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  • loumingju
    24.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    tam song, gender, and western bias

    alt title: you guys are so lucky i had so many essays to write this year

    tam post linh post

    hey hi hello it’s me again back to make another probably really long post about a lot of shit but specifically bc i have been…………. Seeing Some Bullshit on my dash and looked back at my original post on tam song and was like shit. i didn’t talk about the fucking gender roles while trying to analyze the effeminization of tam song did i. and because i am NICE and also enjoy talking abt things like this for some reason, in efforts to help people understand things maybe, ig i’m here to lay out some more facts and history and implore u to once again examine your own behavior towards tam song. so! let’s talk about GENDER. AGAIN.

    (as usual i would like to explain that these are the thoughts of one person, and they are not fact. i am not an authority or an expert on this topic, and even though i may sound like i believe it and am super-knowledgeable, it doesn’t mean u should hang off my every word. this is the internet after all)

    (also this is going to be great i hope u enjoy me enjoying not having to write in MLA essay format after months. settle in have a cup of tea etc etc!)

    so today i am going to talk about something that for much of my life i have been absolutely unable to pinpoint but have learned enough to now, i.e., the Great Gender Divide. and no i’m not talking abt misogyny i’m talking about the MAJOR differences between western gender roles versus that/those of the thousands of cultures throughout the giant subcontinent that is asia, which have caused you (mostly metaphorical-you, directed at non-asian people) to perceive us in a very different way. let's open with this quote, which is from linh's analysis post but is a good review of what i'm trying to talk about:

    “[John Cho says,] ‘....our whole race is infantilized to some degree, and it manifests itself in different ways. You infantilize a woman, and she becomes eroticized. You infantilize a man, and he becomes emasculated. You infantilize a baby [laughs]—and it’s possible, it appears that you can infantilize a baby even more. [laughs] The babies need to be cuter than white babies. And it’s just a weird thing that I felt like said something about mainstream America’s relationship to Asians in general.’ This infantilization results in Asians having less social autonomy. They are often perceived as polite and quiet, and less threatening than people of other races. Because Asians are seen like children, the perception is that they have little power, access, and control.” 

    (also idk where to put this but here’s a link to a post about gnc/androgyny perception of the west towards easian people, specifically abt k-pop idols tho. thank u eesha for this post i love you and your brain so much. anyway if you dont want to read through this whole thing at least read this! it is vaguely important to this post's point i think at this point in time i'm too tired to comprehend a single word i have typed today)

    now, i don’t have first-hand accounts on a lot of things that friends have told me abt what they’ve seen, which i am sad abt because i would have LOVED to talk about it me and my thousand-word rants, but i do have my own Things I’ve Seen as well as yk, general vibes of this fandom, which maybe perhaps doesn’t make full and complete sense if you’re white, but like think of it this way—being queer, and knowing something is Off about a situation you’re in and being able to figure out you’re uncomfortable because you’re queer and someone is doing something that feels homophobic but you can’t prove it? sometimes your hands shake and you don’t know why? that’s the particular kind of discomfort i occasionally find myself in, in the most random moments, while reacquainting myself with parts of the fandom i haven't really seen much of in a couple years, maybe just since holes left the fandom. ofc maybe it is a different feeling but all opression is opression with different names, or however that saying may go.

    tam’s portrayal in a lot of art is very ??? compared to the other boys. referring to BLs and ABO it’s a really common thing to see in gay ships that one of them is a "sub"/"omega", whatEVER the hell that means in real life with real people with real personalities (to note: have read a few ABO fics that are not absolute horseshit and actually give nuanced takes on gender, bc guaranteed you will probably find intelligent gender talk most places in which a universe/trope is super popular ESPECIALLY when the entire thing about it is basically gender roles 2.0, so it's not all bad but that's another discussion for another day). i initially had sth to say about this but decided i am too tired for This Shit however it is important to know abt BL and ABO and be able to discuss it properly instead of just being like "fuck!!!!!!! this is terrible bc it's all fetish!!!" we're not doing black and white thinking here folks also i’ve received a massive headache but am ignoring it, if i get less coherent it’s bc i’m in pain <3. anyway, in kam art—tam’s the shorter one, the one keefe has an arm around, the one with his face buried in keefe’s chest. now i do love kam a lot (mostly on account of i love tam a lot lmao), but there is…. really Something about seeing art and fic this pairing so often, with keefe, this white, boisterous, confident guy, and then tam, who’s so often portrayed as helpless, flustered, etc. around keefe. and yeah, maybe it’s not noticeable—but if u think about it. and if you are thinking about it. as soon as you go into the tag for it you’ll see what i’m talking about. it’s not enough to be a massive thing people are pointing it out, but it’s there. and if you go into tam’s tag alone, or u have some artist mutuals who draw tam, u are honestly bound to see SOMETHING.

    (note: please do not harrass people who do these things; honestly as a person who is friends with a lot of people who have made a lot of mistakes, they often don’t know what they were doing, and being a dick does neither you nor them nor anyone else any favors. no one comes out of harrassing someone for accidental racial bias feeling proud, you get me? that’s the major reason i’m not naming anyone specific here. if you’re a friend, and you feel like you want/need to, talk to them privately. but no anons to people you don’t know; no assumptions. gently tell them about it. give them the space to learn.)

    things i’ve seen, specifically, especially in relation to tam in a way that almost could be part of each person’s style but also makes him stand out in a way which, frankly, sucks: tam in pastels. tam in dresses, looking embarrassed. tam, super skinny, and with an uber-feminine face. tam drawn androgynously, tam wearing skirts (vs a LOT of other drawings of the other boys that don’t involve it at all, and even of the girls lmao). tam looking over his shoulder, looking demure. tam with his legs crossed. and at this point, remembering all this bullshit, remembering all of these things, all i have to ask is, why?

    because, like, ok. i get it. you want to explore gender through this character. maybe you relate to him in his separation from his parents, or his very emo way of dress/attitude. i don’t mind that at all, and being genderqueer myself i know what it means to explore gender, even though it’s from a different direction. and there are trans/GNC asian people everywhere. think alok v menon (indian activist for trans rights), chella man (transmasc, deaf, jewish, and chinese, and an actor and an artist and model and public speaker on top of it all), the very queer history of chinese opera (according to xiran jay zhao’s video on it—basically the drag of the chinese theatre), shamans and eunuchs, the gay apsara dance group in cambodia… i am so, so proud of our specific brand of queerness. it’s a pride that stretches across everything i see these people do. but this way of expressing tam so femininely felt… very different. and it took me a long time to figure out why it made me so uncomfortable, bc, like, what the fuck? no way am i going “shit tam in a dress is bad because he’s a boy”? but after talking to a good friend (thank u eesha!!!!) i think it boils down to this:

    what does it mean to be male in asian culture? and what does it mean to be male in western culture? and how does that affect the ways we behave, and the ways we look at things?

    they are the same question, but they have such vastly different answers. firstly, because if you’re in the west (or even NOT) you’re bound to know what the ideal western man is immediately. confident, smiley, broad-shouldered, loud; unafraid to declare himself and his opinions; unafraid to throw himself into a just fight. white, usually. and what’s the asian man? in china, the ideal man (according to c-dramas honestly idk anythinggg about it irl) is a smart, well-off, strategic man who knows when to speak. in khmer culture it's similar, though most of the men in my family are more just the people who make people laugh + are hardworking. other than my family tho, most people in public are fairly quiet. ur confident when you have to be, but not obnoxious. masculinity in asia is different.

    but what do you see in popular media here in the west? tao xu, who in the original comics was a shortie and a(n accidental) perpetrator of the outing of the main character, and who also is Very Subtly portrayed in both book and film to be childish and Other and funny for it. most asian comedians and actors who are popular are also short, and loud, and have accents, and are usually played off as comedic relief (or they’re beefy for the other reason but that’s NOT THE TOPIC TODAY i already lightly covered hypersexualization in the other one). k-pop, where the idols are (according to that post, not my own witness) praised for being gnc or androgynous when they literally just look like some dude. 

    (let me be real with u though the actual stereotype was asians all being short. tall asians representation right now goddamn it /hj)

    anyway let's turn to fiction shall we? we all kind of already have a grasp of the average western hero so uh here, let's compare.

    the likeable white hero: witty, self-deprecating, never-give-up (or they do give up and the lesson is Not Giving Up). there's at least one shirtless scene or them absolutely embarrassing themselves over a girl. usually a smart aleck. their love interest or female sidekick is usually Outspoken and Cool and Not Like Other Girls and also super gorgeous with emphasis on sexualizing whatever woman is in the role. (ex: scott pilgrim probably, 98% of superhero/action movies ever made)

    the beloved asian hero: sometimes witty, but often an idiot who is brash and doesn't think things through. often follows a huge character arc to become wise or master a skill. the character arc is learning when to shut the fuck up a lot of the time. they're respectful to their elders. girls aren't sexualized, and most love interests aren't part of a “he gets the girl!” kind of story. they're treated with respect as well and are often quiet, kind, beautiful (though a lot of female characters who sometimes are love interests break this role fairly often). (ex: yang guo in legend of the condor heroes 2008, jackie chan's character in drunken master)

    can u see the difference? that’s the cultural difference i’m kind of trying to articulate. it’s not a bad different (most of the time lmao), and both kinds of stories and heroes can teach us good, different things, but it also shows in western portrayals of us--the west saw our differences, didn’t understand them, and repackaged us into something else entirely—into people who are all submissive and quiet and timid and asexual (derogatory) but also serve the white person’s needs when they want something for their own sexual/mental pleasure or comfort. and all because the western world is the part that colonized us, which is something that follows us into present day constantly and pervasively. we can't escape it, even when we come online to like, rest our brains and vibe.

    like. it's here when you praise asian musicians for being so ✨gender✨ when all they did was exist and be skinny and have a face that's softer than the ideal white guy's. it’s here when you put an asian boy into a dress looking embarrassed while everyone else is having the time of their lives, and you make him a part of a pairing that follows a gender dynamic that should never have existed in the first place. it’s here when you put him in pastels and make him look delicate and slender and pretty when that is so far from anything he was ever written to be, so far from the focus of who he fucking is. that's looking at someone who looks different from you and not understanding it, and then deciding--whether consciously or not--that he gets to be different in a way that appeals to your perception of who asian people are and what we’re like. and, like, fuck, it makes me sick. and tired. i've reached a point where i COULD just block liberally and cut ppl off but i would like to say something because i mean. might as well make sure that u people understand that this? this is not fucking okay.

    i genuinely do not give a FUCK if you’re drawing tam in a dress. what i do give a fuck about is how you’re drawing him, and why, and in what context bc that's where, despite everyone’s woke attitudes and lgbt+ friendly space, you have failed to see the harm in something that has already caused it. being feminine is something we’ve been tied to and incriminated for for longer than any of you have been alive. we’ve been fetishized and prostituted and stereotyped to hell and back. this perception of us is the reason eight women were murdered in their places of work back in march 2021, and the reason k-pop is all over social media, and one of many reasons queer asian people can get no rest. this is why i haven’t seen an asian boy who HASN’T been a nerd who can’t get a girl until kotlc. so here’s my question for this one: 

    when does it end? 

    will you ever ask questions about what you’re making? will you ever realize how shitty it is for us to see one asian boy portrayed non-stereotypically, not as a nerd or a geek but someone who’s complicated and traumatized and angry, and then go into fandom and have to realize that no one else sees him the same way?

    there are hundreds of ways to have portrayed tam and femininity. they probably didn’t even have to have so much cultural research. it could be hanfu tied the girls’ way. it could be a black dress and lipstick and jacket and protest. i honestly do not fucking care how you're dressing him when it comes to, like, oh no, should i draw tam in a dress? like, you can. it shouldn't be a big deal. but if you’re going to draw him looking like a girl, acting like a girl, with colors typical to girls, and being more feminine than even fucking biana vacker, the pinnacle of femininity in the books—know that it’s absolutely a fucking slap in the face to us to do so. know that you’re doing a disservice to tam’s character to look at him, one of so few asian characters in western media whose masculinity hasn’t ever been diminished canonically, and immediately take it down because fuck the patriarchy or men need to wear dresses/be more tender/we should break more gender roles. i neither refute nor agree with either statement but i find an issue with the fact that u saw an asian guy and took it upon yourself to load that all onto him in such a vicious way compared to every other character in the series. i take it personally that biana vacker in a dress has more agency than tam song in a dress. that's the real issue here. i need you to look real fucking hard at yourself, if you're writing or drawing tam in any capacity. it doesn't have to be even related to tam wearing a dress. if you're not asian, not aware of the stereotypes, take a good hard look at what you're making. if he's weak, do you have a reason? if he's small, why? if he's wearing pastels, what's your reason?

    i know i'm making you ask about your own art and reasons for certain decisions you'll have to fumble through like you're in fucking art school but for the love of fucking god. you're making art about a poc who's been deeply mistreated by this fandom for... i don't even know how long. i've only been here two years. but if you want to really make an effort to, like, not be weird about it--and i'm not saying you have to. again, no words here are law--every time you make a decision in regards to his (or linh's) appearance, in regards to personality, character, color palette, you should probably know why you're doing it. at this point, it's necessary that you ask why. and if you don't have a reason? maybe it's because your perception of us is something similar to the thing's i've talked about here. maybe you need to shift it.

    anyway. i'm done with this now. saluting to u hope you LEARNED something and will APPLY it bc that would be GREAT goodnight i'm out

    #kotlc#tam song#kotlc discourse#kotlc crit #honestly i had a whole thing in the tags but then i hit tag limit (30?????) and was like yk. this doesn't have any weight here #anyway this entire thing is probably 3k again by now i am so sorry. if u read this i extend to u my apologies #i also would like to mention henry from the wilds is the SECOND asian boy i've seen whose writing i have found near to no issue with #they should make more characters in this genre. like SPECIFICALLY emo asian teenage boys. i would like to see more of them #just absolutely unhinged. like that's all i want out of life and representation is more emo asian teenage boys #u've seen the manic pixie dream girl now get ready for emo asian teenage boy #anyway. eesha has approved of this so i am posting it now!! pls be kind and whatever hope this reaches some ppl 💚
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  • well-fuuuck
    24.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    does anyone have fic recs of works that are legend of zelda games as novels? i have read two twilight princess novelizations and I'm wanting more

    #i would really love a skyward sword one #another twilight princess one wouldnt hurt either lol #but honestly im down for any game as a novel #loz
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  • cheatdeaths
    24.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    the sad thing is six would probably have picked benny if he hadn’t run off with the chip. she’s ready to give him that chance. but he does and it breaks her already flimsy trust in him (and also her heart lbr)

    all the times where they never spoke about the things they should have blow up when she busts him out of cottonwood cove. then it’s an ugly fight where it’s too little too late.

    #i honestly think it's hugely on her shoulders that they would never work out #there's no really talking about her death and him killing her in a way that heals them both from their guilt and their resentment #fear of vulnerability and no time to spare because war is on the horizon #benny isn't going to fully trust her. she's talking up him and house #the day she decides maybe he's right is the day he decides that she's never going to pick and he has to move #and it's :) #ooc / mundane.
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  • cosmic-robot-menace
    24.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago


    #mine#ultrakill#minos prime#minos ultrakill#gabriel ultrakill #honestly idk how long it lasted lmao I assume it's A LONG TIME
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  • mintsilhouette
    24.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    “why does everyone always make Bruno’s life apart from his family so SAD in these tragically-separated-at-a-young-age AU’s?” I mutter to myself as I sit here and do the exact same thing with no shame whatsoever 

    #i know why (because we all Crave the Angst and the Hurt/Comfort) #also because it gives everything more narrative weight when they all find each other again and realize #but even so it's like: dang let this man have an ordinary perfectly fine life once in a while has he not suffered ENOUGH #(talking to myself there haha) #(and also the answer is no) #(SORRY) #(but i would honestly respect an AU that was like: yeah he was adopted by a perfectly pleasant family and things went ok for the most part) #(even if that was more boring lololol) #text#osaat fic
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    24.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    Something about this is disconcerting. Not bad necessarily. But disconcerting.

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  • bubblebeom
    24.05.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    just had a group therapy session alongside my work team with our own dedicated mental health counselor like?????????? i’ve never worked anywhere that gave a flying fuck about my mental wellbeing????????? is this what they call a unicorn job?????

    #tw: mental health #tw: hospice #and bless tf up bc vet med has an extremely high ******* rate and this type of support has been needed for YEARS #i am honestly just like - in awe - bc wow that was really nice #i work in pet hospice and am surrounded by terminal illness and end of life care day in and out and i love what i do but it gets tough #and having this kind of healthy work environment? iconic for me #i wish it for everyone #manifesting dedicated mental health counselors for everyone #lana says
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  • telltaletypist
    24.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    alright breaking kayfabe real quick morbius really is such a thoroughly unremarkable film. it's not even a trainwreck or anything, it's just very dull and soulless and wouldn't have been noteworthy in the slightest if not for the meme. and honestly that's kinda perfect

    #but i still wouldn't recommend watching it #it adds nothing to the bit and honestly it's funnier if you don't
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  • utopiasims
    24.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    my vamp sim whos gonna do vamp stuff

    #ts4#sims 4#rosalie #honestly seeing everyones midnight hollow sims made me wanna join the bandwagon #i never make new sims lol
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    24.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago
                   ✿ aran          ——     @scoundrvls​​​​

    FRIENDSHIP.     childhood friends  /  work buddies or coworkers  /  family friends  /  friends with benefits  /  smoking buddies  /  adventure buddies /  fake friends  /  recently friends  /  party buddies  /  friendship of need  / dying friendship  /  circumstantial friendship /  partners in crime  /  old friendship  / [ your muse ] is the good influence  /  [ your muse ] is the bad influence  /  [ my muse ] is the good influence  /  [ my muse ] is the bad influence  /  opposites attract  /  ride or die  / frenemies  /  roommates or flatmates  /  penpals  /  exes to friends  /  enemies to friends  /  other

    ROMANCE.     childhood sweethearts  /  [ your muse is mines ] childhood crush  /  [ my muse is yours ] childhood crush  /  exes  /  exes to lovers  /  forbidden lovers  /  highschool sweethearts  /  secret relationship  /  opposites attract  /  long distance  /  unrequited [ from your muses side ]  /  unrequited [ from my muses side ]  /  unrequited [ from both sides ]  /  skinny love  /  friends to lovers  /  enemies to lovers /  spurious relationship  /  power couple  /  newly entered  /  soulmates [ metaphorical ]  /  soulmates  [ literal ]  /  awkward  /  turning toxic  /  toxic love  /  cheating [ on your muse ]  /  cheating [ with your muse ]  /  other

    FAMILIAL.     siblings [ half ]  /  siblings [ step ]  /  [ my muse ] is an older sibling figure to your younger sibling figure  /  [ my muse ] is a younger sibling figure to your older sibling figure muse  /  [ my muse ] is a parental figure to yours  /  [ my muse ] is a child figure to your muse  /  guardian figure  /  legal guardian  /  adoptive child  /  foster child  / [ your muse ] is taken under mines wing  /  [ my muse ] is taken under yours wing  /  other

    ANTAGONISTIC.     dangerous to each other /  dangerous to others /  unpredictable  / rivals  /  petty  /  developing into sexual or romantic tension  /  based off family matters  / based of off circumstance /  based of professional matters  / based off misunderstanding or lies /  conflict of ideology /  betrayal  /  hero - villain dynamic  /  enemies /  fight club  /  friends turned enemies  /  lovers turned enemies  /  exes turned enemies  /  other

    #scoundrvls    //    aran #i honestly haven't thought about it much so a lot of this is blank and it'll be similar with shiv i'm sure #but i just kdjfdkfhdkfhdkfhdkjshjkd #yes
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  • hiccup447
    24.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    Things i cannot stand about this fandom that will almost certainly get me canceled on here.

    - The fact yall are buggin about longer episodes, like its a bad thing


    - Forgetting about how important the plot is and replacing it with relationship quarrels

    - When people censor the names of ships or characters who didnt do anything super bad or arent generally toxic

    - The homophobia, all of it but more specifically, the homophobia directed at Will. Cause its only cool for chicks to be gay, but when a guy does it its wrong, apperently

    - The fanfics with AUS about things like the holocaust and the great depression????? Like why do those exist

    #stranger things #stranger things season 4 #unpopular opinion#maybe#idk #i feel like im gonna get hate but im just so sick and tired of it all. #like honestly the fandom is getting kinda toxic #and its exauhsting #i just wanna watch stranger things and write and draw- why are we all fighting constantly. #we all like the same show???? #will byers#steve harrington#mike wheeler#dustin henderson#lucas sinclair#maxine mayfield#jane hopper
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  • sleepyconfusedpotato
    24.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    They changed the solid upper part of the mask back to cloth again RIP gypsum upper part you'll be missed 😔

    #call of duty #call of duty modern warfare #cod#cod mw #simon ghost riley #ghost #call of duty modern warfare 2022 #cod mw22 #idk honestly the texture doesn't look as hard and as solid as the og jawbone
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  • ve6a
    24.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    sittin on da couch makeing powered points ...

    #m #i dont love powerpoint honestly bt its all i have rn
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  • namjoon-is-hot
    24.05.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    Algebra got my fucking crying

    #My cheeks hurt #Cuz I kept slapping myself cuz I kept getting dizzy #Honestly fuck the teacher #She's getting paid just to gossip with the others
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  • the1orlylover
    24.05.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    I love how all the Triple Frontier poly fics I read just consistently exclude Ben Affleck.

    Like nope he didn't exist.

    #i mean is he cropped out of this gif? #we'll never know #🤣🤣🤣 #no but honestly thats top tier fanfic shit #we get railed by everyone except Ben Affleck. . . . fuck Ben Affleck. #🤣#👍👍#GOLD#solid GOLD
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  • gargoylegirll
    24.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    Lmao she’s really body shaming other women and acting like she’s better than women who have different (consensual) sexual desires than her….what a frickin loser


    #this girl is really mad at me for having a bald vagina🥲 #she's honestly embarrassing herself
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  • cats-inthe-cradle
    24.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    The batfam has bewitched me body and soul

    I love Steph and Damian's dynamic/relationship so much. (Yes my knowledge of them stems from fandom, what of it?)

    I just—idk I feel like Steph would be the one person to really see and understand Damian for some reason? She's so compassionate and kind hearted, despite the hardship she's experienced. She knows that life isn't always fair and that the world can be a cruel place but is such a beacon of energy and perseverance despite it. And I think that's something Damian can learn from - that you can choose to be good despite a crappy upbringing, despite being a trained as an assassin his entire life he can still choose for himself the kind of person he wants to be.

    Steph also understands what it's like to have a bad and cruel parent (or grandfather), maybe not to the same extent as Damian, but still. I think she, better than most, would be able to see Damian for the child that he is but also understand and recognize the maturity he's gained due to the nature of his upbringing.

    I think it's easy for someone to just look at Damian and his upbringing and how he acts and forget that he's just a child, in a new world, who had a very unhealthy upbringing and doesn't know how to act properly and of course he's gonna keep making mistakes and bad decisions because he doesn't know better. And that he's gonna need things explained because his morals were shot after being raised by the league of assassins and he just doesn't have a great grasp on what's right or wrong.

    But then at the same time because he is a kid, and he makes mistakes, and doesn't understand how he should and shouldn't act, and because he can be arrogant and prideful—they can easily mistake him as immature. And don't get me wrong, he is immature, that comes with being a kid. But he's also very mature for his age and more than that he's incredibly smart and knowledgeable and it's easy to forget that when you just see a bratty kid most of the time.

    So I just think Steph would understand that he's just a kid while also recognizing how incredibly brilliant he is. She's so cheerful and determined that she'd be good at getting past Damian's prickly exterior. And I think she'd be good at pulling him into activities that he might at first see as 'childish'. But that he ultimately accepts to participate in not only because she seems enjoy and find no shame in it too, but also because Steph knows to choose activities that are meaningful in one way or another.

    And she doesn't care if Damian complains the entire time, she knows how to tell if he's secretly enjoying himself and as long as he is it's a win in her book. I think she'd also be incredibly good at keeping it completely casual and normal as if it's not a big deal, which makes Damian all the more willing.

    Steph is the one to reach out first and refuses to give up when Damian responds none to kindly. And over time Damian comes to realize just how awesome and skilled she is and they form a bond/partnership that the others don't always understand but that they learn to fear.

    Basically Steph learns early on that Damian is deserving of her respect in spite of his shot comings (which is true for almost everyone honestly) and she willing gives it to him, in turn earning his respect back. And the rest of the family can learn from her example.

    #dont ask me where this came from i jave no idea #i love these two and just the entire batfam honestly #batfam#stephanie brown#damian wayne #steph is the best sister fight me #and damian is doing his best he just needs some patience and understanding #cradle talks#cradle's stuff
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  • gengarlive
    24.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    anyways val showing jane how well she’s trained thor since they were last together (bc it seems like she was blipped I think?) and how eager he is to please and obey

    #thots #honestly just any combo dynamics of Val/jane/thor/reader #ALSO ALSO. i guess they’re keeping jane as that instead of giving her the mighty Thor name/mantle and thor instead of odinson #Also x 3 my drug test left me an ugly patch of no hair ✌️😔
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  • rsmrymnt-tea
    24.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I adore your art and I love the extra theories that you come up with!!! It honestly makes me enjoy the game even more- that’s all I wanted to say, have a good day/night! <33

    hjkdghdfjkg omg??? Thank you omg ;w; Thank you so much for enjoying both >w< Tbh with all my frustrated ramblings about the game I figured I'd drive people away from the game more >.> Glad that something I've said has added depth to it for you!

    I hope you have a good day/night too!!

    #chat & colloquy #dreamkidddream #also honestly ive read all the tags youve put with my art and gosh shgjkdfsg thank you so much for them ;w; #sorry i took so long to get to this... genuinely always so stunned when people say they like my stuff >w<
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  • mc-tummy-blur
    24.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    @ruestew I’ll be doing both but just for organization sake (As in I dont want the posts to get super long) I’ll answer for each character in two separate posts

    *I’m going to try to be as concise as possible with my reasoning for the bingo placement, but honestly probably have a lot more to say about these characters

    My thoughts expanded under “read more”

    “They are soooooo cool looking”— I really like her design. Her name, Sonya Sanchez, does have a nice ring to it and perfectly fits with the newscaster celeb persona. The pink works for her, it makes her stand out from the rest of the crowd. It says, “Hey! Put all focus onto me!” Which works for her character and the role she plays. I do like how they made her necklace green, it makes it eye-catching. Also, her voice, both the voice she uses for GNN and her regular voice is just *chef’s kiss*

    “They’re deeper than they seem”— Speaking of her voice, I really love the detail on how she is forced to use a different accent on GNN in order to be perceived as smarter to the audience. AND the fact that she is fully aware about this and hates it. Meaning that she isn’t just a reporter who blindly agrees with everything her employers say/ask of her. I think there could be more time dedicated to that but its cool that they even decided to put that trait on her to begin with. In general, She has so much depth to her, but the details are scattered like breadcrumbs that you have to find (besides the mission where she tells you about Lola). When she opens up to how she knows about Lola and how she had wished at time that she was in Lola’s place instead, it is just heartbreaking to hear. It doesn't sound fake on her end. And the joy she gets when seeing her brothers (or the sadness she has when she talks about them briefly in one mission) is genuine and heartwarming. The fact that she still thinks about these characters years later after not having proper contact or closure with them just shows how she is a good person. But its just hidden underneath the celeb persona that she had to stick to for years, as well as the trauma she has gone through.

    “Wow! They are a horrible person”/“They’ve never done anything wrong in their life <33”— On one hand, she has so much guilt for how she couldn't save Lola, and how she separated herself from her brothers in order to get to where she is at in her career. To me, there are cracks in her celeb persona, and she doesn’t completely enjoy in what she’s doing (or at least how she got there). On the other hand, it seems that a lot of her political opinions are her own (which are harmful to the citizens in Petria), and she does seem like a jerk to those that she thinks serve a purpose to her in the moment (ex. Runaway Teen and Adam). But honestly, she’s a girlboss so—

    “They’re like a blorbo to me”/“I’m mentally ill about them”/— See points above

    #road 96#sonya sanchez#mcaskit​n’answer #honestly it took me a bit to start to like her but she grew on me #sorry if these thoughts dont seem so coherent i tried writing out points as to why but its late as im scheduling this post #dont worry part 2 of this will be scheduled for the hoiur after this is scheduled to be posted
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