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  • one-small-marshtato
    27.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Tikki: I can't belive the Parisians like Cat Noir and Lady Noire's costumes more than Ladybug and Mr. Bug's costume :(

    Plagg: That's becuase I make sure that my holders don't look like a stuffed toy.

    #Plagg is a fashion designer too #fight me on this #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #miraculous: tales of ladybug and cat noir #miraculous ladybug#miraculous #miraculous incorrect quotes #mlb incorrect quotes #mlb#plagg#mlb plagg#miraculous plagg #plagg is the best #tikki and plagg #tikki#mlb tikki#miraculous tikki #marinette and tikki #adrien and plagg #lady noire #miraculous chat noir #chat noir#cat noir #miraculous cat noir #ladybug#mlb ladybug #miraculous lady noire #mr. bug #mlb Mr. bug #adrien agreste
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  • cassarilladraws
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I love imagining the possibility of post-reveal Adrien & Marinette realizing their crushes weren't all that deep so they decide to just continue being friends. Of course, neither lets the other live down their past crush, despite being equally guilty. They get closer as the years go by, but there’s never any romance. They are just a public nuisance who also happens to save the public regularly. Basically, Marichat vibes forever and in any identity they may take. 

    #marichat#Marinette Dupain-Cheng#Adrien Agreste#Miraculous#Chat Noir#Ladybug #this is basically them in my AU btw #I mean I ship them as endgame in the show #I just hope their relationship and development when it actually happens is done well #but like imagining them as the most chaotic besties in existence for their entire lives amuses me greatly
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  • miraculousfanworks
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Fanfiction Prompt

    Adrien has heard that Marinette’s hot chocolate was amazing. His classmates raved on about it, Nino claimed it was the equivalent of drinking liquid gold, and even Chloé admitted “Dupain-Cheng’s hot chocolate is something to be admired”, so naturally, Adrien hoped that one day he too would have one of Marinette’s hot chocolates. But apparently, she dealt them out sparingly. He was particularly run down after a long week filled with photo shoots, extracurriculars, and akuma attacks, and he was practically falling asleep at his desk, when a little thunk on his table caused him to lift his head. There was Marinette, and she had placed a thermos on the table before him. “I saw you were looking tired, so I made you some hot chocolate, I hope that’s okay.” He immediately perked up. It was Marinette’s hot chocolate! With a heartfelt thank you, he opened the thermos as she made her way to her seat. Tentatively, he took his first sip… He whirled around in his seat to face her. “Marry me, Marinette!”

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  • transgendermtt
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Why are all my sketches 25% more skrunkly than my finished drawings. Curse of perfectionism

    #adrien says stuff
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  • miraculous-prompts
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Oh, Oh my god! what! Adrien! Stop! You can't unify the Horse, Black Cat, Dog AND Tiger Miraculous! You'll kill yourself!!

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  • greennymphs
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    so so so so so so so sooooooo happy with the new pronouns update

    im gonna make so many of my bitches trans

    the little trans people in my game bring me so much hapiness

    they dont get discriminated, they have a home without fear of not having enough money to pay it, they always have food, most of them dont even have to work because I, their god, gives them sky money, they can be friends with anyone without fear and they can dress like whores as much as they want without consequences

    my sims 4 save is my little utopia of trans comfort

    thank you for this simsteam

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  • miraculousfanworks
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Fanfiction Prompt

    The akuma sent a beam at Ladybug and Chat Noir, too close to dodge it - those who had been hit disappeared and left in their wake would be a date and time of some point in the future, which varied from person to person - so to ensure they wouldn't be separated, the heroes held onto each other as it hit them. They felt disoriented as they crashed into the ground in a heap, groaning when they heard giggles. "Daddy! Daddy, look! It's you and mummy!" a little girl cheered brightly. Ladybug and Chat Noir turned their heads from where they lay and met eyes with a man no older than his mid-twenties, green eyes wide and mouth agape as the baby boy in his lap cooed adorably, reaching for who they presumed was his older sister. "Adrien, honey, what was that noi- oh." From around the corner came a woman of the same age as- Hang on! Did she say- "Adrien?" Ladybug cried, scrambling off Chat Noir and helping him up. This older, dad, Adrien (Dadrien?) seemed to realise something and looked at the woman. "Marinette, I think this is it, remember?" Dadrien said. Wait- "Marinette?" Chat Noir breathed, eyes bright as he regarded the older, mum, Marinette (Mummanette?), smiling as he regarded her, a shiny object catching the light caught his attention. "We're married?" he asked gleefully. Ladybug's head whipped towards her partner. "We're married? Adrien? You're...?" Chat Noir looked back at her, ecstatic. "So you're really Marinette?" "Yes, sillies!" The little girl rolled her eyes exasperatedly, before turning to Mummanette. "Were you always this silly, mummy?" "Not always, but sometimes, sweetheart," she replied. "M'lady? I think it's time to call Alix if they want to get home and defeat the akuma," Dadrien pointed out. The baby boy cooed again. "Right! On it," Mummanette said, waddling towards the phone on the kitchen countertop. Chat Noir turned to Ladybug and whispered excitedly, "And you're pregnant! This is the best day of my life!"

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  • ao3feed-ladynoir
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Socks of Madness

    Socks of Madness by PlotBunnyPettingZoo

    After an injury Adrien begins to suspect Marinette is his lady.

    Words: 1371, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Miraculous Ladybug

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/39242631

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  • miraculous-prompts
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Guardian!Cat Noir using the Butterfly Miraculous and Average College Student!Marinette using the Dog Miraculous are lost at the Arc de Triomphe together

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  • iwasbored777
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I'm so sorry for this but it's been in my head for a while and I have to say it and I'm pretty sure I'm the first one who's gonna say it:

    I think Félix is the type of a guy who enjoys dominating someone else in bed while Adrien is the type of a guy who enjoys if someone else is dominating him in bed.

    IT JUST MAKES SENSE! It's canon that Félix likes being the lead and Adrien doesn't mind if he's following a girl's orders.

    I don't know do whatever you want with this information. Write a fanfiction or something 😭😭😭😭😭

    #HERE I GO #WHAT AM DOING WITH MY LIFE #YOU KNOW WHAT I DON'T CARE #IT'S A GOOD TAKE #miraculous ladybug#adrien agreste #félix graham de vanily
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  • arterieies
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Reputation gf 🤝 Lover bf

    Art by me. This was pure self indulgence. Inspired and based on Taylor Swift's Album covers of these names. I quite literally went insane making this bc 1. The art 2. The editing (i handtyped all those Marinette Dupain-Cheng's and God the app wasn't even allowing me to save my art...) . Do not steal or repost. Ask me if u want to use ! Please reblog and give feedback I'd love feedback!!! Please reblog

    Extras :}

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  • officialfanbug
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Voila! It is he! Powered up Chat Noir He’s the main inspo behind this whole “powered up” thing, since I’m salty he didn’t get a new outfit in Season 4. Yes I’m that petty.

    I went to town with the high fashion inspo. Namely for the bodice details and the legs. Give me the drama!

    This version of Adrien isn’t very fashion forward, despite being a model. He’s happy in t-shirts and cut-off jeans, but he enjoys exploring his more dramatic (theatre kid) kid side though his hero work. He is the moment.

    And have no fear, he still uses his beloved staff/cane. It just looks the exact same so I didn’t draw it. I’m lazy like that.

    Power wise he obvs gets stronger, and gains an ability called “Nullify”. He can interrupt other Miraculous users when they use their powers, nullifying its effect. He can also use his Cataclysm as a ranged attack, and has better control of how much (or how little) damage it can do.

    Also also, when this Adrien gets to be around 16, he comes out as nonbinary. His pronouns are he/they. But when he’s Chat Noir, they’re Nyan-Binary, which is totally different.  Don’t question me.

    Also you may be wondering why he’s not t-posing. I got bored with the pose so I gave him a new one. You didn’t follow me for consistency I hope.

    #Miraculous Ladybug #Miraculous Ladybug reboot #Chat Noir #Chat Noir redesign #Miraculous Ladybug Chat Noir #Adrien Agreste #Adrien Agreste redesign #non binary adrien
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  • miraculous-prompts
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Average College Student!Aspik and Professor!Marino must steal a vase on a train

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  • roseypiink
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Slipping Into Your Heart

    (01 - touch starved)

    Touch starved (chapter 1)

    Marinette quickly tidied her room making sure there aren't any books or fabric laying around her apartment that she shared with her best friend alya

    Marinette needed to make sure the house was clean she couldn't let Adrien come into her messy apartment that currently looked like a junk yard, afterall he has been her crush during her lycee days and honestly no matter how many times she remembered the good times during those days she couldn't help but cringe everytime she remembered her conversations with him

    she would always stutter and bite her tounge when she talked, honestly it's a miracle how he didn't think she was a weirdo because of how she acted around him but know she could finally talk to him normally and sometimes she would let her ladybug side slip in but that didn't mean that the butterflies in her stomach stopped or the heat rising to her face whenever he got a bit to close afterall her silly little crush on him had bloomed into pure love for him

    "Diiiiiingggggg" oh right Adrien

    "Hey Adrien!" I said as I opened the door to find green eyed man behind it

    "Hey Mari!" Adrien said with a large grin on his face that I couldn't help but smile at.

    "Welcome to the place where you will be tortured for the next three hours!" I said with a smirk on my face.

    "You didn't have to say it straight to my face" Adrien said and then followed a groan from him

    A giggle escaped marinette's mouth as she watches the man infront of her lean his back so he could groan even more as he saw the fully prepared semi table with all their project supplies, Marinette knew that Adrien had secretly hoped that they could talk a bit to the point of distraction from the project as they got their station for the project ready but that wasn't possible if Marinette had already prepared the set and everything

    "Alright let's get started so maybe we can have some time to hang out or just talk after" Marinette said as she patted the man infront of her and then went ahead to the table and sat down patting the place next to her so he can sit

    Adrien did as ordered and sat down next to her

    "Okay so what do we do now?"

    ——— ✧ ༉‧༄ ———

    Two hours had passed from when they started the project so they decided to take a break

    "Okay let's take a break before I break my spine because of this" i said while stretching my back and putting my hands in the air

    "Finally!" Adrien cheered , just because Adrien had perfect marks in all classes doesn't mean he likes studying them

    "Wanna play a game"

    "Sure, how about two truths and one lie!" Adrien said as he moved to face me

    "Okay I'll go first!" I said cheerful

    "One, I picked out this apartment for me and alya two, chemistry is my worst subject and three i am a bit too much when I am excited"

    "Number 1?" Adrien said in a question

    "Yep! Me and alya had an agreement that she would take care of the apartment's interior shape while I take care of the apartment's furniture design" I said while still remembering the time we fought over this since both of us have different styles

    Adrien thought a bit before saying a thing "sounds very you" Adrien said with a grin on his face

    "Why?" I asked confused over why he said that it sounds like me

    "You are way too creative to live in a modern designed room, honestly I wouldn't be surprised if you said that even made the furniture itself instead of redesigning them" he started "I mean one look at your old lycee room and you could tell ,I mean it basically screamed you afterall only Marinette dupin-cheng can make a room scream a name" he finished it with a wink

    I blushed at his last comment, honestly I came to realize that Adrien was a bit dense I mean he would just spit out compliments anywhere and not realize it's effect but come on! You can't expect me not to fall for you if keep saying stuff like that ugh it's frustrating knowing I am the only feeling this way!

    "T-thanks!" Was all I could say in the end no matter how hard I wished to tell him everything my heart feels I can't afterall he only sees me as a friend...

    "Alright my turn now!" Adrien said

    ——— ✧ ༉‧༄ ———

    We kept playing for 15 minutes before a groal was heard..

    We both stared at eachother and then Adrien made a small awkward smile as he said

    "I might not have eaten anything before coming " said as he scratched his neck shyly

    I giggled and then stood up " come on we don't want to keep your stomach waiting!" I said as I gestured him to follow me into the kitchen and made my way to the cupboards to grab some flower " how about we make some cookies?" I asked , rasing an eyebrow as I grabbed the flower bag

    "Sure! I am down for some homemade cookies" Adrien said as he took his place next to me completely oblivious to the term *personal space*

    After we finished making the dough, we started kneading it

    I looked to my side to find Adrien struggling with the dough, she giggled as expected such afterall this was only expected from someone who has been locked up in his house away from the wonders of the world

    "Here Adrien, let me help" I said as I put my hands onto his and started moving them together to make sure that they were in sync as Adrien watched carefully ,studying the way my hands moved as to not cause any bubbles in the dough to remain

    Accidentally as I moved my leg a bit to be in a more comfortable position I slipped on a bit of water I had spilled on the ground while drinking without noticing

    I let out a squeak as my body moved forward and crashed onto Adrien causing both our bodies to crash onto the wall behind us and as I closed my eyes shut, I heard a purr suddenly my eyes shot open ,not even noticing the bright red colour on both our checks I asked

    " are you enjoying this?!"

    "W-What?! Of course not! I mean it's not like I hate touching you-i mean-" Adrien said in a panicked and flustered voice and then relaxed and said "well...yeah"

    "Listen I know it weird but I guess when someone hugs me or is close to me I feel a bit happy and it's just comfortable

    A silence sat between us, not one of us decided to move an inch

    "You're touch starved" I said in "a matter of factly" type of voice , voicing it as a fact

    "What?" Adrien answered in a confused voice almost as if he never heard that term before.

    "Touch starved, it basically means that you long for affectionate touches such as hugs and cuddles" I said

    "Oh" was all Adrien said

    I was mentally slapping myself, OF COURSE HE WAS, Adrien's father never showed him any affection whatsoever especially after his mother's death , he was neglected , mentally abused and felt like a stranger in his own house and there is no saying Gabriel didn't do stuff much worse afterall it was only a year ago before we found out that Gabriel was hawkmoth ,the shock on everyone's faces was something I wouldn't forget and the problems that resulted because him getting arrested left many questions unanswered and the anger that rose in her was unimaginable, this man had not only terrorized this city ever since she was 14 he also abused his son mentally and neglected him and it also seemed like he meant something to chat as he looked horrified when he saw him ,she could believe the man that she once looked up to became something like.... this

    But that's wasn't important right now the most important thing now is that Adrien is touch starved and as one of his closest friends she should help him, offer to cuddle him when needed and make sure he felt loved but how could she do that when she had these feelings towards him it's not like she can act as if they don't exist because that was just being in deniel, she knew full well that these feelings were real as they only grew more every time they met but these could feelings could end up ruining their friendship something she cherished so much

    Now don't get me wrong, she loved loving Adrien but if she told him that she could offer him hugs and cuddles once he found out that she loved him he'll think that she used his longing for affection as a way to get closer to him which isn't true on bit! She only wanted him to feel loved but of course that's not how it'll look to others

    In my chain of thoughts we had already put the dough in the oven once they were cookie shaped and had gotten back to the project

    Not a word was said between us

    That is until I finally made a decision

    "Adrien I have something to confess"

    ——— ✧ ༉‧༄ ———

    Summary Next chapter

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  • awholelotofladybug
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Chloe's Rotten Week #3: A Stammering Adrien AU Moment

    Pajama Pandemonium

    Based on this AU.

    Kitty Section has invited Chloe over to the Couffaine house for a pajama party out on the water. But Chloe, having just changed into her pajamas, is now having second thoughts.

    Luka: *in morning pants and a Jagged Stone t-shirt* Come on, babe. Come on out.

    Chloe: (behind the door) No! It's too embarrassing! I look ridiculous!

    Rose: *wearing shorts and a pink bunny shirt* Come on, Chloe. It can't be that bad.

    Juleka: *wearing purple bat PJ's* Yeah, Chloe. Besides, everyone looks silly in pajamas. That's part of the fun.

    Ivan: *in his stripe pajamas* Don't worry, Chlo. We won't laugh.

    Luka: *knocks on the door* Please, babe? For me?

    Chloe: UGH! Fine! *opens the door to show off her bumblebee onesie*

    Kitty Section: AAAAWWWWW! SO CUTE!

    Chloe: *blushes* SHUT UP! *pulls her hood over her head* They were a gift...

    Luka: Come on, honey-bunny, you look great. *brushes her hair back*

    Chloe: *sighs and smiles* I guess I do look pretty cute...

    *Guy rushes past them on a jetski*


    Chloe: AUGH!

    Juleka: Hey!

    Rose: AAHH!

    Ivan: AUGH! COLD!

    Jetski Guy: *laughing* Looks good on ya, NERDS!

    Luka: *spits out some water* Hey, you jerk! What's your problem?!

    *Jetski Guy laughs and skis away*

    Chloe: *looks at herself* So much for the pajama party.

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  • millieduboisart
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Adrienette hugs!!!

    #miraculous ladybug #when I drew this I was thinking of it as a one or two year time skip from canon #adrien agreste #marinette dupain cheng #adrienette#adrinette#millie's art
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  • foreteller-x
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Guiltrip bubbles: Adrienette

    Ah, the bubbles, and also the fact that they made each other blush.

    Yup, Adrien has definitely begun to fall for Marinette in Mr.Pigeon 72. They're good Adrienette scenes in Psycomedian, Guiltrip, Simpleman, and Risk.

    #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste #adrien x marinette #adrinette #ml mr. pigeon 72 #ml psycomedian#ml guiltrip#ml simpleman#ml risk #I just got done watching Guiltrip
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  • miraculous-prompts
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Write a Hurt/Comfort Post-Reveal, Pre Hawk Moth defeat, Post-Relationship fic featuring Guardian!Marinette fighting Snake Noir

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  • tsuki-chibi
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    MayBee Queen 2022 Day 26: Rebellion

    Read on AO3 instead

    “I just don’t know what’s wrong with him lately.”

    “Well, your dad was never the most stable dude in the world.”

    Chloé couldn’t help sneaking a quick glance at Adrien and Nino over her shoulder. The two of them were sitting side by side as per usual, chit chatting before class began just like everyone else in the classroom. No one else seemed to be paying them any attention, but Chloé sure was. She opened up her literature book and pretended to read it while listening.

    “Yeah, but…” Adrien frowned down at his desk. “This is different. He’s ever weirder than normal.”

    “Weird how?” Nino said.

    “Just like – he’s asked me about five times now if I’ve been in his office. I hate his office. I never go in unless I have to. And then he was asking me all these questions about my mom’s painting…” Adrien sighed.

    “That is weird. Why did he care about you being in his office?” Nino asked, to which Adrien shrugged.

    “I dunno. Oh, and get this! He even asked me if I had been in his bedroom!” Adrien said, slapping his hand down on the desk.

    Nino looked revolted at the very idea. “Why would you be in his bedroom?!”

    “I have no idea. It was crazy. I think maybe he misplaced something because he’s been turning the house upside down whenever he thinks I’m not looking. Just… super weird.” Adrien shook his head.

    “That’s more than super weird. That’s like… ultra levels of weird,” Nino proclaimed.

    “What’s ultra weird?” Alya asked, finally paying attention to the conversation, and Chloé smiled to herself as Adrien started repeating his story to Alya and Marinette.

    It was pretty satisfying to hear that Gabriel was going crazy, she had to admit.

    Madame Bustier came in to begin class before Adrien could offer up any more details, but that was okay. Chloé waited patiently through the remainder of the afternoon. When class was over, she got up and pulled all her things together just like she normally would. She slung her backpack over one shoulder and followed her classmates out of the room, down the hall, and outside.

    “Whoa, hey, isn’t that your cousin, Adrien?” Nino said, elbowing Adrien in the side, and Chloé looked up to see Félix standing near the gates of the school.

    Adrien sighed. “Yeah, he’s in town with my aunt for a while. Not sure why.”

    Chloé knew why.

    “He can’t be here to see me though. I have a Chinese lesson this afternoon and then Fencing practice right after,” Adrien continued, sounding confused.

    “He’s here to see me,” Chloé said breezily, thoroughly enjoying the surprised expressions that swung her way.

    “You?” Marinette said, somewhere between shocked and challenging.

    “People can want to visit me. I know you hate me, but not everyone does,” Chloé said bluntly, pushing her way past Marinette and Adrien. She strode over to Félix.

    “I thought we could do a little experimenting today,” Félix said as she reached him. There was a familiar gleam in his eyes that sent a tingle of excitement down Chloé’s spine.

    “Absolutely,” she said. “Come on. Let’s go somewhere that the peanut gallery isn’t watching.” She rolled her eyes in the direction of Adrien and her other classmates. Félix snorted and nodded, sweeping his hand out in invitation. Chloé walked past him and he fell into step beside her.

    As they went, Chloé reached into her pocket and touched the brooch that lay inside, knowing that Félix had a very similar brooch in his own pocket.

    Gabriel was searching for something alright. Adrien would probably never know just what, exactly, his father was missing – or what Nathalie was missing, for that matter. Neither would Ladybug or Chat Noir. It was her own act little act of rebellion: she had always vowed that Hawkmoth would rue the day he’d used his powers to manipulate Chloé Bourgeois.

    And now she had proved it.

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