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  • juliaridulaina
    05.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Jo t’escolto/I hear you/Yo te escucho

    Jo t’escolto/I hear you/Yo te escucho

    Jo t’escolto Si Déu es pogués tornar una joia, el penjoll al coll seria tal…, que hi hauria cua per robar-lo; doncs, l’experiència de la Seva companyia és tan bonica que mai te’n voldries separar.El millor moment per a experimentar-Lo sense interferències de cap mena és en l’amrit-vela, entre les 3 i les 5 de la matinada. Però, abans, s’ha de saber com és Ell: un punt de llum brillant com una…

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    #-I listen to you #-Jo us escolto #-Yo os escucho #a Divine jewel #conexión con ese Ser #connection with that Being #connexió amb aquest Ésser #I hear you #Jo t’escolto #una joia Divina #una joya Divina #Yo te escucho
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  • gothwizardspells
    03.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Hey Rowan, do you speak Maori? How did you learn? Was it taught at schools?

    I speak a bit of te reo Māori, though I'm nowhere near fluent. (It's one of my goals though!) Te reo is taught more at schools now than when I was at young (the govt is working towards it being a mandatory subject) but I did learn bits and pieces at school. (Mostly counting & pronunciation.) Most of what I know is just through osmosis though - te reo is spoken pretty widely throughout Aotearoa these days and it's common for a few words to pop into an English sentence. (Eg: I gave you a bit of koha for your volunteer mahi. - I gave you a gift/donation for your volunteer work.) It's really helpful for expanding vocab just going about your day to day, and I do follow a few language accounts on Instagram as well. I'm really eager to do a proper course at some point but spots are hard to get so for the moment I just do what i can to increase my vocab in my own time!

    #Anonymous #my best friend is māori & in the process of connecting with their whakapapa and iwi for the first time #and part of that is trying to learn te reo so we're looking at doing a course together so we can practice together
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  • pmdthehumanconnection
    22.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Woah Riolu, invading personal space much?

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    First Page of Chapter One

    First Page of Comic

    DeviantArt ComicFury

    #pokemon #pokemon mystery dungeon #the human connection #riolu#te[pig#chapterone #gettin hands there Riolu #tepig
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  • snowshinobi
    22.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    yeah Kyojuro!!! dying is a tough but beautiful part of being alive. you read Tuck Everlasting when you were in middle school and it changed you forever too, huh?

    #i think maybe #tuck everlasting #kinda shaped my ability to comprehend meaning altogether??? #every character and work i love somehow loops back to TE ...????? #rip Kyojuro you would've loved Angus Tuck #rengoku#snowswords #drawing arcane connections tonight #snowfire
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  • jams2jead
    22.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    DTM Series 12 Position Dual Row Female Socket Free Hanging Plug Connector

    #TE Connectivity DTM06-12SB Connectors Rectangular Connectors rectangular industrial what is a Rectangular Industrial Connector 12 pin Rectan
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  • rnlsd2yann
    22.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Tactile Switches TACT SWITCH J-LEADS T&R

    #TE Connectivity 1977764-1 Switches Tactile Switches What is a Switching Regulators Tactile switches tactile switch caps Programmable switchi
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  • astrovagrant
    10.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    myrrha: no, i'm not superstitious and i don't care about the implications or "karma" of being a tomb robber. i've been at hundreds of gravesites over the past half-decade for work and i'm still kicking.

    myrrha: ...but ancestor spirits are real and have tried to kill me so like, you go first. since you're a monster hunter and all.

    not-sorcha: 🤨

    #in tes myrrha has always been unable to summon an ancestor spirit to protect herself and just assumed that all her ancestors were/are- #-rat bastards. esp considering the concept of them being related to her father #further in the main quest she actually connects with her Other Ancestors (not her paternal side) and is like. oh. okay
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  • divd2spar
    09.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    A RF module is a self-contained component of a system, which has a well defined interface to the other components. Typical applications for RF include vehicle monitoring, remote controls, telemetry.

    #u-blox JODY-W263-00B Wireless & RF RF Modules & Solutions Wireless & RF RF Modules & Solutions 802.11/WLAN  2108517-2 TE Connectivity What I
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  • fionazhou-ingketech
    07.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    TAB62235501-002,M12 Circular Cable Assemblies,5Position,Male to Wire,INGKE,IP67


    Manufacturer: INGKE(www.ingketech.net)

    Part Number:TAB62235501-002

    Lead Time:2-3 weeks

    Category:Cable Assemblies/Circular Cable Assemblies

    1st Connector Type:Receptacle, Right Angle

    1st Connector Gender:Male Pins

    1st Connector Number of Positions:5

    1st Connector Number of Positions Loaded:2

    1st Connector Shell Size - Insert:M12

    1st Connector Orientation:B

    1st Connector Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)

    2nd Connector Type:Wire Leads

    Cable Material:Polyurethane (PUR)


    Ingress Protection:IP67 - Dust Tight, Waterproof

    INGKE also produce substitute such as:

    2273042-4 2273099-4 2273046-4 TAB62546501-150 2273098-4 TAB62535501-040 2273115-1 2289297-4 1-2273099-4 TAB62235501-060 1-2273098-4 TAB62435501-060 2273040-3 2273115-3 2273102-1 1838256-4 2273097-4 2273094-3 2273096-4 1-2273102-1 2273095-3 2273041-3 2273049-2...

    INGKE Technology(www.ingketech.net) specializes in producing 100/1000/2.5G/5G/10G Base-T (with POE/POE+, 30w,60w,90w, 720mA,900mA) RJ45 connector & Circular Connectors(M5,M8,M12) ,since its establishment 1993, with technology as dependence and the market as direction,we have developed to be a competitive high-tech enterprise and a leading  manufacturer of connectors.Partnered with the global leaders in these markets, we continue to develop new products to enable high-speed communication. Now we have passed the ISO14001 Environment Management System certification and our parts are all ROHS,CE,UL and SGS parts.


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  • jackmaniblog
    06.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    do you ever plan on saying anything to niki again? i’m sure she misses you

    "...I can only do so much at once. Honestly, I've always seen this situation as a uh... In another life, Kind of deal. And please, don't ask her about this. Leave– leave this alone."

    #static#headsetbuzz#drunkards cope#[:(] #[jack has no hope for interpersonal connections. especially after he feels they've failed or as though he's failed them] #[whether this is a learned way of thinking or not- well... te he he]
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  • eri2moyer
    26.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    A USB-to-serial adapter is an ideal solution when you must connect any device devoid of a serial port to a USB port. There are many types of cables/adapters classified based on the interface type. Some of them are USB to TTL cables, USB to RS232 cables, and USB to RS485 cables.

    #Hirose Electric ZX62D-B-5PA8(30) Connectors USB Connectors Connectors USB Connectors 1734035-2 TE Connectivity USB-to-serial adapter Surface
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  • catria-whitewing
    17.03.2022 - 2 monts ago


    #there’s this whole discourse of ‘no sabo’ kids and it’s just so bad like how are you going to shit of someone who didn’t have the #opportunities to learn Spanish? they’re still latino and deserve respect. and then when they do try to speak Spanish the whole family #/community gangs up on them and makes fun of their ‘mocho’/bad Spanish #and then complain about how they seem distant or too ‘American’ or whatever but y’all keep pushing them away #let them in they deserve a seat at the table offer to help their Spanish I get it you learned about how to belittle people from our parents #because of generational trauma and that’s just they all dealt with stress and frustration: just yell or mock the problem #extended family kept giving me shit about not knowing Spanish because my dad was absent and mom never around to talk to us #what did I have left? school my classes my peers my friends who all spoke English because I was in a predominantly white community #it wasn’t until I myself me!!!! i chose to connect I chose to learn by signing up for native Spanish speakers classes and AP Spanish courses #i put in the work and then I realized how my Spanish improved and mis tías y tíos wanted to claim credit for it??? like y’all making fun of #my grammatical errors somehow got me to speak Spanish better? no it was my Spanish teachers who didn’t belittle me and my peers who had #similar backgrounds. didn’t learn how to read or write in Spanish until high school. and again now that I am ‘fluent’ I have my tias coming #to me about my siblings ‘Lulu why don’t your siblings know how to speak Spanish? you’re parents only speak Spanish’ okay first off where is #my dad? he’s gone and my mom? she’s been working 60 hours a week since 2010 and before chose to not be around us because she wasn’t ready #for motherhood so that’s your fucking answer: no one taught us and I’m not home to teach them and I’m not going to belittle them for it #because they can always learn it if they choose to and I won’t mock them for it I’ll support them #my shitty Spanish as a kid was one key thing that made me feel ‘othered’ by my family and in my own community #god tu propia gente te envenena tanto porque están lleno de tanto odio y envidia #i don’t tell my extended family shit I don’t tell my mom shit I keep everyone at a distance because they never tried to foster a warm home #and sense of community for me
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  • crl2lkellar
    10.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    DTP Series 2 Position Single Row Male Pin Grey

    #Connectors Headers and Wire Housings DTP04-2P TE Connectivity Socket receptacle PCB header plug receptacle socket Board mount connector wire
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  • hamletbot
    04.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I love legacy of the dragonborn bc the way Auryen runs the museum is legit unhinged…

    oh hey dragonborn :) if u want to we can just fool the public and use only replicas as displays so you can run around using mega powerful and dangerous shit, its not like they’ll notice ;)… hm whats that? You found a lich vault? yknow what? lets just take all of our super powerful daedric artifacts and stuff em in there and replace it w replicas here… oh what is that? the amulet of kings? wouldn’t it be sick if we reforged it lol. also could you just casually steal these stuff from the blue palace they wouldnt donate it to us hm? You want to use the decrepit old basement?? what for? Oh you wanna stuff it full of decapited heads and skulls? sure why not man… ill have it ready for displays by tomorrow:) oh also the museum is haunted… bye! have fun fighting the mammoth and the giant in the natural gallery… wait while we are at it you know what would be a great team building exercise? Yeah you guessed it falmer infested ruins :)) anyways have fun love you

    #HES SO#skyrim#tes #legacy of the dragonborn #lotd #love the guy but hes legit unhinged in the funniest way possible and im only enabling him as the player #not even talking about his khajiit smuggler w a war airship connection that just casually gives you the ship for saving his life #my man wont EVER question where you got shit from hes just like yeah that’s supposed to happen you are like the main character lol:) #also an mvp bc he legit gives you his old apartment bc he wouldn’t use it anyway and you can just house all your equally unhinged friends #AND ALL SIX OF YOUR KIDS #also if you have the cheese mod he makes you a cheese aging room:’) #i bet the thalmor hates his ass way worse than the dragonborns ghsgsg #i am completely enamored by his crazy ass wtf man i love you #these are not even all the insane shit he does just casually like #he says he built the museum on an already existing temple of talos #and you think oh bc hes an altmer its like an anti talos power move :/ #but hes just casually hangs up a big ass talos painting in the main hall and includes his shrine on the divines display #also PROUDLY displays the knights of the nine armor like that also screams fuck the thalmor all my homies hate the thalmor #he also never actually explains the story behind his sword or why hes casually just the best fighter in the explorers guild
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  • werewolfbneimitzvah
    01.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    when i was doing the last of my silly little cyrodiil tasks last night at the end of the event someone in the zone chat at one point while presumably talking crap about fighters in another alliance said something like "it's true that all players whose character name starts with A are bad at pvp" & i wanted SO SO BAD to say in the zone chat "yeah that checks out" because I'm pretty shit at pvp & the character i was on just so happened to have a name that started with A. it was so perfect. but a timer had gone off and i needed to go get something out of the oven. :(

    #craigslist missed connections post #tes#eso
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  • clavicuss-vile
    24.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    [HC] Markarth's trade over the Eras

    (sorry Cozy gonna tag you here bc reachfolk my beloveds @reachfolk)

    Markarth has plenty of rocky and bloody history, but one thing that the games fail to elaborate much on is it's trade economy probably because most casual players do not care in the slightest. It's described (somewhere, can't find it now) as the trade-hub of Skyrim prior to Whiterun, and it's location supports that! Nestled nicely between High Rock and Hammerfell, trade should be a major commodity! I wanna explore what some of this trade might have looked like over the years.

    First Era, Imperial Control - Prior to Imperial intervention, under dwemeri and reachfolk control, Markarth's biggest export was granite. Under imperial rule, I imagine their monetary resources would have been the most desired. Silver, gold, gemstones, varieties of stone, and jewellery would have been traded in marketplaces or shipped to Cyrodiil, High Rock, and parts of Hammerfell. Food and resources would be brought in from these provinces in exchange, as the imperial settlers could not establish efficient farms or livestock husbandry in the unfamiliar terrain. It would have been a rich city, but a delicate one. Relying entirely on food from Eastern Skyrim (already a difficult task, with it's inhospitable weather) and other provinces, the city was not prepared to be self sufficient should the need arise.

    Second Era, Reachfolk Control - Reachfolk control turned this on it's head. Under Ard Caddach's rulership, he declared "that the Reach was his tribe", and as such, trade between Markarth and the clans of the Reach flourished. The Reachfolk cared little for the commodities of silver and gold, instead focusing on resources each clan needed. Some sedentary clans established agriculture in the rocky hills, and many farmed livestock. Other clans, who's livelihood revolved more around hunting and gathering, would trade furs, pelts, meat, and valuable alchemical ingredients. With a permanent home, many reachfolk art mediums began to enter the fray, with intricately carved statues, weaponry, armor, and general handmade items being commonly traded in the Underhall, the main market, and exported to other clans. I also feel like there was the opportunity for trade with the bosmer of Valenwood here, as they shared a similar clan-based system, and, unlike the empire, would not have shunned the bosmer for the "less tasteful" aspects of the Green Pact. Trade would have passed through Cyrodiil, including pelts, materials, hunting and agricultural techniques, and even cults and religion from Valenwood that the Reachfolk had not seen before. This may be bias bc i love the reachfolk, but i think this would have been the most prosperous for the average person that Markarth had ever seen.

    Third Era, Nordic Control - here is where Markarth crashes, I believe. With the Empire in ruins, and obviously no more trade from the Reachfolk clans, the economy built on trading for mutual needs and lovingly crafted items shattered. Struggling to keep up with Solitude's port and Whiterun's central location, the city had to resort back to their silver mines, selling wherever they could. This includes funding the Silver Hand, and falling into an era of corruption and striking class divides - something the City of Stone had not seen for years under the reachfolk's classless system.

    #my headcanons#tes#headcanons#tes headcanons#markarth#skyrim#tesblr #the elder scrolls #the reach#reachfolk #i dont know enough about the dwemer to talk about it's years as Nchuand-Zel #but i imagine that pre-ysgramor it was the site for major trade links between the dwemer and falmer #maybe even ayleids might have had a few connections
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  • babyblueetbaemonster
    17.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Me and all my knowledge from the 4th era.

    #tes #the elder scrolls #morrowind#nerevarine#tes oc#oc: sundros#oc: jokir#oc: naythaa#Basks-In-The-Sun#Sabinus Oranius#Gidar Verothan#Gamin Girith#Fort Frostmoth#bloodmoon dlc#solstheim #i already know all the layout of this island #i watch a video talking about all the easter egg on solstheim #so i know all the connection between dragonborn dlc and bloodmoon dlc #but i love to see all the difference 200 years apart #aaaaaannnndd the dungeons from bloodmoon is way more than I imagine #which is very cool and i love to explore the whole place
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  • lonely-poetic-girl
    13.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    This Modern Love - Bloc Party

    To be lost in the forest To be cut adrift You've been trying to reach me You bought me a book To be lost in the forest To be cut adrift I've been paid, I've been paid To be lost in the forest To be cut adrift You've been trying to reach me You bought me a book To be lost in the forest To be cut adrift I've been paid, I've been weighed, I've been Don't get offended if I seem absent minded Just keep telling me facts and keep making me smile And don't get offended if I seem absent minded I get tongue-tied Baby, you've got to be more discerning I've never know what's good for me Baby, you've got to be more demanding I will be yours I'll pay for you Anytime I'll pay for you Anytime And you told me you wanted to eat up my sadness We'll jump right on, surely, and gorge away And you told me you wanted to eat up my sadness (jump right) Baby, you've got to be more discerning I've never know what's good for me and Baby, you've got to be more demanding (jump left) What are you holding out for? What's always (in the way?) Why so damn absent minded? Why so scared (of romance?) This modern love breaks me This modern love wastes me This modern love breaks me This modern love wastes me Do you want to come over and kill some time? Do you want to come over and kill some time? Do you want to come over and kill some time? Throw your arms around me

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  • phli2illy
    08.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Size 11 Sealing Cap Assembly

    #TE Connectivity 206903-2 Connectors Tooling and Accessories crimping tool electrical connector Types of Cable Assemblies usb connectors wire
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  • john2sml
    07.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    8 Position Single Port Right Angle Through Hole RJ45 Modular Jack

    #TE Connectivity 1-406541-1 Modular/Ethernet Connectors Modular Jacks Connectors Audio jacks Ethernet crimping tool keystone jack modular jac
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