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  • critrolestims
    23.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    woah.. my inbox is empty for the first time in like, 2 weeks.

    #edit: this is no longer true LMAO #ty guys for requesting stuff aa #didnt realize how much demand there was lol? #the only thing in my queue is for me
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  • pridefulking
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    250x250 || bisexual || bordered circle

    like / rb + credit + read dni if using

    requested by anon !!

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  • donaldtheduckdad
    20.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    @cassie-l said that the pangender flag is herlock colored and he's so right

    [id in alt]

    #the colors are really pretty damn herlock how do you do it #the great ace attorney #dai gyakuten saiban #ace attorney#tgaa#dgs#aa#herlock sholmes#lgbtq+#pangender#my edits #hi cass nsbdjsna #cassie-l
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  • turnabout-boutaturn
    19.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    I tried to do a Trucy edit for a wallpaper, and I spent hours on it, but I honestly don't even know if I like how it turned out lmao

    Feel free to use it, though reblogs are appreciated c:

    #trucy wright#ace attorney #trucy ace attorney #tagging is hard #help me #ace attorney wallpaper #ace attorney edit #??? i think #uhh #trucy wright wallpaper #trucy ace attorney wallpaper #trucy wallpaper#aa trucy #i love you trucy <3
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  • donaldtheduckdad
    17.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Sholmes family said trans rights

    [id in alt]

    #dai gyakuten saiban #the great ace attorney #ace attorney#dgs#tgaa#aa#herlock sholmes#iris wilson#iris sholmes#transgender#trans#lgbtq+#my edits #I have been looking at the gifs for a while now. mesmerizing #there was no BLUE on herlock's godforsaken sprite I had to steal it from his official art
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  • superiorkenshi
    16.05.2022 - 6 days ago


    (J'AI FAILLIS OUBLIER DE LE POSTER!! Oui oui je vais pomper ce son jusqu'a la moelle)

    #kaamelott#yvain#gauvain#202#kaamelott edit#edit#kenshi's edit #j'allais les appeler gavain pour d'obscure raison et maintenant je trouve l'idée trop drole #he needed more than me #kv1#kaamelott film #kaamelott premier volet #yvain dans kv2 #on attend aa
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  • fashionablyfyrdraaca
    16.05.2022 - 6 days ago
    Sosiel Painting 🎨
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  • darknightfrombeyond
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Glass Arrows || Amelia, meet Jill

    Arrow/RE Book 1 of the Glass Arrows trilogy

    “Carlos, you didn't even think to ask ‘fine young lady’ her name? She is an elite operative of R.P.D. Special Tactics and Rescue Service.” - Mikhail Victor

    #whipped this up for the hell of it #lol #almost finished my AA update so that's coming . . . have had Glass Arrows on the mind for days #officially my FIRST edit for my not-secret but rarely mentioned AA-crossover #Glass Arrow #fd Arrow/Resident Evil #oc Amelia Queen #Jill Valentine
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  • fashionablyfyrdraaca
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    Ember laughs, but tears roll down her cheeks.
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  • transmasc-tonystark
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    multiversal stevetony moodboard i made <3

    #v proud of this one actually #multiverse#stevetony#stony#moodboard#aesthetic#edit#616#mcu#aa#nushcreates #wouldve put in some more universes but for now i stuck to the three biggest ones
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  • formulaoneisajoke
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    Boyfriend Duties: aka Alex complaining about Lily getting makeup in his helmet and saying she has a big head
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  • fashionablyfyrdraaca
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Red + Yellow
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  • nuclearstorms
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    hi bones, i'm here to humbly ask you about your blorbos: how did vincent & vitali & mikhail all got to know each other? how did this clown gang got together? 👀💜

    OOGH RENA THANK U FOR THIS AA ;w;; this got. UNBELIEVABLY LONG because i am feeling Emotion about vitali and mikhail specifically again i am so sorry aghfdjhg i’ll put it under a read more <3

    SO vitali and mikhail met in middle school when they were 11 years old. mikhail was very shy and rarely spoke, while vitali was pretty popular and always surrounded by others. they started hanging out after vitali stood up for mikhail when he was getting bullied for his acne (vitali punched the bully and broke his nose <333) and they became very close friends very quickly :)

    i think the reason they worked so well together is that vitali was always worrying about other people’s expectations of him (mainly due to his last name, and his father (derogatory)) and with mikhail, he NEVER had to worry about that; simultaneously, mikhail struggled with social skills which is why other kids didn’t want to hang out with him, but vitali actually saw this as a reason TO hang out with him because he believed mikhail was actually probably very kind and interesting and fun to be around, he just wasn’t too good at expressing himself yet (there’s also smth to be said about both of them speaking the same language in a foreign country and instantly feeling at home with each other etc etc but i’m already gonna say so much more about them so i won’t get into that rn LMAO)

    they spent almost all their time together and helped each other with everything; mikhail was struggling with school because of his tourette’s so vitali helped him with studying, and helped him see a doctor to get stuff sorted out and he later even helped with mikhail’s exercises to help him manage his tics between therapy sessions and after the sessions ended ;w;; and in return, mikhail fully supported vitali when he came out as trans and helped him with anything he could do, including:

    teaching himself how to use makeup to make someone’s face appear more masculine; he would do vitali’s makeup in the boy’s restroom before their first class every morning (this one literally makes me physically nauseous mikhail is so friend shaped alright i’m emotional abt him)

    allowing vitali to order things to his home address, so vitali’s parents wouldn’t have to find out about it

    helping vitali pick his new name (mikhail actually came up with “vitali”; it means “of life”, which he found fitting because of all of this being a new chapter in vitali’s life, but secretly mikhail also liked it because to him, vitali is (his) life <3 and vitali LOVED the name so he picked it <333 i’m throwing up as we speak)

    throughout high school, they were inseparable; when they weren’t studying or getting into fights, they would hang out at mikhail's place to smoke and get drunk on cheap rum and vodka, to then pass out in each other's arms and sleep most of the next day away. there were times mikhail wants to kiss vitali but decided not to, and to this day he isn’t sure if it’s actually something he wanted to do, or if it was just the alcohol aha ;w; xoxo

    after finishing high school, mikhail went to university to study medicine and vitali went to college to study business & management. they lost contact with each other after vitali lost his phone, and then didn’t see each other for a little over six years :) fucking pain soup there’s more i can say about this but i won’t because i am already saying so much

    they reunited at arasaka; vitali landed a new job at counterintel and was assigned a bodyguard, and you guessed it, it’s mikhail <3 mikhail literally only started working for arasaka because he knew it was vitali’s dream job and he was hoping to run into him there one day ;w; after vitali got fired, mikhail quit his job as well and essentially followed him around everywhere he went. vitali became a well-established fixer and mikhail became one of his mercenaries, as well as his head of security the moment vitali actually got an office and everything <3

    NOW. FINALLY. VINCENT. so vincent met them through jackie; jackie is lifelong friends with vitali and was also one of his regular mercs at the time, and he decided to introduce vincent to vitali because he wanted to help vincent establish himself as a merc in night city

    vitali INSTANTLY took a liking to vincent, admiring his passion and witty nature, but also wanting to help him out with transitioning (vincent had already started at that point but was mainly struggling because of money issues and. well. vitali is Rich LMFAO) and just wanting to befriend him in general. vincent also immediately liked vitali because he mainly just thought he was cool :) <3 kinda like an “i wanna be friends with you SO fucking bad” situation but both of them thought it was one-sided, but somehow they still managed to become very close very quickly

    mikhail obviously watched this happen and immediately knew something was up because he’s known for vitali for so long and vitali usually kept his composure around new mercs and/or clients, but vincent immediately managed to bring out a different side of him and mikhail would 100% notice that. i think i talked about this before in a post but i’m gonna do it again LOL mikhail was a little scared that he was gonna fade to the background now that vitali found vincent and was becoming so close with him, and at the same time vincent was a little intimidated by mikhail because he and vitali were so close and vincent wasn’t sure if mikhail would ever accept him as a friend ;w; but despite all of that they still both went “alright! i will now befriend this man if it’s the last thing i do” and they DID

    then all the in-game events happen followed by my own storyline that’s mostly incoherent + balances Entirely on my own interpretation of vincent’s condition at the end of the game and how soulkiller works in the secure your soul program and in the relic + is literally just me putting my blorbos through extra bullshit because i am a Blorbo Suffering Enjoyer first and a human being second but basically what you need to know about all of that is that. vincent and vitali get together during the in-game events ON VINCENT’S BIRTHDAY HELLO and vincent and mikhail do a lot of gigs together so they also become besties <333 and at some point vitali dies but not really but then he’s brainwashed and he stabs mikhail and nearly kills him and then he’s no longer brainwashed and feels guilty and then his father also decides to come back to be a nuisance and yeah :// but they STICK TOGETHER THROUGH IT ALL AND THAT'S WHAT IT’S ABOUT. IT’S ABOUT THE COMFORT

    and that brings us to the present day :) the three of them are now living together in vitali’s penthouse, vitali and vincent are dating and mikhail is their specialest little princess (honorary, affectionate) <3 the end uwu

    #asks#mutuals#aartyom#ask:mikhail#ask:vincent#ask:vitali#oc asks #just so i can find all of this back later LMAO #thank u so much again for the ask aa ;w; you don't know how fast i threw all my work aside to start typing LMAO #i got lost in the sauce a little bit talking abt vitali and mikhail's past but like. it's so so important to me #there's so much more i can say but i am being so so brave abt it <3 #hope this is coherent i copy pasted so much from my timeline but i wanted to edit it to make it sound less formal LMAO
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  • pridefulking
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    250x250 || nonbinary gay & trans bi || bordered circle

    like / rb + credit + read dni if using

    requested by anon !!

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  • fashionablyfyrdraaca
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous + Purple adjacent
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  • rendevok
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Ace attorney + memes

    #ace attorney#phoenix wright#klavier gavin#apollo justice#klapollo #just a smidgen yknkow #fan art#aa #check the alt text of the second pic for a chuckle #rendevok #edit: actual alt texts have been added! apologies if i confused anyone
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  • donaldtheduckdad
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    the coolest defense in the west

    [id in alt]

    #blame klapollo minibang server for this #ace attorney#aa#kristoph gavin#yeehawstoph #I don't know anymore #I#I dunno #yeehaw I guess #my memes#my edits #I am so sorry. yeehaw
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  • fashionablyfyrdraaca
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous + Assorted Scenery
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  • gtanddragons
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Back with another old AA fic, woo! This one is a fair bit longer than what I usually post, and it’s (thankfully) more well-edited since I wrote it for @acetrainerhope‘s birthday a couple years ago. ^^ 

    This one involves borrower!Franziska and Maya meeting for the first time, when they’re both about 13 years old! I thought it would be pretty fun/ironic if the von Karmas lived in the Fey & Co. Law Offices, so here they be. >v>


    (Deep breaths.

    In, out.

    In, out.

    You will be flawless. There is no other option.)

    Franziska swallows thickly, even as she looks out over the sprawling expanse of the massive office space before her. From her perch on the bookshelf, she can see it all: the sofa tucked into the corner of the room, the light from a streetlamp outside dimly reflecting off of one of the framed posters on the walls… all is silent at this time of the night. 

    Her task should be easy enough; she just needs to rappel down the bookshelf, swing across the gap to land atop the desk, and collect two paperclips-- maybe some push-pins, if she’s lucky. Then, rappel once more down the side of the desk to the floor, where she can then make her way to one of her family’s hidden entrances behind the bookshelves.

    Relatively quick and efficient-- she feels a brief surge of pride, even despite her anxiety. Of course the plan was perfect, and the entrances and exits perfect, too; she would expect no less from her Papa and his decades of borrowing experience. 

    (Relax, Franziska. Being perfect on an expedition this simple will be a cinch.)

    As far as she was aware, thirteen years of age was considered rather… early for a borrower to go out on their first solo expedition, but she’s a von Karma, damn it! She can do this. She was born ready. She--

    She looks out over the ledge, feeling a wave of vertigo threatening to take over her stomach. 

    (...N...No… I…) 

    Franziska clenches her fists, feeling the dig of her nails in the skin of her palms. Before her own racing, terrified thoughts can continue, she snaps out her grappling hook with an aggressive thwack.

    (A von Karma will not be bested by heights!)

    Clack-- THUNK!

    Franziska huffs even as the grappling hook lodges into the wood of the bookshelf, ignoring the persistent stinging in her eyes. With a sharp tug-- and a satisfying lack of give-- she closes her eyes…

    ...And steps backwards off the ledge.

    She lets out a sharp yelp despite herself as she plunges into open air, but she’s quickly brought back into reality as gravity, and her own momentum, cause her to swing back towards the bookshelves, and to whack her shin with a sharp crack against the unforgiving wood.

    Her grip tightens on the rope, a sudden surge of rage flooding her entire body. She kicks off from the second ledge, shooting off into open air once more-- lowering herself further, to the third shelf. Another kick, another, steadier descent-- and, finally, finally, she’s only a little higher than the desk. 

    (It’s time.)

    She steadies herself on the fourth ledge down, her grip tightening on the rope in her hands and tugging it tightly between her clenched fists.

    (I can do this!)

    Her legs seem to move on their own-- backing away, before starting forward-- faster, faster, she has to go faster!

    She’s jumping and the ledge is gone, the rope drawing taut in her hands even as she soars-- her heart is stilled. Nothing exists but her and the speed, the open air, the-- the--!

    Her feet hit the surface of the desk with a loud clunk, the momentum sending her reeling forwards… but after a moment of stunned silence, Franziska stamps her foot and snaps the rope tight between her fists once more. An elated, high-pitched squeal escapes her lips before she can stop it, a delighted giggle slipping out with it.

    (I… did it! I did it!! I DID IT!!!!)

    With a flick of her wrist, the grappling hook is dislodged from the bookshelves looming above the desk, falling nigh to the floor and quietly thumping against the desk before she begins to reel it back up. A smug look settles on her face even as she hefts the coil back over her shoulder. Now, where was she--?


    Franziska freezes.

    ...Thump… thump, thump… click!

    A wave of horror crashes down on her, even as, in the distance… the door leading to the office’s main entrance…

    (The light… the light switch… there’s light shining from underneath the door!

    Someone is coming!)

    In a blind panic, Franziska darts behind what she can-- the base of the desk lamp will, hopefully, keep her shielded from any prying eyes… she hopes.

    Much to her chagrin, the footsteps continue, leading into the office and opening the door with a slow creak.

    “Urgh… she didn’t say it was gonna be this creepy in here at night…”

    Franziska winces even as the lights are switched on, temporarily blinding her even as she huddles tighter to the base of the lamp.

    (Please, don’t come any closer… please…!)

    From her vantage point, she can’t make out much-- though, the sound of the approaching voice… she thinks she’s heard it before. It’s childish, not the voice of the office’s most common human resident, but she’d heard it once before when the office had switched owners, on moving day…

    “Mmghh… I can’t believe she expects me to tell the difference between all these dumb files… they all look the same,” the voice mutters-- and, with a start, Franziska realizes that it’s practically coming from right on top of her.

    “...AM-2… AM-2… Mmm…”

    The footsteps are drawing closer, closer-- they’re rounding the desk and--

    Franziska’s heart stops.

    Towering above her is a human girl adorned in lavender robes, a seemingly-endless cascade of black hair tumbling over her shoulders and down her back, and--

    She can’t seem to breathe, much less move, even as their gazes lock-- gray on gray, a moment of silence between the two of them… and then…

    The human’s eyes widen even as she leans in closer-- closer, she’s too close!-- and it finally jumpstarts Franziska’s heart into a deafening roar. She’s running for her life in a flash, ignoring the surprised yelp that comes from behind her. She’s frantically unraveling the grappling hook even as she flees-- if she can just--!


    It’s not coming undone fast enough she’s getting too close to the ledge, she can’t--!

    B r e a t h l e s s.

    For what feels like the thousandth time tonight, a completely weightless sensation overtakes the young borrower, her stomach dropping and leaving her behind, leaving her alone, leaving her with… with…

    ...With the pressure around her body.

    Her heart slams desperately against the cage of her chest even as she’s lifted up-- held in place by a human hand, a human hand like the ones Papa told her about, the ones that crushed borrowers in one squeeze, the ones that effortlessly tugged arms and legs free from their--!

    She can’t help it.

    Franziska begins to sob.

    An incomprehensible string of words floods from her mouth even as she cries-- begging, pleading, shrieking, rage-- she doesn’t want to die. Not on her very first borrowing expedition. Not so young. Not like this.

    (Papa--! Miles--! Please…!)

    “I-- oh gosh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to--!”


    The grip around her… at first, she thinks she’s imagining it as a final act of desperation, but no-- it’s loosening. Her stomach drops again as she’s hurriedly moved-- but this time, she’s being moved back down. 

    Her feet touch the desk, and she’s left staring, stunned, at the massive, retreating hand that had so easily snatched her up.

    Trembling. She’s trembling, but she’s alive, and those huge, gray eyes are peering down at her even still. But they don’t… they don’t seem malicious, no. Not the way Papa always described them. They’re big, compared to the human’s face-- a soft face, barely past the years of childhood, so very unlike Papa’s-- or even Miles’, these days.

    Soft, like her own face. This human girl can’t be much older than she is, herself… and she looks almost just as ready to cry as Franziska is, too.

    “I-I’m so sorry,” the human blurts out, clasping her hands together and covering her mouth worriedly. “I-I didn’t mean to scare you, I just thought you were about to-- to jump, and--!”

    A little girl. A little girl like her.

    “And-- and I’m… I’m…”

    Franziska can only watch in what she could only describe as a ‘the world as I know it is crumbling around me’ sort of way.

    “I’m so sorry, again-- are you okay…?”

    Franziska blinks, even as the girl bites her thumb and nervously stares down at her.

    Waiting for an answer. Conversing, like… like a borrower. Not trying to crush her to death or cage her like in the stories.

    “I’m fine,” Franziska croaks numbly.

    (I’m fine.

    I’m alive.)

    “Thank goodness!” The girl chirps, before sheepishly rubbing her arm. “I, um… Oh, I shouldn’t be rude, um… rude-er, I mean-- m-my name is Maya! Maya Fey! What’s… do you have a name, too?”

    (Fey. That name sounds familiar…)

    “Franziska,” she manages. And then, she finally straightens up, shakily adjusting the grappling hook and rope slung around her shoulder. “...Franziska von Karma.”

    Maya blinks in surprise, lowering her clasped hands from her mouth ever so slightly. If she’d been expecting a response to her question, it certainly didn’t seem like it.

    “Oh! U-um!”

    She pauses once more before regaining traction, rocking back and forth on her heels and shooting the borrower before her a small smile.

    “That’s… that’s a really neat name! It’s so fancy, like something out of a storybook!”


    Franziska can feel her face heating up even as she bites her lip.


    She suddenly tenses up-- and so does Maya-- as a woman’s voice calls out in the distance.

    “Maya! Do you need help finding it?”

    “N-no!” Maya shouts back. Franziska winces, her hands immediately shooting up to clap over her ears. “Uh-- I’ve got it; just one sec, sis!”

    Maya bites her lip, her gaze lingering on Franziska for a moment longer before shifting so she can peer up at the bookshelves. “...Yyyyyyyoouuuu wouldn’t happen to know how to find a case file, would you?”

    Franziska winces at that. If she lets on that she does know how to sort through the files-- Papa liked to read through them sometimes-- then she’ll almost certainly be giving away the fact that she lives here… but…

    Then again, if she doesn’t hurry to help, she’ll have another human to contend with.

    “AM-2, was it?” Franziska prods, and upon getting a somewhat startled, somewhat hopeful, nod from Maya, she gives the shelves a quick once-over. Even at this distance, she’s quickly able to point directly at one of the case files. “It’s on the second shelf from the bottom, there.”

    Maya’s eyes widen even as she stoops down to check-- and with a triumphant smile, she comes back up with a manila folder clutched in her hands. Much to Franziska’s pleasure, she can see the bright, bold label of ‘AM-2’ from her position on the desk.

    “Thanks!” Maya chirps. And then she glances between Franziska, down to the floor, and back. “...Oh, um! Did you need help down, Franzy?”


    She quickly shakes her head. As genuinely kind as the human seems, she does not want to experience being picked up again… that, and she still has an expedition to complete. And although Maya seems a bit disappointed for a second at Franziska’s response, she soon perks up.

    “Will I see you again?”

    Franziska… hesitates.

    It should be an immediate ‘no’. A borrower shouldn’t be interacting with a human, period-- and she doubts that Papa won’t freak out if he finds out that his own daughter had been speaking to one… held, even.

    ...But… somehow, she can’t bring herself to shake her head again.

    “Maybe,” she finally settles upon, the word stinging guiltily on her lips… though, with it comes a quick flutter of her heart. A flutter of some strange sort of thrill-- the thrill of danger, perhaps? The thrill of such a big secret…?

    “Maya, if you can’t find it, you can just ask for help--”

    “No, no! I got it, I’m coming!” Maya shouts. Then she pauses to bite her lip before shooting Franziska a small smile. “...Sorry, I really have to get going… my big sis is waiting outside. But I’ll try to see you again-- soon, hopefully!”

    She moves to take a step away from the desk before a flash of inspiration flickers in her gaze. She then bows in Franziska’s direction-- a deep bow, starting from the waist. Her eye level dips to the level of the desk’s surface.

    “It was a pleasure meeting you, Madame von Karma. May the stars align for, um… for your health, and prosperity, and… uh…” she pauses before suddenly straightening up, clapping her hands together with a smile. “And for us to meet again in the coming seasons! Sorry, I haven’t exactly gotten that one down yet… but I’ll get it perfect by the next time I see you!”

    Franziska blinks… and then, finally, despite herself-- a soft smile works its way onto her face.

    “...Perfect, hm…? I… I look forward to hearing it next time, Ms. Fey.”

    Even as Maya hastily waves and rushes out the office door-- switching the lights back off as an afterthought-- Franziska finds it hard to move from where she’s standing, that strange, warm feeling in her chest that had caused her to involuntarily smile like cotton, clogging up her thoughts.

    After a few moments, though, Franziska swallows thickly and begins to gather what she needs from the desk-- she’s taken long enough, already, and she doesn’t want to worry Papa needlessly. Maybe she should grab a few extra rubber bands, too… that could, perhaps, make up for her lost time, even if the extra weight will be harder to carry...

    Though, she remains blissfully unaware of the steel-gray eyes staring down at her from the very top of the bookshelves-- she’s too far away to hear the telltale rustle of fabric even as her observer clutches the cloth at his neck hard enough to whiten his knuckles.

    #WHEW there we go #still had to edit it a fair amount because unfortunately. I used way too many em-dashes #...there are still a lot of them but you know what it's fine don't worry about it #Giant/tiny#g/t writing #astral makes stuff #aa g/t #the writing corner #fandom g/t
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  • neutrallyobsessed
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Diego Armando tomando mate

    #medio choto el edit pero bue #diego armando#ace attorney#aa#t&t#godot #creo no? #aa edit#argentina
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