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    27.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    currently thinking (and imagining that’s it me) about stepdad!hotch always groping the reader’s boobs and their response being a little moan and daddy coming out of their mouth.

    He'd do it constantly around the house, you're making your self some hot chocolate?. He comes up behind you, initially you'd think it was a hug but it's really just him graving your boobs.

    It would always happen but more so during the summer when you wore much thinner and smaller tops due to the heat. He'd convince you going braless would help keep you cool too.

    At the beginning you'd try to hold back the whimpers but he'd quickly put a stop to that. It's a little daily goal of his to get you to moan out for daddy.

    He loved doing it in the morning before he went to work, leave ypu needy for your daddy, let it build up through out the day so by the time he's home you're desperate to have him on you.

    He'd close the door and as hed turn around he'd be ready to catch you, you'd jump up into his arms nuzzling your face into his neck, unconsciously rubbing your crotch against his lower belly "missed you so much daddy" he'd just rub your back while making his way to the bedroom "I know you did princess".

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  • sam-winchester-kinnie
    27.05.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    i am better than the entire cm fandom. i have never wanted to fuck aaron hotchner

    #this is a JOKE #nothing wrong with him i love that guy #criminal minds#aaron hotchner
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  • maschotch
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #hotch backstory in my mouth pleas please please youre nothing #6x03#aaron hotchner#david rossi#cm caps #how sexy if hotch's dad was a MurdererTM. he's got that serial killer gene smh
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  • maschotch
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #i WILL give hotch 800 different backgrounds and no one can fucking stop me #if they didnt want me to than they shoulda just given us one #but now i get to write as many wattpad childhood tragedies for him as i want :) #imagine if he was in the ROOOOM when his dad killed his mom. sexy #6x03#aaron hotchner#spencer reid#david rossi#cm caps #kajhsdlg im just fuckin around but also?? what was this look for
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  • 14buddy22
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    They're Happy 

    Aaron Hotchner x Single Mom!Reader


    Part 3

    Part 1//Part 2//Masterlist

    You’d been dating for nearly 3 months. Things we’re going well between you two. It was hard sneaking around without trying to get caught. You’d be close to getting caught by your children. You’d spend a lot of time together, really the only time you two got to sleep in the same bed was when there were sleepovers with the kids. The boys were loving it. Grace had taken a liking to Jack and Aaron within that time. 

    However, one afternoon, you were on your lunch break when he called you. He melted your heart, he knew your schedule through and through. Down to the minute, he knew what your school day was like. Sending you various texts when you knew you’d look at your phone. 

    “Hey, Aar.”

    “I think we should tell the kids about us when I get back in town.”

    This isn’t the first time he’s brought it up. Well, he’s brought it up nonchalantly like after sex or almost getting caught sharing a few morning kisses in the kitchen. But, this was the first time he was very straightforward. You thought things were going well, you should’ve had no reason to hide the fact that you and Aaron were dating. Your brother knew about him. Your KIDS knew Aaron was a friend and Jack’s dad, but would that change when you told them that you two were dating? That’s what scared you.

    You weren’t sure how you wanted to approach the conversation… Did you want to talk to your children alone or with him there? You weren’t sure. 

    “I don’t know Aaron. It seems too soon.” 

    “Y/N, we can’t hide it anymore. I want the kids to know that I want to spend just as much time with them as you. I want Jack to know that I’m seriously head over heels for someone.”

    “And I am too, I just, I don’t know, can we talk when you get back in town?”

    “Of course, we’re getting ready to fly back now. I’ll see you tonight? I can pick up dinner?”

    “Um, yeah, that sounds good. I’ll see you tonight.”


    You both hung up. You felt bad, you really did. This man was ready to commit to you but you weren’t. Well, it’s not that you weren’t, you were, but you just still felt guilty. You needed to convey that to him. You weren’t going to let this man get away from you and your kids. He was your husband in a slightly older form. Which didn’t bother you one bit, you thought it was hot.

    After school you had asked Jessica if she could keep an eye on the kids, you were going to go to Aaron. You couldn’t have this conversation with your children in the same household. You didn’t want them to think something was wrong. If you were going to cry today, it was not going to be at your house. You’ve cried too much there and you were tired of it. 

    You dropped the kids off at your house with Jessica and made your way to the BAU. You got your visitor’s pass and figured a way to get to the floor that had Aaron’s office. You didn’t see anyone there so you found his office with his name on the door. 

    You knocked on the door and heard his voice. “Come in”. You had always felt a sense of relief when you heard his voice. Knowing he made it back safely from a case. That he would come home to his son, your children, and you. 

    You opened the door and he looked up. He immediately stood up from his desk and made his way to you. You could tell he was in a panic. 

    “Y/n What’s going on? Are all the kids okay?”

    “Yes, they’re all with Jessica at my house. I just thought it’d be best if we could talk here.”

    You sat down and he sat down behind his desk. You looked around his office. He had pictures of Jack and him and pictures of Jack’s drawings. And to the average person, most wouldn’t think anything of it, but behind his desk, on a lowershelf, you saw your children, you and him in a picture that you had taken at a nearby water park. Everyone had so much fun that day, Aaron and your kids really bonded, he was a fun dad and he proved to be just that, that day. No work, no cases, just quick kisses in the pool while watching Grace and the boys go down the little water slide. It was perfect. 

    “Aaron, I know I’m a little hesitant to tell my kids about us and I’m sorry, but that’s my fault. I-I don’t want the kids to think that I’m replacing their Dad with you. I mean, Grace doesn’t understand. But Joey and Tyler. They remember him, it’s more Joey I’m worried about than Tyler or Grace. Joey remembers him the most, he had the longest time with his Dad.”

    “What can I do to change that? I’m willing to do anything besides break up.”

    “You’re the profiler.”

    “I refuse to profile my family. I don’t like bringing work home.”

    My Family. He thought of you as his family. You both looked at each other. Both tensed up at the same time, until he stood up and moved to the otherside of his desk. Leaning on it.


    “Yes, family. Jack, you, Joey, Tyler, and Grace. You’re my family. Y/n, if you couldn’t tell, I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you since the first play date our kids had. Seeing you be so good with your kids and Jack, you’re the person I want to show off to everyone. To my team, to our kids. I want our kids to know that their Dad and their mom are together. That there’s a potential chance that we can be a family. That I want to marry you, and I’ve never been so sure of it.”

    Family, he loves you, and he wants to marry you. This is starting to come full circle, but to be honest, it scared you just a little.

    “I want to tell everyone about us. I’m tired of sneaking around. I’m just scared of what the kids will think. Both our kids.”

    His arms were crossed but he smiled. He smiled a small one, but one that made you know he was serious. You two are somewhat in a little fight. You wanted to wait to tell your kids but he wanted to tell everyone. But, you were willing to compromise. 

    “We can tell them together or we can tell them separately, I can help you tell your kids alone or you can talk to them alone.”

    “I think I need to tell my kids alone. It’s nothing against you, I just, if anyone’s going to lash out, I know it’s going to be Joe and I don’t want you to think of him the wrong way.”

    “I understand, but I would never take it the wrong way. He’s a child. His father passed away, now his mom’s moving on, he’s allowed to have feelings Y/n.”

    You looked at him and stood up. You walked closer to him and said, “You’re going to tell Jack tonight?” 

    He nodded and you put your hand on his side. 

    “I will talk to my three kids tonight, I will call you after I talk to them. Then maybe we can do a dinner this weekend, with all the kids?”

    He nodded and he pulled you in for a hug. 

    You pulled away from him and said, “Aaron Hotchner, you love me?” 

    He nodded and he said, “I do. I love you Y/n.”

    Here it was, the first time he’d say I love you to you and you were getting ready to say it back. But you don’t think he expected it. 

    “I love you too, Aar.”

    You wrapped your arms around his neck and he lifted you up. He put you on the desk and you two kissed. One that was full of love, one that you were to remember for the rest of your lives. He pulled away and his hands held your side. 

    “Our first kiss in my office, first place to say I love you.”

    You hopped off the desk and started to walk towards the door.

    “First of many Aaron Hotchner. First of many.” 

    Later on, you sat around the kitchen table with your three kids. You don’t know why you were nervous. Your kids loved Aaron. They each had a bond that you could have never imagined they’d get after they lost their father. But, you still found yourself struggling to tell them. 

    Joey broke the silence, “Mom, what’s wrong?”

    Oh, your oldest definitely had your smarts. All your children were smart but Joey was different. Maybe because he was your first born. 

    “So, I wanted to talk to you all about something. But, just hear me out first and then we’ll talk about what we’re all feeling. Alright?”

    Your children nodded and you said, “Okay, so, you know how sometimes mommy’s meet another man and they start dating?” You watched them all nod.

    “Well, mommy has met another man and he is very sweet. He makes me happy. He makes me laugh and smile.”

    Tyler said, “Does he make you smile like Mr. Hotch?”

    “Yes, he does. In fact, you’ve already met him. It, it is Mr. Hotch. Mommy is dating Jack’s Dad. And I wanted to tell you all before the next time he came over because Mr. Hotch is going to tell Jack tonight as well. So, what do you think?”

    Grace clapped her hand and said, “Yay Mr. Howtch.” 

    Tyler said, “Aaron and I can play soccer everyday now.” 

    You looked at Joey. You could tell his mind was running a mile a minute. 

    “Joey, come on.”

    Grace and Tyler went to play and Joey said, “I really like him mom, he’s really nice and I love Jack like he’s our brother.” 

    I smiled and stood up. Joey said, “Am I going to have to call him Dad? Because I’m not ready to call him Dad. I still miss him.” 

    “No, you won’t ever have to call him Dad if you don’t want to. It’s okay to miss your Dad, I still miss him too.” 

    You held your son in your arms. Yeah, telling your kids was easy, but it came down to your heart ache when he was asking if he had to call him Dad. You would not cross that bridge until you got to it, and that wouldn’t come until later.

    You got the kids to sleep and texted Aaron. “Kids took it well. Even Joe, I hope everything went well with Jack.”

    “Jack wants to come hang out tomorrow. Dinner with the kids tomorrow? We can even kiss in front of the kids.”

    “Maybe even spend the night?”

    “I’ll bring our bags. Good night.”

    Your first dinner as a family was a success. The kids were all laughing with Aaron. You all watched a movie while you and Aaron cuddled. Everything seemed right. Within the past two days, you two had said I love you for the first time and had a family dinner. The first of many. 

    3 Months Later

    You and Aaron had been laying in bed one evening. You were slowly tracing his scars. You wish he’d open up to you, but you know that was hard for him. That’s until you felt him lay his hand over yours. 

    “George Foyet.”

    You turned to move and sat criss-crossed across from him. Aaron needed your full attention. What he was about to tell was something that was deeply important to him. Something that always seemed to bother him but you could never get it out of him. 

    “There was the Boston Reaper. George Foyet. This man stabbed himself and was posed as his own victim just so we wouldn’t catch him. 10 years go by and my old Unit chief had passed, so Foyet tried to make a deal with me. I turned the deal down in some shitty hotel room. Next thing I know. I was getting a phone call that a bus full of people had exploded.”

    You grabbed his hand. Aaron blames himself. God, you wish he didn’t. He was already carrying around so much guilt. 

    “Well, fast forward. I came home after a case. Terrible case, there were no words or clever quotes to describe it. The day just ended. I threw my keys on the table. Set my briefcase down and went over to grab a glass of whiskey. And, and he was inside my apartment. He shot at the wall to intimidate me but then he stabbed me.”

    Your eyes dropped down to his bare chest and stomach. He grabbed your hand and squeezed it. 

    “And Jack and Haley went into witness protection. Then everything happens in slow motion. I had been visiting a serial killer in prison and George Foyet lured me there. Then he got Haley and Jack back to the house where we once lived. He tortured the agent assigned to them, but Foyet said he was with secret service and that I was killed.”

    The thought of Aaron dying scared you. You slowly stroked his hand with your thumb. You didn’t know if that was calming you or him. He’s here with you now. 

    “I got a phone call. Foyet was in the house with my son and Haley. I knew Foyet was going to kill someone, my son or Haley. I sent Jack to go hide in my office. We had a code saying. He had a hiding spot and he hid. But then, Haley, he killed her. Three gunshots. I never got there in time. She was laying upstairs in the bedroom. I shot at Foyet but he was wearing a vest and so I had to do what I had to do to protect my son. Had I not beat him, he would’ve killed me then killed my son. I have no doubt about that. Once Derek pulled me off Foyet, I ran to the office where I prayed to God Jack would be. I opened up the box and Jack was holding a flashlight. ‘I worked the case daddy’. That’s what he said to me. I handed him to JJ and went back to look at Haley. I was covered in blood, Haley was covered in blood and I just grabbed her body and cried. Harder than I’d ever cried in my entire life.” 

    You didn’t realize you were crying but you were. This man had been through so much and he chose to be with you and your kids. His ex wife was killed because of a serial killer. His son was in the same house as a serial killer. Aaron leaned forward and wiped your tear. He was comforting you when you should be comforting him. Why were you so emotional?

    “Sorriy I shouldn’t be crying, this isn’t my life and I know this is hard for you.” 

    “You’re allowed to cry. I’m sorry it took so long for me to tell you, I had just been so self conscious of my body but you always make sure to kiss my scars. You take your time kissing each and every one of them when we’re about to do the deed. I’ve never felt more loved before in my entire life, Y/n. I love you and I love our 4 kids.” 

    “I love you too Aaron.”

    You kissed him and he pulled you close. You both cuddled underneath the blankets and you made sure that he fell asleep long before you fell asleep. Having him on top of you was some sort of comfort, like he was a weighted blanket keeping you grounded in reality. He was here, he’d come a long way, but he was here, with you and your children. 

    The next day would be hectic, hell, you wouldn’t know that until he got the phone call. Your morning had been so calming, so relaxing.

    “You know, we’ve been dating for 6 months, and my team is starting to get curious.” 

    You kissed him in bed and said, “Okay, well, whenever the next team dinner is, I want to go, but just us, my kids will overload them.”

    He chuckled at that. He loved your kids, he thought of them as his own. He’d do anything for them. When he goes to work, he’s constantly thinking about coming back safely to you. While he hadn’t moved in with you and your kids, who’s not to say he and Jack each didn’t have a drawer and some closet space in your room and the spare room. They were constantly over. It was becoming more and more like a family everyday. You would be fine marrying him, but like before, you’d have to have a long talk with him and the kids. 

    “All of our children are perfect. They’d really love Garcia.”

    You both kissed before the kids all ran in your room and jumped on the bed. Seeing your kids interact with Aaron, on top of the bed gave you flashbacks to that last morning with your husband. 

    Then his phone rang. It always ceases to amaze you how he switched off from being lovey dovey Aaron Hotchner to Unit Chief Hotchner. Your husband used to do the same thing. Aaron got out of bed and turned on the TV. He switched on the news and you read the screen. “Bank Robbery in Progress”.

    Now your stomach had dropped. You weren’t ready to lose somebody you had fallen in love with. You had flashbacks, but you were hoping for a different outcome. Your kids and Jack weren’t ready to lose Aaron. He was important to you. Your kids knew that, Jack knew his dad was important to you. 

    Aaron stood up and threw on his polo and jeans. Casual day for him. Local case. Aaron kissed Grace on her head, then kissed Jack and hugged your two sons. “I’ll see you all tonight. Okay?”

    Aaron kissed you and you whispered, “Please come back home safe to us. Please, we’re counting on it.” 

    “I’ll do my best.” 

    Aaron had left and you got all the kids dressed. You spent the day in the pool, trying whatever you could to keep your mind off the possibility of Aaron not coming home tonight. Jack already lost his mom, he couldn’t lose his Dad as well. Your kids had already lost their father, they couldn’t lose this father-figure as well.

    Then you saw it, the bank exploded. You know you couldn’t text Aaron, he had a job to do. But your heart sank a little, knowing he could be in it. But then you saw him talk on the Tv, telling everyone to avoid the downtown area. Jack was relieved to see his father on the TV. You didn’t realize how tight you were clutching Jack until you felt his body relax. Jack was only 5 and a half but he knew his Dad’s job and the risks of it.

    Aaron had texted you that he was all home and he had a surprise for you all. You and the kids were laying on the couch when Aaron walked in. Your kids screamed, “Aaron.” While Jack yelled, “Dad!” You took a picture of the scene in front of you. Aaron kneeling on the ground hugging all of your children. He got to go home. There was an alternate ending to a terrible phone call that started the morning almost two years ago.

    He kissed you and held you in his arms. 

    “Alright. We all have to get dressed into nicer clothes. We are going to a wedding at Uncle Dave’s backyard.”

    “Um, Who’s getting married?”

    “JJ and her fiancé, Will. They have a son, Henry. They’re getting married in Rossi’s backyard, so all of us have a wedding to attend too.”

    “Alright boys, go get your suits. Let’s get you ready, come on Grace, let’s find a dress to wear.”

    You all got ready, Aaron turned on music and had all the kids and you and him dancing. You got dressed and he pulled you close and kissed you. 

    “Wow. You look gorgeous.” 

    You all arrived at Rossi’s backyard, meeting everyone. It was overwhelming, but your kids loved Reid and Garcia. You all stood surrounding JJ and Will. The team together. This was Aaron’s family. They were important to him, so they were essentially important to you. 

    There was a slow song and Aaron grabbed you. You kissed him and slowly danced. He had spun you around and Grace came by him. He danced with Grace and you and she was smiling. He picked her up and Grace laughed. You kissed Grace then kissed Aaron. 

    Rossi, Morgan, and Garcia stood next to each other. 

    Morgan said, “He looks happy.”

    Garcia said, “I love her and her kids.”

    Rossi said, “If I didn’t know it now, I’m sure there’s an engagement and wedding up shortly. I can see it now.”

    Garcia said, “Aaron Hotchner’s in love. And he’s so happy. We’re his family.”

    Rossi raised his glass to Aaron, you, and both your children and said, “So are they... and they're happy."

    #aaron hotchner x reader #aaron hotchner #aaron hotchner fanfiction #jack hotchner #aaron hotchner x you #aaron hotchner x single mom!reader
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    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I have a fic request: emily feeling insecure about her body after giving birth and aaron tries to ”help“ her

    I will be posting the fic this inspired tonight!

    This is going to be my first actual smut! So I’m a bit nervous about this one.

    It’s a prequel to Surprise, Baby ☺️

    Snippet below the cut (the snippet itself is smut free, but the fic won’t be, so 18+ only)

    “Em, sweetheart, I’m home.” He says, quiet enough he won’t spook her or wake Elliot.

    “Aaron, hi.” She says, her voice slightly strained, immediately putting him on alert. As the steam clears he watches as she holds a towel tightly around herself, her hair wet against her shoulders. “You made good time, you only left the jet 40 minutes ago.”

    His smile falters as he looks at her, something about her body language off. “There wasn’t much traffic.”

    He walks over to press a kiss to her cheek, but as he steps towards her, his hand at her towel covered hip, she flinches and he pulls back like she’s been burned.

    #hotchniss #aaron hotchner x emily prentiss #Hotchniss smut#snippet
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    27.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    how aaron hotchner gives hugs

    word count: 885 words

    summary: different scenarios in which you might receive a hug from aaron hotchner

    cw: small smut portion MDNI, grief, sad hotch

    a/n: implies reader is less than 6ft tall

    aaron is an elusive man, it's truly difficult to crack that hard shell of his. you know it when he has though because he hugged you once after a particularly dangerous mission.

    it kind of caught you by surprise, made you wonder how long he's been comfortable with you like this. even though you were the one that had been in danger, his hug was desperate and almost like he was the one that really needed it.

    you asked him if he was okay and he just nodded. part of you wanted to ask but most of you felt that it would be better to have silence.

    when he let go it got kind of awkward, like he was embarrassed. you let him know that it was okay to need a hug and needing comfort isn't something to be embarrassed about.

    then he did something unexpected, he asked you out for dinner. you said yes, of course you were always going to say yes but fraternising isn't exactly allowed.

    the next time he hugged you was in front of your apartment after the date. he was kind of nervous about it but he took the leap and pulled you in. his left hand in the small of your back and his right hand behind your head. he let his chin rest against your head as he took in slow breaths.

    you stayed just like that for a few minutes, the smell of his cologne filled your nose but didn't overwhelm your senses. his hands lingered upon you as he pulled back, seemingly reluctant to let you go. he wanted to stay with you, oh how badly he wanted to stay. but it was the first date and he couldn't do that.

    he kissed your forehead and you said your goodbyes. you wanted him to stay just as much as he wanted to stay, but you couldn't ask that of him. just not yet.

    the next time he hugged you was a few days later, cuddling in his bed. laying facing each other, with your face buried close into the crook of his neck. his arms placed around you strongly but not constricting. your legs are tangled in his as he leaves little kisses upon the side of your face still exposed to him.

    he wanted nothing more than to stay like this forever, being stone cold at work all day pushed his need to be soft at home. you were happy to provide that kind of comfort for him and he to you.

    the next time he hugged you was the same day after dinner, in a more compromising position.

    his arms pulled you close to his body, your skin directly in contact with his. he wanted to look at you, see how he was making you feel but he couldn't bring himself to let go of the hug. so he kept his face buried in your shoulder as he thrust up into you. he felt your nails claw at his back as your moans filled his ears. his hands roamed your back as he held you tightly.

    when he started letting out moans of his own into your ears you knew he was close. you told him to cum for you, begged him to cum for you. it sent him over the edge as his hips stuttered and he released into the condom.

    he didn't let go of you or pull out after he was done, he stayed like that with his arms around you tightly. little kisses on your cheek made you melt into him even more.

    while he was running the both of you a bath, you noticed the scratches you left on his back. you tried to apologise profusely but he insisted it was okay. he told you that it was worth it to be able to hold you close in his arms in that way.

    the next time he hugged you was less nice.

    he came to your apartment and knocked on the door, it had been a few days since his ex wife's funeral. you had let him know that he could come by anytime, though you did think he'd call first.

    you opened the door and he looked exhausted, the stains of the last few days worth of tears left on his face. a lot of what he is feeling is guilt, actually most of it is guilt.

    the silence was deafening. you didn't really even know what to say, so you just opened your arms and let him move at his own pace.

    a few seconds later he practically fell into your arms and let out the most heart wrenching sob you've ever heard from him. he needed you and you were there.

    his tears drenched the back of your shirt but you didn't care. he clung onto you as you closed the front door behind him. afraid that if he let go, he might lose you too.

    you see, aaron hotchner will never admit that hugs are his favourite form of physical touch. and he'll never be able to admit when he needs a hug. but he desires it, he needs that kind of love sometimes like we all often do. he thinks that a hug is the true emotional connector, he's learning to be vulnerable.

    #criminal minds#aaron hotchner #aaron hotchner x reader #criminal minds fic #aaron hotch fic #aaron hotch fanfiction #spencer reid #spencer reid fanfiction #aaron hotchner fanfiction
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    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    I finish school today so send in request

    #daniel ricciardo x reader #harry styles x reader #chris evans x reader #henry cavill x reader #tom holland x reader #aaron hotchner x reader #steve mcgarrett x reader #crockett marcel#connor rhodes
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    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    I have noticed that some hotch post are not appearing in the hashtag Aaron hotchner x reader

    Why is this happening?

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  • sunflowermotel
    27.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    when hotch says “blow mommy a kiss” to jack a piece me actually dies i stop living

    #there is no pain greater than this #i’ve been crying for an hour #i h8 it here #maddie rewatches cm #criminal minds#aaron hotchner
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  • masterwords
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    11x03 - Til Death Do Us Part

    #aaron hotchner#derek morgan#hotchgan #i have a million of these to share but right now i just think THIS one #right here #is SO important #agh put wrong episode number like a dumbass #too distracted by their smiles
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  • ssahotchswife
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Feeling soft✨ first of all naps are the best things to exist! So work with Hotch before you guys are together would mean you go hide during your lunch to take a nap. You’d probably go nap in your car with a window down or something but as soon as Hotch learns this he offers you the couch in his office 🥺. It isn’t until y’all start dating where you finally take your naps on the couch. I could even imagine him locking the door and taking the nap with you 🥺🥺 -💄

    pls pls pls pls i don’t think aaron really naps because he literally doesn’t know How to Relax akshsksjsja but when you guys are together he Does sit on the couch either with your head or your feet in his lap while he works on reports and paperwork while you nap so comfortably with him <3333 and he smiles down at whatever budget reports he’s pushing through when your soft little snores lift to his ears and you snuggle into him in your sleep 🥺👉👈

    #💄 anon #he has fallen asleep with you before if he was Super tired #and you love seeing his sweet sleepy face 🥺 #hotch#aaron hotchner#ask#answer
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  • ssahotchswife
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    While I don't think Aaron is TOO strict about it I do believe he could be a very frugal man. While yes he does buy nice things for himself and you and Jack (his suits, your jewelry, Jack toys) he has a budget for himself and the family. So keeping you in an Aaron cage at target is not only to your benefit but for his peace of mind too cause 'honey, do we really need to spend.... $30 on a ceramic rooster?'


    PLEASE HEHEHEHE and you’re pouting up at him from inside your aaron cage because “yes we need the $30 rooster >:(“ and aaron Sighs while you try and explain how the rooster will fit in soooo perfectly with the little garden that you and jack are growing so many yummy veggie in :( and then jack giggles to his daddy “daddy mr rooster needs to guard our carrots” and aaron looks between both of his loves and knows he’s lost because all he ever wants is to make you guys happy and clearly mr rooster will do that akshskshsksjs so you walk so happily in your aaron cage with mr rooster in the cart 😌

    #🍄 anon #aaron cage my beloved <333 #hotch#aaron hotchner#ask#answer
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  • slut-for-fictional-men
    26.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    This maybe he a lot to ask but could I get some Spencer and hotch and reader links please 💗💗💗

    Nothing is too much to ask for darling. These where for the same thing so I just joined them I hope that's ok. Hope you enjoy them 😊.

    ♡The advantages of Hotch being unit chief is he can make sure his room is a joining room with yours and Spencers and far away from everyone else's, it's always good for comfort during tough cases but also for stress relief after they are done.

    ♡”We’re going to play a little game ok angel, we’re going to blind fold you and when we are done you're going to guess who f*cked your pretty little throat and who f*cked your cunt".

    ♡Nothing better than to be used as their stress reliever after a long case.

    ♡They've been gone so long and they missed their pretty baby, they just need to touch you, kiss you all over make you feel so good.

    ♡The prepping process took so long but you're so happy they did it, now you can take both of them at the same time.

    ♡Poor Spencer’s all worn out but Hotch always has an extra round in him, good thing Spencer likes to watch his pretty girl get f*cked.

    #aaron hotchner #aaron hotchner smut #spencer reid #spencer reid smut #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid x reader smut #aaron hotchner x reader #aaron hotchner x reader smut #aaron hotchner x spencer reid x reader #aaron hotchner p*rn link #spencer reid p*rn link
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    26.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    stepmom emily and stepdad hotch together with you?

    Here you go darling hope they are ok, thank you for the ask 😊.

    ♡"You're going to bounce on daddies c*ck while mommy sits on his face ok princess".

    ♡Stepmom Emily had the best idea for Halloween to surprise stepdad Hotch, you got to dress up as the pretty angel you are and she matched with you, stepdad Hotch was so happy with your little surprise.

    ♡"You know the rules baby, daddy will make you feel good but you have to make sure mommy isn't left out".

    ♡You know you aren't allowed to cum until you make mommy cum, but it's not fair you can't last as long as she does, its too hard when daddie is making you feel so good.

    ♡You enjoy getting to be with both of them but you also know sometimes only one of them needs special time with you. Stepdad Hotch specially when he can't sleep and you know stepmom Emily wuldnt want to be woken up whenshes sound asleep, you can just wake her up in a special way to make up for it.

    #emily prentiss #emily prentiss smut #aaron hotchner #aaron hotchner smut #emily prentiss x reader #aaron hotchner x reader #emily prentiss x reader smut #aaron hotchner x reader smut #emily prentiss p*rn link #aaron hotchner p*rn link #aaron hotchner x emily prentiss x reader
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    26.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    I need someone to write a one shot of hotch with a daughter... no Jack.

    I love Jack slander

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  • thundervalleyalleycat
    26.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Hotch: Emily Elizabeth Prentiss, in my office

    Penelope: oh shit Em got full named

    Derek: he really just said welcome to your funeral

    Spencer: I’ve never been happier to be me right now

    Emily: this is rock bottom right? I can’t make it any worse if I ran right now?


    JJ: I’ll just go ahead and call the coroner now…

    #incorrect criminal minds #criminal minds#incorrect cm #incorrect criminal minds quotes #cm incorrect quotes #incorrect criminal minds quote #emily prentiss#jennifer jareau#spencer reid#aaron hotchner#derek morgan#penelope garcia
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    hey! could i request something with the prompt

    '' give me one good reason to stay in bed. '' '' i'll make out with you. '' ''good enough for me. ''

    i feel like that’s a very hotchniss morning situation :) thank you!!

    Ooo YES I love this.

    This is just pure fluff. Because I don't know about you, but I really need it.



    Words: 1.2k

    Warnings: none!

    Read over on Ao3 in my collection of mini fics, or below the cut

    She wakes up slowly to the sensation of Aaron’s hand running up and down her arm, his fingers skipping over her skin.

    “What time is it?” She asks, smiling when she feels her husband kiss the top of her head. 

    “6.45.” He answers softly. “You go back to sleep love, I’m going to get up and do a few things before Jack and Grace are awake.” He says, slowly trying to unwrap himself from around her. “We promised them we’d go to the park today, I should catch up on some work before we do.”

    “No,” she groans, turning over so she’s facing him, shifting so she’s all but laying on top of him. An ineffective weight against him, as if he couldn’t slip out from under her easily. “Don’t get up.” 

    He kisses the top of her head and runs his hand up and down her back. “There’s so much to do, Em.” 

    There was always something to do. Always a case, or paperwork. A soccer game or a dance class. Their home life felt more hectic than their work life at times, especially since the birth of their daughter a few years before. Emily just wanted a few minutes with her husband, some peace before the day began.

    She sighs, briefly pressing her forehead into his chest before she sits up enough to look at him, steadying herself on his chest with her palm. 

    “Aaron, honey, love of my life,” she says, smiling sleepily at him, “it is not even 7am on a Sunday morning. We have the day off. By some miracle the kids are still asleep.” She moves her hand to cup his face, stroking his cheek gently. “Let’s lay here, make the most of the time we have left just the two of us,” she leans down and kisses him quickly, smiling as she pulls back, “before we have to be Mom and Dad again, or Hotch and Prentiss.” 

    “They are both early risers.” 

    “You say that like they don’t get it from you.” She replies, her eyebrow raised at him. “Grace certainly doesn’t get it from me.” She yawns as she speaks, proving her point entirely. 

    He smiles at her, clearly already ready to give in, but there’s a shine to his eyes that was always just for her and their family. A lightness she knew their friends had seen hints of, moments when Aaron would shine through from underneath Hotch. His sternness, something he wore like an armour, allowed him the ability to make tough decisions, the burden of it all weighing heavily on his shoulders, the load he refused to share. He was better at it now, better at letting her help him. It was something they struggled with at the beginning, when they shifted from friends and colleagues to partners in everything else. It was a core part of them now, something that came as easy as loving each other. Freely gifting their strength to each other, knowing the other was always there when they needed the same in return. 

    ''Give me one good reason to stay in bed.'' He jokes, his hand already sneaking up her t-shirt, his palm warm against her skin as he pressed her closer to him. 

    Sometimes she wished the others could see this version of him. How playful and soft he could be, so different from the man who could command a room with nothing but a scowl and a single word. She wished her friends would believe her when she said she was ‘bad cop’ in their house. Their little girl and Jack both aware they could convince Aaron to do anything, leaving Emily often rolling her eyes at all three of them as she had to be sensible. 

    Mostly, she was glad of it, no matter how selfish it might be, that this version of him was hers alone. Something only her and their children were privy to. It was a privilege, to know him like this, to be loved by him, and she counted herself lucky that after everything this was where they had found themselves. 

    She pretends to think about it, narrowing her eyes slightly as she bites her lip, already shifting so she’s sitting on him, her knees on either side of his hips. 

    ''I'll make out with you.'' She replies eventually, leaning down and pressing her lips against his, smiling when he instantly responds, his palms firm against her back as he holds her to him. 

    ''Good enough for me.'' He murmurs against her lips, swallowing the chuckle that escapes her as she settles against him, her hands moving to cup his head, holding him in place. He’s just about to roll them, to press her into their mattress, when a door crashes open in the hallway, followed by the sound of their daughter, her voice ringing out. 


    Aaron groans as he pulls away from his wife, his forehead against hers and she chuckles, stamping another kiss against his lips before she pulls away, getting out of bed in an instant. 

    “You shouldn’t have spent so much time arguing with me about the benefit of a lie in.” She says, winking at him as she moves towards their bedroom door and opens it, almost bowled over by their enthusiastic 4 year old who runs into her mother’s legs, her arms wrapped tightly around her. “Good morning, baby.” Emily says, leaning down and picking the little girl up, heaving her onto her hip as she walks over to the bed. “You’re up early.” 

    “I waited like you said, until my clock said 7.” The toddler enthuses, already clearly ready for the day as Emily places her on the bed next to Aaron, climbing in herself and placing the covers back over them both.  “Hi Daddy.” 

    “Hi Gracie.” He replies, smiling at his daughter as she snuggles against Emily, the littles girl's braids no longer as neat as they had been when he did them the night before. “Is Jack awake?”

    Grace shakes her head. “Jackie still sleeping.” She looks back and forth between her parents. “Breakfast?”

    “Not yet, honey. I’m trying to get Daddy to stay in bed for cuddles,” Emily says, looking back up at her husband with mischief sparkling in her eyes. 

    “I want cuddles!” Grace says, all but launching herself at Aaron, hugging his arm tightly as he shakes his head at his wife, a loving smile on his face.

    “Playing dirty I see.” He deadpans as Emily scoots over to join them, smirking as she does so, Grace happily snuggling between both of her parents. “I guess we should wait until Jack is awake for breakfast anyway.” 

    “Exactly.” Emily says, leaning over their daughter to kiss him quickly. “Now stop talking, and cuddle us.” 

    “Yeah Daddy, cuddle!” Grace says, turning to look at him, a look on her face that matches Emily’s perfectly. 

    Aaron shakes his head slightly at them but tightens his hold both of his girls in his arms. 

    “Like I’d ever be able to say no to you two.” 


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    once again feeling pure devastation that aaron hotchner is not currently my husband

    #aaron hotchner #aaron my love i love this man
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