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  • wickedsrest-rp-ads
    18.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    even Wicked things must Rest…

    S E A S O N    F O U R   :   F R A C T U R E S

    In a sleepy town renowned for its death rate and little else, an underground network of supernatural beings has made White Crest, Maine their home and hunting ground. Most folks are happily oblivious to the oddities of the town, but things have been stranger than usual.
    Time and space have become twisted up, anomalies popping up across town. Whether it's the return of a deceased loved one or falling into another dimension, there's something eerie about it all. For some, echoes of the events from centuries past known as The Horrors are seeping through the cracks, trying to tear the town apart one final time. White Crest's future is starting to look a lot like its past... if it has one at all.

    WICKED'S REST is an original, literate supernatural/horror-themed roleplay influenced by folklore, Stephen King, BTVS, The Witcher, Being Human, and more. We have a plenty of open skeletons, with rich lore to help drive plots and room for your creativity.


    We accept 2 apps every Saturday! Season 4 has just begun, and there's no better time to join!

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  • fang-wolfsbane
    18.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Transformers Generation One: A Seeker’s Triangle: Chapter 22: Fighting Fire With Fire

    “Blaster, any new information on who the thief is?” the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, asked from his seat at the head of the discussion table. It wasn’t often that the command centre was used as a meeting room, but due to the lack of a war room – more so to keep the humans at ease over not declaring a possible war against them – they didn’t have much space to serve for the intended purposes.

    Blaster shook his helm, for once a bot of few words. Optimus’s third-in-command and weapons specialist, Iron Hide, on the other servo, had a lot to say ever since the break in the day before.

    “Who cares who it is Prime? I’m tellin’ ya, it was a stinkin’ ‘con,” Iron Hide practically growled, his servo tightened into a fist, making it all to clear what both his thoughts and possible intent was with the bot in question.

    “We cannot simply presume that is the case, Iron Hide,” Perceptor gently said, holding his servo in the air as if it would somehow calm the irritated commander. It didn’t but it did defuse the moment long enough for others to interject.

    “Whoever it was, they made it clear what they were after,” Jazz said from his spot against the wall, having gotten out of his seat to try and gain some distance from Iron Hide and something he could use as a flying projectile against any of them.

    Agreeing grumbles and hums filled through the room. Even with Teletraan One, their security systems hadn’t succeeded in picking up on the intruder until they reached the energon storage.

    Prowl had taken it upon himself to personally investigate all possible points of entry and with the help of their neurotic mini bot companion, Red Alert, they determined the vents were the most likely conclusion. Even though they didn’t need to physically breathe like humans, they couldn’t go and close off the vents to the storage room, otherwise the energon wouldn’t be able to handle the heat of the room, and possibly cause some kind of hazard if some spark managed to ignite in some or other manner. As their resident fire truck, Inferno had been very adamant about keeping the vents open at all times as well.

    Rubbing at his jaw joints, Optimus looked over to the footage Teletraan One had playing on the wall in a loop. If not for Blaster’s cassette, Rewind, confirming that it had indeed been a bot inside the storage room, then they might have had a possible human-related break in. In a manner of speaking, he was relieved that it hadn’t been a human, but it didn’t ease the weight off his shoulders either.

    Iron Hide’s theory about a Decepticon seemed the most plausible, but why would a single Decepticon risk such a big operation on their own? He knew that the Decepticons were just as, if not more, desperate than them to get their servos on the energy resources the planet had to offer, but if the Decepticons were desperate enough to send one bot in to grab what they could, why not ensure that they had some distraction of sorts to lure them away from the room first? Perhaps whoever had given the order had enough confidence in the unnamed bot that they thought it would be a flawless in-and-out mission.

    Cycles of keeping energon in storage away from command centres had proven one thing to be true. Alarms were always a promising idea when it came to protecting something as precious as food sources.

    The moment the meeting started a couple hours ago, they had all watched the video, and tried to identify the mech by their paint job but none of them came up with any names. It wasn’t that they didn’t know any, in fact, it was the opposite. There were a lot of Decepticons on the planet, but none with a black and green frame colouring.

    Wheeljack had suggested that the bot might have undergone a re-paint before being sent on the mission, but that didn’t solve the alternate mode. Sure, they could all scan different vehicle forms appropriate to their builds, but even the build didn’t make much sense.

    Most Decepticons preferred flight-based alternate modes, so to see one in a four-wheel mode was quite rare. Even with birth, most Decepticons were blessed with flight capabilities. Jazz suggested Stunticon involvement, but that theory soon followed out the window. The frame build didn’t match with any of the Stunticons they had on file, and as far as he knew, there were only five of them.

    Megatron wouldn’t have authorised the construction of more, not if he were desperate enough to send one bot in for a job like stealing something all  his followers needed. Even if the mech hadn’t tripped the alarm, they would eventually have been spotted or at the least, heard, when sneaking the cubes out.

    There was also the ration monitoring system they had in place. Unless their lead medic, Ratchet, said otherwise, they all had specific days where they were allowed to take their share and nothing more. It was a harsh method, but one that kept discipline and self-control strong. A fast decline in cubes would be noticed too easily.

    It was clear that the bot wasn’t very skilled in the art of sneaking around, an amateur at best. In fact, Megatron possessed far better stealth-practiced bots in his command that would have spun circles around the intruder.

    Skywarp for example could teleport inside and be out before they got to the room if he only took one or two cubes with him. Swindle always had some kind of gadget on him that proved useful for his escapes. Soundwave had his cassettes. Slag, even Starscream could possibly talk his way out of getting caught if given the right opportunity, so why, of all the choices he had, would Megatron have chosen this bot?

    The thought bothered him to the point where he decided to fight fire with fire. If a stealth-specialised bot was sent in to steal, then why not ask for help from their own specialised bots? They didn’t have as many as Megatron, but both Mirage and Hound were just as adequate in the field as any sneaky con. Keeping his blue optics focused on the looping footage, Optimus gave the order. “Call Hound and Mirage. Get them back here, immediately.”

    Transformers Generation One, Blaster, Autobots, Optimus Prime, Iron Hide, Decepticons, Perceptor, Jazz, Teletraan One, Prowl, Red Alert, Inferno, Rewind, Wheeljack, Stunticons, Megatron, Ratchet, Skywarp, Swindle, Soundwave, Starscream, Mirage, Hound and energon © Hasbro A Seeker’s Triangle © Fang Wolfsbane

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  • 8-evil-annoying-catboys
    18.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    went to target today and the gay agenda section wasn’t set up yet. so unbelievably fucked up. i did find the genderqueer flag in the “dollar” section where nothing is actually a dollar anymore tho so. win. i guess

    #tumblr original post button is literally my diary <3
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  • grimetoby
    18.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Really just thinking about using a big wooden spoon to taste test a fine broth with before I get ready to add in some person I caught in the woods

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  • magicmelaburn
    18.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Hey, does anyone know where’s a good place to find the ShiftyLook webcomics? I found a like to a mediafire page on the Lost Media Archive Wikia, but I have a strong aversion to downloading random 7z files onto my computer. If that link’s legit for sure, please let me know. Something about the file names is a bit too suspcious for me right now.

    #original post#text #I just wanna look at the legend of valkyrie comic oh please
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  • olympain
    18.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago
    “I've just been sat here. Having a coffee, learning my lines, listening to the soundtrack to Midsommar...”

    Simon’s Instagram Stories, 17th of May, 2022.

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  • fearfmpromo
    18.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    Legend says, once you enter, you’re never seen again…

                                   Welcome to Kingstown, Nebraska.

    A very small town nestled amongst the rolling hills of Nebraska’s prairie, Kingstown is home to some of the most horrific humans you will ever meet. The townspeople are not just a resemblance of history’s scariest stories… they are.

    FEARFM is a diverse/inclusive, semi-appless, horror tumblr roleplay based entirely on our own ideas. The plot is based around the spawning of horror creations.
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  • simplepilgrimpoetry
    18.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    The Coffee Shop

    Prying eyes sipping coffee observing as memories grow

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  • wyvilleijelli
    18.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago


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  • betawooper
    18.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    bro watching these playthroughs is very hard (has adhd)

    #i do not think i have the strength to watch through ray's route oh boy #especially since rika is slightly less relevant in it #wish there was like an archive of the route summaries but ive tried looking for them #and alas #alright maybe i should focus my research #instead of writing down every chatroom i just note rika related stuff #like flashbacks and discussions during the chatrooms #bc like at the end of the day im composing an original route #that doesnt follow the story of the other two routes #since they dont follow each other either #right? #rika route
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  • borinquenaqueer
    18.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    childhood tastes like mayo and generic brand sliced cheese product; hindsight says "poverty" but memory says "fed".

    #original post #is this anything
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  • tvvvvweb
    18.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Betty and Her dogs

    #betty x jughead #betty copper #betty and veronica #betty cooper#netflix original#riverdalecast
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  • imasourreader
    18.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    "it's still too early for you to be chirping, bird."

    Don't disturb him, bird, he's too pretty and too damn tired to be dealing with life.

    Also, i kinda tried coloring him/? I'm still figuring out how to do digital drawing, so

    alright...not bad, i suppose:"?

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  • magicmelaburn
    18.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Ok I finished the whole thing of Shiftylook Bravoman cartoon. Thoughts? I feel like it leaned too much on meta-humor to carry it without much substance. Lampshading was a comedic crutch and got irritating after it showed up in most episodes. I did get a few chuckles out of it, but Mappy: The Beat’s short promotional scene after one of Bravoman’s credits had me laughing harder than any point in the Bravoman cartoon. It’s not the worst, though; just disappointing given how good Mappy: The Beat was with its character comedy.

    #original post#text#mitzi's thoughts #probably gonna go through the Legend of Valkyrie comic next
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  • breezv
    18.05.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    bet youve never seen a bat this cool

    #drawing#drawpile #with my friends again because of course #ghg #this is my friends oc #kurominagi <- go follow them NOW #dont @ me abt the skateboard trick i only cruise lol #sonic#sonic oc#art #artist on tumblr #furry#original character#doodle#eyestrain
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