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    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago
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    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    best bromance in history <3

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  • kenpiercemedia
    30.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    The CW Network Cancels "Legends Of Tomorrow" After Season 7 Finale

    More than a month after the Seventh Season finale, the CW Entertainment Network has cancelled DC’s “Legends Of Tomorrow” series. Below you’ll find the tweet sent out by showrunner Keto Shimizu. I’ll add more later on. Thank you to our fans; your love and passion for our strange band of misfits has made every break, every script, every daily, every cut, and every mix worth all the hard work. We…

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    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago


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    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    liviaswann: 💙

    My first convention experience was an utter dream. I got to hang with some of my beautiful Legends family, meet wonderful actors from other shows and finally meet the incredible Legends fandom. It was non-stop laughter and smiles (when in doubt, get Matt to do an Al Pacino impression). Thank you all, so much, for such a fun and joyous weekend. ⁣

    ⁣Big thank you to Eden and Grace for my gorgeous Rosie Astra doll and bear! ⁣

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  • petty-d4bblr
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Nick Zano and Matt Ryan panel photos from StarFury Crisis con (May 2022) by Abby at ayabas.cons

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  • andalus88
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Hoover was. He literally killed Malcolm and a host of black leaders.

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  • deansinkdbitch
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Finally scanned in my photo ops with the Legends and Kat McNamara from the Ultimates Crisis convention this last weekend. Nick and Matt shouting and calling me "Caity" all day was a particular highlight and Caity herself doing the z snap whilst screeching "YAS QUEEN!!!! SLAY THAT SUIT!!" in my face made waiting over two years to finally debut this costume totally worth it! It's a reaction I've always craved from cast but never gotten. It's probably considered quite a stuck up or self centred wish to have, but I always invalidate my costuming abilities or think I'm shit compared to others, so to have the approval from the people who work as the characters I portray or with the person who portray those characters, it gives me hope I'm not bad haha!

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    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago
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  • coldflasher
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Legends of Tomorrow Panels - The Ultimates: Crisis

    Okay, so as we know because I’m never ever gonna shut up about it, I just got back from the Ultimates: Crisis convention in Birmingham. It was my first Starfury con and it was SO good. It was an Arrowverse con with a bunch of DCTV guests, and they had multiple daily Q&As with the cast members. As far as Legends goes, I attended all of the panels 😎 which you are NOT supposed to do lmao, they deliberately run the Q&As on both days so people can make it to one or the other and the panels clash with autographs, but I managed somehow. 

    We weren’t allowed to film at the event (some people definitely did, but the stewards were pretty good at cracking down on it) which means that obviously a lot of people won’t know what went down, but the panels were so interesting so I have written a huge post of everything I can remember them talking about! (Because it wasn’t filmed, they also got to dish a bit of dirt on the CW which I feel like they wouldn’t have normally lmao.) 

    I’ve tried to split these up into categories based on who said it, but there is some crossover because there were multiple people at the panels. Originally I tried to keep things chronological and remember what happened at which panel (there were four) but honestly it was hard to keep track and I just wanted to get down as much as I could possibly remember. 

    The guests in attendance from Legends were Nick Zano (Nate), Olivia Swann (Astra), Matt Ryan (Gwyn Davies/John Constantine), Jes Macallan (Ava Sharpe) and Caity Lotz (Sara Lance.) I will say now that I have fewer anecdotes from Caity - long story short, someone showed up in a full Beebo cosplay and Caity got a bit too excited cheering for them and lost her voice, so she wasn’t able to say as much on the second day of panels. (I suspect that the fact she met, talked to and had photos with probably over a thousand people also did not help lmao.) But her personality MORE than made up for it. 

    Anyway, here’s a huge list of all the things I remember from the Q&As, which i may add to if I remember more. I’ve legit spent like four or five hours writing all this 😂 so I hope it’s of interest to some people!


    -        There was a question about adlibs and improv, and they all said that Phil Klemmer was totally open to suggestions and encouraged them to try things and let them have a lot of input, which is nice because on other shows you would get in trouble for that. They would always just throw random things in and if something happened to be genuinely funny, they usually got to keep it in. Nick said that the joke about Nate disliking crossovers started from an adlib of his about hating crossovers and they liked it so much that they kind of made it a running joke. Matt also said that there were a couple of adlibs in the truth bug episode (The Getaway) that made it in. One was the part where John is shoving Nixon into the closet/whatever it was and he goes “let’s put dick in a box”, and he was amazed that made it in because he thought there was no way they’d be allowed to keep that. He also said that Dom fluffed his line about Les Miserables and that “I want to grow my hair and look like Fabio” was improv and Matt absolutely lost it when he did it.

    -        They made a LOT of jokes about Dom being grumpy on set. Nick said the first time he met Dom to film the first ep of season 2, Dom had already managed to be in a bad mood on the very first day of filming. Anyway, Nick said his line (something where he called Mick a silverback, I think? Not sure if it was in the ep) and Dom did a double-take and was like “was that in the script?!?” And at that point Nick said he thought “Oh man, I’m gonna have some real fun with this guy.” 😂 he fully admitted to deliberately pushing Dom’s buttons which I think is hilarious

    -        There was a question about who they would like to be in a body swap episode. Nick said he’d swap with Dom because all he did was come onto set, grunt, and leave again 😂 (he acted out the grunts).

    -        Nick said sometimes he used to laugh so much during filming that he couldn’t keep it together, and they would kick him off set and just stick a big green X onto the stage where he was meant to be.

    -        They talked a lot about Robo Nate and how everyone found him so funny that the entire cast and crew were crying with laughter for days straight. Nick says he tends to take things too far, and he kept taking it further and apparently Matt couldn’t even look at him whenever he was Robo Nate because he couldn’t keep it together. Nick also said he warned his stunt double (who is really nice and professional) that Robo Nate was a lot and he was gonna be going a bit over the top, and the stunt double was trying so hard not to laugh but he couldn’t keep this one tear from rolling down his face. (At the closing ceremony, Matt specifically did a shoutout to Robo Nate for how much joy he’d brought him. Witnessing Nick and Matt’s friendship was actually one of my fave parts, they’re genuinely super close and I didn’t even realise how much. More on that later.)

    -        Nick said he pitched a couple of things to the writers regarding Robo Nate, one being the arms, which he didn’t expect to get, but obviously did, and then the voice. He told them he wanted to do an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. They told him he couldn’t do the voice, and he did it anyway until it was too late to stop him and they just had to let it happen. Olivia also said the arms were disgusting and they felt all spongy.

    -        Someone asked about Nate’s Steel costume and why they didn’t really use it, especially the helmet, and Nick said that the problem was that they fitted him for the costume and made it all, and then realised too late that you couldn’t actually tell he was Steel when he was wearing it because it covered his whole body and all you really could see was his chin and part of his arms. So they didn’t use the helmet. He also said that he wasn’t allowed to change his hair for six seasons because they’d already done all the photography and 3D modelling for the CGI for Steel and if he got a different haircut it would have cost the CW $120K 😬

    -        He talked a bit about Shotgun Nate and how the girls couldn’t even look at him while he was doing those scenes (not sure if he meant because they hated Shotgun Nate or because it was too funny).  

    -        Someone asked Nick about an incident where he hurt his eye on set. At first he had no idea what they were talking about and he was really confused, but then he remembered, and he told the story. If I remember correctly, it happened during the s6 finale, during the scene when the aliens were trying to break in. There was prop glass blowing everywhere, and Nick said because he’s a dad, he went over to Shayan to warn him to watch out for all the glass. Shayan was like ‘oh, thanks,’ and moved. Anyway, Nick must have gotten too close to the glass himself, because later that night, his eye started swelling up, so they sent him to a doctor (who was NOT an eye doctor, they specified, so I assume that was relevant lmao). He was the ‘showbiz doctor’. Anyway, this doctor swabbed his eye and got a bunch of residue from the glass out, but then the eye swelled up even more because it was healing. He had to wear an eyepatch, and when he arrived on set the next day and took it off, everyone was like 😬 because it had swollen so much and they couldn’t hide it. For the rest of the day he had to film all of his scenes side-on, even the really serious ones. That should be a fun thing to watch out for on a rewatch.

    -        They were asked if they had taken anything from the set and they were all mad that they didn’t get the chance. However, Nick said that when they were dismantling Constantine’s mansion, ‘Matty’ (he kept calling him Matty, it was so cute) was already done filming his scenes for the season, and Nick wanted him to have something from the set, so he decided to steal one of the huge stone gargoyles from the stairwell in Constantine’s mansion. So he snuck over there and tried to shove this thirty-pound gargoyle into his backpack, and it made a really loud thunk. Then he carried it all the way to Matt’s trailer and was like ‘look, I got this for you’. Matt was like ‘I live in the UK, how am I supposed to get that home???’ 😂 but he said he did manage to get it home somehow and it’s now in his house, though he said it would have been cheaper if he’d just commissioned someone to make a replica of it.

    -        Nick told this super cute story about how one time, Matt had shown Nick’s then three-year-old son how to rub his fingers together on a rosemary plant and crush it so you can smell the rosemary, and apparently his son (who is now five) still shows all of his friends what Matt taught him whenever someone new comes over, which is FUCKING adorable.

    -        Speaking of kids, there was a little boy named Olly at the con, and he was the star of the show, honestly, they all loved him. He asked Matt and Nick what their favourite colours were 🥺 Nick said it was boring but his favourite colour was black, but his son’s was red. Matt said the same, but he also liked yellow, and they also chatted about that a bit and how yellow is the colour of the sun. They were both SO good with the kids (though there weren’t many there, thank god) and they tried so hard to keep everything PG. Nick kept saying ‘shizz’ instead of shit and stuff like that. Not that the other con-goers made it easy for them (someone started yelling stuff about tentacle kink at one point; more on that later) but they tried. Nick also apologized because he swore when he was meeting one of the other guests who they thought was in his twenties and he was actually like 13. He felt so bad about it, bless him.

    -        Nick said there was a scene with Zari and Nate in the totem in the finale, and they built the set and filmed it, but it was cut for time, which he was disappointed by because he said it looked like ‘the city from Thor’ and it was a really cool set.

    -        Someone asked about what it was like when Behrad showed up and they had to act like they’d known him for years, and Nick said it was hard because a lot of the friendships on the show are kind of influenced by their real-life connections. He said it was hard for him because they wanted him to kind of replicate the relationship he had with Brandon, but with Shayan. He said that was something you couldn’t force, and that he and Shayan needed to build their own relationship and make it different and then that relationship would grow organically.

    -        He talked about the Thong Song and apparently they were all a bit nervous when Sisqo was there cos they were very aware that they were parodying him a bit and didn’t want to offend him, so they toned it down a but until they were done filming with him. Apparently he was also gunning for a role on the show and kept pitching himself as different characters and they were like uhhhh maybe 😂

    -        There were a bunch of people wearing shirts that said ‘I ♥Gary Green’ and Nick said that he’d texted Adam about how crazy popular Gary is in the UK, and he’d tricked him into believing there was a whole merch table of people selling these Gary Green shirts 😂 so someone at the panel gave him one of the shirts so he could pretend he’d bought him one. Nick and Matt also joked that they should both carry on the bit by each taking a photo of themselves in the shirt and pretending they both bought one from the stall 😂


    -        I think Matt was my fave guest after Meagan Tandy. I’ve met him before so I was a little less intimidated, and he had some really interesting and insightful answers to the questions. Also shoutout to him for being a good sport about everyone demanding he do Al Pacino impressions for the whole weekend 😂

    -        So I actually went up and asked a couple of questions in the panels, which was THE scariest thing I have ever done. I’ve always said that I would never be that person and I don’t know how people have the guts to go up there. If you had asked me literally a day or two before if I would have done it, I’d have laughed in your face. Asking them a question is scary enough, but there were several hundred people in the audience as well and I have a terrible fear of microphones. But I did it, and I’m legit so proud of myself. Who is she??? Anyway, I went up and said (and I remember this because I rehearsed it 938282 times), “Gwyn’s feelings for Alun were a hugely fundamental part of the season, but we didn’t really get to see much of their relationship on screen. How do you think that relationship would have developed going forward, and would you have been interested in exploring that?” (If you are very invested in Gwyn and Alun, skip this next part haha.) Matt said that he was less interested in Gwyn and Alun’s relationship and more who Gwyn was outside of it, before he met Alun. Gwyn the warrior. He was interested in Gwyn’s identity as a gay man in 1925, when it was illegal, and him reconciling his sexuality with his religion, and that he’d been so hugely fixated on Alun that it would be nice to see him move forward now that he’d saved him, and for Gwyn to explore himself outside of that. And then he said that he thought that maybe Gwyn and Alun wouldn’t even have stayed together, and that would be okay, and it didn’t have to have been a happily ever after for it to have been meaningful. It was a really insightful and interesting answer and definitely not what I was expecting, but he genuinely went quite into depth with it and I was really interested in everything he said, which was all put far more eloquently than I can sum up here haha. Bear in mind that while he was saying all this, I was stood there clutching this microphone, nodding frantically while he made direct eye contact with me 😂 phew. Anyway, then Nick was like “I can’t believe you’re gonna break up with Alun. Does the actor know?” and Matt was like 🤷‍♀️. And they joked a bit about how he’d wait right until being gay was decriminalised and then immediately dump him haha. It was SUCH an interesting answer and I was so glad I was brave enough to go up and ask because I love Gwyn SO MUCH.

    -        Matt talked quite a bit about Gwyn, and how he thought that would be it for him after they wrote John out, but he got to do Gwyn instead. He said there was a lot of pressure because everyone was kind of waiting to see what he’d do, and how he was going to play it. He also said he did a lot with the physicality especially. Not method acting, but that even when the cameras weren’t rolling he kept up Gwyn’s mannerisms in terms of how he stood and moved. He also said that it took him a while to stop slipping into John’s mannerisms out of habit and that Nick would take him on one side and tell him if a little bit of John had slipped into his performance so he could take it down a notch. There was a bunch of interesting stuff about Gwyn this panel, actually, which was lovely. They said at one point he was going to be Australian, or maybe American, before they settled on Welsh, because it’s a very soft accent (and of course Matt is Welsh himself). He also talked about how Gwyn would be so amazed by everything they saw which made me so emo omggg.

    -        At Nick, Matt, and Olivia’s panel, someone asked if they had a Waverider, who would they choose to voice the AI? They all REALLY liked this question. Matt said Al Pacino and Nick begged him to act it out so he kept doing Al Pacino impressions. I cannot personally vouch for whether they were any good or not but I CAN confirm that even as someone who didn’t get the reference (I know the name but I do not actually know who Al Pacino is, don’t hate me) it was very funny.

    -        He said his favourite John Constantine plotline was John having lung cancer

    -        Someone asked if John would have been disappointed about having sex with Gary and not knowing he was an alien, and he said maybe John already knew 😏 Then someone asked about tentacle sex and if that’s what John meant when he said what he and Gary did didn’t count as Gary losing his virginity, and he said yes 😂 but he was very red at this point, bless him.

    -        Someone asked what they all learned from their characters. When it got to Matt’s turn, someone yelled “tentacle kink”, which honestly was a bit yikes, especially cos there was a young child at the panel and I thought it had already been made kind of clear from Matt’s reactions that he wasn’t too comfortable with the nsfw tentacle-related questions, but he said ‘no, definitely not that’ and he said something about how John just walks into things no matter how they’re gonna go and even if they’ll end badly and that he admires that.


     -        Olivia talked about the cartoon episode and how becoming immortalized as a Disney princess was a literal dream for her, but she was nervous about the singing parts because she doesn’t consider herself a singer. She also said that they recorded the voiceover for that episode months before the animation was done, and that afterwards when she was watching it she felt kind of frustrated by missed opportunities and how she wished she’d done more with certain lines or changed her delivery.

    -        They talked about the scene where Astra is trying to fix the Waverider and how the field they filmed in was FULL of spiders. Poor Olivia had to lie on the ground and had them all over her 😭 she told them she’d do it, but if anyone screamed, it was game over.

    -        Olivia said one time she accidentally knocked over a candlestick in Constantine’s mansion and it made a really loud noise and she was really embarrassed, so rather than admit she knocked it over, she quickly lay down on the floor and pretended she’d tripped, and everyone came in and was really worried about her 😂 I don’t know why she thought pretending to fall down was less embarrassing than knocking over a candlestick, but hey 😂 they were all shook by this, she had never told them this before and Jes was like “WHAT??” Apparently she’d wanted to call a medic to check Olivia over because she was worried it had been a really bad fall. Olivia was like yeah I lied, sorry 😂

    -        Someone asked Olivia how Astra would torture the Legends. I was expecting her to talk about mental torture, like Ava’s purgatory in the ikea episode, but instead she talked about how in hell, Astra had earned some kind of qualification in flaying (there was a deleted scene where she talked about it). So she launched into this EXTREMELY in-depth description of how Astra would flay the Legends’ skin off and roll them around in lemon juice and acid. She would put thumbscrews on Sara and Ava. She said she’d have a LOT of fun with Gary, and when asked if she’d torture Behrad, she said yeah but she thought he’d enjoy it 😂 After Olivia was done with this extremely in-depth description of graphic torture, Caity holds up the mic and whispers “you guys are sick”. 😂 They were all very impressed with how much thought Olivia had put into the torture methods at such short notice but Olivia just shrugged like ‘I’ve done a lot of work with Astra, I know my character’.

    -        Apparently Meagan Tandy auditioned for Astra, and Olivia auditioned for Sophie on Batwoman. CAN YOU IMAGINE. They both told this same anecdote in separate panels.

    -        I asked what their favourite memories were of filming the 100th episode. I can’t lie, on my part this was purely an attempt to elicit an anecdote about working with Wentworth lmaooo, you all know it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring Len up somehow. I feel like Caity would have been the best person to ask this question, since she directed this ep, but unfortunately she’d lost her voice at this point, and Jes didn’t understand a word I was saying; she said she was glad Olivia was there to translate. I didn’t think my accent was that bad but I think I spoke too quickly because I was so nervous. Idk how I got out that massively wordy Gwyn/Alun question and fumbled a short sentence an hour later, but hey. Anyway, Olivia said that it was nice getting to meet up with everyone from the old cast and also that Caity did a really good job of directing and wrangling them all when there were so many people to work with. At another point they also mentioned how in the OG script, in the scene where all the old Legends are in the corridor, the script didn’t mention how that shot was set up, it was just kind of people popping up to say their lines, so Caity had to work really hard to figure out the staging when she was directing it, and that was how the corridor thing happened. So I didn’t get any Wentworth stories like I was hoping, boooo 😂 but my friend asked if there were any former Legends they would have liked their character to work with and Caity said she really enjoyed working with Wentworth and would have liked to do more with him, so there’s that. (As a side-note, Caity was the only person all weekend who picked up on my Captain Cold cosplay and she was really excited about it. I was like YES, SOMEONE GETS IT. Apparently me and Caity are the only person at that con who remembered that season 1 existed AND WAS GOOD, ACTUALLY. None of y’all have taste.


    -        Someone asked Jes if it was true that she was clumsy and kept breaking props, and she said yes. She told a story about how one time there was a TV on set with a green screen and she hit it with her fist as a joke, and it went off. The tech guys were panicking trying to fix it, and sweating, and the minutes were passing and everyone was stressed out about it (she said two minutes is like two hours in TV, or something along those lines) and they couldn’t fix it. So as a joke she was like “I’ll fix it” and hit it again AND IT CAME BACK ON. She also said they gave her a phone that I think had been blocked somehow (I didn’t fully understand the tech lingo haha) for a scene, and someone she accidentally called someone and the prop guy had no idea how she did it. She ALSO said that she kept forgetting about Ava’s wedding ring and the prop guy would come and give it to her while they were filming and ask her not to tell the director, and unless it was her or Caity filming, the director wouldn’t notice she wasn’t wearing it. So if you keep your eye out, there are some scenes where she doesn’t have the ring on.

    -        They were arguing about the cost of travelling in the Waverider. Caity was like “who pays for it??” and Jes went “not the CW anymore” 💀 (Just one of many incidents of shade thrown at the CW this weekend lmaooo).

    -        A few people asked the cast about certain fan theories. Someone asked Jes what she thought of the theory that when Time Mistress Ava was thrown out of the Waverider by Gideon, she landed in Gotham and became the female Riddler. Jes was shook by this and grabbed her phone like ‘wait I have to write that down to send to my agent’ 😂. Someone else also asked if it had ever been considered that before Ava learned she was a clone, did we have any guarantee that we had always been seeing the same Ava, or was it possible that they might have dealt with multiple Avas without knowing. Jes said she thought she remembered a scene where that was mentioned, and that it had been suggested at some point, but again, it was cut. Someone else asked her if she thought that there was the potential that the newly cloned Sara and Ava could be evil, and Jes was mindblown haha. She said, and this is verbatim because I wrote it down immediately for posterity, ‘all theories are correct.’ There you have it, folks. All your wildest Legends theories are true. You’re welcome.

    -        Someone asked if they could also do some ASMR. There was a joke that Caity was already doing it because she lost her voice over the weekend so she was whispering during the whole panel. Anyway, Jes said she’d do some, and she moved the microphone behind her. It looked like she was holding it against her bum, and everyone was like :O because it looked like she was going to fart into it, until she saw our faces and was like “It’s not gonna come out of my butt, guys, come on!” Then she cracked her back DIRECTLY into the microphone. It was one of the most satisfying things I have ever heard. Iconic behaviour, actually. (Olivia also did some with her rings and said wearing rings is her whole personality.)


    -        The first question at the Avalance panel was some guy who asked if Sara and Ava ended up in an island solely populated by women, would Sara remain faithful. This was NOT a popular question lmao, and for good reason, considering that Sara has literally never shown any signs of being unfaithful. Smells like biphobia to me. Anyway, Caity was like ‘of course she’d stay faithful’ and pointed out that Sara already lives in a world full of women and has never been unfaithful. I don’t know why he asked that question and everyone was appalled by it tbh.

    -        Someone else asked if Sara and Ava broke up, would Sara end up with someone else on the Waverider, and Caity said no, she thought she’d be done with that, and she wouldn’t shit where she ate again 😂 she was like “Romantic 😏” 😂

    -        Someone asked if they remembered any of the choreography from the tango scene, and could they do it. They said no, but they did remember some of the other dances, and they did some of the choreo for us :D it was adorable, I don’t have any pictures but other people do, so they’ll probably show up at some point.

    -        Someone asked about what they thought the Avalance baby would be called. They debated over last names and combining it as ‘Larpe’. Jes started singing ‘baby Sharpe do-do-do-do’, and later someone suggested ‘Laurel’ as a name, so she started singing ‘Laurel Larpe do-do-do-do-do-do’. I tell you this purely because this has been on repeat in my head ever since and I want everyone else to suffer along with me.

    -        They talked about the Avalance pregnancy, and how everyone thought Ava would be the one to carry the baby. Caity said she wasn’t happy that Sara got pregnant because she didn’t want to be fat 😬. Apparently there was also a pitch flying around that the pregnancy would be kind of symbiotic, if that’s the right word, and that Ava would actually be pregnant but Sara would be the one with all the symptoms, like morning sickness, so she’d have been puking everywhere while Ava was fine, which I actually think would have been extremely funny. Someone suggested maybe it would have been more of an alien-type pregnancy like Mick’s, so Sara wouldn’t have to be traditionally pregnant and they could fast-track it, but Caity said she didn’t want that to happen either 😂 Jes also said some really sweet stuff about how nice it was for Sara and Ava to have that experience and to be able to have a kid that was just theirs and had their DNA, which was lovely.

    -        Someone asked Jes a question about ‘playboy Oliver Queen’ and how she’d have reacted if she’d been there when he tried to take Sara on the boat. Jes had literally NO idea what he was talking about lmao, and after a minute of trying to explain, he was like “wait, have you actually SEEN Arrow??” Jes hid her face and did a walk of shame off the stage 😂 then she came back and admitted she hadn’t seen it (I was shocked people expected her to have. I think people forget that they’re IN the shows, they’re not fans themselves) but she said she would. Eventually he kind of did a tl;dr of how Sara ended up on the Queen’s Gambit and asked what Ava would have done if she was there, and Jes was like “I’d kill him.” Very matter of fact 😂. (As a side note, the panel the next day the guy came up to ask if she’d watched it yet and Jes did ANOTHER walk of shame off the stage 😂) like WHEN WOULD SHE HAVE HAD TIME. She did say her and her husband (who was also there, and who she said has been in three different Legends eps) would binge watch it on the plane ride home, and Caity said to skip to season 2 (the season she was in) and just watch that, which is valid tbh. Everyone cheered.)

    -        There was a question about rep, and Caity talked about how she loved that being bi was just a part of Sara’s character, and it wasn’t all that she was. They did also talk about the ace rep and Olivia said she didn’t want to speak for Lisseth, but obviously they’re close and they had talked about how Lisseth was very anxious about getting it right because she knew it was a massively underrepresented group of people.

     Cancellation Stuff/Saving Legends

    -        During their panel, someone asked Nick, Matt, and Olivia what they were doing when they found out the show was cancelled. Matt said it was about 4am and he woke up to a bunch of emails from the cast and crew. They would have called him but you know. He was in the UK and it was 4am. So he just sort of rolled over and went back to sleep and it didn’t really register until afterwards. It was similar for Olivia, it was like 6am and it didn’t really hit her. I can’t really remember Nick’s reaction, but I think he said it was different for him because he’d already left the show and said his goodbyes as Nate and he felt bad that everyone else didn’t get the chance to do the same. The same person also asked if they were going to get more work after this and they were all like “uhhh, I hope so.” It was kind of uncomfortable I can’t lie; the person kept questioning them in a similar vein and it was a bit cringey. The panels were unmoderated and no one was vetoing any questions, and for the most part people were pretty respectful but there was the occasional question that was a bit awkward, though I don’t think it was malicious.

    -        Someone asked Jes, Caity, and Olivia, if Legends was picked up by another network, would they come back and do more. Jes was like ‘ARE YOU INSANE??’ 😂 The person also asked if they’d prefer it to be on Netflix or HBO and Jes and Olivia were like ‘anywhere. Anywhere that will have us.’ The same person also said she saw that Netflix were currently in negotiations to pick it up but I have no idea what her source was on that, and nobody really took her very seriously... Jes in particular seemed very resigned to the fact that it was over but very vocal that she would be 100% down to keep going if it was an option. She also joked about considering getting her real-estate license when it was cancelled, and about her frustration that they were all kept in limbo for six months by the network and couldn’t move on or start looking for more work because they didn’t know if they’d be coming back or not.

     Okay, that is a LOT of stuff. Is there more? Definitely. They talked for four hours between them. I didn’t mention a lot of stuff when they were talking about other projects, for example. I have also been writing this for LITERAL hours so I am running out of steam, but I will definitely come back to it and reblog with any more stuff I remember if anything pops into my head, and if anyone has any questions or wants to try to jog my memory, have at it haha.

    I’ll also be doing a post for the Batwoman panels so keep an eye out for that!

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    Some cool legends in shades

    Source: Olivia Swann's Instagram story 09May2022

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    More StarFury Crisis con photos of Matt Ryan, Nick Zano and Liv Swann by Abby at ayabas.cons on Instagram 🖤 (link above)

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    caitylotz: Once a Legend ALWAYS a LEGEND! 💕💕💕 love these crazy kids

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    elkewintersofficial: Reflecting back on my time on the #waverider 💙💜

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