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  • duthelnews
    16.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    le rachat des turbines d'Alstom coûterait le double de leur prix de vente — RT en français

    le rachat des turbines d’Alstom coûterait le double de leur prix de vente — RT en français

    Contrairement à la communication gouvernementale, le rachat des turbines d’Alstom s’avèrerait deux fois plus cher que le prix de vente en 2015 à l’américain General Electric. De nombreux politiques ont twitté avec le hashtag #ScandaleMacron. Le rachat des turbines Arabelle pour centrales nucléaires coûterait à EDF, entreprise détenue à 80% par l’Etat, 1,050 milliard d’euros, selon une information…

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    #aus aller Welt. #coûterait#dAlstom#des#doublé#français#LEUR#prix#rachat #schnelle und kompetente Nachrichten. Artikel und Videos aus Politik #turbines#vente#Wirtschaft#Zuverlässige
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  • camellia-salazar
    20.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Anyone want more thoughts on the Turbine AU? Because I got some. Here are some facts on the AU because I want to show more. I just want to. Enjoy! :3


    Scout: he tried to mimic BLU Sniper once by over drinking BONK soda but it didn't work..

    Soldier: once he tried to help build things for RED Engie, it didn't work either.

    Pyro: isn't really the best Pybro due to being distracted a lot.

    Demoman: Doesn't drink as much as the other Demo, tho he still does just as much as any other. Also when drunk he gets extra flirty.

    Heavy: he's either in his office or sometime during war. He doesn't show up anywhere else.

    Engineer: he doesn't admit it, but Soldier sometimes calms him down more than anyone.

    Medic: nobody knows how he became the way he is, but no one questions it either.. except Scout and Spy, but since Spy forgotten who he is and his life, Scout is the only one.

    Sniper: before him and BLU Engie actually met for the first time, he would watch him from afar. He would used to shoot him but at one point he noticed something that kept him from shooting.. eventually Engie saw his dot and Sniper would panickly turn away towards something else.. (the beginning of the story technically, sorry for spoilers, technically)

    Spy: before he forgot, he was probably like other spies. Tho idk what to make his past character yet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Scout: He doesn't drink BONK as much as any other Scout.. he probably thought that it caused him to become insane.. probably did but it could be something else..

    Soldier: he used to be the life of the party along side Demoman, now he gets angry whenever somebody in base disrespect or disregard Demo, now they're both downers..

    Pyro: he used to be the Pybro for Engie, but then he became the offence class he was meant to be (according to Heavy or Medic idk who would say that but it's one of them), so he would run off and fight like he was "supposed to".

    Demoman: he used to be a Demoknight before he got depressed.. he loved to charge at people and slice their heads off. Now he just places stickybombs and just sit or lay around and wait.. Soldier would come in and check on him from time to time.. (this is making me sad let's move on-)

    Heavy: whenever he goes out to fight, he and medic would be together, but whenever they aren't fighting he usually stays in his office (like the RED Heavy) and work on paper work or something. Idk.

    Engineer: sometimes he wouldn't feel like he is worthy of his teammates and friends.. especially the RED Sniper. RED Sniper would remind him sometimes and Engie would agree, but he couldn't shake off this feeling.. not yet anyways. He hopes..

    Medic: he would try to heal everyone, but he would mostly pocket Pyro. It just so happens to.. well.. happen. One time pyro was the only one who spawned when he would so he dealt with him instead of anyone else. They beat that round together and brag about it at dinner every day that week. They became friends at the end of the round. :3

    Sniper: yes, he's an huntsman Sniper, but he didn't start off that way. During the first two 2Fort weeks, he was a Sniping sniper. Of course he would go 1v1 with the other team's Sniper, but then something happens in the story (that could take forever to talk about..) so he eventually became a huntsman (idek why or how just yet but he did).

    Spy: he of course got along with medic and surprisingly engineer. He didn't think it was possible for an engineer to get along with a spy, but they sorta hit it off. He also tried to get good with the Sniper, but ever since his son stepped out if line Sniper wanted nothing to do with the team, especially "a creepy spook and his creepy son". Spy didn't like his attitude and decided not wanting anything to do with him neither.. even tho they were starting to warm up with each other..

    So there you have it. This is fun, hopefully I'll share more about this AU. Sorry it's been so long for this one, but at least I had enough ideas for this. (Sorry if it seems I changed some things, idk if I did or not).

    Thanks for reading! 😁👍

    #tf2 #team fortress 2 #Turbine AU#TF2 AU#scout#soldier#pyro#demoman#demoknight#heavy#engineer#engie#medic#sniper#spy#RED#BLU#hopefully #people will see this #because im starting to love more and more of this AU im creating and ive never showed off any othe au before #so i hope people will like this #cus i will be showing it more #☺️👍 #trucks and vans #boots n bombs
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  • camellia-salazar
    10.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Hey, so it's been a while since my last ramble of the Turbine AU. I was gonna do another fact post but I decided to post more on the character's opinions on each other. So, here is RED Scout's opinion on everyone else.

    (also right in the middle of typing this I started to think of how Scout would think so make sure you understand that while you read this, please.)

    So his opinion on everyone on his team is how they all are either boring or scary. That's why he tries to hang with the BLUs instead.

    Staring with his team, we have Soldier. Doesn't care much honestly. Soldier is just bossy and he doesn't care much for his outbursts.

    With Pyro, he thinks that they're weird and doesn't feel comfortable with them.

    Demoman is just weird as well. At first he took his flirting as compliments until he realized that they aren't (when some of the other team told him that he's been flirting with him) so he is less comfortable with him, too.

    Heavy is a bit scary, even though he never got to see him due to never being invited to meetings, but when he did (in the halls or whenever they go to war or do role call) he tries to look impressive and intimidating. But fails.

    Engineer is overly angry, but also overly protective to him. Scout just sees him as a protective angry man so he gets annoyed by his lectures. Also he dislikes how he's more mean than the other team's Engineer. He's also one of the big reasons he runs off.

    Medic is just awful. Doesn't like him that much. Runs whenever he hears him through the halls. Just downright horrifying. Another reason to go over to BLU.

    Sniper is the only one he tends to like. Not because he is the exact replica of the other Sniper, but the fact that he's nice. Only problem is that he kinda sorta forgets that he's in the team, because people tell him to leave Sniper alone (mostly in battle). He only got to interact with I'm a few times. Like in the mess hall or something. Idk.

    Spy is someone he dislikes the most. He just stands there. Watching him. Kinda creepy. But as long as he don't attack him, Scout's good. He guesses. (Yet another reason to flee except less likely than the other two)

    Now time for his opinions on the BLU team.

    BLU Scout is a wussy. He's scared out of his wits whenever he sees him. So boring. Can't even try to bonk him without screaming for mercy and looking pathetic. Yawn. Gotta run off and find real competition. Also yeah, RED Scout never saw him go on a murder spree. Or doesn't remember it. Idk.

    BLU Soldier, why are you always hanging out with your Demoman? Everytime RED Scout sees you, you're always with him. What the heck? Can't even bonk you when you blow him to bits with your rockets. Dang.

    BLU Pyro seems pretty chill he guesses. Not much to say about him.

    BLU Demoman. What are you, sad or somethin'?

    BLU Heavy? Never really saw him. Maybe that one time when something happened with his medic, but fled when he saw him.

    BLU Engineer is sort of (maybe) a father figure to him. He seem kind and caring, but not to the point of being able to be manipulated, oh no no no! He tried that already. Luckily BLU Engie gave him a chance to chill with him. At one point he would reject that idea and run off. But when he was offered peace a second time he sat down and chilled.

    BLU Medic I almost forgotten him. His opinion on him is the fact that he hasn't really saw him either. Except the incident of course. Or in battle a few times. (I'm not so sure about him yet.)

    BLU Sniper, ah yes. Finally someone to show his skill to. Hope he's watching because Scout would be doing this particular thing for him. So what if he kills him? He'll just come back and waits for BLU Sniper to notice him once more. He doesn't know why he's doing it, but a part of him knows it's a thing he does for ... affection?? Love?? No no, it's something else.. Attention! Yeah that's it ... right? (Or was he right the first time? No no no.. second time? Not so sure. Probably.. what's he thinking about again?)

    BLU Spy, better Spy. Less creepy and more open Spy. Dad Spy? Maybe not. His Scout and Pyro sure do look happy with him around tho. Hmm. 🤔

    So hope you'd like this idea of how he'd react the each character. I suppose. I should write a fanfic on this. But for now I'll tell you more about the others later on. Thank you for reading these. :3

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  • camellia-salazar
    02.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    More ideas of the Turbine AU

    Ok so, before we start imma just say, this au is getting more and more ideas the more I type away.

    So here's all the character's loadouts (for now, more on anything else in the future).

    RED Scout: his loadout is a plain Mann co. Cap, with a bronze duel badge. His weapons are a soda popper, BONK soda, and the Sandman Bat.

    RED Soldier: His loadout is normal but with a Merc badge. His weapons are the Direct Hit, Lazer Gun, and a shovel.

    RED Pyro: Has a unicorn mask, that's about it. Weapons are flamethrower, a flair gun, and a thirty digrees axe.

    RED Demoman: basically his normal cosmetic. Weapons are the load grenade launcher thing, a charge wheel, and a sword (He be a demoknight).

    RED Heavy: he has a mustache and wears the Law hat, that's about it. Weapons are Natasha, meat, and the boxing gloves.

    RED Engineer: cosmetics were gonna be the normal hardhead hat but now I'm thinking cowboy hat (not the white one the other one). Weapons are the widowmaker, his wangler, and his robo hand.

    RED Medic: Nothing but his normal cosmetic. Weapons are his crossbow, his medigun, and his ubersaw.

    RED Sniper: again, normal. His weapons are his sniper rifle, jarate, and machete.

    RED Spy: normal cosmetic with normal weapons, and the Dead Ringer. Only constantly wears a Pyro disguise but it doesn't work, leaving him with a mask and Pyro drawn on it.

    Next up BLU.

    BLU Scout: Used to wear the same cap as RED Scout. Only he took it off after finding out about his freak outs.

    BLU Soldier: Normal cosmetic. Box shaped rocket launcher, shell horn, and shovel.

    BLU Pyro: Normal Cosmetic only with Pyrovision goggles that don't work. Dragon's fury, a jetpack, and a normal axe.

    BLU Demoman: normal cosmetics. Weapons are normal grenade launcher, sticky bomb launcher, and normal bottle.

    BLU Heavy: same thing as the RED Heavy but without mustache this time. Weapons are Sasha, sandvich, and mittens.

    BLU Engineer: Normal Cosmetic. Weapons are revenge shotgun, Wrangler, and urika wrench.

    BLU Medic: normal everything.

    BLU Sniper: normal hat. Bow and arrow, croc back protector, and a machete.

    BLU Spy: normal cosmetic. Weapons are his normal gun, his spy-cicle, and cloak and stab.

    So that's all I could think of for what they look like. So far. I hope you all get to have any ideas on what I imagined because most of these I forgot the actual names for so here yah go.

    I might change some of their loadouts in the future. Idk.

    #tf2 #team fortress 2 #turbine au#scout#soldier#pyro#demoman#demoknight#heavy#engineer#engie#medic#sniper#spy #i can't think rn #tf2 loadouts #turbine au loadouts #stuff like that #i freaking forgot something in blu scout again #forgot his weapon loadout #which was his force of nature #his pistol that can make you jump higher #i forgot what it was called #and a normal wooden bat #he lost his ball #also his alternative bat is one with nails on it #you know for his murder spree
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  • camellia-salazar
    24.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Well I know that you all don't mind me saying this but I too have a sort of AU for the Mercs on both teams that I've been wanting to get off my chest.

    I call it (for now), Turbine AU.

    Basically, I just like to think that there are different versions of each Merc in different maps. The ones that I thought of are in two maps (apparently). 2fort and Turbine.

    I'm not gonna go use the whole lore behind it but I'll share with you the character traits they will be. For both RED and BLU.

    Here we go.


    Scout: Just like usual, loud, energetic, only less egocentric. Because he has another in his mind that he would be willing to fallow around. (BLU Sniper)

    Soldier: A bit cocky, in your face kinda guy. Talks in grunts I guess (I don't think of him that much).

    Pyro: Just like normal, childish, joyful, mostly to deaths. He would totally wear the unicorn mask.

    Demoman: idk, I can't think of him. Just like soldier, I don't think of him so much. Only how he's more queer? I guess? Much more feminine, gay. He loves Soldier. That's about it. (Idk which soldier, possibly both? Idk.)

    Heavy: The leader of the team, only a bit more vicious than the other team's heavy. Mostly seen as the big bad guy, idk why I think of that.

    Engineer: Angry, bitter, kinda aggressive, he is one of those unthinkable characters, only a bit more interesting. Also him and both spies have a bit of history. (Mostly RED but I'm not so sure about BLU just yet)

    Medic: Insane (more than normally a Medic would), kinda like the team's dog, he's animalistic. Kinda up there in the scary level with Heavy.

    Sniper: one of the most friendly Mercs off of red. Probably is the most friendly accualy. He and BLU Engineer hang out all the time. At first he didn't trust him (because his team is badsh*t crazy) but he warmed up to him. (Spoilers?? Idk)

    Spy: possibly the most interesting (I hope). Basically he doesn't know who he is, normally wears a Pyro disguise mask. He's the most ominous one in red. He's RED Scout's dad (of course), but only Engineer, Sniper, and Heavy know that. Spy doesn't tho. He did once but now.. eh.

    Now for the BLU team


    Scout: Unlike every other Scout, this one accualy knows that his dad is Spy. He and Pyro are brothers (no explanation other than they just say so), so Spy thinks of him as his son too. Scout has a bit of a traumatic experience. Sometimes (if not most of the time) he goes crazy and gets into a killing spree. He isn't like most Scouts because of it. He is more jumpy and skittish. Scared most of the time. Except with BLU Spy, Pyro, and Engie.

    Soldier: Unlike the other Soldier, this one is much more interesting. He and BLU Demoman are best friends (because why not?), and are usually together, even in battle. However, because of Demoman ending up down in the dumps all the time now, Soldier will do whatever it takes to protect his dear friend. Phisically and emotionally.

    Pyro: They are a bit different than other Pyros, because he is more understanding to the world around him instead of seeing the world through Pyrovision. And like I said, He and Scout are bros. He gives hugs to Spy sometimes and hang out with Scout. He also had a huge friendship with BLU Medic. Then something happens.. that made Pyro sorta hate himself. (Idk just yet, all I know is that something bad happens to Medic)

    Demoman: Like I said, he and Soldier are the best of friends, until he became depressed and didn't do much. Soldier gets angry at anyone that tries to step into his space and stuff. Idk.

    Heavy: Unlike RED Heavy, this one is nicer. He of course, has Medic as his right hand man (just like RED, just to let you know). When tragity struck, Heavy was more focused on the war than anything. (Like these guys don't respond, c'mon.)

    Engineer: the nicest individual in the war. Kind hearted to everyone. Has a bit of a soft spot for RED Sniper ☺️. His only problem is the fact that he's always sorry, even when he didn't do anything (wrong), he's helpful, but he doesn't think so. He's kinda insecure about himself. Smiles when he's sad.

    Medic: Close on the kindness factor. Second in BLU, and second overall. Friends with Heavy and Pyro. Kinda sees Pyro as a son-ish (idk just yet about that). Not much to say but how he's part of the tragity. (Don't know what to make of him accualy)

    Sniper: Quiet, don't talk much. Hates both Scouts because he fears them. He wouldn't have hated the RED Scout if 1: He isn't RED because let's face it, RED is crazy. 2: If BLU Scout didn't go crazy in the battlefield. 3: if Crazy BLU Scout didn't get all creepy with him in the first place. (Another reason why BLU Scout dislikes himself, not only is he a monster, but he is also hurting the man he lo-). So yeah, trust issues. (Why not?)

    Spy: Friendliest. Spy. Ever. I'm not so sure about the Kindness Scale after the first three, but he would be somewhere higher than the middle. After telling Scout that he's his dad, he was just as afraid of rejection as any other Spy, only this time he's a bit braver?? Idk. He has some beef with the other team's Spy tho. And is quite fond of the other team's Scout. To the point of wanting to adopt him too. After all, he technically adopted BLU Pyro so why not? It's not like his actual father would care for him, right? He doesn't even know himself! So yeah, other than the thing I just thought up now, there wasn't anything to think about for him. Until now that is.

    I hope you like the idea here. There's more to it, much more. Probably fanfiction material. Idk.

    I even made a playlist of songs dedicated to this AU. I'll link it later.

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  • dermontag
    19.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Was fehlt? Ein richtiger Titel fehlt beiden Mannschaften noch. Die Freiburger, unter anderem drei Mal Meister der Amateurliga Südbaden (1965, 1968, 1978), waren ihm noch nie so nah. Für das Team von Christian Streich ist es die erste Finalteilnahme im DFB-Pokal überhaupt. Die Leipziger kennen sich da besser aus, sie sind zum dritten Mal in Berlin und könnten saisonübergreifend das Triple komplettieren und zum dritten Mal Vize-Pokalsieger werden. Historisch gesehen bemerkenswerter ginge die Sache bei einem Sieg der Sachsen aus. Sie wären der erste Teilnehmer aus dem geografischen Osten überhaupt nach der Wiedervereinigung, der den DFB-Pokal gewonnen hätte. Auf wen ist zu achten? Vielleicht auf die Joker, wie man so unschön sagt. Da wäre auf Leipziger Seite Emil Forsberg, ohne den Schweden wären die Sachsen nicht in Berlin. Er köpfte die Leipziger im Halbfinale gegen den 1. FC Union nach seiner Einwechslung ganz spät zum 2:1-Erfolg. Der torgefährliche Forsberg wurde in dieser Saison wettbewerbsbeherrschend 19 Mal von der Bank gebracht, bei den Freiburgern toppt das Nils Petersen. Er kommt auf 20 Pflichtspiel-Einwechslungen. Aber vielleicht sollte Coach Christian Streich ihn am Sonnabend doch von Anfang an bringen, denn: Gegen RB Leipzig traf Petersen bisher nur, wenn er in der Startelf stand. Was ziehen die Fans an? Einen Final-Fanschal mit den Logos beider Teams jedenfalls nicht. Darüber wurde ja schon ausführlich berichtet. Der Hintergrund ist bekannt, Freiburg lehnt das Konstrukt RB Leipzig ab. Und das ist auch erlaubt. Klubembleme sind nämlich rechtlich geschützt – und da konnten die Breisgauer die Tür zumachen für RB Leipzig und so sicher auch ein bisschen um die Sympathien aller Leipzig-Nichtmöger buhlen. Hat Berlin bald ausgespielt? Nö. Denn, Good News, Saudi-Arabien darf sich als Gastgeber eines DFB-Pokalfinales laut DFB-Chef Bernd Neuendorf keine Hoffnung machen, auch wenn DFL-Chefin Renata Hopfen da ja schon mal so was angedeutet hatte. Aber nicht mit Neuendorf. „Wir brauchen Fannähe und Akzeptanz für unseren Sport“, sagte der Präsident nun. Auch bei einer achtstelligen Dollarsumme würde er nicht schwach werden. Und was ist bei einer neunstelligen? „Nicht alles ist eine Frage des Preises“, sagte der Präsident jetzt in einem frischen Interview mit der „Zeit“. Er könne auch „Nein“ sagen. Und: „Der Sport insgesamt muss das wieder tun.“ Und was kommt noch? Das Finale der Frauen. Früher oft nur ein Vorspiel bei den Männern, wurde es 2009 zum letzten Mal in Berlin gespielt. Nun ist das Finale längst emanzipiert und hat in Köln Wurzeln geschlagen. Die Frauen haben das letzte Wort der Bundesliga-Saison (geschlechterübergreifend): Am 28. Mai steigt das Endspiel, mit dem VfL Wolfsburg und den Außenseiterinnen von Turbine Potsdam, die beim letzten Finale in Berlin 2009 übrigens dabei waren (und verloren). Kein Funfact: Für Wolfsburg wäre es der achte Pokal-Gewinn ins Serie.

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  • dermontag
    07.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Olympia-Gold, WM- und EM-Titel DFB-Star Peter beendet "unvergessliche Reise" 02.05.2022, 17:51 Uhr Babett Peter gewinnt alles, was es an bedeutenden Titeln im Fußball der Frauen zu gewinnen gibt. Und das sowohl mit der Nationalmannschaft als auch mit ihren Vereinsteams. Nun beendet die 118-fache Nationalspielerin ihre große Laufbahn. Die langjährige Fußball-Nationalspielerin Babett Peter hat das Ende ihrer langen, überaus erfolgreichen Karriere angekündigt. Auf ihrem Instagram-Account schrieb die 33-Jährige, eine "unvergessliche Reise" gehe im Sommer zu Ende. Seit drei Jahren spielt Peter in Spanien, zunächst bei CD Tacon, der vor zwei Jahren dann von Real Madrid übernommen wurde. "Ich möchte gerne selbst bestimmen, wann ich aufhöre - und jetzt ist der Zeitpunkt nach einer sehr erfolgreichen Saison als Kapitänin von Real Madrid gekommen", schrieb Peter. Die aus Oschatz bei Leipzig stammende Abwehrspielerin hat eine große Reihe von Erfolgen erzielt. Sie wurde in 118 Länderspielen mit der deutschen Nationalmannschaft Olympiasiegerin, Welt- und Europameisterin und holte zudem Olympia-Bronze. Von 2006 bis 2012 spielte sie für den 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam, wurde fünfmal Meisterin, holte einmal den DFB-Pokal und gewann 2010 die Champions League. Nach der Station 1. FFC Frankfurt (2012 bis 2014/ein Pokalsieg) wechselte sie zum VfL Wolfsburg und wurde mit ihm noch dreimal Meister und fünfmal Pokalsieger. Mit Real Madrid kam dann kein weiterer Titel mehr dazu, als größter Erfolg steht in der Liga der Vizemeistertitel 2021 hinter dem FC Barcelona zu Buche. Aktuell steht das Team in der Liga auf Rang vier und kämpft um den Einzug in einen internationalen Wettbewerb. Ein Highlight ihrer Laufbahn fällt für Babett Peter jedoch in ihre kurze Ära im Dress der Königlichen: Im Rückspiel des Champions-League-Viertelfinals, das Real Madrid überraschend erreicht hatte, spielte das Team im März im Camp Nou beim FC Barcelona vor 91.553 Zuschauern - für wenige Wochen, bis zum Spiel des FC Barcelona gegen den VfL Wolfsburg, war diese Kulisse Weltrekord im Vereinsfußball der Frauen. Die Mannschaft um Kapitänin Peter verlor 2:5 und schied aus. Peter ist mit der ehemaligen amerikanischen Fußballerin Ella Masar, mit der sie eine Saison in Wolfsburg spielte, verlobt und wird nach der Saison zu ihr in die USA ziehen.

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  • no-ghost-to-bring-you-down
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    (LONG POST) Setting the scene: The Fate of Metal Sonic...

    Hey, hey, people, N.G here! I promised you fanfics and some loredumps for my MXYL AU, and here’s the first of them! My take on what Metal Sonic’s been doing in MXYL, or rather, what he hasn’t!

    One of the game-changing moves that set the stage for Shadow's ascension as Mobius' power-hungry reluctant tyrant saviour was Eggman's untimely demise at the hands of Chaos Knuckles. Penders never expanded upon it, while Flynn just said Shadow stopped Knuckles instead of Sonic in the altered Light Mobius timeline and left it at that.

    But what of Eggmans mechanical armies?

    I figure that the final confrontation with Eggman would’ve taken place at Robotropolis, with Knuckles in his out-of-control Chaos form destroying the vast majority of Eggman’s robotic forces and their production facilities. Shadow left Robotropolis as-is, an abandoned husk of the once-great Eggman Empire.

    Surviving badniks and other Eggman robots? Destroyed. Shard too. So much for that title, eh? Here’s where I pull a fast one on you.

    Metal Sonic survives. Of course he does, he’s Eggman’s masterpiece, a robotic doppelganger capable of matching Sonic (and thus Shadow), copying others’ abilities in his Neo-form, and an all-around wind of destruction!

    Initially a persistent disruption to Shadow’s attempt to conquer Mobius, Shadow would eventually get the jump on the mechanical marvel, ambushing Metal and taking him out as a threat. The sensible thing to do from there would be to permanently offline Shadow, remove the threat permanently, but that’s just not Shadow’s style.

    Why get rid of a potential weapon, especially when it could prove useful in the future?

    As far as the wider public was aware, Metal Sonic was destroyed, and brutally so, dismembered by Shadow piece by piece. A half-truth - Shard suffered such an unfortunate fate at Lien-Da’s hands, his remains powder-coated a deep blue to provide ‘proof’ for the propagandists.

    In secret, however, Shadow had Lien-Da’s technicians work to restore Metal Sonic to some degree of working condition, before imprisoning Metal in the Castle Mobius catacombs inside a containment chamber designed just for him. Metal was still sentient and ultimately loyal to Eggman, after all, a weapon of last resort to be unleashed upon Shadow’s enemies when circumstances were dire.

    (How I wish Tumblr allowed for resizing of images..)

    Speaking of last resorts...

    Tikal’s destruction of Castle Mobius, decades later, had the unfortunate by-product of freeing Metal from his chains, the plucky mechanical menace using the opportunity to slink away to freedom! But where would he go, now that the Eggman was no more and his empire absorbed by Shadow’s, and subsequently dismembered by Sally?

    Battered and his combat systems disabled, to say Metal Sonic had been debilitated during his captivity would be an understatement. At least Shadow kept his joints lubricated and in working order once every few months, under Sally’s rule he’d been completely forgotten about! How was he to know that the world, including Sonic, believed him offline?
    His turbine still functioned, albeit weakly, but it was enough to get him off Angel Island. His destination - home, Robotropolis. The flight time estimated to be several hours, that was no issue, it allowed ample time to patch into MobiusNet and absorb three decades worth of information he had been denied. It allowed ample time to start planning for his return, for the continuation of the Eggman’s legacy.
    Touching down in Robotropolis a day later, Eggman’s prodigal son was met with the robotic equivalent of a massacre. Robotropolis itself was rent asunder, the aftermath of Knuckles’ fateful showdown with Eggman, and its once mirror-polished streets were littered with the rusting husks of destroyed badniks and eggrobos, left at the mercy of the elements for three decades.
    Shuffling towards the site of Eggman’s former Robotropolis headquarters, Metal Sonic’s internally-calculated confidence intervals of locating any survivors was dropping. Logarithmically.
    Regardless, he opened broadcasts on every Egg-Empire frequency, broadcasting a forced status-update command. Any units within the receiving range would have to respond, they were programmed to do so. Desperate times called for desperate measures, yet for the whole thirty-two minutes it had taken to traverse the abandoned warzone to the foot of the Robotropolis Egg-Quarters tower, not a single response.
    Confidence interval nearing the threshold for rejecting the null hypothesis of there being survivors, Metal’s internal algorithms were close to ceasing the search, until...
    “You’re late. Tardy. Long-overdue,” a voice message sent through the Grandmaster communications protocol, followed by a pause. “We have much to do.”
    A voice message Metal immediately traced back to a ground-floor terminal within the Egg-Quarters. A low-level networking terminal, rather than from any known Grandmasters. A terminal that was now the last refuge of a certain AI.

    So that’s where Metal Sonic is at currently in my fan-continuation. He’s linked up with Phage, the sole survivor of the Egg-Empire’s destruction by virtue of surviving on the barely-intact intranet.

    I haven’t had much planned out for these two, but I definitely have a good idea of how their interactions will be. Think of it like Masterchief and Cortana/The Weapon - not the relationship dynamic, but the physical nature of her being downloaded onto M.C’s armour. Likewise, Phage will be Metal’s on-board AI ‘companion’ for the early days as they both scrape by.

    MXYL really did away with most of the villains by making Shadow the big-bad who conquered Mobius and achieved World Peace(tm), so I had to get creative in working out how I could throw some villainous factions into the mix. I don’t solely want to rely on Shadow for my AU’s villain, that wouldn’t be any fun at all!

    I’m half-surprised nobody thought of pairing up Phage and Metal as a sort of twisted spin on Sally and Nicole (AND I WILL ADDRESS WHAT HAPPENS TO HER IN MXYL).

    Anyways, hope this trashfic was anywhere near enjoyable, and that you stick around to read more of my MXYL sperging XD

    If you’ve got any feedback, feel free to send it my way! Or if you have any questions, just ask ‘em. I’m happy to embrace any criticism (within reason) and answer any q’s.

    #archie sonic #sonic the hedgehog #sonic fanfiction#light mobius#MXYL #shadow the hedgehog #metal sonic#phage#m25yl#m30yl#mxylAU #Mobius X Years Later #Mobius 30 Years Later #Mobius 25 Years Later
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    Serie gebrochen, Wunder verpasst Sensationelle Wölfinnen besiegen unbesiegbares Barça 30.04.2022, 19:54 Uhr Nach dem 1:5 im Hinspiel muss ein Wunder her für den Einzug ins Champions-League-Finale - gegen ein Barcelona, das alle (!) Spiele in dieser Saison gewonnen hat. Den Fußballerinnen aus Wolfsburg gelingt die Sensation beinahe, der verdiente Sieg bricht aber am Ende "nur" die unglaubliche Barça-Serie. Trotz beherzter Aufholjagd haben die Fußballerinnen des VfL Wolfsburg das erhoffte Champions-League-Wunder gegen den FC Barcelona verpasst. Nach dem 1:5 im Camp Nou bezwang der starke Bundesliga-Spitzenreiter den Titelverteidiger im Halbfinal-Rückspiel mit 2:0 (0:0) und stoppte zum versöhnlichen Abschied die 45 Pflichtspiele andauernde Siegesserie des Top-Favoriten. Torjägerin Tabea Waßmuth (47.) und die Niederländerin Jill Roord (59.) trafen in der VW Arena vor 22.057 Fans, die für eine Rekord-Heimkulisse bei den VfL-Frauen sorgten. Die acht Jahre alte Bestmarke (12.464) wurde pulverisiert. Die Katalaninnen treffen nun im Finale am 21. Mai in Turin auf Paris St. Germain oder Olympique Lyon (21 Uhr/Hinspiel 2:3). Der zweimalige Titelträger Wolfsburg richtet seinen Blick nun auf das mögliche Double. Im Liga-Finish hat der VfL im Zweikampf mit Bayern München derzeit die Nase vorn, im DFB-Pokalfinale am 28. Mai ist der Dauersieger gegen Turbine Potsdam in der Favoritenrolle. Wolfsburg lässt Chancen liegen Wolfsburg-Coach Tommy Stroot setzte im Vergleich zum Hinspiel auf zusätzliche Offensiv- und Pressingpower durch die schnelle Ewa Pajor. Auf der Gegenseite vertraute Jonatan Giraldez seiner erfolgreichen Startelf der Vorwoche. Und die bekam bei gewohnt viel Ballbesitz deutlich mehr Gegenwehr zu spüren als acht Tage zuvor. Die Gastgeberinnen standen kompakter und ließen auch im Umschaltspiel ihre Qualität aufblitzen. Roords (34.) erste gute Chance aber entschärfte Barca-Keeperin Sandra Panos. Auf der Gegenseite erwies sich Torhüterin Almuth Schult vor den Augen von Bundestrainerin Martina Voss-Tecklenburg erneut als starker Rückhalt gegen die gefürchtete Offensive um Weltfußballerin Alexia Putellas. Im Hinspiel hatte Schult ihr Team mit 16 Paraden vor einem noch schlimmeren Debakel bewahrt. Die zweite Hälfte begann dann geradezu perfekt für den VfL: Nach nur 112 Sekunden traf Waßmuth infolge einer Freistoß-Situation per abgefälschtem Fernschuss. Für die Nationalstürmerin war es bereits der zehnte Treffer im zehnten Champions-League-Spiel. Nach der Führung feuerten die Heimfans ihre Wölfinnen noch lauter an, das sonst so coole Barca-Ensemble zeigte sich tatsächlich beeindruckt und kassierte so auch den zweiten Treffer: Roord fasste sich ebenfalls aus der Distanz ein Herz und erwischte Torhüterin Panos auf dem falschen Fuß. In der Schlussphase entwickelte sich dann ein hektischer Schlagabtausch. Wolfsburg witterte seine Chance und hatte mehrere gute Möglichkeiten, doch auch Barcelona investierte wieder mehr und kam ebenfalls zu gefährlichen Abschlüssen.

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    Cornimont - Le conseil municipal vote les taux d'imposition locale 2022

    Cornimont – Le conseil municipal vote les taux d’imposition locale 2022

    Dans sa dernière réunion, le conseil municipal a notamment voté les comptes des gestion et les comptes administratifs 2021 (budget eau, budget forêt, régie municipale de chauffage, turbine du Bâs, turbine de Travexin, Maison de santé, lotissements du Daval, du gros Chêne et de Xoulces). Avec la mise en place de la Fiscalité Professionnelle Unique (FPU) au niveau de la Communauté de Communes des…

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    20.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    For the tarot prompts! The World for Rakasha!

    the world: fulfillment, experience, completion;  “Do you remember, back when…” possible AUs/settings/ideas: old age, happy end, fantasy world au


    This is sort of a happy end AU, it’s also just a ‘cleaning up some messes’ AU. Taking place post-final battle.


    Akasha kept her breath steady as the dropship descended out of the clouds, her eyes flicked out the window to the facility ahead. A gleaming white collection of buildings were splayed out below, with one tall building with a Vishkar logo at its front at the heart. The Vishkar logo had been heavily graffitied over.

    “...it’s okay if you need to go straight to the hotel, you know,” Rajeev’s hand went over her knee.

    Her hand went over his. “I’m fine,” she said, “I... need to see it. Them. I need to see them.”

    There were several UN agents on the helipad, and one omnic in a smart pantsuit ran up and heartily shook Rajeev’s hand as he and Akasha exited the dropship.

    “Mr. Amari, I can’t tell you how much of an honor it is,” she said, her suit still riffling in the breeze from the dropship’s turbines.

    “How has it been so far?” asked Rajeev.

    “Honestly? Better than expected. Given the post-omnic crisis orphan influx, I didn’t think there would be such a demand... and yet...” 

    “What about any blood relatives?” Akasha pulled up briskly next to Rajeev, “What are the screening procedures for adoptions?” 

    “We’ve... actually managed to find a significant amount of blood relatives passing the screening procedures and willing and able to take these children in, and we'd be happy to upload our screening process documents to your tablets,” the omnic said, looking at a holo-pad, “After that, there have been a high number of individuals and couples passing our initial screenings willing to take them in as well. We also have some very well-reputed foster programs offering their support as well, it seems they have the means to do so, since so many financial assets of Vialli Financial have been returned to their initial investors and debtors.”

    "Good," Akasha said quietly.

    "But... let's see the rest of them, right?" Rajeev piped up and the Omnic chuckled a little.

    "Of course," said the omnic, "Right this way."

    They continued walking through the gardens, and then passed through a secondary gate to enter a spacious yard dotted with hard-light tetherball poles, basketball courts, tennis courts, and even a fenced-off reduced-friction hard-light court for hockey and curling. Akasha's eyes flicked around. The whole scene looked more colorful, now, as well, with the kids all wearing a hodgepodge consisting of their old white and blue Vishkar orphanage uniforms, and more varied, brightly colored clothes apparently liberated from one of Vialli financial's smaller shell companies focused on apparel. They were laughing, and shouting.

    Sports tended to be very strictly regimented within Vishkar, often exclusive to the children displaying the most athletic prowess and leadership, and even then that leadership of the individual itself being molded to Vishkar's vision and needs. One of the reasons Akasha caught Sanjay's attention herself was her talent in a short-lived Vishkar fencing program. But here was... chaotic. Kids were running from sport to sport, hard light balls were being bounced between inappropriate courts, kids were even attempting to hit basketballs with tennis rackets. Almost like... actual children. Watching these kids now, her stomach fluttered and she felt her ears burning for some reason. A part of her wanted to call out, What are you doing? Get back in your lines now, don't you know you'll get in trouble? But... that wasn't how things were anymore. And that was sinking in more and more.

    "They just got out of lunch. They have playtime for the next 20 minutes, then we can show you the classrooms and dormitories," the Omnic explained, "I'm going to go grab one of the teachers and just make sure they're all ready for you two to sit in. Is there anything else I can get for you?"

    "We're fine for now," said Akasha, eyes still scanning across the yard there were several omnic chaperones keeping watch, ready to run in if any of the kids scraped a knee or started arguing, but the kids seemed more than content with their chaotic play. With the clang of the fence behind Akasha and Rajeev, there was a rapid swiveling of heads in their direction. Rajeev gave a big playful wave and Akasha unconsciously stepped closer behind him, but then an audible ripple of yells and chatter issued up from the yard, accompanied by the percussion of balls being dropped to the ground as the kids ran toward them. For the most part the kids were excited to see anyone new. They burgeoned around Rajeev and Akasha like a tide, poking and prodding and gripping with tiny fingers.

    "You're Rajeev! From the holo-films!" one blurted out.

    "Can you do the shield?" said another.

    "Do the shield!" one piped up from the back.

    "Oh, you mean," Rajeev materialized a shield from hard-light, "This shield?" And the kids cheered. "Who wants to take pictures?" Rajeev called out and the kids cheered again.

    Akasha felt a tug at the back of her head and a murmur of "Your hair is so long--" she glanced around sharply to see a girl flinch away from the ends of her hair. She had half a mind to bunch all of her hair up in a messy bun, but the way the girl was looking up at her with half-scared eyes made her stomach un-tense.

    "Yes..." Akasha said a bit hollowly, "It is long. It.. helps me feel more stabilized in the time I am now."

    "Can I braid it?" the girl blurted out.

    Akasha's shoulders bunched up and she hesitated for a few seconds. "...if you are careful about it," she replied gently.

    The girl grabbed Akasha's hand and tugged her over towards a bench near the tetherball poles. Akasha glanced over her shoulders to see a small line of girls trailing after them, even as several kids were now attempting to climb on Rajeev as he took selfies with them holding his shield or hanging on his shoulders. Akasha felt another tug on her arm and saw that she and the girl had reached the bench now, and the girl was prompting her to sit down. Then, the girl got up on her knees on the bench to braid Akasha's hair as several other girls circled around her.

    "You were on the holos too," another girl with hair up in two tight buns piped up.

    "Was I?" said Akasha.

    "You move really fast!" said a smaller child.

    "That's right," Akasha smiled.

    "I didn't know you were a lady until you took the helmet off," said the two-bunned girl.

    "I thought you were Tracer," said another.

    Akasha snorted a bit. "Well... hair creates drag, so I wear a helmet most of the time.

    "You're like Tracer, right?" said one of the girls, holding the smaller child's hand as she sucked on her fingers.

    "...we both have chronal accelerators to treat our chronal disassociation," Akasha said a bit blankly, "Though... we were both disassociated under very different circumstances."

    "...Cornal Exceladors..." the finger-sucking child almost-repeated and Akasha immediately realized the vocabulary for what had defined her life for the past few years was well outside these children's current capacity for understanding.

    "Chronal accelerator," Akasha corrected.

    "Do you make hard-light, too?" said the girl braiding Akasha's hair.

    Swords, thought Akasha, but then she said, "When I need to, yes."

    Her eyes trailed back to Rajeev, who was now carrying an impressive four kids on his shoulders and in his arms as several other kids all eagerly and half-bickeringly passed his shield between them.

    "Is it true there's no more Vishkar?" another girl piped up and Akasha glanced over at her.

    "I--" Akasha started.

    But another girl cried out, "I want to braid, too!"

    "You can braid this side--just be gentle," Akasha offered a loose strand of hair.

    "Where are we gonna go if there's no more Vishkar?" another girl asked.

    "That's what everyone's working very hard to figure out," said Akasha.

    "You were with Vishkar! Are we gonna go with Overwatch like you?"

    "I was already an adult when I joined Overwatch," said Akasha. 'Adult' is definitely generous, she thought.

    "But Rajeev said Overwatch was his family!" another girl piped up.

    "Well--yes---but---" Akasha could feel her ears burning, and her neck was starting to get stiff from holding it at an angle the kids could easily braid her hair at.

    "And they're your family too, right?"

    "Er... in a sense, but--"

    "So you're gonna be the mommy and he's the daddy," said the smallest girl, matter-of-factly.

    Akasha's mouth dropped open and vision swam at the edges for a few seconds. "What," the word seemed to fall out of her, not even questioning, just pure reflex.

    "She said you're gonna be the mommy and--"

    "Overwatch is being disbanded," Akasha said tensely, staring into space, and there was a beat of shock that immediately tumbled into a ripple of cries of protest and complaint.


    "You can't disband!"

    "What about the heroes?"

    "We're supposed to go with you!"

    "N-no--!" Akasha blurted out her hands flinching inwards towards herself. The children around her shrank back slightly, but she kept her eyes fixed on a point on the ground, "I mean... it doesn't work like that. Overwatch has been, fundamentally, something that was founded solely to deal with major crises. It's not sustainable on a long-term scale. What we need to do right now is reform and reinforce major infrastructures and aid in the creation of new, smaller, more specialized organizations that can have better oversight and be better suited to their local--" Akasha's eyes scanned across the blank and questioning faces of the children around her, all of them too betrayed at the concept of Overwatch being disbanded and her own explanation being far too complicated to placate them, "Look... it's... very complicated to explain," she said, moving to push hair hair back from her face but her fingertips brushing along half-tangled complicated braids. "But I promise you, we're doing everything we can to make sure you find good homes with good people. Overwatch will always help people... even if it's... in new ways."

    "...so you don't like Rajeev?" the girl braiding her hair tied off the braid.

    Akasha could feel her whole face burning. "I'm supposed to be asking you guys questions," she said, trying to summon back a bit of the haughtiness Vishkar cultivated in her.

    "So you're not gonna go super-fast?" said the smallest child.

    "Well, if you guys answer my questions, and you're well behaved about it... maybe you'll get a chronal accelerated piggyback ride. So... Who wants to tell me what you had for lunch today?"

    There was a clamoring chorus of "Me!" and Akasha huffed a sigh of relief.

    The rest of the afternoon progressed in a pleasant, albeit uneventful way. Tours of classrooms and dormitories, sitting in on a class session where an omnic explained photosynthesis--afterwards, Rajeev gave the blurb they had helped draft with Mei about the disbandment, and they showed the children a video clip of Efi Odalele giving a speech at an Adawe Foundation charity gala. With enough info-dumping, even Rajeev's apparent star-power with the children faded into general pleasant awareness, although there were still plenty of pleas for selfies and turns to hold the shield before they left, which Rajeev was happy to oblige. Their omnic chaperone eagerly thanked them for their time as they got back into the dropship.

    Akasha told him what the kids had said during takeoff.

    "They said what?" Rajeev burst out laughing.

    "It's not that funny," muttered Akasha, glaring out the dropship window.

    "No--I know--I mean--Sorry. It's cute," Rajeev grinned.

    "Cute? I--" Akasha let out a scoffing breath, "Who looks at me and thinks 'mommy!?' I'm--I'm made of electricity and broken glass!"

    "I don't think you're made of electricity and broken glass," Rajeev shrugged.

    "Rajeev--" Akasha folded her arms.

    "I dunno, kids are weird like that," Rajeev shrugged, "I guess it's harder for the omnics to really meet them at their level. And... they saw us on the holos so..."

    "Well it's easier for you! They love you! You're the... shield hero guy! With the hair!"

    "They liked your hair too," Rajeev smiled and Akasha felt at her tangled braids, blushing a bit. "Plus they were hyped on those piggy-back rides," Rajeev snorted, "You kind of stole the show, you know."

    "...I didn't notice..." Akasha glanced down. She smiled. "I'm so used to fighting with the chronal accelerator, it was nice to just... have fun with it."

    "Like, I know you said a lot of this was mostly about you coming to terms with like... everything Vishkar did to you, but... I just think you're a lot better with kids than you give yourself credit for--that's all I'm saying," Rajeev gave a wave of his hand.

    Akasha's mouth quirked to one side. "I guess... their world's kind of fallen out from underneath them, too. Or I guess it's always doing that when you're young."

    "Yeah... it was kind of always doing that in Overwatch too, to be honest," Rajeev said vaguely.

    A pause passed between them.

    "So you don't have a problem with the kids calling you 'daddy?'" Akasha's eyes crinkled.

    "I don't have a problem with anyone calling me 'Daddy'" said Rajeev with an arched eyebrow.

    Akasha groaned and gave his shoulder a shove as he snickered. "You're ridiculous," she muttered.

    "Need help detangling those braids later?" asked Rajeev.

    "...yes," said Akasha, stiffly.

    #it's the funniest damn things when kids just... assign you 'mom' and you're like 'i have been here for 15 minutes what is happening' #rakasha #also I love characters who are like 'It's not that I don't like kids it's just that I care very much about their wellbeing but I'm a mess'
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    17.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Rasantes DFB-Pokalhalbfinale Wölfinnen klauen Bayern auch letzten Strohhalm 17.04.2022, 14:31 Uhr Nach dem Aus in der Champions League und dem peinlichen 0:6 gegen Wolfsburg in der Liga, müssen die Fußballerinnen von Bayern München auch im Halbfinale des DFB-Pokals eine Pleite hinnehmen: Die Wölfinnen gewinnen in einem packenden Duell vor allen dank einer Niederländerin. Die Fußballerinnen des VfL Wolfsburg haben ihre Triple-Chance gewahrt und sind zum achten Mal in Folge ins DFB-Pokalfinale eingezogen. Die Mannschaft von Trainer Tommy Stroot gewann das "vorweggenommene Endspiel" bei Meister Bayern München mit 3:1 (1:0) und hat am 28. Mai in Köln die Chance, mit dem neunten Titelgewinn mit Rekordpokalsieger 1. FFC Frankfurt gleichzuziehen. 14 Tage nach der 6:0-Machtdemonstration gegen den FC Bayern in der Liga erzielten Jill Roord (19./61.) und Tabea Waßmuth (80.) die Treffer für die Seriensiegerinnen, die nach ihrem achten Pokaltriumph in Folge greifen. Die Serbin Jovana Damnjanovic (52.) hatte zwischenzeitlich per Foulelfmeter ausgeglichen. "Wir sind gerade in einem Flow. Wir sind sehr selbstbewusst, und es klappt alles bei uns. Ich freue mich auf das Finale", sagte Doppelpackerin Roord in der ARD. Den Finalgegner des VfL ermitteln am Ostermontag (18.30 Uhr/Sky) Bayer Leverkusen und Turbine Potsdam. Mit vier Punkten Vorsprung bei noch drei Spieltagen ist der Titel in der Meisterschaft den Wolfsburgerinnen dazu fast sicher, in der Champions League tritt die Mannschaft von Stroot am Freitag (18.45 Uhr/DAZN) vor großer Kulisse beim FC Barcelona zum Halbfinal-Hinspiel an. Torhüterin Schult kehrt zurück Vor 2330 Zuschauern in München stand die angeschlagene Nationaltorhüterin Almuth Schult beim VfL in der Startelf, die Münchnerinnen mussten kurzfristig auf ihren coronapositiven Cheftrainer Jens Scheuer verzichten. Die Wölfinnen waren zu Beginn das aktivere Team, Sveindis Jane Jonsdottir nutzte einen wilden Ausflug von Bayern-Torhüterin Janina Leitzig fast zur frühen Führung (11.). Nur wenig später machte es Roord mit einem fulminanten Schuss von der Strafraumgrenze dann besser. Erst kurz vor der Pause wurden die Gastgeberinnen etwas aktiver. Die Münchnerinnen, die zum vierten Mal in Folge im Pokal gegen Wolfsburg ausschieden und die letzte realistische Titelchance begraben mussten, kamen schwungvoll aus der Pause und glichen durch Damnjanovic aus, die einen an ihr verursachten Elfmeter sicher verwandelte. Die Gastgeberinnen blieben gefährlich, doch Roord und Waßmuth trafen zum Sieg.

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    Au Havre, Macron célèbre la « réunion de l’écologie et de l’industrie »

    Amal El Rhazi, Au Havre, Macron célèbre la « réunion de l’écologie et de l’industrie ». Emmanuel Macron s’est rendu au Havre (Seine-Maritime) jeudi 14 avril et en a profité pour visiter l’usine flambant neuve de Siemens Gamesa, qui fabrique des turbines et des pales d’éoliennes en mer. L’occasion pour lui de faire passer un « message d’avenir » : celui de la « réunion de l’écologie et de […] Lire l'article

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