snickers. “Yeah. You spend too much time around men.”

    “Two men, for your information.”

    “You like it.”

    “I never said I didn’t,” she teases back. “I like both of you very much.”

    “Uh-huh. But we all know you have a favorite.”

    A blush appears on both Yuki’s and Tamaki’s face.

    Even though they haven’t talked about making whatever is going on between them official, Tamaki has asked her out for lunches and dinners over the course of the last couple of days. He’s always sweet about it and asks in cute ways, too. The night before, he quietly asked if he could make dinner for her while giving her a small sunflower. He later admitted that it was damaged during delivery and had a broken stem he cut before giving it to her. Tamaki also apologized for it because he didn't want to give her something that was going to be thrown away, but Yuki wrapped him in her arms and told him it’ll look much prettier on her windowsill than as compost. The quick kiss she left on his cheek made him feel much better about it and extremely flustered.

    “That… That doesn’t matter,” Yuki says, going back to taking care of lunch. “I like you both.”

    Kirishima chuckles. “It’s okay to admit it, Yuki. I hear about every one of those dates you go on.”

    Tamaki turns his head to look at Kirishima with wide eyes, “E-Eijiro!”

    That makes Yuki stifle a laugh behind her hand as she watches Tamaki turn bright red. “I tell him about them, too, Tama,” she says.

    “Yeah. I hear what happens from both sides,” Kirishima grins. “Do you guys know how cute you are? To think you’re still not officially a couple yet. But I get it. You want to be absolutely sure it’s the right move.”

    Yuki looks at Tamaki right as his eyes shift to take her in. The thing is, I am sure I want to be with Tama. I almost made a huge mistake, so I don’t want to second guess myself. I don’t want to lose him. Her lips curl up some before she finishes making her side of lunch.

    Little does Yuki know, Tamaki is just as sure that he wants to be with her. The only thing stopping him is his anxiety and that small fear that she will say no despite agreeing to go on several dates with him so far. The doubt he might have had a week ago isn’t hanging over him anymore, but he still finds himself in awe of someone like Yuki having feelings for him.

    He watches her reach up and take out plates from Kirishima’s kitchen cabinets, placing each plate out on the counter. Her smile when she asks for his finished part of the meal, puts his heart and lungs on pause as he hands it over, studying the care in which she portions out their food onto each plate. Every move she makes somehow shows her—dare he say—love for him and Kirishima, the smile and soft glow of her skin revealing how deep her emotions run. How did he ever get so lucky to find someone like Yuki to be in his life?

    A little laugh comes out of Kirishima's mouth watching Tamaki stare at Yuki, literal sparkles in his eyes. He never doubted Tamaki's feelings for Yuki, but he's always amazed by how it shows on his face. And this level of adoration for her is so different from before. Kirishima is sure this is the sort of scene he'll see a lot of when they finally make their relationship official. They’re sweet as a couple of friends navigating something new and exciting, something potentially lasting if they take the next step together.

    "I feel like I should leave," Kirishima jokes, "and it's my house!"

    "You have all the freedom in the world to pick which room you want to hide out in then," Yuki says, smirking at him as she grabs utensils for them.

    "So quick to shun me away to be alone with the man of your dreams!"

    While Yuki laughs and teases Kirishima for his dramatics, Tamaki feels his heartbeat speed up and his palms getting a little sweaty. Him the man of Yuki's dreams? Surely, her perfect man is braver… more like Mirio. Or maybe more like Kirishima. There’s no way that he is everything Yuki wants in a significant other. 

    Everything comes to a halt when she looks over her shoulder at him. It’s almost like slow-motion for him. Her skin is glowing and her pretty eyes are alight with mirth. Ever so slowly, her lips curve upward more and she tucks part of her platinum hair behind one ear. 

    Tamaki may not believe he’s what Yuki truly wants in a man, but he’s absolutely positive Yuki is the woman for him. He’s never felt more sure about a person in his entire life and to think she was always so close. But they didn’t meet until Kirishima recommended her flowers for his two best friends. Tonight. After she spends time with her friends, he’ll make it official. He has to before she slips out of his hands again. No more missed opportunities.

    “Here,” Yuki says, taking his attention from his thoughts as she hands over his plate of food. “It looks so good.”

    Kirishima walks over and takes his plate. “Thanks, guys. I can’t wait to eat it all.”

    “Do you want to eat at the table or should we put a movie on while we eat?” Yuki takes a bite of food and hums in delight. “So good!”

    Tamaki smiles at her, noting that she ate what he made first.

    “What time do you need to get back to your place to get ready for this evening?”

    Yuki looks down at her short-sleeved dress that matches the lavender color of her eyes. “Do you think this is okay to get drinks in?”

    “I mean, you’re not there to attract anyone, so it’s probably fine. You look cute.” Kirishima shovels some food into his mouth. “But you don’t want to put any makeup on or put your hair up?”

    “Not really.” She smiles at Tamaki, who mirrors her joy in his softening features as he takes a bite of his food. “Someone told me I’m pretty without all that.”

    “You are,” Kirishima agrees.

    Tamaki nods, cheeks turning pink at the reminder of what he said when they went on their first date. He thinks she’s prettiest when she first wakes up in the morning, stretching out her lithe body, sending him a sweet smile and curling back up against his side. The realization that he won’t get to see that when they catch Seto unless he steps up and asks her to be his girlfriend is something he doesn’t want to think about. Especially if he intends to get some courage to make their relationship official. He won’t be without that sweet morning image as long as she wants to be with him, too.

    Kirishima drops his fork on his now empty plate and sighs. “That was delicious. Once you guys are done, leave the dishes and I’ll take care of them since you put lunch together.”

    “I don’t mind taking care of your dishes, Kiri.”

    “I know, but I’m not letting you after you helped make lunch. Don’t even try to sneak away and do them either. I’ll make sure Tamaki keeps you in his arms, so you can’t leave.”

    I wouldn’t want to leave anyway. “You propose a tempting bargain.”

    “Duh!” He nudges Tamaki’s arm. “And I know Tamaki would be happy for an excuse to cuddle with you.”

    Yuki laughs. “He doesn’t need an excuse.” Her eyes land on the extremely red hero. “Tama can cuddle with me whenever he wants. I don’t mind.”

    “I-I’m right here…” Tamaki says, nervously toying with the end of some hair he left out of his ponytail.

    “Sorry, Tama,” Yuki says, reaching over to rub his back. “How do you feel about cuddling during the movie? Do you want to?”

    He nods, the color in his face reaching the tips of his ears.

    “Great!” Kirishima says. “Finish up and hold her hostage after picking out a movie so I can clean up.”

    “Is it holding me hostage if I want him to do it?”

    “Guess not. Now eat quickly. Tamaki is going to finish before you and take you away if you don’t clean your plate.”

    Yuki’s brows furrow until she sees Tamaki take a massive bite with amusement in his eyes. Oh, shit. He’s going to follow through with it, isn’t he? Her eyes widen and she takes an equally big bite, cheeks stuffed like a squirrel. She puts her hand over her mouth, making both men laugh at her antics. 

    Minutes later, she swallows the last of her food and is suddenly swept off her feet and into the arms of Kirishima, who laughs at her squeal and passes her to Tamaki. The laughter quiets a little when their eyes meet, but Kirishima shoos them out of the kitchen before their moment can continue. Luckily, it isn’t completely lost even after Tamaki places Yuki on the couch and sits beside her after grabbing the remote for the television.

    “What do you… want to watch?” he asks her, looking over to see Yuki smiling sweetly at him.

    “Nothing scary or too action-packed.” She leans closer and lowers her voice some. “I really don’t mind what we watch because I expect to sleep through most of it.”

    “Are you t-tired?”

    “A little. Nothing to be concerned about, Tama. Movies make me sleepy anyway when I’m comfortable with the company around me.” She curls her fingers into her palm, holding it up to her cheek, and mimics the movement of a cat’s paw. “I’m a lot like a kitty!”

    Tamaki can’t get over how cute she looks—his feelings stirring his chest violently. He almost grabs at his chest in case it explodes. “A-A comedy then?”

    “Sounds good,” Yuki smiles. His rosy cheeks are so cute. I think his ears are going red again, too. Gosh, I wish I could have known Tama sooner. I can’t get enough of his presence. She softly touches Tamaki’s bicep and meets his curious gaze. “Wanna go on another date soon? Maybe… tomorrow?”

    “Wh-Where do you want to… to go?” He can’t believe Yuki is asking him on a date.

    “We could go to a park or take the train to a different city or stay at home and order in. I really just want to spend time with you, Tama. I… I like you.”

    If only his face could stay a natural shade. “I-I-I like y-you, t-to-too.”

    She giggles and drops her head on his shoulder. A quiet “cute” is said under her breath.

    And Tamaki hears it, heart faltering. Again, he can’t fathom someone like Yuki finding him cute when she’s so radiant. Literally. He wants to pull her into his chest and hold her like he'll die without her. Instead, he opts for wrapping an arm around her shoulders, allowing her to snuggle closer to him. Tamaki has the greatest gift of his life next to him and his heart feels so full.

    By the time Kirishima has the dishes cleaned up and joins the couple in the living room, a random comedy is on, but no one is watching.

    Yuki has found her spot against Tamaki, head on his shoulder and arms around his waist while the tip of her nose barely touches the hero's neck. Tamaki—on the other hand—is trying his best to look at her and not disturb her. When she snores, Tamaki smiles and brushes his fingers through her hair. It's the purest scene Kirishima has witnessed between them so far.

    "So… when are you gonna ask her to be your girlfriend?" Kirishima keeps his voice low as he sits down.

    Tamaki shrugs carefully. "Maybe… tonight? A-After taking her home."

    "You want to wait that long?"

    "Sh-Should I try when she wakes up?"

    “If you want to. I can leave the room when she does to give you some privacy. Or you can wait until tonight. It might be easier for you to ask at her place since you’re pretty familiar with it. She hasn’t been to your apartment, has she?”

    “No. She’s never asked to come over.”

    Kirishima smiles at his friend. “You know you can invite her over without her asking.”

    “Do you think she wants to see my apartment?”

    “You doubt her too much, Tamaki,” Kirishima says. “Of course, she wants to see where you live. It’ll give her more insight into the man she clearly has feelings for and Yuki loves learning who her friends are by exploring the spaces they spend the most time in.”

    Tamaki looks at Yuki when sleepily lifts her head, only to shift enough to lie down and use Tamaki’s lap as her pillow. He gets nervous that she’s heard their conversation until Kirishima gets up and lifts her hips enough to pull the skirt of her dress down her legs since it rode up. She doesn’t even notice Kirishima’s touch.

    “I heard you talking about another date, so maybe invite her over to your apartment and you can make her dinner or something. She’ll like that a lot. She will probably sleep there, too, if you let her.”

    There’s something to be said about the image of Yuki snuggling under his covers in his bedroom that makes Tamaki crave for her presence in his home. She’ll light up the whole place and make it a warm place to be. He really likes the idea of Yuki coming over and staying the night.

    “I-I’ll talk to her about it then. I… I would like to have her over.”

    Kirishima nods, watching Yuki re-wrap her arms around Tamaki’s middle and nuzzle her cheek against his thigh after she settles. “She’s so cute. You’re lucky to have such a sweet person who shares your feelings.”

    “Did… Did you like her? I mean, a-after you two…”

    “Other than the initial lust when we first met, I’ve only wanted Yuki as a friend. She’s beautiful and kind and every man’s dream, but she’s not the person for me. Her love was never meant for me and we both knew it early on. But I’m starting to believe she’s meant only for you and has been for a long time. Even before you guys met. You complement each other well, maybe even better than Mirio and Nejire or Izuku and Ochako. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something special between you. Makes me wonder if the universe always meant for you two to be together.”

    The feeling is mutual. Tamaki noticed the closeness between him and Yuki, and how easy it was to be that way with her. In the past, he was always uncomfortable getting close to whomever he was dating—not that his list of exes is long. It felt like a chore sometimes to be the way he easily can be with Yuki. He can’t decide if it’s because Yuki is so aware of who he is and constantly makes sure he’s okay or if it comes naturally with her.

    “Do you think so? I… I really like her, Eijiro.”

    “I know you do. It’s easy to tell. She likes you just as much, bro. Maybe even more than we realize. She has always been a fan of yours, so you’re already pretty high on her favorites list. And I know that time you helped her when I was gone brought her appreciation for you super high. I think that’s when she started using you as her go-to rather than me.”

    “You’re not… mad about that, right?”

    “Nah. I enjoy taking care of Yuki and having her around, but I always knew—and hoped—someone else would come into her life to take over that role.” Kirishima leans back in his seat with a satisfied grin. “You know, if you guys get married, she can finally let go of the pact we made. I think she dated some jerk about a year ago that she broke up with after a month. That’s when she proposed a pact to get married to me if we were still single at 40.”

    “M-Married? I don’t know if she’d want to… to marry me.”

    “I don’t know. She might. It’s too early to tell. But I hope it’s a possible future for you. Can you imagine how cute your kids would be? You could have a baby kinda like Todoroki with the two-colored hair and two Quirks. Of course, you guys would actually treat your kids well and not make having kids about the power they’d have.”

    “K-Kids? Oh, I c-can’t think about… Oh…” Tamaki trails off to fight back any inappropriate thoughts that instantly flood his mind. Yuki is so pretty to him, so beautiful, and the minute he dwells on that, his thoughts imediately get inapporiate and he’s not okay thinking about that considering they’re not even official. He didn’t have those thoughts initially, but the more time he spent with her and saw her in those moments where she felt the most comfortable, the more they popped up in his head. Now, he has to put a lot of effort into not letting his mind wander because those thoughts always pop up. Kirishima talking about making babies with Yuki isn’t helping.

    “Sorry,” Kirishima says, noting how flushed Tamaki is looking. “No more kid talk then. How are we going to handle tonight? I know you’re covering a patrol for a little bit, so I’ll go with her. I’m guessing you’ll want to come by and hang out.”

    “Yeah,” Tamaki nods, grateful for the subject change.

    “We can both stick around, too. The more eyes we have watching her, the better. I don’t know what this Tanaka dude is capable of after getting away with so many assaults, so I don’t want to risk anything happening to her.”

    Kirishima gets another nod from Tamaki. “I don’t want to risk it either… I didn’t… like the way he looked at her… and t-talked to her.”

    “Same. And what he said to her when she kicked him out… God. If he’s the one saying those things to her, sending all those messages… It’s disgusting.”

    Tamaki brushes some of Yuki’s hair away from her face. “I don’t want him to hurt her…”

    “That’s why we’re going to protect her until we know she’s safe. Based on what those messages have said, she’s being watched and we can’t risk her being alone. Guys like Tanaka have no place in the world.”

    “We’ll… We’ll take care of Yuki,” Tamaki says, gazing at her peaceful looking face. He never wants to see anything but a smile on her face and he will do everything in his power to keep it there.

    “Yeah, we will.”

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