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  • idiotaffectionate
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i never get asks send me asks /forced /threat

    #okay thats no true i do sometimes but they’re usually dream antis or sbi/benchers asking me to draw for their peeps (which ????) #and then i got hate when i said sap prolly cant ride a horse which i fully dtand by btw #idiot (affectionate) says stuff #also the tone tags above are a joke but i would appreciate interacting w ppl on tumblr more
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  • askexecutiveproton
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    *giggles as Proton gets caught in an armlock by Yuko* Oh yeah, I should probably let you know, that woman who you just talked with, you've obviously seen what she is capable of, if not more. She no longer bears the Red R, but then again, age IS just a number.

    #executive proton #this is very true of him tbh #I know I joke a lot about him being an idiot but he is actually definitely not hfbejshjsng #he just learns best when he fails first!! and then he's good
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  • theweirdworld
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Y’all ever just tune yourself out because you’re so tired of hearing yourself talk

    For instance my mom made tacos tonight and I love my mom’s tacos and I apparently said “thanks for dinner” three times and didn’t even know because I’m a fhcking idiot like that, then my brother pointed it out and I had him explain it to me two times because I couldn’t fucking hear him

    Anyway how y’all doing today

    #I’m a fucking idiot #I hate myself #true story
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  • wecanbeatthis
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    *internal hissy fit*..... because im not completely fluent in the languages that i've studied

    #*completely fluent = an unrealistic dream that i wish could come true #so i havent brushed up on my French for a long time now #and the other day i met an older couple from France (at work) #i was an idiot sandwich... #bc i knew i should know more French than i did in that moment #but the husband spoke English.... & !!at least i tried!! #idk why I freeze and malfunction (mentally) when i get an opportunity to *actually* use a language in real life conversations
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  • onlyhereforangst
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    #therookieedit#chenfordedit#chenford#the rookie #tim x lucy #tim bradford#lucy chen #something a lil bonkers but i don't even care they're bonkers #idiots to lovers so TRUE #tuserbecca#usercher#usersuz#tuserlena#usertimlucy#vid edit
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  • chenziee
    17.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Preventing Death

    I editted this older fic for Reasons™ so now I need to shove it in everyone’s faces again xD

    !! WARNING !! GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS OF VIOLENCE, torture, gore, possessive behaviour, slight blood kink (but nothing actually sexual), psychopaths in love

    Proceed with caution <3


    [ Read on AO3 | Ko-Fi ]

    Trafalgar Law did not kill. Despite the tattoos on his fingers, despite the epithet the navy gave him, despite his background, he was still a surgeon; a doctor. He didn’t bring death but prevented it.


    The way Law worked on his patients would never stop fascinating Luffy. He knew exactly what he was doing, his movements sure, precise, and efficient. With his skill and powers, Law saved lives that were seemingly beyond hope while making it look easy.  

    To others, the surgeon looked almost bored while doing surgeries but Luffy knew; he could see the passionate spark in his eyes when he ran his scalpel over their flesh, slicing the skin and opening the body for viewing inside and out.

    It made watching him even more enthralling… impossible for Luffy to tear his eyes away.

    Law was simply too beautiful in moments like this; focused on the one single thing in front of him, an almost unnoticeable smile on his lips that no one but Luffy could see. Easily slipping his hands into the chest of the person lying bare on the operating table, his long, elegant fingers wrapping gently around their wildly beating heart, holding it like it was a priceless treasure—the only treasure Law cared about.

    Luffy would be lying if he said he didn’t feel jealous of Law’s patients sometimes. He wished Law would look at his heart like that but no matter how many times he asked, Law refused to do the surgery on him. He always said Luffy was too precious, that he would never allow him to lie on his operating table ever again but…

    That wasn’t enough for Luffy.

    He wanted Law to hold his heart in his hands. He wanted to feel Law’s fingers squeezing the muscle until it seemed like it would burst. He wanted Law to feel it skipping a beat when he would lick his lips like he was about to devour it, to drink all the blood flowing inside.

    Luffy would gladly let him.

    He should be the one at Law’s mercy right now, taking the place of the bounty hunter who thought she could take the life of one of the most dangerous people on all the seas. So stupid, yet so lucky.

    Had she attacked anyone else, she would have been dead.

    But Law was a doctor; he saved lives.

    No matter who, he wasn’t about to let people die in front of him. Not even the one time someone had tried to kill Luffy. Nothing had actually happened back then—Luffy being simply too quick and too powerful for the wannabe CP9 assassin—but Law was still livid back then. Luffy had never seen his boyfriend quite that angry before then… nor after.

    Yet, he still didn’t kill the assassin. His pride as a doctor simply didn’t allow him to.

    And it was the same today. He wasn’t going to kill this woman. Instead, he was going to fix all of the bones Luffy had broken earlier and let her go as soon as they arrived at the nearest island.

    Watching quietly as Law slowly leaned over and brought this woman’s heart to his lips, letting his tongue run over the flesh to taste the blood, Luffy sighed.

    He truly was jealous of her.

    He was sure his blood tasted loads better than some bounty hunter’s did.

    If nothing else, Law wouldn’t have needed to rip Luffy’s vocal cords out just to stop him from screaming his head off like he was in pain. Luffy would never understand why Law’s patients always made such a scene over their rib cages getting opened like the treasure chests they were in Law’s eyes. Honestly, with Law’s devil fruit, not a single cut ever hurt and it was fun—  

    “You can stop pouting any time now,” Law said, amusement clear in his voice.

    Luffy glared at the man, sticking his bottom lip out even more in defiance. “Then stop looking at her like you want to eat her. You should only look at me like that.”

    Law huffed out a laugh and Luffy hated how happy the sound made him. He was trying to act upset here, goddamn it; not melt into a puddle at the way Law’s lips curled into that sexy smirk of his.

    “Wanna cut it?” Law asked then, holding up his scalpel towards Luffy.

    Luffy immediately perked up, his jealousy forgotten as if it were never there. “I can?!” he asked with barely contained excitement. He didn’t bother to stop himself from jumping up and running over immediately, his fingers stretching out to grab the surgical knife.

    Raising his arm up and out of Luffy’s reach, Law chuckled, looking at Luffy with a teasing spark in his sharp gaze. “Not when you look like you’re about to stab yourself in the eye.”

    As if that was going to stop him.

    Luffy’s eyes narrowed at his asshole of a boyfriend before he stretched his rubbery arm out to quickly snatch the scalpel out of Law’s hand, then he grinned triumphantly. He didn’t even cut himself this time.

    Before he could say anything to announce he had won, however, Law leaned down, pressing his lips softly to Luffy’s own. Luffy gasped, taken completely by surprise… but he couldn’t say he was complaining. Instead, he returned the kiss easily, his free hand going up to touch Law’s face, his fingers sliding over his cheek, before burying them Law’s hair, pulling him closer.

    He felt Law’s lips stretch into a smirk as they kissed, the man obviously enjoying how desperate for his touch Luffy was. And Luffy didn’t care; he just needed to feel him, smell him, taste him. Needed to lick the blood off of Law’s lips, his tongue, his mouth; needed to replace the traces of this woman with his own presence.

    He was the only one Law was allowed to feel.

    Law was his and even though Luffy would always let him have his fun with his patients, none of them had permission to linger on his skin for more than a few minutes.

    Luffy always made sure of that.

    It felt like minutes later that they finally separated, both out of breath, lips swollen, with identical smiles on their faces. Pressing one last kiss to Law’s lips, Luffy gripped the almost forgotten scalpel tighter.

    The woman was staring at him with wide eyes full of horror… But it wasn’t like it mattered to him. Turning his attention to the heart resting in Law’s hand, Luffy watched it beat in a fast rhythm for moment before he finally, slowly touched the blade to one of the arteries protruding from the life-sustaining organ—

    And severed it.

    The woman’s body convulsed, a voiceless scream leaving her body as Luffy repeated the process again and again until her heart left her body for good.

    Ready to join Law’s growing collection of beating, living hearts.


    Trafalgar Law did not kill. Despite the tattoos on his fingers, despite the epithet the navy gave him, despite his background, he was still a surgeon; a doctor. He didn’t bring death but prevented it.

    Some would argue that was a fate far worse.

    #one piece#lawlu#lulaw#trafalgar law#luffy #monkey d luffy #graphic depictions of violence #gore#torture #psychopaths in love #darkfic#fluff #fluff and gore #katie pretends to fic #idiots in love... torturing people... #that's true love as far as i am concerned #i promise to do some actual fluff next time #still need to start in 10 days of lawlu #UGH#kill me
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  • miyasann
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    ann the comments u left on atsumu fic 🥹🥹 thank u so much!!!!!! ily

    djfksdjjs ARI MY LOVE goodbye it was so hot..... ily ty for the food all of us who get to read your work are always so well fed

    #i think i saw you mention somewhere it was you making your dreams come true #hope you know you also forcibly implanted that dream into my head and made it come true too #all in one go #like the girlboss you are <3 #i still have vampire suna to scream about too fjskdjskdjsk #love you lots praying you have the strength to read those idiotic asks youve been receiving #asked & annswered 💜 #my ari ∞
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  • everythingsinred
    14.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    pls just understand this: type one and type two diabetes are two entirely different illnesses (they are both called diabetes bc the disease was named before scientists fully understood the causes and illnesses properly). first, lumping them together under “diabetes” (as in the joke and also treating them like the same disease) can be very harmful! the confusion can result in misunderstandings at best (like my sister not being allowed to eat cookies at parties even tho. yes she can eat cookies.) and misdiagnoses at worst.

    type 2 diabetes happens gradually and usually later in life, bc the insulin is overloaded into the bloodstream over time and the cells stop responding as much to it, which means the diabetic isnt getting energy despite eating it. it can be potentially reversible with great effort but it can still be dangerous. changing your diet and exercising more helps a lot but it can still be harmful especially early on before diagnosis. 

    VS type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease, usually diagnosed in childhood (hence why its sometimes referred to as “juvenile diabetes,” but bc it doesnt GO AWAY once ur an adult, that name is misleading), and it makes sufferers more susceptible to other illnesses. usually undiagnosed type 1 diabetics are severely underweight. basically your body is KILLING itself trying to destroy the insulin-producing beta cells bc it has been confused into considering them as enemies. 

    so associating sugar overload with diabetes is stupid bc 1. type 2 diabetes happens over a long period of time, not from one sundae or whatever! and can be actually a backhanded comment tbh and is used to shame ppl for eating sugary foods. and 2. u begin to have dangerous misconceptions about the diseases, particularly about type 1. 

    even doctors dont always understand the difference! my younger sister (dearest zoe), displayed all the obvious symptoms of type 1 and was severely underweight. my parents took her to the hospital and her pediatrician told my mom to try and fatten her up! my grandpa (a retired doctor from serbia) suspected that she could be diabetic and told my mom to get her tested and her pediatrician said theyd run the tests but that she probably wasnt diabetic (bc he was thinking of type TWO!!! TYPE TWO!!! shes so skinny how could she be diabetic??). my mom was literally making batches of fudge (!!!!!) to feed six-year old skinny zoe when she received the call that zoe probably had type 1 diabetes, with her pediatrician apologizing profusely.

    we were lucky that our grandpa knew what type 1 was. other kids might not get a proper diagnosis bc for some reason not even doctors know all the info about these illnesses. (even tho theyre pretty common. ugh) zoe has had many issues with knowing more abt her illness than the doctors who are supposed to be treating her.

    and in the us so many ppl die from diabetes (especially type 1) bc they RELY ON INSULIN TO LIVE (non-negotiable especially with type 1, even if you go on a “diet” so shut up about that) and when they run out because they cant afford it (even tho it is very cheap to produce and the inventor of synthetic insulin wanted it to be available to everyone) they fucking DIE, in their sleep or from ketoacidosis which is an incredibly painful condition. 

    so before you make a stupid fucking “DIABETES” joke try to consider all the people suffering from it and how often children are misdiagnosed. think about how my sister has literally every rando idiot telling HER how to manage HER disease when they dont know SHIT who make the same dumbass jokes you do. shut up with the diabetes jokes im gonna skin u

    #my sister has been told by strangers the following: #1. to just throw her insulin pump away bc she has a 'drug dependency' and wont be diabetic anymore if she does so #2. that she cant have cake/cookies/dessert like the other kids bc shes diabetic EVEN THO THATS LITERALLY NOT TRUE #she just has to take insulin and then she can eat the cookie jfc #3. been told the other day in her dining hall that she should have chosen other food bc her meal looked sugary #the guy proceeded to mansplain her own illness to her despite the fact that hes an idiot who doesnt know shit abt diabetes #4. she has been witness to TOO many diabetes jokes where she has to awkwardly explain that SHES actually diabetic and that the jokes are #stupid and inaccurate (which they are) and also like arent even funny in the first place?? #5. AND WORST OF ALL. for all the people judging her on how she handles her disease #or telling her how to manage it despite not knowing anything about it #NOBODY wants to accomodate her!!!! #nobody buy diet soda for her at parties but theyll buy vegan/diet accomodations for people who arent even ill #regular soda is a fast-acting carb #which means it can be dangerous for her to drink it even if she takes insulin (juice is also in this category) #so diet soda is best #AND YET zoe visits a friend or goes to a party and has to drink water when everyone else is drinking soda #which might seem like a small or unimportant thing but like fuck u?? why cant she have soda. buy her a small lil bottle! fuck you! #if ur gonna host a party and buy soda for everyone else why not for her too while ur at it??? if ur gonna accomodate the vegans and dieters #why not the LITERAL diabetic #no everyone would much rather tell her no than work WITH her #im very angry abt  this actually my sister deserves better fuck everyone who doesnt take diabetes more seriously #ill kill u for joking abt it #im not gonna delete this i see way too many diabetes jokes on my own gd dash and maybe someone will actually read this #for zoe <3 dearest and beloved
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  • serenashido
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    kelbrey shitpost cos theyre stupid and i like them i think

    #idiots#omori#omori game#kelbrey#omori kelbrey#kel omori#aubrey omori#kelbrey omori#omori fanart#omori shitpost#shitpost #theyre fucking stupid #everyone says their dynamic is idiot x girlboss #which is true #but i raise you this #idiot x angry idiot #also they both listen to kpop #i could go on abt the music i think aubrey would listen to #her playlist for me is just full of songs i think shed like #kel twice stan #im making myself giggle #okay enjoy
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  • shetheyslay
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Me receiving a compliment

    #text post #my friend who I sorta have a crush on but not as bad as i used to sent a very sweet message the the gc #i got a new dress and wanted opinions on whether to return it or not #and that dumb idiot had to be sweet #like excuse me fuck off #i made it through last weekend with you sleeping in my bed without any emotional turmoil #don’t be nice to me I will cry #sorry if you read this tags rant #it’s true I am a bit insane
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  • itsmespicaa
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    pov: you were stupidly talking shit abt xie lian and his besties are around :-)

    (p.s. i need more xianle trio content yo,,,)

    #xianle trio#tgcf#xie lian#feng xin#mu qing #heaven official's blessing #new comfort trio so true #ive been crying over them today im so emotional #sigh qwq #also i tried mixing manhua and donghua design for the first art #i love my idiot trio sm<3333 #i wanna draw hc interacting with fx and mq bc reluctant friendship between them is so funny and wholesome i caNNOT EMPHASIZE EN O U GH-- #i just want xl to be surrounded by the people he loves the most 😭😭😭💖💖💖💔💔💔 #XIANLE QUARTET RIGHTS !!!! #i will draw them eventually #and hc deserves more friends who cares for him xl said so himself :D HJKFDHSFS
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  • maddieandchimney
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I'm thinking that Chimney probably knew where the password was because he could have used the computer as Interim Captain Chimney. But now I'm laughing at the idea of Bobby showing him where the sticky note is. Or, since Bobby wasn't at the station anymore, Chimney calling him to ask for the password and Bobby being all "well this is embarrassing" djdjkl

    omg 😂😂😂

    #Maddie answers#911 spoilers #two idiots it’s true
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  • annoyinglibra
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I’m so fucking sick of seeing people take a “neutral” stance on the heard/depp case. If any of you bitches pull the “oh I don’t actually know who’s in the right here :^)” I’m going to fucking kill you. Amber is very clearly the victim. Also if there are any depp supporters among my followers don’t unfollow - actively let me know so I can block you and never accidentally interact with you. Also kys.

    #don’t reblog obviously. #I’m just so fucking pissed #she is very obviously the victim here and if you remain neutral on domestic abuse I hope you kys. #it’s one thing to not get involved or pay attention. it’s another to say ‘oh I don’t know who’s at fault’ #fucking worthless pieces of shit I hope they never have a friend who goes through abuse because they deserve someone they could rely on #stupid motherfucking liberal ass takes. I’m so fucking sick of this shit it’s so triggering #tw abuse #sorry I just can’t stand those ‘well meaning’ #posts that do give the advice of ‘stop treating this like a spectacle’ which is TRUE #but you’re also a fucking idiot and asshole for acting like it could be either of them! kys!!!!
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  • stuart-skinner
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Why did he do this

    #he put his arm over 44's shoulder to help him lift him up lmao #idiot mcman is too light to be fighting like that #intricate rituals I guess #just wanted another man on top of u #also drai in the back just falling on some guy so true #connor mcdavid#oilers#oilers lb#video
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  • proveidence
    05.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago


    ––– pluto

    You’re in the center of arguing that has nothing to do with you. It feels like no matter where you go, conflict follows, like a curse. Whether you seek it out or not you’re not willing to admit, but it’s there, it’s there and you hate it. You don’t trust when your life goes without a bump for more than a few months, like you’re in the eye of a hurricane and the calm is going to break. You deserve better than that. You weren’t meant to be like that, you know, you aren’t designed for conflict like that. Conflict isn’t a personality trait and the sooner you realize that the sooner you’ll be able to detach yourself from it - and you need to detach yourself from it. It’s not normal to constantly react to things happening to you rather than act for yourself. Isn’t making bad decisions better than none at all? It’ll get you somewhere, at least. You aren’t a drifter - a drifter is for water, and you aren’t drowning. Not if you don’t let yourself.

    tagged by: @reapcrbunny​ tagging: the guy reading this (at least those who haven’t done it yet :3)

    #` ( OUT. ) #` ( PASTIME. ) #I RLY LIKED THIS ONEEEE so very true so very tastey #i'm also gonna do that poisonous flower one (shaking) #also i think it's funny jelly's the puny planet haha idiot
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  • knowlesian
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    the clever way they set up izzy the unreliable narrator is just… such good writing

    i started making a complete list of “things other people agree izzy is good at” and “things only izzy says he’s good at” for brain distractions and on that first list is swordfighting

    the second list is …everything else, i truly do find this little fucker so fun on a narrative level. he’s the textbook unreliable narrator: literally everything he says ends up directly contradicted by the people in question or the action, but he swaggers around yelling his version of events loudest! (and weirdest, lmfao.)

    and honestly on a deeper level it makes us as an audience look at how we process things people tell us vs things people show us, and how those are often very much at odds.

    the writing on this show is ridiculously good, you know? 

    #jackie’s hilarious “jesus christ this idiot” face is so amazing sidenote #everything about jackie is peak entertainment #also seriously i love how they set this up #its so easy to just listen to izzy and fill in the blanks he tells us to fill in #he’s a loud confident white guy! we love to associate all those traits with logic and truth and power and natural skill #and then you have fang and ivan and ed and jackie like “yeah nah it’s uh. look we all just sort of accept he lives in his own narrative” #ofmd spoilers #the way this show begs for textual analysis is PERFECT #(well confident in these matters l o l @ his general mental health and self concept) #izzy hands go to fucking therapy in s2 challenge #but also pls stay suspended in amber in this weird little state you are in #it pleases me #i want to poke at your various components and ask them: why? #why’d you do it like that why’s it so weird why is con why is anything??? #like. seriously. he is a feast for my weird id and my think-y brain thoughts #A FEAST TRULY A SONUVABITCH A WONDER AN IDIOT A FUCKIN …SCRUFFY LITTLE NIGHTMARE I LOVE GI #…him no i will not retype that insane sentence fuck that i do what i want #anyway he is. so dumb. so fun. so sad. so terrible??? #a true pickle jar denizen if i ever saw one #ATE. HIS. TOE. LOVED. IT. P. CAME. THE. END. #my ofmd meta
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  • marloncdingle
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    remember when kurt said it was 'perfect' that blaine got gay bashed?

    #so true of him king #no but I really saw someone interpret that scene that way #imagine being an idiot??? #god bless
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  • khabkhluen
    01.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Archer!!!! welcome back hello

    hello thank uu dear 🥰

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  • ragingbyesexual
    30.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    every episode it just gets more and more obvious that kinn is just morosexual lol

    #i'm in minute 15 of ep4 #porsche is such an idiot lmao #and kinn is just endeared by it lol #like a true morosexual <3 #kinnporsche#kinnporsche ep4#my post
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  • leogichidaa
    30.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Sirius is softer on Regulus than a random unbiased third party probably would be, but I don't think that equates to him being, practically, all that forgiving with him. And also, he's approximately 6,000 times harsher on Regulus than Regulus thinks is fair, reasonable, or appropriate.

    #the reverse is also true #they excuse each other's worst flaws to other people like #oh yes he's a real asshole but he's my brother #he's just like that #can't help it really #born that way #it's honestly quite sad when you think about it #poor hopeless idiot 🙏🏻😪 #Regulus black#Sirius black #sirius & regulus #regulus & sirius
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