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  • parksrway
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    hearing another digital artist explain how they do things and realizing you've just been guessing this entire time and don't actually understand shit

    #i have too much faith in myself
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  • baptst
    24.05.2022 - 20 hours ago
    still thinking about absolution ! john getting his shit absolutely ROCKED by mary may when she throws a fuckton of bliss in his face 😭 
    #OUT. #i know he was mad as hell abt that too #i need to talk about john and his drug addiction soon bc oof #i feel like out of all his vices john is p good about steering clear from drugs #sans weed the man can have that #i don't think he'd be about bliss at all for one reason or another #his distaste for what he does to people and how faith lets that happened is v obvious #tbdlater
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  • cutewhittaker
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    also would like to formally apologize for reposting those pap pics of jodie with her baby, i have deleted the post

    #i just got too excited lmao #somwone replied to my pist last night and told me i should take it down #i was like oop okay #likw i didnt even stop to think that the photos were taken by pap #and therefore without her consent #but i have learned my lesson #so i deleted it #but then today just like an hour ago i saw someone making really rude #comments about people who reposted the pics #and im like woah Chill #like yeah its bad but all you gotta do is say it nicely yknow #tbh giving the benefit of the doubt wouldnt you rather #people see the pics reposted rather than look it up and give those tabloids clicks?? #idk #like at least by reposting them the paps dont make any money off of your clicks #but still #it is unethical #and i have deleted the pictures #sorry everyone and especially jodie 😭💙 #i wasnt doing it in bad faith i promise #i was just excited about babby
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  • voidsquirm
    24.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    What has I done to be surrounded by this crowd? I have failed! I just want to get them out of the house? But then they'll be homeless! Would that be worth my stress relief???

    #failure#crowd#my house#faithful#rubber crotch #my mind is strangled too! #faith#rubber board #my mind is strangled
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  • daisyboyclub
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i love how i'm either here because i have content to post or because i hate everything i post. which is the thing happening right now. so no new content today. which is also suspiciously similar to much of my time in this website

    #just flopped so hard on a project i put too much faith in #i wanna disappear #daisyboy struggles
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  • blacklezrage
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    mother fucking mary

    enough is enough

    abortion is a women's issue, yes

    abortion restrictions will also affect poor women more than they will rich women - a basic class analysis will tell you that

    in the united states, class is racialized, meaning that Black people experience poverty/lower class status at a higher rate than white people proportionately. yes, there are more poor white people than poor Black people, only because there are more white people than Black people in the us

    when people say that abortion restrictions will disproportionately affect poor women and women of color, they are NOT saying that rich white women get off scot free, they are simply saying that poor women and women of color will have more obstacles between them and the abortion they wish to access than rich women would. again, it is not saying that abortion restrictions do not affect all women, just that some have a more difficult experience than others

    your lack of reading comprehension on this issue speaks volumes, and is exactly why people are highlighting the experience of women who are oppressed on multiple axes

    if you can't understand that some women have a different material reality than you, then you have a lot of self-reflection to do

    #radfem#abortion #yes this is what my post about radfems using Black women for arguments and then tossing us aside was about #and no i will not be @ing anyone because i genuinely think this is something people are just too upset to pause and realize #it's good faith bad takes i don't think people are being intentional with this #but as a Black woman who just recently moved into a higer economic class #get a grip and realize everything isn't about you all the time #as always my dms are open if you need help understanding this
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  • blissfulalchemist
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    character bingo foooooooor.....faith! 🤍

    I have thoughts about Faith and still kick myself for making a John ship first before her. My og blorbo from the first play through of the game!

    #I’ll give you everything hun don’t worry #i just gotta write it but I have you get everything #chance was truly made to be your other half #not to mention like my whole ideas about the bliss and the way the faiths changed I have those thoughts too #a chance for faith
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  • kittykittykittykittykittykitty
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I like to think god/the universe/the unlimited nothingness and emptiness of space or whatever else you'd like to call it has a very specific mission for all of us individualy. If you gravitate towards religion, that's very valid and god/the gods love you! If you feel like spreading awareness about the toxicity of religious organisations and are an atheist, it's valid and you are doing great work and you should be proud of yourself! If you are drawn to being a witch and to do tarot readings and inspire others, the universe is on your side and the magic flows through you. No religion or faith or belief is the true one because all of our paths are so specific, the only god we should listen to is our own sense of judgement. You were born with a brain, a feeling in your heart and with a mission to do, and only you know what it is. Maybe your mission is to simply just explore life? Without any specific goal in mind? Nobody else, no book, no religious figure will ever know it better than you do. It's difficult sometimes to do the right thing. Evil forces exist, whether you perceive them as demons or our own mind. But the moment you stop trusting yourself, you give up on yourself and you give up on whoever you trust, even if it is you and only you.

    #I don't want it to sound like I'm forcing a fait on someone who has none because ew #what I do want to say is that you should not shame someone for having a different/no faith at all because it is their won specific calling #in life and by shaming them for it you aren't doing any good ever #I don't know what's the truth of the universe. you don't know what's the truth but that's what makes this so awesome #because each one of us perceives their own reality in a completely different way #and I think whoever is watching us thinks you're awesome for following your heart #that's just my opinion on things at least don't take it too seriosuly. life is too complicated to describe it in a tumblr post xd #walerians chatter tag
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  • wild-aloof-rebel
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hi Leslie! I read your answer about Billy and now I'm curious why you think the story doesn't work. I enjoyed the show but I was disappointed that the only answers we got were about Royal and Autumn. Do you think that's because they're saving things for another season? Is it just that it doesn't work as one season on its own?

    i'm going to start with the end of this ask: yes, i do think that they're intending to save things for possible future seasons, but i don't think that's why this season doesn't work either.

    i certainly understand that you have to find balance between revealing the answer to every question and saving things for down the line, as well as between spoon-feeding your audience every single detail about the story and letting them infer some things on their own. the problem is that the show doesn't actually manage to balance any of those things, which means we end up being given a hundred clues about autumn's identity and are clearly expected to somehow still be surprised at that reveal or beaten over the head with the message on the billboard in the last couple episodes, while practically everything else is left unexplored and elliptical to the point of opacity.

    ultimately, the biggest problem with all of that for me is the actual structure of the show. i know that there are only eight episodes to work with, so some of the questions you introduce are going to go unanswered in that time, but if the Big Answers you're going to give in this particular season are to the questions of who is autumn and what is royal's mysterious past, then you have to structure the season so that those are the Big Questions that it presents.

    instead, at the end of the first episode we're shown autumn pushing royal into the void, and at the end of the second, we get what he sees inside the void and the information that in that future he is dead. because that's the big surprising thing we're left with from that first block of episodes, THAT is the main mystery that the show has then structurally set itself up to explore. why is royal dead? did someone murder him, and if so, who? how far away is that future? etc. brian watkins has also said that that story is one of the central pillars of the show: we were all really intrigued by the idea of a journey that starts with a man that knows he’s going to die and thus must prevent a future that includes that. So that’s been a really wonderful, fun narrative track for us to follow throughout these first eight episodes. It really comes to a head at the end of five with Royal seeing that Autumn and his wife Cecilia are linked in the process of his death.

    but the issue with that is that those questions and their answers aren't actually "a fun narrative track for us to follow" in this season. in fact, it's the opposite: it's set up so strongly at the start that it then comes across like a dropped plot line throughout the rest of the show. the only other time we really come back to it is indeed the vision where he sees autumn there with cecilia as he's dying, but we get very little new information from that, just autumn's presence, which isn't exactly surprising by then. and while i guess you could say that the discovery that the geologist is associated with the mining company and royal's attempt to call them only to get a disconnected number are also related, mysteries related to the larger world portrayed in that future are largely tangential at this point. none of the actual questions surrounding royal's death are answered or even partially answered, and mostly it just isn't brought up again.

    more importantly though, if, as watkins says, the point is that this is the journey of a man trying to prevent his future death, why are we never actually given that as a motivation for the things that royal is doing? i suppose after he sees that vision, the next bit we see of him is the scene where he picks autumn up on the atv and then kind of loses it on her and goes to burn her tent, and so maybe we're supposed to infer from that that those actions are being done in an attempt to prevent her from killing him? but i wouldn't have even thought to try to make that connection if i hadn't read watkins' interview. because what royal is actually yelling at her in that scene is to stay away from his family. i can see how those things would relate—since cecilia is also there in the vision of his death and i guess maybe he also thinks that if he can't stop his own death he can at least keep her from hurting them as well—but there's nothing about that connection that is made particularly clear. in fact, because he has previously warned her about staying away (long before he sees the vision of her and cecilia), the scene simply reads as him being angry that she hasn't listened to him rather than anything specifically related to preventing his own death.

    that's the kind of issue that is prevalent throughout the whole show. the structure emphasizes certain things, by where they're placed in the story or how much time we spend on them, and so often they're dropped or made to feel separate from other things happening on the show. and far too often, the events we're shown aren't explicitly or even logically connected to the characters' motivations throughout the remainder of the story. and some of that is fine. obviously we as an audience should be able to read into some things. obviously you're not going to answer every single question that is raised. obviously characters are allowed to change their minds and to do things that contradict the things that happen to them or our previous impressions of them. but there still has to be enough context and connection in the show itself that we can find a discernible purpose for the things we're being shown—there has to be a reason why—or everything starts to feel meaningless. especially with a run time this short. there is no time for filler in eight episodes. if you're including it, you're automatically telling me it's important. and the more times that you contradict yourself or bring something up only to drop it entirely a few episodes later or don't actually give me some reason that you've chosen to show me this particular thing in this particular way, the more i start to think you don't actually know what you're doing.

    #i honestly really wanted to like this show #there are so many stories here at its heart that ARE interesting on the face of them #the family dynamics of sons and fathers—while done plenty—can still be compelling #the interfamily hatfields and mccoys-esque drama is a well-loved staple of westerns #cecilia's crisis of faith in the face of her and her family's complicity in a crime #perry's grief and inability to move forward in the face of rebecca's unknown whereabouts #the interplay of billy being the most-loved son but the least-loved brother #the ways that running from our past still shapes our present and future #the question of what you would try to get away with if you thought there was a place you could bury your secrets and never get caught #the fucking time travel of it all and the question of whether the future is fixed or changeable #but those are clearly too many things to tackle in eight episodes or at least in these eight episodes as they were written #too much time spent on things that turn out to not be important to the actual story of this season #too few questions answered that you couldn't figure out from the first couple episodes #too few people asking brian watkins 'okay but WHY' in response to every single decision he made #anon#replies#outer range#long post #anyway i'm going back to not being here much again now #for at least another week
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  • nigeldiesinthend
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    i know my school counselor slides down the wall shaking and throwing up when she sees me get marked absent for like thw 100th time

    #putting too much faith in me babe
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  • chaoticgoodness-gracious
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    #making fun of me for making sure the dog doesn’t lick a poisonous toad and then goading me on further when I’ve been stressed enough #interrupting me when I’m just trying to ask him to NOT KILL OUR DOG #convincing my mom to do the opposite of what I ask her because I’m fucking burnt out and about to have a meltdown JUST so he can pull #a fucking power play over me #IM FUCKING 18??? I PAY YOU TO LIVE HERE??? #WHAT POWER DO YOU WANT CAUSE ALL YOURE GETTING IS RAGE #get me out get me out get me out get me out get me out get me out get me out get me out #babs babbles #I hate him #I hate him so much #I never want to speak to him again cause all he does is make fun of me #I can’t ever do the right fucking thing in this house and I’m the only child who hasn’t gone to bumfuck nowhere (yet) #he doesn’t fucking care and if I was anyone besides his daughter he’d probably want me to die too #there’s only one thing connecting us and it’s not even faith because he sure as hell doesn’t follow that #and I try so hard. I do. but he says better words. more powerful words #so of course he should be the one to lead this house #LOOK AT WHERE ITS GOTTEN US #/vent#vent tag #I want to lessen my cussing cause it’s gotten out of hand recently but I am not having it today
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  • theiscariotwolf
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Should I associate this song with Heinkel in my head? P r o b a b l y n o t.

    However it's not in the way it probably seems ,, not like about them ,, more 2nd party @ them. Idk how to explain it.

    Just enjoy the song , Depeche Mode is good. / lh

    #reach out touch faith | muse playlist #| we pretend the manson version doesn't exist | #| seriously though this song fits all too well in my head though | #Spotify
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  • derelicthereticshipping
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    lays in bed face down thinking about hurt comfort and sobbing uncotrollably into my pillow

    #nadine is typing... #LISTEN. SHUT UP #listen. #it's only at 12 am that my mind can come up with these banger ouchies specifically catered to me #this always happens after I make violent Dean content I gotta go all what if he just yearns to be soft and gentle and loved #and what if he's always on the edge of snapping bc Joseph is always offering him the peace he craves so deeply #what if we wants to stop fighting bc he's been fighting since he was born and he's tired #that's one of the reasons his and Jacob's dynamic drives me feral bc like #they are both survivors who have been fighting since forever and they will kill to protect themselves and their family #but Dean got to be soft for a while. he got to enjoy normal life while Jacob was off doing his Hannibal arc #and Jacob just brings all that repressed anger and survival instinct out in Dean during the reaping #he pushes him to the extreme and is trying to morph him into the part of him he hates most #which is in stark contrast to Joseph trying to break him down to be docile and pliant #they rlly fuck each other over with their very diff plans for Dean lmao #meanwhile John and Faith are just in the bg having emotionally intense moments with Dean that are entirely too vulnerable and fragile #tired rambling anyway the hurt/comfort is Joseph/Dean themed tonight and I think they should kiss #I think Dean should get to crumble and break into tiny pieces and cling to Joseph like he's a lifeline #a very unstable lifeline that is actually dragging him further underwater but still :) #days are full of cramming to get this diploma fucking done 12 am is full of yearning
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  • kkujo
    22.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    school is so weird... you see the same people in the same building five days a week for the best part of a decade and even if you're not friends you know their names and faces... and then one day school ends and you just. leave. and never see most of them again ☹

    #thinking about all the people who touched my life who i'll never see again #wondering about my impact #do people ever think about me #the guy who would play chess with me at lunch when my friend group started excluding me.. #the girl who came and sat with me at prom to watch the firework display even though we'd never spoken before because i was sitting alone.. #the way people impact you and then they're just gone forever. sickening #but people are kind and good. like. i have faith in humanity #there were mean people too obviously but. there's always kindness #anyways just thinking about that. like. the people i grew up with. i wasn't friends with most of them but we watched each other grow #some of the people in my class had been in the same classes as me since we were 4 ☹ and then one day you're grown up and they're gone #that prom thing was important to me tho bc prom night was literally the last time i saw everyone #bc i finished my exams the week before so. aside from going in to pick up my results #prom night was the last time everyone in my year was together ☹☹ and then i just never saw anyone again #i hated school but i miss it so much. most confusing nostalgia ever #i didn't want to be there and i was so happy when i finished and i wouldn't go back if i could #but it hurts bc i missed out on so many experiences and just being around people.. i miss it #starting college (uk college not university) in september so maybe i'll be able to heal a bit #bc getting sick and dropping out of school ☹ being stuck in toxic friend groups and never having proper teenage experiences ☹ #kinda fucked me up i'm ngl ☹ #(no surprises by radiohead playing) no it's fine. it's fine #the way you spend so long in one place... with the same people... and then it's just gone. fuck 🤦‍♀️ #even if you didn't like the place or the people... it aches in such a weird way omg.. #i literally couldn't drive past my school for a bit bc. i used to get up at 7am & go there every day. and now i don't. does this make sense #ok to rb
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  • marshallonthemoon
    21.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    . I considered staying longer to see some stuff. Saw a crappy post on my tl. Decided that never mind. I am going back to bed.

    #it was Leon bashing btw #I’m not too upset about it but it was still so grating to see on my tl #dangan ronpa #maybe don’t rant about how much you constantly hate him? #but whatever. people make me seriously angry. #and I kinda expected it from fandoms nowadays. #i loathe fandoms with a burning passion btw #did you know that? #I guess not #but I have to tell you about this #Marshall rambles #ok. maybe it’ll get better soon. #but I have low faith in discord servers. ……..
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  • draklorn
    21.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    devan with binoculars watching void creatures storm the bridge of the iceborn looking for the watchers, talking into a walkie-talkie: my lady we have a situation, code purple

    #❚ ooc #yes im putting too uch faith and excitement into the lore BUT CMON #how can i NOT #and obviously i can take a dust pan and brush and sweep up the aftermath for my own use LATER
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  • vilestblood
    21.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    I will say Antonín embodies the quality of independence (and freedom) to the point where it can turn into disloyalty and selfishness.

    #he just can't stay obedient for too long — unless it's a some kind of deceitful trick #he's got no true faith in any gods ... regardless of the verse #he's incapable of it #(mind u souls.borne deities are always some flavor of bs lol) #but damn huge issues with authority — even if they dont manifest in the more obvious acting-out way #rather in him never truly committing to serve anyone #he can do better at establishing relationships with people he doesn't perceive as demanding him to bend the knee tho #but in the end... he's willing to let them go or betray them too #AT THE SAME TIME HE'S STRANGELY FAMILIAL due to his upbringing #but more so in a role of parent or older sibling (like) relationships #tbh #he isn't even arrogant about it — unless it's a blasphemous tirade #he just... won't be genuinely loyal and take what he wants to then leave #that's it #no ... this is not a good guy lmao #and his attitude doesn't depend that much on how ppl treat him
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  • specialagentartemis
    20.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Murderbot described Preservation’s economy as a “barter system” because it had no words or concepts for what it was actually witnessing, which is a gift economy.

    #The Murderbot Diaries #I’m not fully sure why a gift economy makes more sense to me than a barter system but it FEELS more broadly sustainable #The Preservation Alliance seems to have enough internal good faith to make it work #Ofc there’ll be elements of direct exchange involved but the broader economy works on the good faith expectation of owe-you-one #I have taken too many anthropology classes to be normal about sci-fi anymore #headcanons
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  • triggerbigger
    20.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    //i’ve been really proud of the writing i’ve been producing lately ;;  i do be going a little bit insane with some of my threads (shoutout to the 500+ word lyric starter in my multi’s queue), but i’m having sooo much fun.  writing has been so enjoyable for me this past week or so especially and!!


    i’ve been reading a lot between replies, making my way through the ghost at the table by suzanne berne, which isn’t even a particularly good book (the 3.01 star rating on goodreads definitely tracks), but it’s kind of been encouraging me to push myself and write more descriptively and also extrapolate more on my internal monologues anD???

    i dunno man, imagine what i would do when fueled by a book that’s actually good lmao

    #secretary's memos ( ooc ) ;; #//i can't in good faith actually recommend the ghost at the table #//but there are some descriptions in it that do kinda slap #//and honestly it's just been fun to tear through a book for the first time in years #//i haven't read this ravenously since middle school... when high school and college killed my passion for reading #//I'M BACK.... #//i want to read more classic lit too and see if i can't get invested in it now that it's not being done for school #//MANIFESTING NOVELLA REPLIES..... I'M MANIFESTING......... #//i've never once actually successfully reached novella lengths SO FAR #//i'm M A N I F E S T I N G
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  • a-walking-fandom-reference
    20.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    some of yall have wayyyy too much faith that the spn prequel is gonna be good…. honestly have to commend you for your ability to still have faith after everything supernatural put us through

    #like damn idk i guess i’m into too much media that hates it’s fans because i have very little faith in most media #like being a spn fan and a comic fan and sw fan i just assume the worst most of the time #rey actually speaks #jackles prequel
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