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  • thedisorientedfae
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Why are you posting picture of Lana instead of sleeping??? /lh

    Beacause why wouldn’t I be lxnxnkxkkssm

    #ollie my spouse #i should be sleeping… #but there’s linkle #warriors#Impa#sheik#Lana #….. #i could go on…. #not loz
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  • wutheringmights
    22.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Can you info dump about Lana?? Pretty please?

    I’m doing this on mobile, so please excuse the subpar formatting and excessive typos.

    So the thing about Lana is that I have a whole sad girl Lana agenda that can never be truly realized because the story is told from Warriors’s perspective and he doesn’t respect her at all

    Like he loves her dearly, but respect? Not him

    The Guardian of Time, Lanacia, can normally sees and knows all of history and the potential futures ahead. However, when she split into Lana and Cia, that ability split as well

    So Lana can see all of the past (and I mean “see” less in actually looking and more like she intrinsically knows everything that had once happened)

    (This is why Lana’s dynamic with everyone is a little funny to me. Like she knows all of their dirty secrets, but she has to stay hushed about it so as to not be rude)

    Four: “I don’t do magic swords”

    Lana, staring intensely at Four’s very magic sword, which is so magic in its sword-ness that it puts the Master Sword to shame:

    This means the same is true for Cia, expect she can see the future. But the future is constantly changing, so she can be rather… off at times. Unlike Lana, she struggles with appearing like a normal person. But how can she when her brain is constantly processing hundreds of different futures?

    You can probably extrapolate how the split and crush thing went down— Lana was more hesitant about the crush because she could only see how the history of the Hero’s Spirit had been entwined with Hylia’s bloodline. Cia could fall for Warriors because she could see the very possible figure where he loved the Guardian of Time back

    And ironically, he did end up loving the Guardian of Time back. But not in the right way or at the right time

    Because here’s thing about Lana: she’s a deeply lonely person

    She has stood outside of mortal existence for so long that she herself is no longer considered mortal

    And she just wants someone to be with her

    And that’s why, despite his faults, she puts up with Warriors’s bullshit: he treats her like a real person

    Even when she’s split and her powers are halved, everyone around her treats her like some otherworldly being

    She’s respected greatly but she doesn’t really want respect

    Like her friendship with Midna spawned from the fact that they were both treated like other

    And the next closest friendship besides Warriors is Lincoln, who is all to aware of what she is

    So after Midna left, Lana only had Warriors

    The fact that she can resist getting back into a relationship with him despite how much she longs for someone to care for her says a lot about how deeply he hurt her and how much she respects herself

    And that’s the Sad Girl Lana agenda

    And one last thing, but for the first many chapters of CTB, there’s this secret subplot in the present day where Lana and Time hash things out and form an alliance all under Warriors’s nose

    In chapter 2: she sees Time again and immediately recognizes him, but before she could blab about it, she gets distracted by how offended she is that Warriors would think she’s flirting with him

    In chapter 4: while Warriors has his talk with Zelda, Lana gets a chance to confront Time in private where she finds out that Time had truly kept his identity from Warriors. She gets mad at Time for being a coward and how this was definitely going to bit them all in the ass later. Time tells her to fuck off and think about it from his point of view. When Warriors see them again, they’re walking arm in arm, pissed at each other

    In chapter 7: while Warriors was asleep, they snuck off to have another chat where they made up. Lana had slept on Time’s words and recognized she was in the wrong. Time admitted that he was scared of what was going to happen when Warriors figured out the truth. They declared truce and formed an alliance right before returning to the camp, where warriors slept

    And from that point onwards, they became partners in crime!

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  • tubocurarines
    13.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    lana! lana! lana!

    #hyrule warriors#loz#loz lana#hw lana#bunnie art #been playing hw again lately can u tell
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  • youngtwissler
    06.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I forgot i did this

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  • wutheringmights
    06.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I don’t know why Lana gets lumped in with Cia as being obsessive and weird about her crush on Link when all she does is pine from a distance

    I don’t know if I’m missing something from HW canon but as far as I can recall she just keeps her distance and looks sad whenever he’s with Zelda like I’m 90% certain she never said a word about it to him and would have been content to continue to do so for as long as possible

    Lana is weird about her crush is over. Lana is the pinnacle of unrequited pining is in

    #I’m gonna look real foolish if there is something I’m missing #but I’m willing to stake my clown card on being correct #legend of zelda #loz#hyrule warriors#loz Lana#hw lana#me rambling
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  • shaykai
    06.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Misc HW Skull Kid doodles

    #doodle#sketch #catch majora/skull kid murdering the fuck out of wizzro fjdjjdjd #also im drawing everyone off of memory sooooooooo forgive the many mistakes fjdjjd #(also im just saying lana and young link are skull kid's best friends) #and majora is too busy being scary and malevolent to be friends with anyone #hyrule warriors #legend of zelda hyrule warriors #legend of zelda #loz#loz hw#skull kid#majora#lana#young link#link#wizzro#ganon#tatl#tael#navi#epona
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  • wutheringmights
    02.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    Chapters 13: Act 3: The Hanged Man & The Gold Rings Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Additional Tags: Linked Universe (Legend of Zelda), Alternate Universe, Character Study, War, world building, Trauma, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Political Intrigue, Found Family, Angst and Humor, Warriors is a very complicated person, Warriors also does not know Time is Mask, Warriors (Linked Universe)-centric, Canon-Typical Violence, Heavy Angst, Manipulation, Morally Ambiguous Character, Please read content warnings before each chapter, Abuse
    Summary: Warriors built his career waging the kingdom’s wars, seeking victory no matter the cost. He wouldn’t call himself a good person, but he had long sworn to right his wrongs and become someone worthy of the title of hero.
    Years past. Now his time-hopping journey with his fellow heroes has taken him back home when war looms on the horizons once more—a war that threatens to ensnare not only Warriors, but his newfound family as well.
    He’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe, but how long can he tread the line between hero and traitor before the secrets of his dark past come to the light? When this is over, will he even have a family left to save? Or will he be the harbinger of his family’s demise?
    (Once upon a time, there were three brothers: the captain, the  engineer, and the child. Their story did not have a happy ending.)


    Sorry for both the long wait between chapters and my terrible sense of humor yesterday. As promised, here is the brand new chapter. I am very excited for this chapter and, despite of my shenanigans yesterday, I hope you enjoy it.

    And if you don’t enjoy it, you will suffer by these hands <3

    In this brand new chapter of my highly nice fanfiction:

    Link’s lies finally catch up to him and Spirit

    Warriors investigates his dad’s all-day appointment

    Is there anyone who truly believes Warriors is capable of change?


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  • snazzystims
    26.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Lana stimboard for anon!

    💙 - X - 💙

    X - 📖 - X

    💙 - X - 💙

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  • sophitia-of-hyrule
    15.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Bisexual Hyrule Warriors pride icons! ♥

    Please credit me if you use them!

    I take requests.

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  • skyward-sapphic
    06.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Art request: Cia and Lana staring each other down in a high stakes game of Uno (The stakes? Winner gets the last slice of cake left in the fridge.)

    Don’t tell them that Link already ate it

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  • nanyunari
    29.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    another cia i did for fun bc i luv her

    #i was gonna do lana too but my head started hurting #hyrule warriors cia #hyrule warriors #legend of zelda #loz#blackedits #mine.txt
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  • transzeldas
    26.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Your local Cia enjoyer is asking for headcanons rus my beloved bestie💖💞💗💕💞💝💞💞💖💞💗💕💓💞💖💜🖤💛


    This might not be the most coherent because despite being a chatty mood I do not have the brain cells to actually say something intelligent right now, but I love Cia so—

    Cia is really co-dependant. As previously stated I see Cia as the most vulnerable and hurt part of the original Cia. Due to Cia's low self esteem and loneliness she can't stand doing anything by herself for large amounts of time. This is one of the biggest reasons Ganondorf was able to manipulate her

    Cia was less in love with Link and more in love with the idea of someone who loved and helped people unconditionally, which is why she considers the Links sorta interchangeable

    Cia's original favorite color was purple pre split, which is why Cia and Lana are pink and blue

    In the au where Cia and Lana switch, everytime Cia beats a boss her dialogue would go "Link, look!!" And other other pick me girl nonsense but in a cute way

    Actually super looks up to Zelda as the pinnacle of grace, while corrupted this turned into the jealousy we see in game

    Summons dark Link's constantly to keep herself company

    Cia was originally a Sheikah worshiper of the Goddess of Time, she was tasked to help GoT and Hylia watch over the hero. Unfortunately due to her moral mind she slowly was driven crazy by the loneliness

    This gets better post game when Cia and Lana decide to stay split, they just hangout together

    Post Hw Cia and Lana we're a little terrified of returning to their post due to the fact that they knew GoT would be beyond pissed

    (in reality GoT is horrifyed that Cia had be that in pain due to her post... GoT didn't realize people need simulation to not go crazy. She's uh not well versed on mortals)

    The reason Cia chose Hw Link is because he looked like the first Link, who she considers the most unconditionally loving

    A Goddess's height is based on her power! Which is why Cia is so much taller than Lana (and why both of them are taller than their mortal self)

    Hylia in her true from is the same height as the SkSw statue, GoT goes up to her shoulder, Demise is a head taller than Hylia, and the Golden Goddess are about like 20x times taller than all of them. Cia and Lana combined are the same size as Hylia's hand. Which is slightly shorter than a Great fairy

    This is because Cia's and Lana's power mostly come from the magic items GoT gave them instead of internal power

    Cia and Lana have a low level of telepathically when their close together which is mostly them feeling eachother emotions

    Cia is a cat person, Lana doesn't care much either way

    Cia was made a diminutive goddess under her Eternity after GoT and Hylia, in an attempt to keep the nine year old Hero of Time alive, broke the timeline into three pieces. Hylia didn't expect Ganondorf to stab Link in the back and wasn't able to stop it, panicked and tried to get GoT to fix it.... They broke the fucking timeline... Hylia isn't the smartest Goddess in the world. GoT is much smarter but doesn't care about breaking things lmao

    Cia was placed essentially so "WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY HERO WAS STABBED IN THE BACK BEFORE HE COULD EVEN GET THE MASTER SWORD???" could never happen again... She's Link's divine baby sitter essentially

    Post Hw Cia and Lana sit on their bed and eat popcorn as they make sure the Hero doesn't get killed

    During Botw "this is supposed to happen right???" "Yes Cia, Hylia put it in our notes and everything" "I'm unhappy with this" "Hylia put a frowny face next to the note"

    #Hyrule warriors #hyrule warriors cia #hw cia #legend of zelda hyrule warriors #loz hylia#goddess hylia#hylia #goddess of time #hyrule warriors lana #hw lana#rus's rambles #ballad my beloved #ballad my beloved mutual #ballad my beloved baby cousin
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  • transzeldas
    17.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    they’re going to crash war’s birthday party


    THEYRE SO CUTE 😳🥺🥰💗💞💓💖💓💞💓💖💗💖💕💞💓

    and GAY fksbdjs


    #ballad my beloved baby cousin #ballad my beloved mutual #ballad my beloved #Hyrule warriors #hyrule warriors cia #hyrule warriors lana #loz hyrule warriors #hyrule warriors #legend of zelda hyrule warriors #hw cia#hw lana#loz hw #legend of zelda hw #cia x lana #gifts for rus
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  • transzeldas
    17.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Hi I love Lana!!!

    #i hate Lana's outfit almost as much as Cia's 💗💕💓💘💖💝💞💖 not even to mention the blatant anti-blackness #anyways heres Lana but like better #rus's arts #hyrule warriors lana #hyrule warriors #loz hyrule warriors #legend of zelda hyrule warriors #hw lana#loz hw #legend of zelda hw #legend of Zelda lana #loz Lana#hw fanart #hyrule warriors fanart
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  • transzeldas
    17.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    My thoughts on Cia's character, not how disturbing her design is, despite the fact that no one asked

    Ok so my interpretation of Cia is very influenced by the fact that a spent a good four years in and out of co-dependant relationships, probably longer but depression memory I literally can't remember

    Part one: before the split. When I imagine Cia pre HW girl must of had a laundry list of issues. She was essentially stuck in a dark room with only a TV for any type of simulation. This is torture, I mean that literally, sensory deprivation is a type of torture. I am utterly unsurprised that she got a crush on the one person she was literally supposed to watch every day of their life instead of living her own. Like, she was essentially set up by who ever put her there to be a obsessive and have codependent thinking patterns. Not to mention that she doesn't have proper pointed ears as Cia or Lana which implies that she was once mortal. I can understand a goddess being able to handle that no issues, but some random girl? Yeah, no this was inevitable.

    Part two: I ignore Hyrule Warriors lore bc they made Cia black and Lana white and no rights. When Gannondorf called out to Cia to manipulate her it makes no sense that he'd call out to the evilest part of her. If this was all of her most selfish traits we wouldn't see Cia's blatant insecurity. Why would someone who only exists for themself be so obviously insecure? Cia reads as very mentally ill to me. She's insecure, she's seems delusional, she uses magical thinking, she has a compulsive need for people to pay attention to her. I am convinced that if she actually got what she wanted, she'd fucking blank. She wouldn't know what to do, and then she'd get clingy and co-dependant once she realized that if she could get what she wants then she could easily lose it. No I don't think Ganondorf's reached out to the evil selfish part of Cia, I think he reached out to the weak insecure part. The most traumatized unstable parts of Cia and threw them all into one women he was going to control use and gaslight to get what he wants. Like girl is kinda stupid don't even lie, she had the Triforce once and didn't do shit with it. She had many people at her mercy and didn't do shit with it. She's not planning ahead, she's acting impulsively and based on desire alone. Her dialogue always seems slightly disorganized, she never seems like she has a real sense of self (note how Cia kept her name and Lana was able to change it with out disrupting her identity), not to mention the fact that her plan ended up summoning more people to help defeat her? She's not actually paying attention to what she's doing, she's out of it.

    Part Two point Five: Yes I know she's evil. Note, yes I know her behaviors are traumatizing and abusive and her signs of mental illness don't change that. However it does explain her actions, and why I think if Ganondorf never came along and Cia still showed up at Link's doorstep she would of been like, very annoying and clingy at worse. Like the pick me girl she was always ment to be. Her actions, manipulation aside, are still her own and her situation making her the essential perfect victim to be manipulated doesn't excuse her actions, just explains them. Ok? Cool

    Part Three: Lana. Genuinely how is Lana that ok? Like she's the good part of Cia? Apprently? She sufferers form no consequences of being stuck and what was essentially a sensory deprivation chamber except with one person to focus on. She seems to be able to form healthy relationships, she's even able to joke and laugh with people she was all but conditioned to obsesse over? The correct answer to this is that the creators of Hyrule Warriors think that mental illness is evil and scary, like dark skin (I continue to be enraged) and Lana as the good one doesn't have these traits but let's pretend that isn't the case. This adds more credit to my theory that Cia was just the most vulnerable part of herself, bc her confidence is literally walking around with blue hair and platforms. Also at the end of Hyrule Warriors where Lana comforts Cia is literally Cia (combined) practicing self love and no I will not be taking criticism on this interpretation. Cia needs Lana and Lana needs Cia. I genuinely think that Lana has issues of her own but is just "high functioning" so you can't tell. Lana is apathetic and Cia has too much emotion, that may be a headcanon but it makes sense in my heart.

    Part Four: *unintelligible screaming*. Thoese are mostly my thoughts on Cia and a little bit Lana. I will now rapidly list off a bunch of random smaller thoughts that I have that I couldn't find a place in the narrative. Lana has low empathy and can't read social cues, please look at me and tell me her withholding information until Link Impa and Sheik does something to help her doesn't scream high compassion (to the people she's trying to help) but literally no ablity to understand that 1) they would have done it anyways, you don't need to block mail them holy shit sweetheart 2) Why are you making jokes?? Read the room, people are dying Lana. If Cia is a pick me girl, Lana is a "I'm not like other girls" girl. Once again I am not accepting criticism. Cia and Lana post Hw definitely keep their distance from Link and everyone out of respect for them, this mostly involves them hanging out in the gates of time instead of the dark room in the prologue. Cia is asexual and dressed like that for attention, not because she genuinely liked it. Cia and Lana are glued to the hip post HW, and refuse to be separated for any reason. This is mostly out of fear of being manipulated again. Lana would of been a scarier villain but she's too present and confident to be easily controlled so Gannondorf went with Cia. Cia was so like painfully lonely that she summoned dark/shadow links to talk to and hang out with, and if she was really out of it would start half believing they actually cared about her. She always knew in the back of her mind that they didn't. After Cia broke off from Ganondorf she became more unpredictable bc she straight up had no one to tether her to any type of reality. Cia and Lana would be more stable if they fused back together but eventually the loneliness would set back in again and drive them crazy, again, so they choose to stay split and keep eachother company

    I think that's all of my thoughts on Cia!! She's very complex and while I don't think she would be forgiven by Link, I do think that she'd go though the nessicary effort and work post HW to become a better person and thats definitely important.

    If you have your own thoughts or think I missed something feel free to tell me :)

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  • jelly-boi
    10.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    some of my favorite hyrule warriors skins

    #ruto#ghirahim#lana#cia#twili midna#hyrule warriors#loz#loz hw #legend of zelda #my art #next time i consider drawing lana or cia i need somebody to come slap me #their outfits take so fucking longgggg #but their color swapped skins are so cute uwu #all my canvases are different sizes so trying to fit them all nicely in one post is cringe #but i don't want to make 4 separate ones either rip
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  • skywardsongbird
    08.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Hyrule Warriors- A mini review.

    So I got myself Hyrule Warriors: definitive edition for the new Year and decided to give it a whirl, here's my very basic review of the game. there will most likely be spoilers below the cut, for those who've never played

    Note: in my rankings of Zelda games I've played I'd give it a solid 6/10, it's fun, I get to play as Midna and Fi, i can die happy

    First off, it doesn't have as big a story as Age of Calamity does, this is partly because it's not connected to any game before it, Warriors! Link and Zelda are new incarnations in this game.

    But the story it does have is almost exactly the same as AOC, Ganondorf manipulates a purple-clad character to do his bidding and time travel is involved.

    that's not to say I didn't enjoy the plot. The added mini-storyline of Link becoming too confident once gaining the master sword and almost letting it be his downfall was a fantastic added bonus for me.

    the fact I can save mid-battle and come back to it is also a bonus, it's something I wasn't a fan of when it came to AOC, the fact that I had to do a mission mostly all in one sitting.

    the one thing I didn't really like is the design of Lana and Cia, I do like them as characters but their appearance just doesn't fit Zelda games, Lana honestly looks more like she'd fit in with Genshin or even fire emblem.

    but overall, I found the game enjoyable with a great soundtrack as always and the designs for Zelda, Impa and Link are amazing,

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  • qyobean
    08.01.2022 - 4 monts ago
    #My brain rn #AOSGIESIIWIWIWOA#T/w caps#Lana#Lana hw #Lana Hyrule warriors #Hyrule warriors#hw #legend of zelda #legend of Zelda hw #Loz hw#Zelda#loz#zelda hw#Holy shit #i luv her
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  • urutaguja
    07.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Oh yeah here's more screenshots I made kajsbam

    Humilation on Defeat

    Iabajama not sorry, Reese's/quote, hjoking


    #maxem says this #maxem stop the memes #the legend of zelda #usurper king zant #zant #legend of zelda #hyrule warriors definitive edition #hyrule warriors lana #hyrule warriors link #link #loz skyward sword #skyward sword#ss fi#fi #hyrule warriors volga #loz twilight princess #midna#loz midna#loz fi#loz volga
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  • urutaguja
    01.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Oh yeah oandve

    Forgot to post this here. I want all of you to caption this screenshot jahsj

    Imma go first.

    "Oh? Heroic Link, why must you be here first? Hadn't your parental figures spoken to you about MANNERS? Hmmmmm!? ESPECIALLY ONE... CALLED "LADIES FIRST!?!?!?!"

    "Says the hypocrite who stole a Princess's throne twice"

    #maxem says this #maxem stop the memes #legend of zelda #the legend of zelda #hyrule warriors definitive edition #zant #usurper king zant #link#loz link #i had him. ruto and some other female #i think it was lana #but ruto was def one of them #cuz i wanted to level her up #obvi zant must be there cuz hello? thats my twili man #and link got there first aknshdsm #it was awkward #but it was funny cuz i made captions already and screenshot em
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