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  • shootingstarbea
    29.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    New Stickers available on Etsy! They’re 4.5-5inches, weatherproof vinyl.


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  • c4k3yy
    29.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    OHH OH I NEED TO SHARE THIS HERE! i made a very indulgent ghirahim (of course) playlist on spotify, and it is very inspired by @maiz-of-light ‘s writings on ao3 .. seriously, huge props to your Ye Who Enter Here … it got me through my last month of school! and of course made the brain rot even HARDER

    soo enough of the rambles, heres the link!

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  • kiddokori
    29.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    its so messed up they didnt give the loftwings names. youre gonna tell me they didnt name their pets/besties/other half of their souls????? no. i think Zelda gives her loftwing either a name like Athena or something flowery like Wisteria and Link just names his Red.

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  • link-is-a-dork
    29.05.2022 - 11 hours ago
    Mallara: “Hi, Link. Are you tired? You look beat. I know how you feel! I’m always up for a quick nap”

    (sounds like depression)

    Mallara: “You just make yourself at home!”
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  • c4k3yy
    28.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    anywhooo mwahhahahahah

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  • link-is-a-dork
    28.05.2022 - 14 hours ago
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  • clemm0ns
    28.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    I have this very lovely LOZ case for my 3DS. There is a Link charm hanging off of it. I have this very nice Breath of the Wild case for my switch. I have a matching LoZ pro controller for my Switch.

    I have played exactly four hours of Ocarina of Time. i never got back to it despite having fun because I got lost. I played 2 hours of Majora’s Mask. I never got back to it because I got REALLY lost.

    This is the extent of my LOZ knowlege but it’s got vibes. Maybe with Breath of the Wild I’ll finally be able to play all the way through???

    #ive always wanted to play especially windwaker and skyward sword but was never able too #skyward sowrd is on switch now so maybe sometime?? #legend of zelda is ALMOST like sonic for me #i like the characters and the vibes but ive never played the games #the big difference is loz i think iw ould like the games if i tries #sonic im just not a huge fan of the classic games #not to cause problems but for all its faults the sonic boom game is honestly more my speed pun intended
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  • maleendumbblog
    28.05.2022 - 16 hours ago


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  • zachsgamejournal
    28.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    PLAYING: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

    I thought I was at the end of the game. Nope. Still going.

    Still. going.

    So that gives us a chance to touch on some more things, like the graphics, story, and sword play...


    When we first started playing this, I mistook it as a Wii U game. I remembered being so put off by the blocky, low rez graphics. Really Nintendo? But then I was corrected (thank Wikipedia) and I'm way happier with the graphics.

    In a sense, they remind me of World of Warcraft's early graphics. Very obvious polygons (which I'm cool with) and decent texturing. So I'm having fun. I noticed that the textures are meant to look like painting, probably to help hide the graphical limitations as PS3 and 360 were well established graphical powerhouses at the time. "Yeah, well--look at our style" says Nintendo. Who am I kidding, they probably don't care.

    But it is kinda sad how Zelda used to be an industry leader in all things, and now it's just popular.

    The only graphical oddity that truly bugs me is the trees. They do that classic PS2/PS1 style of havine 4-8 sprites intersecting at odd angles to look like a full tree. For 1990s and early 2000s, fine--thanks for trying. But this was 2011. You don't get to take shortcuts anymore.

    oh well.

    Sword Play

    So when Nintendo went all in on the Wii, they went all in. That meant making games that meant forcing motion controls every step of the way. Skyward sword's combat is based around the player having full control of their sword with near 1:1 movement. This really just over complicates the sword play. Much of the combat is about how the enemy is blocking from the left, so you need to attack from the right. And if you choose wrongly, there's usually a pain-in-the-ass counter attack.

    Maybe with the wand, it was more fun, but with a controller using the right analog stick--it's just annoying. First off, if you want to attack from the right, you have to push left. The idea being that you're slashing from right to left. I'm getting used to it now, but the game was very challenging trying to adjust. Still, instead of slashing, Link will just point in that direction. Not fun when you're in the middle of a boss fight with low hearts.

    I really wish they went with more tradiational combat as an option. Maybe that would have been too disruptive to the gimmick.


    Previously, I never thought of Zelda games as being very story driven. That was until I played Ocarina of Time and was blown away by how deep the mythology went. I don't think it's the greatest game story ever told, or even close, but it's good enough and fits the game well--turning the whole experience into something amazing.

    Each dungeon in OoT has a mini-episode about it. The great Deku tree is cursed and needs to be cleansed. This starts the plot of there being something wrong in the land. Next, you find the Gorons have been cut off from their rock supply. You learn more about the Gorons while building relationships with the chief. Then there's interacting with Ruto in Jabbu. So you're not just solving dungeons, but you're participating in a story with other characters. This continues on in the adult dungeons with Sheik being an added layer.

    Skyward Sword on the other hand...

    The town of Skyloft has a lot going on. There's several characters with distinct personalities and some fun, character developing side quests. I enjoy it! But when you go down to the surface, where you spend 90% of the game, it feels like there's little going on. There's characters down there with whom you interact, but it feels inconsequential. they're mostly there to direct you toward objectives.

    Maybe it's how the plot moves forward? The dungeons in Ocarina of Time aren't just tasks, they're mini-stories in their own right. But Skyward Sword's dungeons just feel like tasks. And they keep giving me more tasks.

    I don't know. Maybe I'm being too...I've got high standards. This is 2011, we should know how to tell good game stories by now. So much of the game was chasing down Zelda. But "rescue the princess" stories only work over short experience. A long 30 RPG needs more, much more! And while Ocarina of Time revisited old areas, it still constantly presented new areas. Skyward Sword keeps revisiting old areas with new tasks. That works for side quests or with an open world. But this isn't an open world, and these menial, uninspired quests feel like side quests. It's like Assassin Creed's one where you had to do 5 stupid side quests before starting a mission. Lame.

    I'll just say...if I ever play this again, it will not be for the story. At all.

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  • samephotoofskswlink
    28.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Follow to see the same photo of Skyward Sword Link every day.

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  • edgy-dragon-trash
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Dude hear me out.

    🕯Ghirastor🕯 (and Ganon is taking the picture probably.)

    Oh my goD the way i rushed to go draw this. Perfect timing with the ask, I was looking for things to draw hehehehe

    Oh the things we do for love

    #i heard you a little too well #they are looking fabulous #also i gave Astor a corset hehe #ghirastor #ghirahim x astor #ganghirastor?? but Ganon isn’t in the frame??? #astor #astor age of calamity #Ghirahim #skyward sword ghirahim #skyward sword#ask
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  • mmmwafflesart
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    child of the sky

    #hi it's me again #you're probably wondering who my fav link is #well i'm glad you asked #it's cdi link #legend of zelda #loz#skyward sword#sksw#wafflesart #he’s just sitting there
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  • ezdotjpg
    28.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ALMOST DONE WITH SKYWARD SWORD,,,,just have to defeat denise and I have to say I am not feeling very godslayer right now AKDJDK

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  • kill-cry-die
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    There is something so homosexual about this

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  • skyloftian-nutcase
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    A Dragon’s Care Pt 3 (Skyward Sword Sickfic)

    Summary: After the defeat of Demise, the dragons of the realm find a very sick Chosen Hero on their doorstep with no explanation and have to scramble to deal with it.

    Chapter 3: We finally get Link’s POV, or at least try to, kid is only half coherent at this point

    Link felt so cold. He felt disconnected, like his spirit had been ripped from his body and sent to another silent realm. He didn’t know what was going on anymore. He remembered Demise. He remembered Zelda, remembered her screams of pain, remembered his rage at the Demon King, remembered thunder and lightning and pain. But he swore he remembered winning too. Didn’t he win? Or did he die? Was this it, did he truly and utterly fail everyone?

     Was he too late?

     Was Zelda ok? If he’d lost, did that mean she was gone too? If he’d died, shouldn’t she be here, then? Was this hell? It had to be. It had to be hell if Zelda wasn’t here.

     Where was he? What happened? He vaguely remembered fighting. He vaguely remembered… something.

     Arms around him. Laughter. Tears. Feathers. Clouds. And then nothing.

     His mind was spinning in circles. He remembered things and then he didn’t. He shivered and then he couldn’t. Nothing made sense.

     Screaming. He remembered screaming. Zelda’s screaming. Was she ok?

     Someone said his name. He swore he heard someone say his name. By all that was holy, he hurt so much all of a sudden. He felt a groan escape his throat, scraping its way out and making him cough. Something stung on his forehead, like a thousand tiny needles prickling his skin. He hissed.

     What happened? Where was he? What was going on?

     Wind. He felt wind. Was he flying? Was he in Skyloft? Was he dead? Was he alive?

     Scared. He was scared. Where’s Zelda?! He tried to hiss as hands that he couldn’t see touched him.

     He suddenly felt so cold. He wished he could see. The best he got were vague images, the afterglow of memories. Demise. Lightning. Zelda. Falling. Fighting. Hurting. Zelda. Loftwing. Skyloft. Bed. Gaepora. Eagus. Owlan. Pipit. Groose. Zelda.

     A gentle hush. Whispers. Something on his forehead again.

     His right arm hurt all of a sudden. His hand twitched uncontrollably. His stomach lurched. He felt himself throwing up, but he couldn’t move, and he started to choke on it, making him feel even sicker. And then it faded, and he was numb again.

     Warm water, hot tears, pain, pain, everything hurt.

     He struggled to move, struggled to breathe. He felt like he was floating in an ocean of darkness, freezing and alone. He couldn’t feel his body, he felt so numb, but occasionally fire would sear through him, wrenching a cry out of him.

     By the goddesses he just wanted this to end. Just let me die.

     But wasn’t he already dead? Or was he dying? He didn’t know.

     Where was he? What happened? He was so cold.

     Something different. Something soft. Something fluffy. And then a grip, steady and strong but gentle. And then wind, so much wind, like he was free falling from the sky. He wanted to reach his arms out, he wanted to see something, to feel the freedom that came with the fall, but he just felt numb.

     He couldn’t move. He felt so heavy and weightless all at the same time, like he was swimming but the water was crushing him.

     Huffing. Booming voices. Cold, cold, by the goddesses that was cold.

     Fabric. Warmth. Weightlessness. Heat. Thick air, suffocating, he couldn’t breathe—

     Link opened his eyes. Everywhere was bright. His head was killing him. His body felt so sore, so heavy, so completely and utterly spent. Bubbling sounds came from around him. The air was… swimming? What was happening?

     “Good morning, hero.”

     He tiredly rolled his eyes upward to follow the deep voice. The air felt so thick he could barely breathe. His mouth hung open as he gasped, but he couldn’t will himself to breathe any faster, and he just sat there with his slow breaths like a fish out of water.

     Water. He was sitting in water. What?

     He couldn’t make himself squint through the air, so his head slipped (or fell, really) back to his chest and he looked at the water. It was bubbling. Weird.

     Wait. Bubbling? Was someone cooking him?!

     His breathing finally quickened, adrenaline shooting through him like ice.

     “It’s ok, little one. You’re safe.”

     Safe? He was safe? What was happening?!

     The adrenaline vanished, and he was left feeling even more exhausted than before. His body sagged heavily, and he couldn’t move a single muscle. His eyes started to close.

     “You’ll be ready for Lanayru now.”

     Lanayru…? What…?

     Link couldn’t hold onto coherent thought anymore, and he fell back into the darkness.

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  • frankiesbugs
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Comic commission about Impa, Hylia and Sheikah's secrets for the awesome and unique @pocketseizure

    I just love to draw their ideas, you surely have an amazing mind and skill for stories. <3

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  • samephotoofskswlink
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Follow to see the same photo of Skyward Sword Link every day.

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  • achainoflinks
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Forging a God


    "Gods are born, not made..."

    When the Goddess Hylia fell in love with a mortal, and what she did to keep him

    "Gods are born, not made. For thousands of years, I have reincarnated your soul so that it may be tested, so that it may grow.

    A mortal capable of killing a god, broken into four pieces, each trait purified and refined, then reforged into one.

    It was not enough to break you through space; I had to break you through time, so you would be eternal. Eternal and capable of hosting another deity.

    Your light burned too bright, so I tempered it with shadow.

    You contained all of the sky and the land, so I reforged you in the great sea.

    You were born mortal, powerful in flesh but not in spirit, so I tested your mettle in dreams.

    And finally, when you could hold the full Triforce without harm, drawing upon their power freely, containing the greatest evil of the land in a drop of your blood, you were ready.

    So I reunited you through the guardians of time, drawing all timelines back together into one soul.

    But you were too much for your mortal form, your soul overflowing. So I stayed my hand.

    You fell in battle, and you were reborn into the wilds with nothing, no companion, no training, no memory

    Only the purest form of the Hero's Spirit."

    Zelda smiled, eyes golden and radiant as she stepped closer to Link.

    "I am the Goddess Hylia, and you are my Hero."

    #legend of zelda #loz#fanfic#Hylia#Zelda#Demise’s Curse#Hylia’s Blessing #Skyward Sword Trials of the hero #but for all the links #Link#fic #Hylia’s Chosen Hero #Goddess Hylia#Hylia/Link#Zelink #reincarnarating hero’s spirit #based on the nine links from linked universe #linked universe#Zelda timeline#Drabble
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  • zachsgamejournal
    27.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    PLAYING: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    It's a little too Ocarina of Time, but also no enough. Yet despite that stupid sword $&*%, I'm having fun.

    So I played three games back to back. They were short and sweet (just as I like'em). I was going to move on to the next but then my wife started Ocarina of Time on Switch. We brought the kids' cots out to the living room and they were all snuggled up with their stuffed animals and snacks having a great time watching us play. So we powered our way through the game (it's been years since we played all the way through and I was going to finish it this time!).

    Feeling excited about Zelda, we decided to through in Skyward Sword. We've never played before, and we bought it months ago (can't remember why...I think we had store credit?) but never started it. So...we started it.

    It's become a nice post-dinner event for us. The kids get on their cots with some snacks (the key to being southern american is to always have snacks immediately have dinner/supper). My wife and I have a glass of rum-n-juice each, and enjoy the adventure.

    Not sure why I shared all that except for maybe that's my favorite part of this experience??

    SO we've made it pretty far. We tracked Zelda to all the main temples until she disappeared into the time gate, leaving us the harp of time. Now we've just collected all the tools and the three flames to create the master sword. So I guess we're at the final stretch, and I'm just now journaling. (I've been busy...)

    Not sure how to break this down--but I think Imma start with why this is both too much like Ocarina and not enough...

    Ocarina of Time Defined 3D Action Adventure Games

    I love 3D action adventure games, this includes platformers like Mario, Jak and Daxter, and Sly Cooper. I love the exploring interesting environments, discovering secrets, and experiencing the stories. And I feel all 3D action adventures basically take their cues from Ocarina of Time.

    Sure, games like Tomb Raider and Soul Reaver were being produced at the same time, but I think they were likely inspired by older Zeldas. Whatever, no need to track the design DNA down to the original Adam & Eve of video games--the point is, most of what has become adventure game staples got their start in Ocarina of Time.

    Regardless of its influence, OOT had little to draw influence from. I mean, it borrows heavily from the 3D concepts Mario 64 explored, but OOT was trying to build a cohesive world and story while Mario was just having fun. So it's that imaginative approach to world building and story telling that I think makes OOT the grandmother of 3D adventure games.

    Because OOT was having to figure things out on the fly, I can forgive its shortcomings. BUT because Skyward Sword is decades later in the franchise, I struggle to let it get away with much.

    Such as...

    An Interconnected World

    I asked my Game Development professor if Ocarina of Time should be considered open world. He responded in that annoying way that deep thinkers do: "I think it's more about a feeling of open world."

    Find dude, how do you feel about it?

    Never mind! He was a good teacher. Point is, I view it as an open world. As much was really possible for it. Every dungeon, area, and building in the game is basically connected. Even if they're loaded independently, they're still connected. And once you open an area, it generally remains accessible to you for the rest of the game--dungeons included. This is part of why OOT is so great.

    Firstly, it makes the world feel more real. Even despite how horribly shaped the landscapes or crassly gamey paths are designed, because it was all interconnected, it felt like a real space that fit together.

    Secondly, this made the game feel like a discovery. From the earliest Zeldas, there wasn't a lot of handholding. You were often just dropped into an environment and told good luck. When I first played through Ocarina of Time, I felt like I stumbled upon about 90% of the game accidentally. Much in the same way that Morrowind felt like a completely open experience, OOT did too. I know now there's a very linear progression through OoT, but unlike something like God of War, they don't force your hand. They let you explore the wrong paths a little.

    NOW back to SkSw (Skyward Sword). Just like OoT, much of the game is separated into levels/areas. But there's two distinct zones: they sky and the surface. They're separated by a cloud covering your bird refuses to pass through, and you can only access places once a hole in the clouds separates. From there, you can drop down into 1 of 3 distinct surface areas...and they're not interconnected.

    This make the game feel disjointed. Sure, I have the freedom to backtrack. And each zone has pretty large with different things to explore. But I don't get the same feeling of a unified world as I did in OoT.

    Let's Talk About the Sky

    I don't know why I said "let's", it's just me talking.

    I didn't know much about Skyward Sword before playing, just that it's the chronological beginning. I knew there were floating islands and I assumed there were bird people (that I met in Breath of the Wild). My thought was that the game would fully take place in the sky with islands and the climax would see the islands descending to the surface to create the world we've all come to love and fear.

    But nope. There's a few floating islands and a never ending storm. But most the game is on the surface.

    This made me sad. It was really cool that you could fly a bird to all these islands, so getting to fly that bird to major game zones would have been awesome! It also would have made the bird-flying way more significant. Instead, the bird becomes an unexciting chore. The sky has little going for it. Skyloft the town is pretty well developed with some fun secrets and interesting characters. But the rest of the sky is mostly empty space that takes waaay too long to fly around. And sadly, as far as I can tell, there's no warp feature like with the songs in Ocarina of Time. So I have to fly every where...it sucks.

    See what I'm saying

    I've gone on about nothing enough. Let's shut this down for now. The point I'm making is that the world is disconnected by load screens like OoT. Given this game is post the open world boom, not being more open is a bit of a crime. Wasn't Windwaker open world? So not having the whole game be in the sky, I think, was a missed opportunity and makes the game feel too old fashioned (too much like Ocarina of Time). But because the game is so disconnected and you're told exactly where to go 95% of the time, and most areas are inaccessible until the story wants you to go there, you don't get any of the discovery and sense of exploration of OoT. (Not enough like Ocarina of Time).

    Because of this, the game doesn't feel like the kind of groundbreaking experience Zelda should be. But it also came out while Nintendo was struggling to keep up with the competition. So they often took "short cuts". I mean, the animation of Link climbing, especially when you press B is horrifyingly bad. It's like a non-artist put in a place holder animation and the bosses said, "Good enough, ship it."

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