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  • yonoohsook
    22.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Do you ever get sensory overload from a dog barking really really loud? Like I feel as if I did something wrong and I'm a second from a breakdown but for the dog it's just another sunday. I mean I get it you're excited but please don't yell at me

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  • cherryghosts
    22.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    things in my backpack that save my autistic ass

    we gotta do what we gotta do

    a change of clothing (this has saved me from multiple meltdowns)

    chewing gum

    sunglasses (I even wear them indoors!! sometimes helps with those harsh department store lights)

    a journal/my ipad in case I need quiet time or to look like i'm doing something

    a small stuffed animal

    hair tie/scrunchy/elastic because if my hair dares to Touch My Neck I will shave my head.

    advil. if you cannot escape the sensory headache you might as well make it bearable

    lip balm (hey kat, are you crying because the air feels wrong or are your lips just chapped? thought so.)


    a snack that is so plain and boring but the same every time. (crackers lol)

    ginger gravol/anti-nausea meds for the tummy ache I just know I'll get if I stand in public long enough

    my glasses in case my contacts make my eyes feel like falling out

    every fidget toy on planet earth but particularly my tangle

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  • ventcore9000
    22.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    as someone who, for various reasons, has been without access to professional therapy for large chunks of time: it is so frustrating that getting any kind of resources for self-directed therapy work instead of questionable self-help advice requires you to earn half a psych degree from google university so you can sort your way through the resources for therapists

    it’s so frustrating to want therapy and know that you cant get it in the immediate future, let alone when every single article offers “see a professional” as their only actionable piece of advice. Obviously a therapist is ideal for most people and sometimes an absolute necessity, but there shouldn’t be almost no alternative to something that can be extremely inaccessible.

    and heres where i segue into speculation: i honestly think this is the root of the social media mental health misinformation problem. there are very few accessible official/professional resources, so people start crowdsourcing and trying to help each other. But without things like paywall-locked research or even just a well-grounded understanding of psychology, people make mistakes. And when your only peer review is an algorithm that lifts the most interesting content rather than the most accurate or helpful….

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  • autastic-blog
    22.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    After a break, back to the monster essay.

    2000 words down, 3000 to go!

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  • supersurvivorchococookie
    22.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    As someone who has been through literal hell for the entirety of their school life.

    Bullying is such a cliche word and I hate it.

    When you say, " I've been bullied a ton in school-" someone will jump in and say " oh yeah! Me too!" when you say. " I've been told to kill myself every single day of my school life and got physically emotionally and sexually harassed"

    Very few will relate.

    This is because bullying has become a meme, a joke for most people to dismiss and laugh at.

    Like, a teacher may see an autistic kid having a meltdown about the whole class picking on them and scream out how everyone is bullying them, said teacher will shrug and continue the lesson like nothing ever happened, i know from experience.

    Yet if that very same kid yelled out about being harassed, the teacher, at the very least would feel uncomfortable, that or they would stop the lesson and ask what on earth was going on.

    I rest my case.

    #actually adhd#actually autistic#ADHD#Autistic#Autism#school #i don't hate the word i hate how many people find it funny as it's become redundant.
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  • anarchobrazilliancatgirl
    22.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I've been working on a college project that I need to deliver today for approximately 17h almost straight, with some breaks for 20m of reading.

    It's now 8AM and I'll just hibernate in my bed chambers for 2 hours and get back to the meat grind so I can plop down on my beautiful non coffin bed later.

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  • wickedhawtwexler
    22.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    "adhd is just a silly little brain difference, you just need to EMBRACE your UNIQUENESS, you don't need to WRECK your brain with stimulant medication ❤️" cool cool cool my Super Special Unique Brain™ is telling me to hit you with a baseball bat

    #i hate hate HATE!!!!!! this mindset #adhd is not a Cute Fun Quirk™ and making the world ~*~ neurodivergent friendly ~*~ is not going to solve all the problems it causes me #if an individual person WHO ACTUALLY HAS ADHD wants to view THEIR adhd this way then good for them #but that ain't me. give me my speed or give me death. mic drop. #m.txt
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  • zebra-vixen
    22.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Today went okay. I got the new cart to replace my side table and set that up, cleaned up my side of the bed, and vacuumed, so not bad progress on cleaning up. I didn’t get out of bed really until around 1 pm though when it arrive my and I took a half a focalin to do it. Pains around a 7.25, fatigue is around a 6 I’d say. I didn’t even really finish vacuuming everywhere, I think I’ll probably empty the vacuum and do more before the cpap comes, but I still have to clean the rat cage as well. Oh I also changed my sheets which means my bed doesn’t feel wet or smell of sweat right now which is pretty great. I also was able to shower and brush my teeth.

    Ate okay for my diet again I think, again I didn’t watch to closely. I also didn’t have my coffee this morning or afternoon, I’m not even sure why, just relied on my vape instead. Had meatballs for dinner and otherwise just keto snacks beyond the apricots I tried grilled with ricotta cinnamon and honey which were quite good while according to the recipe still being plenty low carb even eating three apricots worth and may be the way I ate the rest of the apricots honestly, at least until I’m out of ricotta. Gi has been pretty okay, I have had a few bms and they were basically normal. A little bit of gas bud that was it. Allergies are about the same, still a bit itchy and stuffy.

    Beyond that my day was about the same, spent any time I wasn’t cleaning or cooking in bed. Watched some more of rome with the bf and also started the flight attendant which is decent so far. I think I’m just ending season one about now. Hands still hurting with a lot of typing and I don’t have much to talk about today so I’m going to wrap it up I think, just going to think on what else I should mention. My left underarm is sore and I’m not sure if it’s like an hs cyst starting, a sore muscle, or a lymph node acting up but it’s definitely noticeable. I did get scratched on my neck by my cat abs didn’t wash it right away because I didn’t realize it broke skin, hopefully I don’t get like cat scratch fever or something lol I don’t think that’s too likely but it’s the same side of my body so maybe there is just a mild infection that has my lymph nodes swelling enough to be sore but not obvious. Left knee is still a bit off but not so much I would insist on the compression sleeve if I went out. Below my shoulder blade or under my rib is hurting with deep breaths again so that’s not fun. I definitely feel something shift right under where the bottom rib curves when I press on it. Oh and been b having king if on and of head aches recently but idk that’s probably like my increased reliance on the focalin being I’ve had to do so much recently or just muscle fatigue as well, or just from the stress. Plenty of reasons to have minor headaches often throughout the day.

    #ehlers danlos zebra #hypermobile ehlers danlos #heds#chronic illness#eds zebra#ehlers danlos#spoonies#chronic pain #mast cell activation disorder #adult adhd#health journal#autistic adult#journaling #autism spectrum condition #autism spectrum disorder #adhd#chronically ill#actually adhd#jounral#asd#05/21/22
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  • lemon--li
    22.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    New echolalia word just dropped

    #pla tell me your most recent one! mine is pickle #pickle pickle pickle pickle pickle pickle pickle pickle pickle pickle pickle pickle #echolalia#actually autistic#adult autistic#actually neurodivergent#actually adhd#adhd#adult adhd#neurodivergent#autism#autistic
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  • jay-the-local-acetronaut
    22.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    I want to work on either of my Koholint fics, but I cant focus, help

    #Basically #jay has adhd and has to wait for a very specific time for their brain to actually focus on something #am struggling #i just want to write #please #ive abandoned the koholint fic for almost a month (?) now #anywho #anyone else ever have those moments where you can’t focus on something if the room’s not bright enough #Or there’s gotta be the perfect amount of sound #I might just be weird though #I’m tired and feel very out of it #jays being dumb again
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  • makadragontamer
    22.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    My fellow neurodivergents I have discovered the purpose of Big Spoons: fishing the ice out of the drink you specifically ordered with no ice

    #adhd#autism#neurodiversity#brain stuff #why. it was supposed to be in a BOTTLE why was there ice #yes i KNOW its warm out today #but that actually just makes ice in drink WORSE #because it melts and waters it down faster
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  • lavendorii
    22.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    people need to realize that having adhd and autism means that if your brain decides it doesn't want to do something, it takes an absurd amount of energy to push through it.

    I have selective mute. By all technical terms, I can talk. I can speak. The energy it takes to FORCE myself to talk isn't worth the payoff of. making vocal noises. Forcing myself to speak when I'm nonverbal can cause me to be even more distressed.

    So no, autistic and/or ADHD people aren't just being stubborn. If brain decides to do/not do something, there's no healthy/non-draining way to change it artificially.

    #allistic and neurotypical people not understanding what being neurodivergent means and being harmful and insensitive. stop that #txt#actually autistic#actually adhd#selective mute
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  • wordvomitblog
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    If I’m not given at least an hour in the mornings to adjust to being alive before I have any human contact, my brain will literally break

    #its the neurodivergency #actually adhd#adhd stuff#adult adhd
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  • wyldhunts
    22.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    lies face down on the ground i am once again debating if i should just post all of my gw2 stuff on my main or continue having everything quarantined on a sideblog

    #on one hand: adhd brain regularly forgets i have a sideblog and therefore i never post here #on the other hand: if i put everything on my main blog people have to see my r*verdale posting too #REGARDLESS OF MY FINAL DECISION i am actually going to start posting mark my words
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  • iwillstabyou
    21.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    frustrated :/

    I am feeling some intense things right now (bad feelings but I don't know which ones). I have been trying to get an ADHD diagnosis for what seems like forever (multiple years). It's been a long and painful process and even though I am already diagnosed autistic, getting an ADHD diagnosis is really important for me to be able to receive proper support as self dx is so stigmatized. However, I have made no fucking progress in actually getting a diagnosis this whole time and it's so frustrating. I'm trying so hard yet getting nowhere. It's so tiring. But to make matters worse, today happened. About a month ago, I told my neurotypical friend that I thought they could also have ADHD and autism because they share traits with me and I kinda just could tell (I'm pretty good at being able to tell if other people are ND). I thought nothing of it, but today they told me that they got a formal diagnosis of autism and ADHD. And that just broke me. I know it makes me a shitty friend but when they told me, I just wanted to cry. I wanted to be happy for them so bad but I just couldn't (and I feel really bad about it). It just doesn't feel fair: how can they get the very thing I need so badly so quickly and easily in just a month when I have spent so long doing the same thing only for it to do nothing for me. It just hurts so much and I'm so fucking tired of it. I just want to be able to get help but nothing I have done is working. Why does it have to be so hard for me but others can just get it with no issues?

    #vent post#actually autistic#everything hurts#actually adhd #the uk mental health system is so fucked up #im so fucking exhausted #sorry for the sad #i just needed to get it out
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  • suspiciouscriossantaaa
    21.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    playing games w adhd can be a nightmare its like . i have checked the same exact place over and over again because i forgot i already did . where is the exit . did i go this way . which of these doors was the right one . how do i even read this map its not helping at all . when did i last save so i can get out of here . why the fuck did i save in here . was this quest even worth it . is this game guide shit or did i completely misinterpret what it meant . did i already go through this hallway—

    and then repeat this like 50 times . i am in hell

    #/lh #henry.txt #it is extremely frustrating tho #this is specifically about me nagivating the repcon testsite basement but applies to every game ive played #ok to rb #this is why i rarely play open world games i can’t remember shit #adhd#actually adhd #my short term memory is comically bad h
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  • livixbobbiex
    21.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    12 ADHD hacks that are actually helpful

    Record EVERYTHING in your phone's calendar app the moment you find out about it. Mine gives me an alarm automatically before the calendar time - has saved my ass many times.

    Get a little bowl or equivalent for objects like keys. That's now your key bowl. You will not lose them ever again.

    Write down deadlines as early before they're actually due as you can justify. My ADHD ass never remembers the actual due date. I get all of the stress fuelled productivity with none of the actual danger.

    Handwrite notes. I have no idea why, but the process of pen and paper makes me remember things much better.

    If you have to be somewhere like class or work, set aside time to go for a walk first. Honestly would be great all days, but I can't even make myself do this, so it's good if you have to be out anyway (and maybe would have been in waiting mode). Burning off energy helps my brain.

    When retrieving laundry (ie its dry and you have to fold it), dump it all out in the most inconvenient place possible. I like the bed. It forces me to deal with it, rather than letting it sit there.

    Turn on subtitles when you watch anything - even YouTube and live TV. I didn't realise how lifechanging this was until last year.

    The Breath of the Wild soundtrack is weirdly the best background music ever. It's the perfect level of stimulating without distracting

    Use text to speech for long walls of text. It's great.

    Did I mention phone alarms? I use it for everything - ie when I know I might hyperfocus on something for too long.

    There's literally no obligation to eat 3 meals at set times. If eating snacks throughout the day works better for you, then do that. There's also no shame in things like pre chopped fruit/veggies.

    I struggle with transitions sometimes. A way around this is keeping a ton of water next to me. When I get frustrated about being stuck, I just drink as much water as I can. Eventually, this means I have to pee, and physically cannot ignore it. The act of going to the bathroom is sometimes enough to change activity.

    Disclaimer that this is my own experience with ADHD, which may be totally different to someone else's. But hey, these are some things I've always found useful.

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  • lambylullaby
    21.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    feeling abandonment from loved ones is a natural process of moving out on my own. this is okay as long as i reflect on why this is happening & do my best to take care of my needs.

    #jk it's because everyone hates me #joke #pls don't take this seriously #my post#personal reminders#autism#actually autistic#adhd#actually adhd
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  • dragonflavoredcake
    21.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Shoutout to Adam Young for writing the best use of color language I've ever heard in song or literature

    #the technicolor phase #I have a soft spot for it #it's actual poetry #owl city#music#good music#adhd#neurodivergent #the neurodivergent experience
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