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  • gabeweb
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    On May 27...

    Only one will be the winner.

    Stranger Things Season 4 Vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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  • manuhigueras
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    ABS-CBN's broadcast center, now ABC-ZNN, was taken over by the Trese universe.

    One iconic setting in the comic Trese was a media station called ABC-ZNN. So to promote the series Trese in the Philippines. Netflix let life imitate art. By taking over the entire building of the country´s biggest media network, ABS-CBN.


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  • bollywoodmascotsblog
    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    OTT Release, Upcoming New Web Series And Movies To Watch In 2022

    In this Blog, we have sorted out a list of movies and new web series that will be available on OTT this week on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Attack Part: 1, a super-science fiction action thriller film will premiere on the OTT platform Zee5. Stranger Things is one of the most awaited upcoming New Web Series on Netflix. KGF Chapter-2 will be available on Amazon Prime Video. Check out more New Web Series 2022 in this blog!

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  • hey-dorothea23
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Done watching the first episode of Anne With An E! It's so good and Anne is so precious!!! I love her character!

    I really like this show and shall continue with it.

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  • giftcardoffer1
    25.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Room 203 (2022)

    #fresh movie#movie poster#hot movie#hit movies #usahotspot find your best viral topics #movement #put me in a movie #netflix#netflix series#netflix shows#netflix original #tv show gifs
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  • manuhigueras
    25.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Promote Trese, a series on a woman who fights evil supernatural creatures.

    Then, we leaked out videos showing who did it.


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  • seaoreos
    25.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    i love eyeballing poses & anatomy i love fucking around and i love not studying SHIT

    #We sketchin tonight n I’m having fun w it so far!! #sea thoughts #heehoo gooped Altis au time #haven’t thought a lot about the au itself surprisingly but GOD. Good angst material #it’s got like. Deet-thra situation vibes yknow #dark Crystal Netflix series my beloved
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  • comocrearunaserie
    25.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    "Los crímenes de Atapuerca". Capítulo 30

    “Los crímenes de Atapuerca”. Capítulo 30

    Sinopsis A Miriam Sinaloa, una estudiante de 16 años que visita en yacimiento de Atapuerca, la asesinan dentro de la Sima de los Huesos. La inspectora Luisa Baeza dirige la investigación del asesinato de la adolescente mientras se enfrenta a una profunda crisis personal y se obsesiona con un caso en el que busca una redención. Hay secretos que no puedes enterrar para siempre. Capítulo 30 Una…

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    #atapuerca#atapuerca arqueología#atapuerca burgos#crimenes atapuerca#guion #los crimenes de atapuerca #mejores novelas criminales #mejores novelas negras #mejores novelas negras 2022 #mejores novelas policiacas #mejores novelas suspense #netflix#novela negra#nuria verde#series netflix #thriller en atapuerca
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  • shameonmeeguiltypleasure
    25.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Seducing Mr Bridgerton Chapter 4 Progress update:

    Hello everyone! I am currently a little on the intoxicated side, but I just had to let you all know chapter 4 is finally flowing!!!!!!

    I'm so happy, I could cry from relief, excitement etc. I really thought I wouldn't make the deadline I set myself. But I'm so glad I didn't give up and kept pushing myself to keep working on it. I have..... Two? I think, alt/deleted scenes that are of no use so I thought I'd share it with you all on Tumblr.

    The official chapter 4 is going in a direction I honestly didn't plan. It was as if that's what my version of the characters wanted to take things and so.... That's where it went.

    I'm very excited to post the chapter in three days time. Of only so I can see who else agrees with me 😂

    Anyway, .enjoy and thank you very much for the continued support 💕💕

    Chapter Four: Alt/Deleted Scene 1 :

    Between the ages of six and nine – Eloise rather fancied the idea of ruling the world. She had done the research and strategy for it too. But eventually, she realised that society was not ready for a world of her making. It would take far too long and see her courting death much too closely and she had her family to protect. So, she made the wise decision to temper her dream and settle for fighting the oppression of women’s rights in what little ways she could.

    But she never forgot the many strategies she’d created to dominate her enemies. And for her unfortunate brothers, who tended to forget her once-upon-a-dream, Eloise never hesitated to use her learned methods against them when seeking vengeance. Still steaming with anger over her quarrel with Colin during breakfast, Eloise was mentally sorting through her options. It was nearing lunch and she still had yet to settle on a decision. Should she rage into a mental war or a physical altercation? To what extent did she wish to see him suffer? And for how long?

    “Grr! The problem with brilliance… far too many options…” she muttered before scooping more of her soup.

    She ignored Hyacinth’s pointed groaning and avoided her mother’s stare.

    “Eloise. Surely you’ve calmed down by now, you’re twenty-eight.” Violet Bridgerton sighed. “I had hoped you’re vengeful plotting would have stopped by now”

    Hyacinth scoffed. “In what world Mama?” she asked with a shake of her head.

    “Hush you, don’t think I’d forgotten that you’d broken a plate to get your siblings to stop.”

    Hyacinth sat up with indignant disbelief. “I had no choice! Consider this, would you rather a broken plate or a bloody son?”

    “Hyacinth!” Violet scolded, but while her youngest apologized her expression showed no regret.

    “Don’t defend him, Mama! If you had witnessed his actions yourself, you’d be just as insulted and angered as I am.” Eloise sharply voiced.

    Hyacinth rather thought she could see the fire in her sister’s eyes. Violet hesitated to sip at her tea at seeing Eloise’s temper. Her second-born daughter had always been passionate and feisty, but much like Colin, her true temper tantrums were hard to weather.

    “What on earth could he have said that’s pushed you to this point?” she absently wondered.

    “He called her, and I quote: ‘ an ignorant child with no understanding of true hardship and pain.’ Do you see now why I had no choice, Mama?” Hyacinth announced with a solemn demeanour that was almost comical. But Violet was too stunned to comment. Eloise, however, was not and the reminder of Colin’s angrily spoken words infuriated her even further.

    “Can you believe his audacity Mama!? To call me childish when it is him who turns tail and runs away from commitments,” Hyacinth opened her mouth to comment but a sharp look from Violet had her hastily keeping her words to herself. Eloise was too busy venting her rage to notice. And she might have continued for longer if not for the arrival of her Viscount brother and his family.

    “I’m sorry but what the devil are you yelling about?” Anthony interrupted with a concerned frown.

    “ANTHONY!” Hyacinth cried with joy before jumping from her seat and rushing to hug him tight. The youngest Bridgerton turned to the side to cover her whispering lips and quickly informed the oldest Bridgerton of the situation.

    “Eloise and Colin are fighting. I had to break a plate to stop the bloodshed. As you can see, Eloise is still raging.” Hyacinth hastily spoke. When the Viscount’s eyes widened with understanding, the tension Hyacinth had been ignoring eased and her brother returned her hug with a tight squeeze.

    “Well done, Hyacinth. Do me a favour and see that my sons don’t go antagonising their little sister like their idiot Uncle.” Anthony warmly encouraged. Hyacinth happily abandoned the company of her older siblings in favour of her adorable nephews and niece. As she did, she couldn’t help but be thankful for Anthony’s timely arrival. No part of her felt any sympathy for whatever retribution Colin might suffer, as she thought he rightly deserved it.


    Anthony had prepared himself for a rather chaotic day. For whatever reason, his sons had insisted they spend the day following after him. And while he loved his children with every ounce of his being, he worried about being able to balance his workload while minding his sons. Edmund and Miles were nine and seven. And having helped raise his seven younger siblings, Anthony vividly remembered the unpredictable wildness children were capable of.

    Apparently, at thirty-three and twenty-eight, Colin and Eloise were still capable of being such chaotic hellions.

    “Colin said what?” Anthony repeated. 

    “How rude!” Kate added with disapproval from her seat beside him.

    After convincing Eloise to explain the situation to the both of them so they may help, her temper seemed to cool. Anthony knew Eloise’s cool temper was nothing to feel relief over. As Benedict once accurately described, Eloise was the water to Colin’s fire and when incensed with each other, she was an icy tornado to his fiery inferno.

    “And he did not mention anything about the cause of his moody disposition?” Kate questioned.

    Anthony glanced at his wife and could tell she was entertained by the dramatic nature of his siblings. Feeling righteously assured, Eloise responded exuberantly to Kate’s consoling inquires. It was clear Eloise felt as if she was in the right. Anthony would argue both his siblings shared the blame for their ridiculous quarrel. He was dragged out of his musing when Eloise said something most intriguing.

    “I’d excused his brooding demeanour after last night’s party, but this morning was far too much,” Eloise added with a huff. Anthony laughed which gained him the attention of both women.

    “I’m sorry, but did you just describe our brother as brooding?” Anthony repeated with another chuckle.

    “It is the only word fit to use.” Eloise hissed.

    “Yes, but this is Colin. In what world would he be described as brooding? He’s no dark hero in the making, Eloise. Call him the temperamental idiot he is and leave it at that.” Anthony said while still feeling amused.

    “Although hard to imagine, aren’t you a little too confident about your brother’s character? He has been travelling for so long, perhaps his experiences across the oceans have changed him?” Kate voiced thoughtfully.

    Her suggestion caused both Anthony and Eloise to frown with disagreement. What experiences could Colin possibly come across to prompt him down the route of a dark brooding hero? Anthony sighed and looked at his wife with a sympathetic sort of smile.

    “I love you, but surely you give Colin too much credit. As impulsive and thoughtless as my brother can be, his is a character that’s not easily swayed.”

    Kate arched a brow in taunt and Anthony clenched his fist to stop himself from wanting to kiss her.

    “Men can be swayed.” She announced with a knowing smirk on her lips.

    Anthony swallowed and cleared his throat pointedly to change the topic. “Regardless, something is obviously plaguing him. Do you remember anything specific occurring after last night?” he prompted.

    Eloise’s frown deepened before she spoke out with obvious frustration. “Nothing! Beyond Lady Danbury’s challenge and the talk of Penelope’s dare to suspect her, there was nothing else!”

    “Ah…” the Viscount and Viscountess said in unison.

    Eloise straightened and peered at the sudden knowing in Kate’s expression as well as Anthony’s furrowed brow. “What? What is it? You know something I don’t, so tell me now.” She pestered like a bloodhound who’d caught the scent of prey.

    Kate sipped at her tea and gave an easy wave to show her thoughts were nothing of importance. But Anthony was too busy contemplating the wonderings in his mind about Lady Whistledown and his brother. Perhaps it was the hunt for Lady Whistledown that’s got him so out of sorts?

    “Why would Colin care for Lady Whistledown?” Eloise demanded.

    Anthony blinked, having not realized he’d spoken his musing out loud. Faced with his wife’s intrigued and expectant stare, as well as Eloise’s demanding glare, he had no choice but to answer.

    “He’s not exactly fond of the gossip of the ton, and her writings about him have… annoyed him over the years.” Anthony carefully explained.

    He carefully observed Eloise’s reaction to his words. He suddenly remembered the earlier years following Whistledown’s debut and Eloise’s obsession with discovering her identity. At some point, she seemed to lose interest in her hunt, but Anthony had been too relieved over the matter to question it. Now, his worries for his sister returned with full force.

    “You’re not Lady Whistledown, are you?” he decided to check.

    The groan of disappointment from his wife and the annoying disbelief from his sister was completely unwarranted. Eloise levelled a sarcastic grin towards him and spoke in a tone one would use while gutting fish.

    “Anthony, if I were Lady Whistledown, I would not waste precious ink and time in writing about my idiot brother. Nor would I ever use adjectives such as ‘charming’ to describe him.”

    “Exactly as I thought.” He nodded. But the look in Eloise’s eyes made him suspicious. He could visibly see the cogs in her brain turning with thought.

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  • granthshalaind
    25.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Forget Netflix and Amazon Prime, watch the latest movies, web series and TV shows for free with these apps

    Forget Netflix and Amazon Prime, watch the latest movies, web series and TV shows for free with these apps

    New Delhi, Tech Desk. Free OTT App Subscription: Customers have to take mobile recharge, dish recharge, security camera subscription every month. Along with this, OTT apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar have to be subscribed. If we talk about it, then if an average earning person recharges so many apps every month, then half of his earning can be spent in subscription and recharge of these…

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    #Amazon Prime #Computers and Technology #Free OTT App #netflix#News #News tech-news technology hindi news #Science and Technology #tech news#technology#TV shows#web series
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  • mypanoplies
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Business Proposal review

    Okay, I’m quite late on this so will just give a quick review on the latest hit Kdrama – Business Proposal. Based on a webtoon of the same title by HaeHwa and illustration by Narak. One of the best rom-com to date, this is one of my favorites too! The cast is just as wonderful that adds charm and fun to the series 🙂 Starring Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Sejeong, Kim Minkyu and Seol In-ah. This drama is the…

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  • rinrinrumu
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Fate Stay Live-action Netflix cast and the new names

    Tom Holland will be Shirou Emiya-> Steven Emile

    Elle Fanning as Rin tohsaka ->Rihanna Talyor

    Zendaya will ve Sakura Matou -> Serena Miller!

    Christ Prat as kotomine Kirei -> Kevin Keller

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  • art-of-arcane
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    ARCANE | Deck Fight Concept Art | Christophe Oliver

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  • experimentjr
    24.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    I finally remade her. Now’s she’s at her true height. As I said in her past post, Kaisa is the head of the witches tower and the new committee and, although the committee has way more members than the old one, it’s still Kaisa who gives the orders.

    After Hilda’s disappearance, Frida devoted herself even more to her witch studies, putting aside even the sparrow scouts. As her classmate and Hilda’s friend, Kaisa couldn’t just see Frida pushing herself to have a mental breakdown and do nothing so she returned her studies with Tildy. Now there were Frida and Kaisa working hard together to find Hilda.

    however, Kaisa couldn’t keep up with her classmate in the years that passed as she never truly believed in herself and Frida was getting more and more powerful, reaching levels never once reached by any witch of her age, this led to Kaisa getting less and less motivated, even tho Matilda was trying her best to help her, this couldn’t be done if Kaisa weren’t going to take the first step.

    At the time, the tension between the Vanabarn (the enemy coven of the witches tower) and the tower grew worse and worse, which lead to, in an unfortunate night, the murder of Erika Weiß (the smallest of the commitee) and therefore, to war.

    Kaisa wasn’t built for fight, so she stayed as the guardian of important book in the tower while Frida, as she was still a student (at age 16/17), stayed inside the tower throughout most of the war. A lot of lives were being taken in the war.

    A few months after the war started, the death of Sia Gulr (the tallest of the commitee) was announced, which made Abigail the sole leader of the committee of three (called committee of one at the time) and the defense of the tower was enhanced, making Elsie the guard of the tower.

    After Elsie disappeared, Vanabarn witches invaded the tower and wrecked havoc inside the tower. Kaisa did all she could to protect the book, but when they exploded the witches tower, Kaisa didn’t know how she only lost one arm when she woke up until the bomb dropped: Tildy sacrificed herself to protect all the witches that were inside the ruins of what once was their place of study.

     After that she lost all the hope she had and would give up as well as many other witches if Frida had not taken the lead to regain their confidence. With that, she decided to help Frida (and other witches) win the war.

    With the victory of the Æsbarn (the witches tower), Frida was elected to be the new leader which she accepted just for her to elect Kaisa the leader right after. Kaisa then decided to make a group to be the new committee to help her decide things. Instead of creating a new prosthesis just like Ursula, she decided to let it be a reminder of her weakness.

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  • obxsummer
    24.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    AHHHH SL EXCIFED FOR MORE GHOST OF YOU! I had an idea where it’s before JJ rescues her and John b is like where’s my sister and they are all kind of quiet and they tell him what’s been happening and she’s stuck there at the Cameron’s and stuff with whatever details you want to include!

    let's do it, blurb time baby

    navigation -- series masterlist

    The hype of arriving back in OBX after the adventure in Charleston was invigorating. John B couldn’t believe he was actually standing in front of his house in one piece, alive, after everything that happened. He was so glad to be home, to be back with you and all of your friends. 

    Standing in front of the chateau, John B could tell something was weird. He was already confused why you weren’t in Charleston with the rest of the Pogues but the site of the dark house sent a chill down his spine. Even if you were at work when they left, you always left the porch light on. No matter what. 

    “Where’s Y/N?”

    His question silenced the group as they hesitated to answer him. He turned towards his best friends, the worry in his chest escalating with each heavy minute. “Where’s Y/N? Where’s my sister?” He repeated to coax an answer out of them.

    “John B…” Kie mumbled his name, unsure of what exactly to say. I mean, how do you tell someone who just came back from supposed death that their only family remaining is being held captive by two murderers. 

    “JJ?” John B looked towards the blond in question, knowing he would answer if Kiara didn’t. 

    The Maybank boy let out a small wince when his name was called. He knew he would have to tell John B at some point what happened after the ship disappeared in the ocean waves, but he was grieving and to be honest, JJ was exhausted. He had lost two of his best friends since childhood within the same day. He had felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders for so long and seeing John B lifted a ton of that, but the load doubled with the question directed at him. 

    “Um,” JJ took a deep breath. He avoided having to recount the night that you were taken from his arms. You probably hated him, shit, he hated himself for letting you just go back without any kind of fight, but at the time, he thought it was the best option. 

    Since then, JJ, Kie, and Pope had barely given up trying to see you. It was hard to get near the Camerons, especially after their added defense from the public eye. JJ knew something was wrong. He always did, but they had to figure out the best course of action on what to do next. Now that John B was here, JJ felt like they had a fighting chance.

    “She’s… with the Camerons still,” He finally answered. The dread on John B’s face was evident as the words sunk in. His sister, his baby sister who he swore to take care of and protect after their dad disappeared, was with the man who tried to kill him. The man who killed their father. 

    “She’s at my house?” Sarah’s voice cracked with the question, fear instilling itself in her chest as she thought of you, alone, with her dad and brother. She could only hope Wheezie was there to provide you some sort of comfort in the chaos. 

    JJ nodded slowly, running a hand through his hair in frustration. “We haven’t seen her since the night you guys dipped into the ocean.”

    “But we’re close!” Pope interjected with a positive outlook. “And actually, now that Sarah’s here, we might have a shot at this.” He turned towards Kiara and JJ with a hopeful expression. It was true, they had a plan ready to go but it would need some reinforcement. 

    “Let’s do it. Now,” Sarah was pushing John B through the front door of the chateau in seconds, guilt gnawing at her for how out of control this all was that her boyfriend’s sibling was dragged into it.

    John B felt warm with comfort at the sight of his childhood home, cleaned up as you would’ve left it. You were always up his ass about doing better and watching out for both of you. Now, it was his turn to care for you.

    He easily noticed the papers scattered across the counter with different layouts of the Camerons’ house including all entry points, windows, and lights. “What the hell…”

    “I did some digging.” Kiara admitted with a shrug. “Sarah, if you can show us where the cameras are, that’s all we need. JJ can go in and get her tonight.”

    John B turned to face his girlfriend, a pinch of nerves running through his body if she would want to, if she was able to. Sarah gave a determined nod, pulling the papers from under John B’s fingers as she grabbed a pen. “Let’s get her back.”


    #outer banks netflix #obx x reader #obx imagine #outer banks imagine #jj maybank #jj maybank x reader #routledge!reader #john b routledge x sister!reader #pogues x routledge!reader #goy-series#obx blurb #outer banks blurb #jj maybank blurb #john b routledge #kiara carerra#pope heyward#reader insert#sarah cameron
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