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    17.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    05-16-2022 youngbin fancafe update

    link to the dance practice bin mentioned: “나랑 놀자”

    05-16-2022 dawon’s comment on youngbin’s post

    “That thing I said, please do it quickly”


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    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    05-09-2022 youngbin fancafe post


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    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    @ sf9_official_jp: solo profile photo - Youngbin
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    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    05-04-2022 youngbin fancafe post
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    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    @sf9official: 05-04-2022 youngbin letter #3

    letter #3 translation: (credit)

    "to fantasy"

    "I guess I was sad because I wanted to tell you all the things because I thought you'd be curious. Will the letters delivered to my family, friends, and fantasy well? I was worried that my letters would be buried/lost! Don't worry, I can read it twice, so it's good to attach a photo to the letter. It's like the outside world in photos. Even it's a very small part of your daily life, please send me a picture too, because I'm curious! Um... Ah, I read a novel while quarantining "Three Idiots" because I thought time would fly by so quickly. I thought about Jamong while reading "Marly and Me" and I felt a sense of accomplishment that I read a book. And since I joined the army, I've been writing in my diary every day. I'll tell you a few of them when I get discharged. Thanks to the staff who took care of me and brought my daily necessities before enlistment, I have a diary and earplugs when I sleep, so I'm having a very, very good life, fantasy! Don't worry, wait a little bit. I will be assigned to my own squadron soon and then I will run to the fancafe after! I'm almost done with my personal maintenance time, so I'll cut this short! I hope the night is not too long and you are comfrotable. good night!"

    "Trainee Kim Youngbin, 51st Platoon, 1st Platoon of the 12th Company, 27th Division. Let's win! Salute."

    other letters: letter 1 & letter 2

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    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    @sf9official: 05-04-2022 youngbin letter #2

    letter #2 translation: (credit)

    "to fantasy"

    "Fantasy, hello! This is the second letter. I don't know when the letter will be delivered, but I'll write a few words hoping it'll be delivered to Fantasy as soon as possible. It is exactly 19:00 on Tuesday, April 12th. I don't have a desk, so I'm writing on my knee. I think the letters are given out every Monday. I read everything you gave me last time. I think I was supposed to get the letters yesterday but I got them today instead. I think I will be able to spend this week also happily as I read the letters. I feel that it is filled with the feelings/desires that you want to convey to me in your daily life. How should I say it ? I think I feel excited and happy like when I go camping in the cold winter and have a warm barbecue and a bonfire. It's a bonus to be envious of your peers. I really enjoy the pleasure of reading letters. A letter is a means by which you can hear the other person's reply, perhaps after a long time has passed, right? Maybe that's why I'm looking forward to the day when I get a reply and I'm excited. I hope Fantasy feels the same way. In the military, I make mistakes a lot. My friends and I are comfortable doing yoga together. I'm good to my superiors too. But the uniform...I don't think I can show you fantasy. You know right? I'll leave it to your imagination. Yesterday was Monday, but I was joking because I thought you'd be sad again ^^"

    "Fantasy sent pictures of flowers, so I thought it felt like spring, but the flowers are slowly blooming in the army. I liked the black-and-white photos, but seeing them in real life, I sometimes stare blankly in person. I guess its spring! ah! I have be able to use public phones since yesterday. I even spoke to my parents, even though it wasn't much. Well, I've been spending my time thinking about fantasy while learning how to eat, treat, transport, get trained. Also learning rituals, firearms, treatment, and staying vigilant while thinking of fantasy in my spare time. Will it work because I have a lot to memorize? It's worked. But it's an interesting place. Wow, I'm writing a letter but it's raining outside. I ca hear the rain very well. Can you hear the rain drops fantasy? I will sleep soundly after hearing the sound of rain that I haven't heard in a long time. I really want to see fantasy. When we meet, we'll be able to take off our masks and hear our voices right? I'm looking forward to it! As you know my diet, the food and side dishes are good, so I am eating well. But I still think about the food I want to eat. Pong Crush....looks like a new flavor/type has arrived. I just want to take a sip to cool off. As I was writing it, I wrote down the words I wanted to say without hesitation. Ummm... it's a bit sad, so let's move on to the next chapter."

    other letters: letter 1 & letter 3

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  • sf9official
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    @SF9official: 05-04-2022 youngbin letter #1

    letter #1 translation: (credit)

    "to fantasy" "this is youngbin"

    "first of all, I am doing well and healthy. I received the letters that fantasy sent to me on the 8th (of April) and read them over the weekend of the 9th and 10th. Thanks you fantasy, the news from the outside world that I was curious about was delivered well. There was a lot of worrying news and good news, but the fantasy news was the most pleasant and I was so glad to hear about it. Thanks to you, I think I will be able to finish my training well."

    "It is already full spring in other places but it is just a little bit like spring here. Its quite cold in the morning and evening. Fantasy sent me pictures of flowers in their letters so I was able to enjoy looking at the flowers too. Oh and the tofu. Can you see my food outside? The executive said "there's no tofu today" but its famous because I'm not close with tofu. I'm approaching you little by little, so you don't have to worry. I feel healthier by eating well and living a regular life. Fantasy everything's okay, right? Are you sick? Wear a coat if its cold at night. Be sure to bring a coat. Was it the day before yesterday? I had a dream I was taking Fantasy as a tour/flower guide but I remember waking up laughing because I didn't know any names of the flowers. Fantasy, I hope you only have sweet dreams. The instructor, teaching assistants, and the executive are all kind and nice and I am doing well with the colleagues who live with me. Maybe it's because of the weather these days I've been thinking about the song "run away" a lot. Don't get me wrong. It's just the song I listen to when I'm having a hard time sleeping. It's so sad that I couldn't spend the 3rd anniversary of Bin,us with you but I received a very big gift by getting your letters on the 3rd anniversary. I miss you a lot on Mondays. I will return to you after I finish my service in good health! i always miss you and I'm always thankful. I love you, Fantasy."

    "Youngbin - 2022.04.10(Sunday)"

    other letters: letter 2 & letter 3

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    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago
    04-29-2022 youngbin update
    #these are the best pics :/ #the quality 😫 #youngbin#sf9#kim youngbin
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  • sf9official
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago
    To celebrate their 5th anniversary of debuting in Japan SF9 will release the album The Best ~Dear Fantasy~ with all previous Japanese songs + 2 new songs: Tear Drop & Trauma

    album details

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    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago
    #his tattoos hehe.... #kim youngbin#sf9
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  • onef1lm
    24.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    binseong as students!

    it’s been super long since i wrote smth .. and i miss sepgu alot more since binseong enlisted :’) i hope they’re doing well, and i decided to write this to cheer fantasies up! enjoyy~ 🫶


    — .. class president ,, OR OR a student leader of some sort, atleast has a position in the student council/board !!

    — everyone goes to youngbin for help and though it gets a little overwhelming sometimes, he tries to help them as much as he can

    — he’s a good leader and all, but his acads isn’t the best DJSJDK (i think he said so himself that he doesn’t excel really well in school) but he compensates for that with hardwork ofc, and still does averagely well :) i feel like he’s stronger in languages/humanities

    — juniors have crushes on him bc he always helps out during orientations, and he’s just really sweet and helpful ╰(*´︶`*)╯

    — hates doing logistics. especially when events come up, the council has to work out costs and youngbin will immediately step out. he doesn’t trust himself with calculations he tried calculating some of the costs before and he was way off when someone came to check


    — big brain. need i say more? people think he’s naturally smart and all but it took him alot of diligence and self-discipline to get to where he is. in return, he does his best to help students with acads whenever he’s free!

    — set up a mini community within the school for students to come interact with other and help out with acads. smth like a huge study group, just that juniors and seniors are all mixed up.

    — super friendly !! alot of people think he’s snobby because he’s 1st in acads but he’s really willing to help. inseong is really easy to talk to, many students like coming to him just to talk :)

    — has taught classes before. sometimes the teachers in his class don’t show up, and the relief teacher either is running late/doesn’t teach the subject. inseong then just goes up and takes charge. it’s become a daily thing for his classmates to pray their teachers aren’t present. his lessons are easy to follow, short yet concise.

    — besides his role as a really smart dude, he pranks the shit out of people.

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  • mymoodwriting
    22.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Request for @petitebakers (third installment to this) *2.8k, yandere, blood, attempted murder, manipulation

    “Baby, it’s time to wake up.”

    “Five more minutes…”

        You snuggled against Hwiyoung, ignoring Zuho who was trying to get you up. It wasn’t really for your sake, he just wanted you off Hwiyoung, but you refused to let go. Hwiyoung was awake as well, but pretending to sleep with an arm snug around you, keeping you close.

    “Baby, Hwiyoung needs to come with me.”

    “No. He’s all warm and cuddly.”

    “Y/n, he has to come to work with me.”

    “No, he’s mine.”

    “I will not be taking you shopping again if you keep this up.”

    “That’s okay, Hwiyoung can take me shopping, right?”



    “Hwiyoung, get up. This is unprofessional of you.”

    “I can’t… I’m trapped.”

    “You are way stronger than her.”

    “I’m trapped… I cannot go, Zuho. You must go on without me.”

    “Get up!”

    “Sh!” You whined. “We’re sleeping.”

    “Alright, that’s enough, you brought this on yourself.”

        Zuho didn’t hesitate to yank you off of Hwiyoung, despite all your protests. He had a cunning look on his face, one you only saw for a moment before he bit into your neck. You gripped his shirt tight from the initial sting before relaxing into his embrace. He kissed your cheek afterwards, leaving a bloody mark.

    “Bad girls get punished.”

    “I wasn’t bad…”

    “You were being very bad.”


    “Aish, you’re lucky you’re cute. You can go back to bed now.”

    “No… fair…”

    “What makes you think I play fair?”

        Zuho laid you back down under the sheets, licking the blood off your face, before yanking Hwiyoung out of bed. He fell to the floor, wining and trying to roll under the bed.

    “Get up already! We’re gonna be late.”


        Hwiyoung got up and stretched, yawning very loudly. He looked over at you, a smile on his face. He would rather stay with you, but the choice was out of his hands. He pressed a kiss to your cheek, petting your head before leaving you to sleep. The bed wasn’t as warm and cozy without him, so you only slept for a while longer. You were still out of it, but you’ve gotten used to walking around the house with low blood. You made your way down the stairs, leaning against the railing, going one step down at a time.

    “Y/n, what are you doing out of bed?”

        Jaeyoon found you on the railing, half asleep. He had been informed on what Zuho did to get Hwiyoung, so he knew you definitely shouldn’t be up.


    “How long have you been on the stairs?”


    “Come here.”

        He went over to you and picked you up, taking you with him to the kitchen. You definitely needed to eat, but he wasn’t expecting you up just yet. He sat you down on the counter, getting you a glass of juice.

    “You should be in bed.”

    “It’s boring… my pillow was taken…”

    “If you had your way we wouldn’t get any work done.”

    “Is that so bad?”

    “Then how are we supposed to take care of you?”

    “Fine… will you be my pillow?”

    “Baby, I’m also busy.”

    “You guys are always busy.”

    “It’s cause we have an event coming up and need to prepare.”

    “Oh… right…”

    “We’ve talked about this.”

    “I know… I’m not complaining… but I don’t have to like it…”

    “You’re right, but we’re all proud of you for your behavior.”


    “Yes.” He pressed a kiss to your cheek. “You’re being a very good girl.”

    “But do I have to attend?”

    “Yes, you’re part of our family.”

    “It’s so boring for me. Do I have to be there all night?”

    “Hm… I’ll talk to the others about letting you retire early, deal?”


        Even if you hated the parties, you did have fun setting up for them. When your birthday came around you’d know the house would be decorated like this, but it will all be for you. Although once guests started to arrive reality settled in. You were still shy with greeting guests, but they found that adorable. Although you certainly glared at all the other pets that came through. Normally pets were expected to be friendly with each other, but you had no intention of doing that, and your boys knew.

        They did agree to let you retreat to your room after at least two hours of socializing. Of course they didn’t mean for you to actually socialize, you weren’t good at that, but to at least be around. So you’d smile at those you saw, keeping to the walls with a drink in hand, nothing alcoholic of course. Your eyes would always wander over to the clock, wanting your two hours to pass already so you could do anything else. Instead it was dragging, and you felt like it was taking forever for you to get your freedom. Although it came sooner than you thought, and in an unexpected way.


    “Hm… Hyunjin?”

    “Come on.”

        You couldn’t believe what you were seeing. You weren’t sure it was real, holding hands with your friend and sneaking upstairs.

    “We can go to my room.”

        There was no denying Hyunjin was there with you, and you didn’t mind the excuse getting you here sooner. You took over from there, leading your friend to your bedroom and jumping on your bed. You were glad to be away from the party, although you had so many questions.

    “How did you get here? Did you sneak in!”

    “No. I came with one of the guests.”

    “Guests? Wait, are you… a pet?”

    “Don’t call me that.”

    “Oh my gosh this is so cool!” You ran over to hug him. “Wait, I didn’t see you come in? I was greeting all the guests.”

    “We arrived late, and I’ve been looking for you. Are you okay?”

    “What? Yeah, I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?”

    “Y/n, you need to tell me the truth. What happened to you?”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “The night you were taken.”


    “Y/n, you texted us all that you got picked up. You should have returned in the morning, but you never did.”

    “I didn’t… oh right, Dawon took care of all that.”

    “So you didn’t text us… y/n that’s worse! So no one has heard from you in months! And then your family gets a huge pay out.”

    “Pay out? For what?”



    “Y/n… you know the laws. Vampires can pick humans up for a night, but they can’t keep them. Only applicants are allowed to stay with vampires, and even then it’s only for six months.” Hyunjin reminded you. “Heck, it takes about a week to go through the whole application process.”

    “How would you know?”

    “How do you think I got here!”

    “You applied?!”

    “Yes! I had to get a psychical and psyche eval. Not just anyone can be an applicant, they gotta make sure you’re healthy in all aspects. That’s why vamps can’t just keep people off the streets, they need to be evaluated or else they could be vulnerable and get taken advantage of, like you.”

    “Me? What are you trying to say!”

    “Y/n, you never applied, yet you’re in this house. Not even that! They have legal custody of you. That rarely happens, and it means something bad happened to you.”

    “But I’m fine.”

    “You’re not… or the fact that you’re telling me that is the problem…”

    “Hyunjin, you’re not making any sense. Nothing happened to me, I’m okay.”

    “Y/n… I’ve been digging into this, and this whole thing isn’t right. You never applied, you know that.”

    “No, I did. I filled out some paperwork the first night I was here.”



    “According to public records you applied a month before you came here. Which I know you didn’t, you know you didn’t. You apply before coming to a house, not when you do.”

    “I… well things were done differently…”

    “That’s illegal.”

    “What are you trying to get at?”

    “I don’t know. I’m just trying to figure out what happened to you…”

    “Nothing happened. Hyunjin, I’m fine, I’m happy here.”

    “That’s the problem… y/n, I know these guys had other girls in the house, and they all died. Aren’t you afraid?”

    “I… that was an accident…”

    “Y/n?” Hyunjin was suspicious. “What happened to those girls?”

    “It was an accident! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

    “Did you… did you have something to do with their deaths?!”

    “I didn’t do anything wrong!”


    “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

        You had been so happy to be with your friend, but now you were just riddled with anxiety. You hadn’t thought about that morning in weeks now, you were doing so good, but now you were worried. You wanted to run and go find one of your boys, but when you tried to leave Hyunjin grabbed you.

    “Y/n, talk to me, what happened?”

    “Let me go!”

    “Please. I’m worried sick about you, we all are. You’re not supposed to be here!”

    “Let go!”

        You had tears running down your face, your heart racing a mile a minute. Then there was a loud crash. You didn’t know Hyunjin had locked the door for some privacy, but that was never gonna work. The door came off its hinges, falling to the ground and startling you both. In the blink of an eye Hyunjin was off of you, Youngbin grabbing your head and looking you over.

    “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

    “Nu… no… what…”

        Youngbin wasn’t the only one to make an appearance, noticing that Dawon had Hyunjin pinned beneath his foot.

    “Who the hell are you!”

    “A friend… what… what did you…”

    “Don’t hurt him!” You cried. “He’s my friend.”

    “Baby your heart was racing.” Youngbin said. “We heard it and rushed to find you.”

    “I’m okay…”

    “What did he do?”

    “Nothing… I swear.”

    “How the hell did he get in here?” Dawon questioned. “No way he got past our security.”

    “He’s… he’s an applicant… he came with someone…”

    “Huh, crazy.”

    “Restrain him.” Youngbin ordered. “Then go figure out who he came with. He’ll be staying a while.”

    “He will?” You questioned. “But why-”

    “Sh, everything is going to be okay.”

        Youngbin took you to his study, having you stay there while everything else was figured out. You were worried about Hyunjin, hoping he wasn’t hurt. Nothing had happened between you, but you knew his actions wouldn’t look good to the owners of the house. So all you could do was wait, and wait, until Inseong came to get you. He didn’t seem mad, a small smile on his face, and you followed him down to the recreation room. A room you avoided for the most part.

    “It’s okay.”

        Inseong held your hand, giving it a squeeze. You smiled, feeling reassured. You entered with him, seeing the others, and Hyunjin. He was tied up and gagged, restrained to a chair. You didn’t even know what time it was, but it was clear the party was over.

    “What’s… what’s going on…”

    “Y/n.” Jaeyoon said. “How is it that your friend is here?”

    “He… he came with one of the guests…”

    “Correct. And why is he here?”

    “To… to see me?”


    “Wrong? What-”

    “He came here to take you.”

    “Take me?”

    “Yes. He’s been plotting and scheming, figuring out how to get in here, and leave with you.”

    “But… but I don’t wanna go. This is my home, I belong with you!”

    “I know baby, we all do.” Rowoon assured. “But things could have gone differently if we didn’t find you.”

    “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I didn’t-”

    “Sh, it’s okay, you didn’t do anything wrong.”


        You felt like you were in some sort of trouble, even though they had made it clear that wasn’t the case. Chani came over to you, leading you over to a table, and you became aware of the knife. You froze, but Chani pulled you forward regardless, picking up the knife, and holding it out to you.


    “Take it.”


    “It’s okay.” Chani put the blade in your hand. “We know you’re not gonna hurt us.”

    “I… but I…”

    “You wanna stay with us, right?”

    “Of course. I don’t-”

    “But he wants to take you away.”

    “I won’t go with him!”

    “He might not give you a choice.”


    “You know what you have to do baby.” Zuho had come to your side. “You don’t wanna leave us, do you?”

    “… no…”

        You gripped the blade tight, looking over at Hyunjin. He was your friend, or so you thought until tonight. His eyes were wide, thrashing around in his restraints, but he wasn’t going anywhere. Your heart was racing, just like before, but for different reasons now. You somehow found yourself in front of Hyunjin, slowly raising the blade. No one was going to take you from your boys, no one.

        Hyunjin may have been restrained, but he could hear every word. Seeing how things were unfolding, he could piece together what happened, and he didn’t like where things were going. As you approached him he tried to get you to snap out of whatever it was they did to you, but when he looked into your eyes, he realized he was doomed. He shut his eyes, not wanting to see any of this, waiting in anticipation for the pain, but it never came. Instead he heard the knife clattering to the floor, slowly opening his eyes.

        Just as you were about to go in for the kill, Taeyang had grabbed you. He bit into your neck without warning, the pleasure and blood loss making you weak, causing you to drop the knife. You leaned against him, a small moan escaping your lips. When Taeyang pulled away he breathed heavily, blood dripping down his chin. Hyunjin stared with wide eyes, unsure about what had happened. Taeyang met his eyes for a moment, chuckling, before focusing on you.

    “What a good girl.” He cooed. “Such loyalty and devotion.”


    “How was that for a show?” Youngbin questioned, stepping in front of Hyunjin. “Do you get the message?”


    “You can just nod your head, but let’s see what you have to say.” Youngbin removed the gag. “So?”

    “What did you do to her!”

    “We didn’t do anything.” Jaeyoon said. “She made the choice to protect us, and she’d do it again.”

    “You messed with her head!”

    “So you don’t get the point here.”

    “You’re all psychos! And when I-”

    “What?” Hwiyoung questioned. “You’re gonna go tell the Syndicate that something is wrong with your friend and she needs to be taken away from us?”


    “In case you forgot, she’s ours. No one is taking her from us.”

    “Besides.” Dawon added. “Who would ever care what you say? You’re just some insignificant human.”

    “You can’t do this to her! She’s not some pet for you-”

    “Isn’t that where you’re wrong? Heck, you’re technically a pet too.”


    “You’re not ours, so we won’t hurt you.” Inseong said. “We’re just borrowing you for a bit, that’s all. We’ll send you back alive.”

    “Just know you won’t ever get close to her again.” Rowoon added. “We’ll make sure of that.”

    “You can’t-”

    “Or you could leave here as another… accident.”


    “I thought so.”

        Taeyang had you slow dancing with him, keeping your dizzy mind unbalanced, and making sure you maintained that smile. You giggled whenever he’d spin you around, the feeling of floating making you think you were flying. You stayed close to him, ignoring all the other voices until everything faded to black.

        You always loved sleeping in someones arms, being reminded that you were loved from the instant you woke up. You opened your eyes to see Chani, humming to yourself as you laid your head on his chest. Although your eyes were barely open, you could tell this wasn’t his bedroom, or yours. You quickly sat up, taking in your surroundings.

    “What are you doing?”

        Jaeyoon pulled you back down, but you were still figuring everything out. You were all sprawled out on the living room floor, blankets and pillows everywhere, everyone sleeping in a big pile. Jaeyoon had noticed your curious look.

    “We were all too lazy to go upstairs… but Rowoon brought you down from your room.”

    “Oh… are you guys okay?”

    “Sh…” Inseong whispered. “If Youngbin wakes up we’re gonna have to clean the house.”

    You giggled. “Okay.”

    “Just go back to sleep baby.”


        You snuggled against Jaeyoon. A moment later Chani rolling over to sandwich you in, bringing a big smile to your face. This was where you belonged, happy and safe with your boys, knowing they loved you. Nothing could take you away, they wouldn’t let you go, and you didn’t intend to let them go either. This was home.

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    20.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
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  • sf9official
    14.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    04-14-2021 youngbin bubble update

    (updated his profile picture)

    “how’s my profile picture?” “How about this kind of vibes??” “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

    #this is from 2021 #he’s so hot 🥵 #youngbin#sf9#kim youngbin#youngbin bubble#sf9 bubble
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    04-12-2021 youngbin bubble message

    “this is a spoiler only for (name) to see!!”

    “aa & also Honest Thief?? I would like to recommend you that movie! It's a movie where you can just watch while stare at it blanklyㅋㅋ it was fun!!”

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