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  • bakubae
    25.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    I want to drop out of school im too lazy to do my school activities😭

    Can I be SfL anon? do u accept anons??

    school is important. stay in school. do the bare minimum. pass so you can land a stable job. otherwise you can just go into porn.

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  • ratabrasileira
    17.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Hi Teté, how are you? Have you seen, read or heard something these days that made you create some things in your head? I just had this moment.

    I was looking at the pinteret and saw this pin that reminds me a lot of Gwynriel.

    I mean, I easily painted them in my head in a way that I don't know if it will be the same way you will see this picture. But really imagine Azriel in this picture, like the wings, him flying and going towards Gwyn. I can easily see that, very beautiful.

    Sharing with you because you have an artistic soul like mine, I'm just not talented like you, so I think you'll understand what I'm talking about, at least I hope so 😅😅

    Photo I mentioned: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/945615252980356862/

    + extra photo of what happens after the first photo: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/47639708548792037/


    shit, nonnie, i don't like gwynriel but you and some other evil influences >:( are making me soft for them!!


    nonnie dear, make your artistic soul bloom. i'm sure that with study and training (and a lot of patiance too) you can draw whatever you want (and it's a very good feeling hehe)

    #i'll let this saved... i case i'm motivated to draw them xD #thank you nonnie!! #ask#anon#gwynriel#sfl#inspo
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  • ratabrasileira
    29.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    i don’t know if this was the post you were searching but this is a pre acomaf theory i found 🌝


    It's not this post, but it's quite interesting and way better to make the parallel.

    I was talking about this one, that is more the OP defending Rhys. Tbh I didn't find any mention about mating bond in my fast lazy reading lol idk where did I take that.

    Those old post are so cool to read, tho xD

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  • ratabrasileira
    05.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    What would it be like if Mor and Fenrys met?

    Something, probably 😅

    Oooh are you asking this for the crackship ask game? Unfortunately I haven't read ToG yet (I'll, I just need to read others books first. I mean... ToG has 8? books. I'll need time and probably will get addicted and I can't be addicted to a story with 8 books in the moment. So yeah others book first)

    But, looking here for his personality I would say that Mor would love to punch Fenrys in the face then in his cock, and if she thinks him to be hot enough something would happen after years of Fenrys pining over Mor.

    I'll come back to this answer after finishing ToG.

    #ask#anon#morrigan#fenrys#tog #how do i pronounce fenrys omg #sfl
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  • spyroforlife
    14.03.2021 - 1 year ago


    idk if I’ll be able to tell you something for EVERY single one of those but I like the enthusiasm so I’ll give you a few :D

    I really enjoy playing Minesweeper

    Once upon a time I played the violin but haven’t picked it up in years (plus it’s missing a string rn)

    I know an unnecessary amount of information about biological and chemical warfare, radiation, and nuclear weaponry and tbh I find it all fascinating (don’t be alarmed, it’s because of the occupational health/emergency responder job I had while in the Air Force lmao)

    Coca-Cola tastes best at room temperature and I will NOT budge on this point

    When a cat slow blinks at you it means they totally trust you and it’s basically a kiss

    The appropriate rhythm for performing CPR is two chest compressions a second aka 120 BPM, meaning you can do it to the rhythm of “Staying Alive” (and also “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” but that’s not a very appropriate choice). oh and properly done CPR will absolutely break a person’s sternum at the least but hey it’s better than dying

    Platypi, who are one of the few mammals who lay eggs, are also the ONLY mammals who are venomous, with the males possessing venomous spurs on their ankles. Also, the females sweat milk from their skin rather than having dedicated mammary glands for it like most other mammals

    And finally

    When I was six I managed to cleverly pull over a metal wheelbarrow full of water onto myself and broke my foot, and I was more upset over my clothes getting drenched in water than the fact that my foot was broken. My parents were the ones who noticed my foot kept tilting oddly whenever I stepped on it and took me for an x-ray, where they found out one of the metatarsals was broken. I had to wear a hard cast for weeks and then, rather than return to the doctor when it was time to remove it, my dad simply took me into his garage and sliced it off with a power saw. Because America

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  • spacegaywritings
    08.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Little Tales (A age regression series) - 6 “No Words, Full Care”


    Summary: Janus has had a more than long day. When he returns from a particularly stressful event, the side finds himself somewhat nonverbal, then fully regressed. Janus feels lonely and helpless until a certain someone comes around to help the little

    Tags: Janus, Remus, age regression, little, caregiver, coping mechanism, this is NOT kinky/sexual etc, nonverbal, support, cuddles, snuggles, hugs, baby speak, little speak, drool, tears, crying, comfort, hurt/comfort, lost pacifier (comfort item), stimmy baby, drinking, feeding, food, Remus can be a decent person, slightly gross bc burping contest, cooking, shenanigans, flying things, “twinkle twinkle little stars”.

    My KoFi  - Support me ♥ or Commission me

    Note: If  you miss any tags, have issues with links or any other concerns, please  feel free to contact me. Anon is on and my DMs are open.♥

    “SFL” = tag to show which stories are generally fine to read. They are meant to navigate my fiance in finding non-triggering fiction. You can use them, too!

    Links broken? Inform me, please!

    Story under the cut (Word count: 4,7k)

     Another video recording session had ended. Every side slowly returned to their chosen spaces of comfort. Some were emotionally charged while others were drained of any and all feelings for the day. Thomas himself sighed heavily, his usually rather happy attitude broken down by the most recent conflict in himself.

    Seeing his own representations of feelings and motivations be so upset and angry with one another weighed him down sometimes. Janus wanted to reach out for him and take care of him but Patton was already by Thomas’ side until the other rejected him and asked him for space.

     The scene gave him a foul feeling in his stomach but he pushed it aside and simply teleported himself away. One snap of his fingers gave a sound and a powerful motion, since he had then successfully escaped the pressing intensity of the light sides’ feelings.

    There was Roman’s rejection, Virgil’s detest and Patton’s own misery among Logan and his deep-seated, repressed anger. This was only the surface of it all. There was so much more such as secondary emotions, mixes of feelings and frustrations as well as complete and utter messes.

     Janus sighed softly.

    It came out much heavier than expected and a part of him wanted to squat down in the middle of the hallway and simply put his face into his hands, holding himself for comfort until everything was better again.

     The issue was the following: he could do none of it.

    For starters: anyone could see or find him in the middle of the hallway. If one of the light sides or even Thomas was to come in here, nothing and nobody could stop him.

    Further: anyone of the others could cross him and see him.

    Why those things were an issue? Because he had a reputation to uphold. Sadly, as a side, everything you did and said and thought and felt was also connected to Thomas. Moreover, the other sides would react to it and affect Thomas as well.

    Thus, it was better to not be seen when becoming too emotional. He was not Patton, not one to repress his own existence and feelings in order to fit into a neat box. But for all that’s worth, Janus knew himself to have a certain role in the thomasphere and he knew that any sign of weakness was toxic to Thomas - at least public ones.

     He started striving forward. His mind was focused on nothing but progress. The thoughts on that recent meeting were quickly dismissed as he forcibly concentrated on nothing but a good and proper appearance. If it was not for Thomas’ well-being, he would not care either way. He was not the type of person to usually care for any thing other than Thomas. It was his role, his functioning, it was all that has ever made sense to him and gave him even an ounce of satisfaction.

    Carefully calculated steps echoed through the abandoned hallways. He passed by abandoned rooms, former retreats and playrooms for sides that ceased to exist or developed into another function, perhaps growing or regressing.

     Janus’ body felt heavy and sad.

    There was no better way to describe it than that. A certain heaviness had taken over his existence, making everything wanted to do or think or feel so much harder. There was a pressing emptiness on top of him, sucking away every motivation, every energy and pushing down any feeling.

    It got increasingly harder to hold onto any feelings or any thought.

    Slowly but surely, he closed the door behind him. When seeing it, he barely felt even a moment of relief. There was some sort of little spark but it was gone before he could realise it. His perception felt slowed down and somewhat disconnected.

    Janus blinked at his own existence and slowly undid his clothing. His heavy cloak fell off him but the feeling did not. His physique barely felt any change at all. There was only less restrictions pushed onto him by mere fabrics. His shoes came off and he stored them away into their respective places. Coat hanger, shoe shelf and so on.

     In nothing but a shirt and regular pants, he ventured deeper into his home. He passed his record player and carefully started it. His gloved hands were trying to be as gentle and careful as possible but they were somewhat shaking. He felt control over himself slowly slipping away.

    Janus stepped away as the first notes started playing. Just another jazz song. Instrumental, soft, atmospheric.

    A hint of comfort nestled in his chest. His face commented the whole situation with a nostalgic smile.

     “Thank you.”

     He mumbled to the lifeless record player. Nonetheless, he thought it to be important and more proper by showing gratitude. Thus, he did his best to do exactly that.

    His blank expression turned to his kitchen. He moved over to the fridge and started making himself some water with only a hint of juice. He could not spoil himself too much but he knew he needed a bit of taste without it becoming too unhealthy. Juice had a lot of sugar.

    He needed to make his own juice again, coming right from the imagination. People thought only a side of creativity would have an access to it but they were wrong. The imagination was accessible for all of them if they only tried hard enough. Still, there were limitations for what they could and could not do.

    After all, everyone could imagine things but could everyone simply create everything? Certainly not. Even Remus and Roman came with their own limits.

     Janus filled his drink into a little sippy cup. It was a cute one, small and comfortable. He found it easy to find and hold, even when he was not fully himself as he was known to others.

    The cup was a warm sunflower yellow. Little bees seemed to fly over it. The colour was vibrant on purpose, so it was easier for him to detect and retrieve in moments of confusion or.. simple-mindedness, so to speak.

     The side pressed his lips together. One of the jazz tunes really got to him. It made his lethargic legs want to dance and his arms feel like swinging.

    He wanted to open his mouth and hum, maybe even sing but he could not make even a single sound. It seemed as though the world had silenced him... or maybe it was his feelings, his own sense of self realising his limits and mistakes.

    His body moved on autopilot, although it was slower and heavier than usual. It felt as if extra weights burdened him further than life already did.

     Eventually, he reached his room.

    He lost his gloves to his bed, as well as the rest of his clothes. His body shielded itself by suggesting to itself with the most comfortable and soft clothes he could find. A mess of warm, comforting colours and signs engulfed him in the form of a onesie.

    His heavy feeling was lifted just a bit but his lips still refused to move. He cuddled up and hugged his sippy cup.

     He.. he needed..

    Need’d paci..

     His body gradually decreased in size, his hands and fingers included. Every part of his physical appearance was slowly fading into a much smaller him until he was finally nothing but a little kid, a baby, so to speak. His small fingers tried to reach for the drawer but he was trapped under his own heavy blanket. His short arms restricted him to not be able to get to his drawer despite his paci being in there..

    Slowly, he could feel distress and panic seize him. Heat pricked at his eyes and his face felt ouch and ew.. His mouth went from a soft pout, a little bit of sass and stubbornness to a whole portion of a distorted sense of looking so utterly lost and shattered. His lips parted to let out a helpless cry and the first tears trickled down his cheeks.

    Hot, messy liquid escaped his eyes and spilled over his face, wetting it and ruining his comfort. The pillow underneath his head was slowly soaking up the salty tears running down his face. His breath hitched and he turned his face to bury itself in the pillow.

     He did not know whether it was about self-comfort or actually solving his paci when looking back up again but after some time, his head was hurty.. and his eyes were hot n ow too but his paci was not there either.

    A certain change in atmosphere had him look up and check the surroundings. There had been a sound.. his paci? A hope scratched his shattered heart, threatening to mend it. Jan picked up his pillow as he sat up. He held it close, gently squishing it for comfort.

    Whether it was his own or the pillow’s comfort, nobody knew. All Jan knew was that a warmth greeted his hurting head and he felt.. somewhat comforted.

     “There there, baby. What made you so sad? The world is not so bad, right?”

     A large hand carefully ruffled his hair before sliding down to his back, carefully warming him. Jan was confused but the physical contact was soothing, it was comforting. It made him realise that there where people, there was comfort out there.

    If someone was there to pat his head, then someone would be there to have his paci, right? He could not remember where he had it..

     Jan looked up, his mouth back to a lost pout. Big, tear-filled eyes stared up at the huge figure before him. He hugged his pillow tighter, trying to bury his head into it again but at the same time, he wanted to look at the person..

    Adult.. re..re.. Remus..

    His mouth opened softly. There was wetness but who was to tell apart saliva and tears at this point? The gaunt man shrugged and let his butt plop down onto the spacious bed. The mattress jumped up from the impact of his butt meeting it. After that, it sunk in where he was sitting. Jan chuckled when the mattress made him jump a bit. He giggled and hugged his pillow, small hanfs squishing it in delight.


     Remus chuckled back at him, eyes closing for a moment. He relished in the delight for a little longer. When he opened his eyes again, muddy orbs pointed at Jan.

     “See, little one, you cried a lot. What happened? Anyone mean to you today?”

     Jan pouted.

    The feelings of bad seemed to catch him again and he wanted to spit out the ew but could not, knew not how to do it. There was bad inside of him and he had no clue about how to get it out. The jump had made him giggle and feel happy bubbles inside of him but all the warm sunshine was gone now. At least he was not alone anymore.

    His body unconsciously leaned into the vicinity of the stranger, shifting a bit closer. It was just enough for Remus to notice and softly comment on with nothing but a soft smile.

     “Pepls... dumy.”

     Jan papped his pillow as if to emphasise his point. His lips were small and his eyes were so big but determined in return. If he had been an adult, he would have expressed even stronger emotions but even now Remus could feel just how much he was upset about those things.

     “Yeah, I know. Dumbasses.”

     He shrugged but Jan giggled at the comment. As Remus rolled his eyes, Jan rolled his tongue in a vibrating giggle. It sounded as if he was trying to make a sort of ringing sound with his mouth. The dark side of creativity felt a tender smile take over his face.

    It felt warm and right.

    Carefully, he reached out for the kid.

     “Do you want a hug?”

     Jan perked up and nodded. His head was still ow. The whole crying had made his head hurt a lot and now he felt weird and.. funny in his head? It was ow but also really funky to him because his vision was weird and when he tried to crawl over to the Remus, he fell over onto his pillow.

    His body plopped down to the side and he dragged his pillow with him while Remus softly chuckled at him.

     “You good there, buddy?”

     Jan pouted in reply, his face turning a soft shade of pink. It was a tentative and tender colour, especially in contrast to his slightly yellow-ish face. There was no denying his pale skin colour but it was not pink in nature, more of a warm sand-like colour, if any. One side of his face was full of scales of a warm green. It was a bit like lime green but some hues were darker while others were just a tad lighter.

    They shifted when Jan smiled at him. There was no scar ripping through the scales on his face as when he was in his more adult form. He carefully crawled over, taking his sweet time. After all, your local snake of stubbornness was padding forward on all his fours, one of his hands trailing the pillow behind him. His fingers had an iron grip on it and refused to let it go at any cost.

     Once he arrived, the reward was instant. He was pulled onto Remus’ leg with a cute “wooop” sound coming from the adult. Jan chuckled at this and hid his face in the pillow again. It was still wet but it was nice and warm, too.. it was his friend, now. It would come and go with him.

     Experimentally, he bit into the corner of his pillow and sucked at it...

    Mmmm, not as good as his paci but.. something..

     Meanwhile, Remus propped him up on one of his knees and leaned down to give him that hug he promised Janus. The small side carefully reached out with one hand. He wanted to- wait, no, no. Remus pulled back but Jan was not done yet. He stubbornly pulled at his collar and pulled him down again. The unexpected action and amount of strength had him comply with a smirk.

     “You got plans with my face, buddy? Here you go, have fun.”

     Jan smiled but it was absent-minded. His eyes told the real story. They were focused on what was right in front of him. So, one hand around the loyal pillow, another freed from the responsibility to keep it in place. The little was prepared to go all out and reach out again. His short arm was fully stretched as he lowered it, fingers fully spread apart as if to give someone a high-five if he even knew what that was.



    Jan chuckled and pulled back fast. He was so quick and strong, he made his own little body collapse against Remus’ vibrating torso. The other side was snickering at the endearing shenanigans.

     “Ah, this is what you had in mind. I get it. Devil little plan, you small one! I underestimated you!”

     Jan giggled more.

    The whole situation was utterly funny to him. He was still leaning against the warmth of Remus’ stomach and .. couldn’t help but curl up to it. He hugged his big big pillow close. It was bigger than him and he hugged it with all his limbs, face almost fully hidden behind it.

     “Aw.. are you a sleepy little one?”

     Remus softly poked his nose with his largy pointy. Janus giggled and grabbed the finger quickly. Man, that snake had some reflexes. He chuckled and softly bit into Remus’ finger. He graced the black painted tip while Remus watched him with a mix of wonder and amusement on his face. There was a light smile on his lips, prompting him to go on.

    The little looked at him but let go and instead reached for Remus’ green-painted thumb and put it into his mouth. A strong sucking sensation pulled at his flesh and Remus’ eyes widened at once.

     “Wow, kid!”

     He laughed out. The sucking stopped. The thump popped out of his mouth partly. Jan’s eyes stared up at Remus, innocent blinking defending his harmless actions. Remus shook his head, still grinning like a madman.

     “You are sucking like ya hungry. How about some food?”

     The kiddo nodded.

     Where had his.. sippy cup gone.. he could not remember anymore. Had he taken it with him or not? He looked up at Remus and pushed his thumb away.


     Remus blinked at him. His face was unreadable, especially to the inexperienced little.

     “.. do you mean a sippy cup? I can give you a sippy cup~”

     He summoned a little cup and lo and behold, it was the little one with bees on it and juice inside. It must have been the closest one around him to appear. Was there a difference between creating and summoning?

    Jan did not know nor did he care in this state. All he cared about was his sippy cup. His chest was bubbly and tickling on the inside and it made him clap his hands together for happy sounds because he felt happy and wanted the outside to feel happy too. The soft sounds of jazz were still engulfing him, albeit barely so. The sound was more dampened in his room.

     Remus carefully handed the sippy cup to Jan. His hands were already stretched out. Once the sippy cup lowered itself to his reach, his fingers stretched, then curled again as if he wanted to grab it and the second he would, he would hold it in his iron grip and never let it go.

    The little giggled when he got the bottle and he quickly started sucking on it. His thirst was great, especially after crying so much. His head felt soothed and he was less heated, less in ow after he swallowed the first sips of juice.

    Oh, those were not actually sips.

    Remus watched in respectful horror as the small being sucked the whole bottle of watery juice away within mere moments before removing it just enough from his lips to let out the statement of a burp.


     Remus shrugged.

     “Impressive but did you consider:”

     Remus let out his loudest of burps, shaking the walls. Jan giggled to himself and hid his face in his pillow again. The elder one smiled at him, carefully taking his sippy cup but Jan held onto it like a fucking champion.

     “Hey hey, I wanna refill it. How about some food? I will make some food for you.”

     The kid looked at him, suspicious eyes narrowing at him. Remus smiled sheepishly. There was a fly on his nose, now. Then it flew away, leaving Remus still smiling. His messy brown hair looked blurry to Jan because.. it was so far away. His eyes looked simply like black holes to him and he was too close to his clothing to see it but it was hard, so he thought it was armour and maybe Remus was a knight like from a story.

     “Knight? Knight.. feed.”

     He papped his rib cage repeatedly, making it rumble with laughter. It only encouraged him to drum more and even harder against Remus’ bones.

     “Ah, ah.. carrot???”

     Remus blinked at him, chest still vibrating in laughter but he managed to talk through it while the kid continued to stubbornly pap his chest, yet much lighter by now. His movements slowed and he retreated his hand for a biiig yawn which he waved away. The sound of his palm covering and uncovering his yawn was funny enough for him to suddenly just screech out more sounds he could make with his mouth while also covering and uncovering his lips with his hand.

    The weird sounds coming from the baby made him giggle greatly. His chuckles sounded like ringing again and then he stopped, barely breathing from how much he laughed. He inhaled and grinned up at Remus. Delight was sparking in his eyes.

     “You want carrots? I can make you carrots but mashed, so you can eat them, how about that lil snakey snake?”

     The kiddo clapped his hands together and cheered.


     Remus snickered in return.

     “So be it, little monster!”

     He swung himself and the baby into the air, eliciting giggles from the other. For a moment, Jan was in the air, free falling but it was barely for the fraction of a second before Remus’ arms caught him again and pulled him against his chest, safe and sound.


     Jan giggled, bringing his palms together once more.

     “There we go!! Up to the kitchen we walk!”

     Remus rushed over to the kitchen, making so to collect a lot of momentum as he sped up and once inside the kitchen, threw small Jan into the air like a hot pancake. He caught him again, hugging him close to his chest. He held him to his shoulder, so the small bean could watch what was going on by looking over his shoulder.

    The baby took the hint and started taking the smallest of peeks over from his position. He started opening and closing his mouth like a fish under water. Well, or any fish, really. Whether they were up or down and in or without water, they would just open and close their mouths like the little confused water idiots they were.

     “We gonna go make some food for you~”

     He giggled and danced by hopping around and rotating. Slowly, things around him started lifting themselves into the air, floating and sweeping around.

    It was Remus’ doing, for sure. The dark side of creativity loved to do the weirdest of things. He danced around the kitchen, several kitchen appliances moving along with him and the little baby bean in his arms. The regressed snake man hissed in delight, split tongue peeking out. He was giggling between his hisses whenever Remus threw him up again, juggling him along with a bunch of random things. Jan was wiggling and blabbering between a sippy cup, some bananas and a little bottle of honey. At the same time, there were whisks and spoons and many other things dancing around, wiggling and jiggling in harmony with the last song on the record Janus had put on before regressing.

     Remus caught the little baby one more time, letting everything but him drop for one final note.


    The song was over.

    Everything broke down to the floor, giving their musical performance a heated clattering and booming of applause. To nobody’s surprise at all, little Jan was bringing his hands together again and again. The little baby was applauding on his own. Remus chuckled and brought his nose down against Jan’s.

     “There you go, little baby!”

     He used his influence to shut the recorder, get everything back into place as it was. He smiled and held the baby up just in time for the sippy cup to sweep by. Remus grinned at him, nodding to prompt him and Jan took the hint. His little pap-pap hand extended to get catch the little bottle. He hugged it close to his chest.

    His pillow was still there. It settled on the kitchen counter while Jan settled back in Remus’ big arms.


     The little baby was ringing in laughter again. Remus gave his head a little smooch and hugged him back to his chest, so he had one free hand and a baby looking around like a good bean. Satisfied curiosity would not be so impatient after all, right? A baby needed to be entertained at all times! Except sleeping, maybe.

     Remus chuckled to himself and patted the bean’s little head.

    He started cooking up some carrot stuff. Mash. Mashed carrots. Carrots mashed. That stuff. Once done, he settled with Jan on his lap. His hand balanced half a little baby boy and a bowl of food with a little bamboo spoon in it.

    The baby eyed the food softly as the adult settled in a mess of blankets and soft couch cushions. It was velvet, silky and welcoming. There was a welcoming warmth to him and he purred out.

     Jan giggled.

    His hand papped Remus’ thigh wildly.

     “Yes, yes, baby. How about some carrots? Like yourself some carrots little stinky Twinkie?”

     The regressed side nodded, obediently opening his mouth up. Remus scooped up a small bit of mashed carrots and softly blew it cold. A tiny little storm broke from his mouth. Swirls of the winds spun around, approaching the bowl one my one.

    Jan watched with baited breath and enticed eyes. His glossy eyes seemed to lighten up, turning a paler and blue shade every so often. The change was so minuscule, it barely occurred to Remus.

     The miniature storm settled the heat waves of evaporated water, the tiny rains of steam rising from the food. Gone was the heat and there was a well-tempered meal for the little sweetheart.

     “Here comes your mouse, little snakey snek~”

     Jan giggled but kept his mouth open as much as he could. His chest was ringing, so Remus put a hand on his small belly. The baby seemed to shrink in his arms. Carefully, he rubbed his torso to calm him down.

     “Open your mouth honey~”

     The spoon swept into his mouth. The little baby made a humming noise and absorbed as much food as possible. Remus giggled.

     “Good, little baby. Good. How ya like this, Jan? You enjoy your food?”

     He did not answer. His head seemed bigger and thicker, somehow. At the same time, it was smaller but in proportion to the rest of his body, it seemed as though.. Jan’s head was the biggest part of his whole existence. At least in the shape and form of his current state.

    Jan opened his alien mouth for more food. His scales over his face seemed to cover almost all of it. His hands had scales, too. They were prominent and green with just a bit more yellow to the shade. It was a warm colour.

     Remus arched an eyebrow at it and let his powers continue to feed the little love. Jan took it gladly while the elder side took both arms to stabilise him. He leaned back a bit, so the other’s head was stabilised by the crook of his elbow.

    Eventually, they were done eating and Remus cleaned up the little baby.

     “There, there. Did you have a little happy fun with me, love?”

     He smiles ever so softly. Remus blinked sympathetically. Of course the baby blinked back at him,

     “So, how do we do that? You ate and are gonna live the life, now? You are gonna sleep a bit?”

     Jan looked between Remus and something else that was not even there. The baby had been fed and he seemed to regress more and more. Considering Remus did not .. really know shit about kids, he simply assumed that babies cried and ate and slept a lot. Crying was done, feeding was done.

     “It is naaaap timeeee~”

     He sang softly.

    Jan blinked at him again, more tiredly.


    Oh, what an idea was just popping through his mind there?

     One of his hands waved and the dark around them turned much darker. Soft sounds came from the corner of the room. It reminded him of a music box while it was actually the messy yet beautiful tunes of wind chimes accompanying Remus’ rocking motions.

    Jan was safely cradled in his arms.

     “Twinkle, twinkle, little star~”

     The elder side opened his mouth to start singing. Slowly, little lights appeared. There were more and more with every word he pronounced.

     “How I wonder what you are.”

     He tapped Janus on the nose and gave him a loving smile.

     “Up above the world so high~”

     His body kept rocking. The little baby yawned ever so softly. A little sigh came from Janus.

     “Like a diamond in the sky.”

     His lips stretched into a charming smile.

     “Twinkle, twinkle, little star~”

     The lights dimmed again. Myriads of them were peeking out to say “goodnight” to the little baby. His eyes slowly fluttered shit. They rolled open again and again but eventually gravity and the mere exhaustion of his body pulled them down enough for them to remain closed.

     Remus smirked in triumph.

     “How I wonder what you are.”

     The wind chimes concluded.

    Jan was asleep.

     Holy shit, was that snake heavy when back to his old body. Damn!

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    Emile’s Bold Move


    Summary: Remy and Emile continue to help Virgil out with Casper and spend time outside of babysitting hours. After a while, they call it a date and Virgil hesitantly agrees.

    Tags: holding hands, cinema, food, eating, snacks, smuggling food lol, blushing, soft shit, ot3, polyamorous, friends to lovers, babysitting, documentary, butterfly mention

    Links: ao3 // masterlist // other works with these characters

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    Note: If you miss any tags, have issues with links or any other concerns, please feel free to contact me. Anon is on and my DMs are open.♥ “SFL” = tag to show which stories are generally fine to read. They are meant to navigate my fiance in finding non-triggering fiction. You can use them, too!

    Links broken? Inform me, please!

      Story under the cut: (Word count: 1,2k)

    Virgil shifted from one foot to the other.

     Cars on the streets were passing by, making the air smell of asphyxiation and acidic powder. Their driving filled Virgil’s head with noise and he sighed softly as he held onto Casper’s legs. The kid was perched up on his shoulders and hummed happily, gently teetering while Virgil tapped one foot, then shifted onto it and started tapping with the other.

    He sighed once more and turned into the other direction of the street, his eyes wearily checking the surroundings before, once again, turning back and looking up the street.


     The youth looked up at Casper, his grip on his legs slightly tightening.

    His heart was beating up to his chest even more so than just a few seconds ago.

     “Yes, Cas?”

     The kiddo leaned down, arching his back over Virgil’s head and gently put his hands over his eyes.

     “Guess who?”

     Virgil giggled, his chest easing up a bit.

    The world seemed to choke him a tad less now.

     “It’s me, ya BITCH!”

     His wrists were grabbed on each side and Casper retreated on his shoulder. The punk screeched in reply, flinching away and taking a step back as he processed the sudden amount of touch out of nowhere.

     Remy carefully tugged him back to him and Emile and Virgil slowly accommodated to reality once more.

     His heart was nearly out of his ribcage, drumming mercilessly against his chest.

     “Holy f-...fricking sh-daMN, Remy!”

     He hissed at the wannabe biker and approached the cinema as he backed away.

     “Sorry, Virgil”, Emile offered apologetically as he gently let go off him and took Remy’s hand instead, “sometimes I forget how anxious you get.”

     Casper was hugging Virgil’s head and whined.

     “Are you mad?”

     The emo looked up at him, sighing once more. He breathed out the tension in his shoulders and smiled a bit.

     “No, just shook. Em, take Cas for me, a bit?”

     His legs were still weak from the scare. Actually, his whole body felt as if it was made of jell-o by now instead of real flesh and bones and blood. Emile nodded and gently took Casper off his shoulders and nudged Remy.

     “Sorry, honey!”

     Virgil shrugged and shook his head.

     “Jus’ gotta stop being so anxious, I guess.”

     He carefully wobbled over to hug Remy and then Emile who was holding Casper. The child was more than happy to embrace Virgil again. His giggles rung in Virgil’s ears a bit but it was okay because Casper was happy and Virgil was slowly calming down again.

     Emile gave him a warm smile.

     “Let’s get in? Remy, you pay. You were mean.”

     Remy pouted.

     “You scared him with me!”

     Still, he scuffled his feet over to the ticket booth.

     “Wait”, Virgil interjected, digging into his pockets, “I pretended to be a rich bitch and got us tickets.”

     He pulled them out and showed them to the three others. Casper already knew but nodded at the information still.

     “Can we see the butterfly film now?”

     Emile chuckled.

     “Yes, please, I would like to learn more about butterflies.”

     The trio had been more than lucky to realise there was an actual butterfly “documentary” on the local cinema. Yes, some cinemas did play documentaries and films that were not purely about blockbusters, Hollywood delights and similar productions.

    Mister Galiu had pointed it out to Casper who had promptly asked Virgil to see it with him, considering they were both enraptured with these creatures.

     Virgil liked their symbolism and Casper liked the funky facts about them and the happy colours!

    Remy and Emile just joined to be with Virgil and Casper. Mostly Virgil, though, for several reasons.

     “Me too, darlings. Let’s go seize these snacks.”

     They got in, got some snacks that now Remy and Emile shared the costs on. Casper got his funny skittles and they all shared a small bucket of popcorn together.

    Every kind of sweet snack was covered and they had more than enough to share when they got two drinks. One big soda for the three adults and one little bottle of juice for Casper.

     Once inside, they cuddled up, Casper next to Virgil who was sandwiched with Remy between Emile and Casper. The kid was closest to the exit.

    Everyone knew kids might need to pee during a film, so they provided for reasonable solutions and accommodated him by putting him in this space and going to the bathroom with him while Remy had bought snacks.

     “When will it start?”

     Casper gently snuggled up to Virgil who gently cuddled him.

     “In a bit, don’t you worry.”

     The advertisements started playing to which Virgil only rolled his eyes and scoffed, Casper perked up.

     “You’re very punk, Virgil!”

     The addressed youth squeaked and sunk into his seat, a bright blush on his cheeks.

     “I am punk and I am right”, he mumbled and carefully reached into his backpack, “yo, I got snacks for us all-”

     Emile’s face turned to him at once, staring into his soul like an owl.

     “Eat the rich”, Emile responded and Remy rolled his eyes with a smile before repeating it.

     “Eat the rich.”

     Virgil nodded and continued the chain, “eat the rich”.

     “Eat Richard?”

     Casper slowly shifted closer to Virgil, nearly sitting on his lap by now until he pulled him on his thighs. The kid stretched up as if to make himself taller.

     “It is called ‘Eat the rich’, Cas. Can you see better, now?”

     The kid cuddled up to him and nodded happily while Remy and Emile took turns on the backpack before returning it to Virgil who slowly fished a pack of skittles out and gave it to Casper.

     “Here ya go, don’t tell your dad. It is just a small one.”

     Remy has some licorice and Emile helped himself to some chocolate drops while Virgil himself pulled out some chocolate nuts. They were great and looked a bit like skittles, so he gingerly shared them with Casper.

    Emile shuffled over to sit in Casper’s seat. The cinema was nearly empty, so nobody would really mind, he thought.

     The advertisement was finally over and the film started.

     Emile nudged Remy who looked at him while Virgil and Casper stared at the pretty butterflies on screen. The smitten duo grinned at one another, hands intertwining behind Virgil’s neck. Remy gently shifted a bit to put his arm around Virgil’s shoulders, this time touching his neck on purpose.


     Virgil looked at him, confusion all over his face.

     Remy smirked and gently brushed over his face. The emo blushed but smiled as much as he could despite his flustered state.

    On the other side of his seat, Emile’s hand reached out for his and gently squeezed it. Virgil sucked in a breath, the red tint taking over his face as he slowly entangled his fingers with Emile’s warm hands.

     His heart was beating against Casper’s unassuming back, this time for any reason that was neither fear nor shock.

     “It’s a date”, Emile whispered, leaning in and giving Virgil’s temple a kiss with his soft words. He nodded softly.

    Remy gently shifted closer and was surprised to find the warm Virgil had previously wrapped around Casper for extra stability to slowly move onto his knee.

     He smiled.

     It was a date.

     Remy leaned back, licorice rope hanging from his lips as he focused his attention on watching a film with his dates and their precious little Casper.

     Who knew butterflies could be that romantic?

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    26.11.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Little Tales (A age regression series) - 5 “Midnight Giggles”

    Summary: Logan and Virgil are regressed and want to see the stars anyway - even though it is late and cold outside. Logan has good ideas and can be really smart, so he knows how to help the issue!

    Tags: agere, age regression, regression, agere sides, little sides, little virgil, little logan, stargazing, brushing teef, holding hands, they are the cutest beans in existence, ducks and ducklings, little speak (a bit), excited beans, Virgil has a nightmare, laugh flash, made up mythology, tortoise, implied drooling, stimming.

    My KoFi  - Support me ♥ or Commission me

    Note: If you miss any tags, have issues with links or any other concerns, please feel free to contact me. Anon is on and my DMs are open.♥

    “SFL” = tag to show which stories are generally fine to read. They are meant to navigate my fiance in finding non-triggering fiction. You can use them, too!

    Links broken? Inform me, please!

     Story under the cut (Word count: 2,1k)

    It was late in the afternoon - or early in the evening, depending on how you wanted to say it. Virgil and Logan were snuggled up together, a phone alarm reminding them it was time to slowly get ready, cuddle up in bed and go to sleep. It was a soft alarm, a calm alarm. It usually helped, so Virgil and Logan would not be to bed too late for their big selves to have enough sleep. Also, it was more than a good warning to go to bed before it got too late and dark.

    This was especially important when one of them regressed far enough to somewhat be scared of the dark, so much even, that one of them would fear the outside being dark. When in a flat so big and in a state of mind so tiny, it was more than necessary to have proper precautions in place.

     Virgil patted the phone. Logan hummed at the action.


     The other little stopped the patting and slowly slid the alarm from one side to the other, stopping it. The vibration ceased. Logan made a happy little sound at which Virgil beamed.


     Virgil giggled softly, gently wrapping his arms around Logan’s body. He cuddled up to him, softly whining.

     “Dun wan bed.”

     In the background, there was a little show on ducks. Every now and then, the two littles would squeeze against one another, “aww”ing at how cute the little animals were. The show was a kid-friendly documentary on baby ducks. The tiny ducklings were adorable. Logan appreciated his thirst for knowledge being satisfied while Virgil was more than enough calmed by a certain sense of repetition and tradition.

     Logan nodded at the input, eyes gazing at the cute ducklings again. Virgil was biting on a little bite ring for teething babies. His gums and teeth were fully developed, considering he was in a rather grown up body. Still, it was nice to bite on the soft ring, find some relieve for his nervousness or otherwise excess energy.

    He sighed softly and shook his head again.


     Virgil pouted but curled up, sighing softly. It was hard to be small and somewhat big at the same time. The body was big and he needed to take care of himself with Logan. His tummy was okay, at least. So, they were okay to go and brush teeth and go nap together.

    He stuck out his tongue at the TV and shut it.

     “Bai, duckies!!”

     A smile twitched on Logan’s face. He nudged Virgil.

     “Bye bye duckies!!”

     They giggled. Virgil got their sippy cups and went to fill them up with water. Like a really big boy!! He was proud of himself when he was done with it but he was also getting really sleepy! He put the cups into their bedroom and slowly retreated to the bathroom. It was so bright in the bathroom.

    When he approached it, Logan made the light less, dimming it down to a more enjoyable level of light.

     Virgil smiled softly, hopping over the tiles between the bathroom and the hallway floors. They had different kinds of tiles, the hallway cool and creamy, as to give the whole space a light and wide, free sort of feeling. On the other hand, there was the bathroom with tiles like the ground outside. It was muddy but more reddish, kind of warm and natural. It reminded him of a more brown-version of minecraft granite.

     “Teef, Virgie!”

     Virgil nodded softly, reaching for his toothbrush. Logan gave him toothpaste.

     “Wash the teefies, lolo!”

     The two small beans brushed their teeth together, poking one another every now and then, then giggling and continuing to brush their teeth. Sometimes, they would turn to face one another and try to mirror one another, making the tedious and mandatory task just a little more fun.

    Other times, they would have one sing the tooth brush song while the other brushed teeth, so it was all good as it was supposed to be. But right now, they kept it to mirroring one another and poking each other every now and then.

    It was endearing and funny!

     They cleaned up together, a bit sloppy but they were okay at it. They were glad to be not regressed so much they needed more help. It was okay for them.


     Logan grinned his whitish teeth at Virgil, who then did the same. Virgil chuckled and pulled away, pushing his sleeves over his face in a little bit of embarrassment.

     “Done, too!”

     Virgil nodded, agreeing with Logan. They were both done and their teeth looked great! They were good boys! The goodest!

    Slowly, shyly, Virgil took Logan’s hand and tugged him to their room. There was a bed for small people like them. But there was something more fun! A big mattress on the middle of the floor, simply waiting with blankets and everything.


     Virgil jumped onto the mattress, cuddling up. Logan chuckled, crawling onto the mattress with him. They snuggled up but Virgil eventually slid off, wiggling a bit.

     “Pants baaad!”

     Logan nodded.

     “Sleeby time clothes!! We forgot.”

     Virgil agreed as he got up to open the door to the closet. It was a bunch of cute clothes in there. Pastel colours filled the whole piece of furniture. There were some cute animals, soft words like “good night” and “my sleepy shirt” next to “zzz”s and cartoon figures.

     Logan followed up, tippy tapping over to Virgil with slow, sleepy steps. They were heavy, a bit clumsy. He rubbed his eyes, hand automatically pushing his glasses up as he appeared next to the door. Half-asleep, he dozed, leaning against the door which did not budge further, considering its hinges. Virgil giggled softly, pulling Logan to his side. The sleepy bean only yawned, clean breath rushing over Virgil’s face and tickling him with a minty, comfortable sensation.

    He liked being clean and smelling nice! It was good stuff!

     “Sleeby Lolo. ‘m giv’n’ u sum cloth’s.”

     Slowly, carefully, tiny hands in big bodies pulled and grabbed at some pyjamas. Coincidentally, snatching away two hoodies. A little one with a unicorn horn, even with tiny wings. They were blue, like the “stomach area” of the unicorn. The rest was white and pure, not a single stain spoiling the appearance. Logan took it, giggling softly and hugging the velvet suit. It was comfortable, warm. So soft.

    He rubbed his face into the bundle of the little hoodie and let himself fall back onto their shared sleepover mattress. Virgil closed the closet, not getting inside. Shyly, he hugged his own hoodie. It was a skeleton, really really scary! He liked wearing it after going for sweets on Halloween! It was his favourite. It was clean and soft but looked smooth and less fluffy on the outside. It was spooky!!

     Virgil would be spoopy, too!


     He announced, excitement in his voice. As he changed, he fall a bit, wavering. So, he decided to lay down and simple wiggle from one piece of clothing into another one. When he was changed, he simply rolled over again, curling up.

    The best part about hoodies was that they felt like a constant hug. Any way he would move, he would feel hugged or, at the very least, tucked in. It was safety to-go. That was important for him.

     At the same time, Logan kicked their clothes away, not having quite enough energy to go out again. They sighed, cuddling up to one another. Arms worked to embrace one another. The duo, regressed together, felt comforted by the presence of the other. Like that, they slowly fell into a deep slumber, Logan babbling softly about going to sleep and having soft dreams while Virgil simply hummed back, acknowledging the sleepy nonsense.


     “Mmm... Lolo?”

     Hands papped around in the darkness. The world was dipped in the black void of the night, leaving no light source around them. Virgil sniffled softly, crying out for his friend until Logan was awake - or just awake enough to respond. The other little woke up with a “squak”.

    Blinking, Virgil tilted his head. The temporary, nightmare-induced fear was gone, giving way to confusion. He did not know what or why Logan ad said but they were confused, worried. Always a bit worried, but less so when a little. He felt bubbly warmth inside of their chest.

    Instead of crying about the nightmare or fearing Logan might have been turned into a duck, he giggled, papping Logan softly.

     “Hihi, ducky lolo!!”

     He was laughing, there was no stopping it. His head was fuzzy and sleepy and all he knew was laughing and more laughing. Everything was funny to him. He laughed for minutes, not even understanding or remembering why he had laughed in the first place. He laughed so much, Logan woke up at some point, poking him and pulling him back into a more sleepy daze when they cuddled back up together.

     “Can’t sleeb”, Virgil complained softly. He papped the surroundings again, blind to the world like Logan without his glasses. Everything was dark. They needed light! Slowly, they slid off the mattress and returned to the start of the room, switching on the light.

    Logan groaned.

    “Nu! ‘s nap time.”

     Logan pouted.

    Virgil pouted back.

    It was the ultimate cuteness match and nobody was close to winning or losing. It was a definite draw, since both were just too cute.

     “Story time?”

     Logan sighed, rubbing his eyes softly. Virgil gave him a wide smile, curling up by his feet.

     “Got ‘n ‘dea. Shut tha lihts”

     Virgil nodded, staying by the light switch. His wakeful eyes observed Logan, paying attention to every little bit of detail. They tried their best to understand what was happening when Logan got to the big big desk, pulling at a drawer and reaching into it, once it was open.


     He shut the lights at the same time as Logan plugged in a little something. When the big big lights shut themselves, Logan started up the tiny thing which made lights!! Virgil made a little happy sound and quickly scrambled back to their shared mattress.

     Virgil wiggled on their sleeby place and Logan couldn’t help but giggle at it, too. The two hugged in the middle of the mattress, watching as Logan shifted on a certain mode on the funny thing. Suddenly, there was not just light, there was stars everywhere!

    There were stars in the middle of their room, lots of them. Tiny dots, some of them even looked colourful. They had different sizes, some bigger, some smaller, some were brighter. Virgil wiggled softly, flapping his arms in excitement.

     “Stars stars!! Lookie, Lolo! It is starsies!!”

     He hugged Logan tightly, giving the top of his head a little smooch.

     “Love lolo!!”

     Logan returned a little smooch to Virgil’s cheek and put the lamp down. It was on the mattress, moving a bit as the two moved back to their sleepy positions. Once they were settled, Logan pointed upwards, smiling softly.

     “Look, this is a tortoise!”

     Virgil’s eyes went wide.


     Logan cleared his throat, suddenly more than awake too. His mind started spinning stories, curiosity and creativity meddling into one mess of chaotic invention and genius combination.

     “The tortoise was the fastest tortoise in the world. In fact, it was so fast that it was faster than the fastest runner on earth.”

     Virgil papped Logan’s mouth for that.

     “That is a tonguey-kicker to say!!”

     They giggled, noses rubbing against one another as they curled towards one another. Eyes met and they held hands again, squeezing them softly. It provided more than enough comfort.

     Logan continued on, explaining how the tortoise had been gifted a bit of a headstart and therefore had always been faster than others. Everyone underestimated the tortoise. The clever animal used ot for their own advantage, until the earth was tired. The tortoise became the fastest and rose to the universe, flying up.


     Virgil softly bit into his cuddly blanket. It was specifically for biting and sucking on it. It was a suckling towel, as he liked to call it. He always snuggled his when small. That or he would play with his bite ring. He carefully tugged the blanket away, eyes half-lidded with sleepiness.

     “ ‘m wanna be the fas’es runnah..”

     Logan nodded, rubbing his eyes again. His glasses were up on the desk, where they should be, when he was going to sleep. His eyes were so tired.

     “You can! Tortoise ‘s ‘n tha sky!”

     They giggled again.

    Slowly, the weight of the night got to him and after several minutes of exchanging stories and making up things about the tortoise and some other stars, they fell asleep. Logan’s fingers were fiddling with Virgil’s cuddly blanket, the little suckling towel. Virgil was asleep, both hands curled around his end of the cotton towel. He had held it close until sleep took the tension out of his body.

     They shared stories, now a towel and then, a little bit of sleep and similar dreams about an aspiring tortoise becoming a bunch of stars to remind the world of how fast they could be.



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    Professional Single

    hey anon! I actually never finished this drama so thank you for reminding me that it even existed

    ❤️Favorite Male: Yuan Qian

    ❤️Favorite Female: Qin Shen

    ❤️Favorite Pairing: Yuan Qian/Qin Shen

    ❤️Least Favorite Character: the stereotypical evil SFL 

    ❤️Who’s Most Like Me: Luo Xin Xin

    ❤️Most Attractive: Yuan Qian (because Ireine Song is adorable) and Song Si Yi

    ❤️ Three More Characters That I Like: Qin Shen’s roommates + friends (I forgot their names but I believe there was 3??)


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