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  • marcxang
    31.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Merge_Tober 2021

    Day 31

    The Risk Party of the donut Witch


    Well, this year is barely diferent, I'm doing the traditional original list mixed with other october

    challenge "Octubre de tinta" turned in "Merge-Tober"

    Merged Challenges

    Original Inktober:https://twitter.com/inktober/status/1442549269328633858

    Octubre de Tinta: https://twitter.com/firebones_art/status/1438573897364946947

    #inktober 2021#inktober #inktober 2021 day 31 #inktober 2021 day 31 risk #octubre de tinta #octubre de tinta 2021 #octubre de tinta 2021 day 31 #octubre de tinta 2021 witch #cosplay#marcxang art #kobayashi san chi no maid dragon #kinnikuman#hataraku saibō #popee the ぱフォーマー #finally!
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  • marcxang
    26.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Merge_Tober 2021

    Day 26

    It would Rock if I could to Connect with All the cosplays


    Well, this year is barely diferent, I'm doing the traditional original list mixed with other october

    challenge "Octubre de tinta" turned in "Merge-Tober"

    Merged Challenges

    Original Inktober:https://twitter.com/inktober/status/1442549269328633858

    Octubre de Tinta: https://twitter.com/firebones_art/status/1438573897364946947

    #inktober 2021#inktober #inktober 2021 day 26 #inktober 2021 day 26 connect #octubre de tinta #octubre de tinta 2021 #octubre de tinta 2021 day 26 #octubre de tinta 2021 rock #kobayashi san chi no maid dragon #ilulu#hataraku saibō #hataraku saibo platelet #kinnikuman#kinnikuman meat #poppe the performer #poppe the performer frog #cosplay#bunburns #marc xang art
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  • marcxang
    15.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Merge_Tober 2021

    Day 15

    I'll Baking some punch if you don't put the Helmet


    Well, this year is barely diferent, I'm doing the traditional original list mixed with other october

    challenge "Octubre de tinta" turned in "Merge-Tober"

    Merged Challenges

    Original Inktober:https://twitter.com/inktober/status/1442549269328633858

    Octubre de Tinta: https://twitter.com/firebones_art/status/1438573897364946947

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  • cannondisabledcharacters
    11.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Today’s disabled character of the day is Terryman from Kinnikuman, who is an amputee

    Requested by Anon

    #amputee character#Kinnikuman#Kinnikuman terryman #spoilers! #Terryman #disabled character of the day
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  • cerastes
    09.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Can a single day pass without me learning someone I thought was cool is into NFTs. At the rate we’re going, I’m going to wake up to a Harlem Shake with the caption “Ambrose Bierce, Bruce Lee, and Kinnikuman are into NFTs now, by advice of Doctor Seuss, sorry you had to find out this way” and I’ll frantically look at the URL and it won’t be posts-from-a-darker-timeline.

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  • maxriderg
    07.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Okay then, Ladies and Gentlemen, Today is the Day. Today is the #70thBirthday to the late #DaisukeGouri. Have a #HappyHeavenlyBirthday (well, a #HappyHeavenly70thBirthday) to the late and legendary Daisuke Gouri, the #JapaneseSeiyuu of Baloo from #DisneysTheJungleBook, Cobra Bubbles from #LiloandStitch, Bruce the Great White Shark from #FindingNemo and Yosemite Sam from #LooneyTunes in the #JapaneseDub(bed) releases of these franchises in addition to him being the Seiyuu of Robin Mask from the #Kinnikuman/M.U.S.C.L.E. and #KinnikumanNisei/#UltimateMuscle series along with Mr. Hercule Satan from the #DragonBall series, Gilgamesh from the #FinalFantasy series (his current Japanese Seiyuu is #KazuyaNakai who is also in #OnePiece as Roronoa Zoro) with him as Edward Bilstein from #StarGladiator and of course, two Heihachis (Edajima and Mishima) from #SakigakeOtokojuku and #Tekken. #PressFtoPayRespects #Sayonara #HappyBirthdayinHeaven #SameSeiyuu #ShowaEra #HeiseiEra #Crossovers #GroupPicture #WestMeetsEast #RestinPower

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  • maxriderg
    11.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Emman here and Today's the day. It's a #DoubleBirthday for #BanjouGinga and #HideyukiTanaka. Have a #HappyDoubleBirthday to Banjou Ginga and Hideyuki Tanaka, the Japanese Seiyuus of Lord Thanos from #MarvelsAvengers, King Battler "J" Jr. from #SakigakeOtokojuku, Reeve Tuesti from #FinalFantasyVII, Terryman from the #Kinnikuman/M.U.S.C.L.E. series, Mithos Yggdrasil from #TalesofSymphonia with Tanaka himself as Donquixote Doflamingo from #OnePiece and of course, both Ginga and Tanaka themselves as Souther and Falco along with Liquid Snake and Hal "Otacon" Emmerich from #FistoftheNorthStar and #MetalGear. #SameSeiyuu #GroupPicture #VoiceActing #Happy71stBirthday #Happy73rdBirthday #Crossovers #ShowaEra #HeiseiEra #ReiwaEra #JapaneseSeiyuu

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  • checkmate123
    05.06.2021 - 11 monts ago

    Hey! I one of your old followers! And I just wanted to say! I love when I see that you’ve posted something! Your posts all ways make my day!

    Hey there! Sorry I've been silent on here for ages! I'm rather more active on twitter. Just look for RookSkyTwister.

    Life has been terribly busy. My kid is almost 2, it's my birthday tomorrow, work is going well but I just have no time!

    I miss the kinnikuman fandom mostly lol

    Thanks for dropping by xx

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  • kenganparadise
    18.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    What animes do you think the ashura or omega boys would watch? I just wanted to know your thoughts because I'm pretty sure Haruo would've shown Seki some animes, then that would've spread to Wakatsuki then so one and so forth. I kinda have a feeling Cosmo would be into Fairy Tail but if I'm wrong then I guess I shot my shot. Thank you even if you just think about this one and just read it. Have a wonderful day!

    Oh I love this so much!!! Thanks so much for taking the time and sending this to my ask box! I had a lot of fun with this!! I put a TON of thought Into this one. I included a lot of my favorite anime!!

    Cosmo would like really like One Piece and Fairy Tail. He’s super into big adventure fantasy anime/manga like that. His friends at his school are into them as well. He’s tried to get Wakatsuki and Sekibayashi to watch them. Waka will sit down with him, Seki has tried to get Cosmo and Haruo to hang out.

    Sayaka LOVES Sailor Moon. She has the replica of the moon stick. She has the transformation choreography memorized. She’s cosplayed Usagi! Her favorite merch she has is the Sailor Moon x Colour Pop makeup collection.

    Okubo is obviously a big fan of Ultraman. He really likes the manga adaptation. He likes video game adaptations like Pokémon. Okubo though has a soft spot of Ecchi anime with lots of fan service like High School DxD.

    Rihito likes hentai anime. He says he watches it for the “plot” but that’s a total lie. He also really likes YuGiOh. He also likes Demon Slayer.

    Okubo has tried to get Agito to sit down and watch Ultraman as well as Pokémon. He also tried to get him to play the Megaman games. Agito though, found himself really liking studio Ghibli movies. His favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle.

    It’s canon that Takeru’s favorite manga is Kyō Kara Ore Wa!! He also likes Great Teacher Onizuka. He also really enjoys Gintama. He’s got a really outré sense of humor- those anime give him a good laugh.

    Haruo is a total Weeb. He loves Pokémon, he’s even got a card collection. His favorite Pokémon are Groudon, Pangoro, and Snorlax (for obvious reasons) Haruo really likes Shonen anime, particularly Bleach, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, and One Piece. But he watches a lot of others. Haruo frequents anime conventions. I can see him cosplaying. He also really likes gaming- especially retro gaming.

    Haruo has attempted to get Sekibayashi to watch anime as well. Seki complies because he likes seeing his son happy. Seki likes Kinnikuman and Tiger mask for obvious reasons. Seki’s favorite Pokémon is Machamp. Haruo made Seki watch Moomin, Seki actually enjoyed it very much. Seki also really likes One Punch Man, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Dragon ball

    We can’t NOT talk about the king of Weebs himself- Falcon. Literally adores the Naruto franchise. It’s pretty much everything he watches. He also likes Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist. He collects merch and figures.

    Wakatsuki likes Cowboy Bebop, Galaxy Express, and Rama 1/2. He likes a lot of retro anime. He also is a fan of Ghibli movies. His favorite is Ponyo and Princess Mononoke.

    Raian likes Blood-C, Deadman wonderland, and Attack on Titan. Though his favorite is Berserk. Pretty much any anime/manga that’s super gory but with a storyline that would keep him interested.

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  • evenmoregreener
    16.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    Questionnaire of Laruku from B-PASS magazine (March. 1995)

    Another translation of a translation from Russian. This "interview" was translated for Russian l'arc fan-club in 2018. I haven't found any other English translations on the net, so I decided that it will be interesting for you to read something like this. All credits are down below, big thank you to the original translator, what a great woman! 

    The original Russian text has some typos plus English isn't my first language, that's why text might seem a bit of strange. About special signs: (translator's note) - notes of an original translator; "*" - my own notes; (?) - neither me nor the original translator understood the context. Please, enjoy!

    1. Date of birth Hyde: 13th of Friday Tetsu: 3 of October Ken: 28th of November, Sagittarius Sakura: Secret 2. Blood type Н: Color of the blood - red Т: А or 0 К: АВ S: The hot blood of a man runs in my veins 3. Place of birth Н: Jelsarem's Rod Т: Kansai К: Alaska’s native S: Kingdom of Nerima (Nerima is a ward in Tokyo, where Sakura was born - translator's note) 4. Height, weight, shoe size, visual acuity Н: “?” Т: Small, light, 24,5 – 25 cm К: 178 cm, 56 kg, shoe – 25,5 cm S: 5 feet 8 inches, 120 feet, 10 inches, about 1,0 and 1,0 5. Body size Н: As in the previous Т: I don’t know К: I prefer В 85, W 58 H 88 S: “Nice body” 6. Which musical instruments and how many years do you play? Н: I've been playing guitar for 9 years Т: 11 years on bass К: From about high school S: Secret 7. Where did you work? Н: Mister Donats Т: At the record store К: Jewelry store, tutor S: Secret 8. Skills Н: Shaolin martial arts, second dan Т: Calligraphy К: Youth baseball S: Secret 9. Hobby and special abilities (besides music) Н: Bite Т: Radio controlled models К: Tetris S: To make people do something

    10. Philosophy of life Н: Do not stick sticks into the rice Т: I sleep today for tomorrow, tomorrow I sleep for today. (a phrase from manga - translator's note) К: Hurry slowly S: Live today 11. Real name Н: Jiji Т: Teppi К: Jakenosuke S: Sakurajima Samuel Tarot

    12. Favorite musicians Н: Depeche mode Т: Me К: The The (an English new wave band — translator's note) S: Ishihara Yūjirō (Japanese actor, singer, film producer - translator's note) 13. Favorite celebrity Н: Takeda Tetsuya (Japanese singer and actor - translator's note) Т: Me К: Isshiki Sae (Japanese actress — translator's note) S: Saburo Ishikura (Japanese actor - translator's note) 14. Respected people Н: Yoshitada Hirai * Т: Me К: Professor Ichinose S: Takakura Ken (Japanese actor - translator's note) 15. Favorite films and films that you’ve recently watched Н: The Omen. Recently watched Jurassic Park. Т: Favorite film – The Outsider, recently watched “Cría cuervos” (Spanish film of 1976 - translator's note) К: Perfect World, cried when watched, although usually I don't cry during films S: Jingi Naki Tatakai (Battles Without Honor and Humanity) 16. Favorite books (including manga) and books that you’ve recently read Н: Stephen King. Recently read compilation that’s called Night Souls (?). Pretty interesting. Т: «Harper’s Bazaar», Vogue Italia, recently read Matsumoto Hitoshi’s “Isho”. К: «Kirin», about motorcycles, novels for men. It’s a bit of awkward, but I buy Young Rose which I love to read for a long time. S: I can't list everything. 17. Alcohol and tobacco Н: Both, about 10 years already. Alcohol – a little, tobacco – one piece. ** Т: I don’t smoke. Alcohol – yes, except sake, I drink rarely though. К: I love Kassis, always have it at home, drink 2-3 times a week. I don’t smoke right now. S: Any alcohol, I can drink a lot. Per day I smoke more than two packs (Seven Star) 18. Do you love animals? Do you have any pets? Н: I do, but I have allergy. Т: I do. I had 5 dogs and one cat, now I don’t. К: I love obedient and loving. S: More than pets I love girls. 19. The concert that left the strongest impression Н: GASTUNK in EGG PLANT (legendary club in Osaka of 80’s - translator's note) Т: Shiki-Yakou (the name of tour Dead End of 1985) К: In Aichi Kinrou Kaikan (concert hall in Nagoya — translator's note) S: Radio concert Anikies (Dankon Anikies – fictional band that was made up by ken, sakura and kyo (Die in Cries), when ken and sakura were guests at kyo’s radio program «kyo MIDNIGHT ROCK CITY» on 9th of December, 1994 - translator's note) 20. Three most beloved albums Н: Some Great Reward of Depeche Mode, God’s Own Medicine of The Mission, La Vie En Rose of D'erlanger*** Т: Laruku’s new album, Tierra, Dune К: Black Sabath – Heaven & Hell; Cure - Disintegration; Kisugi Takao (Japanese singer and composer - translator's note) - Best collection S: Secret 21. Recently bought CDs and your impressions of them Н: No Т: Second Coming/The Stone Roses К: Suede (Britpop band - translator's note) S: Secret 22. Concert that you visited recently Н: Haven't been on the concerts for about a year, but sometimes before Shibuya live watched Modern Choki Chokies (a Japanese pop band from the early 1990s - translator's note) Т: Echobelly (a British rock band — translator's note) К: kyo-chan’s solo S: Secret 23. TV shows that you often watch and radio shows that you often listen to Н: Doramas and MIDNIGHT ROCK CITY Т: TV – BEAT UK, I don't listen to radio К: Yoru-ni dakarete (dorama of 1994 - translator's note), though it has already ended. I don’t listen to radio, since I don’t have one S: I’m interested neither in TV nor radio 24. Favorite dish, favorite color and flower Н: Japanese cuisine. Monochrome color. Flowers that grow well in an apartment, even if they are not watered Т: Sushi, tillandsia, cacti, I like all of the colors К: Favorite dish – ice cream, caviar, sushi. Favorite flower – orchid. Favorite color – silver S: Anton rib (dish that was mentioned in Kinnikuman - translator's note), sakura, black 25. Musical instruments that you can play and ones that you want to learn to play Н: Guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, would like to learn to play flute. Т: Several guitars and basses К: Guitar, bass, synthesizer. Would like to learn how to play saxophone S: Variety which you can find in stores 26. Thing that you want the most right now Н: Hot blood of some girl. Т: Sharp Zaurus P1-5000 К: Onsen, pool S: “?” 27. How do you spend your weekend? Н: Sleep Т: Vacantly К: Go back and forth S: Stay under the waterfall 28. What do you do when you are all alone at home? Н: Sleep and writing lyrics Т: Play the guitar, listen to music К: Watch TV… S: Drumming Japanese drums 29. A dream that you have seen lately. Н: Back at night souls of dead sheep were hurrying through the window, I was worried where they are going. I told Sakura: when the sheep will come back, let’s go after them, but they didn’t come back. Т: A dream where I somehow ended up eating sushi in America. К: Relocation S: In loincloth and a bandage on the head I wandered in a stormy sea. And that was awesome! 30. Most attractive feature Н: Compact, compact and compact Т: “?” К: Ankles. Strong side: strong legs. Weak side: often catch cold. S: 31. Role in the band. Н: Probably, bringing everybody together Т: President К: Am-group (?) S: Educator of the head of singing monkeys 32. Describe in one word what Laruku is Н: Cloudy sky after heavy rain Т: Rock band К: Rainbow S: Soul of a man 33. What do you expect from the other band members? Н: I’d like everybody to stay as healthy as they are now Т: Perfection К: Rainbow! S: Soul of a man 34. Where do you want to go abroad? Н: Paris Т: To America К: Any countries where I could live. To drive back and forth S: Country on the shore of the Japanese Sea 35. Where have you been? Where have you recently traveled? Н: During the vacation in September traveled to Nagano to visit Osamu's house four years later, I would like to live calmly in the district of Karuizawa station. Т: To Okinawa. It was beautiful. К: Morocco. It was hot. S: In Morocco I saw the waves of the Atlantic Ocean 36. What do you recommend to see in your hometown? Н: On the roof of Nisshou haitsu Т: A lot of yankees. К: The view on the fast stream S: Secret 37. Enjoyable things that you like during tours (except for concerts) Н: Food Т: Except for concerts, nothing (laughs) К: You can overeat S: Meet different locals with the soul of a man 38. What do you definitely do before the concert, what do you pay special attention to? Н: I am in a deep thought Т: I listen to Metallica at full volume К: Going to a toilet S: Warm up and stretch of the muscles 39. What do you pay special attention to before the interview? Н: I find out the topic Т: So as not to be late К: I try to be serious S: Worried about whether I can express and tell about my masculine soul 40. What do you carry with you all the time? Н: Watch and two bracelets because I like them Т: Nothing К: Bracelet, necklace - I feel uncomfortable without them S: Pants 41. Memorable thing Н: The bracelet that I bought when I first came abroad. I really wanted it, but pretended that I am not interested, and bargained. But since there is no set price, I don’t know if it’s cheap or not. Т: No К: Various guitars, they are associated with different memories. S: Secret 42. Three biggest news in the last six months Н: 1. Motoka’s wedding. 2. The house in front of my window was demolished. 3. Because of the house, which has now been built, the lighting has become worse. Т: Promotion trip; creation of an official fan club; award from the director! К: Couldn't go to the sea. Swam in a pool in Morocco. Was in onsen. S: Secret 43. Plans for the end of the previous year and the beginning of the new Н: Composing music and lyrics Т: Car driving and karaoke К: Continue visiting onsen. S: Polish my masculine soul 44. Your personal plans for 1995 Н: Enjoy work Т: Become an artist № 1 К: Necessarily swim in the sea. Master the butterfly S: Gain a soul of a man 45. Music that you listened to this morning or last night Н: Laruku’s new song T: Morning call from the manager K: Maribeth S: Pink Floyd 46. Dish that turns out well when you are cooking Н: Chinese cuisine Т: I can't cook К: Ikuradon S: Sashimi 47. The image of the ideal woman Н: An optimistic and domestic woman Т: No К: Fujiko-chan S: That looks like Shiraishi Hitomi (Japanese actress - translator's note) 48. Favorite sport Н: No Т: No К: No S: Judo 49. If I were born again... Н: I would like to become an astronaut and fly into space Т: I would like to be genius К: I would like to be a dolphin S: I would like to be a woman, in order to live and not talk nevermore about the "soul of a man" 50. Goals in life Н: Enjoy the rest of the years Т: It’s a secret К: Live a long life S: Soul of a man 51. One word for readers of our magazine Н: If you're not careful, I'll bite you! Т: Nice to meet you К: Hello, this is Ken. I'll continue in answer 52 S: Life in a loincloth and headband 52. Free theme Н: Woof Т: Nowadays Laruku are fully different! К: In 1996 I want to perform a lot at concerts. That is why we definitely will meet, so look forward! S: And this year there will be Anikies!

    * Marked in credits to HYDE’s “Roentgen” album as an art director and designer. ** Probably he meant one pack. *** Was covered by HYDE in D’ERLANGER TRIBUTE ALBUM ~Stairway to Heaven~.

    Translation from Japanese: Liubov Chachanidze aka Diana_ Translation into English by me (The Green Explosion inc.)  

    Original: https://diary.ru/~l20arc-en-ciel/p216393417_anketa-iz-zhurnala-b-pass-za-mart-1995-goda.htm

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  • x0401x
    28.03.2021 - 1 year ago

    Febri Talk Interview with Jin (Complete)

    Commissioned by the lovely @sodasexual​ again!

    Part 1: overwhelmed by the power of friendship in “The☆Doraemons: Kaitou Dorapan no Chousenjou!”

    Musician and creator Jin has been bringing countless topical works to the world, including “Kagerou Project”. In the first part of this serial interview, we had him talk about a work from the series “The☆Doraemons”, which he experienced in his childhood and continued to be influenced by for a long time.

    A work that unexpectedly became one of the origins of “Kagerou Project”.

    ——Jin-san, we would like to ask you about anime shows that have had an influence on you, following in order from your infancy onwards, so would the first one be “The☆Doraemons: Kaitou Dorapan no Chousenjou!” (hereon, “The☆Doraemons”), which came out in the year 1997?

    Jin: That’s right. I watched this one in the theaters when I was either 7 or 8 years old. It’s an animation short that was screened together with “Doraemon: Nobita no Neji-maki Toshi Bounen-ki”, and it had one hell of an impact on me. At the time, I was living in an isolated island in Hokkaido called Rishiri Island, so just getting to watch a movie was quite a spectacle in itself (laughs). Actually, not many animes were broadcasted in Rishiri Island to begin with. There were few channels, and other than that, they aired those black-and-white period dramas in cable TV, I guess.

    ——No, I think that last one is a stretch (laughs). Did you watch “Doraemon” because you liked it from the start?

    Jin: I liked it a lot. But the so-called “The☆Doraemons” is a spin-off about six friends of different colors. If I were to talk about the contents of “Kaitou Dorapan” in a summarized way, it’s the story of the Doraemons receiving a letter of challenge from an mysterious enemy called Dorapan, then completely getting caught into his trap and falling into a pinch... And, surprisingly, Doraemon isn’t active at all in this movie (laughs).

    ——Aah, it’s a work where the Doraemon friends are the main characters, right?

    Jin: That’s right. A duo that didn’t have much popularity among the friends, Dora-med III and Dora-rinho, were set as the main characters in this one (laughs). Of course, I didn’t go watch it thinking that Doraemon would participate actively, but he almost doesn’t do anything. Instead, we were shown these two, who are something like sub-characters, in a big scuffle. But when it ended, I began to really like Dora-med III and Dora-rinho.

    ——Ahaha. So you totally got into it.

    Jin: They had something called a “Friendship Telephone Card”, which was introduced as a key item, and this “friendship” thing made the back of my nose sting – that was the kind of feeling I got from it. Dorapan, the one who plays the role of villain in this movie, attempts to take control of robots from all over the world using the power of the Doraemons’ Friendship Telephone Card. However, there’s actually a mastermind behind the scenes, and one heroine is taken hostage, so Dorapan is doing bad deeds because he has no choice. We find this out in the middle of the movie, and at that moment, Dora-rinho goes, “I see; so that’s what was going on” and voluntarily tries to sacrifice himself. By believing in self-sacrificing friendship, everyone was able to reach a happy ending. That kind of storyline was truly wonderful... To tell you the truth, the initial motif of Kagerou Project (hereon “KagePro”) was this movie.

    Making KagePro out of wanting to create his own “Doraemons”.

    ——Eeh, is that so!?

    Jin: I created KagePro because I wanted to write about friendship, or rather, I wanted to make my own “Doraemons”. I started KagePro when I was about 20 years old, as I was vaguely beginning to realize that friendship apparently doesn’t exist at that point in life (laughs). Also, same goes to music, of course, but among the books I was reading back then, quite a lot of them had cynical views. Although these stories were my own taste, I also had the impression that there was a generational trend in them, like “people shouldn’t look at this if they’re dumb” and “those who understand this thing are admirable”. Therefore, I did my best to pretend to be like that at first, but I gradually grew tired of it...

    ——Ahaha. You were getting out of breath.

    Jin: That’s right. So, when I looked back, I thought, “I do like ‘Kaitou Dorapan’ after all”. Therefore, if I was going to make something by myself, I decided to use it as the theme. In that sense, amongst the things I watched in my childhood, this work was a turning point. After watching it in the theater for the first time, I watched it over and over again as rental video, and because of this, I even now remember the moments when the sound effects come in.

    ——Generation-wise, you’re precisely from the generation of “The☆Doraemons”.

    Jin: Yeah, spot-on. Also, the Doraemons from “The☆Doraemons” are comical and cute, but on the other hand, they show us that they are extremely strong-willed characters. Moreover, the Doraemons are rich in individuality – as in, everyone is irregular and there are some characters that make you go, “Isn’t that a problem?” amongst them. For example, the wolf Dora-nichov can’t speak human language (laughs).

    ——I see! Thinking that way, I feel like I can see the points in common with KagePro.

    Jin: Also, all of them are purely good guys. The fact that they’re all good people and only have one enemy is pretty awesome. I believe that this kind of thing has an influence on the KagePro series as a whole.

    Part 2: paralyzed by the hardboiled worldview of “Cowboy Bebop”.

    In the second part of this interview series, where we ask Jin about anime works that influenced him, we have “Cowboy Bebop”, a masterpiece still loved by many fans even now. Here, Jin, who works as both a musician and creator, discusses thoroughly about the appeal of it.

    Learning the attitude and stance for creating things.

    ——You talked about how not many animes were aired in your homeland, but did you keep watching anime after that?

    Jin: If you mean watching on TV, anime was what I enjoyed most. However, the shows on broadcast were limited, so when it comes to series that left an impression on me, it would be things like “Card Captor Sakura”, which I used to watch with my little sister. “Kinnikuman” was also re-aired and I liked it a lot. As expected, I was weak to “friendship” (laughs). When they were fighting for the throne or whatever, man, I cried, for real. This happened around the time I was in grade school, but when I got into middle school, I stopped watching anime entirely.

    ——And when you came back to it, it was right on time for...

    Jin: For the series that I pointed out as second in line, “Cowboy Bebop”. Because my father had made up his mind to get his hands on a satellite television called SKY Perfect TV! I think he probably wanted to watch Discovery Channel, but back then, he also included Animax in the contract. And, by sheer coincidence, a re-run of “Cowboy Bebop” began right at that timing, around 2004 or 2005, I guess. I was a middle schooler then, and there were lots of CMs that went like, “Broadcast begins on X day of X month!” together with that opening theme by Kanno Youko-san.

    ——So that’s what caught your interest.

    Jin: There was also the fact I’d been disconnected from anime for a while, so I watched the first episode not knowing anything. And the contents weren’t aimed at children at all (laughs). Dude sprayed an eye-drop drug into his eyes, went, “UWAH—!” and died, like.

    ——Ahaha. It was a shock.

    Jin: “Cowboy Bebop” was my first time coming in contact with a hardboiled worldview. I was like, “What’s this? It’s so cool”. Until then, I had this impression that “anime was made for kids”, but for the first time, I felt like I was watching a drama. Plus, the story was interesting, so I was super hooked as I watched it, and while doing so, the episode “Jamming with Edward” (episode 9) had an impact on me.

    ——Satou Dai-san was the one who wrote the script for it, right? You later came to work together with Satou-san in “LISTENERS”.

    Jin: That’s right. It was such an impact that it had me thinking, “You wouldn’t be able to do that in a TV drama”. And so, this ninth episode had me completely addicted to it, and in the end, I watched it up to the finale. Later on, when I began my own creations, I noticed that what I was doing overlapped with “Cowboy Bebop”, and when this happened, I realized I was doing something quite risky (laughs). To top it off, just when I thought, “There must be lots of animes like that out there”, there was surprisingly none.

    The coolness of affirming that KagePro has both pop and hardcore songs and that this is what it is about!

    ——Ahaha. Did “Cowboy Bebop” have any influence on you? For example, on the music side...

    Jin: Hmm... if you put it that way, maybe not (laughs). Only in the variety aspect of the narrative, as people call it. Each one of the 26 episodes has wholly different colors, so to say. They felt like a gashapon from which you couldn’t tell what was coming out next.

    ——Like, although there were episodes where they threw in comedy to their hearts contentment, there were also episodes that showed vigorous action.

    Jin: When I think about it, there are also episodes that go through a simple approach by way of genres that even I would know. I think the creators must’ve had a lot of fun when making them. So when it comes to what influenced me, it I think it was the variation of songs. I think there probably aren’t that many composers like me, who make songs one by one and have no idea what song to write next.

    ——As in, you do it while intentionally deciding to change the tone and genre?

    Jin: Rather than that, I guess it happens naturally. I was always the type who doesn’t listen to the same genre all the time – it’s like, “Today is rock day; tomorrow is punk day”. I believe it’s possible that “Cowboy Bebop” made me think this kind of feeling was valid. The themes also don’t have to be consistent, and even if you turn upside-down the things that you had been asserting in a previous episode, their value and meaning will still hold. Moreover, I didn’t think that the people who made “Cowboy Bebop” had to plan this stuff up in their heads and study about it so that they could put it to action. It just so happened that when they drew out the things they like and lined them up, it turned out the way it did.

    ——So they didn’t do it while aiming for that, but rather, it turned out to have a sense of variety to it when it was finished.

    Jin: And I think it’s amazing because it validates itself with that. So I guess being able to say all we have to say is what actually matters (laughs). If I were to affirm, “This is what KagePro is about!”, then that’d be pretty much it. Even though there are both pop and hardcore songs in KagePro, nobody can say, “That doesn’t feel like KagePro”. That’s why I think that the coolness of proudly declaring, “That’s what it is!” is something I learned from Bebop. Like, “This is what’s cool”. It feels like, on my own accord, I accepted something that was like a stance to be taken when you create these kinds of things.

    Part 3: obsessing over “Tokyo Godfathers”, which had developments where one couldn’t predict what lay ahead.

    This is the third part of the interview series where the creator Jin talks about works that influenced him. Here, he discusses about a hidden masterpiece from the director Kon Satoshi, which also had a great influence on “Kagerou Project” and which he encountered during his vocational school years, while living a wasteful life.

    ——The third work is “Tokyo Godfathers” by Director Kon Satoshi, but when was it that you watched it?

    Jin: It was during my vocational school years. After graduating from high school, I attended a vocational music school located in Sapporo, but my upperclassmen from that school taught me many bad ways of having fun (laughs). I used to buy lots of sick equipment. Then, obviously, I’d run out of money, so I worked to death in part-time jobs, and well, lived a wasteful life (laughs), but during that time, a friend from my class lent me a DVD of “Hidamari Sketch”. At first, I told him, “Nah, I’m not too into this kinda stuff”, but when I took it home and watched it, I wailed aloud.


    Jin: That’s why I asked Asumi Kana-san (who voices Yuno) to play KagePro’s main heroine... Anyhow, “Hidamari Sketch” became the cue for me to start watching anime again. And Director Kon Satoshi was from Sapporo, so it was probably being featured in a video shop. “Tokyo Godfathers” is a 2003 movie, but I saw it in the video in 2008 or 2009.

    ——What piqued your interest about it?

    Jin: It was tremendously well-done and fun, and on top of that, it was sharp – a work like no other up until then, I thought. A dramatic production with parallel storylines focusing on different characters is incorporated within the span of about an hour and half as if it weren’t enough. During that same time, there were also works by Mitani Kouki-san and Isaka Koutarou-san’s “Golden Slumber” was being made into live action, so I believe that the so-called multi-protagonist story kind of approach was being used in all sorts of places. But even among them, “Tokyo Godfathers” was outstandingly interesting. “Where the heck is this story heading to?” You can’t tell at all until the end. Three homeless people pick up a baby on Christmas night and try to take her to her mother, but as the story goes on, it gets to a climax like, “Does she even have a mother in the first place?”. Plus, we find out that the person who they thought to be the mother and handed the baby over to is actually someone who kidnapped her from a hospital. The story just keeps changing over and over.

    As the story progresses, the characters’ pasts become visible. It was interesting that the past and present were firmly bound together.

    ——We can’t predict what comes next at all, huh?

    Jin: So, the topic will go back to KagePro now: when I thought of writing a novel, first of all, I decided that I “wanted to do a multi-protagonist story”. To make a story like the one from “The☆Doraemons” into a multi-protagonist story. Back then, I really liked the type of novels that went on in first person – such as works by Isaka-san or Morimi Tomihiko-san, and also Yonezawa Honobu-san.

    ——I see, I see.

    Jin: On the other hand, “Tokyo Godfathers” is structured so that the characters’ pasts can be seen more and more as the story progresses. As if the story progresses with the past mini-arcs as the main focus. Like, “Person A and Person B were actually parent and child!” – it was interesting that the past and the present were bound together so firmly. Moreover, the developments go on at an incredible speed, and there’s a proper catharsis at the end. Also, all the characters that show up in it have rich facial expressions.

    ——To begin with, the fact that the three main characters are homeless is a twist.

    Jin: In the first place, it starts with the main heroine spitting onto people in the streets from a rooftop (laughs). I really like those sharp-edged points of it too. “Tokyo Godfathers” has a content that can be written even if the protagonists were parent and child from an ordinary household. But through making the protagonists homeless, it became extremely vivid.

    ——It’s as if it turns them into down-to-earth characters and gives you a sensation that they connect with the audience’s “present”.

    Jin: If I were to speak of other words by Director Kon Satoshi, I also think that “Paprika” and “Sennen Joyuu” are amazing. But on the other hand, I end up thinking, “They’re so wonderful”. As in, “Awesome, aren’t they? I don’t get them very well, though” (laughs). But “Tokyo Godfathers” is a candid form of entertainment that even an idiot like me can instantly get hooked on. The fact that I indeed want to keep doing entertainment resides strongly inside me.

    ——Listening to you talk like this, Jin-san, it makes me think that the books you read and movies you watched because you liked them reflect straightforwardly in your own manner of expressing yourself.

    Jin: I myself think that I’m usually straightforward (laughs). Rather than “I want it to be seen like this” or “I want people to think of it like that”, I prioritize “I want to do this” and “this is fun”, so to say. By multiplying “The☆Doraemons” to “Tokyo Godfathers”, it turned into “Kagerou Project” (laughs). I feel like that’s my foundation.

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  • kyotakumrau
    10.03.2021 - 1 year ago

    2021.03.09 USEN STUDIO COAST 2nd session with Shinya and Die

    Again the staff got the stage ready, Fujieda and Takabayashi arrived, and F asked for applause for the band members.

    Die and Shinya came back on stage, this time changing the order they came and also sat on other sides.

    D: I'm Die, playing on guitar.

    S: Hello to everyone at Usen Studio Coast, I'm Shinya.

    D: You just wanted to say 'Usen'

    S: I wanted to say it, it's a new name.

    F: Let's look at the flyer picture again.

    D: it's been a while since we had a photo shoot like that

    F: Five people standing there... well besides Kyo😆

    D: we took the photo at the studio but because of the limited time it as done very quickly

    S: it feels new, something not done before (...) and we were all so dirty.

    F: how did you get the idea like that?

    S: Kyo got the green stuff

    F: Did you see his solo photo?

    S: I couldn't find him

    D: I could! In my heart! You don't have one so...

    S: I couldn't see him or guess what's going on there, like a riddle..

    D: 😂

    F: how was the art decided for Oboro cover?

    D: the person who draw it just did it imagining [after reading lyrics]

    S: I really like it, it made my fav 5 cover artworks! My number one is LOTUS.

    D: For me it's FILTH because there's spelling mistake in the title, a misprint.

    F: so even OHP has a cover with a mistake?

    D: we didn't notice for some time so it just stayed like that. (he also said something they have someone checking for mistakes like 'an' or 'gray'?).

    F: it's a quite unexpected cover for you.

    S: we didn't have anything like this before, so it's in my top 5.

    F next talked about the announced SOGAI concert in May. They talked about their last show with audience in Japan.

    D talked he's happy to be able to play a  concert but it's still in a situation like this, so it's not a normal show. But they talked about holding it, it's the first time since they formed as a band that they haven't been playing for so long, so they decided to try, as a new experience.

    D also talked about how at the venues where they often play at their spots backstage are all decided.

    F: where's your favourite spot D?

    D: at the farthest left, like our placement in the photo. I want to be at the end.

    S: I also like the end.

    D: Nope, sorry, it's mine!


    They talked a bit about preparing for the show, following the guidelines, having space between spectators etc.

    F: what songs do you want to play?

    S: and Zero, we haven't really been playing it much.

    D: Toguro.

    He then said to be able to get excited while playing he needs an audience. They talked about the streamed show at Zepp Yokohama, their 1st streamed show live so D felt a bit nervous.

    S: I didn't mind, there was no audience so no nerves.

    D: your main camera wasn't on at Rock-May-Kan.

    S: you know well!

    T was so angry about it😆 they used material from other cameras for S footage.

    They talked a bit about going back to normal doing things like entering a studio to do a rehearsal and D said again it felt good to do it again, he felt many good things there.

    After that came the merchandise topic again.

    S: I have already said what I like.

    F: so you ysed the bag?

    S: for the first time today, but it was perfect.

    F: what do you like D?

    D: the pass case, I guess I can put my commuter pass in and come to Shinkiba with it (he was laughing at F advertising from the 1st session so much😂)

    F (in stride): there are 6 colors of wristbands, so you can have your fav's band member one for the next concert. And also there's a towel for the next show. Amd fans from outside Tokyo can use usb thing and the pouch. Also it might be cold so please use the heat pack. How's the temperature, S?

    S: It is okay... but my smartphone got warmer yesterday when it was charging.


    D: how to use the keychains?

    F: attach them to the merch bag

    D: and go like that to the next show in Tokyo Garden Theater!

    F: also T is wearing the hoodie, and there are stickers.

    D (doesn't give up): all of the keychains together?

    F: all!

    D: and the badge and the pass case!

    (so guys you know the 'dress code' for the next show😂)

    D: that'd be bit tough

    D: "what's the venue you don't want gone?"

    S: do not want gone?

    D: one you like.

    S: here (Studio Coast)

    D: USEN.

    S: USEN (straight face nod).

    D: In Osaka?

    S: Namba Hatch.

    D: in Nagoya?

    S: ...hmm

    D: not Heartland? Where you had your own make up room?😆

    F: why do you like Namba?

    S: I am used to it.

    D: What's your no1?

    S: Yokohama Arena, I like the view.

    D: what about Budokan?

    S: it is okay.

    D: Osaka Jo-Hall?

    S: Okay.

    D: Pia Arena?

    S: I don't remember..wait, we didn't play there!

    D: Huh, I thought you played there alone!😆

    F: how about you D?

    D: Usen!

    Next they talked about the order they enter the venue etc.

    F: "what's your favorite product from convenience store?"

    D: nothing really.

    F: so you just go to the nearest one?

    D: I don't eat konbini food.

    F: I like sides, bread, snacks, nikuman...

    D: I don't eat that anymore.

    S: I don't eat McDonalds in Japan.

    D: just abroad?

    S: I only eat McDonalds abroad.

    D: abroad there's only McD, Burger King and Taco Bell at the parking area.

    S: and there's no konbini. I just have iced cafe latter from konbinis, it's bad everywhere so it's fine.

    (F and all fans where - wait didn't you ask for latte in Yokohama???😂)

    D: you quit black coffee?

    S: I wasn't pushing myself trying to drink it, but there's no point. I've tried for 2 years thinking it will get tastier but it didn't. So I'm back to cafe latte. But it can't be too sweet, that's gross. Water is also gross.

    D: so what do you drink?

    S: Cola.

    F: everyone always gets water at the events, you've never drank it?

    S: Have you ever seen me drinking it?

    F: ...true.

    Next they talked about F's fails/blunders. F told us about the time when the band was touring in Europe in 2007, they were often working on songs during the tour, doing preproduction at hotel, sleeping a bit and then playing live. F messed up something with power/electecity.

    Then D told us about the staff member looong time ago who used to send S cards for his bd, D was copying the style when 'reading' birthday message to S.

    After that was a question with a riddle - among the 4 items which will lose life if they fall from the desk (ruler, eraser, pencil, pen) but it doesn't make sense in English, the answer was a word play😅 but they all had a hard time with it asking for more and more hints (F had answer as the fan wrote it in the back of the paper). S guessed it's pencil but he was just lucky😂

    (芯出る・しんでる・死んでる is either 'the lead will come out' or 'die')

    Next was a question about their favorite pro-wrestlers. D listed Three Musketeers and talked about Moonsalt Press and was ecstatic finding out that T also knows this stuff well. They asked S who said he only knows Kinnikuman, he's been a fan since he was 8. He was able to describe a lot of moves(????), he said he was very influenced by it. He also likes The Fist of the North Star and watches/uses the influence even now.

    D: you don't look like someone interested in pro-wrestling.

    S: but isn't it very DIR-like?

    D: which part??

    S: the cruelty.


    F: "what's your favorite part of obento?"

    S: ah Kaoru extended the talk by 10 mins with this.

    D: Why?

    S: He was drunk.

    D: isn't S very picky about bento?

    F also said S is very strict/picky about the shortest route, when F drives him home he will complain if F takes qrong turn, longer route and so on, even showing google maps for the shortest route.

    S: but you never remember the shortest way.

    D: But I think I'm like that too, don't like the long way. I hate red lights too.

    They talked about driving, S is not a good/confident driver, he was once suddenly forced to drive on a highway he didn't like that, but D, F and T thought highway is easier/fun. Also, apparently T had a small accident looooong time ago when he was asked to drive the car with the equipment from Kyoto to Nagoya, he hit something.

    D told ua about a place in Osaka where you can enjoy a nice non stop drive without red lights if the timing is right.

    They talked about when they got their licenses and D remembered meeting S for the first time, S was still wearing school uniform.

    S: they all looked like proper 'bandomen' (long hair etc).

    F: isn't it amazing you continue for over 20 years?

    D: he was such a cute kid when we met, looking like a hs student. I though 'we're gonna make a band with a kid like that??'

    F: most of you were older

    S: all of them are older

    D: and now you grew up so well being so strict/picky about drinks, routes and so on😆

    D:... wasn't this talk about bento?


    F: "what's your favorite day?"

    D: do I need to say the reason? Friday night.

    F: Friday night (in English) when finished work you can enjoy the weekend.

    D: I don't like Mondays.

    S: I like Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun, Monday... I like them all.

    F: what day is it today?

    S: ....uh

    F: Tuesday.

    S: so many people came to the event on weekday?

    And with that it was the time for the last comments.

    Die: Sorry for talking like that. Today was really nice, thank you for coming, it's not a concert but we could spend time together, I'm happy seeing this view. Don't know when it will be but I want to play here in Usen again. Tokyo Garden Theater is not gonna be a normal show, but we decided and with this focus we will move forward. Thank you for coming, especially on a weekday. Remember to bring the pass case and commuter pass and all the stuff to Garden Theater.

    Shinya: Thank you for today. Tomorrow there's also an event, people who are coming should go home, sleep and come back tomorrow. Let's meet again somewhere next time. Thank you.

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  • dchyperbomberman
    09.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    My Christmas 2020

    The first hour of Christmas was a great time being with family and receiving another year of gifts. I got some useful items as a family tradition in my household: a bedtime Snoopy shirt, a body wash kit, socks, and a pair of Nike running shoes for work - I don’t mind getting these essentials since I get what I want for Christmas on Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

    Furthermore, I got some Christmas money from my boss, my aunt & uncle, so I used some of that money to get more PS2 JPN games, which were: Fate/Unlimited Code and Kinnikuman: Muscle Grand Prix 2.

    Fitting for 2020, I was physically unwell and I had to work with a lack of sleep; I pulled a muscle sometime in the week, which made me feel like crap, but I made it through the work day after eating a hot, complimentary meal from the cafeteria for an hour.

    What I was currently gaming and still now is Higurashi. I’m on chapter 4, and I’m excited to get to the next chapter to get more answers about these wild mysteries and mindgames!


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  • isolaradiale
    05.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Apping in Goldman from Kinnikuman series. app under /app

    Welcome to chilly Isola Radiale, Goldman!

    You’ll be housed in TOWNHOUSE 258

    You’ll be able to use your face to Heal Minor Wounds five times a day.

    Enjoy your stay! :)

    – ⋆ δCaeli

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