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  • caramel-caracal
    15.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I really enjoy being in the Funky Train Muppets Fandom, I've gotten to meet some new people and make some real good pals!

    I couldn't help but draw something for my beloved hivemind members @noxstrages and @dracallyart -

    Nox has great lil baby Submas designs, he also does some really amazing work alongside the lil babies !

    Dracally has a super cute oc x canon ship, plus their art is also so... *chef's kiss*

    They're both SUPER!! BRAVO!! Check em out !!

    #pokemon#submas#ingo pokemon #ingo subway master #emmet pokemon #emmet subway master #noxstrages#dracally art#kid submas#SandwichShipping #pokemon fan art #my art #I have some other friends I want to hunt for sport (lovingly)
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  • dracallyart
    15.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Sometimes they just like holding hands :> They get pretty affectionate after a while of knowing each other. Haven’t posted an art in a hot minute due to essays and art block but I’m getting this out bc I felt fluffy one day and let my brain go wild with ideas dhfgasdjh Even if this is dialogueless, I still kinda like how it turned out,, hdgfhjksa 

    Kamu and Emmet often encounter each other in the Subway, primarily because Kamu uses it often for easy transport between towns to work and survey. So she often encounters Emmet on her way to her stop and he’d guide her over as well so they’d get a chance to talk before they both continue working for the day!

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  • dracallyart
    05.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    *Runs for the hills*

    Appreciate my new comfort n happiness right now bc they’re just soft, I love them v much, these two dorks have so much history over the years you have nO idea. Only my friend does fdkhjgdkjf

    #submas#pokemon emmet#emmet #subway boss emmet #SandwichShipping#EmeKamu#shaky fear #i know i posted them before but- dunno feels different when i know people i know might see this its like #AAAA #Anyway yeah uh enjoy <3 #bottom picture is a ref from kibbitzer btw i already drew them with this pose before n thought itd be nice to redraw it again :> #my art#ocxcanon
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  • reigenquest
    28.01.2020 - 2 years ago

    Tries to surprise the other more with Reigen and Tavros?

    Haha anon tossing me FUEL!!! I’ll tell u WHAT im gonna do the WHOLE THING for BOTH OF THEM

    jarataka: who...

    falls asleep on the couch: reigen ofc. Dude doesn’t get enough rest as it is, he finds a soft surface and just... flop!

    makes friends with the neighbors: me! Reigen’s not shy but he’s... how do i put it? A personality. Much easier to bring over some cookies instead of having the fucking nutty spirit dude make a salt circle around your house

    is the adventurous eater: reigen but this ends poorly all the time (see: every single time he tries to eat hot food)

    hogs the covers at night: neither, really. I’m large and full of body heat so all he really has to do is snuggle up (which is enjoyable)

    forgets to do the dishes: me. I have ADD and forget Many Things all the Time

    tries to surprise their partner more often: reigen, actually! He’s a sweet guy... a real charmer when he gets down to it

    leaves dirty laundry on the floor: reigen. Remember when i said he doesn’t get enough rest and just flops down? He just does that with his clothes too

    stays up til 2 AM reading: reigen. I get tired at a certain point but he can just stay up for HOURS... maybe that’s why he looks so tired all the time

    sings in the shower: me, and reigen doesn’t think i know he’s listening but i do. He’s loud.

    takes the selfies: reigen. My hands are too shaky to hold the phone at a distance

    plans date night: reigen also... he’s... a bit more nuanced than me. That doesn’t mean i can’t plan a good date too!!!

    sandwichshipping: who...

    falls asleep on the couch: me, compared to tavros who would probably just fall asleep in his chair

    makes friends with the neighbors: both of us! We bake together so all our treats are well appreciated

    is the adventurous eater: me. Ever tried troll food? Spoiler alert: it’s not for the faint of heart

    hogs the covers at night: Me more than him but see: i’m large and warm

    forgets to do the dishes: me. See above

    tries to surprise their partner more often: me! I like to surprise him, he looks so cute when he’s embarrassed

    leaves dirty laundry on the floor: tavros. He can’t aim for shit unfortunately. That’s okay though he doesn’t mean to

    stays up til 2 AM reading: neither. We’re both So Tired

    sings in the shower: me, still, but we take showers together so he likes to hum along sometimes

    takes the selfies: tavros. He’s got strong arms and can actually take the pics

    plans date night: me! We’re going to all sorts of concert venues. ONLY if the seating is good though. I won’t settle for subpar.

    #askygames #i should tag the ships right? right! #jarataka#sandwichshipping #thanks so much for asking btw <3 sometimes im scared i get annoying w the ask games #but then i remember you guys want to know as much about my relationships as i do to yours #Anonymous
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