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  • askandrewkreiss
    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I don't know all the flags, I'm sorry for being stupid. I'll uh- leave lmao. Sorry

    (( you’re not stupid, I simply informed you what the flag meant and used a pet name, I wasn’t trying to call you stupid I didn’t even think about it))

    #but yep I head canon Edgar as amab demiboy enby #))
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  • rxttenfish
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    having a lot of thoughts about miranda and how her mental state has been fucked over by the merkingdom and by repeated and consistent abuses at the hands of the vanderbilts, to the point of singlemindedly considering herself an object. 

    an object to be fought for, an object to be valued and protected, an object to hurt other people, an object to serve a purpose, an object that can be replaced, an object that belongs to a bigger system than it, an object that will be jealously guarded, an object to be used, an object to be hurt, an object to be a means to an end, an object to kill with, an object to be killed, or an object to be worshipped.

    but always an object regardless.

    #all the care guide says is 'biomass' #i could write essays on miranda's character and whats going on in her head...... #im just filled with so much spite for how the fandom has treated her #and how canon keeps treating her worse and worse #shes COMPLICATED shes MESSY shes TRAUMATIZED shes A WAR CRIMINAL #I CARE A LOT FOR THIS FISH OKAY #anyways back to me writing about her unfucking her shit #recovering from her trauma and dealing with her bigotry and realizing ''oh the merkingdom is Fucked Up Actually'' #and just HEALING #no make her worse i want her to finally get better #(this is also why i like her and ravi too. #solidarity in ''lifelong trauma has lead to a profession which treats me like a weapon and uses me to hurt other people'' #''except it kinda really fucked me up and I Don't Want To Do This Anymore'' #i just think they both deserve to go to therapy and have a nice home where they feel safe and loved)
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  • meloncalic
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Of All the Places in the Multiverse

    in which engineer!mark is blissfully ignorant of a certain lookalike

    (this is my first real fanfic ive published on here and it turned out way longer than expected anyway love ya smooches hope you enjoy)

    warnings: mentions of a panic attack, body injury, past trauma

    You lost track of how many doors you’ve tried going through a while ago. But you can’t give up. Not now.

    Your Engineer’s once bright and contagious determination had now dimmed to a flicker. You consider the alternate option — to let the crew bear the burden as well — and you mentally wince. This is your problem. You’re their fearless leader, the decision-maker, their Captain. Maybe just one more time...

    You express this to your loyal sidekick, who is too tired to throw one of his patented oddly-endearing hissy fits. So in the two of you go. Once more, with feeling.

    The both of you make your way towards what used to be the Warp Core room, the path burned into your memory. As you limp from an injury you got several jumps ago, you reflect on the odd sorts of things you’ve seen in past attempts to get to the Core itself. You vaguely remember, through the blur of multiversal travel, an alien planet here, a random place on earth (in a decade which definitely was not your own) there. It would be fun, traveling with your companion to so many different places, had the circumstances been different.

    One would think you would’ve given up by now. And you should’ve.

    As you careen through the chaotic blue swirl with Mark, you search around each identical door. Like picking a card out of a tarot deck, one draws your attention. You could swear it almost calls to you. This has to be it.

    “That one!” you scream over the chaos around you bending time and space, gesturing towards the particular door out of hundreds floating around you.

    You would’ve liked to be more efficient and go your separate ways, but after a certain incident only a few jumps ago, your Engineer worriedly decreed he wasn’t ever going to leave your side until the Warp Core was found. Never.

    Both hands entwined, you guided yourselves towards the door, and braced for impact.

    But, apparently not well enough.

    You finally wake up with a groan and a pain in your head on a cool wooden floor. You seem alone, and your whole body fills with dread. The only thing on your mind is to call for your companion, not truly taking in your surroundings. 

    “Mark?” you yell, dripping with worry. You lean to one side slightly, causing the floor beneath you to creak.

    “Captain! You gotta come see this!” He yells from afar in between chuckles.

    Thank the stars above, he’s ok.

    You slowly get up, unsure if anything’s broken. You carefully move and get a good look at where you both landed, anything could’ve —

    Oh. Oh no. No no no no no. Not again.

    Of all the places in the multiverse.

    You’d laugh if your heartbeat would get out of your ears and you could breathe normally for a moment. Your body feels as if all hope drained from you in a single moment and was replaced with paralyzing fear. 

    You blink and look once more to make sure you’re not just imagining things. 

    You’re here. You’d recognize that mirror anywhere, cracks and all.

    And the walls. And the furniture. And the doors. And every godforsaken thing in this place. And those stairs. You can practically hear the spiel of a man sauntering his way down them, it makes you sick to your stomach.

    “It’s not all about me, it’s about you.”

    Your Engineer pulls you back to reality as he comes into the room laughing, “There’s something absolutely hilarious that I’m totally stealing and putting in my quarters when we get —Cap, you ok?” his bright smile drops as he sees your state.

    You stare at him for a beat, “Yeah. Yeah, Mark I’m fine. Just still winded from the jump, I guess,” You muster a fake smile that you can tell he doesn’t entirely believe, but he doesn’t push.

    “Aw, ok. You good to walk?”

    “Um, yeah. I think so.”

    “Great, maybe laughter will help clear the wormhole side effects. Come on!” He reaches out his hand with a smile.

    “Mark, I don’t— ”

    “Aw come on! Look at this place! I have never seen a house this big! We can at least explore a little while we’re here.”

    He grabs your hand and starts down a dark hallway as you hesitantly follow. The whole house smells of must, mildew, and —well— death. You look back towards the grand exit doors of the Manor.

    You try and channel all your focus on him. Your Engineer. His enthusiasm. His voice. It’s the only thing stopping the walls from closing in around you. The only thing silencing your scream. You climb a staircase and Mark lets go of your hand, jogging over to present a certain decoration on the wall that has him giggling like a child.

    This has got to be some cruel trick.

    It’s a portrait. of Him.

    Covered in cobwebs and cracks, sure. But that smile of pure venom and those emotionless eyes, you could instantly tell it was him. Posing in that stupid robe. The painting was framed in pure gold, dusty and lacking in shine, but gold nonetheless.

    You involuntarily step back, nearly falling back down the staircase in the process. You need to leave this place was all your mind could think. You don’t notice the faint blue glow on your left wrist start to appear.

    Your Mark gestures back and forth between the painting to himself, “Tell me you can’t see the resemblance! I’m soooo gonna take this back to the ship. Wait till Celci sees this thing, I—”

    “Mark, no.”

    It comes out harsher than you expected. The disappointment in his face and the resulting pang in your heart briefly distracts you from the situation at hand, he looks like a lost puppy.

    The warp crystal’s light grows and catches your attention. Thank goodness.

    It engulfs you both and you’re transported out of that place, and you feel instant relief. You still find yourselves back on the bridge with the same result: another door, another failure. You elect to stay silent and nod with affirmation as an exasperated Mark concedes that you both should involve the crew.

    Occasionally when work lulls, Mark goes on diatribes about the painting of that weird doppelgänger of him you guys found and how he could have a super rich ancestor or something like that. He especially likes to annoy Celci with it, who of course, doesn’t believe him.

    #markiplier #in space with markiplier #iswm #i may have broken my own heart writing this. #aaaaaaAAA ever since the iswm explanation stream ive loved the dynamic of engineer!mark reminding the captain of actor #it makes my brain hhrrgrhrhgh like i HATE it but I LOVE it yknow #we love angst in this house #also in my head its the portrait from the Dark ending in heist 100% #and yes the canon of having the crystal AND also jumping through the doors in the wormhole is a lil wishywashy but im ok with it #it is just the fact that i literally couldnt find a fitting end without them being warped outta there whoops #also it is just a small detail but i definitely picture them waking up in the same place they woke up after being shot because :) reasons :) #idk if anyones actually gonna read this but if you do thank you!!
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  • cryptid-killjoy
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Sherwood Circle Life

    Was this Chip’s fault? You know it was. 

    #head canon #bastien head canon
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  • cryptid-killjoy
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    New Lothlorien Tree

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  • ryanandmarissa
    29.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    headcanons around RM in the early days of them dating? obvs we actually saw a lot of this on screen but stuff like seth teasing ryan about being whipped makes me think about all off-screen moments

    Aww, they were just babies. I haven't done much thinking on their early days since we saw so much but it's really cute to think about. The opening scene of them in 1x10 is indicative of such a closeness already and it's really sweet.

    So, let's think:

    After lingering at the carnival for an hour, Ryan took his bike and Marissa rode on his bike pegs again and they slowly made their way through Newport, stopping every now and again to kiss.

    After their sleepover at the end of 1x10, Ryan snuck Marissa a bagel in the morning, complete with an array of spreads. Sneaking her out of the house took some covert effort, but they made it.

    They went to Baskin Robbins and Marissa knew without thinking that she wanted Gold Medal Ribbon (God I wish this stupid show had done something more with this metaphor)

    They swapped locker combinations within days of starting to date. Marissa liked leaving him notes for him to read between classes and he liked to steal her fancy pens (as well as her lighter because she always had better ones than him)

    If Ryan ever gets to lunch before her, he always gets her a bottle of her favorite strawberry lemonade since it's popular and always sells out

    Marissa always wanders off to the bookstore whenever Ryan and Seth go to the comic book store and picks up a knickknack for Ryan at the register. She's gotten him a Steinbeck bottle opener, an Edgar Allen Poe matchbook, and a Jane Austen magnet.

    Sharing cigarettes!!!

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  • montywonmom
    29.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Enzo - Bloodsucker - Freak Show County   /     Darius - Voodooist - Lil’ Orleans

    For back history sake know: RECAP

    Bayden has already met Enzo and he helped him escape from the Hotel Cortez. If he ever saw Enzo again this would put a wrench in the brain washing Dr. Wardeyn has done to make him believe everything that happened was just a part of his delusion. 

    #Ok is we're going over our npc's i remember who else I got #head canon#enzo#darius#npc's
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  • the-ship-maker-2
    29.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    COdy with a partner in crime s/o?💞🌻🌙

    Cody with a partner in crime s/o HCs

    This song is just ^^

    Cody with a partner in crime s/o HCs

    -the best team

    -and a deadly effective duo

    -you are his eyes and ears

    -while he is the mastermind

    -lab assistant

    -he has you do a lot of espionage for him while you give him the information and he can figure out y'alls next move in the mission

    -he never makes a move without your say so

    -and vice versa

    -you two actually get y'alls missions done faster than everyone else there with how effective y'all are when working together

    -indeed y'alls love is a deadly force to be reckoned with

    I hope you like these and feel free to ask again!

    #ask box#answered#creepypasta#creepypasta fandom#cody#x virus#head canons #send me requests #please flood my inbox #please and thank you
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  • the-ship-maker-2
    29.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Cody with a clingy s/o hc-🌻🌙

    Cody with a clingy s/o HCs

    -cody is a very touch starved person

    -so he appreciates clingy

    -he likes the fact that they never leave his side and is constantly on them

    -it makes him feel powerful and loved and appreciated

    -he low key has abandonment issues

    -if he could hold you all day he would

    -and he does sometimes when he has no work to do

    -you make him take breaks more often now

    -although it makes it hard to do work

    -but of course he'll find a way around that

    I hope you like these and feel free to ask again!

    #ask box#answered#creepypasta#creepypasta fandom#cody#x virus#head canons #send me requests #please flood my inbox #please and thank you
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  • zloslwy
    29.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    What is his favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor


    #⌧    𝙲𝙰𝚂𝙴 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴   : head canon.
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  • itisweselton
    29.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Does your muse like receiving gifts from a potential partner? If so, what?

    //Edgar enjoys receiving gifts from a potential partner despite preferring to give gifts himself. His gifts of choice would be either cologne or anything to do with his hobbies like taxidermy.

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  • batsarebetterthanpeople
    29.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    can we talk about how the dialogue in episodes 3 and 4 and the way that we see Izzy and Blackbeard interact in episode 3 implies that Ed doesn’t really get out much and relies on Izzy to filter most of his interactions with other people and Izzy manipulates that to his advantage just all the fuckin time. Like I might be misreading this but they don’t really show us Blackbeard interacting with Fang and Ivan ever really, despite the fact that they’ve presumably been sailing together for some time. And Ed sorta vibing telling ghost stories is the most open and available they’ve ever seen him, despite Ed being pretty open and available generally even when Stede’s not around which makes me think that until Ed and Izzy started fighting, Ed was letting Izzy do a lot of his social interacting for him. And we only see him do this for one episode (episode 3) and in that Episode, Izzy manipulates the way that Ed is perceiving the situation at every possible opportunity. By failing to tell Stede who his boss is so that he’ll get Stede to say something stupid that he can bring back to Ed and by telling Ed unequivocally that Stede knew who he was despite this. He also lies about his own behavior and Ed seems to just take his word for it. He says “I’ve massaged this crew when they were worried about your judgement” but the only time we see him responding to a crew member worried about Ed’s judgement is when Fang asks why they have to follow Stede and Izzy’s response is “How should I know, the man’s half insane. No one asked you to fucking think” which is exactly the opposite of what he says he’s doing.

    Ed also seems to think that he needs Izzy. When Izzy tries to leave at the end of episode 4 Ed says all the things he knows will make him stay. At the beginning of Episode 7 Ed is ready to leave the revenge, and I think it’s because Izzy is no longer around. Episode 9 the first thing he does, even after Izzy’s betrayal, when he gets back on the revenge, is save Izzy and reinstate him as first mate. Even after the move with Calico Jack, even after selling him out to the British and then using him as a bargaining chip (Izzy didn’t buy Ed’s freedom in exchange for Stede, he bought Ed. Ed was turned over into the custody of captain Hands by the British which I do think is probably an important distinction) After all of that, Ed still puts Izzy in a position where he can control how the crew sees Ed, how Ed sees what’s going on on the ship, and who Ed talks to.

    All of this of course culminates in Izzy being able to completely flip Ed’s emotional state in just one conversation. He basically breaks Ed’s spirit when Ed was honestly doing so well recovering from one of the most intense heartbreaks of his life. Every time Izzy hurls his verbal abuse at Ed, Ed either compartmentalizes and distances himself (”That’s Blackbeard, I’m Stede, remember?”) or he is violently reactive (”Chose you’re next words wisely, dog”) It’s fight or flight, and no one else has that reaction to Izzy’s verbal abuse. Lucius doesn’t give a fuck, Stede matches his energy. Like Izzy’s not a scary character, everyone but Ed treats him like an angry chihuahua when being insulted by him and yet he put’s Ed into survival mode with a word.

    I also think it bares mentioning that as soon as Izzy looses his control over Ed he responds by doing something that could kill Ed (i.e. selling him out to the Brits.) He’s going to get back control by any means necessary.

    I think what I’m saying is that Izzy is Ed’s abuser, and a lot of people just didn’t notice that because Ed has power over Izzy in that Ed is the captain and Izzy is the first mate, and because the show depicts Ed enacting physical violence on Izzy (i.e. punching him, choking him, and feeding him his own toe). Traditionally when you see an abuser and their victim in media the victim doesn’t enact violence unless it’s in the context of getting rid of the abuser for good and freeing themself, but Ed does it in the context of succumbing to the abuse, which I find fascinating. This show is really good at depicting complicated and messy relationships, and I think Ed and Izzy might be one of the most complicated and messy that there is. It depicts an abuse that isn’t a helpless woman and a domineering man and it flew over some people’s heads but I can’t think of another reason for Ed to behave the way he does around Izzy. And once you see it you feel dumb for not seeing it because Izzy really pulls out all the stops short of hitting him. He gaslights Ed, he manipulates Ed, he isolates Ed from his community, he yells at him, he threatens him, he forces Ed to walk a tightrope and if Ed doesn’t stick exactly to Izzy’s expectations of him he actively tries to do Ed harm. And It’s effective, even when Ed should kick Izzy to the curb he doesn’t because he’s fully convinced he can’t live without Izzy.

    #It's also very interesting how Ed's neurodivergency fits into all of this #Like if I may get on my autistic headcanon for a moment #Izzy uses his neurodivergency to make ed feel and appear less compitent #when he's not calling ed week for being in love he's calling him crazy #I also wonder if it's easier to get ed to self isolate because he's autistic but that's more in head canon territory than media analysis #ofmd meta#tw abuse#izzy hands#edward teach #edward teach ofmd #blackbeard#blackbeard ofmd #also making blackbeard and abuse victim is a 10/10 move in my opinion #like anyone can be the victim of abuse even the greatest pirate of all time #Our flag means death #our flag means gay #ofmd
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  • zloslwy
    29.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Okay but though i have rarely seen a lot of Teen Wolf, the clip of Noah Stilinksi blaming Stiles for his mom's death? I don't even know what actually happened that the LOOK on Stiles' face when his father said what he said UGH BABY BOY

    That part fucks me up!! I explore a lot with fear on this blog, and good thing that was a fear hallucination from ingesting some supernatural shit! Noah would never say something like that to Stiles, but at that point in his life, it was a huge fear of his.

    His mom, Claudia, died from a progressive type of dementia that made her experience bouts of paranoia. When she experienced that, part of the paranoia was that Stiles was trying to kill her, that he’s evil, that he’s coming after her. He was 9 when she passed away. So of course to adult logic brains, ofc he isn’t to blame and he was told so, but he internalized a lot of it. The fear of being evil, wrong, bad still sticks with him as an adult. It’s where his guilt started. Guilt and fear are huge parts of him.

    #⌧ 𝙼𝙾𝚃𝙷𝙼𝙰𝙽 𝙴𝙽𝚃𝙷𝚄𝚂𝙸𝙰𝚂𝚃. : ooc. #I’ll format this soon but yeah! #one of my main rp partners writes a Jon.athan Cr.ane and I’ve explored soooo much of his fears #this is one of them for sure #⌧    𝙲𝙰𝚂𝙴 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴   : head canon. #⌧    𝙲𝙰𝚂𝙴 𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴   : study.
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  • ladymochawrites
    29.05.2022 - 7 hours ago



    “My day is better when I’m with you…” (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

    requested by: @iluvrosalia
    topics: soft and angst
    plot: a reader who finds themselves having a bad day or just feeling sad and licorice cookie catches them gloomy

    author’s note

    hello! glad to be back once again. here is another submitted request from months back. sorry to be a little late but also thank you for your patience. (: I hope you enjoy reading this short fic.

    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥

    although, you come home feeling burnt out. you were never the cookie to swiftly become exhausted or feeling down when you felt like you couldn’t get much done. your hair was slightly messy, dark fainted eye bags made your eyes heavier. you didn’t have the courage to properly place your belongings on the rack hooked up to your door. you were still in your clothes since early morning. you didn’t feel like taking off your wardrobe as you dragged yourself to your bed. as if it seems you were recently like this, feeling unmotivated for the past days— and you wondered why. could it be because you had a big list to fulfill and that you were only able to do so much? did dark enchantress cookie once again strike at you? what about pomegranate cookie? surely, your relationship between the two of you isn’t as satisfying as she sees you in pity and wants to scold you for being a “weakling” in the eyes of a fortune teller. you did prove the others worthy of your support, like dark choco and poison mushroom cookie, but what more could you do? you definitely had a strong bond for licorice cookie supporting you in every cost. that’s why he had a very keen sense of urgency to wipe the tears of your plush face. you relied on him because he always knew when something was wrong. in fact, he’s never let you down or insult you for how you expressed your emotions. it took time for him to cope with someone like dark choco cookie, with that being said the first to overcome his betrayal of his own home and stepping up for himself as any prince would do. licorice cookie before wasn’t precise with right words or how exactly to give advice. it seem dark choco wasn’t the only one— but they knew that coping with each other’s problems and dismays helped them develop overtime as they secretly learned from other dependent warriors much so from the dark cocoa kingdom.

    just then you heard a soft knock, tapping against the other side of the door. you hear mumbling coming from the other side of the door, but couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. you knew you heard light male voice cracks— and that’s when you knew it was licorice cookie. you were so heavily exhausted and gloom that you pressed your face so hard into the pillows. blankets hugging your weak body as they pushed down towards you in your bed. you refused to detach yourself as you didn’t mind him approaching through the room. curtains remained closed as a tiny beam of light, gaping towards your hidden face. he sees that you look tired. but it was more than just being tired. he was very concerned. licorice cookie swooped onto the bed where continued to lay on your stomach so you didn’t have to bother telling him.

    “oh, don’t act like you can ignore me. I know when something is wrong.” he asseverated. “please y/n, if you don’t tell me what is bugging you, then your problems will just keep tormenting you. i’m here to listen.” licorice cookie knew from the start that something was up. you never felt this much distress as you lost your motivated to please others. no matter how hard you had tried. licorice was never the type to turn his back on you. you just needed someone to vent and that was all you needed to let yourself breathe.

    “licorice, I failed our relationship. I failed to do the things wholeheartedly. no matter how hard I try, I keep getting the punishment for it. especially from the deceiving eyes of pomegranate cookie. or dark enchantress cookie when she tells me to do better each time. the duties I fulfill, she expects them to be perfect. and I get ambushed by her dark magic that I feel my body becoming weaker and my mind feeling empty. how exactly am I an aspect to the clan of the cookies of darkness?” you exhaled every ounce of breath you could take after engulf with such disgrace. licorice stood silent as he needed time to process and think of what he really needed to say. he didn’t want to butcher you, but at the same time he knew he had no other choice but to make sure you were disciplined and coached probably to ensure he wouldn’t give you up.

    “y/n… stop beating yourself up. you’re not a burden in my eyes. however, I will say that dark enchantress cookie does not tolerate such excuses. nor a cookie who attempts to crumble in pain and end its misery. the only time a cookie crumbles is when they do it for the sake of dark enchantress cookie to sacrifice more dark power, embedded in a cookie’s dough. not because they are weak already, but because of cookies that were quickly shattered into their greatest escape of failing their missions terribly. and I don’t want you to be like that. in the eyes of our leader, you are a future surpassed guardian in the makings as she’ll grant more power on your behalf. the power you withhold has truly impressed our leader, but you let your emotions get the best of you.” licorice cookie begins to brush your shoulder as you stood up from the covers, leaning against his chest as he saw the dark eye bags dragging your eyelids downward. your clothes wrinkled as they were and he felt as if his strong aura felt the saddening of your heart aching.

    “d’oh.. forget what pomegranate cookie thinks. she’s not the boss. I cant stand such arrogant insolent like her. she thinks she can surpass her abilities into becoming the next leader.” the foul look he gave when he knew he despised her so much.

    you let go a muffled giggle as he wraps you into his chest. you knew he had something vile to express every time he was right next to her. but it made you laugh every time he gets mad and talks behind her back. you were glad you weren’t the only time who would cut ties with a crimson mudang. despite of her bitter expressions and unsympathetic behaviors. he could care less.

    you were carried away by his warm hugs that you didn’t want to let go. he’d always be there by your side to make sure no one would harm you physically or emotionally, no matter what it takes to protect you.

    “now now… why don’t you wipe those dribbling tears out of those pretty eyes and we can have licorice ice cream together!”


    #cookie run kingdom #cookie run#head canon#head canons#fanfic writing#cr kingdom #crk x reader #fanfic#licorice cookie #licorice x reader
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  • doppocore
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    ok but i have never seen a google docs receipts/c4ll0ut that wasnt at least 30% the stupidest god damn shit ive ever seen someone make up

    #yes this is about the current... fiasco. #like yeah supporting h. p in this day and age when it is extremely common knowledge just how bad The Author is can lead you to a pretty #solid conclusion. thats valid in this case. #maybe not calling them a full on t3rf but they are at least apathetic towards tr ans ppl enough that it doesnt bother them #not that thats excusable either and it absolutely might be related to the way that t/er/fs can get away with as much as they do on this site #but i wouldnt go slapping that label on someone without knowing their exact po/litics slash opinions you know? #the um. Historical References in a.ot are not quite so widely known so i think that ones a stretch on the other hand #i think its not too hard to believe that someone whos in that fandom and doesnt see much from people who are in the venn diagram of both #anime and social just1c3/act1v1sm might have that stuff go over their head especially if theyre not that far into the story #disclaimer i do not know if the person in question is this is purely hypothetical but basically im saying its probably a bit of a stretch #to call this person a full on fucking n*zi for being a fan of this One Thing that was at one point the biggest anime on tumblr #however the thing that made me make this post was the zero brain cell take of calling someone a p*******e for drawing ag3d u p child #characters for sh1p art. i saw it. it was two characters standing next to each other. calling someone a literal fucking p3d0 for that is #completely fucking insane. a 100% nonsexual drawing of two characters Just Standing There. #especially when one character canonically has a crush on the other like? am i getting this right? #it makes you a P3D0PH1L3 to see a ch1ld character with a crush on a classmate and think #oh thats cute what if they were a little older and she liked him back? ill draw them standing together blushing #like the first two accusations were already blowing things way out of proportion in my opinion but that last one turns this from #'okay its a little bit of a stretch but i can see your thought process' to 'you straight up made this up based on absolutely nothing #bc you wanted to make them seem like an even worse person than the stuff they actually did do implies so you pulled out the p word card' #this is like. rabid twitter teen behavior lmao and i dont think ive seen the post that got all this started #but if they made those same three accusations then yes that is absolutely h4ra55ment and should be grounds for deletion imo #if it wasnt then it was definitely an overreaction by 5t4ff but given the years of hatred theyve gotten and the fact that tu/mb/lr users do #tend to just believe c4ll0uts like this without looking into it themselves and forming their own opinions and also dogpiling on ppl #i think that regardless of how much of it was true and how much was jumping to conclusions or straight up untrue #a c4ll0ut is generally seen as an invitation to h4r4ss the person in question so. its kind of tough to say what the right call might have #been esp since any attempt at addressing it would be seen as defending the aforementioned ideologies/actions regardless of #whether or not theyre actually not true #from the Zero Brain Cell crowd at least and those are the ones who are dogpiling regardless #star emoji
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  • nock-and-bolt
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    New Police Officer: Thanks for showing me around! Are you going to introduce me to that guy over there? I've met everyone else of the force but him.

    Hank: No, ah, that's okay. We can just stop here for now.

    New Police Officer: Oh. How come?

    Hank: You don't want to mess with that. He's...feral, or uh, something. Yeah, it's best if you don't meet him just yet. Let you get a bit acclimated first—

    Sixty, swooping in: Ah, fresh meat, ready for consumption. Not that I eat it, of course, but you know how it is, right? 😋

    New Police Officer: Oh, uh...I guess?

    Sixty: And don't worry about what Hank said. I'm not feral, it's just my charm. 😎

    #dbh incorrect quotes #tumblr anderson#dbh hank#dbh sixty#dbh dpd#dbh #detroit: become human #detroit become human #dbh connor sixty #dbh connor 60 #dbh hank anderson #incorrect quotes #incorrect dbh quotes #incorrect dbh #it is at this moment I realize I'm just doing incorrect quotes of my own AU a;lsdkfj #like this is so far from canon #but I have zero regrets #okay maybe a little regret #idk man the Hank and Sixty dynamic now just lives in my head rent free #😂 #i don't make the rules #also cheers to tp haha for being sixty incarnate xD
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  • dancing-crystals
    29.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    A story I will never write, but has been in my head for years.

    Cut for length and so anyone who wants nothing to do with Harry Potter can avoid it.

    Peter doesn't get the big, impressive jobs. He isn't sent into dangerous situations. He gets jobs like this -- guarding some muggles and their wizard kids. They aren't a threat to anyone, but Death Eaters have proven themselves perfectly willing to kill anyone, and the Order's information said this family had, for whatever reason, come to the Death Eaters' attention. So here Peter is, entertaining the kids and reassuring the family by being completely nonthreatening. If they were in real danger, they would have a scarier guard.

    Peter's ok with this. He tells the kids jokes, entertains them with simple tricks, tells the parents about wizarding life outside of Hogwarts. And when the Death Eaters do show up, Peter's reactions are quick enough that even Moody wouldn't have found (much) fault, if he had been there.

    Peter's outmatched and outnumbered, but he's prepared, and the Death Eaters were expecting two kids who couldn't manage anything worse than an itching hex and two adults with no magic at all. Peter has weapons and laid traps, and he's holding his own. Until more arrive. Until Voldemort arrives.

    Peter will never learn what whim brought Voldemort and some of his inner circle here. In the end, the "why" is unimportant. Voldemort is here.

    Peter tries, but he only manages to raise his wand before he's on the floor, screaming. When the pain stops, he sees feet. He does not want to know whose feet they are, doesn't want to look up, but he doesn't get that choice.

    Voldemort does give him one choice though. Killing children is hardly satisfying. Give him a worthy target, he offers, and he will let this family, and Peter, live. Peter hesitates. The children start screaming in pain while Death Eaters laugh.

    Peter gives a name, an address. Someone strong, someone who can fight.

    Voldemort keeps his promise. He oblivates the family and apparates away, his followers following. Peter shakily makes his way over the confused family and starts healing spells. The bruises, cuts, and burns vanish. The deeper aches, the nerve endings randomly firing, the muscles twitching, those will take weeks to fade. The nightmares never will; Voldemort has left them that much of their memories.

    The next morning, Peter hears of the death of a fellow Order member. Peter cries. He realizes, too late, that he had time to give a warning; that he could have sent a message rather than waste time cleaning the house of signs of the attack.

    No one suspects him, and life continues as it was. Until he gets the letter.

    His mother writes of Peter's friends, why had he never mentioned them? They wanted to meet with him but had lost his address, and asked her to pass on the message, the time and place. There's fear, between the lines of the letter. His mother doesn't know what's wrong, but she knows something is.

    Peter goes, of course. What choice does he have? Voldemort is alone this time, smugly pleased. Peter has no talent for legilimency, but there are spells to help, and he had used them all. In vain. Voldemort isn't looking for Order secrets as he crawls through Peter's brain, he's looking for Peter's, and those are so easy to find. Peter's life revolves around them.

    Animagi and a werewolf. And all I must do, Voldemort gloats, is tell the proper authorities, and you will all go to Azkaban. Not the werewolf, perhaps, but then he'll come to me. They all do, without friends to hold them back.

    To protect them, to protect himself, Peter gives Voldemort what he wants. He tries, at first, to lead the Death Eaters into traps, to send them against people prepared for them, but after four Death Eaters are arrested and two killed, Voldemort explains, in between Peter's screams, why he should not do that again.

    Voldemort calls him Wormtail, to protect him, Voldemort claims, to make sure none of his followers can reveal the spy. He makes Peter's name an insult, a mockery, and hearing it from his friends now makes Peter flinch.

    Voldemort talks to Peter about his vision, his beliefs, his regret over the lives lost. He talks of the peace he will bring. He promises amnesty for anyone Peter brings over to Voldemort's side, promises to spare Peter's friends.

    Peter knows they are lies. But the family he saved is safe, so maybe they aren't all lies. Maybe Voldemort will keep his promises.

    Voldemort sighs sympathetically when Peter reveals he does not know where Remus goes, that James missed meetings because he didn't want to risk leaving Lily and Harry, that Sirius only wants to talk about his missing brother or his godson. Peter knows it's a trick, but fake interest is more than anyone else has shown him lately.

    When they learn of the prophecy, Peter tries to stay in the background, stay quiet. Sirius will save James, and Peter won't be able to betray them. Except they change their mind. Peter is secret keeper. He can't refuse, not without revealing everything.

    It's not too late, he thinks. He can do this. He can go to ground. His mother is already in hiding, Sirius is playing bait, and Remus is who-knows-where. All Peter has to do is disappear.

    He doesn't have the chance. Can't disappear too quickly after Sirius and James, Sirius warned him, someone might notice. And so when Voldemort comes for him, Peter has no choice. He tries to bargain, but Voldemort is tired of the game. The Potters will die. Black and the werewolf can join or die. And Wormtail? He can be one of Voldemort's chosen, trusted few, or he can die slowly.

    His reward is the Dark Mark. No longer a spy, he's now a true servant of the Dark Lord. Trusted, valued. Safe. He grieves James, but there's a swagger in Peter's step now. Until the new mark on his arm flares in agony and then seems to dim. Until he goes out and listens, and hears the rumors that soon become verified fact. Voldemort is dead. Harry, little baby Harry, is alive. James and Lily are dead, but somehow they took Voldemort out. Peter doesn't understand, but he hopes. For the first time in years, he hopes.

    There are still Death Eaters who could expose him, who might try to get revenge, but Peter can get protection, once he explains that he sent the Dark Lord to his death. He's a hero too, in a way. James and Lily are dead; they won't argue when Peter claims they were in on the plan.

    He forgot Sirius. Forgot until Sirius is there, wand out, hate in his eyes. Anyone else would have asked questions, but Sirius already has the important pieces and does not care about the details.

    Peter's half-formed plans are destroyed in that moment. If Sirius speaks against him, no one will believe Peter's version.

    He's already sacrificed one friend.

    Later, hiding in the Daily Prophet offices, the best place to stay abreast of the news, Peter learns of the aftermath of his choices. He feels guilty for not feeling guilty about the death of the muggles, wonders if perhaps he had listened too closely to Voldemort to care so little. But no one else cares either, not really; their names aren't even printed in the paper. Sirius is bundled off to Azkaban, stunned and silenced before he can do more damage, before he can tell the truth. Death Eaters are rounded up, but not all of them. So Peter stays hidden. He imagines Sirius and his cousin trading information, vowing revenge on the one who betrayed them both. He thinks of what would happen if he came forward, the questions they would ask him, ask others, and the methods they might use to make certain the truth was told.

    He stays hidden.

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  • redminibike1
    29.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    What are your opinion on Dooku/Sifo-Dyas?

    Oh I love them i SWEAR I absolutely LOVE them

    #I think they have SO MUCH potential #like….the childhood friendship the slow fall waking up one day and realizing that he has become someone completely different #not being able to deal with it being unwilling to address it #he is no longer a Jedi and I find I am not acting like one either #he asks me to help him and I cannot say no #I remember the man I loved I cannot help but love you still #I do not think you care about me any longer #or about anything but yourself #makes me BONKERS #also bless ewanmcgregorismyhomeboy12 for the dooku/sifo/jocasta MASSIVE BRAINED TAKE #that being said #haven’t actually read much of them! outside of the greensleeves content hehe #but they’re something I kinda consider like a ‘canon headcanon’ #meaning that in the better Star Wars in my head….they’re a given #ramble in the tags sorry that’s how I roll #thank you tho! fun to ponder #was this brought on by my thing for dilf dooku?? ajdjdjjd #yeah dooku uh #I really like dooku #anon#ask reply
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  • jaekaicx
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    i am not immune to scar kisses

    #amphibia#amphibia fanart#anne boonchuy#marcy wu#marcanne#gaymer art#my froggos#marshall wu #omg marcannes :0 #sorry its hard to see but marsh is kissing one of anne's scars #before tbote i hced that darcy would give anne a scar there while fighting her buuuut that got kinda debunked #but whatever im just gonna day that it grazed her while holding the fire dagger up to her head #anyways scar kiss symbolism <3 #post canon au
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  • hneycxmb
    28.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    mmm yummy buff lady…🤤

    #honeytalks#kassandra <3#assassin's creed #she’s so hot im sweating #and she’s a lesbian! #not canon technically but that relationship was forced in my eyes idc #im anti kass and natakas #they’re probably good friends tho #and she’s practically six feet 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 #marrying her in my head
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