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  • faarkas
    23.05.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #everybody say Go away EDS or whatever is making my joints awful #this whole 20-30 min walk twice a day every day is making everything from the hips down. Unstable as fuck and ohhhh so painful #i’m trying to walk on grass more than pavement now bc that’s easier on the joints but omgggggg #I’m also not using my cane (clown. idiot. bozo.) so. guess i gotta bring her back and get glared at 😩 #hil.txt #Anyway enough complaining after i warm up some of the tomato soup n try to make a grilled cheese im gonna catch up on my tags 😈 #I have a lot of rly good tags on the old blog but idk if i can do them on this one ????
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  • that-wasnt-so-bad
    23.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Easwith bandaging her hand with her arms out in somewhat isolation with a bereaved Dimitri off-screen somewhere low-key guarding her just does things to my soul.

    #it's the /forbidden/ pining at that point #but it's after Grondor so it's a point where all she ha to do is take his wrist beor he walks away and he just crumbles #and oh it's so delicious
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  • puzzleinathunderstormllc
    23.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Can ppl around here just be normal sometimes.

    We all knew one aspect of John Mulaney and that was his funny jokes.

    So you don't have to berate people for being sad that the guy liked one dimensionally had several others that were shitty. You don't have to make people feel bad for not knowing his entire life's problematicness.

    Congrats, those of you who got galaxy brains that can see all of space and time and read the hearts of men. You should probably do something with your power besides the internet.

    At the same time, you don't needa be screaming and crying and throwing up and lamenting that you'll NEVER trust a (white) celebrity again!!!

    No celeb was ever your friend. John Mulaney is just some guy. Don't get so worked up over just some guy.

    #you can be sad for a while because a person did something shitty #and then you can walk the fuck away #monologue
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  • flyingunicorns14
    23.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I loved Charles’s attitude and mentality. First qualifying and then after having to retire consoling all Ferrari mechanics.

    #I’ve seen max just jump out of the car straight away and walk off #charles leclerc#scuderia ferrari
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  • sapphicdesi
    23.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    my neighbours cat who they let out constantly runs off and i think this time they haven’t found her. i’m judging them so hard because we have coyotes around who howl all night long and hang out in our yards. i hope that cat is okay :(

    #listening to them howl rn and the fireworks #literally the biggest one i saw was in their yard #was terrifying #i’m afraid to go for walks #because i’ve seen them just wandering during the day #we tried to save another cat once #who was steps away from one and didn’t know
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  • furymint
    23.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    thinking back to that time elliot told a halloween story except it was an abridged ver of charlotte mew's "passed" with all the pronouns inverted to retain the homoeroticism from his mouth, and some bells were like 'wth kind of scary story is he going to come up with? ripped lace cuffs?' and then it was about pity, poverty, sex, and guilt

    #tldr its abt this lady #who encounters a fem sex worker #who takes her to her home & to her sister dying on the bed #and she tries to seduce the protag #who runs away in fear of sex & desire & plain horror #and goes to chapel to absolve the feeling of guilt at abandoning them #only to spy the sex worker months later #walking with a man #now slightly elevated yet poor n pitiable #but inaccessible to the protag's change of heart #i wish i could find my condensed ver of it #brianna babbles
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  • blazinwar
    23.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    it makes me sad that j.ohnny felt like all of his friends hated him.

    #&  ⋄   𝐦𝐮𝐧    ⊳  . . . outofchara.  ⋄ #imagine how many nights he thought about how he could be different but different meant vulnerable #and he couldnt be #he had so much trauma after what he went through as a kid #with no one to ever comfort him or walk him through it. #he was so alone in his life because he never learned how to let people in #and he would push them away with teh secret desire that they would stay #and ofc they wouldn't #why would they?
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  • popflythesky
    23.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    i really love zexal

    #seriously the direction? or whatever its called #also the voiceacting #ost #chara development... little things like the scene they're describing v to kaito #and them figuring out kaito's backstory on their walk back #feeling like shit bc they feel responsible for giving a sick kid away to a stranger w/o checking their id #missed this anime.. #yugioh#zexal#tsukumo yuuma#astral #mr. heartland
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  • etherealwiitch
    23.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Arthur just said good girl to Mary-Beth 😵‍💫 how’d she just walk away without any reaction ??

    #though she did walk away pretty quick so maybe that was the reaction !! #don’t let arthur see you blush… #I’ve never seen this interaction so 👀 #ignore me while i live thrist over arthur… #rdr2 #red dead redemption 2 #arthur morgan #mary beth gaskill
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  • foreveranevilregal
    23.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    I think I need to leave this fandom because if I’m not contributing there is no point.

    #I can’t just be a spectator #I just can’t #besides everyone will forget about me #or only care out of pity #so I should just walk away now #with any shred of dignity I have left
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  • cominguplavenders
    22.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    if i ever let myself silently cry myself to sleep beside someone again i hope god himself reaches his big ass hand down from the heavens and smacks sense into me

    #not once not twice but three times!!!!!!!! #girl.... never again lmfao #moving forward im not begging to be loved i will simply walk away #no one gets that power over me ever again
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  • plumson
    22.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    the vibe: getting dressed and slicking my hair back like an italian grandpa, putting on bad music, and STOMPING around

    #face#personal #walking away bad brain hehe!!! #eternally grateful i live like. near trails
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  • lego-sand
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Monkie kid Mei for a spiderverse au, enjoy

    #walks away epically? ? ? ? #so me yes #i need to finsih red son's now wowoOOo #sand does art #monkie kid #lego monkie kid #lmk mei#long xiaojiao
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  • eleanorfenyxwrites
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Research Is a Love Language

    Sangcheng extra for chapter 7/8 of Soldier, Poet, King

    Set during the week Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen are recovering from their Drift experiment.



    Nie Huaisang is minding his own business and trying to stay awake for roughly the 34th hour in a row when he’s suddenly grabbed from behind, which is the excuse he’s going to use for why he whips around and sucker punches world-renowned Jaeger pilot Jiang Wanyin in the throat.

    “I’m sorry!!” he gasps immediately, hurrying to wrap an arm around the man’s shoulders where he’s doubled over coughing and gagging, attempting to gasp in a breath. Nie Huaisang pats his back a little frantically. “I didn’t know it was you! But honestly, who the hell walks around just grabbing people from behind in a place like this?!”

    Jiang Wanyin is incapable of answering at the moment - re: coughing, gagging, etc. - so Nie Huaisang just sighs and ushers him into the lab with tutting and clucking in disdain over the man’s general condition that would put his favorite childhood auntie to shame.

    “Whoa - the hell did you do to him?” Mo Xuanyu asks but Nie Huaisang just waves him off in favor of dragging Jiang Wanyin over to the emergency cot. The thing’s seeing way more action lately than it has the entire time Nie Huaisang has been here, though sadly it hasn’t been the kind of action he’d been hoping for when he’d stuck it in here.

    “Why are you investigating us?” is the first thing Jiang Wanyin manages to say when he can breathe again, though he still sounds like someone tried to choke him out. “Wei Wuxian said someone’s been digging around in our personnel files, and he traced it back to you. What the fuck do you want?”

    Nie Huaisang blinks at that; it’s only been a couple days since he finally broke through Tokyo’s obnoxiously tight security to get at all the juicy, classified shit they don’t want anyone to see, and it’s been roughly 10 hours since he managed to track down and unencrypt all the studies and experiments done on and with the Yunmeng trio. Nie Huaisang puts on his best innocent eyes, the ones that fool everyone except for Jin Guangyao, and looks at Jiang Wanyin with a confused pout.

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he lies smoothly. “I don’t do that kind of research, I’m on weapons duty and A-Yu is on Kaijus. Why would I look up pilots’ files?”

    Jiang Wanyin’s resolve visibly wavers, slipping for just a moment into uncomfortable uncertainty, and Nie Huaisang personally thinks it does wonders for that handsome face of his that’s always far too angry to be at all welcoming. Nie Huaisang pulls his favorite fan from his sleeve and starts waving it quickly in front of his chin, aware that it usually makes him look more anxious than he is simply because the too-quick fluttering puts others on edge so they assume he must be as well.

    “I don’t know why you would want to, but you’re not going to throw me off - you did, and I want to know what the fuck is going on!”

    Nie Huaisang continues to pout as charmingly as he knows how and stops waving his fan in favor of snapping it shut and swatting Jiang Wanyin in the chest with it. “Are you always pissed off? I don’t think I’ve seen you look happy about anything since you got here.”

    “Am I supposed to be happy about being investigated by my commander’s brother?”

    “No one’s said anything about investigating except you,” Nie Huaisang sighs and stands up to retreat to his desk and plop down, using his reflection in the screen to redo his little half-ponytail. Jiang Wanyin stands and starts stalking across the room towards him, but Mo Xuanyu pushes off his desk to roll his chair in between them. Jiang Wanyin stops in his tracks, still glaring, and Nie Huaisang smirks to himself. Mo Xuanyu, for his part, looks like he hasn’t even noticed anything, just sitting in his chair with his knees pulled up to his chest reading something on a tablet and munching on the last of his favorite candy from the grocery shipment earlier in the week.

    “Cut the bullshit,” Jiang Wanyin says, sounding…moderately calmer. Nie Huaisang looks up at him sidelong, an eyebrow raised. “No one’s better at this shit than my brother, and if he says he caught you red-handed then he caught you, that’s it. Just tell me why and I’ll leave you alone.”

    Nie Huaisang sighs and leans back a bit, pulling one foot up onto his chair and resting his elbow on it, fan still dangling from his hand. “Down, A-Yu. Good guard dog,” he tells his friend and the boy rolls his eyes but returns to his desk anyway with much-less-suave scooching. Nie Huaisang gestures grandly to the rickety old wooden chair next to his setup. “Take a seat in my office, Jiang Wanyin. Come on.”

    Jiang Wanyin looks a bit wary but he complies anyway after a moment, crossing behind him and settling down in the chair stiffly.

    “Why does Wei Wuxian have a tracker on your files?”

    “Because he’s a paranoid idiot.”

    “Mhm. And he sent you down here to bully me instead of coming himself because…?” Nie Huaisang unfurls his fan and waves it a few times lazily as Jiang Wanyin blushes a splotchy red high on his unfairly perfect cheekbones.

    “Is he too busy pestering Lan Wangji to come harass me in person?”

    Jiang Wanyin scoffs hard and leans back, arms crossed tightly and his jaw (also unfairly perfect) tense as he clenches his teeth.

    “Is it pestering if they’re both happy to keep everyone else on the corridor awake until the middle of the night with their bullshit?”

    Nie Huaisang nods sagely, as if in agreement, only to say, “That’s hot.” It’s mostly to see Jiang Wanyin thoroughly flustered and he doesn’t disappoint, his upper lip curling in disgust and the bridge of his nose suddenly has the most adorable crinkle Nie Huaisang thinks he’s ever seen. He hides his mouth behind his fan as he laughs and waves his free hand at Jiang Wanyin as he tries to stop laughing long enough to get him to sit back down. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Sit down, here. Don’t go storming off, I’m just teasing. Obviously he sent you here to flirt with me since he knows he’s not my type.”

    Nie Huaisang laughs harder and this time Jiang Wanyin actually does storm out, red from the top of his forehead all the way down his throat. 

    “Nice one,” Mo Xuanyu says once his laughter has died down to chuckles. “That’s probably enough to chase him away for at least a few days.”

    “I know. What a shame though, he’s so handsome I wish he’d stick around just for me to look at, he’d make such a good trophy husband for me don’t you think?”

    “Babe, we both know you’ll be the trophy wife for whatever meathead manages to tie you down.”

    Nie Huaisang sighs in long-suffering and fans himself, as world weary as a Victorian maiden on her fainting couch. “Don’t I know it. Still, he’s fun to tease. Don’t try to keep him out if he comes back, alright? I like him.”

    “Whatever you say, Laoshi.”


    Jiang Cheng is absolutely not stepping foot in the research lab again. The only person in the entire world he can stand making a fool out of him is his dumbass brother, and even then it’s rare that he lets him get away with it. But Nie Huaisang?! The guy looks like he weighs 100 pounds soaking wet and he obviously relies on others to fight his battles for him (re: Mo Xuanyu sliding up to defend him and, he has to assume, Nie Mingjue’s reputation keeping anyone from messing with his brother in the first place).

    “You like him though,” Wei Wuxian teases when Jiang Cheng finishes his ranting, pacing back and forth around their room like a caged tiger. “And he wasn’t wrong! I did send you down there to flirt with him! Why’d you run away when he started pulling your pigtails?”

    Jiang Cheng tackles him down to the mattress and shoves a pillow over his face until he stops thrashing and obliges his irritation by playing dead. 

    “I don’t need your help to…do that!” he snaps, returning to his pacing. Wei Wuxian sits up with a sigh and looks up at the ceiling like he’s praying for strength. It’s actually a little disconcerting when it’s usually Jiang Cheng lamenting over having a brother like Wei Wuxian, and he’s not totally sure he likes even a momentary reversal of their usual roles.

    “It’s flirting, A-Cheng. You can say it, I promise you won’t catch on fire.”

    “I don’t flirt!”

    “Yeah no shit!”

    “You fucker-!!”

    “Boys,” Jiang Yanli sighs a few minutes later when she finds them wrestling on the floor. “You can’t even get along while I’m gone for two hours?”

    “Jieeee,” Wei Wuxian pouts from where he’s got Jiang Cheng pinned with a knee in his back, an arm and a leg each yanked up behind him in a too-tight hold. “I sent him downstairs to talk to that cute researcher he likes and he messed it up!”

    “Oh dear,” Jiang Yanli tuts and shoos Wei Wuxian off his back. Jiang Cheng refuses to pout, because he’s not a fucking child, but he does accept Jiang Yanli fussing over him and brushing his hair back over his ears as Wei Wuxian is left to sort himself out - good, he doesn’t deserve to be coddled. “A-Cheng, what happened?”

    “I went down there to ask why the fuck he’s investigating us, like you told me to!” That last is, of course, aimed at Wei Wuxian considering he’d never yell at their sister. “I didn’t know I was supposed to flirt, considering I’ve never done that in my entire fucking life!”

    “Well…did he tell you why he’s looking into us?”

    Jiang Cheng sighs and resists the urge to pinch at his nose. He knows from experience that it won’t do anything to alleviate the particular flavor of headache that is Wei Wuxian and all his chaos.

    “I got..sidetracked and left before he answered.”

    There’s a beat of silence to mutually lament his social skills - or lack thereof - and then, as usual, it’s Jiang Yanli who rallies first. “Alright, well then that’s just the perfect excuse to go back down there and try again! Right, A-Xian?”

    “What? Oh! Yep, yes, absolutely, you should 100% try again. I can totally see this going better the second time around if you go back down there. And hey, I need the room tonight with Lan Zhan anyway so -”

    “Oh for fuck’s sake,” Jiang Cheng snaps and storms out. He’s going to kill that little Jin Guangyao guy, he swears. Ever since Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji got their shit together during his experiment they’ve been nothing but absolutely unbearable, and if Jiang Cheng has to spend one more night bunking with the Jin cousins he’s going to murder one or both of them, no matter that Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan have now apparently settled their differences as well.

    He heads down to the weight room to attempt to distract himself from..well, everything really, but he can’t do that all day and night. He stops for dinner and goes back right after, still too keyed up to even think about trying to find somewhere to bunk down for the night. He supposes, with some degree of irritation, that he could sleep on one of the weight benches and try to make Wei Wuxian feel guilty for sexiling him yet again, but he already knows that Wei Wuxian will just brush it off as Jiang Cheng being too lazy to go asking around for somewhere to crash.

    He realizes belatedly that with Lan Wangji in his and Wei Wuxian’s room that the Lan brothers’ quarters will be empty. Everyone knows by now that Lan Xichen is holed up in Jin Guangyao’s room with him, and no one’s seen either of them in days though Nie Mingjue hasn’t made any comment about it one way or another so he’s assuming they’re fine. He should just ask to stay in the Lans’ room considering it’s Lan Wangji’s fault that he can’t sleep in his own bed anyway, but…he glances at the time only to realize it’s too late to ask, and it’s not like sleeping in another room will keep him from being able to hear what his stupid brother does with his downtime these days.

    The more he thinks about going back to that fucking hallway the less he wants to, and so when he finally gives in and leaves the weightroom after a quick shower he finds himself heading back down to the research labs. Nie Huaisang has a bed down there, after all, and everyone knows that researchers don’t sleep. It’s worth a shot, and sure enough when he gets there he spots the man still sitting hunched at his computer, his features colorless and eyes dark in the acid-green glow of whatever he’s reading on the display.

    There’s no sign of the little one, Mo Xuanyu, so Jiang Cheng steals his chair and sinks down into it with a sigh.

    “A-Yu, you’re supposed to go get some sleep,” Nie Huaisang mumbles without looking up.

    “Tell that to the bags under your eyes.”

    “Fucking shit!” Nie Huaisang yelps, whipping around with wide eyes to stare at him. Jiang Cheng smirks in satisfaction for having startled him and put him on the back foot instead. “When did you - what -”

    “Got sexiled again and I’m sick of trying to sleep in the same shoebox as Jin Zixun. And you never answered my question earlier.”

    “That is so valid, you stay here as long as you want to, gorgeous,” Nie Huaisang huffs when he’s recovered. “And what question did I not answer?”

    Jiang Cheng sighs heavily and tips his head back against the headrest. So they’re still playing this game that’s definitely more of a nuisance than a game. He rolls the chair over to Nie Huaisang’s workstation and pushes a haphazard pile of folders and loose papers out of the way enough to put his elbow on the desk and prop his chin in his palm, too tired to care about appearances.

    “Come on, seriously. I just need to know that you’re not like…doing weird shit with our information. There’s personal stuff in there, and you wouldn’t be the first one to try to start something with our reputations.”

    Nie Huaisang hums and his tired eyes light up briefly in recognition. “Am I planning a smear campaign against you guys in an attempt to turn the entire world against your brother, you mean?”

    Jiang Cheng winces for the reminder of his mother’s most lasting legacy in the eyes of the world, and Nie Huaisang at least has the decency to look apologetic. “Yeah. That.”

    “Nah, I don’t know how to do that even if I wanted to, which I don’t.” Nie Huaisang flicks his fan open and waves it a few times, the slight hint of a breeze a relief in the stale air of the shatterdome that’s even worse down here in the basement. “Can you be trusted with secrets or are you the type to get nervous and blurt out everything you know?”

    Jiang Cheng blinks at that and actually thinks about it before ultimately deciding on, “Yeah, I can keep a secret. What’s up?”

    “I need information on three-way Drifts, and you guys are pretty much it.”

    Jiang Cheng blinks at that and then frowns, trying to find an example to prove that’s not the case only to realize that…there really isn’t one that comes to mind.

    “No way. There have to be others. I know we’re the only triple-team in Asia, but there’s gotta be others elsewhere. The Americas? Oceania?”

    “Nope. I guess they’ve probably experimented with it, but I mean, you’ve seen the level of mods Wei Wuxian had to make to your first Jaeger suit to get it to work with three consciousnesses controlling it. And now Violet Spider is completely unique, your repair crew had to be trained by Wei Wuxian himself to be able to maintain her, right? You think anyone else is willing to put in that kind of time and effort when Jaegers work just the same with two pilots?”

    “...Huh.” Jiang Cheng takes a moment longer to consider it and then shakes himself a bit in an attempt to focus back on the task at hand. “Okay fine, so we’re the only three-way team in the Jaeger program. Why do you need to study us?”

    Nie Huaisang shrugs in a way that looks just a little too practiced to be fully nonchalant. “I dunno, I just do what I’m asked.”

    “You broke into Wen Ruohan’s security system and accessed extremely classified information on some of the top Jaeger pilots in Asia…because you were asked. And you don’t know or care why you were asked.”

    Nie Huaisang shrugs again and picks up a half-empty cup of instant noodles to sip up some of the broth, though he makes a face and sticks his tongue out immediately after. “Eugh, that’s ice cold. How long have I been down here?”

    “Pretty sure nobody wants to think about that. Listen - can I steal the cot over there for a few hours?”

    “Hm? Oh - yeah sure,” Nie Huaisang waves him off and turns back to his computer, already hunkering down again and looking very much like he’s about to fall asleep right there in his chair. “A-Yu won’t be back for a while, he usually passes out pretty hard when I send him to sleep in a real bed. Should be pretty easy to sleep down here, I’ll stay quiet.”

    Jiang Cheng nods and starts to stand up, but halfway there he pauses and takes a closer look at Nie Huaisang’s face, once again washed out and vaguely tinted green by his monitor. Even in such weak lighting, the shadows under his eyes are obvious, and his posture speaks of exhaustion. His little half-ponytail that Jiang Cheng refuses to acknowledge is cute is askew and short pieces are hanging loose around his face, as if pulled free by a few too many passes of his hands. Jiang Cheng sighs and finishes straightening up, crossing his arms and waiting for Nie Huaisang to look up and notice him again.

    It takes Jiang Cheng kicking one of the wheels of his chair to knock him out of concentrating on what looks like weapon schematics that definitely have the Wen symbol in the top corner, startling him into blinking up at him and asking a confused, “What??”

    “If Mo Xuanyu is off crashing somewhere and I’m sleeping in here, where are you going to sleep?”

    “Uh…I just have to finish this one last -”

    “Nope. I can’t sleep with lights on, your monitor will keep me up. Go to bed.”

    “Well that’s not my problem, and you said it yourself that the alternative is the Jin boys -”

    “Huaisang.” The use of just his given name stops him short, and Jiang Cheng forces himself to meet the other man’s wide eyes without blushing and without looking away. “Either find somewhere to sleep, or I’ll make you. You look like shit.”

    Nie Huaisang’s mouth falls open and he reaches up suddenly to push the strands of his fringe back away from his face, his surprise turning into a pout that Jiang Cheng is already learning is his typical method of deflection. Not like he hasn’t seen that trick a million times.

    “A-Cheng!!” he whines, and the diminutive is fair play but still makes Jiang Cheng’s neck go hot. Of course he’d found his family name in those fucking files. Damn it. “You can’t tell a man you barely know that he looks like shit! You’re so beautiful, don’t you know how soul-crushing that is??”

    “Somehow I think you’ll recover,” Jiang Cheng snarks. “Come on, wrap it up and find somewhere to sleep for a while.”

    Nie Huaisang whines the entire time he’s locking all his programs with layer upon layer of passwords, as he powers down the computer bank, as he gathers up the trash covering his desk and chucks it in a bin in the corner. Jiang Cheng stands nearby with his arms crossed over his chest and watches him drag himself through the motions. He tries not to smile at the display that’s…surprisingly far from infuriating for reasons he’s not going to examine closely.

    “Will you still be here when I come back?” Nie Huaisang asks when he’s lingering in the doorway to the corridor, the entire room darkened save for a single table lamp near the cot for Jiang Cheng to see by.

    “Dunno. How long are you going to sleep?”

    “I usually can’t get more than about 5 hours. Sometimes 7 if I’m lucky.”

    Jiang Cheng doesn’t have high hopes for his own ability to sleep any longer than that, and normally he’d just get up and leave to go about his business, but..something a bit sad and a bit hopeful in Nie Huaisang’s eyes gives him pause. Before he can stop himself, he’s promising, “Yeah. I’ll be here whenever you get back.”

    “Okay great, we need to talk about weapon upgrades for Violet Spider and I don’t feel like hunting you down tomorrow, it’s so much more convenient if you just stick around. Okay goodnight!”

    Jiang Cheng is left standing in the doorway gaping stupidly at Nie Huaisang’s quickly-retreating back, unsure if he should feel like an idiot or…well no, he’s self-aware enough to recognize that he’s just going to feel like an idiot no matter what Nie Huaisang’s intentions are.

    Still. He keeps his promise, and when Nie Huaisang walks in the following morning to find Jiang Cheng sitting up on the edge of the cot rubbing at his forehead Jiang Cheng hears his footsteps stutter.

    “Oh. Hey, you really stayed!”

    “Was I not supposed to?” 

    “No - I mean yes! I mean of course, I’m just..pleasantly surprised.”

    Jiang Cheng grunts an acknowledgement and forces away the lingering wisps of his usual nightmares. Not that his mood is all that good most of the time anyway, and he’s not a morning person, but that’s all the more reason to not let the black mood of his dreams hang around and make things even worse. He stands up and stretches his arms above his head with a couple of satisfying clunks from his shoulders, and he frowns as he walks around the end of the computer bay to find Nie Huaisang already settling in in his chair.


    “Hm? Oh uhh…we’ve got ramen?”

    Jiang Cheng raises an eyebrow and Nie Huaisang snaps his fan open to hide behind. Jiang Cheng kind of wishes he found that slightly less endearing than he does.

    “There’s a canteen full of hot, only slightly-shitty, freshly made food within a 3-minute walk from here. Why would we eat instant ramen cups?”


    “Morning. Oh! Good morning~”

    Jiang Cheng sighs and turns around to find Mo Xuanyu shuffling through the door looking a little bleary-eyed but more well-rested than the couple of times Jiang Cheng has seen him. He points a finger in the boy’s direction and he stops short, eyebrows raised. “You. What are you eating for breakfast?”

    “Oh no, are we out of ramen?”

    “Fucking hell,” he mutters and turns back to Nie Huaisang to find the man blinking sweetly up at him, clearly pleased at having his argument backed up. “Well I’m not eating shitty instant ramen for breakfast, and if you want me to come back and talk about weapons you’ll come with me. Otherwise I might just forget where I’m supposed to be and go work out instead.”

    “A-Cheng!” Nie Huaisang pouts. Jiang Cheng ignores the blush he can feel burning in his cheeks to turn and stride out of the research lab.

    “Get going, both of you! The eggs are running out so they’re limiting portions and I want my fair share.”

    Jiang Cheng makes it to the canteen quickly, and he’s just sitting down at an empty table with his tray when he’s joined by a handful of others. He glances up to find both his siblings settling down across from him, with Lan Wangji at Wei Wuxian’s side, of course, considering they never go anywhere without each other anymore. Luo Qingyang sits down on his left, and on his right -

    “Nie Huaisang! How lovely, I didn’t know you’d be joining us this morning,” Jiang Yanli greets, her warm enthusiasm infectious.

    “I got bullied out of my cave,” Nie Huaisang replies with a smile, and Jiang Cheng thoroughly ignores the meaningful stares from the peanut gallery on the other side of the table. “Wei Wuxian, I believe I have you to thank for my newest mother hen?”

    Wei Wuxian, the fucking bastard, just laughs so hard he needs to lean against Lan Wangji’s side for support until he gets himself under control again.

    Luo Qingyang asks, “Did A-Yu come up with you?” around a bite of soup and Nie Huaisang makes an elegant little gesture that manages to direct the eye without outright pointing.

    “He’s sitting with his siblings over there, I told him only one of us needed to corral A-Cheng here and make sure he comes back downstairs after he eats.”

    “ ‘A-Cheng’?” Wei Wuxian repeats with a frankly unholy level of glee. Jiang Cheng kicks his ankle under the table hard enough to make the man yelp and he ignores Lan Wangji’s glare to bare his teeth at his stupid meddling brother.

    “Yes, he found my family name since someone’s encryptions on our files aren’t as effective as he said.”

    “My encryptions are fine! No one else has ever gotten through them before anyway. But you’re trying to distract me - he found your name and you’re letting him use it?!”

    Jiang Cheng doesn’t deign to rise to the bait, instead stabbing somewhat viciously at his eggs and taking a bite that’s probably a bit too aggressive but he doesn’t care. Everyone seems to get the hint and thankfully start their own meals, though Jiang Cheng can feel his siblings practically vibrating with the desire to ask him what the hell happened between yesterday afternoon and this morning. He desperately wants to tell them absolutely nothing, but knowing them they wouldn’t take his word for it. It’s easier to just let them indulge their imaginations rather than trying to convince them of the boring truth.

    “By the way,” he pipes up when he’s nearly done. “I’m sick of getting sexiled since you two can’t keep it in your pants for a single damn night. Lan Wangji, congratulations, you can move into the room and I’ll go somewhere else. And I don’t want to hear you two going at it ever again in my entire life!”

    “Jiang Cheng!” Wei Wuxian yelps and Lan Wangji goes perfectly still; whatever his face is doing is something subtle enough that Jiang Cheng doesn’t feel like trying to decipher it.

    “God I picked the wrong table this morning,” Luo Qingyang mourns into her smoothie. “I’d so much rather listen to A-Yu chattering about Kaiju guys or Zixuan reciting sappy poetry about Yanli into his congee.”

    “Oh my god,” Nie Huaisang laughs behind his hand. “Are all pilots such good gossips? I definitely need to sit with you more often, the Jins have been so boring on their own!”

    Before things can devolve too far into shouting and jostling, Nie Mingjue stops next to their table and everyone goes silent though their commander only has eyes for Nie Huaisang.

    “Did you get it, A-Sang?”

    “I’ve got it, da-ge. You wanna talk about it in the lab or should I find you later?”

    “I’ll come to you after lunch.”

    Jiang Cheng’s eyes fall to the containers in Nie Mingjue’s hands and he’s just thinking that it’s an awful lot of food even for someone of Nie Mingjue’s stature when Nie Huaisang fills in the gap for him.

    “You taking breakfast back to the other two?”

    Nie Mingjue just grunts and Jiang Cheng catches the slightest softening of his features before he nods and moves on without so much as a goodbye.

    “Huaisang,” Jiang Yanli starts in a conspiratorial whisper the moment Nie Mingjue is gone. She leans over the table and Nie Huaisang happily leans in to meet her, opening his fan up to hide their faces from the rest of the room, though naturally everyone at their table can hear them just fine. “We’ve heard a silly little rumor that perhaps you can clear up for us. Is Xichen living in Jin Guangyao’s rooms right now?”

    “Is that really a rumor when Wangji told us he is himself?” Jiang Cheng snaps - he’s never much cared for gossip though everyone else seems to be determined to turn it into a full-time hobby.

    “Hush, A-Cheng, it’s just a bit of fun. So - is he?”

    “Ahhh Jiang-jie, I really don’t know! They were down in the lab for a few hours last Wednesday but I really don’t know anything about what’s happened since they left!”

    It’s a blatant lie considering he’d just asked Nie Mingjue if he was taking breakfast to them, but he says it so convincingly that only himself and Lan Wangji seem to have noticed the dishonesty. Jiang Cheng doesn’t really care enough to call him out on it. Instead, he’s thinking about who the fuck would order Nie Huaisang to research three-way Drifts, and Nie Mingjue carrying breakfast to Lan Xichen and Jin Guangyao who are, according to Lan Wangji’s extremely stilted and bare-bones report, recovering from a Drift experiment done in secret that had nearly ended very badly.

    He waits until they’re on their way back to the research lab to say, “Chifeng-Zun wants to drift with Xichen and Jin Guangyao, doesn’t he?”

    Nie Huaisang hums and waves his fan lazily as he practically saunters down the corridor, his soft, wide-legged trousers swishing quietly with each step. “I really don’t know, A-Cheng, I just do what he asks me to!”

    “Bullshit, you know plenty,” he grumbles but lets it go. He supposes that eventually they’ll all know one way or another if the legendary Chifeng-Zun is going to make some sort of grand comeback, but Jiang Cheng…doubts it. The man’s more than earned a quiet retirement, as far as he’s concerned, and the fact that he’s the martial leader of Shanghai is enough of a surprise.

    Anyway - he’s got his own problems to worry about. He settles in next to Nie Huaisang at his desk and looks away as the man types in all his passwords, only looking at the screen again when Nie Huaisang taps him on the knee.

    “So, your files included plenty of video footage of you doing all sorts of different things: sparring, practicing on your own, fighting in your Jaeger - and that footage is both from inside the cockpit and from the helicopter feeds, so I can see how you move and how your Jaeger moves if I watch the footage side-by-side like this.”

    Jiang Cheng forces his embarrassment down far enough to actually watch what Nie Huaisang is showing him, though his eyes are drawn to his siblings more often than not. He genuinely loves Drifting with them, fighting with them, working together as a unit that’s capable of protecting people (even if they hadn’t managed to save their loved ones from the destruction of Lotus Pier), and it’s interesting to watch them in action like this. But Nie Huaisang constantly draws his attention back to himself, pointing out quirks in his fighting style or things that are unique to him that he feels are important.

    He’s never felt so…noticed. 

    “Look look look!” Nie Huaisang says with quick slaps to his arm a few hours in. “Look I loved this battle of yours! I can tell when it’s Wei Wuxian or Jiang Yanli on point and making the decisions and they’re great too, but this one was all you, I can see it.”

    Jiang Cheng flushes at such brazen admiration, but he reminds himself forcefully that it’s just professional. It’s just research.

    “Violet Spider isn’t fast enough to accommodate the things you try to do with her,” Nie Huaisang says as they watch the side-by-side footage. In the cockpit, Jiang Cheng watches himself (and Wei Wuxian) execute a flawlessly timed jump of the sort that he prefers, the pair of them landing the jump and punctuating it with a vicious downward swing of their sword that should have decapitated the Kaiju they’d fought no problem - except the footage from the helicopter feed shows Violet Spider executing the move a few beats late, and in those precious few seconds the Kaiju escapes their grip and turns on them. “It’s not your fault - it’s the tech. We’re not actually advanced enough to keep up with fighting styles like yours, you know? You’re so fast, and if your Jaeger could keep up with you you’d be unstoppable. I mean you basically already are, right? You guys are in third place in Asia, just behind the Jades and the Jin cousins, and the Jin cousins are only so high up because they’re fucking loaded and their Jaeger has so many mods it might as well be a new classification, it’s got nothing to do with them.”

    Jiang Cheng frowns and refuses to be flattered by so much blunt praise of his martial skills. He’s been honing them since his childhood, of course he’s fast. Wei Wuxian is faster when they spar, but he refrains from saying so. “So what do you want me to do about it? We’re not rich, we can’t pay for the mods on Violet Spider that would make her like Sparks Amidst Snow, and something tells me Jin Guangshan wouldn’t go for it anyway considering no one else seems to be allowed to have a Jaeger or suits like theirs.”

    “That’s where I come in,” Nie Huaisang says with a cheerful smile that makes Jiang Cheng’s heart do something highly unauthorized. “Your weapons are outdated compared to every other Jaeger in the field except for Immortal Mountain, and she’s not actually on active duty yet. Once again - not your fault! But I know Wen Ruohan doesn’t prioritize anybody in Tokyo except his children and their cronies, and obviously everyone in that ‘dome with any degree of influence whatsoever hates your brother, so why would they help you? 

    “But I’ve got clearance now to upgrade your weapons for you, and I thought you might like having something to use that’s purely your style for when you’re on point. What do you think?”

    Jiang Cheng sits back for a moment to just..process. Obviously he’s going to agree to weapons upgrades, there isn’t a fool alive who wouldn’t. But the thought that Nie Huaisang had actually sat and analyzed their fights, had spotted the rare occasions that he gets to call the shots, and had then decided to ask for his input on the issue rather than going to world-famous tech genius Wei Wuxian…

    “How the fuck did you even notice all of this?” he finally asks to stall for time, and Nie Huaisang instantly leans back to widen his eyes at him and start fluttering that fan under his chin again, clearly preparing to deflect. “And don’t tell me you don’t know or someone else told you to look for it! No one’s ever noticed this shit before, not even my siblings and they’re in there with me.”

    He and Nie Huaisang stare at each other for a long, silent moment broken only by the slight ruffling of the fan between them. Nie Huaisang breaks the silence first to say, “Soooo is that a yes, you want to pick your weapons?”

    “Hell yes I want to pick my weapons!” Jiang Cheng shouts and Nie Huaisang laughs, swats at his chest with the fan.

    “Okay well that’s all you had to say! To answer your question , I noticed because I was watching for it, and I just thought you might like a treat considering how much of a shit deal you get the rest of the time, what with having to risk your life and everything. That’s all.”

    Jiang Cheng keeps his arguments about that behind his teeth. Nie Huaisang says it like it’s not a big deal, like it’s not the first time in his life that someone has looked at Jiang Cheng right next to Wei Wuxian and noticed him first. Like it’s not the first time in a long time that someone besides his siblings can make him feel seen in a way that isn’t unnerving or miserable, but is instead like being appreciated. Wanted. Valued. Nie Huaisang doesn’t need to know all of that, but when the man pats his knee again he leaves his hand there for a second too long, and Jiang Cheng thinks maybe he knows anyway.

    #the untamed fanfic #Sangcheng #Pacific Rim AU #Jiang Cheng#Nie Huaisang #In this universe I feel like JGY and NHS have similar fighting styles since they were both trained by NMJ #who taught them to accommodate for their statures and to use their opponents' weight/height against them #hence why they both go for throat punches when they feel threatened #Also I'm treating NHS's characterization like I would if Nie Mingjue had come close to dying in canon but hadn't actually died #i.e. he can't hide his intelligence and cunning anymore but he still wants to be lazy and uninvolved as much as possible #so he kind of walks that tightrope and only a handful of people can see through the vapid front #Also JC's love language is aggressively making people take care of themselves and NHS clocks that right away since it's NMJ's way too
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    When I do random kind stuff it makes me feel pretty inside and outside. Can't explain but yeah win win situation for everyone

    #makes me feel goooood #like sometimes i leave the coins in the parking thingy and i walk away smiling so much!!! #thinking about the person who will get to find them #and it's good! i feel great and light etcetc #quarantine is hitting hard i miss people
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    Walk Away - Chapter 2: Changes

    Pairing: N/A

    Series Summary: After living in the shadows of her older brothers Alexandra Walker decides to walk away from what everything people expect of her and chase after the dream of working at Stark Industries. She wasn’t expecting everything that would follow after being hired.

    Chapter Warnings: n/a

    Word Count: 3873

    Author’s Note: I feel like this chapter is a bit rough. Maybe too jumpy? Its more of a bit of a filler and background. The real fun begins with the next chapter.

    Disclaimer: All gifs used were found using the tumblr gif tab. I do not own anything unless stated otherwise.

    Walk Away Masterlist | Masterlist

    November 2011, New York, New York.

    It had been a year now since the move to New York. Lamar was the one to take me to New York, mom and dad were still holding a grudge over my change of career.  Olivia was the one to help me with my interview for Stark Industries that I was panicking over. Which I got. I started in the mail room and moved up to a personal assistant to the main engineer. Today is my first time meeting with Pepper Potts. She was visiting from the California location and my boss, Richard Moore was currently running late.

    I was in the small meeting room setting up the display that I had put together for Mr. Moore when the door opened. Pepper walked in her blonde hair pulled up into a sleek high ponytail, dressed in a burgundy pant suit. I walked over to her and held my hand out. “Afternoon, Ms. Potts. I’m Alexandra Walker, Mr. Moore’s assistant.” I introduced myself with a pleasant smile.” 

    “Pleasure to meet you Ms. Walker. Am I early?” Pepper took her seat at the table as I walked over to my bag. “No, Mr. Moore went out for lunch and is just running late.” I pulled a red folder from my bag that held a written summary of the topics that would be covered during the meeting along with the reports for the last six months. “He should be here soon. This is a copy of the reports and a written summary of the topics he will be covering.” Pepper looked slightly surprised as she took the folder and started to go through the contents. 

    “This is the most prepared I have ever seen Richard in the last few years.” She jokes and I just laughed softly and took a seat across from her with my laptop open ready to take notes. “Well he did say this was the first time he had an assistant.” I mentioned slightly closing the screen so I could see her properly. 

    A knock on the door drew both of our attention to the door. The receptionist popped her head in, “Mr. Moore is on line two.” I smiled and thanked her before moving over to the phone in the corner. “Hello Mr. Moore, you are on speaker, Ms. Potts is here.” I say after answering the phone. Mr. Moore’s voice was gruff and irritated as he began speaking. “I got rear ended on my way back so I won’t be able to make it to the meeting, Pepper. However, Alexa is more than able to give the presentation and walk you around.” 

    Pepper had a short conversation that was nothing more than murmur in the background as I mentally panicked over now being the one to host the meeting with the head of the company. The phone call ended and I took a sip of my water before turning towards Pepper. “Would you like to walk and talk at the same time?” I asked but the smile I received in return was so gentle I knew I must have seemed nervous. “That sounds great.”


    The meeting was over but I was still sitting with Pepper in the meeting room chatting. We talked about the company and she asked about my schooling. We had probably spent and additional hour after the meeting officially ended just chatting. Pepper glanced at her watch before finally standing, cuing me to stand as well, ready to walk her out. 

    “Do you ever plan to visit our California location?” Pepper asked as we took the elevator down to the lobby. I nodded my head and smiled widely. “Of course. I would love to, I chose the New York location because I’m attending Columbia University for engineering.” Pepper led the way out of the building to where her car was waiting for her. 

    “Well if you are ever interested University of California at Berkeley has a great engineering department and I would love an additional set of hands helping me there. If you decide to transfer I’ll handle everything alright?” I nod my head in agreement and we finished our goodbyes. 

    I returned to the meeting room to collect my things, type up a report to email Mr. Moore on how the meeting went and what Pepper had to say. Once the email was sent I was able to leave and head back to my small apartment. The tiny studio apartment was just enough space for me but definitely not what I was used to. Setting my laptop on the small two seater table I have near the kitchenette, my cell rang from my bag.

    With a single glance at my phone I let out a deep sigh and answered the call, “Hi ma.” I was expecting this call. After all, it was the week before Thanksgiving. “Alexandra, dear, when is your flight getting in?” Holding the phone to my ear with my shoulder I moved to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of peach tea. “Mama I told pa last week Thursday that I won’t be able to make it home this Thanksgiving. I have a big test and am scheduled to work.” 

    “Ridiculous it’s a holiday. Now, John and Olivia have settled on a date for the wedding and are announcing it at dinner.” “Ma.” “The Hoskins are joining and bringing a pie with their amazing potatoes and collard greens.” “Ma!” “I was hoping you could make your peach pie. We’re hoping to eat at five. Then Olivia and I were going to go over some wedding–.”

    “MOM!” I set my cup down next to my laptop, yelling through the phone to get my ma to stop talking. “Don’t raise your voice at me Alexandra.” She scolded me, making me groan. “Ma, I really don’t think I can make it. I’ll try to see if I can get a plane but I can’t promise you anything. I got to go. I have a report to type up that’s due in the morning and I still have to eat dinner. I’ll text you later. Bye!” I barely caught her starting to complain about the chance of not being home as I hung up. 

    I focused on my report and school work for the rest of the night only pausing to eat some of the leftover chinese from my fridge. I didn’t even think about checking out flights home until I was laying in bed for the night. I sighed checking my bank account after purchasing the round trip ticket. It would be a bit tight until my next check but shouldn’t be too bad. Setting my phone down and plugging it into the charger I rolled over to go to sleep.


    John picked me up from the airport Thanksgiving day. The whole ride was talking about the chances he would be deployed soon so they were hoping to have the wedding soon. He mentioned how Lemar was his best man and they had it easy by just wearing their formal military suits. I sat in the passenger seat nodding along as I listened to him talk the whole ride home. 

    Entering the house I was instantly welcomed by the smell of dad’s turkey and Mrs. Hoskin’s collard greens. I moved into the kitchen and said my hellos. Lemar, who thankfully had started my peach pie for me, stepped away from the mixing bowl and hugged me. “Hey peaches, how’s New York treating you?” 

    “Great! I got to meet Ms. Potts herself who by the way offered me the chance to work for her in California.” I grinned as I took over making the pie. “That’s great to hear, peach.” Mrs. Hoskins kissed my cheek in greeting as she moved to help Olivia set the table. “So you’re going to go to California now?” Ma asked from where she was stirring the gravy. “Maybe next year. She said she would cover the move and setting up my school transfer.” Ma hummed at that and it was pretty much the end of the conversation after that. 

    It didn’t matter too much because it wasn’t long before we were all seated at the table. The peach pie was barely done before we sat down, I was literally pulling it from the oven as everyone began to sit down. The light conversations began while we ate, mainly my parents asking John and Olivia what was left to plan for the wedding. “So there was a mention of a chosen date?” Mr. Hoskins mentioned taking a sip of his sweet tea.

    “We did. John and I settled for June 20th.” Olvia grinned as John took a hold of her hand.”We’re sure John might have to do a tour before then but..” I stopped moving her voice became a buzz in the background. The fork full of potatoes held halfway to my mouth as I mulled over the wedding date in shock. June 20th was the day after my birthday. The fork fell from my hand clattering against my plate drawing attention towards me. I licked my lips, why were they dry all of a sudden? An awkward laugh fell from my mouth. “I uh.. My golden birthday is the day before.”

    “Oh! I didn’t even think of that, peaches.” John, my older brother, forgot my birthday. Sure it shouldn’t be a big deal but I still wasn’t expecting him to plan anything practically on my birthday. Now I can’t even celebrate it because I will have wedding duties since I am a bridesmaid. I forced a smile and shook my head. “Don’t worry about it. At least I will already be in town.. I can..ya know celebrate it another time.”

    “Oh this is just so wonderful!” Ma clapped excitedly. She pushed her plate aside to she could lean forward and talk about the wedding with Olivia and Mrs. Hoskins. I sat back looking down at my plate. I wasn’t really hungry anymore as I listened to them going over color pallets and flower types. Silently I got up and cleaned up. I still had a few hours left before I had to head back to the airport but I really wasn’t in the mood to stay here. I went to my old bedroom, which was now a guest room, so I could privately see if I could get a sooner flight and get out early. Which I was successful at finding.

    I gathered my things quickly before heading to the dining room. “Whoa, peaches, where are you going?” Pa asked as he watched me putting on my coat. “They bumped me to a different flight. Ya know, buying tickets last minute and all. My flight leaves in an hour.” I explained as I hugged Lemar from behind and kissed his mom’s cheek. “We’re still eating,” Ma frowned, looking around at everyone’s plates still with food on them. “Don’t worry I’ll hail a cab. I have to make this flight. I can’t be late for work in the morning.” I went around saying my goodbyes with a sour taste in my mouth as I hugged John.

    The silence that overtook me held me hostage for the whole cab ride to the airport. Was it just me being irrational? Wouldn't John want his special day to be less closely tied to his baby sister? No, no. It was a fine date. I was just being over dramatic. Just because I already had plans nearly 6 months in advance didn’t matter. What if I was moving to California by then? 


    June 2012 

    When Pepper said she would handle everything I wasn’t expecting that to mean this. She had paid for the tuition of my next semester of school. She found me an apartment with a roommate so I wouldn’t be alone. Now I was flying to California in a private plane. I was floored at all of it but I couldn’t stop the smile that was on my face. The plane was just about to land and I would be meeting my roommate for the first time.

    Exiting the plane with my personal bag and one carry-on (that contained what little I didn’t have sent over the week before) I spotted Pepper next to a black car and a heavyset man who reminded me of my dad stood next to her. I walked over to them with a smile on my face. 

    “Welcome to California, Alexa. This is Happy, he’s a close friend-”

    “And future Head of Security.” Happy cut in making me hide a small laugh.

    “Yes, and future head of security for Stark Industries. You will be staying with him while you are here.” Pepper explained as Happy took my bags and put them into the trunk of the car. I turned to him and held my hand out. “Nice to meet you, Happy. I’m Alexandra Walker but most people just call me Alexa.”

    “Nice to meet you, kid. I don’t plan on there being any issues, just don’t interrupt my Abbey time or throw any parties and we’ll be good.” I laugh at his laid back nature and nod my head. “I don’t like parties so I think we’ll be good.”

    The three of us headed towards the place that Happy calls home. Or maybe it was a condo? He gave me the tour before showing me to my room. He left me to settle in while he went to drop Pepper off at home. The bedroom I was given was right across from the bathroom, Happy mentioned having his own bathroom attached to the main bedroom. By the time Happy returned I had unpacked all my bathroom supplies and put them away.


    Today was the first day at Stark Industries in California. Pepper gave me a tour around the building. Pepper nor I were expecting the impromptu lunch visit from a man in a metal suit. Tony brought us Italian and while he was there introduced me to his A.I. Jarvis. I was added into the system so if ever needed Jarvis would allow me to enter their home. Tony, while amazing to be in the room with, seemed to be hyped up on coffee. 

    After work Happy drove Pepper home and then took me to the airport. The bridal side of the bridal court was getting their nails done in the morning, a dry run of their hair and makeup would be done after a quick lunch break, before the wedding rehearsal that night. With the late arrival of my plane and the timezones I’ll be changing I knew that at some point the jet lag would kick in.

    The jet lag didn’t kick in until we were beginning the rehearsal. My center of balance was a bit off as I swayed slightly next to Lemar. My eyes were locked onto the stained glass window of Jesus. With the ever increasing drooping of my eyelids I started dozing off yet again. “Alright lets run it from the top!” Ma called the clapping of her hands and jerked my head into attention. 

    Walking to the hallway I stood next to one of Olivia’s cousin’s who I was paired with. Lemar made a funny face with his tongue sticking out as he passed to stand with the maid of honor, she had snapped at me several times for dragging my feet since the rehearsal began. The music began, an arm looped through mine, and the procession practice began. My limbs were starting to feel heavy as I resisted the urge to yawn. I clung onto my partner’s arm as I felt my body suddenly lurch forward mid aisle as I tripped. 

    “Ugh! Come on Alexandra, do we need to teach you how to walk again?” John comments from the alter. I shot him a glare as I stood up straighter. “I’m sorry, the jet lag is hitting and I’m exhausted!” I sneered, crossing my arms. My brother held his hands up, “Easy, peaches I’m just joking it’s okay. I’ve tripped a few times myself.”

    I huffed but the scoff of the maid of honor behind me wasn’t helping the increased tension I was feeling build up inside me. John walked over and excused the guy walking with me and linked his arm with mine. He leaned over as the music began and we finished walking. “We only have five minutes left then you can go home to bed. Be up at ten tomorrow though. Okay?” My eyebrows scrunched together as I looked over at him as we parted ways at the end of the aisle. What was happening tomorrow?


    “Peaches!” John hollered as he jumped onto the soft bed waking me from my peaceful slumber. Groaning, I shoved my brother away from me, unintentionally off the bed. The thump made me crawl over to peek at the man on the floor. “That was mean, Peach.” I laughed and pushed back my hair. 

    “That’s what you get for waking me up.” I rolled over and stretched out like a starfish on the bed. John sat up leaning onto the bed next to my head. “I told you to be up at ten. It is now 10:45. Get. Up. Lazy. Bum.” John pokes my forehead in punctuation. Swatting his hand away I grabbed the pillow from under my head and whacked him with it. “Ey! That’s no way to treat someone taking you out for your birthday.”

    “You’re taking me out for my birthday? Where?” John grabbed the pillow from me as he stood from the floor. Once he was at the door he tossed the pillow back. “That is for me to know and you to find out, once you get out of bed.” My brother left the room for me to get ready. I had no idea what to expect, it wasn’t often John did something overly special like this, at least not for me. 

    No more than twenty minutes later I was in the passenger side of the truck with my brother driving to some unknown location. The radio was on some staticy country station. Wind was blowing in the window as John seemed to be taking more turns than necessary. “Do you remember your tenth birthday?” He asked, suddenly breaking the silence. 

    “That was, that was the time you shoved my head into the cake.” The confusion on my face as I answered his question made him laugh. “Uh huh and do you remember how Mike got me back on my birthday with the water guns?” I simply nodded trying to understand where he was going with this. “Well I never got you back for that.” I gasped looking over at him. “Johnny..” I looked out the window as the truck came to a stop. We were at the park and I could see Lemar, Olivia, our parents, and a few of the other wedding court members. “John, I can't get my hair wet. The stylist took forever on my hair.”

    “Oh there isn’t any water for you.” He smiles before getting out. I followed suit and hurried after my older brother the closer we got to the others the more it became clear that there was a dunk tank awaiting. John slipped off his shoes, handed his phones and the keys to Olivia before moving to sit in the dunk tank. 

    “So I know having my wedding the same weekend as your birthday is a little crappy. I also know I’m not your favorite brother most of the time, but maybe if you weren’t such a pain.” Lemar handed me one of the softballs which didn’t stay in my hand long before it was launched at the target, dropping my brother into the water on the first try. John resurfaced sputtering water out of his face. “Oh it’s cold.” I laughed while picking up another ball. “That was fun, can we do it again?” A wide smile spread over my face as the tank was reset and John took a seat again. I tossed the ball in my hand a few times before throwing it at the target.

    Lemar laughed next to me, slapping his knee. “Who knew our lil peach had such good aim?” John gave a fake laugh as he climbed out of the water. “Why don’t you get in the tank Hoskins?” Lemar slipped his shoes off and tossed his phone to me. I put the phone in my pocket and waited for the two to switch places. I looked over at Olivia who was smiling from her spot next to my parents. I looked over a moment too late as wet arms wrapped securely around me. John hugged me to his chest shaking his head to get me as wet as he could. “Johnny!” I squealed, pushing him away as he laughed. 

    After I had dunked John, Lemar, and my dad each a dozen times, my brother went to change. When the blonde man returned he pulled me away from everyone and drove me back home. Pulling into the driveway he dragged me around the house and over towards the backyard. Set up in the backyard, under the tree that used to hold our treehouse as kids, was a picnic and projector pointing at the house. I laughed and looked at my brother. “You recreated my freshman homecoming?”

    John shrugged, his hands halfway into his pockets. “Not really. If the treehouse was still there I would have moved all this in there and tried recreating our weekend campouts away from Mike.” My jaw dropped as I remembered the days when we would sleep for a night or two in the treehouse when Mike was being mean to his annoying younger siblings. We would eat cookies and lunchables as we read stories about Captain America and Amazing Grace.  John walked over to the blanket laid out but before he could sit I ran over and hugged him tightly. “Thank you, Johnny.” 

    John hugged me back. He pulled away and kneeled to pull a single cupcake out of the basket holding out food and drinks. “Happy Birthday, peach.”


    The wonderful birthday night transitioned to a busy and beautiful day that ended with me gaining a sister-in-law. The service made me tear up, the reception left me exhausted, and I can happily report that Lemar did not once step on my foot unlike the guy who I was paired with for the service. Mike called in during the dinner to congratulate the happy couple, and sneaked in a congratulations to me for the move to California. The night ended all too early as I had to prepare for an early flight back to California.

    It surprised me when John was the one awake in the morning to drive me to the airport. He hugged me tightly after unloading my bag from the truck. “Please be careful, peach. I know you are working closely with Pepper Potts now and that means Tony Stark. You could get hurt for that so just be safe, please.”

    “Johnny, you are the one that needs to be safe. When you get deployed.. Be careful. Watch out for Lemar. Come home.”

    “I will peach. I will.”

    #john walker!sister #walk away #f!oc #female original character #john walker#pepper pots#lemar hoskins#iron man#tony stark
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  • epicrapbattles
    22.05.2022 - 16 hours ago


    hello!! i'm very fortunate to find a place to live with my friends that is near my college. however, my family can't currently afford the cost of the security deposit. this is an official post asking for help! please.


    i draw humans, anthros, nsfw, you name it. my prices start at $10, so even the littlest help!

    fill out this form if you're interested in a commission.

    if you just wanna help out, my p-yp-l, c-sh-app and v-nmo are all chaoticbeing !!

    thank you so much for reading!! things will hopefully get easier as the summer goes along, but i need to make this payment ASAP or we won't be able to get the house.

    please don't tag as mutu-l aid/d-nati-ns/etc 🤍

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  • beefcake-bulldyke
    22.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    If ur still doing it… Virgo sun Virgo moon Scorpio rising 💞💐✨

    I would give u a kiss :3 but i annoy the shit out of Virgos so you might wind up trying to kill me 😂

    #at my virgo friends houses i go into their kitchens and look them dead in the eye while i open all their cupboard doors and walk away 😂 #its my favorite thing im sorry 😂
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  • rosetintedkaleidoscope
    22.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    how does laundry take so long :’(

    #it's like an all day affair! #sorting#transferring #hanging up half of it #folding the laundry left from last week + putting away the clothes that accumulated #and then later when it's done folding this week's... #it doesn't help that i constantly get distracted lol #it's still a nice day relaxing and doing laundry #i just also want to be done early enough to go walk down the main street #and see if i like any sun hats in the shops <3 #t
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  • peterpandiedtoday
    22.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    can’t rly speak on gxd today because i had to leave the museum early but then again i left to see my man my the only munk i ever loved man and he was not mic cursed today for once <33 so maybe.. that was the lord. and got my griz and my carbucketty all was well 😌

    #personal Davy #mungo was in a funny goofy silly mood and a bit touchy today. went to interact with carbucketty a bunch of times rubbing his chest with his #hand but also with his own chest? oki dokes. and got into a kicking fight with cori during skimble except he was in his tube In the train #so they kicked under the train sheet and mungo was turned sideways and kept getting on his toes to look at cori over the train through #the little hole in the tube lol #gus was also in a silly mood but he usually is. more than mungo. kept batting at munk and received bats on the head back but all friendly #and annoyed cockroach bill bailey to the point poor billy boy started hitting backwards at him before he could escape forward #he often catches that mouse or insect during tugger and shakes it in his hand? but today he put it in his mouth spit it out and threw it #to skimble who.. ate.. it? #yea. bill bailey tried to army crawl to old deut through munk's legs and it almost worked had he not been so slow. munk didn't notice! #Tugger uuh kind of.. lost bomba during the part where they f? i guess it was a balance thing when he put her down but he ended up on the #wheel stairs instead of bomba who like sat on him sideways in the end and got off of him like he usually gets off of her lmao she was still #laughing when she walked away and immediatelly went and told rumpel who also giggled for a second before she had to run #not saying tugger gets p***** but he does and he did right there today #when he and munk slept in the oven he took up the whole thing spreading his legs and putting one foot on munk's back who was chilling his #upper body on the door and when they got up tugger scooted over and rubbed sleepy munk's back apologetically. was v cute #just love love love that about fetterle munk that when they get up he actually acts sleepy and slightly disoriented and he's so goood at it #and during skimble tugger massaged munk's thigh steadily moving upwards until munk looked and he quickly took munk's tail and wiggled it #while looking a lil embarrassed. he just likes touching peeeople shh who doesn't like a random mid show one thigh massage hm #oo and today's the first time i noticed but snova mac is the only one i've seen here that properly Jumps on munk's back ilu mr snova #a little kid couldn't stop laughing after mac exploded the lights which then had us laugh too. good one good one #yk what else i just remembered instead of trying to pull deme that first time where tanto usually breaks the connection he didn't magic pull #her he slammed himself into her held her than threw her to the side. was a very interesting change much to think about
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