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    "I'm looking for the place

    where I was falling into you.

    Dressed in sunlight, warmed the cold

    that lived inside me.

    We shouldn't be here.

    What we said.

    When we were.

    The top of Cherry Hill."

    -Cherry Hill, Russ 💜

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    your daughter keeps saying she's batman I think she's sleep drunk @azara-strange-laufeyson

    [email protected]

    I don't even know what that is supposed to mean!

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    Opening Up Doors

    by Mysstic_Quill

    “It’s-” America grimaced, pulling the smile off her face, “I didn’t realize being a magician involved so much reading.” “Sorcerer,” Stephen corrected. He slid the book over to America, “Well, this ones fairly easy. It's a beginner's tome, you should be moving on with it soon. The upper level books are far more interesting.” America frowned at the book. She was looking at it as if it might grow fangs and attack her. “How far are you?” he pressed. The girl’s eyes jumped to his, “Well, you know,” she said vaguely, gesturing with her hands. Stephen gave her a flat look, “You haven’t started it have you?” “I have!” she said indignantly. “It’s just, a little…” America mumbled her words so Stephen couldn’t understand her. “Quit mumbling your words, you're too young to be slurring your words like a drunk,” he admonished. America’s shoulders slumped and blush crept back on her face. “It’s hard to read,” she finally huffed.

    Words: 4649, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Doctor Strange (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness (2022)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Characters: Stephen Strange, America Chavez, Wong (Marvel)

    Relationships: America Chavez & Stephen Strange, Stephen Strange & Wong

    Additional Tags: Found Family, Mentor/Protégé, Hurt/Comfort, Trauma, One Shot

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/39105924

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    by Mysstic_Quill

    “It’s-” America grimaced, pulling the smile off her face, “I didn’t realize being a magician involved so much reading.” “Sorcerer,” Stephen corrected. He slid the book over to America, “Well, this ones fairly easy. It's a beginner's tome, you should be moving on with it soon. The upper level books are far more interesting.” America frowned at the book. She was looking at it as if it might grow fangs and attack her. “How far are you?” he pressed. The girl’s eyes jumped to his, “Well, you know,” she said vaguely, gesturing with her hands. Stephen gave her a flat look, “You haven’t started it have you?” “I have!” she said indignantly. “It’s just, a little…” America mumbled her words so Stephen couldn’t understand her. “Quit mumbling your words, you're too young to be slurring your words like a drunk,” he admonished. America’s shoulders slumped and blush crept back on her face. “It’s hard to read,” she finally huffed.

    Words: 4649, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Doctor Strange (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness (2022)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Characters: Stephen Strange, America Chavez, Wong (Marvel)

    Relationships: America Chavez & Stephen Strange, Stephen Strange & Wong

    Additional Tags: Found Family, Mentor/Protégé, Hurt/Comfort, Trauma, One Shot

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    Not Showing Donna was a Missed Opportunity

    When Stephen stepped on the memory disc or whatever it was called on Earth-838, I thought it was the memory of 838!Stephen because this Earth had the record of current Stephen and he was labelled the greatest hero in that Earth so they would have his "record". But when they showed America's memory, then I realized it was the memory of the person stepping on it instead of just a recording.

    I immediately thought that Donna should have been shown. I know a lot of scenes were cut but the additional 30 seconds or so showing Donna wouldn't hurt. She was the initial foundation of Stephen becoming a doctor and wanting to be the one "holding the knife" to overcome his guilt of not being able to save her. This would tie in with his fear of failure in the first movie.

    At least Donna was mentioned in this movie. I think it might be because of Benedict who was so protective of Stephen and knew Donna's importance.

    I hope that at least how big Donna's effect toward Stephen's psyche will finally be addressed in the third movie if there is ever going to be one. Just get Scott Derickson back to direct it

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    Doctor Strange T-Shirt is $14 today at RIPT! See Strange Rhapsody T-Shirt on the Shirt List.

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    nobody is talking about how strange hissed when he summoned the magic snake things,,,,

    #stephen strange #also his third eye looked really bad omg #mom spoilers #multiverse of madness spoilers #dr strange in the multiverse of madness spoilers #ok i tried
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    Wanda dreaming walking into the nanny au to kidnapped america( she still has her powers in this au, or wanda thinks she does without checking) believes it will be easier to kidnapped a 5 year old. Ironstrange are out for blood.

    This is so evil because they're powerless in this AU but also America is the only America which means that non-IM Tony stumbled over a three year old toddler that has gotten lost in the multiverse and immediately decided to adopt her and it's so Him

    So obviously this is the Good Universe because Tony doesn't have trauma (ofc still daddy issues), Harley and Peter are his adopted kids, Stephen is a nanny, and America found a new home and place to grow up safely with her two dads

    I kind of love the idea of Stephens and Tony's from other universes coming in to save the day because this is the one perfect universe and they want to preserve it and save them from the Scarlet Witch. Hell, MCU Stephen probably put baby America there on purpose so she could grow up safe and loved and wouldn't have to jump through the multiverse and risk getting found. Like America's own fairy godmother

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    The respective similarities between Darkwing Duck and Gosalyn Waddlemeyer (DT '17) and Steven Strange and America Chavez

    I saw 'Multiverse of Madness' a second time, and it occurred to me just how similar the relationship between Darkwing and Gosalyn & Dr. Strange and America are. Unfortunately, the images of America were limited, so I couldn't get all the pictures of her I wanted, so I left her out... :(

    Both Gosayn and America are spunky, independent, street-smart (dimension-smart, in America's case) Latina girls:

    Both girls lost their loved ones in alternate universes:

    Both girls end up befriending the hero...

    ...Who they don't always see eye-to-eye with...

    ...But turn out to make a great team in saving the day:

    And he would do anything for her:

    At the end of both the episode and movie, respectively, both dudes offered assurance to their young wards- who came to see not only someone they could trust with their lives, but a father-figure and mentor in them- that they would see their loved ones again:

    And in the meantime, both girls would carve out their own legacy for themselves with their new mentor-figure's guidance (Gos as Darkwing's crime-fighting partner, America as a student of Kamar-Taj honing her powers):

    #Darkwing Duck#Gosalyn Waddlemeyer #Let's Let Dangerous #DuckTales 2017#America Chavez #Dr. Stephen Strange #Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness #Omg does that make Launchpad the Wong of their group?? #Actually Fenton would make a much better Wong but LP is just more fun XD #SRSLY THO AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT OF THESE SIMILARITIES??
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    Whisked Away to Bliss

    by sassenach_on_the_rocks51

    Sequel to "Whisked Away"

    AN: I had a few requests to write a part two and possibly a series. As much as I wanted to do this in series form, with the amount on my plate, I wouldnt do it justice. So I am presenting what would have been the end of the series as part 2. I hope you all enjoy.

    It was the most surreal feeling ever.

    Here you were in the church again for another wedding.

    But this time, it was yours.

    Words: 1843, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange (Movies)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Doctor Stephen Strange, Reader, Stephen Strange, Doctor Strange

    Relationships: Doctor Strange X Female Reader, Stephen Strange/Reader

    Additional Tags: Fluff, Weddings

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/39104658

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    by sassenach_on_the_rocks51

    Sequel to "Whisked Away"

    AN: I had a few requests to write a part two and possibly a series. As much as I wanted to do this in series form, with the amount on my plate, I wouldnt do it justice. So I am presenting what would have been the end of the series as part 2. I hope you all enjoy.

    It was the most surreal feeling ever.

    Here you were in the church again for another wedding.

    But this time, it was yours.

    Words: 1843, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange (Movies)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Doctor Stephen Strange, Reader, Stephen Strange, Doctor Strange

    Relationships: Doctor Strange X Female Reader, Stephen Strange/Reader

    Additional Tags: Fluff, Weddings

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  • christinepalmers
    20.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    @ my dear clea fans :

    pls understand most of us aren’t hating on the character itself, it’s the way marvel introduced her that threw us off and hurt us like you have no idea ! it was just so aggressive ! stephen had just confessed his undying love for all the christine palmers across the multiverse when suddenly we see clea ?! that's what rubbed us up the wrong way. it’s like they couldn’t wait to close the door on christine to which i would ask marvel… then why bring her back in the first place ? why make us love her and palmerstrange even more ? believe me when i tell you that as someone who’s been here for years loving stephen & christine ( and who's had to endure an incredible amount of hate directed at christine for years only because she was "normal" ), we had already come to terms with the fact that christine wasn’t coming back for ds2 and that clea would probably be introduced in ds2, and we were okay with that ! yes, it hurt back then as well but not as much as it hurts now !

    just pls put yourselves in our place for a moment, we literally got to experience this beautiful and meaningful, although fleeting, relationship between these amazing characters portrayed by even more amazing actors with great chemistry in ds1 and then, with the way things ended in the film and the announcement that rachel wouldn’t be back for ds2, we had to mourn our ship and get ready for a new love interest. but a few years later marvel announced rachel would be coming back as christine, then they hyped our ship up with that episode of what if…? establishing christine as the love of stephen’s life, then they further developed their story with an even deeper and more meaningful relationship and connection between the two of them that transcends time and the multiverse ! and then they introduce a new love interest ?! after all the trouble they went through to develop stephen & christine’s relationship ?! it was too cruel ! not only to the characters but to their fans as well !

    there was absolutely no need to bring christine back if they were going to introduce clea as a love interest., there was absolutely no need to establish such a strong love between stephen & christine only to introduce clea as a love interest and forget about that love between stephen & christine in the next films, there was absolutely no need to introduce a variant of christine who lost her stephen and who realised 616 stephen was different to the other stephens only to introduce clea as a love interest.

    it just makes no sense at all ! and again, it's not the character that doesn't make sense, it's the way and the timing of her introduction that doesn't make sense. we're hurt and confused and angry ! of course we are, but not at the characters ! at marvel ! i think we should stop fighting each other and recognise marvel and their writing are the problem here !

    and saying they can't be together in any universe is just too cruel and frustrating not to mention ridiculous ! the multiverse is infinite ! of course there are many universes where they are together ! wouldn't it have been better to give them closure allowing stephen to see at least ONE universe where they are happy together ?! quoting the great wong here, "isn't it enough to know you are together in another universe ?" yes, it would've been enough, not only for stephen but also for us the fans ! wouldn't that have been better to come to terms with the fact that yes, even though 616 christine is happily married, they are together in other universes and that gives him the strength to keep going and letting go of her and finding love again because that's the life he has to live ! then his conversation with wong at the end about remaining grateful in the life they had even with its tribulations would have made more sense ! and the introduction of this new love interest would've made more sense and it wouldn't have hurt as much as it did !

    anyway, if you read all the way through here i luv you and i wish you the best, and i truly hope @marvelstudios realises they still have the chance to make things right and give stephen & christine their happy ending together, they deserve it, even if it's with variants of the characters. pls just show us one universe where they are meant to be happy together, that's literally all we're asking for at this point 🥺❤️


    a very hurt palmerstrange fan

    #doctor strange #doctor strange in the multiverse of madness #stephen strange#christine palmer#clea#wong #multiverse of madness #palmerstrange#benedict cumberbatch#rachel mcadams#charlize theron#txt#dsmom spoilers #doctor strange in the multiverse of madness spoilers #doctor strange multiverse of madness spoilers
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    Beyond The Stars (20)

    Pairing: Doctor Stephen Strange x Freyja Odinsdottir (OC)

    Summary: As the Goddess of War, Freyja is the best warrior known to Asgard. With her family by her side, she could overcome anything in her path. Until that family bond starts to crumble and break one piece at a time.

    Will she survive her family falling apart? How will she react to an unusual group of people she would one day call her family? What will happen when she finally meets her fate in the form of a human with magic of his own?

    A/N: Hi guys! Thanks so much for all the love! I really really appreciate it! Enjoy!

    Chapter 20

    Thor was the first to wake, after acknowledging that he and Freyja were both strapped down in their own chairs. The chair was moving forward in a dark tunnel.

    He tensed. “Freyja?” He asked and looked at her, still sleeping. “Freyja, wake up.” He said and she slowly stirred.

    “Brother.” She whispered, feeling a massive headache coming on. She squinted into the dark tunnel.

    “What is this?” She asked as she was fully awake now, shifting in her seat.

    “Fear not for you are found.” A voice said and both of them looked around. “What the hell?” Freyja asked softly.

    “You are home, and there is no going back. No one leaves this place.” The soothing voice said.

    “But what is this place? The answer is Sakaar.” The tunnel walls shows images of Sakaar's place in the Cosmos. Freyja frowned.

    “Surrounded by cosmic gateways, Sakaar lives on the edge of the known and unknown.” Images of the wormholes that cover Sakaar's atmosphere surround them

    “It is the collection point for all lost and unloved things. Like you. But here on Sakaar, you are significant. You are valuable. Here, you are loved.” The voice said and Freyja shook her head in confusion.

    “What the hell?” Thor asked softly.

    “And no one loves you more than the Grandmaster.” Images of the Grandmaster, in silhouette, arriving on Sakaar.

    “He is the original. The first lost, and the first found. The creator of Sakaar and the father of the Contest of Champions.” Images of an arena where aliens battle to the death.

    “Where once you were nothing, now you are something. You are the property of the Grandmaster.” The voice said and Freyja’s eyebrows rose.

    “Excuse me?” She asked, offended.

    “Congratulations! You will meet the Grandmaster in five seconds.” The voice said and both siblings tensed up.

    Images around the tunnel begin speeding up. Chaos, violence, and confusion mixed in with Grandmaster's face. Thor, already bewildered, looked on the verge of panic.

    “Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself. You are now meeting the Grandmaster.” The voice said and Thor yelled in panic before the lights went on and they two were in front of the Grandmaster.

    Freyja scowled at Thor as he stopped screaming before looking at The Grandmaster and the woman that brought them in.

    “He's wonderful. So is she.” The Grandmaster said as he examined the two. Freyja glared at them.

    “Yeah. I love when you come to visit 142, you bring me the best stuff. Whenever we get to talking, Topaz, about Scrapper 142...what do I always say? "She is the..." and it starts with a B.” The Grandmaster said as he looked at Scrapped 142.

    “Trash.” Topaz, The Grandmaster’s helper said. He frowned at her. “No, not trash. Were you waiting just to call her that? It doesn't start with a B.”

    “Booze hag.” Topaz said again, still glaring at 142.

    “I'm so sorry. No, best. I was thinking about "best." Because I always say you're the best. She brought me my precious beloved Champion, you know.”

    “You say that every time she's here.” Topaz pointed out. “What have you brought today? Tell me.” The Grandmaster said.

    “Two contenders.” 142 said with a smile.

    “What?” Freyja asked with a frown. “I need to go closer. I want a closer look at this. Can you take us closer? Thank you.” The Grandmaster’s chair got closer to theirs and Thor stiffened as he examined the two.

    “Pay this lady.” The Grandmaster said, pointing at 142.

    “Just wait a damn minute. We’re not for sale.” Thor said and Freyja busted out of her restraints with a blast, eyes glowing. Just as she got up, she crumbled into herself as 142 electrocuted her again.

    “Freyja.” Thor said in worry.

    Two guards pulled her into her seat again and fastened her restraints tighter. She just continued breathing, feeling her muscles come back to life as she dropped he head back against the headrest.

    “Man. She is a fighter.” The Grandmaster said delighted.

    “I'll take 10 million.”142 said. “Tell her she's dreaming.” Topaz said as she glared at 142 again.

    “For heaven's sake, transfer the units.” The Grandmaster said. Topaz did as asked and 142 started walking off. “You'll pay for this!” Thor threatened her.

    “No, I got paid for this.” She said delighted before she left.

    “Here's what I wanna know. Who are you?” The Grandmaster asked the two.

    “I am the God of THUNDER!!!” Thor exclaimed as he ripped his restraints off and held his arms in the air. His fingers sparkled like at the cliffs.

    “Wow. I didn't hear any thunder, but out of your fingers, was that like...sparkles?” The Grandmaster said in delight.

    “And this pretty thing?” He asked as he walked up to Freyja. Her eyes glowed. “Call me pretty thing again and I’ll feed you your own eyeballs.” She threatened him.

    He chuckled in delight.

    “Oo, I think we’re going to have some fun.” He said and she kept her glare on him. “How do you do that? That’s so cool.” He asked her with a smile as he looked at her glowing eyes.

    “Goddess of War. Cross her and you die.” Thor warned him, Freyja’s eyes never faltering.

    “We located your cousin.” Topaz interrupted and The Grandmaster stood upright. “Oh good!” he said and dragged the two chair on behind him.

    “Yeah, come on. I think you're gonna like this.”

    “There he is. Hey, cuz. We almost couldn't find you. What, have you been hiding?” The grandmaster asked as they group came to another chair with a crying man.

    “Hi.” Thor and Freyja greeted him, but he kept crying. “So,” The Grandmaster began. “Please. I'm sorry.” He kept crying. “Carlo, I pardon you.” The Grandmaster began.

    “Thank you. Thank you.” Carlo panted in relief. “You're officially pardoned, from life.” The Grandmaster said and just touched the tip of his melting staff against Carlo.

    “Oh, my god!” Thor exclaimed as Freyja looked horrified at the melting man.

    “I'm stepping in it. I'm stepping in it. Look out!” The Grandmaster said as he took a step back.

    “Oh, the smell.” Freyja groaned as she gagged. “What does it smell like?” The grandmaster asked. “Burnt toast.” Topaz answered.

    “What happened to my manners? I haven't properly introduced myself. Come on. Follow me.” He said and the two chairs followed him. They came to a relaxing lounge where musicians played some strange instruments.

    “My name is Grandmaster. I preside over a little harlequinade called the Contest of Champions. People come from far and wide to unwillingly participate in it. And you, my friends, might just be part of the new cast. What do you say to that?” he asked the two as he stood behind his keyboard.

    “We're not friends, and I don't give a shit about your games! I'm going back to Asgard!” Thor told him angrily. The Grandmaster chuckled.

    “Ass-gard.” He said before he began playing his music.

    Freyja rolled her eyes and looked at the crowd but tensed once she saw a familiar face. “Are you kidding me?” She asked softly and Thor followed her eyeline.

    “There was a wormhole in space and time beneath me. At that moment, I let go.” He told the people around them, and they all began chuckling. Freyja’s eyes hardened at the story.

    “Loki!? Loki! Over here!” Thor called him and once Loki saw his siblings, his smile fell. “Excuse me one second.” He told his friends and stood from the couch.

    “Loki!” Thor called again. “Shhh, shh.” Loki shushed him.

    “What? You're alive?” Loki asked the two. “Yes, of course, we’re alive.” Freyja said, pointing out the obvious in an annoyed tone.

    “What are you doing here?” Loki asked them. “What do you mean, what am I doing? I'm stuck in this stupid chair. Where's your chair?” Thor asked him.

    “I didn't get a chair.” Loki said. “Get us out of ours.” Thor told him. “I can't.” Loki whispered. “What?” Freyja asked in a hushed tone.

    “I've made friends with this man. He's called the Grandmaster.” Loki whispered. “Oh, he's crazy!” Freyja whispered again. “I've gained his favor. The Bifrost brought me out here weeks ago.” Loki hushed.

    “Weeks ago? We just got here.” Thor whispered with a frown. “What are you whispering about?” The Grandmaster whispered and the three siblings recoiled at the man.

    “Time works real different around these parts.” He informed them. “On any other world, I'd be like, millions of years old. But here on Sakaar...” he trailed off and an awkward silence fell between them.

    “In any case, you know this... You call yourself Lord of Thunder? And the Goddess of War?” The Grandmaster asked Loki. “God of Thunder. Tell him.” Thor told Loki.

    “I've never met these two in my life.” Loki said with a smile. “He's our brother.” Freyja growled. “Adopted.” Loki quickly responded.

    “Are they any kind of fighters?” The Grandmaster asked Loki. “You take this thing out of my neck, and I'll show you.” Thor threatened with a sarcastic chuckle.

    “Now listen to that. He's threatening me. Hey, Sparkles, here's the deal. If you wanna get back to Ass-place, Assberg...” The Grandmaster began.

    “Asgard.” Freyja growled. “Any contender who defeats my champion, their freedom they shall win.” The Grandmaster told them.

    “Fine. Then point me in the direction of whoever's ass I have to kick.” Thor said irritably. “That's what I call, contender! Direction would be this way, Lord and Lady.”

    “Loki!” Thor yelled as the chairs began moving again.

    Two guards shoved Thor and Freyja into the dungeon and the two fell onto the ground. Freyja growled as she got up and used one of her blasts to try and open the door, but it did nothing. It did shake the entire building though.

    “Hey! Take it easy man! Over here. The pile of rocks waving at you. Yeah I'm actually a thing, I'm a being. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Korg. I'm kind of like the leader in here. I'm made of rocks, as you can see, but don't let that intimidate you. You don't need to be afraid unless you're made of scissors.” Korg said and Freyja panted as the two looked at him.

    “Just a little rock-paper-scissor joke for you. This is my very good friend over here, Miek. He's an insect and has knives for hands.” Freyja frowned at the creature in an exoskeletal suit.

    “You're a Kronan, aren't you?” She asked him. “That I am.” He confirmed. “How'd you end up in here?” Thor asked him.

    “Well, I tried to start a revolution but didn't print enough pamphlets, so hardly anyone turned up. Except for my mom and her boyfriend, who I hate. As punishment, I was forced to be in here and become a gladiator. Bit of a promotional disaster.” Korg explained as they walked.

    “But I'm actually organizing another revolution. I don't know if you'd be interested in something like that. Do you reckon you'd be interested?” he asked as Thor jogged around the circular dungeon.

    But he loops back around, and Freyja frowned at him. “How did you,” Thor asked confused.

    “Yeah, no. This whole thing is a circle. But not a real circle, more like a freaky circle.” Korg answered. “This doesn't make any sense.” Freyja said.

    “No, nothing makes sense here. The only thing that does make sense, is that nothing makes sense.” Korg told them.

    “Has anyone here fought the Grandmaster's Champion?” She asked Korg and Thor looked interested.

    “Doug has. Doug! Oh, right, Doug's dead. That's right. Everyone who fights the Grandmaster's champion perishes.” He said and she sighed.

    “What about you? You're made of rocks.” Thor pointed out.

    “Perishable rocks.” Korg answered and another one of his rocks fell from his body.

    “There you go. Another one gone. Yeah, no, I just do the smaller fights, warm up the crowd and whatnot. Wait. You're not gonna face him, are you?” he asked.

    “Yes we are. Fight him, win, and get the hell out of this place.” Thor summarized and Freyja nodded.

    “That's exactly what Doug used to say. See you later, new Doug.” Korg greeted and walked back to Miek.

    As the siblings sat against the wall, Freyja nudged Thor. “Come on.” She said and got onto her knees, facing the wall. Thor knew exactly what she meant, and he mirrored her position from beside her before he took her hand in his.

    “Odin, I bid you take your place in the halls of Valhalla.” The sibling prayed together, hand in hand. “Where the brave shall live forever. Nor shall we mourn but rejoice-”

    “-for those that have died the glorious death.” As they finished, a new voice joined them. Freyja sighed before she dropped back down and leaned with her back against the wall again.

    Thor did the same as she glared at Loki.

    “It hurts, doesn't it? Being lied to. Being told you're one thing and then learning it's all a fiction.” He said, making this about himself, again.

    Thor picked up some stones that have fallen from Korg's leg and casually started throwing them through Loki's illusion.

    “You didn't think I'd really come and see you, did you? This place is disgusting.” Loki said and Freyja shook her head a bit.

    “Does this mean you don't want my help?” he asked but neither answered him.

    “Look, I couldn't jeopardize my position with Grandmaster, it took me time to win his trust. He's a lunatic, but he can be amenable.” Loki tried to reason with them.

    “What I'm telling you is, you could join me at the Grandmaster's side. Perhaps, in time, an accident befalls the Grandmaster, and then...” he motioned with his thumbs to get out of there.

    “You're not seriously thinking of going back, are you? Our sister destroyed your hammer like a piece of glass. She's stronger than the three of us. She's stronger than you both. You don't stand a chance. Do you understand what I'm saying to you?” Loki told them.

    They once again ignored him.

    “Fine. I guess I'll just have to go it alone. Like I've always done.” Loki said, belittling and Freyja scoffed and shook her head again, looking down.

    “Would you say something?” He asked the two, who still said nothing. “Say something!” Loki yelled at them.

    “What would you like me to say? You faked your own death, you stole the throne, stripped Odin of his power, stranded him on Earth to die, releasing the Goddess of Death. Have I said enough, or do you do you want me to go further back than the past two days?” Thor glared at him.

    “You know, you said that you were going to go at it alone.” Freyja began, looking at her hands as her arms rested on her knees. “And you’re right. You are going to.” She said with a nod.

    “Because you gave up on family.” She said and looked at Loki with hatred in her eyes. Loki looked guilty. “You gave up on me.” She told him.

    “You have this idea in your head that I had betrayed you in some way when I never actually did. Even when you saw yourself as a monster I still saw you as my brother, but you pushed me away to steam in your own self-pity.” She told him and he couldn’t even look her in the eyes.

    She let out a scoff with a shake of her head.

    “There’s always going to be one thing that’s constant with you, Loki and that’s going to be betrayal and disappointment.” She said and he looked at her with hurt in his eyes.

    “That’s the one thing we can count on from you. Because Loki always disappoints, no matter who you are or what you’re doing. He’s always his number one.” Freyja finished with a glare. Loki covered the hurt with a glare.

    “You know, I haven't seen this Beloved Champion he talks of, but I've heard he's astonishingly savage. I've placed a large wager against you tomorrow. Don't let me down.” He said and Freyja shook her head again.

    Thor threw a broken piece of a bottle at the wall as Loki’s illusion disappeared.

    “Piss off, ghost!" Korg yelled as he ran in and kicked the wall where Loki had stood.

    “He's freaking gone.” He whispered as Miek also ran in. Freyja just shook her head.

    A few hours later the guards took the contestants out to the receiving area where they could choose their own weapons.

    “Yuck! There's Still someone's hair and blood all over this. Guys, can you clean up the weapons once you finish your fight? Disgusting slobs.” She heard Korg complain as she just stared at the weapons on the walls.

    “Thor...wanna use a big wooden fork?” Korg asked and she turned to them. “No.” Thor answered as Freyja took two swords from the wall.

    “Yeah, not really useful unless you're fighting off three vampires that were huddled together.” Korg explained as he made a stabbing motion with the stake.

    “I really wish I had my hammer.” Thor whispered and Freyja frowned sadly at him.

    “Hammer?” Korg asked him.

    “Quite unique. It was made from this special metal from the heart of a dying star. And when I spun it really, really fast it gave me the ability to fly.” Thor explained and Freyja smiled.

    “You rode a hammer?” Korg asked and Freyja bit back a smile. “No, I didn't ride the hammer.” Thor replied.

    “The hammer rode you on your back?” Korg asked again. “No. I used to spin it really fast, and it would pull me off the,” Thor began explaining again.

    “Oh my God. The hammer pulled you off?” Korg asked shocked and this time Freyja let out a scoff of laughter, turning to the weapons wall.

    “The ground. It would pull me off the ground, up into the air, and I would fly. Every time I threw it, it would always come back to me.” Thor explained, shooting Freyja a look.

    “Sounds like you had a pretty special and intimate relationship with this hammer and that losing it was almost comparable to losing a loved one.” Korg said and Freyja smiled at her brother.

    “That's a nice way of putting it.” Thor said softly.

    Freyja spotted Scrapper 142 at the bar behind the forcefield containing the contestants and eyed the fob on her belt.

    “See her, the one that put us in here.” Freyja pointed out and Thor tensed as he saw the scrapper.

    “Yeah, Scrapper 142. She's strong. And she drinks a lot.” Korg pointed out as she got a beer from the bar.

    “Gotta watch out for those Asgardians, man. They are hard to perish.” Korg said and both siblings frowned at him.

    “Asgardian?” Thor asked. The two looked at one another.

    The two broke away and hurried to the forcefield, catching her attention.

    “Hey! Hey!” Thor called after her. Scrapper 142 held the fob up in warning. “Hey.” She said uninterested.

    “Do not zap me with that thing. I just wanna talk. Asgard is in danger.” Thor told her in earnest. The two recognize her tattoo. Freyja’s eyes widened.

    “You’re a Valkyrie.” She breathed. Thor’s eyes widened.

    “My God, you're a Valkyrie. I used to wanna be a Valkyrie when I was younger...until I found out that you were all women. There's nothing wrong with women, of course. I love women. Sometimes a little too much. Not in a creepy way, just more of a respectful appreciation. I think it's great that there is an elite force of women warriors. It's about time.” Thor stuttered and Freyja rolled her eyes in annoyance.

    “Are you done?” Valkyrie asked him. “Lord of Thunder, Lady War, you're up.” A guard called for them.

    “Please, help me. We need your help.” Freyja asked her.

    “Bye.” She turned to leave. Freyja growled in anger. “Fine, then you must be a traitor or a coward because the Valkyrie are sworn to protect the throne.” Freyja shot her and she stopped in her tracks.

    Valkyrie turned to the two with a glare.

    “Listen closely, your majesties. This is Sakaar, not Asgard. And I'm a scrapper, not a Valkyrie.” She told them angrily.

    A few guards dragged the two away from the forcefield.  “Bring them in for processing!” A guard yelled.

    “And no one escapes this place. So you're gonna die anyway” She said before she walked away.

    In the processing room, Freyja is strapped to a chair for the second time that day, in a separate room from her brother.

    They changed a few things on her armor as some of the women braided her hair.

    There were two braids that were tightly braided against her head on the right before the rest of her hair was pulled into a tight ponytail in the middle of the back of her head.

    Hundreds of thousands of spectators could be heard as guards shoved swords and shields her way. They shoved her in a small dark room, where the noise of the crowd was louder, and she assumed that the door was to open for her.

    “Wow! Look at all of you. What a show, WHAT-A-NIGHT! Who's having fun? Please, I'm your host. Big round of applause for all of our undercard competitors, who died so gruesomely. Good sports. What a show! What a night! This is what you've come for and so have I.” The grandmaster’s voice carried through the stadium.

    Freyja just rolled her eyes, clenching her fist around an unknown hilt of a sword. it didn’t feel right in her hand. More applause could be heard.

    “And now, without further ado, it's main event time!” The Grandmaster announced and the applause doubled in volume.

    “Making his first appearance, though he looks quite promising, got a couple of tricks up his sleeve. I'll say no more, see what you think. Ladies and gentlemen,” The Grandmaster began, and Freyja frowned a bit.

    “I give to you...Lord of Thunder!” He announced and Freyja rolled her eyes again.

    “Watch out for his fingers. They make sparks.” The Grandmaster said. “Alright, in this double act, get ready for the next badass lady.” The Grandmaster announced.

    “She’s fierce even though she might not look like much, but I promise you, she’s got fire. So, let me introduce to you, the Lady of War!” He announced and the door opened in front of Freyja.

    She walked out as the people booed her. She caught sight of Thor and raised her eyebrows at his appearance. His hair was short, and they had painted two red stripes on his face.

    They had also pained her face, three red lines over her left eye and down her neck.

    “Okay, this is it. Let's get ready to welcome this guy. Here he comes. He is a creature. What can we say about him? Well, he's unique. There's none like him. I feel a special connection with him.”

    The floor beneath the two lowered down by a few feet, revealing a door across the siblings. The two took a few steps closer to one another.

    The entire crowd was on their feet. The spotlights change to bright stadium lights.

    “He's undefeated. He’s the reining, he’s the defending. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you,” The Grandmaster began introducing as the ground shuddered. Freyja’s eyes glowed in anticipation.

    “THE INCREDIBLE HULK!” The Grandmaster introduced and The Hulk busted through the door that was still busy opening. He was wearing classic Sakaarian armor, and he let out a loud roar.  

    Freyja’s eyes widened as they stopped glowing, and Thor also dropped his swords beside his body in shock. “Yes!” Thor yelled and a smile spread across Freyja’s face.

    In the VIP box, Loki’s face paled at the memory of their last encounter.

    “Hey! We know each other. He's a friend from work.” Thor yelled up at the box with a smile.

    “Where have you been? Everybody thought you were dead.” Freyja asked delighted to see her old friend again.

    “So much has happened since I last saw you. I lost my hammer. Like, yesterday, so that's still pretty fresh.” Thor told him, trailing off sadly.

    “Loki! Loki's alive. Can you believe it? He's up there. Loki! Look who it is!” Thor yelled up again and Freyja bit back a smile.

    “Banner, I never thought I would say this, but I'm happy to see you.” Thor said and Freyja nodded in agreement.

    Hulk was eyeballing the crowd that was still chanting his name. “Banner. Hey, Banner!” Freyja called for him. He grimaced as he suppressed Banner’s consciousness.

    “No Banner, only Hulk!” He yelled. He charged at the two, who immediately frowned and defended themselves against him.

    “What are you doing? It's us.” Freyja yelled at him.

    The two dodged a few of his attacks before Hulk threw Freyja in the air. She turned mid-air and used her sword to stop her momentum. Thor drew his two swords as well.

    “Banner, we're friends. This is crazy. I don't want to hurt you!” Freyja yelled as she landed a few punches. It didn’t last though, before Hulk attacked her with his Warhammer.

    Hulk attacked Thor as he tried to protect Freyja, slamming him into the wall of the arena. Thor jumped down just in time to avoid Hulk's Warhammer, which hit the wall so hard that it remained lodged.

    Hulk charged at Freyja again, swords at the ready. Thor used this distraction to grab the Warhammer and hit The Hulk with it, sending him flying and dazed.

    As The Hulk was down and the crowd was silent, Freyja slowly made her way to him.

    “Hey, big guy. The sun's getting real low.” She began, taking tentative steps towards him. He takes his helmet off and gave her a curious look.

    “That's it. The sun's going down. I won't hurt you anymore. No one will.” She said gently.

    Thor smiled at Hulk from beside Freyja as she smiled at him. Hulk gave the crowd, who was confused a look before he looked back at Freyja. Just as he lunged for her, Thor pushed her out of the way before Hulk has him by the leg.

    He hit Thor on the ground like a ragdoll and Freyja’s eyes widened. He threw Thor through the air before he landed harshly on the ground.

    The crowd cheered again as Freyja got up, eyes glowing. “All right. Screw it.” She muttered.

    He lunged at her, and she used her swords to deflect his attacks, breaking his Warhammer before Thor joined them.

    “I know you're in there, Banner. I'll get you out!” He said before he hit The Hulk with his weapon, bringing him to his knees.

    “What's the matter with you? You're embarrassing me! I told them we were friends!” Freyja told him as she attacked him before he hit her in the head, sending her flying again.

    “Freyja!” Thor yelled after her.

    Thor went to get The Hulk’s attention, but he hit him away before he jumped and landed on Freyja. He hit her over and over again. With each hit, Freyja saw her Father on the cliff they said goodbye.

    “Freyja.” Odin whispered and Freyja was hit in the face again. “Let go.” He said and Freyja’s eyes entirely filled with golden energy before she let out a massive blast, sending The Hulk flying.

    Thor’s eyes widened as he ran over to help her up. “What the hell was that?” he asked as she looked at him, eyes still golden with power.

    “Me.” She whispered.

    The crowd cheered for her before The Hulk attacked Thor. He tackled him to the ground and Freyja’s concentration was broken. She tried to get her powers back to max as The Hulk hit Thor over and over again like he did with her.

    Before Freyja could do anything, Thor let out a massive load of thunder, throwing The Hulk off of him. He got up, eyes blue with lightning as he looked at Freyja. She smiled at him.

    “Thunder! Power! Thunder! Power!” The crowd cheered for the siblings.

    Freyja felt an overwhelming amount of magic building inside of her, so she trusted her father’s words and let go. She let out a pulse as golden whisps swirls on top of her skins’ surface and eyes golden.

    Just as the siblings were to attack The Hulk, both of them got zapped by the chips in their necks. The Grandmaster smiled at the two as they dropped to the ground from the fob that he had. Loki sent him a look before looking worriedly down at his siblings.

    The Hulk jumped in the air, before he dropped onto both siblings, knocking them unconscious.

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    Whisked Away to Bliss

    Fandom: MCU

    Paring: Doctor Strange X Female Reader

    Contains: Mostly Fluff

    Sequel to "Whisked Away"

    AN: I had a few requests to write a part two and possibly a series. As much as I wanted to do this in series form, with the amount on my plate, I wouldnt do it justice. So I am presenting what would have been the end of the series as part 2. I hope you all enjoy.

    *Using this gif because its the greatest ever*

    It was the most surreal feeling ever.

    Here you were in the church again for another wedding.

    But this time, it was yours.

    The last time you had been here for a wedding it was two year prior. It was a wedding that you had almost skipped out on due to heartbreak.

    But because you listened to a wise woman, that was your roommate Julia, your maid of honor, you were now here, in a back room putting the final touches on your hair and makeup.

    Your small bridal party, which consisted of Julia and a few others, had already finished getting ready and were about to head out to take their places. 

    "Are you ready?" She asked as she opened the door to leave. 

    "I'll be out in a minute." You said, still looking at your reflection.

    As she closed the door, you were glad to have a moment alone. Though you didn't have cold feet in the slightest, you were feeling a bit overwhelmed.

    Since the moment you had awoken, you hardly had a minute to yourself. From waking up covered in rose petals with breakfast waiting for you on the bedside table, it had been from one point to another almost nonstop.

    Looking yourself up and down in the mirror,  you wondered if somehow this was a fairy tale. Surely this was just a dream, you dressed in a custom Alexander McQueen wedding gown and veil, complete with shoes made just for you. How your fiance had pulled it off, you didn't know, but he had. If there was one thing he knew how to do,  it was to make you feel like a queen.

    Glancing down at the table, you saw the purple and white bouquet Julia had made for you. She had done exquisite work. She had even made a small silk bag to go with it, to carry the cards you had used to write your vows.

    Remembering your vows, you quickly picked up the bouquet and took them out. Reading them again, you wondered if they would be enough to convey to your beloved just how much he meant to you.

    20 minutes passed. Julia hadn't seen you and was beginning to worry. Quickly she headed back to the preparation room and knocked on the door.

    "(Y/N?) Are you ready? It's almost time." She spoke through the door.

    "Almost." She heard you reply. 

    Julia thought to go in when she heard footsteps behind her. Turning around, she saw that it was your fiance, Doctor Stephen Strange, looking a bit concerned.

    "Is she okay?" He asked.

    "I'm sure she is, just give me a minute. " Julia replied as she walked into the room.

    "Are you okay?" She asked, closing the door, concerned that you were having second thoughts. 

    "I am..it's just…I still can't believe this is happening. " 

    "After all the things your fiance has introduced you to, this is unbelievable?" She joked.

    "Yes it is. I guess I'm still not used to all this." You explained, gesturing to your expensive gown.  

    "You're marrying an Avenger. That's not something everyone can say." Julia replied.  "Speaking of which, he's outside."

    Instantly you panicked. "Does he have to leave?"

    "Not that he mentioned, but he is wondering if you are okay."

    "He can't see me yet."

    "I know. But would talking to him help?" Julia asked.

    "Sure. But only through the door."

    With a nood, Julia stepped out of the chambers and pulled the door enough to where there was an inch crack.

    "She's okay. But she wants to hear from you." She explained to your fiance. "But no going in."

    Julia left to give you a bit of privacy. Both you and Strange walked over to the door, anxious to see each other.


    "I'm here." Came that velvety smooth voice of his. "Are you alright?"

    "I am. It's just, I'm sorry.."


    "It's silly, but I keep wondering if all this is a dream. And I keep wondering if I'm gonna wake up any moment. " You said. "Everything is so surreal. I almost wanna ask you to pinch me just in case."

    Stephen smiled gently as he came up with an idea. 

    "I could do you one better. But I need something from you. "

    "What's that?" You asked curiously.

    "Your hand."

    Stephen waited patiently for you to reach your hand our from behind the door. The second he saw it, he took it in his and brought it up to his lips giving it a tender kiss.

    Feeling his soft lips on your hand made you melt. That was one of the most magical parts about him. Every kiss, no matter if sweet of passionate, it always had that effect on you, as if you were feeling it for the first time. A moment later, Stephen nearly made you moan out loud as he quickly kissed the tips of your fingers, even gently pulling on one with his mouth.

    It took everything you had not to burst the door open and plant a kiss on him. But if you did, it would spoil the surprise. But that didn't mean you didn't have other options. 

    "Stephen? Step back and close your eyes a moment. "

    With a playful smile, Stephen obeyed, though he fought the urge to peek. 

    To make it fair as you opened the door, you kept yours closed as well. Reaching out for him, your hands quick fell on his chest. 

    Stephen reached out his arms and pulled you in. He didn't have time to react when he felt your hands on his face and then your mouth on his. The kiss you gave him was enough to make his legs go weak.

    The two of you might have been locked together for a few minutes or longer. It would have gone on even longer if both sides of the wedding party hadn't snuck upstairs to see what the hold up was. 

    Knowing full well each side wanted to surprise the other, Julia snuck up behind you while Wong, Stephen's best man snuck of behind him. Both of them wordlessly placed a hand over the eyes of their respective parties.

    "Alright you two. First things first. " Julia said. With a smirk, Wong led Stephen away to the chapel. Once Stephen was out of sight, she removed her hand from your eyes.

    "Are you ready now?" She asked, wondering how far the two of you would have gone had she and Wong not interrupted. 

    "Yes. I am."

    Grabbing your bouquet, you straightened your hair and dress. Following your maid of honor, the two of you soon arrived at the entryway. 

    Spotting you, one of the ushers signaled to a group of pipes and drums. They quickly began playing the song that you and Stephen had selected, "Highland Cathedral. "

    Following their cues, your bridal party walked ahead. You followed close behind, keeping your eyes ahead towards your soon to be husband. You quickly spotted him and to your delight saw that he was garbed in the same suit that he wore 2 years ago. The very suit he wore when he swept you off your feet.

    Stephen brought his hands to his face in awe when he saw you. Though he had an idea of the gown you planned to wear, nothing could prepare him for the absolute vision of beauty you were walking towards him. As you got to the altar, Stephen took your hand in his and kissed it, making you feel like a Queen.

    The ceremony was perfect.  When it came time for the vows, you decided to forgo your cards and just speak from the heart. When it was Stephen's turn, he did the same, nearly making you cry with how sweet they were. When all was said and done, even the minister was tearing up.

    After the rings were exchanged and the minister presented you and Stephen to the crowd, the both of you went straight for each other, not bothering to wait for the minister to give the cue. You didn't think it was possible for Stephen's kisses to get any sweeter but they did.

    An hour later, at the reception, you and Stephen could hardly keep your hands off each other. All who were in attendance were stunned to see not only you so happy, but to see Stephen so openly affectionate with someone.

    When it came time for the first dance, Stephen led you out onto the floor. Seconds later you heard a familiar song, "I Only Have Eyes For You." By The Flamingos. That had been the only song the two of you considered. 

    While the two of you danced, some watched, some took photos, already planning to send them to a news source. Many would pay for wedding and reception pictures. But some, when they posted them, knew a certain someone might well see them. This person swore up and down when he heard about you and Stephen that the two of them wouldn't last two weeks. When the engagement was announced, he swore that there would be no wedding. 

    As Julia went on to Facebook, she started uploading a few at a time, adding well wishes to the post. After they were done loading, she scrolled through her timeline. A particular post stopped her. It was a long diatribe, filled with all sorts of nastiness aimed toward the couple she had just posted about. He accused you of having an affair with Stephen the whole time and that he bet you would cheat on Stephen. She knew it could only be from your knob of an ex boyfriend. 

    Not about to let him spoil the fun, Julia proceeded to comment under his post a long list of the less than savory things he had done, complete with proverbial receipts.After everything had happened before, she had begun to accumulate a file to use just in case he pulled a stunt like this and was more than happy to finally post them. Mere moments after she posted her comment, your ex took the whole thing down and blocked her.

    Hours later, after the first dance, the bouquet and garter toss, it was time for the two of you to head out. Since the two of you would be heading to Scotland for your honeymoon, you would be leaving right away.

    Stephen had already been one step ahead, had taken your luggage and his and had taken it via portal to the hotel on the Isle of Skye. He had even checked in to make sure the room was ready. 

    The crowd threw rice on the two of you as you walked outside. To the delight of everyone, Stephen conjured a portal in front of the group. While he took your hand in his, your roommate snapped a few last shots of the two of you waving, just before the two of you vanished. It had been the most surreal day ever.

    It was also the most magical. And it was only going to get more so.

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    Yes Peter?

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  • geeky-politics-46
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    Wlell crap. You remember the thing I talked about where you start with a clear idea of who the reader is supposed to end up with, but then you manage to write yourself into a corner by falling for both of them? Then you don't want to hurt either of them?

    Yeah. It's happened again. At least they are both technically the same person this time? Does that make is better or worse?

    PS. There are now gonna be at least 3 or 4 parts to "You Belong To Me", my Sinister Strange story. Oops... new mini series!

    #stephen strange#doctor strange #doctor strange smut #stephen strange x reader #doctor strange x reader #stephen strange smut #sinister strange x reader #sinister strange smut #sinister strange x you #sinister strange #doctor strange x you #stephen strange x you #dr. stephen strange #sexy sorcerer #but i want them both #i know hes evil #i love him anyway #dont judge me
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    📸 | Xochitl Gomez and Benedict Cumberbatch dancing together on backstage of 'Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness' ☺️❤️

    via: _xochitl.gomez tik tok 📸

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    And now it’s officially May 20 where I’m at and this blog is officially running into spoiler territory!!!!!

    I have a lot to say sweet Nonnies. Whoa boy so much. I wanna see the movie one more time just to refresh my mind. Idk. But I will say this for now.

    We have got to be the most steadfast group of fans. Our ship is so incredibly niche with barely any new canon to glean from and yet….we’re surviving. Like I think of other ships that were full blown armadas and are essentially dead now. And then I think of this little canoe here and WOW. We are fucking survivors man. Making gems out of coal and thriving in the desert that is canon.

    I just wanna thank you all for being so incredibly supportive. Your interaction and engagement keeps this blog alive! And I’ll be forever grateful to have this little strordo sanctum to hide away in from the rest of the crazy world. And yes, the movie was pretty disappointing at points and downright terrible at others. And yet…..I got over it a lot easier than I thought I would. And I truly believe it’s because the headcanons and thoughts you all share here eased the blow of anger and disappointment. Like a fucking magical cushion that eased the fall to the ground.

    Thank you guys. Thank you so much.

    And also….Wongrange man. Why didn’t we call it Strong? Missed opportunity for sure. Strordo 838….oh baby the headcanons for that 🔥 Mordo 616….my darling, my love…..if anyone needs to be avenged, it’s your characterization.

    But more on that in a few hours. Ya girl needs to sleep a little.

    Then the frustrating dissection of this movie begins, as well as the dives into the wonderful asks that were sent to me containing spoilers.

    We’ll have fun here folks 😉 If there’s anything we do good here, it’s making the most with what we’ve got. Gonna take the little rocks they threw at us and build a castle from it. We’ll make it work.

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