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  • wetcoldnoodle
    25.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    Gn!teen!avenger x Mj Meet cute

    So avenger is bored at the tower. They bother Tony. Tony sends them on an undercover mission, where they have to spy on Spiderman.

    They get inrolled in to midtown. People think they're in love with Peter, because they're always starring at him from a distance.

    Some random Tuesday MJ walks up behind them

    MJ: Are you a spy?

    Avenger, stonefaced: No

    MJ: It's either that or you're in love with him

    Avenger who is obviously a spy: I'm not in love with him... and I'm not a spy

    MJ: you're a horrible liar... and spy. you're a horrible spy too

    Avenger: im a great spy

    MJ: So you admit it

    Avenger: I admit too nothing

    And so a friendship begins, and when the avenger leaves the school, they admit to having been a spy for those magical three weeks

    MJ: Prove it

    Avenger: Prove what?

    MJ: That you're a spy

    Avenger: ...You're a deeply mistrusting person


    Avenger, pulling out tracking app on phone: I respect it

    Avenger, pointing to small dot on screen: That's peter

    MJ: Cool. How'd you get that on him?

    Avenger: I put it in his food

    MJ: You what?

    Avenger: Relax he'll be fine.

    Anyways Peter becomes an avenger. MJ and reader start dating, and they all live happily ever after

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  • ddejavvu
    25.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    i present..

    peter parker holding you on his face and overstimulating you bc my man is so pussy whipped

    and he just goes from edging to overstim till reader is sobbing and


    this post is 18+, minors dni.

    His hands massaged the smooth globes of your ass, fingers prying desperately at your flesh, hungry for more. You were certain you'd have marks on your skin from his fingernails, his digits greedily digging into you, but you didn't care.

    All you cared about was his tongue, messily prodding and poking at your abused cunt. You'd cum thrice, and the pleasurable burn that had accompanied your second orgasm was rampant and stinging as you approached your fourth.

    "Peter," You gasped, feeling his tongue slide eagerly through your folds once more, his lips pausing to pucker around your stiff clit, "Peter, can't take it anymore! Please, please, need t'rest."

    He shook his head fervently, his pitiful doe-eyed expression pointed towards you as he pleaded into your pussy, "Y/N, I want more!"

    You let out a cry as Peter went straight back to where he was before, tongue having lazily flicked at your clit while he was speaking. He dove back in, obscene squelching sounds permeating the air as he took extra care to clean up the remains of your third orgasm.

    "B-but I can't!" You sobbed, your fingers knitted in his hair, "Please! All I want is a break, baby, then you can start over. I- Peter, it feels amazing, but if you don't stop now I'm gonna pass out."

    "I'll catch you." Was his only response, lips then incapable of forming any more words as he reattached them to your gaping cunt, digging a sharp cry from the bottom of your throat.

    #peter parker #peter parker x reader #peter parker scenario #peter parker oneshot #peter parker one-shot #peter parker one shot #peter parker imagine #peter parker fanfiction #peter parker fanfic #peter parker fic #peter parker headcanons #peter parker headcanon #peter parker hc #peter parker hcs #peter parker blurb #peter parker drabble #peter parker dialogue #peter parker x reader fanfiction #tom!peter x reader #tom!peter parker #tom!peter parker x reader #tom!peter #andrew!peter parker x reader #andrew!peter parker #andrew!peter x reader #andrew!peter #tobey!peter #tobey!peter parker #tobey!peter parker x reader #tobey!peter x reader
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  • jihef03
    25.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    Gonna go and catch up to  Amazing Spider-Man #2 by Zeb Wells. First issue was pleasant if you can get past the usual “Peter’s life is crap and separated from M-J” stuff (which if you can’t, I mean that’s fair), and that Romiate/Hanna art is giving me JMS arc nostalgia so that helps. Gonna keep reading, see how it goes.

    #marvel#spider-man#peter parker#mary-jane watson#zeb wells #john romita jr #also this totally no biased due to the fact that my favourite horrible man is coming back no sir not related at all
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  • thementallyunstablesimp
    25.05.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    *Kate is cooking*

    Peter : Any chance that’s for me?

    Kate : It’s for Y/n. I’m planning on making some bad choices tonight, and I need them on my side.

    Yelena : I never realized the forethought that went into being a disappointment.

    #mcu incorrect quotes #y/n #mcu x reader #marvel#kate bishop#hawkeye series#yelena belova#peter parker#spiderman #kate bishop x y/n
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  • thementallyunstablesimp
    25.05.2022 - 42 minutes ago

    Peter : Can I be frank with you guys?

    Kate : Sure, but I don’t see how changing your name is gonna help.

    Yelena : Can I still be Yelena?

    Y/n : Shh, let Frank speak.

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  • marveloustimestwo
    25.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    Hi, can i ask yandere peter parker (mcu) with a reader who thinks he is in love with mj and when peter (tasm) came to the mcu universe and flirts with her she doesnt tell him to back off.

    Warnings: Yandere themes

    For the purpose of this request, I'm writing the Reader, (MCU) Peter, MJ, and Ned as an aged-up version so they're college-age and closer in age to (TASM) Peter, who will be referred to as Peter 3.

    (Also, I'll be mixing this request with two others I got that were very similar to this one. One was Peter being jealous of his variants, and the other was where Andrew's Peter recognizes Reader as his dead s/o)

    When his identity as Spider-man was released to the public, Peter really wanted to keep you out of his mess. He didn't want to ruin your life, as much as it pained him to stay away even for a few days.

    But considering you had been seen with Peter in the past, you were soon pinned as a friend of Spider-man and were dragged down with him.

    Even if it was the middle of the school year, Spider-man and anyone associated with him were suddenly blacklisted and shunned.

    In his desperation to clear his name, and in turn yours, Peter went to Dr. Strange to help.

    Of course, the mess that followed ultimately led to you meeting other versions of Peter.

    Even worse was that Peter 3 seemed shocked and emotional to see you, greeting you with a tight hug.

    You come to learn that in his universe, you were his partner, but had died only a couple of years ago. He didn't explain further, only managing to say that he had failed you through tears.

    Now that his Aunt May was dead, Peter was even more desperate to be near you. To have you comfort him after what he'd seen.

    Upon that rooftop, all Peter wanted was your love, and he was seconds away from confessing before he spotted the others.

    Even when you told him they were friendly, Peter still couldn't help feeling irritated at how they had interrupted him before he could actually confess. It was just another obstacle between you and him.

    This idea was further driven in by how close the younger of the two strange Peter's continued to be to you.

    The longer the night went on, the more irritated Peter became.

    This other Peter wouldn't stop flirting with you. Stupid pick-up lines that made you giggle, small touches, and that constant longing look.

    What hurt more was that you never told Peter 2 to back off. You smiled when you caught him looking at you, giggled at the pickup lines, and accepted the touches with ease.

    But Peter could never blame you for that. You weren't the one initiating it. Peter 2 was the one to do so, despite knowing that you weren't his original s/o.

    Peter can understand the pain that would be losing you. Even the thought of it made him want to throw up, and it's what drove him to be so protective of you.

    But that also meant he refused to let you be taken by someone else, especially not another version of him. Just because Peter 2 failed to keep you safe in his universe didn't mean he could steal you away in this one. In fact, it was all the more reason to keep you away from Peter 2.

    While making the cures for the villains, Peter finds the time to talk to you alone and away from the prying ears of Peter 2. Finally, Peter manages to confess his love to you without anyone interrupting.

    The relief from that alone is the first good thing to happen to him in the past few days. But the confusion and nervousness on your face nearly make him regret that.

    Your explanation makes him just as confused as you.

    You thought that he was in love with MJ? That he was dating MJ?

    No, no, no! The way Peter rushes to deny such a thing is almost comical if it wasn't for the terror on his face.

    He's not losing you to something that's not even true! Suddenly he's rethinking everything he's done with MJ to make you think that he was in love with her.

    He swears that it's not true. He'll do better from now on. Just love him back and he promises that he's yours, not MJ's or anyone else's.

    Even if you don't accept it right away, Peter's still determined to get this night over with and send these other Peters home, especially Peter 2.

    He tries to keep you away from the final battle, but I can definitely see what happened to MJ happening to you.

    You get knocked down from the scaffolding and Peter tries to save you, only to be shoved away by Green Goblin.

    Peter's terrified, only to become enraged at the sight of Peter 2 finally getting his chance to save you.

    By the time the battle is over, I could also see Peter 2 falling for you all over again, and being desperate to take you back to his universe.

    And Peter 1, still recovering from losing Aunt May, wasn't about to lose you too.

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  • wadewilson-parker
    25.05.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #2

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  • raelwrites
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    Part 8 of the omega fratt x alpha reader fic!

    Tony's a bit of a dick with no concept of boundaries- Matt and Stephen interaction, formal Jake intro!!! And the slow integration of Stephen into the pack(TM)- but there are brief, non-descriptive references to torture- but uh, enjoy <3

    Tagging my dear 🐺 anon; @mysyerious, as well as @izbelross and @americancowgirl19

    Masterlist/ Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7

    You stood tall and proud as you walked out of the courthouse, Matt and Peter by your side. You buried your hand into Peter’s hair to ruffle it whilst he smiled and nestled closer to your side. Matt was preening as he held onto your forearm, his normally well concealed cinnamon scent bubbling and bursting around you.

    Matt had won- Against Stark- not alone though. He had tentatively reached out for Foggy and the man had agreed to help as much as he could- as this case involved a minor and well, harassment, in a sense. Stark’s lawyers were good, but little could stop a protective omega- especially if that omega was as stubborn and focused as Matt-

    It was a shame that Frank wasn’t here- Unfortunately, Frank was still a wanted criminal for several counts of murder- But hey, you could celebrate this back in the nest with the rest of the pack-

    A curt call of your name. The scent of musk- dominant and oppressive- surrounding you. Peter and Matt instinctively bristled, a scowl playing on both their lips. You released your scent and manipulated it to curl around them both, trying to block out the musky scent as much as possible.

    “Stark,” you said, your tone stiff and your posture rigid. You could feel Matt’s grip on your forearm tighten.

    “You can’t keep the kid in a cage. He needs others- new experiences, new people around him. You can’t keep him trapped in your little pack.”

    A snarl threatened to rip from your throat, but from his smirk, you knew what he was doing. He was taunting you. If you exploded in an aggressive alpha manner, there was a chance that whatever ruling Matt had gotten could be revoked. So you smiled- all teeth and no happiness.

    You took one step towards the sharp suited alpha and reached over to gentle pat at his suit- smoothing out the collar in silence as you allowed your scent to strengthen in its dominance- something you had not done in a long time.

    “Pack is protection.” You murmured, but you were sure that Stark could hear you. And you were sure Matt and Peter could too. “Peter’s free to do whatever he wants. If he wanted to join you on your crusade with the Sokovian Accords, we wouldn’t have stopped him.” You tugged on his collar sharply and smiled when he let out a low, warning hiss- one that you ignored. “But he didn’t. And you were harassing him.”

    You pulled away from Stark, whose musky scent had soured considerably. His expression lost the cockiness and the arrogance.

    “You may think that you were persuading him, Stark.” Matt lowly said, his red glasses hiding away the utter discontentment you were sure was in his eyes. “But my client and his aunt had repeatedly asked you to stop. But you didn’t.”

    You could see Matt’s arm wrap around Peter, as his soft cinnamon scent mixed with the vanilla scent of Peter.

    Before Stark could say another word, you interjected.

    “It’s be for the best if you left, Mr. Stark.” You walked back towards your packmates, but not without firmly patting Stark’s shoulder once, whilst smiling in a predatory manner. “We wouldn’t want you to violate the restraining order, right?”

    “This isn’t over-” Stark called over to you as you turned your back on him, ushering Matt and Peter away.

    Before either you or Matt could respond- Peter stopped in his tracks and turned towards Stark- with a smile you had so often seen on Frank and in a tone that was as sharp as Matt’s-

    “I think it is, Mr. Stark.”

    Then Peter briskly walked ahead of both you and Matt, and when Matt squeezed your forearm, you knew that he was as proud of the young omega as you were.

    ~ ♥~

    “Is your… mate not here?”

    “Fuck-” Matt swore and nearly dropped the mug of coffee he was making when he heard the sudden voice coming from behind him. It was Stephen. Of course it was Stephen. His senses could pick up a lot of things but not magic-

    “Who? Frank?” Matt knew he was not talking about Frank.

    A heavy sigh- and some ruffling of fabric. Matt tilted his head

    “No. The one that doesn’t want to kill me.”

    “I’m not sure I have a mate like that-”

    “Murdock-” Stephen hissed, and Matt could smell the artificial scent get momentarily overpowered by something else- something aquatic?

    “They’re with Peter. A parent’s conference or something. I volunteered to go, but they stopped me.” Matt gestured vaguely at his side. “Apparently, I shouldn’t be walking.”

    “But you are.”

    “Yeah.” Matt kept his hand on the mug as he poured the coffee. When he felt the heat of the hot water reach near the top of the mug, he stopped pouring. “I’m not good with listening.”

    “Hmmm. That’s true. I remember you trying to scale the walls drunk. After the party of course. Nearly made it to the roof too. People had to drag you off.”

    Matt froze in place. He what? He didn’t remember doing that- Foggy didn’t say anything about it- What?


    “Guess you blacked out then. Because I saw you do it. Unfortunately for me, even drunk, I have photographic memory.”

    “I”- Matt had no idea how to respond to that- “I guess you weren’t one of the people to pull me off the wall?”

    “Of course not.” Matt could hear the slight amusement in Stephen’s voice. “I left you be. I was too busy.”

    A brief, awkward silence ensued as Matt took a sip of his coffee. Then he put down the mug and contemplated whether or not to offer him a cup before making up his mind.

    “Do you want some coffee? I mean, you have to pour it on your own- we don’t really have magically floating mugs-”

    “Of course you don’t.” Matt could hear Stephen walk closer to the kitchen counter, where the coffee pot was. “I’m walking over to you right now.”

    “I know. I can hear you.”

    Stephen simply hummed noncommittedly and Matt could hear the rustling of fabric as the other man reached for the pot. But when he heard the air currents move in an erratic manner around his hands- and his slight elevation in heartrate as the liquid in the pot sloshed violently, it clicked.

    Dr. Stephen Strange- genius neurosurgeon. Got into a car crash and lost everything before disappearing. He had heard people in Metro Gen wonder where he went. Now he knew where he disappeared off to. He went and became a wizard.

    Matt reached over towards Stephen and gently took the pot out of his hands. Before he could get a word out though, Matt rummaged through one of the cupboards until his fingers grazed over one of the more expensive coffees Frank tried to hide from the caffeine addicted members of the pack.

    “The coffee in the pot now is definitely not for guests.” Matt said, as he poured the rest of the coffee into his own mug. “Frank has some good stuff- Don’t tell him I stole some though. Hope you like whatever this is.”

    Matt started to brew the coffee in silence- the only sound coming from the pot and the rustling of fabric.

    “Your mate- the alpha- do they”- Matt could hear the other man swallow thickly- “do they scent people often?”

    Matt ran through all his interactions with you. You had scented him after you first patched him up. And you had scented him frequently in all the times afterwards. You scented Frank the first time you met him too- and Peter. But other than that, your scent had always stuck close to you or to the pack.

    But if you had scented Stephen- Matt let out a surprised laugh and he could sense Stephen tilt his head in confusion and he could hear the coffee pot signalling that the coffee was done.

    Fumbling for another mug, Matt poured the coffee out- careful not to pour it to the brim- and offered the mug to Stephen, who took it.

    “Their inner alpha must like you, Stephen. Be prepared for some coddling.”

    ~ ♥~

    You observed Marc and Steven for a while now- ever since you became aware of the Spanish speaking alter? who had carried you back to the nest.

    They were acting in a ‘normal’ way most of the time, but now that you were aware of someone else, the small things became clearer to you. The slight lapses into Spanish. The sudden surge in scent. The more frequent snarls and hisses when any one of the pack was in danger or hurt.

    So, this time, you had asked to go on a recon with only Marc. Layla instead accompanied Frank on his patrol.

    “Why did you ask Layla to go with Frank?”

    You shrugged, as you peered through a pair of binoculars with your tongue sticking out.

    You sensed a sudden change in scent. Marc’s mint scent was normally strong and sharp- but now? It was stronger. It was protective in an overly protective way. You snapped away from the binoculars and turned sharply to him.

    The man looked at you questioningly, his hands stuffed into his pockets.

    “Who are you?”

    A beat of silence.

    “What do you mean?” He gave you a slightly uneasy smile. “I’m Marc.”

    You glared pointedly at him.

    “Sabes. I can’t hide from you now, can I?”

    “Nope. Not when you were speaking Spanish to me as I bled out.” You walked closer to him, and offered your hand to him. “Marc speaks Arabic. Steven, French. And I think neither of them properly knows Spanish.”

    The man looked at your hand before grasping it. His tough was rougher than Marc’s- and you could feel the slightly less restrained strength beyond the rough fingers.

    “It’s Jake. Jake Lockley.” The man gripped onto your hand, as his mint scent circled around you- familiar, but also not. “I take control when the idiotas are- well, being idiotas.”

    “Do they know you’re here?”

    “They know there’s alguien más- but they don’t know about me.” Jake pulled away from your grip. “No te preocupes- I avoid the nest when I accidentally take control. It’s their nest and their pack- not mine.”

    You furrowed your eyebrows. What did he mean?


    “I’m not pack.” Although his voice was firm and low and detached- you could smell the hurt and the need- “They need the pack. I don’t.”

    You shook your head vehemently at his words and instead opted to launch yourself at him, wrapping your arms around him, and pulling his face towards you to scent him.

    “You’re pack, Jake.” You murmured. “We may not have known who you were, but I’m sure our pack noticed you with us.”

    You could hear him take in a shuddering breath as you allowed your scent to envelope him.

    “You’re pack. As much as Steven and Marc are. But you’ll have to introduce yourself formally first.”

    “Mierda,” Jake swore, as he scented you. And you laughed as he grumbled even more.

    ~ ♥~

    Stephen- Stephen loathed his scent. Loathed the fact that his scent reminded him of water. Hated how it reminded him of the pure helplessness he felt when his sister drowned. Loathed how he was bombarded by the memories of finding Donna dead every time he breathed in. Loathed how he felt guilt for every breath he took.

    ‘Not so strong now, are you, Sorcerer Supreme?’

    Blinding pain- all over him- but he knew that he wasn’t bleeding. None of this was real-

    Stephen relied on scent blockers and scent hiders the moment it was legal for him to do so. Before that, he made sure to wear anything with high collars- blocking his scent glands. Scent blockers were easier to get and easier to use when he became a doctor. It was mandatory for anyone of the medical profession to wear one, in fear of the scents affecting a patient’s health.

    ‘The previous Sorcerer Supreme was stronger than this- you are but a weakling, Strange.’

    He didn’t open his eyes- he had to concentrate-

    Stephen was a beta. A member of the most common secondary gender. He wasn’t as dominant as an alpha, nor was he as caring as an omega. He wasn’t like Christine- who deeply cared for her patients who soothed them with her distinct omegan aura.

    He was a beta. Detached from the whole pack dynamic- he had been taught that as a beta, he had the choice to be independent. And his mother and father had been happy for him- proud of his detachment, even. And truth be told, he had been proud of that factor too- back when he was a surgeon. He was not prone to attachment like his omega or alpha co-workers.

    ‘The Ancient One died for this? For you? A pathetic decision she made.’

    Stephen did love Christine. She was bright- she was beautiful- and he had loved her. Maybe he still did? None of that mattered now though. He had not been the best for her- Betas were less affected by bonds too. Maybe him pushing Christine away broke her bond with him. Maybe-

    Stephen choked on his breath as he felt something cold prod at his mind-

    ‘None of that matters though, not when you’ll die here- after we extract all the mystical knowledge from you.’

    The Sanctum- it wasn’t home. Although he lived there, it wasn’t home. All of the other people in the sanctum were betas, like him. They didn’t form bonds like alphas or omegas. Scenting wasn’t common- but people did do it. Masters scented pupils, friends scented friends- but Stephen didn’t. He had co-workers, not friends. And he was still inexperienced to be a master, but experienced enough to not be a pupil.

    ‘See? You should look at yourself, Strange. Pathetic-’

     A loud crashing noise. Pained hissing. Growls and snarls. The pain stopped. Then- the scents hit him. Honey. And the scent of you-

    You, who had scented him first- who had triggered something deep and hidden inside him. You, who had made him crave a pack- a bond- He had pushed all of it down, but the cloak kept tugging him towards you or your pack members.

    Even now, he could feel the cloak flutter on his shoulders. And when he breathed in, he could smell it- he could taste his aquatic scent and he couldn’t help but shudder violently.

    “Hey! Hey- Stephen- open your eyes.” His eyes instinctively fluttered open at your firm voice. “Look at me.”

    He blinked up at you, his mind still catching up to the fact that he was not in pain- He felt himself relax when your hands cupped his face. Something warm- something divine seemed to spill from your fingertips. Was this- Was this the power of Paregoros?

    “Layla!” He flinched at your raised voice, and he assumed you noticed this as you let out small, reassuring clucking noises. “Is it done yet?”

    In the distance, he could hear her say something back, but he couldn’t fully make out what was being said.

    “I’m fine.” He rasped out, before clearing his throat. “I have to get back to the Sanctum-”


    Stephen glared at you as he stood up, pulling away from your hands. He could feel the mystical warmth seep out of him and he nearly stumbled. But ultimately, he steadied himself.

    He simply gave you a curt nod- even as something stirring inside of him made him want to melt into your scent- and to let you take care of him. He took out a sling ring and formed a portal.

    “Thank you for the rescue. I’ll have to do some research in the Sanctum, then I’ll call for you when I find something useful.”

    Stephen didn’t want to admit it but- he was being avoidant- he was trying to get away from this situation as soon as possible. Away from all these conflicting emotions-

    But apparently, his cloak had other ideas. The moment he tried to step through the portal, the cloak was tugging him back- and when he glanced back, he could see that the cloak had wrapped around you firmly-

    Then you looked towards him, your eyes glinting mischievously and a small, teasing smile on your lips.

    “We can talk about what happened back home, yeah?”

    Stephen felt himself nod-

    Hmmm. Home.

    ~ ♥~

    You were very close to murdering Tony Stark with your bare hands. And you knew that Frank was very close too. You could tell that he was because his gunpowder scent soured considerably as he ripped yet another letter from Stark Industries.

    You had gotten a restraining order for Peter but- he was relentless- sending things and letters to your apartment instead.

    You were, frankly disgusted by the unwelcome musky scent of Stark lingering in your living room- hell, even encroaching upon the nest-

    “’m gonna kill him,” Frank snarled out, as his lavender scent flared, in an attempt to completely cover the musk. But he growled when the musk lingered. You reached for him and pressed a loving kiss onto his lips, and let your scent loose.

    He melted into the kiss, sighing softly into your mouth as his hands wrapped around your waist. You let your finger curl into his dark hair. And you hummed, slightly disappointed, when he pulled away.

    “Can’t Red do anything about it?”

    You rubbed your face into the crook of your neck, breathing in his scent.

    “Unfortunately not.”

    “This is why I say the law doesn’t do shit-”

    “You can’t go around killing billionaires, Frank.” Matt’s voice- tired and discontent. “As much as I want to beat up Stark into a pulp, that’s quite literally impossible.”

    You could see the tenseness in his shoulder- a tenseness that almost always disappeared the moment he stepped into your apartment. You could see his head tilt disapprovingly towards to the pile of stuff that quite literally reeked of musk.

    You opened your arms and beckoned verbally for him to come over. And your other lover perked up instantly as he joined your little cuddle pile. Matt tucked himself right in between you and Frank, and both of you could hear his content purring.

    “I’ll take care of it, my pretty, pretty, omegas.” You crooned out, your hand reached to card through Matt’s brown locks. “I’ll take care of it.”

    ~ ♥~

    You hummed the theme to Star Wars- Peter had forced the entire pack, as well as Stephen to watch it last night- as you tapped your foot against the tiled elevator floor.

    Who knew getting into Stark Industries was this easy? Tell the receptionist about Spiderman, and boom, you’re on your way to the uh- ‘Compound’?

    When you stepped out, all eyes were on you. Honestly speaking, you didn’t give a shit about who was who. The mixture of alpha scents made your head hurt, but you were quick to zero in on one particular scent; musk.

    Your name rang from the ceiling in an electronic British accent.

    “Ah, here to revoke the restraining order-”

    Before Stark could finish his sentence, you were on him, your hands gripping the collar of his shirt, lifting him up slightly. From around you, you could hear enraged snarls and growls and the overpowering dominance from who you assumed were his packmates-

    “You dare.” You lowly hissed out, your own furious scent wafting through the room. “You dare to send things to our home? Our nest- completely drenched in your scent?”

    “Hey, hey-”

    “You dare to overstep our boundaries? You dare?” Your grip on him tightened as your teeth ground together. “And did you think that I, as one of the alphas of the pack, wouldn’t come after you?”

    With another snarl, you threw him on the floor. Then, and only then did you hear the sound of guns clicking- and the sound of repulsors charging.

    “Don’t touch him.” A man, military tone. Hands covered by the same repulsors the Iron Man suit had. War Machine. “Don’t lay another hand on him.”

    “Then”- you hissed out, turning your furious gaze to the other man- “he shouldn’t have touched my pack. He shouldn’t have made my pack feel unsafe in their own nest.”

    The sound of the safety being unclipped. You snapped your gaze to the red-haired woman. Black Widow. She had a steady hand, and the gun was pointed at you. But you weren’t scared.

    Why? Well, you had a wizard on your side-

    You felt it before you could see it. Magic. Flickering and swirling besides you. And in that instant, you could see all weapons pointing towards the space next to you.

    A familiar aquatic scent- still artificially covered, but more present than before- surrounded you as Stephen stepped out of the portal.

    He stood by your side, his lips pursed in discontent and his icy blue eyes scanning the room. You had called him before you came in here- and Stephen had impeccable timing-

    “Matt called.” He murmured, taking a step closer to you. “Said ‘now’ and ended the call.”

    “Typical of him,” you muttered back.

    You turned to look at the shocked expression on Stark’s face. And you smiled- the threat on your face clear.

    “If I smell your musk scent near my pack- near my apartment, I will kill you.” You hissed out, uncaring of the weapons surrounding you. Stephen would keep you safe. “And you’d be lucky if I was the one to kill you.”

    With that said, you turned and stepped through the portal. Stephen following you a couple of minutes later.

    You looked at him questioningly- why did he take so long? And at your look, the Sorcerer Supreme shrugged as his cloak lifted from his shoulders to wander off.

    “I erased everyone’s memories except for Stark’s. I took care of the video footage too.”

    You gaped at him as he turned away from you to look through the shelves.

    “Holy shit-”

    Even with his back turned towards you, you could somehow sense that he was smiling at you.

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    25.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    ummmmmm ur tryin to kill us here

    also if u wanted to write a fic like this…I would literally ascend

    If I have to be horny, I'm taking y'all down with me. 18+, Dom!Peter

    "Shhh, baby," A large hand covered your mouth, "Getting too loud. Don't want folks to hear before ya come, right?"

    You nodded your head, the corners of your eyes blurring as Peter's fingers continued to curl into you at an unrelenting pace.

    When you woke up this morning, you didn't expect much to happen. You certainly didn't expect to find yourself getting fingered by your colleague, Peter, in his office.

    It started innocently. There was a birthday card that was being passed around. You saw that no student had come to Peter's office hours, so you walked in. Did you wear that specific sundress in hopes he would notice you? Maybe.

    And sure, you did make a flirty comment, asking if he was just going to continue to stare at your chest or do something.

    It started out as a kiss, which led to Peter pulling you into his lap, which led to fingers going underneath your dress.

    You had lost track of how many times you came. It could have been two. It could have been six. It was hard when Peter's fingers refused to leave your cunt.

    "You gonna be a good girl and come on my fingers again?" Peter whispered in your ear. You nodded your head, his large hand muffling your moans and sobs.

    His thumb began to rub your swollen clit again. Your body tried to shake, but Peter's grip on you prevented it from moving. For a guy who didn't work out regularly, he was pretty strong.

    "That's it, good girl," He whispered softly into your ear. It was the juxtaposition of his soft, gentle voice while his hands were doing unholy work that tipped you off. You felt your pussy tighten around his fingers as the wave of your orgasm hit you.

    "So fucking tight, god, you're gonna feel amazing on my cock," He smirked. Peter's ministrations continued, prolonging your orgasm.

    "P-please-" you managed to get out. What you were for pleading for exactly, you didn't know. You couldn't think straight.

    "Love seeing you like this, you can't even think straight, can you?" Peter chuckled. His fingers curled into the soft spot just so, eliciting another moan out of you.

    Peter's mouth was all over your neck, his beard providing friction against your skin, "Ya look much better on my lap than behind your desk, don't ya think?"

    You nodded your head, your eyes closing as you felt the familiar coil winding up in your stomach. You gripped one of his thighs in anticipation.

    "Just let go, you can do it baby. Feel so good." His praise only undid you. Thankfully, his hand was still over your mouth, as the scream you let out was gutteral. You could feel yourself thrashing in his lap, both of your hands now gripping his thighs as you felt your wetness seeped over his hands and onto your dress.

    Peter removed his hand from your mouth, now using it to stroke your hair. His fingers left your soaked cunt. You felt both relieved and also empty.

    "Listen," His fingers grabbed your chin, forcing you to look up at him, "My next meeting is over at three-thirty. You're gonna come in here at three-forty so I can bend you over that desk and fuck you. Got it?"

    You nodded your head weakly, wondering how you were going to get through the next two hours.

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    Spider-Man - Created by Mark Chilcott

    You can follow the artist on Instagram and Twitter.

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    Peter, negotiating with Natasha: We have Clint. Give us ten thousand dollars and they will be returned to you unharmed.

    Clint: Whoa, whoa, wait, you think I’m only worth ten thousand dollars?



    Peter, massaging his temples: Clint...

    #incorrect peter parker #peter parker#natasha romanoff #incorrect natasha romanoff #spider man #incorrect mama spider #black widow#incorrect avengers#mama spider #incorrect spiderman quotes #marvel incorrect quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect marvel quotes #marvel shitpost#mcu shitpost#incorrect quotes #marvel text post #mcu textpost #incorrect black widow #marvel memes
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