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  • shadowxamyweek
    16.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Okay, so I asked you guys if it was alright for me to post my Sonic 3 thoughts in how everyone could be included and... here goes nothing.

    I think Amy and Rouge both come to Earth. Amy makes her way over because she wants in on the adventure and is also enamored by the stories of Sonic (and Tails) that have been spreading through whatever internet-like system that Tails used to find out about Sonic. Rouge gets to Earth because she, as a treasure hunter and thrillseeker, will always go after the biggest prizes.

    Amy runs into Shadow first, and due to a misunderstanding, takes him for Sonic.

    Rouge is caught by GUN and, after Eggman and Stone break Shadow out, is given the option to either work for GUN as an agent or rot in a science lab.

    BONUS- Eggman, left to his own devices before catching up with Stone and STILL possessing one of Sonic's quills, makes Metal. Metal and Shadow would then be used in-tandem. Shadow's role would be to collect Chaos Emeralds, and Metal would be to distract Sonic and Co.

    ....*jazz hands* There you go. Those are my thoughts on how it could work.

    #amy rose #rouge the bat #eggman#agent stone#sonic 3 #sonic 2 spoilers #sonic movie spoilers #metal sonic #shadow the hedgehog #also-remember- we thought only Tails would be in Sonic 2 #the movie just came out- let's not jump to conclusions so quickly #op rambles#headcanon#sth#sega
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  • charlottedluffy
    16.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Burnt Paper

    I wrote a yamahiyo fic about yamace

    “I was in love once,” Yamato said.

    His head was in Hiyori’s lap, too large for it, but she’d put a couple pillows beneath her knees and Yamato didn’t seem to mind. He lay on his side, facing away from her, as Hiyori - Komurasaki - slowly combed her fingers through the tangles in his hair.

    “I think,” Yamato added.

    “If you think you were, then you were,” Hiyori said.

    Yamato let out a huff of laughter, his breath warm on Hiyori’s legs. “Is it that simple?”

    “Yes,” Hiyori said. “Love isn’t a finite resource, Yamato-sama. A human does not run out of love to give. If you felt deeply for this person, enough to draw that word from your well, then you loved them.”

    “I suppose,” he said. “You’re more poetic than me, Komurasaki.”

    “As if that’s difficult?” Hiyori teased him gently.

    Yamato reached up and caught Hiyori’s hand, holding it near his temple. “He’s gone now,” Yamato said, quietly. “Dead.”

    Hiyori said nothing, but Yamato didn’t seem to expect condolences. He continued after only a brief pause to collect his thoughts.

    “We only knew each other for a day. He told me he’d come back, that we would see each other again. And… I believed him.” Yamato turned his head just enough that Hiyori could see his dry eyes and wry smile. “Foolish, wasn’t I?”

    “No,” she said.

    “Yes I was. Everyone who had ever truly cared about me was punished by my father. Most of them were killed. Why did I believe that this one would escape that fate just because it wasn’t my father to bring it about?”

    Hiyori tugged her hand free and placed it over Yamato’s eyes. “You are melancholy tonight, Yamato-sama. I think it’s time to rest.”

    “Don’t want to hear about it?” Yamato muttered.

    Of course she didn’t. Everyone in Wano had lost someone, but not everyone had the opportunity to share their grief with another. Hiyori had one man, now, but his grief was so great that he couldn’t bear it even with her help. So she stayed strong, and she didn’t cry except when she couldn't stop.

    “It’s not that,” she said. “I don’t know how to help, Yamato.”

    “Have you ever been in love? Really, I mean.”

    “Yes,” she said. If he was any other client, now was the time she would “confess” her feelings for him, but with Yamato… “Twice. Once was a young man who worked under Boss Kyoshiro. When I refused to run away with him, he called me quite an unkind name that wasn’t even technically true yet, and I slapped him until I split his lip.”

    Yamato chuckled.

    “The other was one of my sisters at the pleasure hall, a couple years later. She had weak lungs, but her family was too poor to leave the countryside, so she got a job that would keep her in the city.”

    She could feel Yamato waiting for the end of the story.

    “It wasn’t enough. We spread her ashes in the courtyard last fall.”

    There was a few seconds of silence, and then Yamato said, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

    “I am sorry for yours.”

    Her hand was still on his eyes, waiting for him to move it. But he didn’t, he lay there, both of them silent for several minutes. Finally, just as Hiyori began to think she would have to tell him her foot was asleep, Yamato spoke up again.

    “I’m glad that my father is paying you.”

    Hiyori felt her body stiffen.

    “He thinks of you as a bribe, you know. Something to make me want to stay in this country. Follow his plan for me. He won’t kill you for caring about me, because it’s the job he’s given you.”

    “I see,” Hiyori said. “And is the bribe working?”

    Yamato almost laughed, though he couldn’t seem to work up the energy. “No. Does that offend you?”

    “A little,” Hiyori admitted.

    “Well it’s your fault. You’re so charming, of course I want to protect the land you live in. I can’t do that by being what my father wants me to be.” He clenched a fist and raised it into the hair. “I can do it by being Kozuki Oden!”

    Hiyori let out a long sigh. She hadn’t bothered to hide her disdain for Yamato’s… peculiar interest, but apparently begrudging toleration was still the best reaction he’d gotten.

    “And,” Yamato said, a smile in his voice. “I’m glad my father is paying you, because that means I got to meet you.”

    Hiyori took her hand away so she could look him in the eye, and said, “As am I.”

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  • statticnoise
    16.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Hey largeclitsupremacy is quite literally a terf. Like a terf in a very flimsy disguise

    fuck all terfs fuck the gaslighting fuck the manipulation fuck the white supremacy behind it etc etc jesus fucking christ

    #deleted the post ty for telling me #feel like i should have been smart enough to know posts about detrans ppl need like. background checks for the op
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  • spindash
    16.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago
    #op #sims wiki is so funny sorry
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  • xiexielians
    16.05.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    get to know me // anime ver : opening (3/10)

    Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 6 (2017); Floria by Tomohisa Sako
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  • aidencalvin
    16.05.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    can we say thank you casino wizard for bringing the possibility of the yard finally doing a collab with jerma

    ???????????? THE WHAT NOW

    #i'm sorry op i'm really out of the loop #i haven't watched the yard since episode 39 and haven't watched any primos since 32 :((( #are u talking about jerma coming onto the poker streams? #ask
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  • sleepdeprivedqueer
    16.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    Rare Cuddles

    Trafalgar D. Water Law x GN!Reader

    Your body slowly woke to the sound of rain on metal. You could start to feel the air filled with rain particles, it was telling you that some of the crew were already up. It was also saying that they went outside, or maybe on that island the crew docked at. But whatever it was, the air in the sub and in your shared room felt a little damp.

    Groaning as you opened your droopy eyes, having to blink a couple of times before rubbing them. It was definitely raining, you could hear the pitter patter of each drop. It made you all the more sleepy despite the fact you had just woken up. Your boyfriend, Trafalgar Law, was probably already in the kitchen drinking coffee. Probably waiting for you to join him and discuss some plans like every usual morning.

    But this morning was not the case.

    You felt the tip of a cold nose nuzzle into your neck, soft deep breath inhaled and exhaled, facial hair scratching you a bit. Two long naked arms held you in a strong protective spooning cuddle position. This was rare, Law usually didn't sleep much let alone he never had much energy to drag himself to bed. It made you worry, the only time he ever carried himself to bed was when he was having nightmares. Either that or missing family or Corazon.

    Slowly turning your head as to not disturb the sleeping male to see his face. He seemed fine, his lashes weren't wet, eyes weren't puffy, there was no sign of him being tense. He seemed relaxed and very comfortable, his breathing was steady, the usual bags seemed lighter, a straight face. You could do nothing but smile at the sight some God has gifted you. Soft messy hair tickled you as you began to move a bit to try and get more comfy, what a mistake.

    Almost in a instant Law's grip tighten and pulled you very close to him. Chin was now on your shoulder as his legs became tangled with yours. His soft groans made his throat vibrate against your shoulder blade making you shiver. His black messy hair tickled the side of your face, although it didn't bother you.

    But you felt like your ribs were being crushed, his right grip keeping you from moving. His soft breathing filled your ears, it seemed the rain came down harder. Slowly taking deep breaths from as his grip didn't ease. Keeping you as close as possible and as long as possible seemed to be the goal here. There was nothing wrong with sleeping in or a lazy day, but it would feel weird because days like those don't happen very often.

    Very slowly and carefully free your arms from his hold, very carefully because his grip was already really tight. You were pretty sure he could squeeze tighter. Cupping your soft hand over one of his and your other softly scratching his head. This seemed to ease his hold a bit, as if it were a a way to tell him that you weren't going anywhere while he was sleeping. Your thumb rubbing lightly over his tattooed hand.

    It was moments like these that you wished weren't rare and instead were common. But you knew it wasn't going to happen, Law is a very dark man.

    When the both of you started dating, it was very awkward, neither of you not knowing how to approach each other. Even when you did, it took so much time for Law to let down his walls. It took him so long to talk about his feelings. It took so long for him to except that you loved him and wasn't going anywhere. It took so long for him to tell you about his past.

    Before he told his past, Law never slept with you, usually just sleeping in his chair in the office. Saying that 'whacks in his sleep', it was a lie. But after, after the story, Law slowly began to sleep in the same bed. The most common way that you woke up to was either, puffy eyes, pale skin, being on the other side of the bed, or just laying awake. So the fact that there was no sign off nightmares or night terrors relieved you.

    "I love you Law," you whispered, softly squeezing his hand.

    His head moved under to hand, soft kisses peppered your palm, making jolt a bit.

    "Love you too," his groggy scratching morning voice replied. Still softly peppering you hand with kisses, but he made his way down your arm. Slowly, very slowly did he do so, humming every know and again, enjoying your warmth.

    Nothing was more important in the world at the moment, just Law kissing your arm and the sound of rain. Those soft lips of his ended up on your naked shoulder. Nipping at the skin before sucking on the area, most likely leaving hickeys. It didn't bother you, it was Law's favorite way of marking you. Just something, something about your shoulders, maybe it was the smoothness of the skin, the softness, the squishy feeling. It was just appealing to him, it was so easy for him to mark.

    Law's open mouth kisses moved up to your neck, nipping some areas until he reached your jaw line. Softly humming the cold tip of his nose nuzzled your cheek.

    Turning your head to meet those soft, dark, stormy, romantic eyes. The calmness of them, the depth of them, the beauty of them. Nothing could compare to it.

    "I was thinking we could stay in for maybe another hour? You've been working so hard for the past week," you hummed.

    "Another hour wouldn't hurt," Law whispered as his lips hovered over yours.

    Meeting his lips in a lazy and sloppy open mouth kiss.

    These mornings were rare, but that's what made the time all the more prescious. Nothing in the world could replace it, and no one could replace it.

    #trafalgar law x reader #trafalgar law #trafalgar d water law #one piece#heart pirates #trafalgar law x y/n #one piece x reader #one piece x y/n #op x reader
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  • aughmogus
    16.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    Zoro needs a bra

    #one piece#art #one piece fanart #fanart #one piece zoro #zoro roronoa#roronoa zoro #straw hat nami #op nami #one piece nami #nami
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  • aughmogus
    16.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    I’ve been on a short vacation but here’s some art!!!

    #one piece#art #one piece fanart #fanart#frobin#cyborg franky#op franky #one piece franky #franky#op robin #op nico robin #one piece robin #nico robin
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  • bnessz
    16.05.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    i miss Him

    #love of my life #is he even alive #he's missing his best friend kick some real ass #op spoilers #just in case #roronoa zoro
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  • chatonnoir
    16.05.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    It’s just very funny (derogatory) to me how fandom will dehumanize you and how people you disagree with will readily victimize themselves when they perceive you to be a “big blog” (whatever arbitrary follower threshold that is)

    Someone made a post saying they envy the platform fanartists have while saying carelessly hurtful things about artists who write fanfic, implying that people only supported their fanfic because of their art, that their writing would never be the same “quality” as longtime fanfic writers, etc. People, especially fanartists who write, were naturally upset by the elitism and gatekeeping and general mean-spirited tone of the post and replied with their disagreements. Suddenly that person switches gears and starts talking about their age, even though the “““big blog”““ who replied to them was the same age.  Suddenly they’re talking about how they're a “small blog” with only a few hundred followers (as if having over 500 people following you is a small amount). Suddenly they’re talking about how it was just a poorly-thought-out rant post that wasn’t supposed to be seen (as if they didn’t self-reblog it seeking validation and stating that they were “correct”) and basically insinuating that it was morally wrong of the people they’ve decided are “BNFs” to reply in disagreement with that post for those reasons. Suddenly follower counts are being brought up in every response more than the actual content of the arguments themselves, because y’all love to categorize people as just “big blog” or “small blog” and the things we do are interpreted in completely different ways based on which of those two camps you fall in to.

    Just .... the irony and the cognitive dissonance in doubling down and insisting that the platform these artists have has given them an unfair advantage because of “advertising power” and saying that they wish they had that platform, while simultaneously not being able to handle the smallest amount of attention that was anything other than praise. Not to mention making a post ABOUT a specific group of people and complaining about how their popularity isn’t fair, and then self-victimizing and acting like its wrong for those very people respond to it....

    And somehow it doesn’t occur to these people that if they had the kind of platform that we do that they so covet and make these posts about, they'd get even MORE backlash for making these “poorly-thought-out rant posts” on main??? Not just one but at least a DOZEN hateful anons in their inbox???? Not to mention people acting towards them the way they acted towards us in this situation, basically dehumanizing them and telling them that they can't be upset and respond to someone else's ignorant/hurtful post even if it was clearly about them/their friends/people like them because they’re a """BNF"""" and the person they’re upset with is a """"small blog uwu"""" who they’re """dogpiling""" on. You don’t GET to have a bad day and make a poorly-thought-out mean-spirited rant post and get away scot-free when you’re a ~BNF~. If you can’t handle being watched and scrutinized by thousands of people and getting even the smallest bit of negative attention for a post then ... no, you DON’T actually want our “advertising power.” Sorry to tell y’all that having a few thousand followers comes with a cost and is not just a free faceless reblog/kudos/praise farm to feed your ego.

    Nevermind the way some of y’all talk like a follower base/reblogs/likes/kudos are things you’re Owed for the “quality” of your work rather than, idk, real individual people who follow creators whose creations and personalities they Personally like? Creators are not Granted followers as payment for their fanworks. Artists did not start out with a Booster Pack of 10000 followers “simply by virtue of being artists” (to quote the fun words from people complaining about this). People follow creators when they want to see more of what they post. Fandom is social, not a competition based on merit and not a business. I know some of y’all seem to think it is based on the uses of “advertising power” and “stats” I’ve been seeing, but this isn’t some pay disparity in a workplace or a competition where someone got a gold trophy and you got a bronze one because they were friends with the judges. Fandom is a community experience of sharing things with other people who you’ve found who like that thing. It’s not some grand injustice that engagement with fanfic doesn’t directly correlate to technical skill because art is so incredibly subjective. It’s entirely based on personal preferences, on what people like, on who people are friends with and who they follow because people are more inclined to read something by someone who they already know and who they know has similar tastes as them, rather than something by a random self-proclaimed “quality” fic writer whom they don’t know just bc they have “””higher quality”””” writing.

    “I wish fic writers got more engagement” was just fine on its own without tacking on “it’s not fair that artists get more engagement.” When it turns in to “this person shouldn’t get more attention than me,” it’s jealousy. You can phrase it in any pretty way you want and try to spin it as an injustice but what y’all are really doing is dressing up jealousy towards artists as a hot take, comparing the engagement of two Completely different art forms, and treating fic engagement and followers as something that artists with a bigger following haven’t “earned” and that you are owed instead

    #that BNF shit is still irritating me #'all the blogs that reblogged this are semi-BNFs' as if a point was made with this statement #the funniest part being that the ''''bnf artist''''' who responded was someone who we all followed because we loved her ///////fics/////// #and before any geniuses try to discredit my opinions bc i'm a ~bnf artist~ like the op of that post did - #worsties i've BEEN the non-artist fic writer back when i didn't know anything abt digital art #& I've also been the artist who only got a few notes/followers bc I was drawing for dead or dying fandoms and unpopular blorbos <3 #So yes I DO know what it's like to be on the other side #and I sure didn't act like this lol
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  • micro-pyro
    16.05.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    we've rediscovered our love of drawing and writing through your au. thank you. i never thought we'd be able to get that back. we'll never forget what you and your writing has done for us. we love you 💕

    I'm very happy that I could have a positive impact on ya :]

    I love yall too <3

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  • gaygerwig
    16.05.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    ok percival everett may actually be a genius. ten pages into ‘so much blue’ and it’s like ok so this may be my favorite book??? maybe??!? 

    #and he has so many books.. and this is only my second. oh god that's nice. #too bad his publisher(s) hate him and give him the ugliest covers of all time wtf! #(although he did get that three-different-covers thing w/ 'telephone' didn't he. maybe that's why. not often does one book get three covers. #god that's so exciting that there are 3 versions of 'telephone'. it's like sorta goofy but someone had to do it and if someone could pull it #off well it does seem like it's him. this guy is a fucking genius !!! a technical wizard. the proseee<3 and his characters (not all!!) are #just so endearing at times #(i did read 'the trees' and the majority of characters in that book = not endearing. but this guy in 'so much blue' is very likable for me. #might not be on purpose lol but hey!) #op#books
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  • sucredoll
    16.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago


    #angelic pretty#ap#egl#coord#lolita fashion#sweet lolita #sweet lolita fashion #op #cream soda mermaid
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  • pitbolshevik
    16.05.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    i hate that rewatching spn has brought back my stupid crush on (younger) jensen ackles

    #but only as dean #op
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  • carry-on-my-wayward-butt
    16.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago


    #literally the worst part about all this #is that if he suddenly switched gears and went 'nvm i do actually wanna stay married & work on my issues instead of pushing my family away' #i would literally forgive him #like so fast #immediately #the only thing he did 'wrong' was be a dumbass about his severe life ruining anxiety #i cant even be mad at him but im furious because hes imploding my life over this shit #but i love the bastard so if he just ASKED i would forgive him instantly #but he wont #because hes a fucking idiot #but then again im the clown so i cant really talk #op
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  • sucredoll
    16.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago


    #angelic pretty#ap#egl#coord#lolita fashion#sweet lolita #sweet lolita fashion #cream soda mermaid #jsk#op
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  • spindash
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    OSRRY sorry i get so embarrassed talking about the sims so seriously and so much but whatever. women love my autistic sims swagger and want to kiss me

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  • spindash
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    only rules of my townie makeovers have been using as little cc clothes/hair as possible & minimal facial feature changes bewcuse i dont want to make them super different but maxis some reason in ts4 just exaggerated some features SO MUCH!!! in such an unappealing way. irks me when i see townie makeovers on ts4 subreddit where they are all like sameface supermodels i want them to keep their core festures just in a less eaxis way. i guess. i need to take more portraits of my townies now that im pretty much finished

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  • cizbian
    16.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    where is the critical thinking

    #WHERE IS IT BATSIE (BAT BESTIE)??? #op#genderist nonsense
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