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  • pjo-hoo-toa-freakazoid
    27.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    For the Seb Game

    Saw you're dad at it with some mortal woman, have a few pics. Want?

    Sebastian: 100%

    Octavian knows lmao

    #tw ns/fw #my art 🌸 do not repost #leonidashotstuffvaldez 🏷#pjo oc#ask game #sebastian son of eros #seb son of eros #percy jackson oc #oc#my oc #my oc tag #original character #pjo original character #oc art
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  • gerard-guey
    27.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Yugioh ship names activate the part of my brain that remembers anyone's birthday forever if I hear it at least once

    #is it a hot take to say i like all the dumb ship names? i think they're fun #i like hearing all the dumb little words for the first time while my brain scrambles to form associations and try to sus out their meanings #it's like a little game :) #with the prize being permament knowledge of useless information that will literally only ever come in handy once maybe twice #in my entire life
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  • house-of-mirrors
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    I feel like I’ve been posting a lot about the Masters lately, and I need to balance that now by posting about my true beloved the Calendar Council. I’ve been tossing around incredibly indulgent headcanons for a while of how each of them would care for the player with high wounds, and it is time to share. I’m skipping March, June, and November, because I know very little about them and have never personally interacted with them in the game. If we get more info, I’ll update this.

    January: She’s a quiet presence in your lodgings. She precisely evaluates what medicines you’ll need and brews them herself if need be, as well as brewing you the most lovely tea. You sit with the lights off, resting in the peacefulness of the dark. If things got too dull, and you prodded her into a conversation, you might just get to listen to her ramble about her current research.

    February: She’s standoffish by nature. If you want someone to dote on you, February isn’t the person. However, she tells you with complete sincerity that she will kill the person that hurt you if you want her to. She guards your door while you’re sleeping and threatens anyone who might disturb your rest. She tells you never to do what you did to get hurt again, or else she’ll hurt you herself. Under the prickly exterior, she cares for you.

    April: We have text in game from BAL of her tending to the player’s wounds. She would also keep the fireplace well stoked in the your room, ignoring any protests about it being unnecessary. She’d also draw amusing sketches to entertain you at your bedside, as well as asking your opinions on blueprints for weapons. Even though some injuries don’t heal, April is here to help you adapt to them.

    May: He keeps you calm and steady through treatment and recovery, soothing your anxieties. Once you’re settled in bed, he fluffs your pillows, tucks you in, and ruffles your hair, telling you to dream the sweetest of dreams. You will have the deepest and most restorative sleep under his capable and caring hands. Nothing will disturb your rest as long as he’s watching over you.

    July: She plays music to entertain you and keep you relaxed while you recover. She’s fine, everything is fine here.

    August: He offers opinions on both the risks and benefits of each type of treatment proposed to help you choose what’s best for you. He actually manages to get a smile out of you by having a just-for-fun debate over the trifling details of pillow placement and tea brewing methods. He does offer genuine advice, however, and encourages you to listen to your body and rest.

    September: He insists on being as close as possible to you, ignoring any protests that he might get sick from you. September curls up on the couch with you and wraps a blanket around the both of you. While you watch the fireplace with a cup of tea in your hands, he reads you poetry. You listen to the soothing cadence of his voice until you fall asleep. When you wake up, you find he’s carried you to bed.

    October: She visits you in your dreams, protecting you from anything that would harm you on this side of sleep. Being sick or injured can become terribly lonely, and October knows very well what it’s like to be lonely. You’re never without comfort in waking or sleeping when she is on your side. When you wake, there’s a raven feather under your pillow, and you sense you’re still watched by a protective force when you pass a mirror.

    December: December by nature is an enigma, rarely revealing themself. However, a few days before becoming sick or injured, you receive an omen of what is to come so you can prepare. December appears to you in a cryptic dream, insisting you must retain your strength, reminding you of good things in your life from all of your past, present, and future. You may not remember the details when you wake, but you’re full of renewed energy, clarity, and a sense of comfort.

    #fallen london #calendar council my beloved #can you tell i married sept in the game lol #it's my disability and i get to fixate on comfort characters #also please more disability representation in media #this all started from me making a joke about december being the 'get the fries you'll need the energy in the coming days' meme #fl spoilers
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  • dallasmavson
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Warriors Defeat Mavericks Advance to NBA Finals

    Warriors Defeat Mavericks, Advance to NBA Finals The Golden State Warriors defeated the Dallas Mavericks 120-110 in game five of the Western Conference Finals last night to advance to their sixth NBA Finals since 2015. Stephen Curry won the inaugural Magic Johnson Western Conference finals MVP award after averaging 24 PPG and 44% shooting from 3-point range in the series. Klay Puts on a Show Golden State started the game hot behind a spectacular performance from Klay Thompson. via Dallas Mavericks on Yahoo! Sports - News, Scores, Standings, Rumors, Fantasy Games https://sports.yahoo.com/nba/teams/dal/

    #Mavs#dallas mavs#mavericks#nba #Warriors Defeat Mavericks #Advance to NBA Finals #Dallas Mavericks on Yahoo! Sports - News #Scores#Standings#Rumors#Fantasy Games
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  • sunwing
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    i think it is sad that when video game companies want tv shows or movies, they rarely seem to consider animation.

    #personal #like just look at arcane! i havent seen anyone say anything bad abt that #but then halo is mercilessly mocked #besides anime games for some reason i can basically only think of arcane or castlevania #and theyre both different from the original game which ig makes it a gamble if itll be likable or not but yeah lol #it seems like netflix is the only place where ppl care abt animation #...though apparently recently w their issues i heard they killed like a ton of animatior's projects #anyways :/ hate live action. hate photorealism.
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  • charmycomet
    27.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    I found a cool ibis brush

    #sky children of the light #that sky game #art#lineless style#ibispaintx
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  • foggypiratefury
    27.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    "ปีที่ดีของ โจเซ่ มูรินโญ่ และ แทมมี อันบราฮัม"

    #เล่นได้ให้เพิ่ม #เล่นเสียให้คืน #5% #1ufa

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  • mysimsthingss
    27.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago
    #angel#nellie#fuentes #im so sad #ive never let anyone reach elder in my games before
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  • apenitentialprayer
    27.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Contempt, thought Tyrion, the universal tongue.

    George R.R. Martin (A Dance with Dragons, page 688)

    #Game of Thrones #hatred#anger#wrath#Tyrion Lannister #George R.R. Martin
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  • darbs
    27.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    I fucking hate bright reds and led blues they hurt my eyes and make me want to scream

    #i always gotta chanfe friendly and enemies in online games tp other.colors #if my sights are red them too #they hurt my eyes ;_; #kats personal bs
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  • amodernpersephone
    27.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    for the character opinion bingo!! venti, KLEE, kokomi, ei, sayu lmfao

    hi jester and omg THATS A LOT ILYSM <33

    venven!! haha fave god go brr i don't really have much to say abt venti bc my brain does Not comprehend him he just goes around in my mind like a window's screensaver and beeps "it's me boy i'm the god of freedom speaking to you from inside your brain listen to me boy leave the girl we don't need her" also im still salty bc this fucker never came home

    klee!!!!! babie. child. kiddo. tiny human. i love them! i don't really know what to say but i love kids and klee reminds me of my younger sibling KDHNDBDBD i'd let her blow up all the houses in manila, including mine 🥺

    ei! almost the same thoughts as kokomi and YES she is a horrible person and yes i would both be terrified and in love with them. ei pulled some shit, what she did was no less than tyranny and the thinking that "it wasn't her, it was the shogun!" is a hit and a miss because yes it really wasn't her but she was fully aware and compliant of all the events leading up to the inazuma archon quest. she didn't see anything wrong from ripping away people's aspirations and dreams, despite knowing that a vision is the most prized gift any normal teyvatian could ever get aside from godhood itself. ei was cruel, and horrible, and while i don't agree that she should be villified or obliterated, seeing her take a momemt to realize how terrible the things she allowed to happen were—how she ruined the lives of countless inazumans, how her sakoku decree slowly suffocated the life out of people, how her eternity was eternity for her own selfishness and not out of the kindness and love she had for her people—but rather than that, we got her "im so lonely uwu" speech and the fandom has reduced her to a dumb blubbering mess bc she cant cook. i doubt gods need to eat anyway lol

    sayu!!! also babie. but like i havent done her hangout yet so i wouldnt know much abt her but i hope we see her more!! shes literally so cute and her voice is mwah mwah. i wouldve liked her to spill some secrets regarding the shuumatsuban tho. KFHJDHDHD sayu supremacy shes literally my only fucking anemo thats why i need heizou

    #ess answers an ask game #from jester! #i wrote this last night lmao
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  • cherrydumpling
    27.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    All of these actually match my personality 😳 I didn't even read the points. I'm amazed you have me figured out 😶

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  • drakonishe
    27.05.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    How would Ilya surprise Asra on his birthday? What kind of gifts courtier Asra likes?🤔 Btw I'm a Gemini too✨

    It's hard to find a gift for a person who can buy anything for themself, so Ilya would write songs to sing and play on his vielle for each of Asra's birthdays✨ After that tradition started, Asra began to call Ilya "his songbird".

    He'd also try to find material gifts, like rare magical items or ingredients, but the ones Ilya manages to get fail to impress the magician for the most part.

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  • crown5
    27.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    I have a genuinely baffling new obsession w Genshin @the-travelling-witch @softbajis come take responsibility my life is being consumed by it

    #ITS SUMMER BUT ALL I WANAN DO IS PLAY THAT STUPID GAME #someone take me bungee jumping I need to get out the house
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  • skyward-floored
    27.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    3, 4, 5, 26, 29

    3. a specific color that gives you the ick?

    So I believe pretty much all colors look good in specific situations and along with other colors, even the most disgusting of greens or oranges look good when paired with complimenting colors.

    That being said I hate lazer lemon it hurts my eyes and is useful only for highlighting and that’s it

    4. mythical creature you think/believe is real?

    Call me silly but I’ve always wanted unicorns to be real. The idea of a horse with a horn... always liked that. I’m not sure I believe they’re real exactly, but it’s like, possible you know?

    5. favorite form of potato?

    Every kind. Next question.

    (Probably oven fries, I love those.)

    26. how’s your spice tolerance?

    Eh... okay. Better than most of my family but... really not that great XD

    29. preferred pasta noodle?

    I’m Italian, can I say all of the above?

    If I had to pick I guess I’d go with spaghetti, or maybe angel hair. I’m also fond of linguini though...

    #you make me pick pasta and potatoes; my two favorite foods?! #XD thanks for the ask Tellie #answers from the floor #telemna hyelle my beloved #ask game
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  • allforthe-gays
    27.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    how the foxes act during promo pictures:

    dan: she is all about school spirit, she is way too enthusiastic about picture day and has a ton of ideas for action shots and poses. the photographer loves her, and she is thriving.

    allison: she's a model. every angle is flawless, the camera captures her beauty and she is looking fabulous. only downside is that she is very opinionated about how she poses, and she doesn't know what a compromise is.

    matt: he is just trying his best. he is tall and doesn't know how to pose. the majority of the foxes are short af, he is just standing in the background looming over everyone. he looks beautiful, but very threatening.

    renee: she is the designated peacekeeper. when one of the foxes is being dumb about getting in a pose, she just gives them an evil little smile and they immediately fall in line. all the pictures of her have to be edited, because somehow her eyes are red in every single one.

    seth: he just wants to go home. he doesn't like smiling at the camera but dan and allison bully him into it. his action shots look great, but in all of the group pictures his eyes are closed.

    nicky: he just has fun. he is the moment. the photographer kind of hates him because during the group shots he keeps giving seth bunny ears, and seth keeps trying to throttle him.

    kevin: he is the worst. kevin think he is the main character, and despite being one of the few tall members on the team he always tries to be in the front row. as a compromise he has started laying on his side in front of the group, like he's about to be painted like one of those french girls.

    neil: cryptid behavior. the photographers forget he exists. he is in group pictures, but half of his body is always cut off. he has an individual photo, but all of them are out of focus.

    andrew: he pays aaron to do all the individual and action shots for him. he is in the group photos, but he is always looking anywhere but at the camera.

    aaron: he is just so done with andrew's shit. he has twice as many pictures to take, and he has to do a wardrobe change. he was not payed enough for this.

    #if you repost tag me on ig @all.for.the.gays #aftg #all for the game #the foxes#aftg hc#aftg shitpost#neil josten #all for the game trilogy #andrew minyard#aftg headcanons#matt boyd#allison reynolds#seth gordon#renee walker#kevin day#nicky hemmick#aaron minyard#aftg headcanon #all for the game series #all for the game headcanons #all for the game hc #the foxhole court #the raven king #the king’s men #the kings men
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