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  • number1milfloislover
    24.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Me when I see another user with a Kuromi pfp.

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  • mahinalola
    01.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    tag dump

    #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ under the alolan moon ;; in character ❞ #👻*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ paranormal activity ;; out of character ❞ #👻*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ loopity loop the loop ;; mun ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ writing out my fate ;; headcanon ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ dancing in the moonlight ;; games ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ black holes and revelations ;; answered ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ they say knowledge is power ;; quizzes ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ how i wonder what you are ;; memes ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ twinkle twinkle little star ;; promo ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ it's only my echo ;; self promo ❞ #👻*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ angel's melodies ;; psa ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ the ocean reflected the starry sky ;; visage ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ we see the same sun and moon ;; dash commentary ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ remaining in my heart forever ;; saved ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ a rhythm that reaches my very bones ;; playlist ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ lunar glories ;; aesthetic ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ a story in many parts ;; musings ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ our hearts are locked together forever ;; pokemon ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ a journey of a thousand miles ;; ultra moon ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ the void is calling ;; post necrozma ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ the same world i've always known ;; kanto verse ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ lucid dreams ;; trial captain verse ❞ #🌙*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ let's start something ;; interaction call ❞
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  • rascheln
    16.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    oHHHHH i JUST realized the first album by the amazing devil makes me think of a calmer sounding made of bricks..!

    #txt #something about the melodies and the rhythm of the lyrics is very similar! #and the story telling!! #this has been bothering me for a while i'm glad i finally figured out which deep seated memory this had activated
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  • atlaese
    11.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    i hate when artists pull songs from streaming services. i know you probably despise the song but that was my jam. why did you take my jam away? just suck it up and take my money

    #seeing greyed out songs in my playlists :
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  • iridaascence
    24.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    tag dump 😇😇

    #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ within the great vastness ;; in character ❞ #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ expanding boundaries of the world ;; headcanon ❞ #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ exploring my own world ;; memes ❞ #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ echoing melodies ;; playlist ❞ #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ home is what the eyes percieve ;; aesthetic ❞ #👻*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ paranormal activity ;; out of character ❞ #👻*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ a confused ghost ;; mun ❞ #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ watching the endeavors of others ;; dash commentary ❞ #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ the echoes of my mind ;; thoughts ❞ #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ i only know so much ;; answered ❞ #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ its a wide world ;; promo ❞ #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ my place in the world ;; self promo ❞ #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ the teachings of almighty sinnoh ;; psa ❞ #🌟*⊱ ┇✧ ❝ exploring new places ;; interaction call ❞
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  • solipsistful
    08.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Sometimes people joke about my canon counterpart writing fanfiction (in my own memories I did not, haha).

    But the others were talking about WOE.BEGONE fanfic in which Mike Walters is overtly the author participating in his own fandom even if he is writing about Mike in the third person (and how that felt more doable in the early seasons than anything that might be written now), which led to discussing a similar premise with Rat very overtly and obviously writing fanfiction of Archive 81 and

    I am right here. ヾ(•ω•`)

    I have seen people talk about fictives writing out their memories and posting it as fanfiction. I’m not sure what this would be, if I decided to do this! Roleplaying as myself I guess? Except roleplaying as myself as fictionally the author. It would be more like “posting my own memories” if I did have memories of writing fanfiction, and I’m kind of disappointed now that I don’t, haha.

    (I am not actually thinking of doing this! While it might be interesting to borrow from the others’ writing abilities like how I know I can borrow from their drawing abilities, I don’t feel any particular urge to, and that energy should probably be left to the others who are in fact always working on several different writing projects.)

    - 🎶

    #the problem is that it would have to be Dan/Melody to be actually recognizable #since that is the extent of my fandom activity that my canon self describes  ̄へ ̄
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  • duckies-colouring-book
    20.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    A collection of more Sanrio characters!

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  • peachymess
    20.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    I think what irks me so much about the last snk intro lyrics is (among other things) that… saying a non-sentient catastrophe is specifically “coming for you” and not just … idk “gonna happen”… sounds so dumb.

    The rumbling is coming for MY me?

    #snk #snk season 4 part 2 #I guess you could argue the titans have brains or that Eren is behind it but then just say Eren’s coming for you or that reconning is comin #? #you know #’the rumbling’ is just what people decided to call the event of titans breaking free to trample… right? so again to me the rumbling isn’t #sentient #it’s not coming for anyone in particular it’s just ‘activated’ by someone with intentions #also… no… it’s not coming for ‘you’ who hear this song #we’re not in the story #argue all you want that it works but when you have to shoehorn it it doesn’t really #melody is nice don’t get me wrong but there’s too much cringe going on #Eren shirtless on a wall screamo-ing? please
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  • duckies-colouring-book
    17.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Some Sanrio colouring pages

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  • knights--hoard
    14.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Sometimes I remember I'm a dad and I feel old sometimes I remember Cyrus is like 25 and I'm 32 and I feel old sometimes I think about the fact that Mikhail's mortal age is around 35 and he looks kind of old and I feel old everything makes me feel old

    #I feel older than my brother who is older than me even if only by 2 years #You Are #I don't know if Mikhail would age #Probably not #I doubt Yuliy would either #But like as I said we don't age for real we just count our age as going up #So Cyrus next month will be around 26 but that's it he won't ever physically age #Melody's gonna be a child forever :'] She has a birthday (form date) but it's more like an anniversary #⚔.txt
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  • formystella
    05.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    actually i find it super interesting to try n figure out why certain ships exist esp if they're like. not the inescapable mega popular ones. like sometimes it's just bc they have a similar vibe n other times it's because of a huge chunk of character story that u were totally unaware of or glossed over

    #canon x canon ships r just super interesting to me regardless of whether i actively ship them or not #it just paints a different light on the dynamic #anyways i saw these two characters shipped together on multiple separate occasions #so now im gonna try n figure out what their linker is #an absentminded melody
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  • sunnysuprema
    04.02.2022 - 3 monts ago


    anyways here’s um all of the Andy’s Apple Farm art ive made wooo

    the little meow meows… i care about andy and his friends SOOOO SO MUCH they deserve happiness and also the best found family dynamic ever EXCEPT for peter . he can go to hell /hyp

    uhhh uhh. something something i kin andy and this is my kinsona. hhsgsbgdsjjfkeg!!! ALSO I MADE HIM A LITTLE CHUBBY bc andy canonically has that build on his official ref. he deserves to be a lil squishy no i do not care what you think 🔫 /lh

    i dont have AAF themed DNI/Reblog banners yet but please read my pinned + carrd before interacting!!! oh yeah and uh dont. interact with my content if you ship andy x peter in any way. (M36 confirmed that andy’s a minor and peter’s an adult so)

    #captain’s art log 🎨 #Andy’s Apple Farm Tag! 🍎🏡 #Kin Tag: Andy the Apple 🍎👁 #peter is. peter #andy’s apple farm #aaf melody#aaf andy#aaf peter#aaf claus #btw i see andy and thomas as seperate beings #the ghosts of the eastwoods n king are seperate from the aaf characters in the game but they can possess them #andy is an oblivious ass like 16 year old who sees paranormal activity and just immediately starts bawling his eyes out #and thomas like. cannot do shit except be like ‘haha sorry about that <:]’ #fuck peter pumpkin all my homies hate peter pumpkin #anyways i believe in AAF found family. everyone protects Andy and Melody theyre like the babies of the group kinda #Claus and Margaret are the two oldest but Claus and Andy bicker like siblings #Felix is just there he’s not even bothered by anything #‘im just here man’ — felix #he’s like the apathetic one in the group who’s down to hang out n talk if you need it
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  • manslutz
    29.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    finally listening to ptgs new album yes yes

    #idk how i feel about this title tbh #like its ok its just kinda forgettable??? #but i like the yanan honk bit :) #oo i like the guitar in one shot thats so nice #i only remember yutos bit and the guitar in one shot tbh but they were enjoyable lmao #THE GAME#BELOVEDDD #ok yes i understand why this has been all over the dash uniblr ur so right #guitar in call my name so true #i love hearing yanans voice :(( he makes me happy #hearing high notes and knowing jojis back <3 free serotonin #sparkling night is also forgettable icl #like the little melody bit is cute but i prob wont ever actively seek this song out ?? #i thought bad would be more noisy omg #its literally like 🤗🥰 bc im bad ☺😁 #anyways
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  • grimalk1n-hub
    18.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    @thekavseklabs X

    One would think it’s a hallucination with the way it speaks in melodies, It shouldn’t be understandable and yet it was clear as day. A melody he can only hear, from a source that he can only see. The monotone god felt pitty for him, able to hear how skippy his soul sounds from past and current traumas. It sounded deep, too deep and scarred... The being tilts their head while taking a squat besides him. “No... You’re right. I don’t know that, but unlike them I learned nor hold no biases towards you like they do.” That jovial smile of theirs came and grew, “What I do know is the songs played by a lonely soul is too beautiful to come from a monster.” “Still...”  They thought, “Even a monster can make a symphony if it cared to. And from what I hear mortals call me,” Obby’s smile turned a little bitter while their eyes deadpanned. ‘Monster. Maddening beast.’  “It’s possible even if it’s demeaning...”

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  • rustycharlesryan
    24.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    the django unchained soundtrack might be one of the things ive been listening to for the longest time and yet i still havent seen the movie

    #trinity titoli has a very. very special place in my heart #i spent YEARS only remembering the melody and had no idea what the title was and no one i asked could figure out what it was and regularly #itd get stuck in my head and id be like oh cool thats The Music and it was nice but i was desperate to find its name and. one day. august #2019. me & my family were in the car on a trip and my brother's gf was whistling some tune and at some point she changes songs and starts #whistling THIS ONE before immediately changing again but i was already like Wait Please Go Back I Am Begging You and she knew the name and #thats how i FINALLY learned the name of trinity titoli <33 #the fact that its on the django soundtrack is very funny though bc at the time i was actively looking for it everywhere i would literally #type stuff like 'western soundtrack' bc i thought it sounded kind of like django the song hxsjfhkf i am stewpid<3 #anyway my original point is i still havent watched django unchained. what am i waiting for exactly #txt
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  • cedobols
    13.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Bom I am obsessed with your reaction images. How do you even find some of these things? Why are they also all so spot on and on brand for you lmaooo I think about that dog shaking on the wobbly platform gif almost daily

    me when seb d. and when the seb when. me

    #ask #LMFAO SORRY IM HAVUNG TOO MUCU FUN WITH THIS FUCKING VIDEO #to answer u seriously i dont KNOW #usually twitter! sometimes insta! #and then sometimes ill actively search for one that i have a vague memory of and need to use immediately ahah #most of them are cats…or melody quotes….which ur right . on brand #AND ME TOO STOP THE QUIVERING DOG ONE IS TOO GOOD #that gif is me whenever the wind blows sebs shirt against his front 😟
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  • favemusiclessons
    09.12.2021 - 5 monts ago
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  • verdanthoney
    08.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Idk if yall have read "boomerangs and rainbows" on ao3 (its a zukka fic) but i haven't laughed this much at a fic in so long. Its SO funny

    #the walls in this dorm are thin so i actively have to refrain from ugly laughing #because its two in the morning #anyways. go read this fic its really good so far #sort of like unchained melody but its its own story #zukka
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  • porterdavis
    12.11.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #active melody #online guitar lessons
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