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    Bunny- (Yandere!Adult-trio x Chubby!Reader)

    Warnings; timelines converge from 28 Years and Bunny, mention of kidnapping, imprisonment, yandere relationships, aggressively yandere Silva, mention of imprisonment for decades, Stockholm syndrome, mention of NSFW, mention of corrupt nuns, vow breaking, my headcannon for Hisoka background, My OC for 28 years in place of Silva's wife for clarity's sake, Reader is Bunny, some 28 years MC background story, Zeno's Dove mentioned,


    Hisoka sighed as he conversed with his associates, wondering just what they were going to do now. Apparently, Illumi has been keeping secrets from Bunny and from Chrollo and Hisoka. The woman he had introduced as 'mother' was not actually his mother at all and they were now going to meet Illumi's real mother instead. However, Illumi was explaining to them exactly what his mother was like and the topic of them technically kidnapping their Bunny came up.

    "Mom won't react to it well if she finds out Bunny was technically forced into a relationship and kidnapped."

    "Why is this our problem?"

    "Because my father is extremely protective of my mother and will also become upset if she becomes upset."

    "So he gets mad, big deal."

    "When it comes to my mom, it IS a big deal. Father kidnapped her 28 years ago and I barely get to see her because of how jealous father gets. Father wouldn't even let her breast feed my siblings and I as infants due to his jealousy. Besides... I do not wish to see my mom look at me with the same disappointed and disgusted look she gives father when his jealousy makes him act out. It may also show Bunny just how far those in my family are willing to go for the few they love."

    "Fine," Hisoka sighed, relenting to Illumi both as a placation and as curiosity. Illumi was mysterious- even to Hisoka- and hearing the true tint of anxiety and fear to his associate's voice was far from the emotionless norm he had, "we'll not mention it. Bunny is in a good mood and probably won't say anything. ♠"

    "And if she starts to," Chrollo added, "we can steer the conversation away from that."

    With the three in agreement they headed to where their Bunny awaited them in the library, curled up and lightly dozing on the couch beneath a soft blanket. No doubt the blanket had been an addition after as a butler or Kikyo likely draped it over to cover the sleeping figure.

    Illumi woke you with a soft forehead kiss, the sleepy hum whining from your throat as you came back to consciousness. You could barely believe how rested you felt after the small nap, the couch being a higher quality than any bed you have slept on before entering the Zoldyck estate. Everything was so high quality that you sometimes found yourself entranced with the workmanship on a wooden table that never gets used or a forgotten wood relief lining the halls. Where the opulence was suffocating at times you had to admit that the high quality bed in Illumi's room was divine in comparison to anything you have rested on in your life up to that point.

    "Mmm... Yeah? What's up?"

    "Come on, Bunny. It's time to meet my true mom. I have some rules for you though."


    "My father is very... Protective... Of my mom. He is also very jealous of anyone talking to- or interacting with- my mom. She is sensitive and has lived 28 years of imprisonment with my father, so she will have a collar and chain keeping her in her suite. She... Doesn't get to leave that set of rooms for any reason other than when my father decides she can, so she has lived in those rooms for more than half of her life.

    "I know we did not give you much choice, Bunny, but compared to my mom, you are basically free. I don't want to treat you like father does with mom, so please don't upset her by mentioning it. Father may be fond of you but if he feels you are a threat in any way to mom, he will kill you."

    You felt surprise flare in your mind, trying to process what you were just told only moments after waking. Part of you wanted to snap at Illumi and tell his mother about your kidnapping immediately, but another part of you gave you pause. From how Illumi spoke of his mother and father, it seemed like anything somewhat upsetting to her could lead to disaster at any moment.

    On top of your awareness of your own situation and if what Illumi said was true, comparing your experience with that of his mother was shocking. Collars, chains, and the same few rooms for several literal decades sounded like complete hell to you. Never going outside and seeing so few people, you felt you would probably go insane. Not to mention Illumi had four siblings, so five children all while locked away for most of your life was a terrifying concept. Part of you even felt a bit thankful you had the freedom you did despite how you still felt trapped, at least you weren't her.

    "I understand."

    You answered softly before Illumi pulled you to your feet, feeling much more awake now. Chrollo and Hisoka both followed as Illumi led all of you deep into the estate, far from where you had wandered even on late nights. A kind of giddiness settled in your stomach that held a tinge of stress, wondering just what kind of person Illumi's true mother was like after years away from others.

    The door that Illumi came to a stop in front of made your stomach writhe with anxieties as you saw just how heavy the door was. Everything in the estate was heavy, but that door looked as if it could withstand a direct blast from an explosion and still offer resistance. It was a door you knew you wouldn't be able to open no matter how hard you would try.

    Illumi opened the door and though it could have been your imagination, for a moment it looked as if he had struggled to move it. You felt your nerves rise as you walked into the room, seeing a rather large and soft looking couch where a woman sat waiting.

    She... Was stunning in a way you felt you couldn't describe. Her figure was full and curved, ample breasts and thighs on a small height, accenting the comforting presence you got from her. She wore a pair of glasses that made her expressive doe eyes seem larger, so full of wisdom and affection. Her hair was a flowing waterfall of curls that looked so soft and seemed to create a kind of halo around her. It almost seemed like stars were reflecting in her compassionate gaze, woven into the very substance of her hair and skin as if she faintly glimmered.

    You were so entranced by the being of empathy in the flesh that you almost missed the towering demon behind her. Illumi's father Silva had always intimidated you since the moment you met him, those cold blue eyes endlessly analyzing every movement and behavior. After spending some time around him, that fear died down, but now it slammed back into you full force as if knocking the air from your lungs. That frozen gaze speared into the two new men in the room, his white mane of hair making him look beastly and all the more intimidating.

    To think, you were so afraid of him and he wasn't even glaring at you.

    As you took the whole scene in now, you saw the collar fitted around the woman's throat, the chain attached to it trailing down to the floor and out of sight. The furniture was lavish and the room was large with a kitchenette and several branching doors, a single window on the far left letting in a ray of light from the outside. It was grand, but you knew it was a prison cell beneath all of the expensive quality.

    You moved towards the pair with Illumi, Hisoka, and Chrollo, feeling the weight of Silva's intense gaze pushing down almost threateningly on you. Hisoka and Chrollo seemed to also get the same impression you did, that no mercy would be given should anyone unsettle the soft woman that was Illumi's mother. She stood and took Illumi into her arms, that kind smile and true happiness telling you just how much she cared for her son.

    You had considered what you would say to her and even revealing Illumi's behavior, but now you truly felt like you couldn't. Not only because you felt as if you had no room to complain, but because of how truly and deeply she cared about Illumi. She was kind and gentle and everything Silva very clearly was not, and you couldn't bare to think about someone so gold-hearted being crushed in such a way. It just wasn't worth it to you.

    "Welcome back, Illumi."

    Her voice held honest love, a sweetness to it that made it sound smooth as honey.

    "I have someone for you to meet, mom."

    "I know, your father told me you've met someone you love."

    Illumi turned to you, his mother's kind eyes resting on your own as he gestured you closer. You only went as far as Illumi's side before his mother gently took your outstretched hand in both of hers, impossibly soft and comfortingly warm. She seemed genuinely excited to meet you and looked as if you had made her happier than she had ever been before.

    "Hello, dear. It is so good to meet you. My name is Kiame, also known as Illumi's mom."

    "Oh, uh, hi. (Y/n) (L/n), it's nice to meet you too."

    "I hope we have plenty of time to get to know each other, after all, we're going to be family soon enough."

    You couldn't help but return her kind smile, feeling relaxed around her and her genuine excitement with your engagement to Illumi.

    "I can't help but worry about Illumi, he is my firstborn and I adore my children. I just hope you two are happy together."

    It was then Illumi spoke up, seeming much more relaxed around his mother as well, letting you know how much she impacted him. Part of you realized that she was likely the only positive influence Illumi really had in his life and you would have been in a much more dangerous situation if not for her. If Illumi only had his father's side of the family, he likely would have kidnapped you and killed Chrollo and Hisoka long ago.

    "Mom, I would like you to also meet my fellow associates. We three are engaged to her and so grandfather thought it best to introduce you to the three of them. Chrollo Lucilfer, Hisoka Morrow, and I share (y/n) (l/n) between the three of us."

    "Well, so long as you four are happy-"

    She cut off for a moment, her eyes going wide as if something caught her attention after the fact. The way she seemed to think for a moment in complete silence made you wonder just what it was that surprised her.

    "Mom? Is something wrong?"

    "Morrow was... the name of my teacher... Sister Morrow. She was a nun and I worked as her apprentice in the cathedral before- nevermind. It's nothing."

    Illumi glanced in surprise towards Hisoka, not expecting his mother to recognize any of the names of his associates. He knew Hisoka was born in Meteor city to a mother that was a forsaken and vow-breaking nun, but it couldn't possibly be the same nun his mother spoke of. Not at all-

    "My mother spoke of her apprentice often. How she saw the girl as a daughter but still wound up betraying her in the end. I learned eventually that she was afraid of being caught for what she had done, confronted by a stranger with her misdeeds. All that was demanded was to mislead her apprentice, sending her deep into the forest to never return. She waited until she began to show before fleeing to Meteor City so no one would know she had broken her vows."

    "... Did she ever say who she spoke to?"

    "The wealthy father of an interested man. My mother had her apprentice enter the woods alone so she could be taken as payment for not revealing the truth about what my mother had done. Never really did get why she sold her apprentice only to run away shortly after. Seems pointless to me, but she said she regretted her choice in the end."

    There was a moment of silence as Illumi's mother sat in quiet contemplation of what she was just told. The way her expression turned to one of hurt made your chest ache, as if seeing her in pain upset you in some deep part of your brain. She shouldn't be sad or hurt, the pain didn't look right on her, as if her being in such pain were some kind of crime against nature.

    The softest whimpering sound from her lips made Silva react, his voice a rumbling and deep growl of baritone in his chest.


    Illumi was quick to pull you back with him, his father picking his mother up and striding away to a door deeper into the room. The four of you left the room quickly and Illumi was the one to close it behind you, the large door sealing with a clear latch of the many locks that adorned it. You didn't know what to say at that moment, having been taken by surprise with the sudden shift in behavior from Illumi's parents.

    "To think, Hisoka's mother was your mother's mentor."

    "And his mother sold my mother to my grandfather on my father's behalf."

    You managed to find your voice, trying to piece everything together despite the very sudden way things had happened. On one hand, it would seem the world was very small, and on the other you felt like some key pieces of information were missing. Beyond that, you felt like you had glimpsed the kind of person Illumi could have become if not for his mother's truly compassionate heart.

    "What is your mother, Illumi?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well, she is different from anyone I have met before... She seems to actually be a genuinely loving person even though she is locked up like a prisoner. I don't think any normal human would be able to live like that and not go insane."

    "She is insane. She loves my father despite everything he does to hurt her... But she is kind and always has been kind. She is too good for my father and he knows it, so he hides her from almost everyone. Setting her free from him won't fix the damage he's done to her."

    You glanced back at the heavy door and found yourself feeling lucky that even though your freedom was stolen away, you didn't have to live the way she did.


    You let the gentle breeze skate over your skin as the plants around you rustled playfully and danced in the wind. It had been a few days since you got to meet Illumi's mom and you had learned more about her in that time. Her situation was different from your own in many ways. She had been the one to rescue Silva from death where it had been the opposite for you and your lovers. You found yourself thankful you were not in her place or situation even though you did still resent Illumi for taking your freedom.

    Currently, you sat with your three lovers, placed neatly on Chrollo's lap as Hisoka and Illumi sat on either side of you two. Chrollo was reading a book on ancient war tactics and you were somewhat reading too, only half way through a page when he was already flipping it to the next. Though the four of you were quiet at that moment, it was clear that meeting Illumi's mother had impacted you all in different ways.

    Hisoka had withdrawn more than usual, reflecting on finally meeting the woman his mother loved as a child more than him and talked about with such fondness the woman may as well have been his older sibling. Chrollo was always trying to analyze and pick things apart, so though he wordlessly scanned over the book in his hands, he was likely thinking about the situation you all found yourselves in. You were stuck in thoughts of Illumi's family, realizing just how deep the trend of obsession and kidnapping really went in his bloodline. Illumi seemed the least bothered but you felt he was likely worried about his mother and about how you were taking meeting her.

    Any time you thought of a question, you would voice it and one of your three lovers would respond with whatever answer they could manage. The only questions you hadn't gotten an answer to was what his mother was- as you felt a strong doubt she was really a normal human given your introduction to her- and what his grandfather had done with his obsession. Since the behavior was obviously something that came with his paternal lineage, his grandfather must have had a similar story, but you had not met or seen any sign of Illumi having a grandmother.

    "I just want to know where your grandmother is. I mean, if your father keeps your mom locked up all the time and practically has her bubble-wrapped, surely your grandfather did the same?"

    "No. I didn't."

    The low and almost lazy tone of Illumi's grandfather drew your attention, seeing the older man standing not too far as if he had materialized out of nowhere. Even though the grip Chrollo had around you tightened, you wanted to press and pick the elder assassin's brain for answers your lovers simply didn't have. You had long figured out that his grandfather Zeno had a particular soft spot for you and that soft spot seemed to extend to Kiame as well based off of his behavior.

    "So, what happened?"

    You tried to push and the old man considered you silently for a moment before approaching and settling on a bench across from you four. Chrollo closed his book, actually seeming to have the same level of interest you did in gaining more pieces to the Zoldyck family puzzle.

    "She died shortly after giving birth to Silva. It is a kind of family curse to have this fanatical obsession for one person in our lives, going back generations. I used to think it was part of the curse to have that loved one always die... But Silva has proven that theory wrong.

    "My Dove was a fiery woman, stubborn to a fault and I mistakenly thought I could control that fire of hers through pain. She tried to run one day and I lost my temper. Had I known what would happen because of it... About two months later she gave birth to Silva, I hadn't even realized she was pregnant. None of us had. She had a cryptic pregnancy so it was a surprise to us as it was to her. Her body couldn't handle it though. The stress of what I had done and the labor wringed every last bit of life out of her. She only lived long enough to hold Silva for the first and only time."

    The wind felt colder now, a chill racing down your spine as you realized just how you had been unfortunate enough to draw Illumi's attention, but fortunate enough to not have the same fate as the rest of his female ancestors. How close had you come to being forced to live the same painful cycle? You made a mental note to find time to thank Illumi's mom for raising the most sane generation of Zoldycks.

    "My father did the same to my mother as I had to my Dove, and he died of heartbreak not long after. My grandfather- Maha- did the same to his bride. I feel when Illumi's mom does pass on, she will be taking Silva with her. He won't survive losing her. Illumi, take it from me, you need to keep your temper even and make sure you treat (y/n) well, you hear me? That kind of loss is suffocating and you likely won't be fortunate enough to get another chance."

    His words made you curious as you felt your brain kick into action to try and make sense of something that caught your attention.

    "Has anyone gotten a second chance?"


    "With their love, I mean. Death is pretty permanent in most cases."

    "Well," Zeno gave you a knowing smile, "it is possible. Rebirth is a debated topic, but one I fully believe. Nen is a unique thing to each person, so when Nen identical to a deceased person shows up, it is hard to argue. I happen to be the only one I know of who has gotten that second chance. I found my Dove again and this time I won't make the same mistake. Born into a new life, but the Nen and the similarities are unmistakeable. I haven't yet told Silva of this unusual situation, but I doubt he would care much as he only really cares for his wife. Perhaps you will get to meet my Dove at some point, (y/n). He is restricted to my wing of the estate, however. He may be male in his current incarnation, but it changes nothing. He is still my Dove."

    You were surprised to hear of someone being reborn and the fact was that Zeno couldn't care less if his reborn darling was male or not. It was clear to you just how fortunate you were when it came to Illumi even though he had technically pushed you into the relationship you now had with him. His family had done far worse and you had just barely gotten away with the most sane of the assassins in a long lineage of obsession, kidnapping, and forced relationships. Out of three generations of kidnapped lovers, you were the only one who could step foot outside of the estate hidden within the mountain.

    "Anyway, (y/n), it may anger you to only have the freedoms you do, but never forget you have more freedom than any other who came before you in the Zoldyck family. I am not telling you to be grateful Illumi chose you, simply to be thankful Illumi is far more sane when it comes to you than the rest of the family would be."

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    Yes well he's just better than you :)

    Well. That was. Sudden and grotesque. Awesome 👍

    #peri reads hxh #hisoka is just AWESOME #and i so wanted to hate him 😔 #tw // gore
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    not a request, but since it's my birthday (no joke i really was born on april fools lol) and you're like one of my fave hisoka/illumi writers, I wanted to ask what you think they'd be like on their friend's birthday. Well I mean, as much of a friend as illumi can have haha. or their darling's birthday? I feel like illumi would have a very different approach depending on which they are. and omg im running out of characters to type the rest haha

    A fellow aries, welcome to the thunderdome and happy birthday!!

    If you ever run out of space, feel free to split the ask into two parts, and I'll put them together to answer in one concise post.

    This is actually an interesting question to ask, because I hadn't thought about it beforehand.

    Illumi... I don't think would be someone who gives gifts. We all know how he was raised, and he is incredibly isolated socially speaking, so the prospect of birthday presents wouldn't be something he'd really think about and wouldn't understand the point of when brought up to him. If he gave his darling a gift, it would be very much as a form of appeasement - even if they didn't ask for anything. I agree with you in the sense that the things he would get would be extremely personal to the darling themselves, for example if his darling was into history, they would receive a book on the topic - but it would be one that would be very hard to get.

    Hisoka is also the type who doesn't understand the point of birthdays, but it's more because he doesn't care for them rather than not understanding the social construct behind them. He is, however, the type to catch onto subtle clues on things you're attracted towards. For example, if you pause in front of a window of a jewelry shop, the necklace you were looking at will soon be given to you. That sort of thing. The gifts won't be as personal as the ones Illumi would get, but it would be enough to trigger just a little more of stockholm syndrome in you if it hadn't taken root already.

    As a small tidbit for you personally, since your birthday is April 1st, there is an absolute guarantee that Hisoka would either make your gift a gag gift, or his presentation of it would be very mischievous. The opportunity would be too great for him to do otherwise - and if he presented it "normally", your high suspicion of him would be enough to toy with you.

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    Sub!Hisoka! 🌸💮

    Contains pegging!, Muscular Reader! Dom! Reader! Demon reader! FemReader! Sub!Hisoka, blood, Sex toys.

    A/N: I don't know if you guys like my content because y'all never comment and I take that as a "they don't like it" type of thing, I worked on this for 3 days, yes I worked on THIS booty crap for 3 days 💀 I had writers block, But anyways if there is any mistakes please do tell me <3


    Word count:1024

    You decided to surprise Hisoka when he comes home, So you put on a tight red leather suit that complimented your muscular arms and legs, He certainly loved your muscular figure, Tho he'd love you no matter what figure you had, You put on matching heels and tried to sit on the sofa but your tail was in the way so you laid down and waited for him to return.

    After hours of waiting you heard the doorknob jiggling, and immediately got up and kneeled near the door, Hisoka came in and stopped once he noticed you, "Oh my~ What a stunning sight~", You blushed seeing how he stared at you, "So she's shy now?~ How cute~", He said as he closed the door with his foot, " Stand up dear, Allow me to see all of you~" Obediently you stood and avoided ey contact with him, You felt his gaze on your breast which spilled out of the costume, You grabbed his hand and led him to your shared bedroom, you pushed him on the bed and settled on his lap.

    "Lay there and allow me to gratify you," You said as your sharp nails trailed down his clothes ripping them along the way, He shivered feeling your nails dragging against his bare skin, He groaned feeling your wet tongue flick his nipples while you pinched the other one, You knew Hisoka sometimes didn't like waiting, He liked to just get right into it, "Y/N" He called out, You sighed and stood, You grabbed his legs and yanked him towards you, He chuckled loving how aggressive you were with him, Wasting no more time you tied him up with your nen and put on your strap-on , Hisoka felt himself heating up in excitement, You grabbed his dick and inserted a penis plug.

    "You can't release until I say so, do not remove it" You had to clarify it because there were multiple times where he broke free and removed it himself.

    You placed lube on his asshole and pushed 3 fingers in quickly pulled them out and aligned yourself with his hole before roughly thrusting into him, stretching his tight hole, He'd be lying if he said he didn't almost cum, He tossed his head back and let out a loud moan, The feeling of your hand wrapped around his throat and your nails digging into his waist sent him to cloud nine.

    "Come on now Y/N don't be so weak, Do it harder dear~" He knew you hated being called weak, Your grip around his neck tightened cutting off his air circulation, Your thrust grew faster and harder, "Watch that pretty little mouth Hisoka", You noticed his face turning a little purple so you removed your hand, He gasped for air and Chuckled, " Did I piss you off Darling~?", He asked grinning, "You sure did, exactly what you were aiming for hm?"

    You grabbed his cock and tugged at the plug, You looked down at the totally fucked man underneath you, His hair stuck to his forehead, His makeup was ruined, You felt his dick throb in your hand, "Already near? How pathetic", You kissed his neck leaving marks as you abused his sweet spot, "Y/N....Y/N" he moaned your name, After 30 mins you decide to be considerate, you grabbed the plug and removed it causing Hisoka to tremble underneath you, His load went everywhere, Mostly on your face and breast, You licked you lips and scooped some off of your face and forced your fingers in his mouth, you smiled as he sucked on your fingers, pulling out you took his cock in his other hand and squeezed it making him let a whimper, You put his tip between your plump lips and wrapped you long tongue around his dick, his dick twitched in your mouth, you could hear him breathing heavily and his gaze pierced through your head, You took your hand out of his mouth and stroked his dick a couple of times before you put his dick between your breast, You looked up at him and bit your lip, "undo your Nen" You chuckled, "I'd rather not", you moved your breast in a up and down motion, and felt him twitching, " You're quite sensitive today", "How could I not be dear? The sight of you makes me wanna cum now~" He grunted,

    A couple of minutes later you put his cock in your mouth, as you felt his climax near, and he coated your tongue with his sweet and salty semen, You put the plug back in before towering over him, forcing his mouth open and let his semen slip off your tongue and into his mouth.

    You felt a pair of hands grip your ass before reaching up and yanking your hair. Hisoka grinned and within a second you were underneath him, He moaned as the dildo stretched his hole painfully good, His hair stuck to his forehead, his golden eyes made eye contact with you as he sat on top of you bouncing, his dick slapping against his abdomen with each thrust you made, his sharp nails clawed at your shoulders making you bleed. He bent down and mashed his lips against yours, You hungrily pushed back and gripped his waist, you worked your mouth against his, your tongues battling for dominance, each trying to clasp each other down, your nails stabbed into his back making his knees go weak, he tossed his head back as he tried to pull out the plug but you stopped him, "No, I'd like to see how you handle this" he shook as powerful feeling of pleasure came over him, you made him get on all fours and gripped his waist and thrusted into him at an inhuman speed, the headboard slammed against the wall and you heard Hisoka let out broken moans, you stopped once you noticed Hisoka not moving as he laid in the bed, "Hisoka?" you pulled out and took over your strap before flipping him over, you pulled out the plug and his semen shot out, "Again?" You said as stared at the unconscious man.

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    Hcs of monster adult trio or regular adult trio with a pregnant s/o with weird cravings please?

    (My oc which Bunny is based off of, plus the octuplets of the trio.)

    - Bunny is HEAVILY pregnant and cannot walk due to the fact that she can barely move, this means any and all food will be retrieved by the trio regardless of what time it may be.

    - Bunny and the trio spend the pregnancy at the Zoldyck Estate because it is sheltered and everything is always on hand. The cooking staff are terrified of the odd things Bunny requests due to pregnancy cravings.

    - There is a night crew of cooks due to Milluki's odd sleeping schedule. The night cooks will be kept busy by Bunny's late night cravings and they are terrified of making something that upsets Bunny's stomach because they will be the first to blame for any food related illness Bunny may have even if it is morning sickness.

    - the trio are cautious about questioning your cravings, not wanting to upset their bunny by any means. There are times Illumi will not be able to hold his tongue and will comment on the odd selection. If Illumi accidentally does wind up making you cry, Hisoka and Chrollo will be quick to try and calm you down. Your cravings may be odd but you are in a relationship with three odd men.

    #yandere#x reader#kiame-sama #yandere x reader #reader insert#tw yandere#yandere chrollo#yandere hisoka#yandere illumi#tw pregnancy #yandere adult trio x reader #yandere adult trio #yandere chrollo x reader #yandere hisoka x reader #yandere illumi x reader #hxh bunny
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    I’m manic and decided to draw gay pedophile clown

    ((Click for better quality - please don’t repost - reblogs and likes appreciated!))

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    Does Joshu have anime body pillows of his boyfriends while they're not at home

    Yes he got them custom made and hisoka modeled for his to make sure he looked good

    Joshu streams multiplayer games with the body pillows and just uses all 3 controllers when his boyfriends are mad and ignoring him

    #Hisoka tw #posts that are incomprehensible
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  • absolute-flaming-trash
    01.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Not a request, but do you have any plans of writing angst on hisoka's side of the story? We're always the one beaten up it would be fun to watch the murder clown get hurt for once like post break up or like our untimely death/ruin at someone else' hands. (I'd say us hurting him but honestly he would like that and probably moan as we twist the knife lol)

    Not currently.

    The closest I've ever officially written him getting hurt has been on my Hurt series on my old blog, but even then it isn't exactly the angst you described.

    I've talked about scenarios where he'd be on the recieving end of that kind of pain with a friend of mine several times, since exploring that kind of vulnerability for him is wonderful, but as for actually publishing those stories, I don't think it would be possible to do in a one-shot.

    #riri answers#lovely nonny#tw angst#Hisoka #I'm sorry my answer is short bud I have three midterms this week #brain has no space for proper words
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  • absolute-flaming-trash
    27.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    (Not a request, just want to hear your thoughts!) language barriers have been a huge thing in the Yandere community lately, but I raise you: Hisoka’s darling who knows Japanese, English, AND a language he doesn’t know 👀👀

    TW: Yandere behaviour, Conditioning, Threats of death (not towards darling)

    This is honestly a little difficult to answer, because I genuinely am not sure which way he would react for certain.

    I can say it would be an absolute mess though.

    For starters, if Hisoka found out his darling was trilingual he would be impressed - however to what degree would be a mystery.

    I see him giving a lot of mixed messages when it comes to the language he doesn't understand. Especially if it's his darling's first language.

    There would be a lot of conditioning to keep them talking in the dialects he understands. No real hardcore "punishments" for reverting back to the other language, but part of me sees him ignoring things they'd say until they switch up once more, and he'd act like he didn't realize they were speaking to him.

    And yet part of me wants to think that he would be proud of having someone capable of speaking three languages, since that's no small feat. The second language is always the hardest, and depending on if his darling grew up speaking a second language, or if they learned it on their own, they would've still taken the time and effort to learn a third one - again going back to him being impressed about it.

    The reason why I think he wouldn't enjoy the one he doesn't know is because it would leave a lot of room for uncertainty.

    I had made a post on my previous blog on the type of yandere he is, and I classified him as a "part time" yandere where basically he would be out doing whatever he does, leaving his darling alone for the moment, but when he is back his darling wouldn't have a moment of peace.

    Because of that "part time" yandere persona, his darling would have a lot more freedom compared to the darling of someone else (eg. Illumi) in the sense that they can still talk to family and friends. If those family and friends can understand the one language he doesn't, I don't think he would like that at all. He has no idea what they actually say, and any translation they'd give him has the potential to be not exactly what you said. Considering the fact that this is a yandere relationship, the chances of that are extremely high.

    In the worst case scenario where all other conditioning fails, I wouldn't put it past him to either:

    1) Learn the language in secret so he could understand what they're saying, but still feign ignorance


    2) Threaten to kill everyone they know who speaks that language so eventually the only person they'd be able to speak to in it would be him - becoming his teacher alongside the role as his darling.

    #riri answers#riri writes#kind of#character analysis#lovely nonny#Hisoka#HxH#Hisoka Morow #Hisoka x Reader #Yandere!Hisoka #tw yandere #tw controlling behaviour #tw conditioning #tw death threats #lord I hope that makes sense
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  • written-in-gold
    24.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Number 2 for any ship and number 3!

    2. Pick up to five lyrics from whatever songs you want, but for a particular ship/couple from your story this time!

    For Fernando and Hisoka:

    "I was fine 'fore I met you, I was broken but fine. I was lost and uncertain, but my heart was still mine." - Fernando

    "I don’t like the way you think you own the place when you’re not even on the list, so go and wait. Who the fuck do you think you are ? We’re in LA. You're a 10/10 but I don't recommend you." - Hisoka

    "Hate your friends, I hate your mom and dad, I hope they hate me back. I guess for once, I'm being honest. Gotta be a lot that's wrong with you to want to be with me." - Fernando

    "Apologize, never apologize. You hate the way I lie, so here you go, I'm being honest. Narcissist, come on, give us a kiss, let's have some fun with it, it's kinda sweet." - Hisoka

    "I'm just tryna get you out the friend zone, 'cause you look even better than the photos. I can't find your house, send me the info, drivin' through the gated residential. Found out I was comin', sent your friends home. Keep on tryna hide it, but your friends know." - Hisoka

    3. What is your favourite ship in your WIP, whether it's canon or not? Is it very toxic, but the dynamic just intrigues you? Is it really sweet and what both characters need? Feel free to rant as much as you like!

    I think I'll talk about Jesse and Ti here because I rarely get much of a chance to and I really like them.

    Jesse and Ti met soon after Jesse had arrived in London, when Jesse was eighteen and Ti was twenty-one. Jesse had come to London because he intended to start a career in performing, and was hoping to try out for some auditions at the West End.

    Ti had lived in Soho for a few years, after growing up in the London suburbs, and was when Jesse met him, a terrible drug addict. Ti was dealing with a lot of self-hate and didn't know how to handle it, so it was coming out by partying a lot and doing little else.

    Jesse didn't know any of this at first, of course, and fell very deeply in love with Ti because Ti was witty and fun, and looked after Jesse a lot and showed him where everything is in London. Of course, Jesse found out eventually, and despite being very naive at the time, he was quite concerned about Ti.

    Jesse loved to party just as much as Ti did, really, but he didn't do anywhere near as many drugs as the people around him (the main ones they use made Jesse depressed so he just stopped when he figured that out). He constantly told Ti to go to rehab and get help, but Ti ignored him.

    They were both extremely broke and moved in together so they could split the rent. Jesse was bringing inmost of the money, though, and ended up doing most of the rent, although it was supposed to be equal.

    Jesse told him off but couldn't be too angry; Ti was his first love really and Jesse was very devoted, but Ti kept pushing him away. He didn't want them to get too close to each other because he was afraid he'd hurt Jesse, or get Jesse in trouble. Jesse kept trying with their relationship, though.

    Unfortunately this story ends extremely tragically. One day, Ti accidentally overdosed and nobody got to him in time, and he died. Jesse took ages to get over this and isn't even over it by the time he meets Carsen again, three years later.

    Ti had loved Jesse a lot, though, which was the reason he pushed him away. He probably would have had much more trouble coping without Jesse around.

    Thanks for asking!

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  • hisoleolumi
    23.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    leorio: you know you can die from that, right?

    illumi, smoking a cigarette: that's the point.

    kurapika, drinking vodka: we're trying to speed this up.

    hisoka: (eating raw cookie dough and nodding)

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  • casumarzuappreciator
    17.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Pov Joshu has forced his boyfriend into yasuho colors to cope and you're having to watch as he parades around, unused to the feeling of wearing anything other than ass exposing shorts


    #Yasuho im so sorry bestie you dont deserve this #Hisoka tw
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  • antiship-crossing
    07.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    I hate seeing proshippers talk about hisoka, I love his aesthetic. I understand why with this particular case, but proshippers ALWAYS go after queercoded characters

    #Mod chica#antiship#anti ship#anti shipping#tw proshitter#queued#hisoka morow #i saw that one of our followers have a dni for hisoka fans and im one so #although i am critical of my interests #i think its okay to like problematic characters as long as you dont glorify them
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