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  • nintendogal55
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    So, a discussion on Twitter led to me collaborating with a fun and talented writer in which we write out a silly AU where the show is done by actors! :D In this AU, Blitz and Stolas are actors and dating in real life (my tweet about the idea is what sparked this)

    Basically, Blitz decides fuck it, and wants to act out an alternate take on the ending of episode 7 XD

    All the relevant links are at the end of the fic's notes~!

    This was so, so much fun to do and we hope you guys enjoy it as well! :)

    Warning: 18+ references and language

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  • ambrial-blog
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    The Song remains the Same: The Conclusion. 

    “Tonight as the storm rages on, I want to pull you close and hold you tight, all through the night.”

    “ He broke your heart, left you in pieces, he used you up and led you on, my sad lonesome country song”

    “Oh Blitzy, your everything to me your auburn eyes scorch my soul, and I feel like I'm burning out of control.

    “Sweet Victory, your everything I need, don't lose yourself love to those who cannot see” Blitzo rubs his burning eyes he could feel the couch dip and the touch of a warm calloused hand. Blitzo jerks back startled to see the cowboy in his apartment. Blitzo flinches as a warm cloth caress his face. Blitzo found that he couldn't move Striker had his face in his hands. But what was Striker doing here hadn't he locked the door behind him?

    It felt almost nice, being pampered like this. He must've been dreaming. He was hallucinating he told himself. The Cowboy didn't know where he lived, they weren't living together. He smirked leaning into the touch. Smiling morosely up at the Cowboy. He was dreaming, it had to be a dream. There was noway Striker would be here with him. He had callously turned the cowboy down at the Harvest Moon Festival months ago.

    Hadn't he?.

    He could allow himself this one delusion, he owed himself that much. His heart ached throbbing painfully in his chest. “I probably look weak and pathetic in your eyes, go ahead cowboy rub it in”   He tempted fate, feeling Striker massage his temples, he opened his aching eyes to see if he was dreaming.

    Striker!” The imp whispers a sharp tone in his voice afraid if he spoke any louder the dream would evaporate. And he'd be left to static on the radio alone in his apartment with slit wrists, and a bleeding heart.

    “Hmm” the cowboy answers. “Not that I'm complaining too much but why are you here?” why am I dreaming about you, this isn't like the hallucinations he suffered through. Those months he spent with Stolas trying to get over them. Blitzo, had fucked Stolas so hard that the Boss imp believed he was whole, and for a time it worked. Stolas kept the nightmares at bay, but Blitzo was spiraling and no one seemed to notice.

    Or care. “you dream about me sugar, the cowboy smirks. “There is nowhere I'd rather be then by your side Blitzy, I've worked with some rather remarkable people in the past. But none of them resonates the way you do partner. “You see what I'm saying Sugar-cube?, Stolas used you, you were nothing more than a silly little plaything, his love life is on the rocks and just wants you to ride his dick, he doesn't care about your company. He isn't here tonight I am, and if you choose me tonight, my stick of dynamite will set hell ablaze with our fire and burn a trail leading straight to Lucifer's door. “I'm sick of being looked down upon, just because I was born a hybrid. “You and I are cut from the same cloth, Boss man”   Nothing will stop us we could have it all. “I'll lay it all down at your feet, everything you could dream of and more, choose me Blitzy, choose Bombproof and leave this all behind. Little the little vermin have the company we could have something bigger, better, just the two of us

    Striker purrs tugging on his earlobe, his warm mouth chasing away another stray tear. Blitzo wanted to be alone, needed to be alone, deserved to be alone.

    And yet, he was at the mercy, of a mercenary. Who wouldn't let Blitzo drown in misery. The cowboy imp wasn't like Fizzorolli, he wasn't as jaded as Verosika. But he was selfish and was used to getting what he wanted.

    He was a blood thirsty killer, out to murder his prince.

    Was this just another sugar-coated lie?. Was the snake leading him on?. But Striker was here, the others weren't.

    Striker smirked watching the conflict ion mirror in his eyes. The snake imp continued to croon into Blitzo's ear, while snapping  the buttons from Blitzo's jacket with his teeth.

    “Sweet victory, your everything to me” “I brush my mouth against your skin, the touch hand, the taste of your lips against mine” “Let make a bet, lets seal the deal love” “Cause the way you make love, is wild, A cowboy could lose his mind” “In sweet victory, your everything I need” “First the Ares Goeita Bloodline, and then next: The King of Greed, and the Queen of lustful desires” I'll  go throw his little black book of exes. Thought the wrangler with a wry smirk on his lips. “Moxie could go fuck himself” they sang in unison. Maybe it won't be so bad, thought Blitzo to himself. Before pausing, had he really thought that, had he considered offing Stolas in favor of a southern gentlemen.

    He wasn't thinking straight, he pauses listening to the soft rumbles of the cowboy's voice. “Seriously Striker what are you doing here?, he asks wondering if it was his tried mind playing tricks on him.  “I don't care how many time I have to reiterate this, darlin you need me, more than you ever know. Now, get some rest partner I'll be  here when you wake up.   “What if Loona needs me?” Blitzo asks eyes half-lidded. His flintlock was tucked away somewhere safe. He didn't need it, he told himself as he rested his head against the Cowboy's firm chest. He could hear Striker's heart beat lulling him to sleep. As the snake imp continues to hum, his song. He reaches over removing the receiver and pocketing Blitzo's cellphone no one was going to interrupt him tonight. He peered down at the Boss imp resting peacefully in his arms. “Night Blitzy.”

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  • silentzound
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Dont fuck with stolas

    #helluva boss#art#vivziepop#stolas #stolas helluva boss #helluva boss stolas #demon stolas #stolas demon form #helluva boss fanart
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  • hostii
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Did I not show off my Helluva boss ocs I’ve made??? Cause i love them

    Marchosias is Stolas big sister and Ipos is the acearo bestfriend

    #helluva boss#fanart #helluva boss fanart #oc artist#original character #stolas helluva boss #oc artwork #helluva boss stolas #helluva boss headcanon #helluva boss oc #lgbt oc#demon oc #helluva boss original character #helluvaboss art#iposhelluvaboss#marchosias#ipos
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  • blond-brainrot
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Wanted to show y'all Andrealphus Amorinne again (that's the last name I came up with)

    He's an Aussie-Accented Royal Marquis who is sometimes too nosy, mainly when it comes to his buddy, Stolas.

    Stolas and him are good friends and often they lounge out in Stolas's underground bunker mansion, and hell, Stolas's kids call Andre "uncle". Isn't that cute? Anyway, other than that, they both also get along really well with the Archangels Gabriel and Uriel, Bros before hoes!

    He also normally takes the appearance of a Jaguar-Peacock.

    Andrealphus is also great at math, loves stargazing, likes collecting weird shapes, like cups shaped like squares, circles, and such, he also likes turning his enemies into birds, most notably, Stolas's into owls as a token of friendship.

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  • blond-brainrot
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Stolas apparently taught me about the Cancrinite stone. He at first suggested I make my own pendulum using that stone, but we both agreed that it would be too difficult since I didn't have the tools, nor the money for them either. I ended up getting a rose quartz one and I've never felt more attached to an object. Ave Stolas!

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  • ambrial-blog
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    The Song Remains the Same: part 4

    Blitzo sulks back towards the musty, warn out old couch: mission failed, he hadn't the energy to self harm tonight. He was emotionally warn out, he turns on the the large wooden radio that sat smugly in the back corner: what the rich threw out would surprise or disgust you, Blitzo curls up into himself.

    “Thank you for tuning in, to channel 666, I am Alastor: your friendly cannibal bringing you chilling tales to tell in the dark. Blitzo got lost in the ghostly fables, immersed in Alastor's Gaelic accent. That when a commercial came on he was half asleep. Listening to A smooth voice crooning over the radio. It was none other then the loathsome desperado singing his smash hit.

    “Your everything to me, sweet Victory.”

    “ Now don't you cry, I'll make everything alright” “Sweet victory, dry your tears and know your cowboy is here”  

    A loud thunderclap rolls through the heavy night air, taking out the expensive radio. “Fuck me, what a piece of junk. No wonder why they threw it out” the Boss imp moodily. The one night, he needed to hear something more than his own guilty conscious.  Blitzo peers out, at the radio  his ears burning listening to the dark timber of the cowboy's rich voice. Blitzo clutches his head, finding it odd that the cowboy's song continued on. Even as the smoke rolled out of the large radio.

    #Hellvua Boss #The song that Remains the same #Fanfiction #The Impish Heart #Striker/Blitzo#Stolas/Blitzo#Fizzorolli/Blitzo#Verosika/Blitzo#hurt/comfort #Guest starring Alastor the Radio demon.
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  • thecrazygamingzombie
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I love getting new merch!

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  • ficcrimes
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    Fandom: Helluva Boss Characters: Stolas, Blitz Ship: Stolas/Blitz  A/N: NSFW commission for @charsketches_ over on twitter! Be aware that this contains tentacles. Summary: Blitz arrives at Stolas' mansion a little early on one full moon and walks in on him practicing dark magic. What happens next is not something Blitz had been expecting - but he's certainly not complaining about it, either.


    Scaling the wall up to Stolas’ balcony with two cups of coffee had been easier said than done, and perhaps a more ambitious feat than Blitz had been prepared for. By the time he’d hauled himself over the railing, it was nothing short of a miracle he hadn’t spilled anything from either the cup wrapped up in his tail or the one precautiously pinched between his teeth by the rim. However, taking both cups back into his hands came as a mild relief when he found the heavy doors that led to Stolas’ bedroom properly closed and latched shut.

    When it came time for their monthly rendezvous, Stolas usually left the doors at least cracked open, allowing the imp easy and quiet access to the bed-chamber. So for Blitz to not be able to get one door open with the toe of his boot or a calculated nudge of his hip was not only a little surprising but also frustrating.

    Idly, he did take into account that he was a little earlier than Stolas probably expected, but that did little to ease his irritation.

    All but growling while carefully shoving one cup of coffee up against his chest, cradled by the crook of an elbow and his bicep, he wrenched one of the double doors open to let himself in. Blitz had barely crossed the threshold before he found himself suddenly grabbed about the waist and pulled quite carelessly into the bedroom. Any efforts to keep the coffee from spilling had been for naught as both drinks were knocked from his grasp and sent careening to the floor.

    “What the fuck?!” Blitz snapped, but frustration and anger quickly gave way to something else as he looked down at whatever was wrapped around his waist. A long tendril of what looked to be pure, glittering darkness held him fast. It seemed to knead and squeeze at him, and one curious tip had started to prod at his chest.

    “Oh!” Stolas’ surprised, clearly concerned, gasp from a few feet away snapped Blitz’s attention away from the thing around his waist and toward the prince. There Stolas stood, clad in his robe, one hand clutched to his chest and the other outstretched, enveloped in a deep, swirling purple magic. Just a foot or so away from Stolas’ magic-wielding hand was a dark and writhing mass, which seemed to be the source and root of the thing currently holding onto Blitz.

    “Satan,” Stolas hissed, and while he doused the magic coming from his hand, that didn’t seem to vanquish the thing he had summoned. He moved quickly across the room, coming to stand in front of Blitz and grabbing at the tendril holding onto him, making a small effort to tug it away.

    The tendril, however, just seemed to hold on tighter, and Blitz’s gasp as the air was squeezed from him momentarily was only more cause for concern.

    “Ah! Are you alright?” Stolas asked quickly, all four eyes wide with worry as his hands moved away from the tentacle and up to hold Blitz’s face instead. “Had I heard you coming, I would have stopped all of this before you came in.”

    Breath returning to his lungs, Blitz grunted as he looked up to meet Stolas’ worried gaze. The concern was flattering, however, he had been through much worse than whatever this was. He grinned at the prince, absently leaning one cheek into Stolas’ soft touch.

    “Well, this is the last time I bring your spoiled ass Hellbucks.”

    Stolas paused his worry and glanced down at the cups on the floor. One paper and one plastic, lids popped off and the mixture of their hot and cold contents spilled across stone, soaking into and staining the edge of a rug. Were it not for the tentacle wrapped so tightly about the imp, Stolas may have allowed himself to be a little more touched by the sentiment.

    “We can worry about the coffee later,” Stolas said quickly, reigning himself in to deal with the more pressing matter at hand. He furrowed his brow as he dropped his gaze and both of his hands back to the darkness at Blitz’s waist. “I’d much rather get you free from this now.”

    At Stolas’ touch, the tentacle reacted. It pulsed and kneaded at Blitz again, and the tip that had been pressed against the lower portion of his chest began to crawl upward. Blitz watched it for a moment before looking back up to Stolas’ face with a grin.

    “You know… I’m not totally hating this.”

    Stolas’ full attention snapped back to Blitz’s face at that. “I beg your pardon?”

    Blitz’s grin widened, became sharper, and to illustrate his point he squirmed against the tentacle holding him again. As predicted, it squeezed at him and the imp groaned breathlessly.

    “This could,” he had to pause, regaining the breath that had, once more, been practically squeezed out of him, “be fun.”

    A glowing blush suddenly colored the bridge of Stolas’ beak and his cheeks. Since they had begun their tryst, they had certainly explored and experimented with a lot of things Stolas had never before allowed himself to even consider entertaining the thought of. Just when he had thought that maybe they had finally cusped, here Blitz was suggesting something new and exciting to him.

    “O-oh,” he cleared his throat and stammered, looking downward again to the tentacle wrapped around Blitz. It visibly throbbed around the smaller body, and the tip of it, by now, had worked its way up to the center of his sternum. “You think so?”

    Blitz snorted, rolling his eyes. “After all the shit we’ve done, you’re gonna puss out over some tentacles?”

    The way Stolas’ feathers ruffled at the question told Blitz all he needed to know. He didn’t give the prince time to respond before speaking again himself.

    “I didn’t think so.” Stolas didn’t need to look up to know Blitz’s grin was wide enough to split his face. “Let’s do this.”

    “And you’re sure?” Stolas asked, finally lifting his gaze again. His brow was knit together, a slight but obvious concern on his features.

    “Bitch, did I stutter?” Blitz asked, and made it a point to wriggle in the throbbing hold of the tentacle. “Get me naked and let’s fucking go.”

    Blitz’s enthusiasm and confidence must have been contagious. Whatever worry that may have been bubbling up inside of Stolas seemed to dissipate, replaced by cautious excitement. The furrow of his brow lessened and a crooked grin slowly found its way to his mouth.

    “As you wish, darling.”

    With a quick and fluid flick of his wrist, Blitz’s clothes and boots were stripped away from him, reappearing in a neatly folded pile on a nearby chaise. The simple display of magic hardly fazed Blitz, as he was used to it by now. The fact Stolas had taken care to so nicely set his clothing and boots aside under the current circumstances did make him snort though.

    However, what came next was, perhaps, a little more impressive. The dark magic that had been swirling around Stolas’ hand when Blitz barged into the room returned, and the massive root of the tentacle, which had been relatively still during these last few moments, came writhing back to attention. Blitz watched as more tendrils began to unfold from it, stretching outward, passing Stolas and eventually making their way toward him.

    One went for his face, the surprisingly warm tip of it prodding at one cheek and then the other. Another had dipped lower, feeling its way over one hip and then down that thigh. The one that had snagged itself about his waist seemed to squeeze on its own accord now, whether or not he fussed or fidgeted, making him grunt and gasp.

    What started as a careful exploration of his body seemed to shift very suddenly. The tentacle that had made its way down his leg wrapped around one calf while another snapped toward the other leg, doing the same. Two more came forward, quickly grabbing Blitz’s wrists and holding his arms away from himself and above his head.

    The shock of being snagged like that so abruptly was brief, and soon enough Blitz was grinning wide and sharp at Stolas again.

    “Oh, fuck yes. Now, this is some kinky shi—”

    Blitz’s exclamation of excitement was cut short, as the sixth tentacle that had been busy caressing his face forced its way into his mouth. Blitz’s eyes widened and a blush, defiant and embarrassed, bloomed across and bruised the bridge of his nose.

    Seeing this happening, Stolas was quick to step forward, the concern having returned to his flushed face. As he reached a hand out toward the tentacle, hoping to pull it free from Blitz’s mouth, the glittery, dark length shoved itself forward. Stolas could still feel himself very much in control of these things, but they were still somehow able to act on their own accord.

    Blitz gagged around the warm, throbbing mass in his mouth, doing what little he could with teeth and tongue to try and ease it out again. The more he bit at it and stroked it with his tongue though, the more this thing seemed to pulse, and though that sensation was completely new, it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. It didn’t take long at all before Blitz found himself moaning around it.

    Blitz’s moan, and the way he seemed to relax a little again, brought a wave of relief crashing over Stolas. He allowed himself, finally, to sit back on the edge of the bed, soft thighs squeezed tightly together as he watched the scene before him unfold.

    Two more shimmering strands of darkness found their way to Blitz. One fumbled its way up one tense thigh until it found his cock, already hard and desperate for attention. It coiled itself around the red length until it was completely encompassed and Blitz shuddered, giving a clumsy buck of his hips at the same time.

    The other looped itself lazily over one of Blitz’s hips, the tip of it at first toying with the base of his tail. From there, it slid lower and over one ass cheek, until it was able to find a point of entry. Blitz stiffened some at this and did his best to glance back and over his shoulder at the potential intrusion, but found himself encouraged to look forward again. The tentacle that was wrapped around his waist’s wandering end had coiled around his neck, the very tip of it pressed and pushing against one cheek, forcing him to look at Stolas.

    He groaned and growled around the thing in his mouth, squirming and shifting his hips as he stared Stolas down. The prince was thoroughly flushed, and though his thighs were squeezed together, Blitz could smell his arousal from where he was. It didn’t take much imagining to envision the wetness sticking to the feathers covering his vent, or how easily he’d open up if Blitz was wedged between those legs.

    His dick throbbed at the thought, and the tentacle wrapped around it squeezed before starting to slide itself around and up and down his length. The ministrations made him shiver, hips jutting forward into the touch. At the same time, the tentacle that had been busy behind him slid up to the base of his tail again. It probed at the underside of it before the tip dragged itself between his cheeks, leaving a slick, warm trail behind it as it made its way down to his opening. This earned the tentacles, and Stolas, another muffled moan from the imp.

    It was a relief to know that if it was going in, it wasn’t going in dry, but that didn’t mean Blitz was going to let it happen too easily. As he felt the slickened tip prodding at his opening, he did his best to squirm or shimmy, making the thing behind him work to earn its entry.

    In theory, this should have worked, but all his fussing and fidgeting did was make the tentacles holding him hold on tighter. He groaned again as the one around his waist, and now his neck, kneaded him roughly, doing their best to ensure his cooperation. When it became obvious he had stopped his wriggling, the tentacle behind him finally pushed its way inside.

    As he was filled with a good portion of the warm, pulsating feeler, the moan that left Blitz was deep and guttural, and it made Stolas audibly gasp in turn. He had certainly never dominated Blitz like this before, let alone draw such a sound from him. It made his vent ache, and he wanted for nothing more than to wrench Blitz free from the dark arms of what he’d summoned and have him for himself, but he withheld.

    Blitz, whose gaze had dropped at some point or another, found it in himself to let his glassy eyes settle on the prince again as the tentacles finally set to work on him. Each arm wrapped around him, holding him tight and aloft, kneaded at him, massaging his legs and wrists, his throat and middle. The one in his mouth pulsed against his tongue and teeth, unbothered by the way he had started to drool around it. The one coiled tight about his dick slid around him continuously, tugging and squeezing as it saw fit while the one behind him had started to thrust, steady and deep.

    From the bed, Stolas watched, wide-eyed and flushed as the tentacles went to work on his imp. While he did his best to keep up with all that was going on, his eyes were soon enough drawn downward. With every inward thrust of the tendril behind Blitz, a slight but distinct bulge surfaced in his lower belly. Stolas stared without shame, and his vent ached all the more as the tip of the tentacled visibly writhed inside Blitz’s smaller body.

    If Blitz was even aware of the distension, he couldn’t bring himself to care or even react to it. By now, his head drooped as low as the coil around his neck would allow, his once tense jaws slack against the darkness filling his mouth. He struggled to keep his gaze lifted and on Stolas, his eyes becoming heavy and fluttering shut every few seconds. He had never quite experienced pleasure like this; coming for him at all possible angles, pulsating and warm, surrounding him and filling him to capacity. The urge to resist, even for show, was completely lost now, however so was the strength to try and meet even one thrust or tug.

    Blitz moaned wordlessly around the glittery blackness in his mouth, throat flexing against the tip that had dared to go just a little farther every now and then. The tentacle coiled around his neck had begun to knead again, and the tip stroked his jawline almost soothingly while the ones below continued to relentlessly work his most sensitive places.

    The tentacle around his dick had started to move quicker, squeeze a little tighter, and Stolas could see that it had been coated with a generous amount of pre. While Stolas had managed to resist the urge to stop all of this and take Blitz for his own thus far, the desperate desire to touch himself had finally won. One hand had found itself trapped between his tense, trembling thighs, fingers buried inside his vent and pumping clumsily. The other hand had been placed on the bed for balance, a tight, twisted fistful of sheets caught in its grasp.

    “Blitzy,” he moaned, all four lust-bleared eyes still trained on the captive imp.

    Hearing his name was enough to make Blitz lift his heavy head, unfocused eyes searching the span of the room until they found Stolas again. His chest heaved as he made eye contact, and then glanced lower, watching as the prince fingered himself. His cock twitched and throbbed in its bindings, and it was his turn to moan again, deep and guttural around the wriggling gag in his mouth.

    The tentacle driving itself into him again and again did not relent, even as he drew closer and closer to orgasm by the second. His spine stiffened and he clenched at the thing inside him, at once trying to ease its assault and hold it in place. It, of course, continued to slide almost effortlessly in and out of him, even as he tightened, and this was what finally seemed to push him over the edge.

    He moaned again, almost choking on the tentacle in his mouth as he came. The tentacle at his dick continued to knead and pump and tug at him, only slowing down after a few long, torturous seconds had passed and a good portion of it had been spattered and smeared with cum. Though it had stilled, it did not let go of him just yet.

    The others, however, had begun to leave him. The one in his mouth withdrew, as did the one that had been buried so deep inside of him. They remained close, hovering and prodding gently at his spent body, but Blitz barely registered this. He was seeing stars, and every nerve felt like it had been set aflame. He knew that once the tentacles holding him up decided to let go, he’d be nothing but a heap on Stolas’ floor.

    Through the haze of his bliss, he was vaguely aware of the sound of Stolas moaning his name again, and then the strong scent of the owl’s orgasm found him. He managed a lazy grin, and lifted his head again just in time to see Stolas drop back against the bed, toes curled and talons scraping at the floor.

    “Holy fuck,” he hissed, chest heaving and heart hammering away behind his ribs. Maybe it was just the fog of pleasure still clouding his mind, but Stolas had never looked so good in all the time he had known him.

    The tentacles had begun to move again, and finally, the one around his spent dick unwrapped itself from it. He watched as it retreated back toward its root, as did the one that had taken him from behind. The others loosened their hold on him, releasing his wrists and legs and throat, but they didn’t completely let him go. Instead, they shifted to support his weight properly, their thick arms propped up under and behind him while their tips moved to stroke his face and chest and hips.

    “H-hey - ” he had started to protest, and that was enough to catch Stolas’ attention again. The prince propped himself up on his elbows, only barely recovered from his orgasm, to watch what was happening now. He tilted his head to the side just slightly, the smallest of smiles tugging at his beak.

    Blitz did his best to bat one curious tip away from his face, trying to hold it at arm’s length. A feat easier said than done when it felt like every limb weighed a ton all of a sudden.

    “I know I just got fucked in the ass and made these things’ bitch, but this is kinda gay,” he mumbled, trying and failing to keep another away from his tail. With the battle lost, the tentacle tangled itself with his tail, contentedly pulsating once it settled.

    Stolas chuckled quietly to himself, making no attempt to move from the bed. “I think they like you, darling.”

    Blitz snorted a little and then sighed, allowing the tentacles to continue their now gentle fondling. Amid all of their touching, Blitz didn’t even notice they had begun to move, bringing him closer to Stolas in the process, until he was finally dumped in the prince’s lap. Only once Stolas’ arms had come up to hold Blitz that the tentacles ultimately left him, retreating to their root.

    Despite the faint blush that now bruised the bridge of Blitz’s nose, he still grinned up at Stolas.

    “I’ve attracted worse in my time.”

    Stolas’ laugh was light and airy, accented by gentle hooting that made Blitz’s still thudding heart tremble. And when the prince leaned in to kiss him for the first time since he had arrived, he didn’t dodge it.

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  • ambrial-blog
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    The Song Remains the same Part 3

    Tears burn down his face as he considered his options,  was there another way?  Another path he had carelessly looked over. A trail that would lead him home and into the embrace of someone who cares, someone who wouldn't just throw him away?.

    And, who would be alongside them?. Once he got to where he was going?.

    Would she be there?, this sister he abandoned. Blitzo grimaces clutching his chest. Barbie-wire was his fierce protector always there, always by his side. Now  a recovering addict in rehab.

    She was always able to stand up to their father, never taking shit from him. Now, she was selling her body for a quick fix, getting high and forgetting for awhile.

    Forgetting that her twin was in a disheveled hospital with a sadistic lunatic. Did she hate him?.

    “of course she hates you, you fucking Moran! You weren't there for her, you and Fizz went off and did your own thing.”   “Never knowing what could've been, I would've traded, give away all the words that I saved in my heart I left unspoken, what hurts the most was being so close and having so much to say, and then watching you walk away.

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  • ambrial-blog
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    The Song Remains the Same: Part 2. 

    The Truth was staring him right in the face, as he realized that Loona didn't need him, she was gone off to another whirlwind party. The hell hound made it perfectly clear that she would be just fine without him. Loona would never know how close her father was to taking his own life. Moxie and Millie would survive, they had each other, they were one of the lucky few. Wherever he belonged it wasn't here. he was only clutching onto dreams and hearsay.

    It wasn't with Stolas, The Goeita Prince was one big mistake he wished he could erase. "If only Stolas had spoken up, maybe then tonight would've been salvageable. Perhaps he would've taken the prince up on his offer. Fizzorolli was mocking him! just because Ausmodeous cared about him, and he could flaunt it around! Instead Stolas bowed his head. hiding his face and leaving Blitzo open for a brutal attack by his two exes. Like he was ashamed to be caught out on a date with an imp.

    And whatever they had was gone, fizzled out. Blitzo could barely look at him, and when Stolas reached out for his hand, Blitzo was done.

    "What hurts the most, was being so close and then watching you walk away, and having so much to say"

    " You promised me you'll always be there for me, that' you'd never leave me" and watching you walk away, you just walked away. He wanted to feel whole to be needed my someone, but he couldn't figure out the first step, it hurt, it hurt too damn much, to breathe, to even think tonight was wasted.

    Who was left in his lonely heart? Who truly cared about him? And no what he could do for them. Blitzo clutches his head, his head is swimming, too much this was all too much. His head was drowning with dark thoughts, heart thrumming wildly in his chest as he searches for a sharp object. But his eyes kept blurring and he couldn't see. There were so many bridges that he burned down masking his hurt only drove his loved ones further away. Verosika was right, he was self-sabotaging

    "So long as I'm in your life, you'll have nothing to fear BlitzO, and you'll always have a reason to be happy my little Harlequin" Fizzorolli's voice echoed in his head. "BlitzO, I think you should follow your dreams, maybe they'll lead you to the happiness your looking for Verosika's voice cut in. as they strolled through the amusement park holding hands. Fizzorolli had gone away on tour with Lord Mammon and Verosika was in town. It was the happiest six months of his life and when Verosika offered a bodyguard position Blitzo had jumped at the opportunity. Verosika deserved better.

    You need to be more careful, Blitzy I don't know what I would do if something were to happen to you, I'm not sure if I should allow you to use my grimoire your safety is more important to me, do you understand my little impish one?" Now don't you go holding back on me Stolas, we had an agreement!" Blitzo purrs while crawling up and in-between Stolas's legs.

    Low gravely laughter bubbled out from the cowboy, as the herder watched the city imp try and fail to climb onto Bombproof. "Whoever gave you those shitty horse riding lessons, owes you a refund sugar-cube" "Here let me help ya out darlin" that freaking smile never left the country imp's face as he slid behind the scarlet imp who was blushing like mad and if those calloused knuckles brushed across the Boss imp's face, as an arm winds around Blitzo's mid-section the Boss imp didn't say a word. "Allow a professional to teach ya how to ride the untamable" Striker purrs. Loving the indignation look on the scarlet devil's face.

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  • glassofb33r
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Stolas, Great Prince of Hell giving knowledge of poisonous plants and herbs.

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  • glitter-pastel-foxes
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    here’s a helluva boss oc i made recently!

    i just really love the style of the bird demons in the show and had to make one.^^

    i was looking up different kinds of birds, and chose the himalayan monal.

    i know his outfit is terrible, i’m really bad at designing clothes.😅

    i might make him a boyfriend, what do you guys think?😊

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  • ambrial-blog
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    The Song remains the same Part 1. 

    The scarlet imp stares miserably into slated walls.

    Where was he? and how did he get here? he thought to himself.

    "Did they abandon me?"

    It still hurts, after all these fucking, long years. Losing a mother is something you never get over. The pain may ebb over time, but it never goes away, always gnawing.

    Festering. The growing emptiness

    It was his fault, or so they say.

    The reason why he is left alone.

    Always there, always lurking. The voices never stop: at times a dull murmur in the back of his mind. Waiting to get me alone, to pray on my fears" Tilla's death, her absence was the catalyst to something much darker. There is no way to measure a love of a mother, she was the binding glue holding them together, shielding him from the ugly truth. Blitzo was the master of evasion. but he couldn't avoid the numbing ache in his chest. the engulfing sorrow that rose from tonight's. shitty events. Swallowing his pride he hides behind hollowed laughter and cheap thrills and kills. But tonight was different, Being alone hurt.

    Images echo and taunt him through still photographs, memories he long burried whisper in his head. Disembodied voice echo. He had forgotten so much, the sound of her voice, the warmth of her embrace. In a blink: a horrible twitch everything had changed. His childhood ended abruptly. His mom fought for her life against an abusive asshole. The screams, those horrible screams and there was nothing he could do. He was forced to grow up, hard and fast. Sold into the Dark Circus. because his slimy good for nothing father, needed to make a cheap buck. Nothing was the same, but he had Barbie-Wire, and that was enough. Then the unabashed Fizzoralii appeared. shinning his light bringing Blitzo out of his shell and into the limelight of a new life. Fizz didn't understand.

    Where did he belong?. How did he get home, and who did he call?, he didn't remember driving. And who would want him?. this used up Harlequin?

    Bitter resentment swelled within him, as he rips a photo from the wall and tears it in two. Amber eyes shone through the darkness. photos litter the walls many with scratched out faces. "They'd be better off without me" "It should've been me that day, but it wasn't it should've been me in that coffin" but here I am. Tilla's funeral had really hammered it home. She was gone. It should've been me laying in that velvet trimmed coffin surrounded by moon lilies, and mourners. It was his mother's love that protected him that day, and when Fizz revealed his mamma's choker to the distraught imp, Blitzo broke down crying.

    The unbridled sorrow he felt nearly took his breath away, pain laces through his chest, tightening. Countless of times he thought about ending his life. Fizz was there to stop him back then, but who is stopping him now?. "Would anybody mess him when he's gone. "Doubtful, they'd probably throw my dead body out, with the garbage and forget about me"

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  • fandomsareforincorrectquotes
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Stolas: I think we should kiss.

    Blitzo: And I think you should die but we don’t always get what we want.

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  • ambrial-blog
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    My Devoted Guardian: All Hell Breaks Loose  Part 4:

    The scarlet imp smacks into his chest, temporally winding the cowboy, it isn't long before the snake imp is on top of him, wrestling him to the ground, binding his wrists behind his back and dragging him by his feet back into the three bedroom apartment. His fork-tongue flicking out as he drags Blitzo down the narrow corridor and into the bathroom and shuts the door.

    Striker pulls off his boots and throws the into the corner. Draping Blitzo over the lip of the tub filling the tub with scolding hot water: the steam rises up tickling  his nose as Blitzo continues to struggle.  

    The Outlaw's tail constricts around Blitzo's legs rendering the imp immobile, the Cowboy stand behind him in nothing but his shorts: which were black and tight seemingly painted on.

    " I was a fool for trusting you!, you realize what we hand during the harvest moon festival was nothing but for show!  It was a one night only performance Cowboy, you've should've seen your dipshit face! Blitzo cackles.  

    "Hmm, I'm not the one tied up, Blitzy you've better watch your mouth darlin, before I shove a bar of soap down that pretty little throat of yours" The Serpent purrs.

    "A distraction which I welcomed, sugar-cube, while you were gloating I was plotting my next move. "you left the prince unguarded anything could happen to him now and do you think that I'm the only one gunning for that flighty bird?" "What better way to defeat an adversary then sully the name of his love interest"

    "you just need a little coaxing, and that ditsy blueblood will be a thing of the past" "That night, if I recall you were my private wet dream come to life, I rode you all night despite the prince getting away. I had you screaming my name as I thrusted deep within you"

    "You might've thought I went away empty handed, but I didn't I slipped away knowing I claimed you and I will claim you again if I have to" he says nipping Blitzo's neck to prove a point.

    "Its time to cool off, sugar-cube I'm not letting you get away this time"  "Tonight, you've got your own Cowboy to keep ya entertained. "The more you smell like me, the better off you'll be" "Then Loan me your cologne! and back the fuck off snarls Blitzo not liking how close Striker was getting.

    "Now I have to wash the stench of blueblood off of ya,  before presenting you to Stella" if she catches a whiff of her husband on ya, she shred ya to pieces.

    Blitzo groans feeling Striker's knee press into his spine, the snake imp  grips Blitzo by the back of the neck and slams his head into the porcelain tub. Blitzo cries out in pain, but Striker is behind him, kneeling on his legs.  

    But that wasn't all he felt poking him in the back, icy dread settles into his stomach as the Wrangler continued to toy with him.  Creating shallow cuts, and Knicks slicing into his skin crating long shallow cuts. Blood pooled around him, and Striker didn't even flinch. The cuts would burn upon impact.  the peach-skinned imp held his head. As Blitzo's vision blurred. "I must've mated ya real good partner, heard the midguts chewing your ass about our little romp in the sheets. ya even told the hellhound of yours, she could drive. "must've made one Hellvua first impression. "Did you tell Stolas about us?. didn't think so"  

    "Truth is darlin you've been fighting me since the moment you submitted, you've been lying to yourself ignoring your own instincts to mate. Pushing away anyone who gets close to ya" "Your body craves my touch every inch of you is burning for me and yet her you are pursuing Stolas! "Open your eyes! Bossman, I thought he was some sort of transactional fuck toy, something to Aleve your aggression and here you are taking him out on dates! "Your spoken for! or have you forgotten!" "Your the same.. same as him,  I fuck you to protect Stolas and-"

    "He left ya, he has a family to take care of I'm not letting you sell yourself cheap! I am here to collect you!  you could be happy, leave all this behind. "We could start a family, just let him go"

    The Business agreement is over, Striker says submerging Blitzo into the blistering waters. The Boss imp splutters water as Striker continues to dunk him. Blitzo arms are wrapped around Striker's muscular arm.

    "And I'll keep fighting the urge you fucking bastard!"  Blitzo cries out. "I don't care how much pain I am in, its nothing compared to tonight" Striker growls punching Blitzo across the face. Pulling Blitzo up out of the tub peeling back his wet jacket and running his claws  down the Boss imp's neck.

    "If its pain ya want Boss, I can oblige ya"

    Blitzo cries out in pain as Striker runs his claws down his neck creating small rivulets of blood which the snake imp chases with his mouth. the hot copper against his forked tongue sent a jolt of pleasure down Striker's spine. "I'll fight you with everything I have" Blitzo says, breathlessly panting. Shivering as Striker unclasps  his belt. Blitzo shrinks into a ball. continuing to struggle as Striker pulled down his pants, Blitzo's knees buckle out from underneath him  as Striker grips him. "I could fill ya up real good partner, make ya feel real nice" the sound of his voice was like dark honey.  Blitzo knew was in trouble.

    He could feel Striker's member glide across the mounds of his ass.

    The scarlet imp whimpers pitifully a sharp whine in his voice.  The friction was intense: Blitzo's blood burns with need. A coil of lust sinks into his abdomen. Striker was driving him wild.

    "Striker!  ST-stop this!"

    Blitzo screams as Striker shoves his full length into his ass. he could feel Striker's teeth graze across his skin as the cowboy continues to thrust. Blitzo's screams falling upon deaf ears.  And then it was back into the water: Striker had torn  away  from Blitzo, harshly forcing  Blitzo to his knees. Each thrust was more aggressive then the last.

    Blitzo gripped the tub, trying to keep his head afloat. the hot water: was torture.  By the time Striker was finished with Blitzo the water had turned tepid.  

    The Boss imp groans, his eyes opening squinting through the harsh lighting of the bathroom  his head flops to the side as he watches as Striker rummages through the cupboards. His mind was jumbled. "It was just one night, one meaningless night"  

    "how could things have gotten so out of control" "My body hurts, it hurts to think"

    "I thought you were the one, the one who could see through me and know- but all you want is your contract. "Your talk of being mates, of having my back its all for show, your nothing but hollow promises  and one-night stands, you talk about being with my own kind, don't mingle with  the Goeita."   "You don't own me, I'm not a plaything!" Blitzo thought. his head throbbing with pain.

    "Hey dipshit! Blitzo chokes out. "Whatever your looking for is long gone, trust me"

    Just to spite him, Striker shook a few bottles.  "Pick your poison Blitzy"

    "Please Striker you've made your point, I won't stray!" Blitzo cries.

    Blitzo winces as Striker straddles him. He grips Blitzy by the horn and jerks back his head.

    "No! NO! keep that thing away from me!" Striker please!"

    Blitzo shrinks away with an auditable whimper,  its too late he hisses feeling the pinpricks pinch his neck.  Suddenly everything went black.


    Striker pulls back, emptying a syringe of mixture of  rohypnol and Ketamine  into Blitzo's neck. "If this is the only way you will be with me, then you leave me with no choice.  I'll take care of ya sugar-cube. now lets finish getting you cleaned up. "I want ya to look nice if we play our cards right than miss Stella might even hook ya up in her country estate"

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  • moodiebi05
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    These two have been living in my head 24/7! 🥲🥰

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  • baambastic
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    My biggest pet peeve: when the soundtrack version of a song is significantly different from the version in the actual movie or show, whether it be the lyrics or the actual singer.

    #it’s tough to be a god #the road to el dorado #you will be okay (stolas’ lullaby) #helluva boss
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