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    29.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


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    28.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Emissary Verse - The A Team

    “Never let your fear decide your fate”

    Paris Berelc as Amber Talbot/Volta/The Emissary

    Richard Ellis as Nate Wrenly

    Sadie Stanley as Rachel Grey/Flamebird

    Asher Angel/Zachary Levi as Billy Batson/Shazam

    Oscar Issac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Jake Lockley/Moon Knight/Mr Knight

    “I say you kill your heroes and fly”
    #not featured; ryan reynolds as deadpool matt ryan as constantine and #dwayne johnson as black adam #also yes the emissary verse has an earth title now! its earth 6920! #which was the old amalgam comics number (earth 692) plus a zero at the end! #the quote is from kill your heroes by awolnation which is a song i associate with amber a lot #the other one is sidekick by walk the moon #OC: Amber#OC: Nate #story: emissary verse #note; rachel isnt an oc she's based on rachel summers from the x men #and yes her name is flamebird which is the same as bette kane and thara ak-var #and jimmy olsen that one time lmao #i thought it fit :')
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    28.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    drinkin' and drivin'

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    28.05.2022 - 18 hours ago
    #Matt Ryan #Matt Ryan Actor #matt ryan real
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    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Matt and Ryan?! From supermega?!

    #I know I haven’t posted in a while #supermega#ryan magee#matt watson#youtube
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  • supershmega
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    watching leightons vod of the new server and I love hearing him talk abt creator clash

    #i love it hearing about how everyone thought matt and dads matchup wasnt fair #also him saying that he really though ryan was going to win and that he thought the hits to the back of the head were what done it
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  • spectralarrovv
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i’m absolutely loving shane’s outfit in the new ays

    #the button up goes hard i want it very bad #THE JACKETS NICE TOO #ryan please stop wearing just t shirts i’m begging #matt rambles#shane madej#watcher#watcher entertainment#ays #ays? #are you scared #are you scared?
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  • petty-d4bblr
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    More awesome pics from Abby at ayabas.cons on Instagram (link above to this image and more) from Starfury Infinite Crisis, May 2022

    #matt ryan #matt ryan actor #legends of tomorrow #dc legends of tomorrow #starfury#starfury conventions#infinite crisis#may 2022 #crisis dc convention #conventions#Instagram
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  • fifiala
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    if they're not on the scoresheet together, they're in the box together

    Switzerland vs. USA - 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship | May 26, 2022

    #matt boldy#ryan hartman#team usa#iihf 2022 #representing the wild in every way #mine.gif
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  • dandy-hafal
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Torchwood (2008)

    Season 2 Episode 4 Meat

    #Torchwood#Matt Ryan #Matt Ryan Actor #Dale
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  • spoopy-scary-skelly
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    Like maybe between Matt and Rosa and Ben but also Alex and Nekko and the others? :OO/nf

    Oh absolutely!

    Matt and Rosa weren't biologically related but they acted like twins KABDJHDHD

    Alex knows a bunch of different hair styles (though he doesn't know why...) And he sometimes did Nekko's hair for her :)

    Rem was the oldest but wasn't responsible KABSJSBJDHDHD

    Insidiae was the responsible one. Parent friend

    Danielle was the local cool lesbian tm and was very popular among the moon children

    She and Matt knew all the gossip hehieheue

    "and then she walks in with a flat PERM" "Sickening"

    They only talked about the people they didn't know or care about tho. NABJDNDJSHD they only said nice things about friends

    Nekko was the baby. Both because she was the youngest and because she was simply baby

    Maerlie was very physically affectionate with everyone and Rem froze everytime she grabbed his arm or held his hand NSBJSBDJDBD

    Hes nervous around pretty people ok

    Insidiae would read to Nekko sometimes near A tree then everyone else would join and start listening too Jabsjndjd

    David just kept walking back and forth by them because he's too big for a children's book ugh 🙄

    One time David and Ryan gave Matt a cookie shaped like a pp.

    ^ you dont get context sry

    Insidiae's aunt had a stand at the farmer's market and she'd let the kids get strawberries for free sometimes

    Cool aunt 😎

    Danielle painted Nekko's nails for her because she's cool like that

    These aren't the only moon children in the village they're just the ones I have hcs for nabdjsbd

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  • spoopy-scary-skelly
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    IDK what the moon children are give me all your headcanons

    Oh Im so glad you asked

    Matt hubris (he/him)

    Was 14 in 2002

    Gay/ace and cis male

    Was probably in love with Alex or smth

    His "gift" was teleportation!

    Which he totally took advantage of JSBDIFBIDJF

    Never late or tests let's go B)

    He unintentionally saved himself from a failed ascension by running away to go find Rosa when he was 17 (she had ran away)

    Was 💫murdered💫 when he was 21, and is now back in the village under Kelbris and Luna's control

    His family was from Britain 🙄 LMAFOAOJDKDHF

    Rosa hubris (she/her)

    Was 13 in 2002

    Aroace and cis female

    Was the granddaughter of Kelbris ("the father") and her parents didnt really want anything to do with her :(

    Kelbris was a manipulative asshole, he used her to look into future moon children events (her gift was foresight (canon)) And threatened her if she brought up telling anyone else about things going wrong

    She had a rough childhood :(

    Ran away when she was 16, due to not being able to take everything anymore

    Had a little garden after leaving the village :]

    Was killed when she was 20, and like Matt, is now back in the village under Kelbris and Luna's control

    Doesnt like Alex even though her "brother" is practically married to him LMAO she don't trust him

    She's Hispanic B)

    Benjamin lawman (he/him)

    Was 12 in 2002

    Aromantic cis male!

    Had an older brother named Tyler they were very close

    And an older cousin named Sarah! (Yes, that Sarah)

    Sadly died in an ascension in 2002 via drowning

    Was trapped in a loz game for like 9 years, Unable to move or speak

    Was freed by Sarah, but ended up accidentally pushing her down the stairs (omg omori moment) thus killing her

    He too is now back at the village under Kelbris and Luna's control

    Originally found the village when he was 11, after being chased by something in the woods after running away from home after an argument with his father

    He wasn't abusive or anything, it was just ben being 11/j

    Overall had a good relationship with both his parents

    He's Korean/Black!

    Alex Higgins (not hall) (he/him)

    Was 14 in 2002

    Gay and trans >:)

    Escaped the cult but didn't last long outside. Take a wild guess at where he is now lmao

    Was 22 when he died

    Rosa hates him even tho he is so nice to her 😔

    Hes scared of her tbh LMAO

    Doesnt remember how he got into the cult...but he wasn't born into it

    He actually doesn't really remember anything from when he was under six years old... Huh wonder how that happened 🙂

    His gift was plant manipulation

    He's Black :]

    Christina/Nekko (she/her)

    Yes ik she's canonically a boy but I saw my friend make her a lil girl and I can't see it any other way WBSHDJBDF

    Wasn't even alive in 2002

    Doesn't know or care about her sexuality

    Was 10 years old when she died (failed ascension)

    LOVED drawing. She had her own lil art set :)

    She's!! Just a fuckin gal!!

    Matt was one of her favorite people :>

    When Rosa was still in the village she read to her

    Doesnt remember her parents :(

    Her gift as meteorological manipulation

    Was born into the cult

    Shes Honduran!

    Rem (he/she/they)

    Was 16 in 2002

    Bisexual and bigender!

    Best friends with insidiae :]

    Their gift was glamouring

    Like Matt, she took advantage of his gift ahsbdjhjf

    He was close to his mother, her dad was kinda an ass :/

    Was 20 when he died (bleeding out)

    Was born into the cult

    Hes Brazilian American!

    Insidiae (they/them)

    Was 16 in 2002

    Nonbinary and pansexual!

    They were 20 when they died (suffocation)

    Was very calm, spent most of their time chatting with their friends or reading a book

    Their favorite book series was the wizard of Oz

    Bonded with Rosa because of this ajdbhdjd

    Their gift was Abacomancy

    Was raised by their aunt, they had a great relationship!

    Born into the cult

    Theyre Native American!

    Maerlie (she/her)

    Was 15 in 2002

    Biromantic demisexual and a cis female!

    She was 21 when she died (failed ascension)

    Her gift was Illusionary magic

    Did ballet!

    Still a very good dancer and is willing to teach anyone who asks!

    She was raised by her grandmother

    Was born into the cult

    Shes half Japanese!

    David (he/him)

    Was 13 in 2002

    His gift was hydromancy

    Hes aroace and a cis male!

    He died when he was 23 (failed ascension)

    Was best friends with Ryan!

    Was raised by a single dad, they had a good relationship :)

    Was born into the cult

    Taught Ryan how to play basketball!

    Hes blasian :)

    Ryan (he/him)

    His gift was enchantment

    Was 14 in 2002

    Hes pansexual and a cis male

    Lowkey scared of Danielle JANDJDBDID 💔

    He has vitiligo!!

    Liked to bake :)

    Was raised by his older sister

    He was born into the cult

    Died when he was 24 (beaten to death)

    Hes Canadian/Jamaican!

    Danielle (she/her)

    Her gift was intangibility

    Was 15 in 2002

    Lesbian and cis female!

    Gossiped with Matt shdbjdd

    Died when she was 25 (beaten to death)

    Was raised by a single mother

    Born into the cult

    Mommy issues 😔✌

    Shes Latina!

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  • pyethon
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    you will accept my vision of the young bucks.

    #they hated him because he told the truth etc #hello ryan. <3 #nick jackson#matt jackson#aew#pyethon art
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  • jothatsshortforjo
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    OMG can it be true? Can there be Deadpool fans out there who are not aware of “Once Upon a Deadpool”, the PG-13 version of Deadpool 2? Shocked “Home Alone” facial expression?😮


    i know eh?😮I was surprised to meet one too!

    How can this be?

    jothatsshortforjo to the rescue.

    Fred: I kind of prefer Marvel movies.

    Deadpool: We are Marvel.

    Fred: Yeah but you’re Marvel licensed by Fox, that’s kind of like if the Beatles were produced by Nickelback, it’s still music but it sucks

    Deadpool: Eeewww , you were nicer as a kid!

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  • sideofchaos
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    JJ abrams first stepped on the DC stage through the reported efforts of rebooting the comic character, John Constantine. The quote on quote reboot would “stay away from religion but bring the horror” , a shocking notion from a comic character whose series was entitled hellblazer. Constantine, the disgruntled exorcist, who walked the line with demons in many stories that had christian theology use to bring its message about the politics and plight of everyday man.

    As the project detail emerged through sides, John’s origin of being from Liverpool, England was now being replaced by London a push against the comic creators who breathed life into the character. His occult driven birth would be after meeting a revamped disfigured Astra and her stoic grandfather. This would be a diss to the writers who had him dabbling in the dark arts long before Astra as a payback to his abusive father. The changing of Chas and his other counterparts in the new HBO max medium means the character will be John in name only and nothing else.

    Warner Brothers Discovery wants to push aside its prime fan comic base, giving the middle finger to those that are ardent comic fans. Only seems that DC has lost its way, JJ abrams has already knocked on the doors of Star Wars and Star Trek leaving a disgruntled fan base in his path. Most fans would concerned about the lack of respect for the myth of property that he deemed only he could change. Does DC allow for the prime base for one of its DC characters to be recognizable in name only, time will soon tell.

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    26.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    mm i love him <3

    #supermega#ryan magee#matt watson #i wish he was tumblrman of the month #<3<3
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