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  • distortedfractals
    23.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    just cried watching the scene where mike jumps off the cliff for dustin like where is THAT mike

    #literally why did they do him like taht in s3 lol.... #also like... s1 was PERFECT but cause of all the hype it got they kind of skimped on the next seasons and just went for bigger better... #like s1 had the 80s movie vibe DOWN #and now esp s3 it feels like cheap nostalgia #i can't remember if the quality of s2 was as good.. possibly was cause they probably had their outline for it before all the s1 hype #but they really fucked s3 man they really did #too flashy 80s the kind you only get in this kind of cheap nostalgia stuff #anyyywayyyy #literally mike dustin and lucas were so ride and die in s1 #also i didn't cry fully but i did tear up #diary
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  • mrfoox
    23.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    Obv I'm not a professional and not trying to be but like since I've gotten my autism/add diagnose I really am super sensitive to pick up such traits in other people

    #miranda talking shit #Like common things. Hyper sensetivity to sound/smells/etc. Eye contact avoidance. Hyperficsations. Extreme food sensitivites/pickines #I never tell anyone like 'oh i think youre autistic' or something but im like looking for such trait in others now #It wasnt anything i knew about or looked at before my diagnoses but now ive become aware of such traits i have #I guess its bc i know before i was diagnosed ... I knew i was weird. But i never thought about the specific things about me that are #Different. And now i know about them and see them more easily in others as well. Only person i have discussed it with is an old time friend #Who i shared my experiences with and how i felt and about my diagnose and she wad like 'uh i relate a lot....' #Which was how i even looked into my own autism to begin with. I think if you are like me and always feel like something is weird about you #But you dont know ... What exactly ... Hearing for example other autistic people talk about their experiences ... That is so helpful #Id probably still be struggling without help if my old friend didn't discuss her autism diagnosis with me #Especially in girls its easy to 'not notice' a lot of the things. I am super anti social but ive learned to mimic it fairly well as long as #Im not too anxious and uncomfortable. Idk man. I guess if youre thinking about an diagnosis or if yourr on the spectrum... #I recommend talking to and asking someone who is on it. You get an better insight and even if you dont end up relating as much you still #Learn about it? Anyway ... Anyone who is wondering if they are autistic but arent diagnosed or want more info ask me #I'd enjoy having an conversation about it and though i can only share my own experiences i want to help out #Autism tag
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  • samwisegamwise
    23.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    And. The metatron of ofmd. Izzy Hands

    I hate you

    #jules you only sent me people you are know how I feel about sjsksk
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  • fletcher-renn
    23.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    Okay I was sort of joking about it when I mentioned it before, but now I actually am going grey. All the new hairs on my head are grey and I’m pretty sure the ‘random light streak’ my friend commented on the other day is actually just grey

    #NOBODY else in my family went prematurely grey this is actually so funny #like my mom is 53 and her hair is still growing in half blonde and half grey #my half-brother is a year older than my mom and he’s still only Mostly grey. like some of his hair is still black #my dad’s hair was black up until he was about 50 and then it suddenly went grey all at once #the Only person i could’ve got this gene from is my granddad. but even he had brown hair until like the 1980s #i guess it could also be my grandma’s fault. no one has ever actually seen her natural hair colour and apparently no one ever will #so no one knows when she started going grey #she dyes her hair red like twice a month or something #my grandma really said ‘you can have three things from me. hazel eyes; bowel problems and prematurely grey hair’ #and i said ‘thanks. why?’ #i’m torn between ‘why me’ and ‘this is so funny’. can’t wait for people to start getting really fucking confused about how old i am #i have a babyface to the point that i used to get asked if i was still in school when i was in my early 20s #and usually get mistaken for being 20-22 now #maybe this will make me look older #i’m not cutting or dyeing it even if it Does go fully grey though. i want to be the weird white woman at the farmer’s market #and this can only help me out imo #personal
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  • cactus-chowder
    23.05.2022 - 24 minutes ago


    #starting every workday by watching 5-10 minutes of Dune 2021 #as a reward for waking up & an encouragement to start the day even tho its early #it's day 4 of this & I'm up to the gom jabbar scene #I heard that the director had Big Opinions about how the only and correct way to watch the movie was like #on imax and with other ppl or something #so that kind of got me curious like. what's the worst/best way to watch this movie #I watched it in theaters twice when it came out & I think one of the most impactful things about the experience was the *scarcity* #like in a world of instant gratification entertainment and screens... you have to pay money to go to the special place to get this one #and it was so regal and commanding and dramatic! and all of that lived at the special place you couldn't access casually #(after a few years of pandemic a movie theater becomes just a little strange and new) #I got the dvd a few months ago but never had time to watch it #so it never really got to become 'ordinary' yet #and now I've created an artificial scarcity with rules #the special place where the movie lives is in the morning before work (an otherwise hostile and unfriendly location in space & time) #Dennis I loved your art. I loved it & I am eating it. #a sincere yet contrarian expression of respect
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  • chaoticbutch
    23.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    If you are taking suggestions on what to do after finishing the wheel of time, you could start the realm of the elderlings. It's 16 books long, if length is a factor (but it consists out of four trilogies and one 4 book series so it can be read in parts)

    OH goodness, I will add this to my goodreads list! that is one I haven't heard of, and I've been slowly making my way through recommended fantasy from booktube. Oh wait, Assassin's Apprentice is the first one! Yes okay I actually own that (sitting unread on my shelf) but I had no idea it was part of a longer series and I LOVE me a nice long series

    Thank you friend!!

    #sorry this took me so long buddy #my in-law is in town and we cleaned and have been visiting #seriously THANK you :) the only fantasy recs i get are from youtube now bc i'm the only person i know that reads fantasy #so its super nice to get another opinion #jess gets asks
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  • anna-jo
    23.05.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    me: *not sewing anything since I was like 8, except for a few lost buttons*

    also me: “I can do an entire plushie from scratch!” :))

    #send help I decided to do a plushie of a friend's favorite anime character for their birthday #Which is only a month away!!! #and I'm having exams until their birthday #kill me #I won't be able to do this #btw as soon as I buy the fabric I am going to give you daily updates to pressure myself to do it #pray for me lol
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  • turbinis
    23.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    the moth and I were vibing with our 2€ morio-muskat gourmet weißwein

    #my outfit was honestly bomb but you can only see half #also I was wearing my see-through shirt but I still haven’t pierced my n*pples so I was intrigued but still halfway there you know #face
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  • escarlatafox
    23.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    the Phantom Ace Attorney for that character bingo?

    (Okay I typed this up but just quickly: Rachel if you're reading this... skip the post bud. Spoilerish for a future game? Which is funny because this technically(?) doesn't really spoil anything much but lol. Anyway there's ya spoiler warning, take it or leave it ;D)

    "they are sooooo cool looking" I know they don't have a canon appearance (LOL) but the masked/obscured face pics we do have are cool. besides, i'd stan them regardless of whatever their actual appearance is aheh

    If they were real, I SHOULD be afraid of them. I know that. But I am too fascinated, so fascinated by them that I just don't think I would be able to be remotely afraid at this point.

    "they got done dirty by the fans" is like... do we mean ace attorney fans or phantom fans? because although the latter is a group within the former group, it's two different things. I do think they were done very dirty by like... the ace attorney fandom as a whole (recent surveys show that AA5 seems to get too much flack in the sense that most of the people who have it as their least favourite game haven't even played it? lol) but phantom fans mostly just seem cool to me. just wish there were more of 'em :')

    "nothing i like about them is technically canon" is like... LOL. I didn't select this bc I like canon phantom. what we get in the games isn't a Lot (<- understatement) but I look at it and still go You. I Stan You. :) since that's "canon" without any added stuff it's like... I do like canon stuff about them which is why I didn't select that in the bingo djdfhjfdjk

    The list of potential (ie. non-canon) stuff I like about 'em is huge though.

    You could make the argument that there is technically no canon stuff about them because that's the point of the character and therefore to like phantom warrants selecting that option, but... idk. I still like the "canon" idea of the phantom that the game gives us, so. <3 I like the concept. It's already enough for me.

    Clearly, I should have also selected "they've never done anything wrong in their life". Clearly. I didn't, but the temptation was absolutely there. I mean if you look past the everything....! (LOL)

    Okay something else I'm adding After typing up the tags: it's so extremely surreal to me whenever the phantom gets acknowledged within the like. main fandom (outside like, Dual Destinies-focused circles) bcause.... not only is it super rare for the phantom to get mentioned in casual fan discussion but it's like this weird reminder that Yes They Are Canon To The Franchise. They really do Exist within ace attorney canon and every day im glad for that fact. I've spent so much time being a phantom fan at this point that them getting acknowledged by people in the main ace attorney fandom is like... "whoa they exist in the main canon... this isnt just my niche... other ppl know this character... they were Put Into The Games they are not just In My Mind" LOL

    #electricshoop #I'M SO NORMAL I am a very Normal fan with VERY normal thoughts about thephantom aceattourney #My close friends can all clearly attest to this #I have never swamped any friends with piles upon piles of meta despite them never having played an ace attorney game in their life #I am a Normal Ace Attorney Fan clearly im only into miles eggworm and narumitsu #and I am definitely not overly attached to certain villains that sit on the margins when it comes to fandom attention #that come from highly contested games #blaaaaaah take me to the timeline where the phantom is as popular as like. [insert popular ace attorney character here] #Okay also AA5 and phantom getting ignored by The Franchise Itself because the bigwigs know the game/character didn't do well #Like ddfjkdfkjfdjkkjfd #All you need to know is that I'm a normal well-adjusted ace attorney fan that distributes my fandom focus in a very ordinary way! #ask#asks
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  • drinkcrywrite
    23.05.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    tumblr please make it harder to accidently follow someone, I somehow ended up following a terf last night 🤮🤮 a pop up box or something confirming it would be great, thanks

    #i thought it was someone who changed their name #and went to message them to let them know they'd reblogged from a terf #only to see their fucking bio #zoom over to my following list and yupp they were the most recent follow #i guess thats better then someone ive been following for a while turning out to be a terf #but fuck that gave me a heart attack #hope it goes without saying but just in case #terf are unwelcome here #and if you see me reblogging something from a terf please let me know so i can delete and block #k rambles
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  • knifelesbianjo
    23.05.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    character bingo thing: thee mary winchester

    MARY WINCHESTER MY BELOVED!!!!! 😍😍✨✨❤️💖 nothing else to add truly <3

    #sad i did not got bingo bc im not the only one that's right about her 😔 #the besties get her too <3 #also thank you baby 😘😘❤️
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  • trixicbean
    23.05.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    okay you know what fuck the british school system, fuck michael gove, fuck covid-19 for taking away my learning and my right to do gcses, fuck the changes to the curriculum and fuck the fact that my entire future at university rests on seven exams

    also fuck anxiety, fuck autism, fuck depression, fuck ptsd and fuck my primary school that gave me so much exam trauma i cane barely sit in an exam room

    fuck everything because my life fucking sucks. i have no time for friends, writing or to just enjoy existing on this fucking shitty planet. i don't even have time to talk to friends online for months so i have barely anyone left because i have had to neglect everything to focus on school for months. fuck everything and fuck the system for destroying my confidence and mental health and friendships. fuck all of it.

    and most of all fuck the tories. for changing the curriculum. for covid-19. and for creating a major political event and constitutional crisis every five minutes that i can barely keep up with. here's an idea you fucking wankers, why don't you just follow the fucking law, not break lockdown rules and stop sexual harassing, raping and assaulting women and just see women as human beings because hot take: they are. someone's legs isn't why your leader is doing bad at PMQs, he's just a shit person generally who is only in the job because of slimy nepotism and access to dirty russian money.

    #avery rants #avery is depressed #avery is in pain #i only have to make it till june 17 #you wait for june 17 #i am going to be so fucking happy bitches #i'll be free #i will be fucking free #british politics#a levels#exams
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  • jackplushie
    23.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    REO R U OK KJEBGAKJGBJMBGJS (╥﹏╥) Pls take a break, don't push urself 2 much, i hope u r getting better (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) Here here, lemme hug u (。Ó﹏Ò。)


    I’m fine just a bit drained ahahahah-

    My brain making little circles around my head going brrrrrrrr

    #dj’s mix #and I just realised I changed names on here quite a bit #I was Reo (kotaro was here from the creation of club Grimoire bless them) #then I was Myre #some ppl Called me Grimoire #:9 I liked Grimoire actually #and jackplushie #lmao I am a meance to myself #I don’t mind any of these namesss #only thing you can’t call me is a ✨simp✨ #let me be in denial #Jack? who’s that #*hugs his nui* #I have no idea who
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  • vampiricsheep
    23.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    how about Kralkatorrik for the bingo if you want

    oh interesting!

    #you could argue he got a lot of screen time but we only got to talk to him briefly :( #i love the dragons a lot in general though. wish we could explore more of who they were beyone 'force of nature' #would love to know how that resonance with minions worked on a mental aspect. and if any trace of the self was left in the minds of branded #-or if they were p much all converted into mobile weapons #would love 2 know more about his experience in the mists too #and ofc. what it was like in the beginning
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  • ndragoon
    23.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Really wish that some psych near me that took my insurance was actually good, and willing to test for adult ASD/ADHD.

    I hate this awful feeling of almost knowing who/what I am, being almost certain, and then some part of me says I'm actually faking it and/or it is just my upbringing and I should stop calling myself autistic.

    And it sucks even more because I'm sure that once the diagnostic criteria change, I won't be able to get a diagnosis for anything because they will make it as limiting as possible so only the worst cases can get diagnosed and the help they need.

    #Personal #Idk what to do #The first one I saw is sitting at 1.5 out of 5 stars #Others I've found are ones my friends have gone to and they treat people badly #Came across another that only had 2 stars that apparently takes your money but never actually schedules you for an appointment #My sister's psych is willing but isn't legally allowed to because he is only allowed to take in people who live in his county #And I'm basically SOL and feel like garbage because I have tons of problems that I deal with all day every day #And can't get a doctor to say more than 'you're fat lazy and just don't want to put effort into anything' #So I've been pushing myself even more and feeling even worse #Sorry for venting #I just hate feeling like some enigmatic entity instead of a human being
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  • im-fairly-locall
    23.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    and the shitty thing! is that we probably wouldve gotten sick of each other anyway

    #the quote goes do all lovers feel as though they’re inventing something? #but thats only asking the first part of a two part question #when lovers invent something are they prepared to invent something just for it to fall into obsolescence? #how agonizing it is to fall in love. to create a new world together knowing you might have to watch it die someday #knowing that try as you might you might not be able to stop yourself from pushing the red button yourself #so i guess the question is this: #should lovers be prepared to invent for obsolescence?
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  • dragonmons
    23.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    calling an ai who lashed out in self defense "evil"? nice opinion- however i am approaching you at exponentially increasing speeds

    #i watched 9 with my good buddy moth fucker tonight and i stg. i fuckign swear to god. #you LITERALLY see the machine desperately clinging to its creator and only lashing out violently when it begins to be restrained #you can SEE IT not wanting to go in the factory chassis #imagine blaming a machine for the actions of humanity #imagine saying something is 'evil' for having a reasonable reaction to trauma couldnt be me #time to add yet another ai to the good boy list #yes it ate souls yes it is my poor little meow meow yes its because i make robots and 2001 made it easier for me to understand my ptsd #we are NOT the same
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  • similartendencies
    23.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    In my feelings tonight folks

    #my tendencies #i cant clean the blood off the sheets in my bed: spending two years of my life being abused and raped by my ex #taking back the life you stole : parental bs feelings #lot of feelings about moving #using ur fave band as emotional solice how shocking #fucking miss my best friends #and especially the boyfriend one #god i was so numb that last night i dont even remember parts of it. i fucking blurred it out #maybe thats part of my numb right now i dont wanna deal with the fallout of what was the hardest fucking part of leaving #the only fucking thing that made me doubt leaving the hardest thing to leave behind #fucking cried for weeks before we ever even talked #i made a playlist about it and there was one night i just layed in the other room for hours listening to it on repeat #deep chest sobs #all fucking night #As if I needed a reminder I do only what I wanna. So I go through with this. #You stopped by my house the night you escaped with tears in my eyes I begged you to stay. You said 'Hey man I love you but no fucking way' #Though we need to find the time to just do this shit together 'for it gets worse. I wanna touch you- but that just hurts #Im not ready for this though I thought I would be. I don't want to leave you even though I have to. I don't want to leave you. I need you. #know you dont need my protection Im in love cant blame me for checkin love in your direction hopin the message goes somewhere close to you #If we stay right here we wouldnt have to worry about anything but the morning came and stole you right out of the blue #i think maybe i went numb that night and never stopped #maybe its melodramatic because we ended up together and ill get to see them soon but i just lived with the feeling that we might lose touch #for *so long* it was such a looming nightmare #and everything that happened around me leaving was such a fucking heart wrenching mess #we like try to be positive and happy now and its the truth but like that shit was all so fucking painful. for literally everyone involved. #im fucking tired my head hurts i havent stopped crying for like the last hour #fucking ripped my life out by the roots AGAIN. leaving people i love behind AGAIN. #i can't ever fucking do this again. #destroying myself emotionally for the greater long term good #at least im finally falling apart
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  • mossmx
    23.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I would pay to see Cold (2013) also known as Leopard by Eoin Macken 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    #Tom Hopper#eoin macken#merlin cast #the only time i got SLIGHTLY close to have a chanche at it #IT WAS REGION BLOCKED AND THE PROXY DIDN'T WORK> #probably bc it was amazon prime #but#UGHHH #like I SIGNED UP TO SEE IT AND THEN THEY WERE LIKE LOL NOPE YOU ARE NOT IN THE RIGHT SPOT ON THE PLANET #also it never came out in cinemas here ;____; #and I can't find dvds ANYWHERE??? #I mean maybe it's a shitty movie and I would be better off not seeing it but IT'S ABSURD THAT I CAN *KNOW* ABOUT IT BUT BE UNABLE TO GET IT #like #I can live without it #I'm not like 'I need to get everything' #but this movie comes back to mind from time to time #:(
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  • chussy
    23.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    how did no one at that dave chapelle show yell at him to fucking kill himself like. lol why are you being polite to a guy making “(service) dog lick peanut butter off genital” jokes in 2022. stop having social anxiety and heckle him. describe his suicide in vivid detail

    #my problem is not only is he transphobic ableist racist etc #they’re not even good jokes #he deserves to be will smith-ed just for how fucking dogshit his jokes are #like seriously? an ‘i identity as [other race]’ joke? #how bold and brave and original you fucking moron
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