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  • koalas-koalas-everywhere
    07.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I hope you never know the pain of trying to find a "never made it to the best-sellers/classics list" high fantasy book about a magic sword that they have to win in a tournament that you read like ten years ago.

    #me: actually only the first book is about getting the sword #the third one's about it getting stolen by the child the protagonist has with a random magical woman part way through the first book #it had to be this preternaturally fast growing girl because only someone with the protag's dna can touch the sword and live #this might also be the reason why the random woman had sex with him at all although she does kill the amazon he has sex with #oh yeah there's like a city of amazons (two of them - one's in the center of the earth) and the writer went 'reverse sexism is a thing' #there's gay best friend who becomes a sorcerer (by getting hanged) and then has mind-blowing sex with a god - literally #it reveals his destiny to him which might or might not be to destroy the world - it's not up to him #then again the mentor who started to resent the protagonist for getting the sword ALSO gets a brand new sword by the final installment #which makes him reevaluate his previous treatment of the protag and realize how much he cares for him #when I say brand new I mean forged by the blacksmith god specifically for him right then and there #it will also become apparent real quick although revealed kinda late in the game that this is all science fiction rather than fantasy #I never said it was good just that I wanted it... so? #search engine: have you tried harry potter or conan the barbarian? #me: AUGHAUGHAEUGEUA
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  • dandydonald
    15.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    EXPOSED: Cops Forge DNA Reports To Coerce Confessions

    Virginia Beach cops have allegedly been using forged DNA documents in order to coerce suspects into confessing or further cooperation during interrogations. Jayar Jackson, Adrienne Lawrence, and Ben Gleib discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET. https://youtube.com/theyoungturks/live

    Read more HERE:

    "Cops in Virginia Beach have been accused of forging documents that tied suspects' DNA to a crime in an effort to coerce confessions or cooperation from people under interrogation.

    The “fake certificates of analysis” purporting to be from a state forensic agency were used on at least five occasions, Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring’s Office of Civil Rights revealed Wednesday. The certificates were often emblazoned with a seal, letterhead, or contact information, and two included the signature of a fake Virginia Department of Forensic Science employee. One forged document was even presented in court, though that case wasn’t elaborated upon."

    The Young Turks

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  • celestialmickey
    22.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    ....your tags on the “mickey and mandy aren’t close” post.... macy.... oh my god you described their dynamic so perfectly im getting emotional 💔💔💔

    kait you don’t even know, i’m obsessed with their relationship 🥺 they’re everything to me, like fucking everything. it actually breaks my heart when people speak negatively about them or claim that people in the fandom “make them out to be closer than they are” because that’s just simply...not it. like yes, we were robbed of a deeper exploration into their dynamic by the writers/JW in favor of other storylines/dynamics, which is like...fine i guess, i get it, not every dynamic can take precedence. that’s just life. i just think that their relationship is so complex and interesting and unlike anything else i’ve seen before on TV in regards to siblings dynamics 😔

    #i’m putting this in the notes bc it’s personal ahakskfll but i grew up with a sister two years younger than me #which is the same age gap between mickey and mandy #and she and i dealt with some SHIT as kids #like nowhere near what mickey and mandy dealt with #but yeah we’ve got a LOT of shared trauma and have gone through some really horrific things together #and we always had an ‘ebb and flow’ sort of relationship as we grew up #we were really close for a while then grew apart and then back together again #but no matter what when one of us was going through something it didn’t matter where we were at in our relationship with one another #we would drop everything IMMEDIATELY to take care of the other person #and now we’re 27 and 25 and live thousands of miles apart and talk maybe twice a month #but i know that if i needed her she would be there and vice versa #like when i had an episode a few months back and went to go check into the psych ward #she was the first person i texted and told what was going on #we hadn’t talked in weeks and she still called me immediately to make sure everything was okay and take down the number for the hospital #like...when you’ve gone through that kind of stuff with someone #it actually forges a bond that’s like...chemical. biological even. it becomes written into your DNA #and yes shit happens and life happens but at the end of the day that bond doesn’t break #it can stretch and twist and warp and become so thin it’s practically indistinguishable #but it doesn’t BREAK you know?? #anyway it’s crying time with macy yet again surprise surprise what else is new 😭😭😭 #and now we’re in taurus season let me just hibernate until gemini season pls #answered#myboymilkovich
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  • wastelandbabylouis
    11.03.2021 - 1 year ago

    i swear to god, there are like 10 antis whos only hobby is to send dumb anons to you and other larries every time something happens. and for what?? its honestly disturbing.

    i cant imagine, anxiously sitting in front of their screens, waiting for something to happen in the fandom JUST to send and anon to you. i swear, some of them memorise their script as well.

    get a life, people. you care about fake stuff and celebrity lives and their babies more then larries do. its scary.

    we’ve been saying, they’re not antis. they’re larrie stans. they live to see what we say and do it’s fan behavior 

    #@should be over the moon anon #exactly #it's always like this #they're never happy on their side makes you wonder #@forged documents anon #they should be focusing on the one Louis never bothered to get: the paper stating he's the father by dna of br*tt jr lol #Anonymous
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  • cahillcahill48
    15.05.2022 - 3 days ago

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    #saint laurent replica #saint laurent bag replica #yves saint laurent bags replica
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  • loominggaia
    14.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    As you mentioned, could you give us some world Athenaeum theories about the different races/species ?

    I can't think of too many at the moment, but here's an interesting one:

    When Gaia forged all the peoples, She used parts of herself to create each species. This included water, bacteria, magic, and even different parts of animals.

    The exact ingredients used to make each species isn't yet known, but researchers are slowly developing the technology to find out. For example, they discovered that human DNA bears a striking resemblance to chimpanzee DNA, which leads them to believe that Gaia used many parts from these apes to forge humans.

    Likewise, ogre DNA looks more like a gorilla's. A satyr's DNA contains elements that resemble both a bonobo and a goat. Ape-like DNA has been discovered in all peoples of Looming Gaia, so researchers believe that apes in particular were used as the base to forge everyone, but parts of other animals were also used in most cases.

    Centaurs obviously share a resemblance to equines such as horses, zebras, and donkeys. Gorgons resemble reptiles, particularly snakes. Cecaelia resemble octopi. Sirenes resemble fish and cetaceans.

    Then there are some that aren't so obvious. It's believed that goblins, for example, were forged from bird parts among other things. Pieces of a troll's DNA are nearly identical to bears and badgers. For roshava, it's beetles.



    Lore Masterpost

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  • leosluvr
    14.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Dyna "Thor" Genershie

    TMNT Based OC (Version Flexible)
    FC: Camren Bicondova
    CW// Abandonment, Explostions, Experimentation, Sibling Unalivement, Weapon Visuals, Torture, Accidental Unalivement, Street Gangs, Broken/Fractured Bones


    - She/They

    - Pansexual

    - 5'6

    - Leo (8.14)

    - Twin

    - Orphan

    - Avian

    - Has a pet kitten (Mark)


    - Shapeshifting (diff birds via region)

    - Sound Mimicry


    - Lockpicking

    - Martial Arts

    - Metal Forging

    - Automobile Repair

    - IKEA Furniture Building

    - Gunsmith


    - Has Eagle-vision, wears goggles to keep stuff getting into her eyes

    - Goggles come with night vision & heat sensors

    - Wings fold into back and merge into skin, making a "thicker skin" on her back

    - Retractable talons on feet & hands

    - Feathers on elbows, chest, tips of ears, ankles, & lower back

    - Very small feathers around eyes and on joints

    - Small bulge of skin poking out on lower back w/ feathers is considered her "tail"

    - Drops feathers during period

    - Gets her period every 6 months

    - Imbedded magnets into her wings to hide weapons

    - Wings are very vulnerable & sensitive

    - Wears protective gear over wings to help with flights

    - Repeated damage and experimentation of wings make them fairly useless w/o protective gear

    - Wings can keep her warm overnight

    - Wings have sharper ends and w/ specific gear, can start drilling into grounds

    - Wings hook onto arms and detach. This leaves scarring on her arms.

    - When abandoned by their parents, Dyna was left with a gun.

    - Main weapons are Glock-17 (Full-Sized Handgun), & Kusarigama

    - Wings spread and ruffle when hostile

    - Wings can shoot out Makibishi

    - Wears several Kakute on her hands

    - Has the blade that belonged to Esther

    - Got along with her mother the best

    - Calls herself 'Thor' as an alias to Purple Dragons and other street gangs

    - Is called "The Experiment" by The Foot

    - Came up with her name when she was orphaned

    - Their brother called them "Dy-Gen"

    - Bio parents are Purple Dragons

    - Was "branded" with the Foot symbol on their hand

    - They burned the symbol off themself after they escaped the "home"

    - They wear gloves to cover the burn mark on their hand

    - Can fish in bird form (specifically eagle)

    - Has several untreated fractured bones, which makes it easy to break

    - Sometimes goes to the nicer part of town and steals people's stuff; Clothes, food, money, jewelry, cars, etc.


    — Orphaned with her twin [Alexander] (4yrs old)

    — Lived on the streets (4yrs - 8yrs old)

    — Brother got killed by a gang (8yrs old)

    — Found by a doctor [Adam] & his wife [Esther] (8yrs old)

    — Experimented on w/ various bird dna & was mutated (8yrs old)

    — Trained in martial arts (9yrs - 15yrs old)

    — Finds out her dad is working for Shredder and blows up his lab, accidentally killing his wife (15yrs old)

    — Shredder puts a bounty on her and they ends up going into hiding in an old apartment by the river (16yrs old)



    KAKUTE; (Rings w/ Spikes for hand to hand)

    MAKIBISHI; (Used to slow down opponents)

    KUSARIGAMA; (Main Weapon)

    WAKIZASHI; (Spare Weapon, Owned by Esther)

    GLOCK-17; (Weapon given when Dyna & Alexander were abandoned, fixed up overtime w/ alien tech found laying around)

    P320 COMPACT; (Weapon stolen from Purple Dragons when busting their operations)

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  • gomasurimimizu
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Hello tumblr, prepare for chaos.

    A dragon forged from the dna of countless different species, the most powerful and amazing, beautiful and majestic,,,,

    meet Gordito

    #Gordito#art #artists on tumblr #lizards#dragon #he’s not sick I swear #those eyes are absolutely not disproportionately large #I am descending upon tumblr with a bunch of fat lizard drawings #maybe making a dragon hybrid was a bad idea #original world#oc#dragon oc#original character
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  • youssefgbb
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    [ad_1] With less than a month to go until Disney+'s release, Marvel's latest sneak peek teases the protagonist to forge a different kind of her trademark weapon. Kamala takes her first steps into a new world Mrs. Marvell picture. Photo, released by empire, shows Kamala (Iman Villani) and her friend Bruno (Matt Lintz) testing one of Kamala's purple crystal fists in an empty room. According to Marvel Studios President / Marvel CCO Kevin Feige, the origin and capabilities of this force will be explored in depth via Mrs. MarvellPlay the six episode, even if it is not related to the comic background of the hero. "You'll see great comic strips in some of our action scenes," he said. If you want big, giant hands and arms, they're here in spirit, if not in rubbery ways, of the plastic kind." official Mrs. Marvell Trailers, including a recent TV show, have gradually teased more of Kamala's crystallized energy range and its relationship to her brand's fashion bracelet. However, these changes have also sparked controversy online due to how drastically she alters Ms. Marvell's polymorphic inhuman abilities, which she gained after being exposed to Terrigen's Mist. While Feige admitted that the new powers are "not an exact translation", he also explained why these changes were necessary in terms of adaptation. "[Kamala] It came at a very specific time within the comic book continuity," he said, "and it now comes at a very specific time within the MCU continuity." These two things do not coincide. Feige's statement likely refers to how Kamala's debut coincided with 2013 infinity And brutality Comedy stories, in which the significance of the Terregen's massive bomb has led her and countless unsuspecting humans to subject their inhuman DNA to the process of reproduction. While an Earth formation-related event has not been acknowledged in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, this story was originally adapted for Marvel's of SHIELD AgentsThe second, third and fourth seasons. However, given the critical analysis of 2017 in humans Series, plans to incorporate inhuman characters like Black Bolt and Medusa into major films never happened. These characters still appear in anime shows like Earth protectors And Marvel's future avengers, and both feature similar plot points for group composition. Recently, however, Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Learn about the MCU Inhumans connection by having Anson Mount reprise his role in Black Bolt as a member of Earth-838's Illuminati. Along with the streaming version, Mrs. Marvell It will premiere theatrically in Pakistan starting the week after the second episode airs on Disney+. The character recently starred in a five-issue series Mrs. Marvel: Beyond Boundaries, whose finale sparked a continuation of the Kamala-centric multiverse narrative sometime this summer. She will also appear in a host of upcoming group comics, starting with Mrs. Marvel Wolverine #1 in July. Mrs. Marvell Premieres at Disney+ June 8. source: empire About the author

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  • disinfectingtechnology
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    How UVC Lamp Can Be A Helping Hand To Abolish COVID-19?

    Producing the electromagnetic radiations in the wavelength among the X-rays and visible light is a UV lamp (Ultraviolet lamp) which is also known by the secondary name Black-light lamp. The Black-light lamp is referred because of rich radiation of sun rays and any person can’t see with the unaided eye. The UVC lamp consists of an electric discharge lamp that yields radiations at the desired wavelength.

    There are special glasses that transmit the ultraviolet radiation that you can’t transmit with ordinary glasses. These ultraviolet glasses are used in the medical area after the germicidal qualities.

    The ultraviolet light is very convenient as it has been used in many sectors like healthcare, industrial, and commercial. The way LED technology is flourishing his new technology, the UV LED lights are becoming available in the market.

    What makes the ultraviolet light more convenient is UVC light’s own energy which is quite higher than the visible light.

    Modern UV light bulbs also serve to industry and research in producing the artificial suntans and also creating the amazing effects of lighting with fluorescent materials.

    LuxUVC Comes Up With Various Ways To Operate The UVC Lamps Which Are As Follows:

    Skin Treatment And Tanning

    The UV light is very useful for tanning. For indoor tanning UV light is very common it is also used to emulate the sunlight on the skin. If you want to get the tan, you have to spend a long time under the sun, whereas, for indoor tanning, you have to spend only twenty minutes. The reason behind is the rays of the sun are not consistent so it may cause sunburn at times. The other drawback of sun tuning is it contains UVA and UVB beams.

    From UVA from where you get the tanning but UVB beam can prove harmful as it can break your DNA. The UV lamps are used in salons but do not contain UVB beams which are safer.

    Fluorescent Material

    UV lamps are used to inspect the various materials and surfaces. The reason is some substances absorb the UV light and convert it into visible light which is known as fluorescence inspection. For instance: The ink pen has a fluorescent dye and that glows in the dark.

    The UV lamps provide good light in homes and offices and used in nightclubs. But do not consider the black light which is useful in many ways. The major advantage of UV light is you can see the things which you can’t see with the naked eye. The light is also used to investigate the documents, forged banknotes, etc.  

    Germ Control And Disinfection

    The UV lamps inactivate the small creature in the water; it is used to purify the drinking water. Disinfecting the water is absolutely free from chemicals that can effectively kill the bacteria’s capacity to reproduce so no more bacteria in water with a wavelength of 240 nm to 280 nm.

    UV light is majorly used in disinfecting the water and proves that the water is much batter as well as more efficient than boiling water as UV light bulbs clear the water with chloramine and chlorine.

    Visit here for more about How UVC Lamp Can Be A Helping Hand To Abolish COVID-19? Also Visit here for uv light sanitizer

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  • 6313stabler
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Continue from here.


    In his time as a liaison for the NYPD in Rome, Elliot always felt like something was amiss. He was doing a good job, he was sang all the praises bosses usually give out to their outstanding employees but there was always something off about it. It was because of the change in department (though not working at SVU had put things into perspective and made him realize that the change was needed) but because he was missing key component that would make everything more bearable for Elliot. As he stood before Olivia, the confirmation that he always have her falling from her lips, made everything click.

     He had been missing her.

     Of course that was not a secret, anyone with eyes could see that there was misery encoded in his DNA thanks to her absence but his work like being so affected by it didn’t hit him until he finished his first assignment. There was a stark difference when it came working for a private company and going back to your roots. The return to the NYPD hitting him in ways he never thought possible. He had sought out for solution to fill the empty space. Though he was glad that he didn’t have a partner. The reality was that, back then, he wouldn’t be able to stand anyone that wasn’t Olivia.  And even with Ayanna there was an adjustment period though their dynamic had been set right from the start and it was a nice change of pace. Just like with Olivia, they were equals and a lasting friendship had been forged to the point where his Sargent herself had prompted him to pursue Olivia.

     Resuming their relationship had been rough, pain still fresh (and he still thinks there’s something lingering but he cannot quite figure out what) but they’ve managed. They have overcome, conquered the demons had been swimming in their waters.

    The mention of Noah has Elliot chuckling, their many game nights one of his favorite activities since they all started working together. “I can’t help if Noah has sharp business practices.” Another laugh, one that causes Elliot to smile. Game night had proven a good way to get to know Noah more. It had strengthen their relationship in ways he didn’t even think possible. Then again, he is his mother’s son. They didn’t need the blood relation to be like two drops of water in the regards that matter, their hearts. Not only that, that pride Noah felt for his mother, had warmed Elliot’s heart so damn much. He had always known Olivia would be a great mother, and seeing that in the flesh really solidified that for him.

    ’Family is everything.’ he has said once and now she truly knows the weight of those words. In Fact, he is sure she had always really known, because Elliot always considered her to be part of the family. Even if, once upon a time, things were a big mess.

     “You say that you’re not that sought out for but I see how man look at you.” He says with a head tilt, lips pressed together as he think of the many times they’ve gone to dinner and he had caught a few men staring at Olivia. He wasn’t jealous about it, at the end of the night he was going home with her, but it constantly reminded him of all the time he acted like a jealous husband throughout their partnership and he did wondered how the heck Olivia put up with all of that. “I mean, I did the same when we were partners.” The confession comes out without him even meaning to. Slip of the tongue. It wasn’t a secret, not by any means, but expressing something so out of the blue from that period of their time together always managed to surprise him. Especially when you are inadvertently putting into perspective the entirety of the partnership. “Maybe we can talk about it another time. We will need a lot of it to go through the catalog of our jealousy greatest hits.” And that in itself was an understatement.  

     His own sigh mixes and lingers with hers, their foreheads pressed together and he closes his eyes. Takes a few seconds for himself. To feel his heartbeat, to feel her skin, to allow her ‘I love you’ sink into the very fabric of his soul. Every cell, every atom singing in happiness, allowing a current of electricity to run down his spine. He’ll never get tired of hearing it…

    I love you.

     A promise.

    A song.

    Hearts forever bound by the most finicky emotion of all.

     “I love you more.” He finally speaks into the silence that has stretch for what it can only be deemed too long, mainly because their time was limited. If it was up to Elliot he would spend his entire day in comfortable silence with Olivia. His arms around her, her ear pressed against his chest so she could hear the sincerity of his heart with every heartbeat. “I want to apologize in advance.” He hates fighting with her, even if it was staged, he hates being at odds with Olivia. They’ve spend a decade in that boat and he doesn’t want to step into it again, as fake as it was.  

    #I think with this one this is all I had on my drafts haha #THEM TALKING ABOUT ALL THE TIMES THEY'VE BEEN JEALOUS THROUGHT THEIR PARTNERSHIP. I NEED IT. #In a parallel universe -- it will always be you and I. / Olivia Benson. #Daybreak. | Main Verse. #4015Benson
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  • f1mike28
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Produktplatzierung / Product Placement


    Affalterbach. With a system output of 620 kW (843 hp) and a maximum system torque of more than 1400 Nm, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E PERFORMANCE (fuel consumption weighted, combined: 7.9 l/100 km; weighted, combined CO2 emissions: 180 g/km; power consumption weighted, combined: 12.0 kWh/100 km)[1] is a new milestone in the company's history.

    The four-door coupé is the first performance hybrid and at the same time the most powerful series-production model of the brand from Affalterbach to date. The combination of 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine and electric motor ensures superior driving performance and outstanding driving dynamics with impressive efficiency at the same time.

    Mercedes-AMG is forging its own technical path to transport its hallmark brand DNA into an electrified future. To achieve this, the Affalterbach-based company uses, for example, technologies from Formula 1 in its E PERFORMANCE Hybrid strategy. The concept includes an independent drive layout with an electric motor and battery on the rear axle.

    In the AMG GT 63 S E PERFORMANCE, the system consists of a 4.0‑litre V8 biturbo engine with a permanently excited synchronous electric motor, a high-performance battery developed by AMG and the fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive system. The system power of 620 kW (843 hp) and the maximum system torque of more than 1400 Nm enable acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. After less than ten seconds, 200 km/h are reached. Acceleration only ends at 316 km/h.

    Mercedes-AMG One man, one engine Handcrafted by Michael Kübler @f1mike28 in Germany Affalterbach. Driving Performance is my Passion! Mercedes-AMG the Performance and Sports Car Brand from Mercedes-Benz and Exclusive Partner for Pagani Automobili. Mercedes-AMG Handcrafted by Racers.

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  • kadvacorp
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    EU Forges Ahead With Plans for a Global Facial Recognition Hub

    EU Forges Ahead With Plans for a Global Facial Recognition Hub #EU #facial #global #data #hub #kadvacorp

    The European Commission is seeking to “modernize” its policing throughout the continent, with facial recognition becoming the latest addition to the melting pot as part of recent Prüm II proposals on data-sharing between European Union (EU) nations. For well over a decade now, police forces across Europe have been legally permitted to share DNA and fingerprint data with their counterparts, as…

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  • spardasworld
    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago


    this would have been the answer for aswi22222 but the comments don't accept many characters and I always talk a lot.

    An idea that came to my mind is that Tretij feels jealous of Eli because he creates very strong mental barriers when it comes to knowing if he is happy or annoyed by his presence. But not only that. Now they are alone and Tretij is fed up with his past with the adults he too has been exploited and the reason why he is tied to Eli is precisely for this. They are two kids who have gone through the same hell differently.

    Eli withdraws into himself, not wanting to admit that Tretij also has the makings of a leader different than Eli but still a leader. He was impressed with his powers, however much he hides behind the fact that they lost, blaming him a little for feeding his ego. Tretij having been in Eli's mind and having indulged his revenge he would like to know if Eli is not like Skull face or Volgin,Tretij knows it deep down, he feels it, as much as Eli is proud but he wants Eli to free himself and say it in Tretij's face. After all he marries his revenge and is his most trusted ally. But his excessive pride makes them fight. 

    In reality they both care about each other. Eli does not want to admit it but no one was as important as Tretij he is afraid of losing power in front of himself destabilizes him and it is too strong. It's an emotion that he does not know how to accept, Tretij on this side is more forged for him to share the emotion as revenge against one's enemies is for real hardships.

    The reason they split is because Eli has the ghost of Big Boss his legend haunts him and when he finds an army enlistment poster for the gulf war (if we follow the Canon and i'm not mistaken) he wants to go there to prove to himself that he can overcome that damn genetic legacy and that cursed legend. Tretij and Eli hold each other a lot but Eli can't get over his curse he has to get and get. He has to kill Big Boss and complete his DNA. They argue about this. But if you have ideas tell me we can merge them or just use yours if it's better than mine it's not a problem for me, I love ideas about my favorite characters. 

    I wanted to make a note

    * Tretij who wants to know if Eli is not like Skull face or Volgin I mean he doesn't just use him for his own purposes he would like their alliance to turn into something deeper. Sometimes Tretij warns that Eli thinks of something like this but when Tretij tries to see deeper he puts all those mental barriers because it is the first time anyone has given importance to his pain to its cause. Eli's mind is broken. He is lost in the feelings of contradictions towards emotions the strong fear that someone will hurt him again is too strong. Tretij is a guy who has strong powers. This destabilized Eli a bit.

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  • hon440-eggandspermdonation
    18.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


    Donors may find that egg or sperm donation can be a fulfilling and rewarding process. However, the invasive procedure for egg donation is lengthy and requires that the donor be willing to undergo multiple medication injections that are necessary for the egg retrieval process.

    For mothers in egg donation families, many go through challenges in establishing their identity as mothers and fostering the mother-infant relationship. Whether they used a known egg donor, such as a sister, or an unknown donor, all mothers used various strategies to help them forge a relationship with their infant. In particular, pregnancy was an essential moment of bonding between mother and infant for some mothers while others felt a bond right at conception or after birth. By carefully choosing what kind of donor to use and establishing boundaries with the donor, mothers are able to feel sure in their identity and connect with their child within the first year.

    From the child’s perspective, a study by Imrie et al. looked at the other side of the parent-infant relationship. Based on responses from 5 year old children in egg donation families, children felt positively about their family and reported high ratings of warmth and enjoyment and low ratings of anger and hostility. Even though 65% of children thought their family was different, 81% of children would not change anything about their family, meaning that egg donation families are able to thrive just like any other family.

    For single women who pursue motherhood through sperm donation, many must overcome ambivalent feelings from society and themselves. Women considered their financial readiness to care for a child and ensured there was social support available to give their child role models. By considering their options, single women who wish to become mothers find reassurance in their decision to conceive through sperm donation.

    To determine non-donor’s thoughts on sperm donation, a study was conducted in Belgium by Veerle et al. to assess the opinions of male college students on sperm donation who have never donated before. While 85% thought positively about sperm donation, only one-third would consider donating. The most common motivations for donating sperm were to help people who wish to have children and empathy with couples who suffer from fertility problems. The most common barrier to donating sperm was fear that their partner would disagree. The findings of the study indicate that strong incentives, such as higher monetary compensation, might help increase the donor pool.

    A study by Klipstein et al. attempted to determine men’s thoughts on sperm donation given the proliferation of direct-to-consumer DNA databases, which may compromise the identity of anonymous donors. The study found that a majority of sperm donors of 84.9% have no regrets about their donation. 81.4% would donate again despite the risk of loss of anonymity. The increasing amount of genetic information online may lead to a shift in the expectations of anonymity in society, but the results suggest that sperm banks and prospective recipients do not need to be concerned with a lack of donor sperm that may come about with the inability to guarantee anonymity due to outside factors.

    While sperm donation in the US does not experience substantial pushes for certain types of donors, Oren Livio’s article on sperm donation in Israel notes an interesting case in which soldiers’ sperm is deemed superior and encouraged by the government and Israeli media. Livio elaborates that women associate desirable traits for their children, such as diligence and physical prowess, with combat soldiers. The media utilizes metaphors present in the Hebrew language to intertwine militarism and the sperm industry. The sperm donation industry as reported in Israel provides insight to how different cultures may expect certain criteria to be met by potential donors, illustrating the effect of societal values of attractiveness on the eligibility of donors.

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  • sherlocking-out-loud
    12.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    this is from the episode 1x09 and of course in 5x13 we see Buck follow this advice when he goes to Eddie's - he stepped inside and kept him company:

    curiously, the 1x09 episode is called "Trapped" and, in 5x13, we also have this:

    which is well, interesting.

    but the best bit is the 1x09's beginning with Abby's voice-over saying:

    "People are resilient. I think we're designed that way. It's embedded in our DNA to forge ahead, soldier on. It's a whole lot easier to do with an army at your back. But sometimes it feels like we're on our own. It might even feel like the world is conspiring against us at times. A test to see just how much we can take. How do you get out? How do you break the cycle?"

    ... how do you feel normal again?...

    #god this show!! #the dots that can be connected #is a constellation #people smarter than me will do a lot better #I'm sure#eddie diaz#evan buckley#buddie#911 spoilers#9-1-1 #911 on fox #911 fox
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  • poetry-while-black
    10.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    It was very sweet. I didn't like it I didn't dislike it. My tastebuds rejoiced. Heard them swaying on the pink cushion. So maybe I liked it then. Soft as plush secrets. I won't tell if you won't. I'm free at 6 this Saturday. To do that thing with my mouth. Deliver sermons on rolling through valleys. Anything under my purview. Vaulting over deep holes to climb the clock tower. Lick the minute hand's minute man until the stubby one quits being stubborn. Time never tasted so good. Interests rates have never been this low. Trains have always stopped at Grand Station. Terminal. Anyone still on the train is nullable, pending standing vertical in a room full of hyphens.

    - - - | - - -

    I wasn't on hiatus, I was high, I was smoke blowing in the sky, I was the chamber coughing up smoke, I I I left my glass of wodka in the chambers, I fled the Father with half confessions laid to rest, I said my piece already, peace be with you, blessed, Have your leave now. I'm thirsty, it must be thirty years later. Pour up a cup of tears and toss it in the lake. Pray my DNA evolves into a Loch Ness beast. Or forge divine swords out of fresh water feet. Walk a thousand miles upon the flesh of a messy eater to flex my wisdom teeth.


    I was looking for gold (no) I was looking for p---y (no) Looking for p---y just gets you shot. Shocked that I shop for happiness in a pair of wet panties? (no) Blocked my receptors from taking in dopamine (no) Yes No Yes What I pay in sweat, I get paid in stress, So I blow the East winds a little Westward And poke my chest out as I do. I was looking for Snoop Dogg and the crew of droopy lions, Couch locked and bong poor from taking out a bad loan, Close the door, the box is hot, the heat is rising, cop a squat It's only 12, it's only pot -- I MEAN It's pans and fans and rotten leaves.


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